The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINAKT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 210 Blytheville Courier, myuievme courier, B.yinevme Dally News, „. VTIII.M'IT M.' A»T/*VCAQ Tl'rci.ivr XT/M/I->»IIKI> . Blytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. '*'•'' ' HbVll.LK, ARKANSAS. JM'.M)AY, NOVBMHKU IS, 191 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO ARKANSAS BANK CRISIS IS PA Wedding Guests Disappointed by Mellon Nephew Possibility of Obtaining Natural Gas Holds Award of Franchise. PITTSBURGH, Pa., NOV. 18 (UP) —The wedding of W. L. Mellon jr., I nephew of the secretary of trcas- I ury, nnd Miss Ethel Grace Rowley, scheduled for tomorrow night, has ibcen, cancelled because Ihey alr- ady married, it was learned to- Un »I'-M 1 I day. Plans for the wedding had gone | forward with no one but the prin- Tlic city crjmcil met last night' cipals aware It would have been Conducts Cooking School OF FIRST SM Depositors in Bank of Os- i ccola Reveal Confidence in Institution. OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 18.—Noevi- wilh the i-viilcnt inlentlon ol grant- j their second ceremony. The guests ( , ^ of a '^ n \ c or Hu'rry was s"cn ing a friinrrlito fr.r the insi.illstion i had begun to arilve before it was - and operation of a. .butane gas made known the couple was mar- Ry.-aem in thh city, but with the ' ' '' possibility tliat postiwncmciit miuhi, r,?,s l .ilt an natural gas for Blytheville the aldermen a°rccd to delay acti'in, at l until the next !i.f.sion, Ueccinlfir 9th 'I'he unexpected appearance of representatives of Ihe Memphis Natural Gas company and the Ar- kunyas Power and Light company with their attorney. C. A. Cunningham, r.nd their request that the ried a year ago In Wellsbiirt 1 , w. Va. Andrew W. Mellon, grand uncle of the bridegroom, had written from Washington he was planning to come to Pittsburgh for the wedding. The marriage license had been obtained and the maid of honor. Miss Mary Gay Brooke, had arrived from Newark, N. J. Then came the revelation the marriage had taken place. It was performed Rev. Allison of the First Pres- ided! <5?f.!r the letting of a fran- : f",,.. hi'Si^' o? £ ^toT W " S ^ jKi-church. wellsburg, W. Va. With the experience of two un- i Micce.-^ful natural gas franchises I and a third propral, which p:oved! unfounded, behind them, the alder- i men and olher officials had considered natural gas nn hnprobabil- j ity for Blytheville and were known j t'j favor tlis butane system for u:e here. A. P. and L. Interested Eevcrnl ulilities companies and individuals had proposed sucK a •system and the various rcprc.v.i- tatives had been informed by city \ L.:f;ci:il.i iliat the coiuicil wouldl meet last night with the probabil-, i I Regional Executive Lewman Urges Connection With Memphis Office.- Reorganization of thti St. Francfs yesterdny In Osceola following failure of the First Slate bank of Osceola to open its doors and the, Bank of Osceola did a normal i Monday's business, according to bank officials. This morning's bus- , iness also showed no Indication of j apprehension on the part of the bank's depositors. Several new accounts were open-i cd yesterday in the Bank of Osceola, and the withdrawal of three comparatively 'small accounts wns the only inclination of nervousness I on [he part of any depositors. | J. L. Williams, president of tlir ! Bank of Osceola, stated this morn- ' ing that he felt the Institution wns | amply tortified againX any "run" i or unusual withdrawals resulting j from apprehension following closing of the other Osceola bank, but that he anticipated no such nction. Reopening Expected Depositors generally are express- I ing confidence that- doors of the closed institution will be or>?i!?rt for business Saturday. M. L. Sumners, cashier, and Leon Sullivnu vice president of the First State bank, left Osceola yesterday afternoon and neither could be reached ' for a statement. It-is understood.! H.E. Lee Wilson Very Much Alive lie Tel Is Friends Runs Ycstcvday and This Morning Force Suspension of Business. K. K. I.ce Wilson, variously reported IP. rumors current on the streets tills morning as c!.;ml as the rt.aH <•( « recent lltntcs, nnd as a suicide, Is nellher, he assured friends here UiLs morning over long distance, telephone. Mr. Wilson Is at Hot Springs, resting nfter his Ulnes.'! He reported lilmself reeling fine ami return to his home nt The Bank of l.eac-hvllle failed lo . open Us doors nt nine o'clock this I w . ll ,;, 0 ;| before^ I'ug morning nnd about 30 mlmilcs lat- ' """" ' ' LEUIE US j cr the liank of Manila suspended payment of deposits under Hip five- day suspension act. Both banks are In towns In the western part of. Mississippi county. J. P. Roderick, president of the Bank of Lcachvlltc, told the Courier News lhat he had turned the affairs of the bank over to the state banking department nnd did not have any statement to make. Deposits at the bank, It Is understood, totaled around M05.000. It Is reported lhat a run of considerable proportions was made on the bank late yesterday. Earl Rod- crick was cashier of the Inslltu- ! tlon. A run, slartlng when news that the Lcachvllle bank had failed to open reached .Manila, resulted In officers of the Bank of Manila closing the doors of the Institution under the temporary suspension act. Sheriff W. W. Shaver of (his city, president of the Manila In- VIENNA, Austria, Nov. 18, (UP) slltutlon, could not be reached for I —Charles A. Lcvlhe, well known In a statement today. He went to St. Europe for his trans-Atlantic flight Txmls yesterday for the purpose. It | with Clarence D. Chamberlln In Is understood, of arranging for nd-11021. was held ns a suspected coun- previous experiences witli ether-natural gas "proix>sais" and the «"parent lack of interest of Kansas Power and Light become convinced that natural eaj] : ,tion at the city.hall.. [or Hly.heville was only a ronv.tej New council members. headc,d by ,ly that a franchise fur :i butane VaU ey council. Boy Scouts of Am- however , !nat tllcy are negotiating) system would be awarded. By their men. will be completed at a meet- j for Junds with wh ^, h ,„ ^ ^ ing of scout oflicialE. to be held | Krst SM bank , t Iwc about December 1, it was de- f sible cmergency whfch mig ,- lt f ol . cided lasl night when c'uncil mem- ' MRS. MYRA DOUGAN Light cuap-in,, bers and othea interested in the | conflden( ^ ex ° Mtcd heryc that tnc ouncihv,:n l^ held a discussion of the situ- i ns tituticn wi 1 ooen for busing ' institution um open lor business ipen for business usual Saturday morning. L. S.-Mitchell, former vice-pres- iverc 1 ident of the National Bank of Ci:rt;- 1 merce of St. Louis, and finnnder ptssibilky. . . .• |Frank. .U.,, pouglas, president, Before the representatives of thai elected last night. _ __ __ firms seeking franchises lor the j Harold W. Lewman of Memphis,' oFpromiuencc he oration of a butane system tare j regional sccut executive, was pres- i to consultallon wl Jvtrefsed the, C. A. Gun-1 ent nnd expre^ed hope that the j First State bank before its closing will be able to become, O]) 1 at: . . inglram, local attorney, spoke t» i lie altir-.'inrai. MV. 'Cunningham. I unit of the. Memphis office, em- I.-HO l-md ate.-ivorl br-for,: tr.o coun-1 plnying a scout executive with an ell.several months ago, staled lhat;office here for the general super- ,.c ..—i uiiui.i; assurance that the j vision of boy scout work In tile re, was called la- with directors of trie Mrs. Dougap's First Lecture "Tell my friends In Mississippi cnunly," he- snld, "lhat, In the words of Mark Twnln, reports 1 of my death arc greatly exaggerated." The slcry lhat Mr. Wilson had died or had shot himself obtained general clrculntlrn on the slrcetu here today but was Almost universally regarded as - groundless even before dental was! obtained from Mr. Wilson personally. But State Leaders See fidencc in financial. 1 Sitiif i 1 ation Returning.' •"';;',; |., LITTLE. ROCK, NOV. IB. (UP)—' '' While the closliw this morning ot Trans-Atlnntic Flyer Placed Under Austnans. Arrest by ditionnl funds to meet Just such a situation as developed nt the Bank of Manila today. Harry Cowan, cashier, could not be reached either. Confidence was generally expressed on all sides lhat the Bank of Manila was solvent nnd hope was 1 sum for the counterfeiting of i held that It would re-open at the ! French coins. The engraver report~~ ' ed the incident to police and also terfcller here loday. Lcvlne was arrested nt Scunner- ing as lie wns ready to board a train for Venice, llaly, It was said. It was alleged he h«d visited nn engraver whom he offered a large 1 expiration of the five day limit. The i bank was considered one of the Memphis Natural plans lo extend h Gas company pive line up the cast side of the Mir?.isj'.pi>i river ftom Memphis t". nipley, Tenn. council, which is comp.fied of 15 towns in Northeast Arkansas and Soiiih.'ast Mis;i;uri. According to Mr. Douglas the ex- He requested that the council post- penses of the council now taals pone ihe. gas franchise hearing for I approximately $1390, and efforts about 30 or 45 days to allow the j (or raising (his amount from the Arkansas Power and Light com- various towns In the council will to make a purvey nnd rep ort begin nt once- The tentative p'an 1C f't. Cl-x. *„ .... „..:__.. , * . wl:,:t'iH'i- it would tl: i j river lo ^e this territory. yesterday morning, it-'is understood, nnd after checking affairs institution slated that it excellent condition. News cooking school this afternoon I and her assistant, Mrs. Stephen H. bank ' according to repotfe,;bii.<UK.-: at the city auditorium when Mrs Brooks ! o'dest charter of any Institution 'In, Myra •«rwi - demonstrated the The' women present loday showed [Mississippi county, It was a •state ,1 ^ i preparation of six delicious dishes. I much enthusiasm In the first les- | bnllk - Deposits totaled about »80,in ! EKch of the four days' programs i son and seemed charmed lo know'™"-' .OCUCHO Lummiuii. pvi-nnt Thiircrinp The action of director, in elm- !" e . P Ll»K.J£. : n ; "«•" "i me IV.UL ut.jrc, programs : ... . will be made up of mixed cooking Mrs. Dougan, who has devoted Ihe ing the State bank « t btace oanx lor ins i h " e ""* when she ' The will major portion of her life to raising five day p^riod allowed by statute, was solely a precautionary measure adopted alike by other banks In the A. B. Banks group following closing of the American Exchange and Trust company In Little Rock yesterday. The Osceola bank has y standard of the UnU- •• es begin at 2:30 and-close prompt- ed States 'to a higher level. She As far ns could be ascertained today, no funds were on deposit with the two banks by the various county offices. was arrested. Police saM. Levtoe ' denied-, the charjcs agahiit h%vJJji»»:i4^r»tri :?/|w«re:not allowed *TB"J*e" Him. " . Levine waj decorated with the ilgheit-• Austrian ROlden order for his partlcljiatloh In : the trans-At- anllc flight of the monoplane Columbia. a number of smnll Arkansas banks, caiijihl In the back-lash of the wave_ of financial'difficulties,which yesterday shut the "doors of-nearlyj forty InstltuttoV. brought,the to* tal today to 53, there was evidence of a return of public confidence and ,51 ale ofnclnls and financial leaders . expressed themselves - tl ftJ confident that the storm wasipajs- Ing. .. ' -- :"-.'_;i'. All told slxly-nlnc banks,' were closed In Mississippi viilley'spates : j yesterday and todnv. ns follows:-Ar* {"." ikansiis R3,' Kentucky 8, Missouri .'4; : Illinois 2,-Iowa 1, and Indiana --1,\". . Of the f>3 Arkansas banks tliat' have closed their doors only-eight have turned over their affairs to the state banking department, tliq other 45 having merely availed themselves of the privilege granted - Ihcm by state Inw of suspending business for five days. Confidence was expressed thnt a number of these would reopen, nt • lie end of that period, next Sat-: urdny or Mondav. ••• I.tpanlo Bank Closf* " The bank of Pollard, the Peo- pies Bank 1 of Mbrrillon. and the Bank of" Lenchvllle, . neither of which are members of the A. B. Banks banking group, were closed, outright this mornliiE and their af- 'airs taken over by.the state bank- ng department. The B.nnk of Waldo, a member of A. B -iianks, group, suspended 'business temporarily 'ln( • ine with the flnan<;l»l program lol- owed;by tlje r oth'e>" Institutions in- . ly at 5 p. m. brings to her work, as wns done In her opening address Mrs. Dou- ' this afternoon, a particularly valu- gan.welcomed her audience as "the! able background based on her own- very best cooks of the city for it ] experiences as a housewife which ts the best who want to know I established a bond of uiiderstiind- more." j ing and sympathy between herself "A cooking school Isn't Just to [ nnd her listeners thai made her no connection with the American toujuug M.-HUUI u, n i jusi 10 . mm ner iisiencrs umi nmrc i is f-a- 5120 to b2 raised for each I Exchange and Trust comolny. how- \ ! e , arn fto CDok bl .' 1 "• '' to get new i demonstration doubly appealing ircop' in a town. | ever, and will in no way be affected ^ CBS f ° r P^paring delicious foods." Admksion to the school is ab- pipe gap across Blytheville and Tne quo-lion of obtaining funds j by Everyone agrees, Tvfr. Cuunin?-1 fcr operation of the council next i is ' ham staled, that Blytheville wants jl'ear will thnt bank's interests. Neither :t [ is the Osceola bank in any way taken up at the Dec- connected with the Caldwell in- natural gas if it is possible to get, I =™ber meeting, at which time it II He sr-iil that the Arkan.asjis hoped arrangements can be fewer nnci Light company ' and | made for carrying on; the work un- Mcmphis Gas company had shown ! «er the supervision of a scout ex- their so >J failh. Now he said, the' ccliti ™. If this is not possible, Mr companies are in a p-wiMrm (o M- 1 Douglas said, then each scout mas-- • in? made P lll>llc a wire received '""" " " """''" "' ""'" °"'' terests in Tennessee, local officers declared. Caldwell Not Interested M. TJ. Suiriners, casliicr cf the First State bank. Saturday morn- quest that, the consideration of a. j «er in the council u-ill have to deal gar franchise be postponed in order ! directly with national headquarters. quest from A. B. Banks of Little Rock . 5ne 5alQ - solulely free and valuable prizes She described the increasing in- are being given away daily, terest In cooking, especially In the ' past three years, as caused by the beauty which has come Into the kitchen. Attired 'in a colorful frock she urged other housekeepers to wear attractive dresses in the kltchon "so that you may go to the from. W.W. Pepper WiH Enter Little Rock Law Office to all-.w the Arkansas, Power a:ul' n l>'an r.oi generally re^a.'ed Light, the distributing company In j satisfactory. this state, to mak? a survey ' — I'ostpoiic Action ; Walnut Ridge Merchant On the motion of Alderman Rcss Hughes, seconded by Alderman Tern W. Jacks ,n. the council vol- ,-d lo e.\;enJ further tearing on which read' as follows: "Know vou I ?° or :'' A * " am P'« of the color in • ]0 _ I the kitchen she spoke of the vari- ,,, "» *' a * cal interests have joined" me in ac- j ?" s shades seen in the o.tiirlng Caldwell and company's I "noleum. utensils nnd stock in American Exchange Trust '' m ™j !r " electric . range wns also company bringine control of state's i ^ ited ns onc of the best reasons largest l-ink back lo Arkansas, i for ™ mcn "king to cook now more Caldwell is not intereslcd in any • j bank in Arkansas." WALNUT RIDGE, AHK., Nov. 18 | 'This." Mr. Sumners said oat- Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pepper, long resldenls of the Huffman community where >,fr. Pepper has been n fnrrrier and sawmill operator, will move Deccmlwr 1 to Mttle Rock, where Mr. Pepper will be associated with J. A. Tellier in the prctlce of law. Mi-, and Mrs. Pepper's son, Sta ton, will remain at Huffman Stranded Freighter's Crew Marooned on Ship NEW YORK, Nov. IB. (UP) — Thirty-six members of the crew of the freighter Harry Bowen were marooned today on their vessel which ran hard aground yesterday off Mohtauk Point. The Bowen, n, 3,522 ton ship, was one of three ships which grounded off New York yesterdny In the Impenetrable fog which veiled the entire Atlantic seaboard. The crews of the Peirci and the Taller were } taken oft by coast guard boats but and Land Owner Dies • j for women liking to cook I than in past J'ears. for a meal today she prepared 5 u f " mmi T' Receiver Expresses Optimism for Future of Drain-1 Hold Services Today f **' _ n [ the heav* swell prevented rescue charge ot the Pepper Interests, j crnft from coming alongside the which next year will Include n to- ! Hurry Bowen. mnto canning factory. i Mr. Pepper was a practicing nt- ISerinns Rintmcr Rpnpwp/1 torney In Illinois before coming to i ' )enOUS WOUngf Renewed Mississippi county to take up farm- J n Streets o{ Barcelona Distric Clifi-n II. Scott, receiver for gas question until the next' (UP)-S. E. Spikes, 59, department: urday morning, "refutes the rumor the monthly meeting of the council.-store owner and large' land holder I prevalent" heire'foV'some "time "ih'a't nnd ' Before Ihe nn',ion was pa^ssd -in northeast Arkansas, died last' Rogers Caldwell owns sixty per cent i licwcvor the council heard Ire pro- night after an acute attack of in- ' of the First State bank This baiU- r.osals of F. A. Hornnday .of San digestion. . ,, as no connection with Caldwell Antonio, Texas, and the utilU'.is. Spikes had been a member of interests and will not be allecfcti 'Ja-, and Electric company of Chi- the board of education for 24 by them." ! cag-' • to establish butane plants years and wns credited with doin» The First Stnte bank ouite inari i here. Mr. S. J. Milliard o! the , more for education in this count' ^7 the slock owned bv A B ! Tcnne.«cc Gas company and the ty tnan any other man. Schools Banks of Little Rock, is owned by ' Chicago imiif,.'s coriioratic:i a.-.3 of Lawrence county were dismissed local business men. and while af-; suggested that tip council delay tins afternoon in his honor. i niiated with the Banks group or so-i 1.11 tncr consKleraticn of the fran- ; : called ,, chaln ,. u not hUerdcpcntl . | cliisoi quertlon f,r at least another. ^ ^ jj £ { Qffer ^ ; e nt with any member bank of the ; bacon wilh cheese, nnd lomalois nrainago District 17. and Edward were used In her tomato surpri=» u Downie, Li'.llc neck attorney and in a stuffed tomato rose saltid. rrpre..cni ing the district, were SUES'.-, of th^ Blyll-.cville Lions club nt tho weekly luncheon today and i':h spcke brolly. Southeast Threatened With Flood BARCELONA. Spain, Nov. 18 IUP)—Serious rioting was renewed For Pneumonia VictOm -streets oPBiircelonn foday S af(er'a I day and night of fighting and o Funeral services will be held this i Increasing tension, nflerncon for Kred ICistler, 23, who . Four were killed In the new out- succumbed at his home in Ihe To- ; brenk. One of the persons Injured mato community at 1 o'clock yes- 'yesterday died, terdny. Ha died of pneumonia. i Simultaneously fighting bctweei The nev. W odfine will officiate ! police and demonstrators stnrfcd n today.notl- 1 turned over to officiate'of 'tliaE : .department, j l( . 4'.',".£-. "-'V-- 3 ,''•,]-.{ The official..' -statement. saUT(he.-'i7 closing had been 'caused by ";ihe' : ,',?.- emnorary closing of the American Bxchanne nnd Trust company ;of Little Rock. The bank Is not j a! member of the. A. B.. Banks chain. The Citizens Bank of Monettc, - nnd the Bank of Manila took nd- mnUgc of the five day closing provision of the state law.' The VWa State bank closed this morning Indefinitely and its affairs have been placed in charga of the sfit"-banking department: Other banks which have .'taiTe'h' advantage of the five day law since yesterdny are the Izard Counly bank, Quion; Bank of Harrlsburg, Harrlsburg; State B:ink of-t^ota, Leola; People State bank, Dev&lls Bluff; Arkansas National bank, Junction City; Exchange Bank and Trust company, Dermott: the Bank of Knobel. and the Brndley County bank of Hennllace. Severn! of- these arc affiliated with A. B. Banks and company. - : Hysteria Is Fasslnf ] * '• At Little Rock prominent bKnk- crs stated they believed the wave of hysteria had passed desoltc the fnct lhat one of the largest tnsVlT lutions in the slnte. th? American Exchange Bank and . Trust company, wns not open for business today. They said failure of .the American Trust to open yesterday did not affect the tanking situation here and reported new ."ncr counts wcrc being opened at other banks. = Rock Mr. Iloriiariay slated that he wao. p:opauc to start full force by Jan- i uary. as 1-e had previously told vantage of the present opportunity ' lo t.-iire np thctr tax delinquencies ATLANTA. C,n., Nov. 18. <UP1— imtler Ihe advantageous lerms C9 nnr nnn V J chaln alld Cither profits by the: Flood conditions were threatened v ' hlc h are now available. .; ',UUw,UUU tndowment business of amiiated banks nor suf- I today in the southeastern state? which C :iifidence that permanent brother. Charles Kisllor. and two ' , Mrs. Mnble Croft and Mrs. ' Brinker. boll; o! Mnrkcrl ; irce. i ccuncilmon. nnd that the city could Avery Brundage, president of the T have butane R2s while waiting for Amateur Athletic Union unno'inc °°° natural. He declared he would buy cd at the organization's coiwen """ natural gas -at ihc city gates in t!v> tion today with an offer of a S2 event It became available and the 000(000 endowment has been re- fers from thctr losses, according to.rain which began to fall more than j icl l - drainage taxpayers through WASHINGTON N'ov 18 mpi oireclors of the Institution. a we2k ago continued unabated. ll1 - G..2nn bill, now landing in - - • -'- ' lur '~ Ttie barik ls capitalized at $50.- j More than ten inches cf rai-i ccn sress, is net tar distant, was and had on deposit approxl-' had fallen In Talnhassec. Fla.. in «pr_esi;d by and V-'. Sco:t Nothing please him be:t?r. lie Ifansas Eastern Star in Grand Chapter Meet ,Llt r con- association , night. Scrvirps H» I nvnra "Banks in Little Rock and North services at Luxora i LHtle Rcck have largo cash rc _ t sources and HIG bills payable are , „ .. . '•'° ICES than S300.COO," the statement and Baptiri churches c^'-" liere were privileged to l-.:ar newlvj' elected pastors deliver their first i, WEST. FLA., 18 (U frv, Arkansas has been elected pas- , tor of the Methodist church nnd h 1 i ^.^•^v™ 0 ^ 1 ? 10 ^^: 1 ""^ ««« November 24 win.-be \. Kev. P. c. Kins - met b-ink [ ng orf i c i a is sa!;li ^g to . needs of the community," d house officials Slid. Payment of Christmas savinzs RC- of Jont;b:ro tal amount of these accounts ts «p' hundred thousand nalnral. He declared he would"buy cd at the "organization's"co'iiveiT m "tcly £200.000 when It closed Its 20 hours up to last night . ... 1 , —, ,.. *i._ .. . . ... tn- £ OOrs j.fst^rdsy morninj. M. L there was no sign of let-up. " 1!xn tn ^ adoption of i'lis measure, P)—Thirty witnesses have arrived ^ ^.^ ie _ Sumners Is cashier of th« sinlltu-j Streets in Tallahassee were flood- ™ lch wculd permit Iro funding '•[ ] here for trial of Martin Miller to him. He asked Mr. Cunnln?- ham If the distributing company cd the reply that the Memphis Ga. loiV would "accept 1 "thTo'fTer"^^'^ " ler " *• ^' Hunt ^ Bruce Ivy, S. E. : nbama and Georgia"" and citizens in Judf.j John E. Marilncau hac-j Trial opens tomorrow. Flynn w« ~ , _ .. . company and the Arkansas Power would provide an annual Income of ' Murfr and C ' D - Aycrs - tne rlver vallevs werc growm* an- c PF.-cved cooperation of the receiv- ] alleged to have been shot In ajJJCatn f 0)1 Ol ,-ind Light company were allied and between $00,000 and $100000 • A 5lnl * ballk exammer . reviewing sious at the Incessant rainfall. E r »'llh other rirainn-e districts in • drunken brawl. Many of the wit-: Tornado Reaches SeVCH i banks nnd to mci;t emergency con- bank today sent money to six paints In the state to provide a reserve fund for the protection of county iintlcr crntract fcr the gas and •a n QI, ;r , jBayless Beecher, Cotton B. o. bhaner, general manager ' ' »««»n of the Memphis Gas c-,mpany, an-i 1 Man of Memphis. Is Dead William Greene, Jonesboro manag- : er of Ihe Arkansas Power and i MEMPHIS, Nov. 18 (UP)-Ba- Light company, wore present at i fss Beecher! 65, for the past « ,.i. !C .3.1. Mr. Greene in reply to years hsad-of a cotton firm bearira rn-crlrs of the coimcilmen slated his name and n director of "'-- I the bank's business here two weeks' ago stated thnt "everything was in 'irnlane With 'good shape," according to directors. in 'J D I ! Be!aSCO Aboard Missing in West SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 18. campaign f r adoption of the ^nesses here arc character wit- Glenn bill, which alrca ,y lies pass- j nesses from Miller's iioaie In Ar- cd the ccnr,:,:. ' kansas. (Continued on Page Three) DO-X Delays Flight Ill af Now YnrU Hnlel ~ An aIr P la ne with a pilot nnd two 111 at H -W lom noiei passengers aboard was rmrfd Bordeaux Today BORDEAUX, France. Nov. 18 (UP)—The flight of the Dornler ALEXANDRIA, La., : No'v. 18. (UP j —The death toll In the tornado' which swept through the delta sec- . tlon of IxHiisiaim and Mississippi WEATHER j Arkansas ' Probable showers *nnn 0. Nilsson Sails for Old Home in Sweden HOLLYWOOD, Call!.. Nov. 18 (UP)—Anna Q. Nilsson. who hasn't treated In hospitals and at emer-i imum temperature herV.vs-tertoy night stcod at seven to-j Wednesday and ccoler. • Nearly five hundred others were : Accordtnz to the official weather-.•.' homeless and scores were being observer, Charles Phillips, the mtn- ' •'n! •'•dn- at fin Oia'<hr1 I™ l " fll ---. O ..V Wt.»t,«^Ul>Il C | \ \JfJ- rtl •. a Boeing four <ns- "> ln 8 boat DO-X to Usbon was.sen her fimily sitico she was 13 gency aid stations at outlying points; was 51 ctcww and ihe r-«lmiini, C ^ a [V ^ r , n e fr ° m nm y f0g carly Ioday ' ! ycars of "BC-shc wc:i't te'.l 'vv In both states. .73 degrees; clear On tha fame Oakland airport, was " mce « ol the ship were uncer- jlong ago that was-ls gcln? back Loss in livestock and other prop-' dav » y,:ar ngo the minimum torn,. -r >, v ., a , m over ?—„ ^ lh ".the flight would be i to Sweden to spend 'He holidays erty may reach $500,000, it wns cs- pernture was" 33 degrees and the Ihe Tehact-.atl mountains; ^ continued until tomorrow, Jwith her p«r«nl« In V«tnrii Jttmated. rnaxlmum, 6fi ,

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