Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on October 9, 1959 · Page 21
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 21

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1959
Page 21
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nr - T.' ;m ! - ijSfetS,J, t " V I.' M"c - 'iititfA? Jh i m u. 1 i&tiSAPju - IMotor'Ve1 Wdei ; ; Wbjectt l compuiiory Inspecori i inNesSroraV f'iUte will set a more thorough golngi over beginning Feb. I? '4 'V Motor - Vehicle! 'Commissioner Hulti' uld yesterday the annual Inspection, would x beJ ex - panded . to Include - check! of tiret, windshield wlpen snd ill Class. - V BRAKES, LIGHTS, steering and wheel alignment now are Inspected on, aU vehicles four or more years old; and all those 'old as second - JianrL. The additional checks will be done' .visually to' determine Whether tires are dangerous. Class Is broken or clouded or winasnieid wipers are lnopera tlve or Inefficient. j. Gsragemen who make the In pectlons now are allowed by law to charge $2 In the metro - pblltan NeW York area and $1.50 elsewhere In the state. The Motor Vehicles department IJJgLklft flirt Tint hnllava iha raUs ma be to: InsilvtMom s: ctions Wouli Increased. . The orjglnal of the famous .:WlllrdpilnUngr - nje6plrt - of 76," Is In AbbotrHalJ. Marble head, Mass. r , REGISTER NOW! FOR THE SERVICES OF RELIABLE BABY, SITTING Agency 15 MARKET ST. PHONE: GR 1 - 7280 . - - - - , ' V - BBBBBBBBBBBPfv ABRki BBBBBBJBBBBBBBBW., v - i '..V'BBMBMiii bbKwIbH v;'.(ifliK'; BYaVAK , wB7 ' .air o BVwwwaBb .. BBB4B"tt' - c fd ,BB , 'irSf t, . vBBBBBKf' BBUlMr'frJr,V, t SjBVr"3BBBBBB bbbbVIPbbbV dte JitHRILiH BBBBBBaV - .BBBBBBk ? BBBBBB;! rTrTBBBBBBj BBBBBBbwvbBBBBBBbV "BBBBBBKS? si aBBBBBBI . - BBBBBBBy. - BBBBBBBV - .BYBBBBBWrjBBYBBBB BBBBBBBaVfBBBHBBBBBBBBBVABBBBBBB BBBBBBBlil??BBBBB: iBBBBBBBBBBkaVABBBBH BBBBBBBBEr,:St'cBBBBBl ! ABBBBBBBBBBaVBBBBBBBal bbbjqji. ' v.bjjjjjjjjji awawawawawawawawawawawawawaaAwawawawawawawawaii BBBBBBBHETVJBBBB ABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB . BBBBBBHf" VBBBj mBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBYaVaVaVaiOT naBYaVaVaBBYaVaVaVBYaVaVa' BBBBBBBBYBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYBIiBBBBBBBBl - - T""EBBBBBBBBBTBBBBBBBBBBBBr yV, H dBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB - 'fv j; ZbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH ' 'bBBBBBBBTBBBBBBBBBM, ' BBBTYbBBBbI "iaiiii'!V":4S"r LiaLiLiLiLiLiLiLiLiLiBillllH AT LAKE MINNEWASKA THIS WEEK October 9th thru 14th 8:30 P. M. Friday Movie, "THE SUN ' ALSO RISES" with Tyrone Power and Ava Gardner. In the Mlnnewaska Theater: Saturday "A Musical - Evening" with FRED. C. OTTIGNON, Baritone, and MARIA PAYNTON, SopMno. Vincent de Sola at the piano. Muriel Lawrence TheMdture Parent .Dave' had disobeyed again. He'd.relled the. old - barrel out of the. garage an as usual left it spans: in the middle of tne drlveWay. Calling him, his mother said sharply. "How many times has Daddy told you to rdl that barrell back Into the garage when you ve finished playing with JtT Hurry up.. Get It back before Daddy drives In and. . . "I wasn't claying with it! Dave Interrupted Indignantly. "I've been working on my old alarm clock all afternoon! I'm not gonna. "Don't give me that!" his mother retorted. '"Just do what you're told and get that bar rel out of the way; before Dad dy gets home. But when Dave went to do as he'd been told, he discovered the evidence' he needed to prove mtimmmsmt skkkkkkK m PPSI kK' - J Endisot Zuanna To MeetTbmorrow Rndlnni Zmnnx T.Artl nf the Orient of the United States and Canada, will meet at '261 Main street at 8 o'clock,, tomorrow night, after which, there will be, a social with1 Mrs. Amy Bough - ton having charge of refreshments. Mrs. Grace" R. Johnston, Mrs. Sadie Palen and Mr and Mrs.' William Boughton represented the organization at recent state convention sessions at the Van Curler hotel, Schenectady. They were also guests at the home of Mrs. d!mma. Strandberg?'a4 iMra; Winifred LuCeyria bcowjw s yWAJffC O W PIT IP M E,tJS - ' ' rcugsfcVbbTJ t ! iMr 2xb.ltM JilT1.1.W I J zns MIDTOWN DIAL' OH 1 - SZll SHOW 8TS11TS :1S TONIGHT' Onltnnoat AU Dmj Sl. A Svn. FklDAT AND SATDKDAT fronts 0FPRteWKiTi3, nnm onr rt 11 TONIGHT thru SAT. Oct - Llt;' CURTJUROINS .MAYIRITT. BILJS .C9 ANQBlgM v - t fjQBBH. fiornto 'kATjuuMn . JCtl.HH SIR WINSTON AND LADY CHURCHILL accept congratulations after staying up past midnight to hear him declares winner in yesterday's general election in Britain. The, 84 - year - old Conservative statesman defeated his Laborlte opponent by a slightly smaller margin than in the 195S balloting. Sir Winston's party piled up a heavy victory In the races for House of Commons seats. IAP Wlrcphoto DR. CAROLYNS KHURI has Joined the staff of St, Francis' hospital as Director of the Speech and Hearing department. She formerly was head of audiooRy and assistant airtn ! m tam and Hearing center at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. Khurl Answers Brannigan Paul Notes Support Given Record Town Police Budget Stanley Paul (R - Fourth ward, protection ,1s Tpwn .of Poughkeepsle) today answered criticism of his vote against a Town of Poughkeepsle Police department pay rise by reminding his critic and Sundiy,;,Mom!I!gnnCI,RHrDeraocraUc opponent James OLnTltd Bl li.UU. VI. X. Valentine Parker, Resident Minister. Evening HYMN SING In the Parlor. Monday MARIE SHEPHERD, "American Women Historical anoVHysterical." Tuesday Movie. "THE BUC CANEER" with Yul Brynner. Wednesday MADG&'ASHLEY, "The Charm of a Chinese Garden." Carriage Rides Dally Exhibit of Paintings by MARY LOUISE DENKUS in the Library. Dinner guests are welcome to stay for the evening enter talnment. Luncheon 12:30 to 2:00 Dinner 6:30 to 8:00 For Reservations phone ALpine 6 - 2171 Adv. E. Brannigan. that he (Paul) vot ed for tentative approval of an almost S1BU.UUU police budget at Monday s council meeting. Mr. Paul said the budget ng ure Is the hlghCst in the town's history for police operations, ' HE HAS HESITATED to argue on the subject of the Police department in the past, .Mr. Paul .contended, because other officials have been accused of making it a political football. However, he said, the nature of Mr. Brannigan's remarks prompted him to issue this statement: "I have had three years ex perience as a councilman - comparedcompared with Mr. Brannigan's about one week's interest in local politics. ,"No one is more cognizant than I Of the fact that the Town of Poughkeepsie is a growing; thriving community and that the. needs for increased police reality. MR. BRANNIGAN'S mem ory can't be very longwben he accuses me of not wanting to spend a cent for this town's protection. Only last Monday night I voted for tentative approval of a police budget - of $180,000, which incidentally, is the highest police budget in the town's history. It certainly re fleets the growth of the town.' Mr. Paul safd the Police de partment received a substantial pay increase last year and enough men to permit it to go on a 40 - hour week. Theirs was not the only group denied rises he added. MR. PAUL SAID his decision against the. pay increase was not "intended as a "slap at or criticism of the department or any individual members but only consistent with fairness and reasonable economy. "The town police force can t be such a poor place to work since . men have left both the city force and State Police to become town' patrolmen," he concluded. Hall to Address Technical Writers Dr. James F, Hall, president of Dutchess County Community College, will address the con vention of the Society of Technical Writers and Editors when it meets Saturday at Marian college. Dr. Hall will speak on the two - year college program, and will also participate in a discussion on education for tech nical writers. Also speaking will be Thomas Grogan, national chairman of the society, whose tbpic will be "Technical writing and the challenge of the '60's." visory posltli Speech department at Temple university, San Diego State college, and Beirut College for Women at Beirut, Lebanon. She holds several degrees in the field of speech education from the University of California, Including two masters and a doctorate. Dr. KhUrl is married to Dr. A. A. Khurl, ear, nose and throat specialist, who is furthering his specialization in plastic surgery In New York City. Never Filmed - Never Televised ! First Time on American Stage! Sun., Mon., Tues. Oct. 11, 12, 13 Po'k. High School Auditorium THE M0STEXC1TING tie sister and a guest cozlly sipping cokes together and so P.V - t!hg - !re.liH''usefv In - vartousnper - llon' that they readily admitted i,,., nn,mnn. ,iih ih. 10 roiling me Darrei out 01 me garageThemselves. .-Immediately his mother apolo gized for her mistake. A mod ern parent, she went on apolo gizing for It, pursuing her out raged son back to the sun porch to say, "Parents make mistakes, too, dear. You must never for get that. Mommy will always say she's sorry when, she has made one. Just like children parents aren't always right. either. They. Irritated instead of touched by this information, Dave, yelled, "For gosh sake, do you have te be so darn proud of it?" and grabbing his box of alarm clock innards, fled upstairs to his room. His question rates our consideration. " Today it's very easy to fall Into the habit of excessive apolo gy to children. Thanks o psy chology, we no longer have to pretend that we are archangels to youngsters. It's a terrific re lief. Its so comfy to be off the old hook that obliged us to De always right that we now tend to be too proud of being wrong. Actually, all Dave need ed was a brief, "Im sorry I misjudged you." His mother's mistake was .a natural one. It just hadn't occurred to her that the combined muscles of Patty and her guest could roll the old barrel out of the garage. its fine to know when we make mistakes. However, we do not make them out of moral wickedness but out of insufficient knowledge. No human being possesses any other kind. So when we expose ours to Dave, we don't have to Carry On about it all afternoon. i M - G - M presents DAVID SHIRLEY GIG NIVEN MacLAINE YOUNG ASK ANY GIRL Cincm.Sup and MtTROCOlOR !535SCQSSK9Vi 'SlUJlWTA'r? ALSO SCOTT GADT DOVER THEATRE Dover Plaint, N., Y. TRInlty 7 - 9951 Today & Saturday Oct. 9 - 10 Dorothy Dandridge Uurt Jurgens "TAMANGCHL h Two Teachers Leave Positions Two city elementary school teachers have - resigned. Superintendent of Schools Hunger in formed the Board of Education at its meeting yesterday. Angelo Capozzi, Clinton school teach er resigned. His place was taken by Mrs. Christine Foundas, Highland. A graduate of tne State College of Education at Oswego. This is her first teaching appointment. Mrs. Evelyn Rosenthal, 115 Livingston street, resigned as a teacher at Columbus school. Her place is being filled by the transfer of a teacher from another school. ' MORE THAN 75 persons have made reservations for the luncheon which precedes the event, including many students and faculty members of local high schools and colleges. The primary point of discus - : slon win be automation and its effect on' the future of techni cal writing. The latest advances in automation technique for looking up scientific information and reports will be noted by the panel of five members Also present will be members representing - businesses and in dustries from as tar away as Albany1 and Connecticut, and writers from - Daystrom, IBM and other local firms. A. tour of the Western Print ing and Lithographing Co. is slated for Saturday morning. ADULT BALLROOM GLASSES 2Z per Lour private lessons available A1h Estelle & Alfonso 109 Cannon St. GR 1 - 2155 Cor. of So. Hamilton St. For an autumn evening, there's a satin clutch bag with outside eyeglass compartment. It's a clever idea, as gals, who wear specs will recognize. Comes in colors of black, royal blue and mink. In Wapplngers Foils It's (hi lot the finest motion pictuns NOW THRU MONDAY l WALT DISNEY f WWMW W Son.: 1:10 - 3:05 . 7:0.VI:OO MATINEES: SAT. A MON. AT t:M I" iiv ft .VI fcAff :' ' T'iTM WQul COLOR H HnnXl iI rawW""' HjI A IT If (1W 1 1 Sun. & Mon. Oct. 11 - 11 WW!! - I THE BIG CIRCUS" 4 SHOWN AT: S:M ' I ',"& oHUMMt il JJBHnllllnlToO!29T6:58 - 9:30 fill "DTHiaDiyLW 1 MAT JW I :fl Tn thO 7K, '.P J i3f:l EVE. Akj, I Hi TOOTH $1.00 fjKI m IfflC MON. illBH 1 sbs? thru lHH sroror HH i Starring CliWitt M'bLLHLLH I .miuree kXYaH ' J AU Day Sat, and Son. $1.25 5"w J ?f J ill a j.n.JMON. at 2:0P. M. I IliaUllj'l I'Url ONE SHOW ONLY 1 UlUlBU - ftaH DOORS OPEN AT 1:00 P. M. vjl wui"v.'x. "i: - t. 1.1 $AStar(tit aMZri2rz - A I t J J il.T 1 ' 4 ILMMivsrfrfp - U, Tonitht thru Sat. 'rUMJlii. uatrrr.' '.' . i - i ySaSSt&Br'S&S. m - omm m. I moral woo' anianwBBBt IF.RI - 6 - SAT. OCT. 9 .ft 6JO Will 1 1 inn iiiiiniiii Wk fl HuTTBRin taJk D59BUJB niw pHanqeu' I 'M Box Office Opens Today at 6:30 P.M. rieuir r rarklng Spc Nrtr vjjjHL K otaoc DDnniiPTidM nc 4k uiriviaU i iiuuuuiiuii ui 'TkxSMpMm . ... . - . VJfe. XmMS FIQHKIII "ill I " I liUlt - 11' WJWJWPWsWJBLM KWIt iiliui .':' COLO ' EwwlgKOVACS BuTrMti , r HLL 1 1 1 V 1 1 WSlffiKIISIgn laUO'm - ' - y - '.vv? - '! :: - : - ' BJIIiiBifl'ininiaiin'llBHir4BWMtBaBF kte. . pishkili if:'.;. - . ., - :. " i .Srt h 'i-starring VBBMMMMbMMMMMbJul - Ba Hfwli1!! fishkill, Twinbrook - uu ' J'V - ' "s. vv'' Val Balfour " 1RTbVl9HSSiilP , STARTS AT DUSK fvk Y t , SSm; - Apr H II VaaVsKaVsUTH r TODAY thru SUNDi - N Cafe JOZZ ClUD ' 'VV the IJLbhlUJIiy la l$ 3& Greatest W jnX lfMWf Ml M in iEw itj - - d v SESSIONS fr nlsTnrv! , HMJaVJPvJWVBBM wn ..JibVJ si - ym - - vnrv ' ; YZA. - : - 1 y - f A - IJk 'MllPr r 1" I" Jm &F SUNDAY ... ! , AVTa HAJbWbIbVJbV .Wm LiXVMVI IBIUbV 'Wl UlftMl B M . W, Hi . Bf . - I IOT lByBBilkAlaaaV,;,s''' - TriiCTrnV''jJBCB8C Bl'.m cadol anoon macoonalo marsha r ill II I MjL Im . k my SJP SQtylSBMBBititiBBUtiySI SECOND FEATURE, '.: W. Brr HB'MBKaPVaiBiHBH .... - .. ' ". .:.... ..,'S , T 4.m. 99K Smith Aw.. Rl 4.7131 ' V Jaf BBYAlfBjBTVMr I ITTrr" - IT'.L - . - .U.. . iF.'iam .! WWMIII W - m (was JHtT .11' HK. BT JBBaEraWBKaSBBBBBr BBH aaSI' mmitW .; i ninvnnnnrn - liinnnur niniiini .; . - jbbv j. .bbbi ABBBffBVBBBrBBB bp bf ub iiiius - u .la.ia.iaaiB mmi xr - waaaav - r aaaw aai. - araaaaM .aaaBBBBBBBBBBBia' aaaa aaaaiBDBr ABBBBaa :i iBk.L W v JaBWx. - '. - - Bfa.'T ' : - M1.1 k - hvw .r.t ' TODAY AND TOMORROW I Hazfaklii Koonrisir Clint walKerpwardipittiiJotKiKiJsseiii y&m 6:45 - 9:55 TCCHNICOLOM DORIS JACK DAY LEMMON ERNIE KOVACS lkJ!MJJaX?M - ni IS CARTOONS aBMBBBBBnBVSBBB luriiuiuLiiiii ! mwirm Air ;sit( w m MICKEY MOUSE - DONALD DUCK' - 'GOOFT BUCS BUNNY' - 'POPEYr PORKY the PIG - 'UTTLE LULU' - 'SUPERMAN Wd MANY, MANY MORI 41 - f ADVANCE TICKET OFFICE LOBBY, POUGHKEEPSIE INN AU SeaU Reieryed - .Jl.'jp. S2.IZ.50, $3, S3.S0 'Special Students Matinee' Perform. Sun.: 2:Jq & 6p.m., Mon. - Tus 8:15 p.m. Mom 2:30 p.)n. 15c Adults ft. n'U'1 tif flrilMMtBl torUtj. W MKhktlpil In. .' f,. k ( ''.. : th : . - ,'vLi ? - i t ' : i. - v. - '. - .u.' - j' - T - - - . SECOND FEATURE; fWUMOUMl Ml Vh ' GARY CQQPER - MADaDHE CABROU "You're the only woman I want to live with . . . I'll give up everything if you'll stay!' Seehint A dventure 'on a Ship of Hoatint Hell! i ww m i y in - J T M K ,mi b1 iBV - J.B - m U """"""" NOW thru MONDAY "iYEALTAftYsHATED YouUBaNDSOKMe!!!" i Dandwdge iiW - Bf I lafa'' - " f "? 3 aBlfA LOVE AND aW - HiADVENTlJRE SESgiiAS BOLD AND "WJFl DARING AS ' , J&IiljHExmiiiBi 1 ,. . J& - - ' ESSBEZSauL M iff WmM viwjtll . ' - "JBBBiB:;iAN SERVAISCqgeb bamct; alei mm iA&$&n ' il litKllJliaTlllflll - i ;&Bte'aB0 I fttt : " - A - - 'y:. , r - ; - - . i, - ; ; - - , - - r - ' - ; - :i v . . . ' ' - ;.' ..r.' ; . . - w - t vb ' ' ' , - - A'l "h

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