The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 24, ipss THE BLYTHEVILiLE COURIER NEWS '< ' ' ".'. TBI CODBIER NEWS CO. ' BL- W. g*M8. ' ;,*>!• National Advertising RcpneniteUvet:.'- ^tV*nsas) v D»illes, Inc,' NO? Yor«. Chicago, D«- troit. St. Jjoulp, Dallas, Kansas .City, Memphis. '-' .Published Every .XiUmooV Except Sunday" ..Entered as second class mater at the' post office »t Blytheville Arkansas, under net" of Congress, October '8, 1917, .SeH-ed by. the-United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City ol BlylhevUlc, 15o per »eek, or 6Sc per month. By mall, ^tlUp a radius of SO miles, $300 per year, $150 for'slx months, 1&c"for three'months; by mall-In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $650 per jear; In zones seven and eight ',$10.00 per year, payable In advance. '• ' lc ' " Childish Aldermen i • t .' * fl 't *..) > / r ? .' During our years of obMM'ViUio.ti uf the Hdniinistratioii of city government in BJytliovillc we'll admit'we've iviik'li- «l'soiiic hi'tlicT crude political'.mMiiwi- viTiiifr,'M>me amusing jind ;nrk\viird incidents and infrequently the exhibition of eonsidciitblc iicr.sunal enmity. Hut wlien we read of KODH- capers cut by flic 'dly'ujimdl uf our slate capital, Little Hock, liist Monday we 'lc- cidcd that -BlyUievillc, at least, has liad 1 men instead of children controlling" its mimk'ina! Kovcninieul. J'foV what could be more the action of the Little- ,Kocl< til'y council in changing tbc mliiie of Overman Park lo Vaiv Park? "Only a few moiUlis boforc (.lie co'onuil,' ''presniua- blytO lionor Uic mayor" while he WSIK away'oh a vacation, bad changed Xhc name of the'municipally owned park from' Fail Pai'k to Overman Park. So far as we know there' u';is no reahoii for the 'chanjfc except to pay triljule to' the ina.vw.' Then cam'e Little [Jock's recent, coii- trpvc/sy over' the pioposal' for b»b- liiWsjon of'a' cit!y charier inid a city • manager 'form of government. Mayor Overman sided witli Che advocates of the city manager form of 'government. A 'majority of the 'aldermen sUemi- onsly opposed thc'propopal. 'flic pro- posiil was decisively' b'c'alcn in a •ilie- ciaj election, Then came "r.etnlnilion." The ,council v liolding it.-j .In si rcj.;\i- lar' meeting' a*fler (lio elect ion, .dioveil through go\c)al measures (I6siguc\r .io onsl city employes a'p'pmnlcd hy the mayor and lo lake away ' From him. .some of tlie power he luul been exercising over certain : «ri"air.s. i'roljabl.v (he aldermen had reasonable explanations Tor Audi a'ctioH. Possibly they could meet Hie accusation of passing ".spite" legislation. • • ' Kill there appcar.s to be no defense for the council's action in ''taking back"-its tribute, paid-(lib mayor when a' municipally oinicd parK w'tts named in his honor'by the same council. From our viewpoint, '^«.\' tip here 'Tit northeast Arkansas, it .seems that the capital city aldermen have llioni- a very'ridiculous and childish role. To all intents and purpose.* Mayor Overman has been guilty of no crime against the 'city," the state 'or the'nation. He simply disagreed' with the council. ' • Therefore Ihe couneil, like a cliild- ish "Inijiftii giver," withdraws the "honor" it bestows. So with all th'eir shortcoming^ over the years, after all, we'll say our city council'hasn't displayed the childish demeanor of the 1 Little Hock '"city dads." " ' " '' ' : Pmlal Problem '' *•'.; i ', •/ •• Mont everyone admits Hie United •SlMte.s postal system is pretty wonderful, even if it isn't^exactly solvent, but Home of its hard and fast rules ihiist 'cost Mr. Farley's department lots of business in time. Take the case of (lie' 'Now York business man. ''Ho wanted, for'business'reasons, to send a ledger, ca«li book and check book (o his auditor In l.oiig Island. He wrapped I hew. articles up in heavy pa ; per, loft lh<! parcel unsealed and look it p fo Die puslbll'iVe. There'he told (lie clerk of the package's contents and was informed that berautio hi.s bundle contained writing if would have to go lirs( class. The'postage would be ?3.27. The business man took"his parcel over lo the express company where a clerk nca'lcd it for him, insured it, gavi; him ii''i : cl ; cii)i, promisud'prompt delivery—all "for the price of 'II cents. The iiaiiio thing;-'of co'iii-sb, iVas'hap- pciied ih Blyfhevllle' and other cities many' tune's. • .:•; . '• • T'he postoll'ico has to have rujcs, bnl it 'also, "apparently; Ivas toiiipetitioti on ild' ha VffT,.,- '..." '•11 .\vtiiild lie inl.cveiil.ini; to know jusL ^'liiit^Hie'^iWniinisp'StWi'i liad iir mind as''' 1 SecTcti«'y J ' 'Ui' ; -iliVe.i'ipr ' Jhivokl I,. le^e^rMv^eil 'Kis |stjeceh against'^as- .tjjfiijj ,tlif6tlicr jji'y^'^eech thill, was broiklca'st'-'iil'lmVcticany 'every English- ',\Vliatever '-tlie 1 ' gAveriiinciit'.s altttudo in !d!5^ng W. ^Ke'si^'to laniljast to- talii'ai-iamsni '''aii ,tjic ; 'g"realest thrbiit in the motjern world; it isn't hard frrpcr- ceive tlie interpretation foreign deiiioc- racien' ; \vill 'place 'ifpon it, " : " : ' :l . l'aiuUiiid Prahee both .trunk • in " cri.Vpi)' ! over what 'atfiltirRr 'and ..action 'lo\ take while Hitler is calinl.v' a'nnexiiig Central Ku'rope, ' Ickes" Kjiccch ! inuxf ; 'ha'vc v d : il ; "- i ''V but disinterested. And if France, ami Knglaml wantcil to interpret llie' spcc'elv as encouraging them in a stand against permany, as lira'ctically promisiiVg aid' in such a stand, they coule) very easily, go that faiv' Perhaps 'that was 'what the administration" wanted; France amP 'England to'as.siinie. "'•'.-. Conimiinism is llic'-.countrrpait ol I'diiioii-- iHliins Clod.—Rev. \Vlllrid ravsons, Clcoigetowii Uiiivcrsily. * * • The Orient from Siberia lo Slngaiiurr is i;ut worlli Ilic ImiiK of our American soldier.--Dr. Charles A.' Heard.' lilstorlnn. SIDE GLAfjpES By George 0ark 9bt£<?tte "I asked you not to she the serving tips <m tht stodi market.' The cook look stkjva Scaling yesterday she won't : ' ' ' ' r ' speak lo hie." • THIS CURIQUS WORLD ODUNT THE NUMBER OF'CHIRPS A COJCKET MAKES IN THENI ADD /~OR!7~y t AND THE- RESULT WIIO_ BE WJTHIN A FEW DEGREES : OF THE PE12SONJS LIVl'NtS . NEAR. THE I AKIH AE.LETO ' SEE. ALL OF THE STAfZ- COMS7ELLAT/CHS. BETWEEN T -S/^C7-££-A/ AND . CAUSE ALMOST TWICE CAST Ol' 1 CJIAHA.OTEK6 T'OI.I.V I)|I Ml, S BV, lii'tulnr] AtriuidcU Tji Jiutiduu ' ^vtien \vnr I'ritnki: out. ' . • JJ2IUIY .WIIITPJHM), litroi Ihc Vnnkfe ivhit AL't-tt her (Urouuh. C. ill (jr. I, JIA.VKS, iiriviiK-rr - A'ortlcrtlijyi Jerry flnds roily ufKinrct the (:llt(c K^nuificntiK *hl[> niid . iiliins to rcj^rue h'cr from fnttv, thus ;u»(l(j-Ius Ii« fnKIi In llllU OU1Y. ' CHAPTER XX ' JERRY and Cabcll Banks went lo " (ho bow where tho man 'with two names and two ways of speaU- ing stood holding the wheel, a massive man wifh an insolent face ;ind shifting eyes. The bi-ight scarl tied about his head gave a Latin fast to his crafty, handsome features, so that you thought o£ a Pirate of the Mediterranean Sea. Vel lie was not entirely Latin cither. There was in him the stubborn cruel look of the Anglo-Saxon who worships brute force. A half- breed man, carrying in his veins the worst traits of two races. •Terry asked, "Are \vc your only passengers?" Clille's eyes slid around, then focused again on a curve in the French shorn line. "No." He had read in Jerry's face some knowledge. "Who else besides its?" "An old dame. . , . French," he added. . .[erry and. Cabell exchanged swift glances. They were acting without plan. Step by step must rio .it. "We saw her at the cabin l>ort," Bimks stated. "It may surprise you lo know that, she's not French and not at all old. ... Or does it?" Jerry started to speak in the silence, hul Banks lifted a warning eyebrow. Jerry's impetuous handling oE the situation might be fatal. "No doubt this news surprises you, Monsieur- Clilte," Cabell repeated in French. "We have spoken with the lady. She tells us she is American, (he same us ourselves. She has asked us to see lier ashore." "She does?": said Clitic in French. His hand started to shift from the wheel to his bell, where a pistol hung, then desisted. His sliding eyes had, seen their pistols, drooping from their. hands with sort of lender carelessness. Not nnn ol his own men was v.'iihin hail. Jerry's nerves snapped. He could not endure Ibis-. French pat- .(er (hat lefl him in ignorance of what went on. He said to Clitte, "You've locked her in!" "Absenlminclcdly, .no doubt,' V'Hirrnured Cabell Banks.J He bc- lieved filial much more'- can be iono with .a man who has Hot lost nee. He watched -Clitle intently inrt saw Ins method airaosl work. CRICKETS usually chiin in' unison, 'and (lie wafmc'r' Ihe weather the faster they cliirp. There are several drawback;! to. J the cricket thermometer, however. II will not. 'work iii cold weather, for •• Hit insect refuses to chini when the thermometer gets doivn J aro|ind 51) degrees. - : - ' . • . ..'..• NKXT: whal underwater creature,can life 191)0 limes ils mvn weigh!'. £ H. Rtf. O. fc: Pit. O*. y Doc* or » >O' '••.>?*••«, »-/•:.'-¥•, OUT OJJK By Williams MOW &IRLS GIT-OUT- OP.ALDTH' WORK.—THEY DRESS PER IT .... OH,'£• CAN'T DO THAT, I'LL RUIM MY NAIlS! : OH/T CAN'T GO TO TH 1 STORtV-TH' 'PAMPNESS •WILL. RUIN MV : HA1R.' OH, I CAN'T DO THAT, ""'" GET A RUNNER' MOT GOINJG TO 'RUIN A GOOD DR.ESS -WITH TH\S O1RTV OLD AERIAL WIRE; • 2?Vm, -DRESS! OH ,-X CAN'T J!l;J::'«. no THAT IN THESE SUEDE SHOES! _ r^^ l';^,.''-'''.;'^-,;::;;:;;.;-' JK •".-, WHY MOTHERS GET GRAV ufors "Kiiul Tljal I.s OIK; (o Doxeu Different'AiJtncui> (No. -I5S) BV 1)K. MOKRIS nSHUCIN l-!ilttor. • Journal of (ho Amnii'in .Morlir.-vl As.soriiilion, nnrt if flS?cia. live Health iWiiS'i'inr When- Ihc heart ; falls lo ;;c t enough blcotl out every ininn!'' lo lake .care oi the needs of v.u ions portions of tlie bo<Iy (or oxvjcii and tor nulriincnl. the rc.'.uli:. MK serious. Doclcr:; used lo \vri!'- • l-,-.irl I failure" or "heart-diseBAn" iiidr.ilh • certificates to .indicflip Hint H, R main disturbnncn was the l,-u,l that the heart Ini.'l slopped. Tcrt^j' "heart failure" is iv< lonaer icldcrccl' x <i sidisfnclory chHsnosis. We. know that .there arc different condilions Hint the heart and which c;m can-!' it difficulty In. Ils ability to carry on Then came defiance. "What if I lave? It's my ship." Two pistols were raised n Jew nches and held.rigid. "The key to tlie cabin!" Cabell requested. 'Give it lo me and I'll go unlock ho door. You'll need lo stay at the wheel. My friend here will stay with you to keep you from being lonely." t * * 1EAN CLITTE, sometimes known "as John McGean, took from around his neck an iron key that lung on n chain and tossed it to Cabell Banks. He appeared not to lotico that Jerry Whitflcld's pistol still covered.him as Banks moved quickly off. The exigencies ol.a smuggler's life had no doubt taught him that dangerous games must be played quielly. lie \yould ,vait. ... Down in Ihc cabin Polly heard a key grate in the lock. She hoped it would be Jerry and feared it would be Clitte. Her quick wits told her lo be thankful for this compromise. The wirey, homely young man from Boston was bowing to her hi his:polished, impersonal way. "Put on your wig, Miss Chelsey." he said, quite like a parent telling a child to don its bib. ''Then follow me on deck." "Wait till 1 pick up. the dog. Arc you laking me lo Jerry, Mr. Banks?" . Cabell considered a moment. "Well, no, Miss Chelsey. He's at the wheel, standing his trick, you mighl say, with our brave skipper. You come wilh, me lo the rope ladder. I want you to be the first to leave tho.lugger.. .. Would you mind bending your pretty back and looking a little more ancient? . .That's il! Thank you. Lean on your slick very hard now. and follow me." Jerry, meanwhile, was, taking a more direct course with Clitte than Cabell Banks would have advised Strategy was as -unnatural, with him as was diplomacy. Tic did not find it in his nature lo play chess for Polly with this rascal. lie said, "Miss Chelsey's my sweetheart and we're going to be married. I'll kill anybody that makes a move to harm her." Clille did not reply. He was skilfully bringing the lugger in- lo a small, desolate-looking harbor where several fishing boats rode al anchor, and a few shacks lined tho shore. .To larboard of the lugger a large sloop of war could be seen passing the little harbor. Ho had beat it. He had, in fact, dodged through n sail-infested Channel all night,i'an'd with more adroitness than ;anbody .,b.irt. a -smuggler 'could, appreciate.' He' desired nothing :a> much noyy as a long drink of liquor and a rh'ancc lo yet liis cargo, ashore. Having drawn'lliese'conclusions, :he rascal, who -was two people, shrugged his-shoulders and saic! to Jerry >Vhllflcld, "You can take the voman ashore. I've got troubles- enough. I figgercd she was u.raE- ug Bourbon." * f * 2A1LS came down and Hie on. Ichor was dropped. .Clitic gave orders for the long boat to be lowered away wilh his;three passengers, the dog and the trunk in it. There was ;i great deal of showy joliteness on both sides; though :he New Englandcrs 1 eyes wore, watchful, and Jerry and Cabell still held their pistols caressingly* Even when shore was reached and the dory had gone back lo the ship there was no relaxing. The village, like Corly on the other side, had (he unwholesome air of furtive- life and lawlessness. Jerry said, "We'd best gel away from here before Ciiltc comes ashorn and drinks a lot of cognac. He'll think he's Napoleon, come sundown." Cabell, who spoke French almost as easily as he spoke English, engaged a rough cart to carry them to Calais, and when they had gained the cobbled streets of that ancient and legitimate port -cilj" they felt a vast relief. /They were ; 'safc in France" at last.. They were in a country that, like America, was al war with the English. The carl driver 1 .was surprised, when he turned around, (o find that the subdued old lady he had carried had become a laughing young woman with cropped brown curls: He was so intrigued, and puzzled that he slopped.his carl, to stare. Polly said lo Cabell, "1 want lo present him wilh Ihis wig. Maky- a proper speech for me, please,!' At which Cabell gravely made the. presentation and.declared in Parisian French: "From our Li Uic Grandmother lo yours, Monsieur, with, tho grati- ludc of ihree wayfaring hearts!" They went to an hotel ,thon, and Polly put on her .prettiest, dress for the .dinner of celebration .that Cabell. Banks-had ordered for. them in the .dining room which he taught them lo call the sallc a manger. Jerry allowed Polly but one glass of wine* saying a New England granny who has just regained her' youlh must <bc careful. But Polly needed no stimulant for her emotions.! Jerry's ardent eyes caressed and- Wooed her ; even while his sturdy gallantry 'protected her. In • this oasis where bliss and safely m£t, the lOvere and th'eir friend laughed 'at yester- 'day and talked 'of -'lomprrov^ not knowing that Ihe'greatest danger lay ahead. - ; . (To Be Continued) v Personals I I forJ. , l:a'jy i Mr:-, A rtciitonslralioii on iimk rliirt: feeders was Riven llal-Uc Uossicn,-1-11 . i.% uUctuling a ^ ;il- Central Missionary sue let; nc!. Moniisy ;il the connnmnty I juildins > with Mra. Almo:; Over- j on^' prcsicicul, in c'-.-iinpi'. Mrs -' mmiinc i Os ol Roy Vcnnell. prcyam chairniiin. . Jh R H-u-vev Cirnv is .resenlcd a dtawio,, lake,, Irom | , [^ "' U i"r 'Hid Stew! < he ROJ-BI 8ervii'« n^s^ine. 'r^\ l ^ t c»c f of Ihr W^l ' ldv s?^,gi;t^j«'"«- ss s ;;r-J!^i%"l!"™<™^—-«»'=• iams. Mrs,••!!., H, Crawford. Mr..' .nil Scdll-; Mrs. Homer Clifton mrl Mr;t. Ueorpc Mrjorc. dill) It'll in llcleiiii t)y J\trs. Gray and OUP. Mi;.-.s Ailcr Wilforil sncnl. (lie vTcl: end in .luuc:;l)or(t with her wrcnl,'.. Ihe nev. and Mrs. Wiltord. Virginia Echnls and Hollywood C'omcs i» Dancer t;AN .FRANCISCO (UP) — Miss Ann Miller. 18. focal daticcr rpenl ;i year al Hollywood trying to crasli 'the movies. Then she returned to her dancing here whcrn a. .talenl/ ;;csnl, quickly spotted her and returned her to Hollywood where a film contract was signed. ,1101.1 (iiwi. . L.iu i,. N ; ^- — i. noicoe Phillip.-^ Jchiinifi Chirk were gue«Us of Miss Mrr.. .A. b. llolliind t!' :lr ' ; ' s IHU'cnUi in Joncsljoro la^t- Home drnioiisUation ot ivilli Mrs. Tucsclav.^v.'it.h , „ presiding. Al nocn dinner vns wcrlc c " ;l - jrepuicil. Mrs. ]l£sltir CioKilrn gave MI - S Jf -^ r Miller spcnl Saliic- i dcincnstlalion in biscuit iirikinp. (l »l r lu Mfinpliis. >wl 8i\vr.(hc devotional. iMrs. Lloyd | • Cox hiid'charge of ilic progrum, j Hciivrrs do no!- work together in Tiid lalts were given by Mrs. I,. Icllins :i ircc. Only one nniinal N. Kern, Al>-s.. Chillips. Mrs. Craw- woiks ;it a (inic. Announcements The Courier News has teen authorized [ojnakc formal announcement of the following candidates for public ofiice, subject lo the Democratic- .primary August D. ,'• For County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GAINES l-ur Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON County Couil Clerk T. W. POTTER | Tor County Tax Assessor \V. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART For County and Probate Judge DOYLE HENDERSON For-Circuit Conrl Clerk HARVEY MORRIS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople II Hie iniiicli' i.s dxwiiucd. HIR li ciinnot conlriicl. witli (lie Icrc ncccf*iii'y l« runblc it lo-pump mi Ihc right arnoiinl Of blncd will] rac. cunlraction. .Somelitnps the bloo vessel, 1 , which fc;it>ply Ihe' muscle < Ilir hcnit itself with Ihe nrcrwiy psyRcu and milrllive material he- come blocked because of hardcnim: or because ol Ihc; failii"! o; the heart tr> receive blond results in a very prompt failure of tiic or^an to ciirrv on its work. T'orttina'irlv lor llir: hiinicin iiciiu: oilier j Ihr }ir;tr', t., r.-nr of the :nc-,st i-;ipa- ;nosis. | blc and rnTi:-i:;it:ni performers ol all j uiiiny i ol the oisan., in the body. H soin"- •illecl. : lime.s carrir.', on rather sicll under HUilc dillicuH (indilions. For Hint people v, hciirts have its work thai Ihc scientific pd.lioh- I been damned hy uny of will -want U> ktioa- rx,.,-tiy cause- Hint hsvr hccn which of those contlilion,', «,[•. ran- ccrnccl. varioir. For Instance, one ol Ilic valves of the Heart may be so damajcd by the growth ol vegetations, by are .sometimes able to adjust thcin- selvrs In Ihe ninilllion and lo earn- on Ihcir life and their work wilh tlie riama?ccl organ. The nature of Uic human bchic Ls such that It will penult (he blood (o backward alter the blood floWn ctil. In other inflammalions or hy infection UialU cnt ' s 'o recover even from cousid- enible damage. - • Sometimes Hie licarl. dilale.s or cnlarscs to mccl » special strain and i curries on in an enlarged condition, if Ihr- strain |;ci\slsUs. When Iliis | condilion i;, once cslabll:,licd people may lin; :'«. ;;o. or M .ve;ire lonzer willi ii hc.iri, niai j.,, enlarged considerably beyond Uic normal. leak has Ihc l )r - , w heart opening in ilie valve may greatly ivan-ovvccl Ihnl ' IhV cannot, force out .;rti a iiDlount of blood ivllli eat li iHimuiiij niovenicut.' Under .cither jl Mies? circumstances tho heart i:, lailurg ill Ils work. j In- addition lo attacking tlie i valves of Ihc heart, an infection, K poison or excessive work may dainagi! tho muscle of this organ. The acute cdor of a stale egg. :i"d UH- discoloration cf n sposu wllh which cjg is eaten, are due (o the sulphur in tlie egg. • -"- '" " " POM'T MEAM / OM OO.O 00^. — PAT'S SPOOK TALKf THIS PLACE AM LUMMOY I'M ' TOSS OW A COUPLE OF C..,Vi5OM MIGHT BUT WOT he

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