Poughkeepsie Eagle-News from Poughkeepsie, New York on April 4, 1929 · Page 6
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Poughkeepsie Eagle-News from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 6

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1929
Page 6
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"rw '.wyiTTO"1 "T ", - "WW" '''afflyT ' PAGE sn THE P0T70HKEEPRIE EAOLE - NEWS TTIUTtSDAY.APRILJ, 1929 Hk Pesgbkeepeie Eagle - News sfBUSSKD DAJXY. EXCEPT sJTJKDAT, By riiATT rutr, ixa EDUUND FLATT. Jfeetdent. rKAMCia W. PLATT, Publisher, - i WILLIAM B. BE10LT. Managta Bailor. t CUrrOHD J. NVHN. Night Ellter. 'Tmrm A tta. ta - . Representative Jw Trk mi III LetHgtoa An. Chleago OftlMI Tim National Btnk Building rnUrta t reugbkeepsie, n. t. Post otne. i'TuT Clea Kail Malta. By urrMri SMf rer (tintttiint M ls By ttniar psjg tacsattj ... By carrier, cot I monttaa II ti Br Osirtr - . tx 1 t 17.00 By Mall, ta m rosea Bona, per yaw . . IJ 00 Oatatd M Postal Boa), tasw Rate) By Carrier. abaerrpMoa lUt, rayabl la Adeasys. VDOEM or THE AMOCIATED PRESS. Tha Associated Pr la (luarvtly entitled to th ue for publication ef an aawa dispatches arrta ta It or aat cUanrtaa credited, la tk per ul aUe tka local new published bar. AH right ( repuhlloatleu of special dispatches ar Alee reeerred. Ofllctal MawapapW of tka aty of Pooghkep THE otXMI.WKKKLY MAOLE and irxTrt - TBLXDRAra Metal Itcwepapcr of tha County ef Dutchess) Pafeltokat arary Tuesday an Friday mornings. par yaar II o rcvcrcnCo of the people dne to a public Bcrvnnt clothed with great rcpooibility and called upon to decido questions touching tlw well - being not only of individual litigants bat of (lie wliolo eommtinilr." Tbo rcsiirnnlioii of Judjrc Winln Iioultlr - ' Jiavo ko1 eilccts in rosloniijj pui)lio con - lideiico in tlio judiciary and in reminding (hoso on tlio bench of trulhi which lie ap parently forgot. He now in out of (bo picture, but the invevtigalion in wlncb ho became a leading iiguie should not rnd until all of its rnmiiicDttons lime been eleaicd up. Cauglit in His Own Trap! . '& - t - s - TRAFFIC AND FIRE TRUCKS NEUTRAL U,X0THHO e d THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1929 A USEFUL UNDERTAKING The Chamber of Commerce has given renewed evidence of its desire to be of constructive holp in solving Poughkeepsie 's problems in its decision yesterday to appoint n committee to investigate the. public debt problem which of late has been attracting a considerable degreo of public attention. The committee of which Emmet P. Coughlan ..will bo chairman should find plenty of materi - nl ready to hand in the report mode by Mayor Sague'H financial plan committee, headed by JDaniel W. Wilbur. Mr. Wilbur and his abso - fciates apparently have provided about all the uaua ueeuoa or uuiiuuuwu wim ieuiu iu uiv city's present and already contracted future obligations: antnese data yriu anora an excellent basis for the work of Mr. Coughlan end his colleague. Whether they will support the so - called Wilbur plan remains to be seen, and whether, Jf they no, their recommendations will be influential in obtaining acceptance for it only the future can tclL As laudable as is the Wilbur report's insistence upon the, necessity tot a business - like handling of the municipal debt and of a continuing plan for its retire - fcent, it seems to have certain defects, particularly in some of the assumptions it niako j Regarding refunding, and the public has been rnodcrately apathetic about it. As a practical tnatter, the question arises whether any ready made ulan will marshal enough support to make it effective, and whether perhaps the The dangers resulting fioni (lie incitement of motor veluclcH while firo companies and officials of the department nrc nnswcrini? alarms hac been biounht forcibly to public attention ugum by the narrow escape of Chief Chris W. Xoll at the intersection of Mill and Cnthurino UlrceU on Tucbday night. Whether, us come of tlio fire drh ers churge, members of the p6b.ee dcpurlmcnt hate failed to co - operate with them in the control of trolTio and hae disiegaidcd complaints n cm list motorists who race to files cannot be dccideil without tin official incitigation; but icrliaps there is little point to delwug into what has happened in the past The prime necessity is sufeguaiding the members of tho fire depuitmcnt and the public in the future against tho possibility of serious accident. Ordinance piohibiting the racing of motorists to fncs should bo 'tnctly enforced, and tho driving public might to be educated to the obcrvaiiec of the rule that traffic bhould come to a halt when nn ulaini is sounded. In other cities .motorists know well enough that they mint give the firemen the right of way, and it 11 high time that thoe in PoughkeepMJc should learn it. APPLY THE SURPLUS TO THE DEBT The disposition of administration financial leaders to look with disfavor on any proposal to utilize tho Treasury surplus resulting from unexpectedly large income tax revenues for immediate lurtucr reduction 111 taxation is tho part of wisdom. That some of tho addi tional $100,000,000 that has found its way into tho government's coffers mutt be expended for appropriations authorized Jit tho last session of Congress is manifest, and considerations of prudence dictate that basing additional tax reduction 011 this year's le - turns would be unwise. Tho increase in the 1928 returns has been trnced by analysts to sock market profits, nnd whether such profits aro to continue is at least a matter of some doubt. Should losses occur in the current year, revenues next year might well show a doficit to balanco the surplus of 1929. The Treasury will do best if it uses whatever funds may bo available for continuing its policy of retiring the national debt. Progress in that direction has been steady and suro since 1921. Thanks to that policy the war debt, which in 1919 was about twentv - five and n half billions, now is n little less man E ISHBgHHjt 'oBBBSBBSKslVvSvtfaVTISaVa BT CIIIRLEX P. STEWART Waahlnclon Correspondent for Can lrl Pran and Tha Eaf la - Nara) Washington, April I 'Tha aort of luilif revision deilred by President lluoier. at tha epoilal eeealon of con - reea brclnnlnc April IB." aaa Rep - rcenutia llenrr T Ralnry of Illinois, 'la exactly tha kind ha lll not e 'Tha president it ants a few small increase s. v "Never In all my experience at UrltC hearings 'an experience ot mora than a quarter of a century 'hate I observed such a determination as our protected Industries are showing: now to shut out Imports altogether " StiVOlltooil. llnil tlin itnunlrv is mnl - itifv 1Af 4l.Mf mm Vw l.ArkA1 fn la Ilia nrlnrtifnti iT !..&&. 1 !.. - . . .1 r... inaa uu .u w ufw v j !"'" - iiosiviiuuus suviiigs in niicresi cuargej - . 1110 a pay - as - you - go policy when debts come due. j lime to pav debts, cither for nations or in - . The present, predicament of the city is the result In largo measure 01 me evil 01 rei turning, and the resort'to makeshift methods of ecttlement in order to keep, budgets down. A continuing financial plan on the order of that proposed by tbo Wilbur Committee, if not squaring with it iu detail, would bo highly 'desirable; but If it cannot be had the city could extract itself from the debt nioruss by paying off its obligations year by year ns they come duo. JUDGE W1NSL0W RESIGNS dividuals, it. when monev is available. Doubtless tho Hoover administration will be able to i educe tnxation as its Republican predecessors have done, and it ought, so soon ns practicable, to consider lightening tho otiuien on earned income, liut them is no immediate need for reduction, and the piceul surplus should not be nscd for that purpose. schedules only three "Hides The stock raisers want a few cents on hides It will make shoe production so much more expensive that Imported shoea will begin to undersell our domestic fac - torlea Ibey will have to baa a compensatory tariff on ahoea or tha Industry will be ruined. "Southern farmera demand a few centa on Egyptian cotton. Our mllla Immediately will huve to have a higher tariff to protect their finished product or their Industry will ba ruined, too. 'Wool a few cents To produce a suit of clothes v. Ill cost II S or 111 more A compensatory tariff on woollon goods "A few Increases mean an Increase all around " TheCrdbBarf The" resignation of Federal Judge Francii A. Winslow of tho Southern DUtnct of New York, transmitted to President Hoover on Monday, doubtless will sene to put un end lo impeachment proceedings against him growing out of charges made in tho House of Representatives concerning his handling tof bankruptcy cases. The incident, now doubtless concluded, so far as Judge Winslow is concerned, emphasizes with tremendous forco the duty resting upon members of the judiciary, to exercise extreme care in the discharge of their official functions as well as in their associations in their private Jives. Tho federal bankruptcy grand jury which investigated the case charged Judge Winslow only with "serious indiscretions" yet ho apparently realizes that its findings are sufficient to put an end to bislisefulness on tho bench. He maintains vigorously the honesty and integrity of his intentions, and blames his difficulties to friends who betrayed him; yet unfortunately even f he had gone through the ordeal of answering impeachment charges and had been upheld the title to public confidence as a meiobcr of the judiciary which he has lost conld never be restored to him. As The New York Times asserts, the incj - dent "should serve to quicken public oenci - tiveness about judges, at tho banio.thno that it deepens in them tho conviction that they must eo conduct thtnwelves on the bench to be not only beyond attack: but above buspL - clou, xxx Wo, like to think of a judge - as always under a deep sense of obligation not only to do justice, but to keep himself iu an atmosphere whero low and purely pcrboiml considerations cannot live. It is not u quo, tion of judicial corruption. .That ery teldom occurs, happily, but there are contacts and associations which judges should avoid H they; wjsb, to preserve, for taesuelTea the 1 MANY MINDS . Significant Sayings of the Day "Fundamentalists, chaige that libeialiMU in the Church tend - to bieak down faith They decline that the upshot of religious modernism is disillusionment, cnicit - in, and dibbolicf. It is hue thut we see people everywhere lo - ing faith in things that are no longer tenable. Hut liberalism does not destroy faith. It helps people to find faith in things they can believe. It makes it possiblo for people pot to lose fuith." Dr. llany Ewei - sonFosditk. a a "The duty of religion anil molality now nnd forever is to sco that the outside, the maskrwearing side, of us human beings is not confused with nnd docs not leplace the inside, the spiritual self of man. It is only because often we are blind to the spiritual side of the other person and judgo him onl7 by the exterior mask that wo nave so manv evil forces in human lclutions, Hut icligion provides tho sharp ees to bee the fine spiritual bide of human beings by saying, come o all who suffer from blindness and I will tench ou to ee." Dr. lelix Adlcr of the New On most congressional subjects maybe a. senator Is a more Imposing authority to quote than a mere rep - tescntaUte but nut when a guestlon of financial legislation, like tho tariff la Invohed Under the constitution, nil money Mils must originate In the loner house of congress The founding fathers meant the representatives to hold the nations purse strings Until they loosen them the senate. ..n nnl n u i I f nnnMU.fl(l b r.O r....ni.iu. .i.i.iiV firm ami must reliea It hut It I" the onl relief "The house of representatives may initiate tariff revision In a moderate form." surmised the Illinolaan but lr so, the boost v. lit come lin the bill reaches tho senate. 'Senator Smoot will sr - e lo it there as the high tariff apostle ami a trong man Ueslde" Ms argument will be logical Agriculture must be relieved True, the tariff cannot te ma.le to mphatlcally heneer taxation la tho discussion s theme KspeUelly a member of the representatives wa)a and means committee, which flames our tariff Us. Representative Itainey will be the committee s oldest member at the coming session when Representative John V Garner, hitherto slightly his senior retires' from It lo assume the bemocratio leadership of the lovter house e Mr Hoover continued the 111!1 nois congressman ' naturally ob Jccts to a tariff embargo on imports. 'He wishes them to comu lo to provide irvenue for his prosperity program his wsterva) and all his vast ptuns for nation - Idn public torks. Tha cost will bo Immense, and hlhr direct Internal taxation would be unpopular The tariff arfords u less obvious means of rala. Ing funds But of course H cannot be a revenue - producer If It excludes I m potts Vic lake very little Intelligence parenthetically ' to see all that 'Thut however, Is not tha tariff beneflclurles Idea They want a monopoly "A few small increases?' icflected the veleruti 'Sluppose wa consider Just threa known to the now dominant party for unvthlnc And that kind of relief administered to agriculture, will nciessllate more of the sum. for ever) thing else ' The president, predicted the representative, will be scared Inlo It I think he can be scared and by that lime the lower house wlH be acquiescent "And at that It may not piove to be a urohlbltlve lailff after all "We Democrats believed that the ITordnev - MiA umber lallft would keep out Impoits or heavily reduce them so that thi higher tales would Jleld less levemie than the previous lower ones had done 'We were mistaken Trices of imported goods advanced instantly but the country was so full of monev that It actually paid them and revenues increased to our astonishment " IKsjBpPS! jfsSss, S.sH BxeaKisatm. ilS'saaH laHslvxflBI'" all I rl Who amir What cabinet position elo I hold lu what other cabinet w es I seeretury of war W h it Polish patriot was an adju taut to Cleorfc Washington' In ulist psrt of the world Is a vll. lage sometimes called a Kraal It Is (.u.l that glrdeth me with strength and maketh my way per - fret ' W hete Is this passage found In Hie Ulble (ANSULRS ON LAST PACE) MEASLES HEADS LIST IN NUMBER OF. CASES "Senator Smoot Is sure that example to us this time.1 admitted the congressman uid perhaps It will happen again "Just how much Inflation this balloon can sLand. - l unl da tiul know. But one thing la certain If we keep on inflating It more and more Indefinitely, It la bound 10 burst in the end Voik Ethicul Cultuio Soviet). "Wo uio willy - nilly, conccioucly or unconsciously, at oun of the pivotal points of evolution. Wo feel dimly Hint wo must bo immortal. We aro btrhing to find a reason for our belief. Wo cannot as yet jubtlfy it logically, but that is nothing for us to be greatly troubled about. The caily crude attempts to prove immortality by evidenco of bodily resuriccttoii bine Utii nn obstacle because they are so tied up with concepts of things of a material nature. Immortality Is not an ac. ddent of time or place. Immortality it 'imply tho larger life of the foul and we may begin it nqw.'eThe Itsv, Charles Francis Potter. Your BROADWAY Bj miter moduli And Mine While mtaAlt?t li?add th lint tf coiiiiiiuiili able diseaX'e. n regard ih number of caaet reported to tli New oik state Health Department for ... uprk endfd March 1, pn?u iiionfi continued In flril place aa re (.m da tauifM of death The reports roteuii til part of the etate exclu vim of .Nfw. lork city Mill. 1 1 - 01 caae of meaalea re ported thr were 10 death attribut ed to thia iaune, while the pneumonia Hcore u 434 casea and 111 riratliji f1 her communicable dla c'tleaaeH wen reported as follows ty - I'bold fever three raaea no deaths; fccarlet feer 28 1 cases, three deaths, whooping tough, 234 cases four deaths dlphthei la, 5t caacs one death, anullpojt. one esse, no deaths The utie cane of smallpox occurred In the town of Westfleld. Chautauqua county and according to the health department, the patient never had been taiclnated. LOOKING BACKWARD ReeollectlosJ, Local and Foreign, 10 and 20 years Ago. ,10 YEARS AGO roiiEio"" Tarls, April 4 neassurlnf n from President Wilson a bedside was sent to tha peace .telesales this eve - nlng. although tli" newa Indicated that the president's rondiUon wat such as lo make It advisable that h remain In his room at least for to - morrow. Study of the case liaa caused near Admiral Orayscn, Ilia presidents physician, to reach the conclusion that tha president la not aufferln from lnfluena. but llial tne ssveriiy of the coli Is such thai the patient will require careful watching; LOCAL The Pouthkeepsla HiKh School debatingdebating - team defeated the Kingston High School team J lo 1 on the ques - Hon Resolved. IRal me governmeni should own and operate railroad. Tha debate was I eld In l'oughkeep - sia. Clifford O Loew had opened a Ure repair shop at 42f. Main Street The Rev Ir Alexander ClrlswolJ Cummins rector of Christ Lhiiien. waa to conduct union services to be held the neat Sunday evening at the First Presbyterlnti Church lie was to apeak on 'Liberty Personal and Rellglou, the flirt or Democracy ana Protestsnlsin " Mrs Theodore rjutman wn elected president or the i - irent renrner as soclallon of the 1 ntrview Heights School Sirs v,lllnn knau was elected vice president Mrs Wlllfnm Whyte eecrelery and .Mrs I red Sabine, treasurer Mr and Mrs ndaard A Nelson, of Dwlght Street vvero entertaining their daughter Mrs Edward Rusk f Tonkera 20 YEARS AGO ronnuif Washington. D. C April 4 indi. cations are that diplomatic relations between thia cour.tiy and Nicaragua are neurlnr a crista, resulting fr0J the failure of President Zelaya to ad. Juat Ilia Emery claim. In dlplomatlo clrclea It woula occasion no surprise If tenor Es. rlnoan, Nicaraguan rnlnlater to th United Slates, should shortly ba loll bv tha state dapartmant that the present difficulty has gone beyoni the range of diplomatic discussion i. hlch event his request for passports i. I would logically follow. II LOCAL roughketpilo Lodge, No. jjj, and A M waa to confer tha thirl degree on a claM of candidates it a meeting to be held In tha Maaonlt Temple tha next Tuesday evening William W Smith waa spending several ebivs In Atlantic City. Almon B llertway had returned to poughkeepila a.ter an abaence of .3 yejra lie waa to make his home hi fit Garden gtrtet Mrs Jane M Lown celebrated hat elKhty - flfth birthday at her home, SI Forbus Street. The Dutchess County Christie Kndeavor convention was to ba hell at tho Friends' Church In this city the next Tuesday Hamilton ilfth, congreeaman rren) this dlati let had declared himself aculnut tin' proposed tax on tea anl that he would vote against It wbn ft mine up In the House of Representatives. Senator John F Bchlosser. of risk, kill had been vtslUng In this city. VJ mnsWhoTnnelVews By COLONEL WILLIAM V. MITCHELL Attomrv Oeneral m4 WILLIAM I) MITCHEI I The One - Minute Pulpit The last enemy that shall be 4fr h ulroyed la death J 1 or he hath put chances under at 4, feet But when he salth all thlr ... ure put under him It la manifest thai hf in excepted which did put si things under him And when all thints shall be suV dued unto him then shall the fioe a I no hlnutfir be subject unto htm that put all things under him, thai (lod ma be In all I Corinthians - v, STATE FIREMEN'S SCHOOL POSSIBLE AT ROCHESTER ("U Milam Dewllt Mitchell wa - i hotn at Winona Minn Sept. I, 1174 He studied engineering at ale university and was rradtl - ated from the University of Minnesota, in law Admitted to the bar In ll. he began practicing at fr Paul lie was namd solicitor general of the United Btalea In 1ZI Treaident Hooker recently appointed him attorney general He has had considerable military experience, and waa stationed at rump 1aIor, K., tn 191 - He Is a colonel In the Minnesota National guard ) A countrywde Investigation c - f " - " - ;ondttlona in all agencies o or Which the department of Jusli - e has control haa been Instituted by the depart 1 ment of jusuce. with a view of a a certain Ing what haa been achieved and w hat may be accomplished m law enforcement The Inquiry has been Instituted in accord with the program for a general Inquiry whUh already haa been an nuunced by I resident Hoover Mr Hoover con templates the appointment of a toutmlrtttlun lo exaiulm law enforcement mat teia thiuuh i ty m in incut ueeiu ulillr mii etu j nil! ba bmttPil to ruiIimIul, tails in cuitnec - ton with thoHc uffuf In his dipatt mtnl wliethtr In W nnhlriBtun r in the ui1iih titl h nf the countr It N th deparinientH plan to fin 1 whether lnitueuieiil may be made In Us own iKMHonnel and IlkewUe to dctermlnr In (her addltiunal nuui - bers are ti,,ipil 1 he NUie thus far haa been d1 voted UrcHv to examination nf le porta r or tin und statlai Us w Itlun t't tlepartm 1 1 I his lipurtMee 1 ' a luil 1 . i t lo obtain all Information av nl ibl 1 elating to the status of proaei unuin, teHiilts obtained In puat littnutlun ilit altUAtlon retarduiR pptulln the effectlveneaa of JnfoiLfrii nt ufli lcih or latk of It unr whv tJReih,i with pei sonal rt porta of v lev a of of fleet a who have knowletlRt Us d un rxperieiue of the con iitlone un dct which, they work j While prohibition enfoneiuent will bo Included In tht, itiquin it is vt 4 general and broader sope if th study now going on shows that there Is u lack of enforcement effuit It I our determination that the icasona be shown That course may lead lo changes In personnel for the good of the service. i Roiliolrr . Y. prll S A Methods lined In tralninir local firemen will be extended to sll parts of Hi, Miuti undi r a plan of tha New ork Hiute Mmvoi s Conference anl the New ori State Association of Ure ( tiler wherebv Zi picked fire. men would be ent here for Inatrue lion In fire fighting Th" Mate woull he divided Into II , nr. raih of w bit h would send twt nifii liere for an Intenslvo course ef training from April I lo II Tha I lans have received the endorsement of t.eorge J NIt Rochester Com nilittlouer of Publlr Safety, and I ICel tlMinlnn InW.P haa t.aa racfJ. Tin rlaxaes will be conducted by Fab 1 ill hi i hlpf Alexander Sutherland. I In vuurse will include lectures eg flie prevention care of equipment, cointeit to uffkers and public car nnd Uihing of motorised apparatus, first aid and resuscitation, ventihv Hon sprinkler system, hidraullet ami fire streams I (exclusive Central Press Plapalch to The Csgle.Newa) New lurk, April 3 Percy (Skip - p ) Ciosby, recently diverted, will be sealed again on April 4 to Dale Loike, a Vasaar grad, at tha Church of the Aecenelun . The Cholly Cheplln.Llla Drey reioncllly rumor la tha McCoy the comic long - dlstano - Ing her dally . Ethel Delmar (tha former Mrs. A Jolson) Is plot, ting a two - a - day act . Crosby Unlet hus pcddlel Ills Ionia publish. Ing bua.lnesa to Mr. Wells, who married Mrs Galge Mclntyr asd Life merely ahoclc bands, tnubblng the renlract gag Bruce Barton Vollshed up the Coolidge pieces. llushnell Cheney mgr and star actor of Tha Jitney players. Is the son of Cheney tha silk and satin man, who wont cvntrlb a nickel to the Jitney Troup Was tl nareliwin secretly staled two wks tt . , , Harry 1 Tbawa latest diversion Is June Rivers, a pretty Phllly girl Gilbert Miller put 'Journey's End.' great success tbere and here, on In London for tl.100 It would have tost him ten times that much over here . . bally MUgrlmni. tha froik maker hopes It a a lad e Tilt: cuino - ciLiifciiTEfis Th total papera have hinted from tint to tlmithat U It Thompaon whoa wife waa tba popular aepla star, riorence Mllla, and Vlorenie Emery Jonea, Parisian favorite Whose huaband Palmer Jonew died In Purla laat ear will l sealed any day now. The pair met In Europe, renewed their Harlem frltndsblp, and by comforting eaili other, found love They may be seen holding hands In the various llsrleru stay, wp - lat placea almost any pawning Hut what w started out to say wu tht only a few month, at Mr Thompson deserted th cast ( "Blackbirds' because ha couldn t atund th impersonation of hla lata wife In the same tvue. e THINGS I NEEn KLW TILL NOW lliat Horrors Llverlght. the tome publisher got his early training In publishing by putting up pssteboard tguree on a broker a board Tiiat movie stars gel temperamental now and then, hut Kin Tin Tin. tho dog star actual!) fainted after a strenuous scene recently. That Mike Methan, who I. raled In the :s million., not long ago was a jiclin.le tiiket broker for 110 per and thut Tim Mara. Hated In lb 1 millions, used lo be (he doorman - bouncer on the old Zlcgfcld Roof. That Kaskob who mad ml Ion sues oi .'im oi nis rrlends. one cnuuneurod a tWImlngton (Pel) Volley That Joan Lrwall danced th dance of th virgin, (whkh ah de - crib In her hook) over at th Roy Howards the other night using Jack Dempaey a. the subject, while r.i.lla Taylor looked on MRS. WILLIAM BARNES DIES ALFRED DISBR0W INJURED New York, April i. .Mrs Maude risro Barnes wife of W 11. Ham Bainea of Albany retired pub. Usher an dformer chairman of the Republican State committee died vesterday at the Hotel (Jolham after an lllneas of three months Blie waf tl veara old Mra Barnes waa Die ,U trr of J Newton rlero former d an of the I Albany Law School She was a tesrh I er In private schools of Westchertcr County hrfore her marriage In 19. J , funeral servile will he held Thursday afternoon at the Rurol Cemetery Albany MAC MILLAN MAY MAKE ANOTHER TRIP TO ARCTIC tlibago, .prll J.l?it, aecoud tlaeallllan - McPomild Arctic Mpodl - tlun may geL under - way In June It was revealed yesterday In tlio pur. ouose oi in yaint "Allegro' from the estate of James Elveraon Jr The Allegro is or HJ reel In length and haa a beam of JT feel, two Inches, weigh Hi tons and U powered by lain screw engines of ion bora power eaih. The ship lias m. x - sulslng radiue of ooo miles It Is likely that the Allegro will b taken Into th Arulc In June In cusrg or commander .Donald B. atacwuan eapiorer who - m ANNUAL "HORSE PARADE" HARBINGER OF SPRING Saranai - Ike, N. Y.. April g A1 The hundreds of horses which I few jears ago took part In th spring hone parade of th Adirondack! have dwindled to scores, but th sauna I event still Is awaited In th lit - lit mountain hamlets with Intents Interest Rubins may coma and th fnoa and lie melt but not until th hones that hav worked throughout th winter In th varloue lumbar camp are driven out of th wood I In' mountain dweller certain that spring has arrived The roaea are equipped with largt copper bells and long before their heavy hooves strike th main street the children and even th older peo ple of th little village have gath. eie, at doora and windows to walcll their passing The air la filled with laughter! . Ihe rough Jeata of th lumbermen, happy at th ending of their lonf winter' loll and th shouts of greet. Ing from th vlllsgers. When lum bering waa at Ita peak In.th Adiron daeks each division ef th bora ps red waa mad up of hundred bui.ee. On lb broad bark ef soma wr perched th lumberman while oihera pulled th heavy lumber sleds earning th ether lumberjacks. Today lb clank and (putter lb tractor ha drowned ta some tent th inuals ( th bells and thl French - Canadian chansons' of lb lumberjacks, but H UI b a few year yt, befor th bora paradl beioinea merely memory In lb bearl of olJ.Uin Adirondack lun bee,men. making his ninth trip Into th Pole l art. sm r

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