Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 19, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles, DEWENTER ^^^^BiPlfflBi: |«wp$ifl^^ i&,?V.- i VVt'V v ;i)M&7-A^V^ : ' <"£•• '•*''' •^•HJ',!--'; I '/.'i- "^''•'/•-"•i 1 !*^ 'i-'". '*.$; ?'*'•'•<'•''' •'£-•,, • ^i^. "*••'' : ( V : '"'..'•••"• ~ ' ; '•' '..•'.'••. •• ' ' •' - ' • . • • '••''•", :*^ *'KSBtreiig,' : Hfea^rPants-.- - - .«•* - It Will Soon Be Time to Vote. I ,.i_i, A» «/Mic^o foil know who yon shall vote E tor, b-t a Candidate. I want to b. 0( cootti -you now .1.** the price. If ' ;S7n" d y oa.u I terns in Fall Woolen*. as to look over my stock a. t ler withtuettud I don't suit you I ^ Of course you won't order if sis? all the latest st\'les and pat - ^ The Original Pearl Street Tailor. H. G TUCKER, POSTPONED UNTIL TODAY Rob Roy. Rob Roy. The very latest. in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full ol the handsomest new st..le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsick -x. 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 -iiATlONAl BANK . oy - • • ; OGANSPORT., - . INDIANA. CAPITA!, $260,000. Races Hay be Finished This Afternoon if Weather Permits. DIRECTORS: . F. Bringnorst. w T WUsoo . li. aU is PTarttMntz tTcSt«i«. and The prevailing wetness of the weather 'yesterday made racing impossible, and it is feared that the same condition will exist -today. The races of yesterday were postponed until today and If the rain has not ma'de the track altogether beyond the possibility of work- Ing into good shape, the afternoon will be spent in good sport. The .clouds 'must break away and the sun shine out good and strong this morning to make such a .tiling possible, 'however. The association has.. lost money on the races this season. Where it made a. little last year, the reverse i^ti-ue this year, and an assessment will probably have to bo levied against the one hundred and twenty-one stockholders to pay out on tihc purses offered. The attendance was not so good as the management had a right to expect, in. view of the'good entertainment offered, and It is hard to find a'cause for .this, unless It is -that -tlie race-going people are "broke." The bookmakers drd not -row rich on their winnings, and t-. horsemen will not carry' away a grwit load of money, but everybody wJU be treated right.- The Logansport Driving club has that reputation. Kreis Bros. Mfg. Co. Forced to Take Unpleasant Action. Assets of $60,000 Claimed, With But $17,000 Liabilities. Dewitt C. Justice yesterday afternoon filed tlu; complaint of Joseph Ivreis vs. Charles Kreis. composing the firm known'as the • Kreis Bros.- MwrjufJienvring Co., asking the •'appointment of a receiver to take charge of the affairs of the flrm and wind'up' its business. . ' • •' -'" ' : '- .. While the action was not unexpected, it w>as not-thought matters were in, sucii a serious shape, and in'irmtlj, thtv' partners themselves had not coirteuip.: lusted a dissolution in Just this manner:. Yesterday morning- a. note of $000 fell due ami the part leu holding it were' pressing for payment. This preclpi-' fated the action, anil the partners went into court yesterday afternoon ou the complaint of Joseph KroJs. .Ttulge Lalry appointed John McMillcn receiver, to tnke charge of t.hc business of the firm, to collect outstanding accounts aind .notes anil wind up the affairs of partnership. ' The complaint, sets forth that by reason o-f the - existing financial stringency the firm is unable to collect •accounts and notes due'and owing to. .it, or to meet its prcssing-o-HUgatfous. That i-lio business is not; nor has It been profitable for tlie past three years that the "plaintiiff, Joseph. Kreis, is a-bout to filter .into oMior business engagements, and wishes to withdraw, .from tilie firm, and thaifthe defendant's, health is -not 'good and he Is unable to'contiuue five business; thnt. the. firm's 'assets are depreciating at the rate of $50 per day, and it is not able to .moot Ms 'matured and maturing ob-., Extra Well Made Pants -';- - = Made From Remnants • •••.-.'• .. • «*& . •• • '25 cents for Boys' Knee Pants Heavy and tough. Rea- 50 and 75 c ent g. Only 250 pair Just the thing for school. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course i • ' ' • • CARLISLE EXPLAINS. • • ' , Shoves -How ..Government Keeps arPar With Gold. l-igations..TJieplaintiff therefore prays for the appointment of a receiver to tiike charge of the business so as to secure a 'just and equitable settlement of .tile firm's affairs.' The assets are stated to be about'$30,000 in st.ock.and over ,«30,000 jn outstanding accounts and notes. The liabilities are stated to be between $10,000'and ?17.000. Magee & Funk filed suit for collection of a note of $000 a few minutes after the receiver had'been appointed. This is the note held by the First National bauk of Bryan, Ohio, and which pre : ' clpltated the suspension of business. ; Both the members of the firm, Joseph ,ind Charles Kreis, are old business men in the. city, and are he-ld in high esteem. They Have'the'sympathy of all. in their trouble. 'Secretary Carlisle lias written the following l«tor ou the subject o£ the •malutcuauce of tlie parity ..between gold am! silver: • . ' ' • : Bar Harbor, Me., Sept. 12-Mr. James p Helm, Louisville, Ky.-My Dear Sir: your letter asking bow the silver dollars which 'contain a quantity of bullion' commercially worth .only 03 cents each-are maintained at a parity with .gold, notwithstanding the fact that the government does, uot directly redeem them, or the certificates issued upon them, in. gold, is received, and, as a great, many inquiries upon the same subject are'.adtlressed to me daily (rom different pants of tlie coun- ti-y, . which 1C .is impracticable to answer in detail, I will take advantage of- your favor to answer them all at once./ ....... •<A11- the st-a.nda.i-d silver dollars Issued from- the mints since the passage oi the act of 1878, now amounting to ., ------- , ---- been public faith to the maintenance of that' other watch held in the vast crowd-fc ' the grand stand and around the JudgeSi ' stand, -yet' these" two' timers " eitiwz:' ' through bidding or malice, did not site., 1 the horse what he so justly made b«5 marked the time 2:10%. When ihfcs NOTICE OIF. FINAL ESTIMATE. Notice of final estimate on Bringhurst street: . Notice is -hereby given, that on the. seventh (7th) day of October, 180G, at 7-o'clock p. m, the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the .Common Council will meet at the CWy Clerk's office, when and where a hearing will be'Had upon.the final estimate and report ol the City Civil Engineer of the. total cost .and.'assessment for the Improvement and paring of Bringnurst street in said city from the West line of Seventh street, to the East line of . Eighth street, »nd thirt at the same time and place said Committee will consider said final estimate. All persons interested or affected by said assessment and improvement-are hereby notified to appear ond.make objections thereto, if any they have. THE COMMONdOTJNCJL. By John B. Winters, City Clerk. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1890. \r.tie An-hclr Is sick. Ladies,' -wait f.or ?Irs. Bruggeman's m-iliinery opening next week. Millinery opening next week.-Mrs. 'Bruggeman, *1C Market street. ''. It you want pure spices for your pre- serres yon can' get them at Ben Flah- •ef.s drug store. • . New effects in colored -bosom shirts, 'fast in color, low. in -price, at.Dowen- •ter,' the batters -and furnisher: .' New' caps for '.girls ,and' boy.s.iD.golf and Eton 'styles, made- 'of cloth , or leather; flt ixnventef,' the hatter and 'furnlsn'erf "'"' '• '" ....... ' '.',"' . Lost-ln the city, . a '-small "pocket book contaln'lng about $70 ft bills, two - old oolnt-aii^^rdT-r^aea Finder please retu^'to^,^;^ Broadway and receive rewara . ''' taboref -;on the Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngBWlU be held at the following places In Cass county: Saturday evening, Sept 19. Twelve Mile, Geo. W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor McKee. Saturday evening, Sept. 19th, Hazel Patch school house, .Bethlehem township, Harry Whistler. Monday, Sept. 21. Lincoln, Q. A. Myers. • • Monday evening, Sept. 21st, Waverly, Senator Boyd of Noblesvllle. Monday evening, Sept 'A, Waverly, S T McConijell, Mayor McKee. 'Tuesday evening, Sept 22d, Fox Den school house, Jefferson township, Q. A. Mvcrs, ' Tuesday evening. Sept. 22, Clymors, D. C. Justice, W. T. Wilson. Tuesday evening, .Sept. 22d, Walton, Senator Boyd. - Wednesday .evening, Sept. -M, young America, Senator Boyd. Wednesday evening, Sept. 23. ^Vest Sand nidge school house, Noble town- •shdp, Robt. Cromer, Frank Swlgart. Thursday evening, Sept. 21,. Galveston, Senator Boyd. Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Q. A. Myers, .Geo. Funk. _ Thursday evening, September 24th, Pleasant Valley school house. Deer IreeU township, D. C, Justice. Friday afternoon, Sept.'25th, Broad- wav rink, Roswell G. Horr. Friday evening. Sept 25, Galloway school -house, Jefferson township, ship Col. Cromer, Frank Swlgart. Saturday evening, .Sept. 20. 'Royal Center; Q. A^Mycrs, D..B. McConnell. .TO RA'ILBOAD MES. . T-he-Railway Men's Sound ' Money GOT HER CHILD. Mrs. Laura Timblin Is Given Possession of'Her Girl. In the case of Onto A. Hopper vs.. Jessie M. Hopper, a. suit for divorce, the defendant^'petition for an order of court, compelling the plaintiff to pay into court ?25 for the use' of 'the defendant to making her . defense, was granted and the money was ordered paid in by the third Wednesday:' ' The long drawn-out suit of Mrs. Laura Timblin vs Sclmyler Lease et al, for possession-of Nora E. Lease, the child of plaintiff and defendant,.was morc>.-thau. ¥433,000,000, have •coined on public account from bullion .pbrchascd -by t.hc .governmeat, and are legal tender In .payment of all debts, public and private without regard to the amount, except when'otherwise' ex- IJressiy, stipulated, in contract between the parties,' ' ''ihey-belong to the government when qoiued and they are paid out by the BOivfermnent at '.a parity with gold for property and services of all kinds, and 'liceci'ved.from the. people, at a parity with gold in the payment of all public duos and'demands. The government has made no. discrimination whatever between the coins of the two metals, gol'a Caving been paid on its coin obligations when gold was demanded, and siilveu v haviug been paid when Silver was demanded. • * COINAGE HAS BBEjN UMITED. i Ufiaer-'tills -policy the coinage has icon so limited by law and the polcy 6f the Treasury Department that the antorjnf coined has n6t become so great ^•to^lrive the more valuable coin, gold, out-of use,'and thus destroy the basis Af.'.o'ur'monetary system; and -so-long ds the two metals are of unequal com- Sl value at the ratio established t,r law, '-this limitation upon the coinage is, in my opinion absolutely esscn- ilWtho maintenance of their parity In--effecting exchanges. i : If'constitutes the principal safeguard for'.the protection of our cur! encv against the depreciation which ' of nil countries has The act of July 14,1S90, after providing that the Secretary of the Treasury should, under such regulations as he might prescribe, redeem the treasury notes Issued In the purchase of silver bullion in gold or silver coin at his discretion, declares that it.is "the established policy of the XJuitcd States to maintain the two metals on--a parity with each other upou-thc prosentlegal ratio, or such ratio as may be provided by law," and the act of Xov.'l, 1S93, again declares it to be " the policy of the United States to .continue the use of both gold and silver as standard money and to coin, both gold rind silver on standard money of equal intrinsic and iuterchaiigcaible value, such equality to bo secured through international agreement, or by such 'safeguards of legislation as wUl insure the maintenance of the parity of value of the coins of the two metals and tlie equal power of every dollar at all times la the markets and in the payment of debts.' RELY ON GOVERNMENT'S PROMISE. With knowledge of these assurances, the people have received these coins and have relied confidently upon the "ood faith of'their government; and the confidence -thus inspired has been a most potent factor in the maintenance of the parity. The public has been satisfied that so long as o\ir present monetary system is preserved the frovernment will do whatever its moral obligations and express declarations require it to do, and very largely as a consequence of this confidence in the good faith' of the executive authorities .the silver coins have not depreciated in value. It is not doubted that whatever can •time was announced from the stand Hie people in the grand stanfi showed their Indignation by hnrliDgs storm of hisses and groans which lasted for minutes. If the good people o£ Hnn-tingtoi' wish to maintain their former goofi reputation -they must pje.veut suoa! work as this. Otherwise horeenwn will cease to patronize llieir association where they cannot get justice done, as was the case in the time-matte toy Coleridge on Saturday last. Taeo2 men well know ihat they have Sims a wrong, a wrong they cannot mafc3 right or ouUive the stigma wnraji&£: for themselves. The names ot tae .timers are Frank Depnme of WaT>«sk and Harry Brennmin of HuntinStac who I hope may never again be selected in any capacity for any horse ass»- o . , -catf filfiteen to wan now but after- tBe election IVlM be nothln '"' ;/ '• "/• i ' '!'•.:.!:.!: club' of Richmond has extended,a cor- 1 ' dial .ioyitatlqn to .the Logansport club, .to'come to Richmond and hear,Mr.: Brooks's'speech Saturday night, Sept. 19th.' While' the iclub.cannot .attend In a body, this may prove a good oppor- : tun!ty ; 'forne a ringMr. Brooks for.thosp who were-prevented .from doing, so last Wednesday.. • A.F. HOGKENBEAlMER, Sec'y. Don't falTtolct a set of- beautiful saucers this afternoon at The Fair, ClHJ'-l v* iJKutui-iii. !»»*>.» «w»^.- • •. • decided yesterday, the court awarding the care of the child to Mrs. Ttmbli.n.. The defendant in the suit spirited the child away and refused to'disclose its hiding place. Deputy Sheriff Shewmon found the child and by a shrewd move secured possession- of her. 1 Sheriff. Adams has.since had her where he could not reach her at any time for the ipnst two months. . '" UNIFORMS RECEIVED. Republican Drummers Will Make a Swell Appearance. The uniforms for the Republican drum corps, ordered through Ferguson & Jeuks, the Market street iclothlers, have arrived and are satisfactory. in every respect. They are dark -blue regulation uniforms of the latest military style, with white-Dra.ld and'but- tons and they fit perfectly. There-are twenty-five suts including the 'drum major's outfit. His .suit-Is made up of a red coat and blue, trousers, with ,a double broad 'white, -stripe.- The-.-caps arc something similar to those worn ''by 1 the Military band. The ..outfits; were made by the Cincinnati Regalia company. The boys will be out soon; .in full uniform and will present-ahand- som'e appearance. , ;• • , ' • The first .trip In, the" new .uniforms-. will be made today to Richmond, the. having decided last ..-night ,.tn ih^vn would otherwise result from'the attempt to-use legal tender coins of the -•'same demonlnation, but of un- valuc. :lf tlie -limitation were re- cb-nQdence-iri the ability of the -cnrthenf. to preserve equality in .exchangeable value of the coins would be ••destroyed, and the parity Unld'be lost 'long before the amount of Silvercoinage had become really excessive:"' :••'.'• & 1 With' free'ami unlimited-coinage oC Liiver-on account of private individuals 'arid" corporations, the government would be' under no moral obligation to .taaintaln the parity, and, moreover, it Would be-unable'-to'do so because the Uiume of 'ovcrvahied silver : forced Into the circulation by a legal-tender in-ovMon would soon expel gold, from Le.cbunfrV, or -put such a premium Lon-.it-that it would -lie impossible to procure'and hold in the treasury a suf- rnrient amount, to provide for the redemption of silver on presentation !aUST EXCH.YNGE GOLD FOR SIL- r , - VER.'. • . , i in order,:to maintain the parity under such conditions the government would : be compelled from the beginning toex- 'change gold for silver dollars and their proper representatives whenever de' - • - -- •* exchanges gold for ; ., „„-..! iiemn'nclea; and as of silver dollars would be , and- therefore 1C IS liU'i. uv"'j'- 1 -'^ "^ " — toe lawfully done to maintain equality in the exchangeable value of the two metals will be done whenever it becomes necessary, and, although silver dollars and silver certificates have not up to the present time been- received in exchange for gold, yet if the tkne shall ever come when the parity cannot be Otherwise maintained, such exchanges 1 will be made. ' • It is the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury, to execute in good faith the policy declared by Congress, and whenever he shall be satisfied that the silver dollar cannot be kept equal in purchasing power with the gold dollar, except by receiving it .in exchange for the gold dollar, when such exchange Js demanded, It will be his duty to adopt that course. But if our present policy .is adhered to, and the coinage is Sept within reasonable limits, the means heretofore employed for the maintenance of the.parity will doubtless be found sufficient in the future, and our silver dollars and silver certificates will continue to circulate at par with gold, thus enabling the people to use both metals instead of one only, as would be the case if the parity was dcs- SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER TK GERMANY. Mr. Jacob Esbensen. who is in the employ of the Chicago Lumber Co.,^ DCS Moincs, Iowa, says: "I have 'Jwrt sent some medicine back to ray tnottia: In the old country, that I know frorc personal use to be the best medicine 1c the world for rheumatism, having use? It in my family for several" years. It-V called Chamberlain's Pain Balm- If. . always docs the work." 50 cent'bot- • tics for sale by E. F. Keestins. drug^ gist. HUNTING- 'AND PISHING GTHDS§- , - , ' FJREB. • : . A guide to the best liuntiDg ana.W- j'ng grounds of tut 1 ^si ao3 nortirwanfe . . containing an excellent map; of tueTrtie regions or Northers Wisconsin'. **.-'- : Michigan, win Be sent Tree tion- to SS^- K. Eniskern; avenue Chicago, III. - - Orient Lodge, So. 272, F. will uoia a, special meeting day evening, SCE*. IfltlT, I portent work." Officers win prompt. By order W. M.-Joh* . Wood, secretary. The best baking powder and' fxum- Ing extracts in the world at Ben FKs- er's drug store. _ 22' 'join the. railway'men who .will, go ,tp'. Richmond-today.- There .will be more than 200 men in the crowd, the. resjilai;. : train, at .2:3.0, being the .one,selected •ifor the'trip.'. . . • | '•.'•'• '.'.-••• "•••^ • G L. Ullery 'ha* been suffering for. now said sTS. - SS^SfSBW.-ai*; ™,h 8 .,i e itrti^«*!:,rsf«*-'' 1 ' 1 -- c *' s ° mlte. an- . ising, a point would soon-be reached ble to con- isn, fihewl.jvoiiia.be jmpossible to continue -the. process .of redemption. . [ The implied obligation of the govern- Lent to preserve the value of money t'cohip from its own bullion and own use, and w.hich it -forces its Citizens, to receive in exchange for heir property and services, has been inu.r i".: i " ,„, -'^.tntnrv declar- UNFAIR TREATMENT. Capt. Hardy Justly Complains of the Huntington Association. Editor Journal:. I very seldom complain pi- maive a kick on the result of a horse race but in this case I-plead justification. We had a written contract with Mr. Beck, secretary of the Huntington Driving association to the effect that if we would start Coleridge in the free for all pace to be made on •their track, Sept.'2th, that in case the ivowe'would break the State record on a hiillf-mLte track, 2:09%, which is bis own record madTWS^s&at Bloomington, the association would give an additional purse of one hundred dol- 1'irs This proposition was accepted and we started the horse in good faith. He won the race and broke the track vecord.in'.he third'heat in 2:09% bu^.. iho time -vi-as marked up to 2-.J.OV6 for*o other purpose than to. avoid the pavment-of the ?100. There were more ; than•fifty watches held by'much more •competent men than the two .wnr> pose ,l as official timers in the judge's stand. ' '. Mr. Crouch of Lafayette, who bad .a horse in the race,.two prominent horse, men and myself stood directly under the-wire on the start of the race an<) remained there until the finish and. then compared watches which showed 2:00%, the same time marked by every standard of excellent*. *«n> of the-MuDSon" coneldoMt . THE BEST. , /r You will and It a valuable nsRlatant ID l<jar<**.- fice. Address for fortlcnlsM -jc,: THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER O» MASCFACTUBBRS. ^ - ' _2*0-244 W STATE OOGANSJ>OKT. j. F. Johnson, Prertdent. 8. W. Ullery, Vlc« Pnnitoa*. . ii. J. Heltbdnk. C*«hJer. . DIRECTORS. , 9 Jobn»on. 8. W. Ullery. •>• T. W: M. Elliott. W. H. 8nW«T. Hay and •»'! Qovernmeni' bunds. ..oney .n personalii^urtty and. i" - Iwur upeclal certlflcate* or . -»rtnf : P«r cent. lnter*§t when Je« •• ^nr: I p«r cent. P« r »i> nulD m oi«l

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