The Holland Evening Sentinel from Holland, Michigan on May 19, 1953 · Page 12
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The Holland Evening Sentinel from Holland, Michigan · Page 12

Holland, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1953
Page 12
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THi HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, IVfNW« JtNTIHH PAGISEVfN Oatis Makes Reseryed Statements; Wants to Take Life Easy for While NEW YORK (UP)-- Newsman William N. Oatis, back in America after two years as a prisoner in Czechoslovakia, said today his only plans were to take life easy for a while. The 39-year old Associated Press correspondent flew home Monday for a reunion with his wife, Laurabelle, whom he had not seen for SEOUL, Korea (UP) -- South nearly three years. He was re- j Korean infantrymen today turned leased from Pankrac Prison in back two Communist attacks on an esti- fightmg ROKs Turn Back Communist Attack ,,,, from Pankrac Prison in Prague Saturday by an official pardon from his 10-year sentence on an espionage charge. In a press conference he disclosed he had been grilled eight hours a day for nearly two months between the time of his arrest in April, 1951, and his trial. He said he wanted to study the record of his trial before giving any thought to a formal repudiation of his "confession." He said the type of reporting he did would not be a crime in America, that he did not feel he was violating the law, and that it was not until after he was arrested that he discovered the reportorial standards under which he had been operating were contrary to Czech law. · Oatis declined to discuss whether at any time in Czechoslovakia he had worked for the U.S. State Department or for any other U.S. government agency. He said that under Czech-law, receiving economic, military, and political information constituted espionage "on a lower level" and that receiving such information and transmitting it to a foreign government was "high level" espionage. Me declined to discuss whether he had received such information for the pur-pose of transmitting it to a foreign government. Prank J. Starzel, general mar. ag«r of the Associated Press, x pressed "complete and full confidence in Oatis' integrity as a »ews- EBj." Me added: "His reluctance to discuss certain questions is not to be used 35 implying anything. For more than two years he has been cut off feom all normal contacts, serv- g a prison sentence in a foreign Allied positions, killing mated 241 Chinese as erupted anew on the 155-mile Korean taattlefront. Sabrejefs went aloft but met no resistance' after knocking 12 Russian-made MIG-15's. and probably a 13th, from the skaes Monday. Waves of Chinese attacked South Korean positions on Sniper's Ridge and, near Heartbreak Ridge, originally wrested from 1he Communists with heavy Allied casualties. Both Chinese attacks today were battalion-sized or better--almost 1,500 men. Communists got into trenches of the 9th ROK Division at Sniper's Ridge and after two hours of "intense hand to hand fighting," retreated under pressure from South Koreans. A reinforced Chinese battalion hit at main Allied positions southeast of Christmas Hill, near Heartbreak Ridge, but the 20th ROK Division drove them back after an eight-hour battle. ROK officers reported 54 Chinese killed at Sniper Ridge and estimated at least 17 more died. Enemy casualties in the Heartbreak Ridge fight were 95 counted dead and 75 more estimated killed. in the air. double-duty Sabrejet bombers waged a daylight assault on a Communist troop concentra- ti6n and frontline artillery positions, i The daylight attacks followed an early morning raid by 18 Super- forts on a three-area supply and building complex 10 miles south of Sinuiju. iManilaTeen-Ager Stumps Officials MANILA, P.I. (UP) -- Manila's tough Mayor Arsenio (arsenic) Lacson said today he would ask the archbishop to exorcise the "invisible tormentors" of a "teenaged girl in the city jail. Lacson said he had heard reports that "evil spirits" had been pestering Clarita Villanueva, 18, for nine days and ordered her brought to the city morgue so he could see for himself. The hard - boiled mayor took along medica 1 examiner Mariano Lara and other observers, including a group of newsmen. The girl, who was jailed for vagrancy, described the spooks as "a very big daik man with curly hair all over the body" and "a body with an angelic face and a big mustache." Lacson said that within 15 minutes while he was sitting beside her the girl had two attacks and was "bitten" on her index finger and .neck. She writhed and then laughed as though she had been tickled. She told the mayor the two "things" then took turns biting tier neck. Lacson said he saw marks of human teeth where Clarita had been "bitten," and they "were not made by her." Clarita's hand was bitten while I was holding H," Lacson said. 'The finger was bitten under my palm. What it is is beyond me. This is something that goes way back to the dark dim past." Lacson said Lara, a doctor who is not superstitious, was "scared Stiff." "I always thought ot this world as a visible thing but here is something unknown, a force unseen yet felt," Lara told Lacson. When Clarita was asked to draw picture', of tht "things," the pencil "flew off her hand," the mayor said. Lacson said the girl had been examined by specialists and pronounced mentally sound. Raps Horn Honkers NEW YORK (UP)--"Horn-happy motorists," said Brooklyn Magistrate Charles Solomon, "are likely to be psycho-neurotics venting their frustration." The judge, after fining several indiscriminate horn looters a maximum of $2 Monday, said they use their horns to express "immaturity, intolerance, discourtesy, and general infantile selfishness." In Australia tramps who usually arrive to bum a meal afe sundown are called "sundowners." Free Demonstration Pulled Teeth by Mistake CHICAGO (UP)--A 12-year-old girl, Roberta Ann Cole, wandered into a dentist's office by mistake. The dentist pulled two molars. Her parents demanded $100,000 restitution in a suit filed Monday. BE THRIFTY! BUY "ugen?". Heeter, the man "ho Started band reviews at Tul.p Time years ago, is always a welcome visitor to Tulip Time, and his appearance this year marked his eighth return visit as a band review iudqe since festivals were revived in 1946 after World War II. he is shown here with one of the Tulip Time plaques given him for iudqing. This year he also led community singing and directed the match lighting ceremony at the Saturday night Varieties. Heeler's presence-is always considered good luck among Tulip Time leaders. In all the years he'» been around, the band review was never rained out. No. "66" HOUSE PAINT SOLD DIRECT FROM OUR FACTORY TO YOU AT SAVINGS UP TO 20% OVER PAINT OF COMPARABLE QUALITY. $ 4.75 Gal. Jfeil. St-a*e Department officials in Washington said they would be interested in talking with Oatis whenever t is convenient for him. They disclosed that Secretary of §tate John Foster Dulles, now tour- ifig the Middle East, had sent Mrs. Oatis a message telling her be had "taken a special interest in yowr hu^bancFs case and now xegoieee with you. in bis release." Postmen in a Dither BLACKPOOL, England (UP1 -Postmen here asked for suggestions today on .how to keep the seat of their pants dry while riding bicycles in wet weather. They admitted defeat at a meeting called to discuss the problem. Lost Boy Almost Sold By Joking Policemen CLEVELAND. O. (UP--Harry Dougher, four, was almost sold to the highest bidder at the annual police auctions here. Harry got separated from his another i« a crowd of some 800 in central police station. Bids for Harry went up to S25 before "his mother saw him and got him back free. Officers said later it was all a joke. 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