The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1936
Page 3
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MAY §, 1936 - 'V; .'.'I •-•"- <•• - : S! ' CBEEIJPffilS Southern and Northern Conventions Will Hold Meetings There ST. l,OUIS.-The world-girdling programs to bs staged in th.e municipal auditorium by the Baptists of America May 12-24 are expected lo attract fifteen or twenty thousand visitors Vo this city during the next two weeks. More than 200 missionaries representing me.ny foreign fields, will be here. Tlie Southern Baptist convention, with a constituency of more than 4,000,000, will meet . May 14-18. nong the many prc-conv«ntton eetlngs to be held will be (lie Oman's Missionary Union May -14; the Soiitlnvlde Pastors' Con- rence under the leadership of Dr. . E. Dodd, Shrevepoi't, May 13— ornlng, afternoon and evcnin» sslons; a Men's Rally Wednesday cnhi'g, May 13, The Northern ttwt\sl convention 11 meet here May 20-24. in be- •ecn the two conventions. bc»ln- ng Monday afternoon May 18 ere will be licit! a Joint meellng fellowship of the two groups of J "tsLs, which separated In 1845 ely over Die question of slav- However, there is not likely is an effort made lo »ner»c t!ie •o bodies into one at this meet- g. On tills joint program, which II I.invc for Its general theme me Historic Baptist Principle for 'loated¥ 5 Could" Hardly Breathe ndigestion, Nervomt ness: Loss Of Appetite H a d' "Wrecked" Her Health; Gly-Ciis Action Amazing After All Else Failed "It Is remarkable what a single edicine Gly.Cas can do" said is. J. C. Duke, 1816 Pike Avc tile Rock,' Ark. "About eighteen cnlhs ago I beean In sillier Today," outstanding men from both conventions will speak. Dr Ellis A. Fuller, Atlanta, Oa., is to preach the sermon. Dr. Toyolilko Kagawn of Tokyo, Japan, Dr. J. H Huslibrooke, London, and Dr. Gco. W. Truelt, Dallas, president of the Baptist World Alliance, \viU b; features of Hie program. According to u,e latest reports from headquarters in Nashville, mere has been this year a decided gain lii receipts for the various objects fostered by the Southern Convention over the past two years and siibslnnllcil reductions have been made on the dcbls of the Convention. . - : BLYTHEVULE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Sccing's Believing This Fish Story DUKE th Indigestion having been bad- 'coiistlpalcd all my 'life nnd was extremely nervous too. I st my appetite and then every'"'- I forced myself to eat with me, stomach soured id I woi-ld bloat so badly I iiild hardly get my breath. ^1 led several highly recommended only dlsappoiw- edtcines but cut followed as there was not lything capable of helping me. nally I gave Gly-Cas' the 03-1 irtunity lo help me and its ac- 111 was nothing short of mlr- ulous." "By the time I had finished the cond box of Gly-Cas I was 0 per cent better in every way," e continued. "My former pep d energy lias been restored, ap- tite Is now good and I eat the ods I wish, enjoy my meals and not bothered with, that dread- sufferlng afterwards. Even llgestion has left me entirely, ep good nnd, enjoy living just e others now. I cannot praise y-Cas half enough for it is e medicine that does as is lined for it." . jly-Cas Is sold by Kirby Bros, ug Company, this city, and by leading drug stores In sur- mding towns. —Adv. Facts About Arkansas About one hundred years ago In Arkansas a clock p«ddlln<r racket grew to such proportions that the legislature levied a tux of $30 on all clock peddlers. * • * Bill Carr of pine Bluir, v/no broke the world's foiir hundred ineter record In Ihe Olympics, was n high Jumper In high "school, setting a record for the high Jump in the University meet at Faycttcvlllo in * * • . Half a century ago manufacturing plants in the Ozarks finished all of their products. Today they are sent away for the final touches ancl then brought back again. Tnis Is but one phase of transition In industry In this part O f the slale. With little ceremony, Oov. Joe T. Robinson, now the state's senior United Slates senator, signed a Joint resolution on February 20, 1913, accepting the design of Miss Willie K. Hocker of Wabbaseka, Jefferson county, as the oillcial Hag of the state. S'ne explains her design In this way: Arkansas Is one of the United States; therefore, the'naMonal colors are used. The three blue start typify the three Nations—Spain Prance, and the United States—to which Arkansas, In succession,' has belonged. Their number, three, indicates that Arkansas was the thin state carved out of the Louisiana Purchase. The twenty-five stars 6'how that Arkansas was the twenty-fifth state In the order of admission to the Union. The three blue stars also indicate the number of the year In the century, 1803 when Arkansas became the property of the United States. Arkansas contains the only known diamond mine within the possessions of the United stales; therefore, the state should be known as the Diamond State and Its flag ; s diamond in shape. * ? * Market! Tree, a town in the southeastern portion of Polnsett county, •gained Us name In an unusual way, according to a legend that dates back tp Indian days There was;an old Indian chief called Moonshine. His warriors were unequalled In daring. Moonshine frequently sent them on long journeys after game. The hunters would sometimes follow the Little River to the St. Francis river and follow it hunting game. One day Moonshine went down Little River to welcome his returning hunters. He loitered at a big bend about Uo miles from the mouth of Little River. Scarcely five hundred yards away he saw the St. Francis, By providing a portage here aborft twelve miles of weary (ravel would be avoided Therefore Moonshine blazed a mark on a lanje tree nnd told his warriors to portage here. Later :his blazed tree. - .1 caused a town to be erected here, it was named for a great character or one of its promoters, but after the old tree which was still a-landmark. Thus Lne present town of Marked Tree came by i[ s name! Hi Is a nsh slory without a catch, because it concerns a lame goldfish who has sealed Ihc ; Heights of ...talm-lal accomplishment, At lop you see Kaslus. rising lo Ihe occasion-ami lllt , surfnco .'(> drink milk from n nlpplul botlle. Below, unable | 0 bcllle up i energy, ho obllglHjIy Incites, through the hoop formed by hi' owni.fs lingers. Rnstus can U! taken out of his lank let an airing but hasn't learned to walk yet. For further UMlilcallcn you'll liavo to 'BO to the home' of I, S. Swain at Gladesville. Australia, win says his goldfish Is n gllt-e'ducd performer. Realty Transfers Warranty Deeds Realty Investment company to J. C. Harder, lots 1 and 2. block D and lols 5 nnd C, block C all in J. p. p r ide sub-division to Blythcvllle. GALA HEADQUARTERS FOR THE GAYEST iOTTOH CARNIVAL EVER! NEW LOW RATES From $2.00 Per Day Double From $3.00 Per Day Single * TWO BIG BANDS * JOHNNY KAMP JOE CAPPO .and Mr. J, , n< i (,j, world-famout orchestra (9 Egyptian Serenaderc MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW -HOTEL PEABODY- FRANK R. SCHUTT, VICE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER ******** Revelry "V WAl.Tlilt l.«C!AN Unllcil !',,.„ siuff Corr.-siiuiulrnt MKMI.JMS. Tmn, tui'O - ,\ cliorns ,,f 500 nogl . 0 vo , fCB w(|1 cimni ;i wlroinc lo llu> klnj n nd l ""> <" Du. Mld-Soulh couon ] n-on, tl u > bunks of l)a< i,,,! lls Uu , , llonmTlls 1(>nvc t.idr iwnl bnrijtf. Mny la, (o |,,. niigiiialf lUv cloys of rovclry Fireworks bikini; :roiii Kln K Cotton isi,i nil W | U |i|| minilk , |h j seen,. ;|S ,,,„ ki]lg llm , (||1Mn nt)(l tliflr royni mM> chl<1 ,„ co( niieiy, (joi.i-,1 («i|j,| 1(ls , lml !,„„, Milled by wlnu, horses nn«| oxen to w-Blii (he roym purndc. IV" Imlluti clenlinnts will lend '"» w«y us (ho imnuto wends Its I™/., " Co "rt Snuiiri! where Mnyor Wntkliu Overtoil will pivstnt Kliiir Join. Wllll llm ,,,,d Ollcw , Mlu .J " Wllh lllu ^'sr- 1'iye queens of former carnivals live In clia. TO o( the royal parade. For months they havo snvcd i, i M 1 ', 11 ' 0 f '' 01 " l)|lokm W houses "mi Main slieel is expected lo bo B canyon tilled with a bltaar.l of ,, tt "»""• paper as. Iho parade WIMPS. I on Cora Leo Auxiliary's Choice For District I'osi Miss dura Oulcnuin Miss Cora Colt'iimu. Identified with club ailalvs ,uf Mississippi county, wns Humiliate: us district cliiiirmnn of the Anior- Icnn legion Ai'XIIIiuy in Ihe nn- mini confpronco' nt Jonoslioro yesterday. .This noinlimtloii must be ratified by (he Halo convention. MlSp m mm\ 1'i'oclor. dlslHct chalnmui, spoke us a ' front. n , - . M M" B "'V q " con will liirij-of the ill dny: met tint the ,,,| c | vvily n)onB ttlc W|Uo| .. ncdinnn. p fral to or ' lo Hornei'sville Society—Personal The F. F. A. boys, under their director, Nelson D. Timlin, enjoyed a social on the lawn nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. 11. Tlnnln Wednesday night. Some 25 young ladies were-guests of the boys, r Rev. C.-N. Gaines, pnstor of/<the Methodist c'nurch, Mrs. E. G..Cope, Mrs.- R.- E. Anderson, Mrs. Bettie Rose,: IJrs..Thorn as R. Wilkiiis, Mrs. Maggie .wniianis.^Mrs.-' Ne|sgn;"iB;- Tinnln, Mivand ivtrs. J..o':'Matthews, Mrs. : Ray Goocli and Mrs.'j. C. Wilkins attended the district to the Y. w. A. Monday night at ( a Mothers party. About 30 moth, ers and daughters were In attendance. Miss Kitty Adklns was rushed lo Baptist 'hospital, Memphis, Sunday afternoon for an emergency appendix operation. Dr. E. G. Cope, the attending physician, Mrs. Ellcy F. Knight, nurse, and Miss Adklns 1 mother, Mrs. Walt Lomax, accompanied her to Memphis. Miss Ad- klns is a member of the high school graduating class. Truckload of Ileus Upset . VISALIA, Gal. (UP) _ Local ti-nfTlc oncers know all the answers to "What doetli the busy bee?" A truck loaded with 80 hives of .bees ... -------; - UM...W turned over on the hii-hwav and craference of.the''Methodist church' they spent the entire night re-cs- at Maiden Wednesday, Thursday '""'"'•'"- ' — •"- "' and Friday of ias.l week.' Mrs. Nelson B, Tinnln .was-elected delegate' and Miss opal stroud alternate' to .Uie annual conference to be held at Fannington in October. Mrs. W. R. Scwell returned Friday from Jackson, Mo., where she went on Tuesday ns a delegate to the jubilee session of the Woman's Missionary society, held nt the new. MeKendree Methodist church Hornersville high school commencement exercises are already beginning. The. Junior-Senior bnn- <iuet will be he-id at the school tonight. The Rev. Peter D. Kinsolving, student-pastor at the Baptist college, in Jackson, Tenn., will deliver, the commencement address on May 21. Dr. alld Mrs . !lobcrt R mn of State Teachers college, Cape Oirar- aeau,,were 5iere Sunday vlsitin" . Hilf KinSOlVin8 ' m ° tl>Cr »' Mrs. Harry Shepherd wns hoste.v tablishing trafflc. Cat Racket Exposed , : SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—A former ballet dancer-Is serving'six months In'jail as the'result of a unique, racket. She was. convicted of luring pedigreed -Persian,'cats from t'neir homes lo more profitable surround Ings. ; ',':, ;. •;.. Navigator Opens lake Again TOLEDO (UP) — When Gnpt Clyde Tobin brought his steamer Soulhpark through ice anil fog from Detroit to Toledo, he opened the navigation season oh Lake Erie for the Kith consecutive ycnr. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 Bin-al ban nl t j lc Municipal auditorium lo dance to the music of I nul Whitman's orchestra. Wednesday and Saturday 'nlghls •1.000 or. more of King Collon'o subjects are expected lo dance In the streets around Court Square A 10l)-mlle automobile "steeple- sUrt'^m:'" 11 "*" 1 of WC "" L ' S - wlll flush their cars throuKh what Is believed to be the Jirst road race run In the deep south Not all of the carnival Is f TO ]| 0 however. Tliroiiuliout u, B W cck scientific exhibits will show the uses of the product which Ls be'•'S honored. Friday is children's'" day. p| vo thousand singing, costumed youngsters will parade )ln the morning featuring "Sing a Song of Childhood.' That afternoon 8,000 will Bother at the municipal auditorium for the children's ball. Crack athletes of the mid-south will vie at the Southeastern A A U track and field meet the same afternoon. Outboard motorbonl racers from throughout (he Unllcd Stales will compete In Saturday's regatta on Ihc Mississippi aim Wolf rivers.' Climax of the fiesta conies Saturday night with (he Grand Carnival Parade. "King Cotton's Treasure Chest" is the theme. Incorporated in the procession will be parades of the Mummers nnd other secret societies' of Memphis. Then King John and Queen Mary will say good-bye! as their rclj;n ends. They will board the. renal barge and sail on down the Father of Waters, Music will fade and tlrcel dancers go to their home. 1 !. RITE-PRICES Every day on Food, Flour. Meals, Groceries, Fresh l^nlLs and Produce. Fancy nnd Staple, any quantity. For convenience we offer "l'r,->- fit S'larhif I'rokcElvc Credil" Come In or Phone RITE PRICE GROCERY I'honc 234 We Deliver 111 E. Main Jn Old P. 0. Blylhevllli!. (jrolip, I w i'cpoi't 111 Your Water .... and Your Business . Modern industry docs not even begin in localities where ihc waler supply is not bolh abundanl and pure. It must be pure for the health aid well-being of the community ... it must be abundant because practically all modern industries require-' quantities of water at steady pressure. The Blyllieville Water Company not only makes Blylhcville's development possible but assures it of future growth. The policy of perfect waler service maintained by this company encourages business already in this locality to expand and al ' the same lime it encourages new business to develop. BLYTHEVILLE WATER GO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway No "Free Premiums" but BETTER TEA for Ihe Money Blended from .finer, more expensive tcus tliiui "free premium" brands. Money back if It Isn't Hie belt you've ever used. of Iho ndlvltlps of this club in tltc pnst year. Oilier Blylhevllle immibi'r.1 who nllrmlctl were: Minos, lx>y. Welch, 0. B. OrliBor, J. 15. Diirkfiilule nnd' lIui'BCi 1 Wiilpole, IVumnoia Fatal to LittleJMajors Child l^ifiiy Mnjors, lwo-yi'nr-pld dau- Bhlcr of Mr. and Mrs. J. s. Miijors of : Stcelc, dk'd nt tlw Hlylhcclllu liospllul einly toduy u few hours , nlli>r slm had bern niiuHllcil. Di-ntli resulted from litii'iunonlii. Slic also , leaves two brollim nnd one sister. : ."i-rvlrcs will bf liuld nt (be homo Sntlirdiiy iiftcrnoon, :> o'clock, and burial iniidc ut itii? Sli'tlu coiiielery 'wllll' tlic Moss Undci laklim compmiy In ol (iomell. News Mrs. ii. M; KooiK'c Is i\l)le lo bfi »1> aflor behiK 111 wldi pncimionln, Mra. Mullli. licyeims, o( lllythe- vllli', wns Iho mii'jil Monday of Mrs, Myrllo liovlllu. Mfe June I'lnkcrlon left wcd- "fsiliiy for St. Louis (o visit her sLilcr. The Oosncll bnselmll loam lost to Vnrbro Wi'dno.sdny, 8 to 7. PAGE THREE * Them i\oro 19 commercial aviation o'licmtOHi in the U. B. In 1820, iiikl ncnrly nil wore Biiiall private enterprises, BUSINESS & POLITICAL 1.BTTEK8.A SI'ECfALTY Work ncut, cheap & -quick Veterans Service Work AH Kinds Dlniik Poims Curtis J. Little Ha Ip IIW u, STK\VAKT.\VAHNKR REFRIGERATORS NO MONRY DOWN "COSTS 1,ESS- HUNS I.KSS" BROADWAY SALES ca HI S. llriKidwuy - Tel, DIVIDEND FOR YOU ! i l)' /Igetl 12 Months—Now Ami a Aliiiiiinniio/lS D ON'T miss the dividend I Older? , mellower whisky— actually lower priced at 15 months ageing than it was at 121 What's more, it's genuine Kentucky straight bourbon whisky, Its formula is 65 years old. fry it todny! PRICED WITH THE LOWEST KENTUCKY STRAIGHT WHISKY By BROWN -FORM AN Distillery Co. fi&'ffi THE GREATEST NAME IN WHISKY TT** U U •^ N LOUD DE LUXE KEROSENE RANGE $4,095 *TU • AT ONLY COME IN FOR DEMONSTRATION NATION-WIDE NESCO PRODUCTS WEEK • How i« it po»ible to mmke so fine » range to irll >t 90 low 3 pnce? We don't know, but here it ij—all the cooking and baking power you can buy—at about hilf price. Come in, during Nation- Wide NESCO Products WEEK sale and let us ihow you al! the fine potflti of this black and white beiUty— instantaneous he*t, perfect flame control, economical in fuel, easy to keep clean— everything you have wanted in a kitchen range. Don't miss th'is opportunity, Hubbard Hardware Co. Blytlieville, Ark, -JU

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