The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 193!) Pay Day-Ami Where Does Money Go S^^Mm&^W* mmmmimim** ,•:-»„..,.., ' .. •' i Private Investment Co lapse Bogs Down I 7 .cd nomic Machine, Flynn BY JOHN' T. PJA'NN (Written for NEA Service) Tlie attention of the nation }ia become focused in recent month on a fact of tremendous Impor lance—Die co)lnpse of private In vestment in t)ic United States. Very suddenly everywhere mei Jiavo come to; see what economist >mve been;'trying lo tell tliqm fo seme yenrsl-tlmt the rise jjy |, us j ness activity-) due to goVemmen borrowings IsJ'not recovery! The |i/ sec now,, aftej- this has 'teen ni f tempted .for, sk years wliiie sill ; 1!,000,000 liedple are out of work that some other way to recover! lias to be found. They begin to see that there is, something ab:ut our economic system which they dk! not understand before. And KO here In this scries I shall try lp outline just how out economic system works, what make* Hie wheels go around, what it l< that has shut off the pov;er and how that power again /taxied into the machine. The business of our economic system is iy produce goods and to get them distributed by means of a device called money. If I manufacture with my hands a dozen shirts, the shirts are mine. T want to sell them. And others need them. They will get them from me only by exchanging their money for my shirts. The. people who want to obtain goods have lo have money to exchange for those goods. That money jj is their money income. The male- f. rial things which I make constitute my natural income. Money I receive for my work, cr in any other way, constitutes my money income. I use my money income to buy the natural income produced by others. This is the first important fact to keep in mind. "MONEY INCOME" IS PURCHASING POWER We know how goods iiinliil/iln (lie slamlnwls mid r>er- ormiiiicc of tltc dc|Mrtmenl M Ilic liigh level" of the ciimnilniss rfglnie; never, clllicr directly or In- illrcc ly, Ims he expressed tiny criticism of dm CmnmlnBs cm.' NBVorthclWis. ho hus quietly mndo a great change— a clmiiBu In emplmsls mid In p.eiieral direction Breach slralct! . which is subtle, lint unmistakable Jn a sense, a great pnrt of this Is simply „ mmter of re- to hide one's light undor n Murpriy ...... ,„._, Sounded Off On Alcnl rax HV 1WDCH CA'ITON OoiuJri' Nc«s Washington ' -..,_,. ..%,,, £j«jvi\<a lire pvo- Uiiced. But how is money income produced? Because that is al the bottom cf all our trouble. We know how to produce plenty of goods but apparently we do not know how to prcxiticc enough money income to enable us. alt to buy what is produced. The answer MS simple. Just ask yourself where..your money incori comes"from: It: comes .'fron'v ycur work. Some man cr corporation running a business or factory, pays you, (o-work for him in producing goods. To prcduce goods he has to 1 spend; inuc'y: in various \vays-^for rent, for interest, tor raw materials, for. wages, salaries, etc.- ., • . These expenditures are called the costs, of production. But these costs of.productton which he.spendsiare really money payments which go out into, the hands of ether people. These money payments arc''their money Income. The money income of Hie nalion is the sum total of all these money payments paid out as part of the cosl of producing goods. Therefore money income is produced in precisely the same place as goods. The factory tlmt produces goods also produces money income. The money inclines produced in all the factories and other enterprises in the United Slates constitute the purchasing power available to buy the goods • produced In those fnclcries MONKY INCOME ftflJST BE ACTIVE Very often, when factories produce more than they can sell, the owner thinks' he can correct things by suspending production. Tlmt will put an end lo increasing (lie foods nnd so, he thinks, the money income produced will catch up' with the goods. Bui what he overlooks is that when you clcse H. factory you not only jtop producing goods but you also stop producing money inccme. So the great problem of Hie nation is to produce and fceep on producing money income in sufficient quantities to buy the goods produced. And to keep the money income active. How is tliat to be done? Econo- and politicians and business men ndcMtand it, The one way-and Ins w the «ntral., t Jdcn of our i-Uolc economy-Is to keep all of ur money Income in now by kecp- ng private investment active. Why « tills so? The reader will easily see how his works. When he gets his salary e spends most, if not all of it Jut he saves some. These saving re of two kinds. First, there is the money he ills aside for (lie time being, lo iiy something later on, or in a lirlstmns Club or to be vised on a mimei- vacation or to get married iiese are not true savings. They re merely delayed expenditures Second, there Is thc money h e is no intention of spending; the tft of his income lie puts aside ills old age. for the future. That irvcney, he cither keeps his house cr puts in a bank. He 111 never buy dollies or furniture or an automobile or a railroad ticket with that. That money is savings and lie will never pul it out save in an investment. That is he will put it .cut in some way in which he may hope to get it back and, in tlie meantime, bring him an income. He may lend it to another. Or lie may invest it directly himself if he lends It to anolher, that person will invest It. But null! it fa joaned out cr invested directly. it is' inactive/it- buys nothing, its life Ls-sus* """'"Hs-But when it' is invested : Guilty Of Selling Justice !SySi!ftS<*$)?*>!i»*:*f c#srt»KKsi<«SfiM« «Kc*..a.i> •4 U ,^«. U .... then it is used to buy things. But what? Only one kind of goods. Investment goods—goods which can be used to produce in lime—n building, a house, n store, a factory machinery, etc. CEUTAIN IiYDUSTRIES DEPEND ON SAVINGS You will now see the part which Iliesc savings play. They buy only one tync of gcctts. And conversely there is a type of goods which are bought only with savings. These I ;oods nre called investment go:ds ' Rir(l »tay C'lub Meets •WASHINGTON, June 15. — The H'MKsli developing between the xwcir.s of Attorney' awicral Frank Murphy mid those of his predecessor, Homer a. cwmiiliigs. was never \hown more clearly than when Minpliy sounded off on the subject of Alcalrnx prison. Murphy revcnlccl that the de- >arlmi>iit Is giving serious study lo lie Won of icplncliuj; thc famous nstiiwion on "Hie rock" wllh n lew prison, .situated far from bll! 'lltf.'i nnd equipped with enough (xim to mnk« possible the dovclop- ««a of a rolmbliK'itton program imler u,,. strictest discipline. HB dislikes Alcntrn/, intensely; .iwiks of It as "this honor on n wk." He thinks II a great Irijus- to San Francisco to hnve It, bushel. When tux . . , t in rt |liuhUWllllUll, for Instance, or the I'eiutcrgnsl or Aiincnberi! types Is luiiiiched, it Bels undor way with something of it nourish. Tlmt such cases iiclmil- IV orlglimtc In tlio IntcrimJ m>vo- mie HitriMui tends to uc forgotten- wliul Is nollced Is tlmt the Di>- Pnrlineiil ot Justice Is "going ntler" politically-powerful blfj shots. Of, tiike the mailer of tlip defense of civil liberties, Mr. Cum- mlnys was ijultc awnro of his responsibilities in thin ni-id; nnd of tun powers under DID ( ,i ( ) |, os i. Civil Wur ht\v whlrh provides pen- ultles for Uiosc conspiring to deprive cllteis of Dieti 1 constitilllon. nl or ulalutory Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of concc soclii) usage by lowing ((iii'slfons, (hen (ho fol checking „ ., >-.-.-..., ,1,1.1, tJH.\.Mil| i>B«wst tlio niiUiorltnUrc answer; btOow; 1. Should you cover your moiitl when yawning? 2. H you want to rend ix letter Hi front of another person, should '"" " If 1 Komcono bumps into you and turns to say "I'm sojry" .should you make some reply 7 1 Should n gir) say .. W)iy ^^ l meet you oulsldo Iho theiilro?" vncn n man nsks to take her out? 6. When n man nml woman nre together wutljifr for a Ho put the Die , where it Is, and feels Dial IJsyelmloBy built up within prison is "sinister mid vicious. jl'lil.SON WAS IIAI1V" , Alcatra?. was the npple of Mr, Cummlngs' ofllclal eye. It was Ills Idea. Away back on Aug. 1, 1033, he wrote n. memorandum to Ills special assistant, -Joseph I) Kceimn, asking If it would not be well "lo think of having a special prison for racketeers, kidnapers and others guilty of predatory crimes." [ He pursued the plan chcrgellc- iilly, and tlmt rail got u transfer of Alcalrnz Islandn nnd penllenllary to his department from the Wnr pc|Kirlmcnt. .The penitentiary was oillclnlly established In nn order signed by Cummings on July i, 1934. p,) N . oners, were transferred to It shortly thereafter, and by the end of the Slimmer It wns In full operation. Ilirougli thc famous HmJnn county prosecutions, for Inslnnce. But Mr, Murphy sot )ip n special cjvll liberties unit In (lie department, nnd' recently snlil timi u might, be mlvlsable lo hnve Uils unit hold,, public homines In <:er- laln conspicuous cnscs. '• C11ANOH IN ACTION AND DIIAMATK;,S That cxniDjilu Is n pretty uood llhislrntlon of llii; clmiife. Setting »)i n special mill lo hitndle civil llborlips cases, mid directing public attention to It, frequently, | S Int'Bcly » mutter of emphasis and dnimatlc.s. Yet, It does niitumlly follow ivltli siicli n unit established and put In the limelight there will— or nl least ought to be—more ne- llon. a should she hnll orio v,')je:i It HISSOS? What would yoii do If— von ure H young mun and scv- 'a! times you Imvo nskcd « tf\-\ lor n dale, bill slie always wild B h c was biuy'iiml never nsked you to cull lier iigiiin, Woiilil you— that oho doesn't want to go wit with you? (b) Keep calling for dates? <c) Accuse iicr of Hot. wnntlng • to BO out with you? Throughout, It wns Ciimmlnes' Found pnity of conspiring to sell bis judicial decisions over a period of nine years, Martin T. Manto,,, left/-former S eni oc Juuge „ ," Ourml Court of Appeals, is shown leaving the New York B«.Wta ? with ,, is adopted son, David, after h,s conviction 'how judicial rank WM «cond only lo Supreme Court Justice, a po«iblc two years in Fcriernl Prison nnd $10,000 fine.' New Liberty News and in one case flooded a road to such n <lepth that children had lo use a rowbont to get to school. Although each Indian tribe had . - - ~ "~ n«"vi i^unu- a separate dialect, •» most tribes mists understand this. It is merely could communicate by means of necessary to make administrators I a common sign language. because they nre-boiiiht with funds which are being invested, Unit is, laid out lo produce further goads and income. From this it is clear thai if savings pile up and ir they are ii^t n vested, there arc certain industries which can never revive. And if they do iMt revive, all this vast sum of our national income which is saved, can never be brought back into (he stream of spending. The only way in which we can keep all of icur money income active and make it all available to buy what we produce is to keep private investment active. Members of the Birthday club attended the party given Tuc^cay afternoon at the home of Mrs Bud Long. After Mrs. Long had opened hev gifts, a salad plate with iced lea was served by the hostess nnd her daughter, Mrs Holder. The next meeting of the group will be July 5 at u, c home of Mrs. Walter Wood. All members are nsked to .attend or notify Hie hostess, officers of the group said to;lny. Mr. and Mrs. c. G. Cobb nnd Mrs. Hiram McDonald 'were the Sunday guests of Mr. Cobb's mother at White Haven, Tenn Mrs. Boyd Hardin of 'Asliport Teun.. visited her brother, llirnni Reavers' Dnin Hoods lloail .....i,., VIMII.-U llc r momer i SCIDBURY. put. (OP)—The dnm- Meadows, and Mrs Meadows building activities of beavers are I Mr. nnd Mrs. T. w Stewart nnd disrupting the pence of Manitoulin ' daughter, Patsy, of West Memphis Island nnd damaging farming and'were Sunday guests of Mr and lumbering. Dams built by colonies Mrs. D. Garrntt nnd family ' of beavers In the west end of the '• Mr. and Mrs. C Armanlroiit island have flooded farm lands, and daughter, Gene, and Mrs J (XL SHOW JOHN I CAN COT DOVN THOSE EUCTRIC BIUS, I WONT USE THE CAMT8E ) EN.TMLY FREE > Of GERMS. EOT STIR EM UP AND._. MAKE'EM/ftCT'lV?: OUST TO SAVE. FEW C. liuchanan, or Blythevllle visited in Leacliville Sunday. Miss Helcner Jan-alt Is speiidiii" her vacation nt Catron, Mo., witf her sister, Mrs. Parker Cassidy anc Mr. Cassidy. Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Batiks are the parents of a son boni j ( me 8 The baby has Sims Bnnks. been nninod Jerry Mr and Mrs. Ben Hoy Aycoct am) family of S.irdis. Miss., spent the weekend with relatives here. liow \Mg, California? SACRAMENTO, CH) <Up) What's Ihc population of Cnllfor- mn? That vexing problem >."0 i^uuicjn tins been nsked so many times that the California Taxpayers Association decided to check up on school en- rcllmcnts, birth rates and ivlial- not, nnd make as close nn estimate ns possible. The nnswer—fl.-tflOOM for Die beginning of 1939. nlentlon lo make Alcalrn?, n model irison of its tync-^n secure place for "escn])c artlsls," Incorrlglbles ong-tcrmers nnd trouble mnkcis from other pcnnl Institutions Comes no>v Mr. Murphy to say lhat. he doesn't tlilnk Alcatray. Is n good thing for th c ' American prison system. He makes It clear that he has no- notion whatever of simply transferring thc "hard' puys" nt Alcnlrnx back to otli'er' prisons. . •<.... , , t j . , i ; ; ./ ' Alcnlrnz won't be' dlscon'tiuiVcd miles.'; and until some hew Institution designed to harbor the same class of prisoner Is built. A place like Aleutian, says Murphy, Is necessary, but It ought to be In « better place. .When, ns nnd if n new one Is sot up, 'if will- lie; like Alcnlraz, a "maximum 'security" type of prison. •• ; ' MOVES ' All of which simply the change Hint has come over the Department of Justice since Mr' Cummings stepped out and! Mr Murphy stepped In.' Murjihy took office expressing (lie highest praise for his predecessor. fie remarked that he felt his principal responsibility was to Larger Type Now Used In More Publications -cn- tlons consistently are using Inrijer typo, Ijclleves Dr. Matthew l.tic- klesh, director of n commcrclully- ownctl science laboratory. "The average sl/.e of type In the body of ne\vs|m|icr.i Is 7-|wlut," he said. Hint "Our researches Iml'lcnlc 12 or H-point type Is imicll more, desirable ,nml many publlcn- tlons lire using the Inracr tyiic." Rend Courier Nun's wniu ads. UNITKD lilQUOll Mlllu Itoek.'J'orl Hmtl'l 1. Yes, 2. Yes, ' 3. Yes. . -I. No. She should let him come lo Iicr IIOUSD for lier. . > > 0. No. Slic should, let the man' take cnic of that. , > liest "What Would Yon no" io)titlon-(a). if the wonted you' to call, she would let you know wine way. When boating eggs or salnii dressing, place the howl on a folded towel nnd avoid. Its constant slip- plug. Everything tor your enter. tainment and comfort; Watch Society P» f e Oi Courier News Ftr Free Show Gnesti Last Times Today CONTINUOUS SHOWING THE GREATEST AMERICAN EPIC. OF MEM ALL! Iso l'jir,ii»niint News & Comedy Admission Matinee lOo & 2Co Admission Night liio & 3f)c 1 IT TRUE titan last year? Man Old at 45 SiKWvw^K Woof's Happening in lour Own Home? How come . . when it only costs a few ccnla to vacuum ft urge niBsl.Our low rates al. low for generous use of ckc- mcily for very liitl c mon(y . 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