The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 11
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VfoOVEiMBEiH/17,"lQ30 RLYT1IEVIU.E,JAMO COUKIEK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS TWO eenu * wort lor Cnt ta- Mrtloo ud on* o*at • w«<S for atcfe tabfequtnt Inier- Uaa No kdTCrtlmunttakeQ for leu tbfto He. Count tt» wotdi »nl lend UM «Mb. PkoM 3N FOR SALE FOR SALE—Sacks for cotton seed and coal. Junk Dealers, opposite Frisco Station. 14P-K18 SPECIALS In Repossessed Used Cars IOZO FORD SPORT ROSTER $20. 1928 CHEVROLET COACH $15 1929 FORD TOWN SEDAN $30 1929 FO11D IK TON TKtCK $39 1930 FORD FOUDOR SEDAN $45 1928 FORD TOURING $19 1'HILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 811. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Five room house 1 1000 1 block' on. Ash St. Call G. Goodwin. 4C-T FOR RENT— Furnished apartmen Garage. 305 Dougan. 14P-K2 FOR RENT — Furnished cottag Very attractive. Rent 523.5 Themis' Land Co. 10C-K Alabama Fan Beverly Hills' Father Coiltessor Rules With Iron Hand OUR BOARDING HOUSE UV GKOUGK II. BEA1.E United Press,Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, .Nov. 17 OJP) — That portion of movleland which resides in Beverly Hills has a fatli- er-conhssor wlio draws no lines of creed, race or previous condition of matrimony. Ho is Charles Blair, chief of po- 10 In 18 i-:. L. Dohciiy, Jr. munlcr inou' Hum I 3(> hours. T3id officer who knocked 'J:: Gilbert down still is on the force. : cf Neighborhood quarrels fall to i a -. Blair for settlement. Ordinarily I .-\i-.a u'iair points with prWi- to they are hushed up, but once in a : II:- [;irt that he lins novi'i 1 had to j wlille oiio brejiks out, such us that j ti which actor. Peters niorc ih-.ui three featured Houso Polevs. Die j to luirli-vu oijc of Cilorlu poii.aanlcuis. or one of Chun complained i i.'.-!i::..;!?ors. neighbors lice, whose career has included Use jthat he had rlciied up a wai'lilwller I occupations of jockey, street sweep- on which,-he hanimercd at out- ] n ]• c A, Hvpat or, town constable and motorcycle ••-•<-«•" >-'••• uw acLn J1S uie<u officer. Blair rules with an autocratic rag en us hours. , Peters claimed that lie was re- i Market For U. S. AlltOS laliatlng because the •-'-'-' neighbors : hand. Enforcement of the law Ls' placed their radio at a window, I i only a ijnall part o[ his dudes, for aiid turned It on full blast nt 4 a ha judges family quarrels and he [hunts runaway doss; One of the most ardent football fans In the entire country Is Dr. icorge II .Denny, above, president of the University of Alabama. Dr. Denny never misses a practice session of the Crimson Tide and always cheers like an undergraduate at the home games. Several times, "Mike," as he is known to the student body, has ventured too close to the scrimmages and has g teen spilled', by the players. Ills glasses were broken to bits several years ago when he was tumbled by Rlggs Stephenson, Chicago Cub outfielder and former Alabama fullback. i Blair has add that he treats all the villagers alike anil for proof he points to the time when John j Gilbert, the screen lover, was given a jolt In jail for disturbing the peace. On that occasion, Gilbert left hid homo where he wus giving a party and went to the police station 10 1)K . u , o;T ^. tlll| ,, m > j f »{j lc . I misi'iivi, in the v.-oild for Amcrlviui Blair held a conference. Peter:, : m:i'k: cars \vllh the coming ut pul giivc up his wnshboller and tha -ii'.c.ii pe.ic.-,-, according to C LAST" SATtlKPAV Miari-T ^ SIR -"IrkiRiki-rbM UJoM $30 ^LAVlMgj poKBR OWL'S CLUB AM 7 , HOME,He A^ 7 "TH 7 WERE HELP up | ALL-Tel 1 MAtfoR HIM VOASA He WAS SQ HE 5HQQK LIKE A A\ MopELT TEMPER .'-T 1 ^.J HIM . ..,, neighbors turned down their rtullo. An.uit Acharyu, engineer Blalrwas a jockey for Sanhedrin.' UCi^ the noted Canadian distiller in his early youth. He cumc to Beverly Hills when Ills only neighbors were Douglas Falrbnuk.'.-. Hc given the demand that olticers arrest all his ] >ilghtwatchnian, tax guests. Ills insistence led lo his own arrest. During 'the debate Gilbert bounced once against the olficc cuspidor when a patrolman resented his manner of speech- Gilbert was placed in the "com- jiositlon ol collector and •Mr. Ahcaiy.i, vlsillni; _-- . _ «i'.li J5U otlicr ilficBnlr. 1 ! House Peters, Will Kogcrs and , si\ih l:iicrn:ition:il llourt in mi IniorUcw, thut the uon- I'.iHii or niu'.cr cars in liuha t\\4 2i per cent t-ach yeur, street sweeper- i.o-w-n under tin- iroubicil pclliical Then IM was promoted lo city js:i-uilon [ircvabut there, marshal. Now he lifts 25 jiollcc oi- llccrs. Ills force is noted for llsj l.ONHON, lUI'i — Tin ability to prevent crime and Its; |V;:-.!l;(iion treat aeat in recovering loJt dogs. So well oruanlKd is the dcpafl- . ^^ ,,^., „,„„,„„.„ .^ ,..^ „., moil drunk" cell and was there for I ment that it lias had only one nm- MAKE IT YOLRSElff • .FOR RENT—Front room. Reason ' able. Mrs. J. H. Roberts. Phone '306. HC-K18 •FOR RENT—9 rooiu house, two batlis, all newly painted and papered, located on corner Highway 61 and Highway 18. Ideal location to rtourist rooms. $40.00 per" month. Call L. L. Ward, 968 or C50. 12C-TF FOR RENT—Rooms. One month rent free. 914 Hearn. 13P-K20 FOR RENT—2 rooms, furnished for'light housekeeping." 625 Walnut St., Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Cavcndar. 14p-k24. TOR RENT—Modern 6 room house. Garage, 2 lots. 16th and Main. Will,rent or trade 8 room house on Lilly: St.Tj.tW. Maloney. I7p-k24 Secret of a A Beautiful Home WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED — House-kceirer. Apply Frisco Rooming House, opposite Frisco Station. HP-KID LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—Pair of black horse- mules. Weight about 1100 pounds. J. S. Bunch, Yarbro. '.. 14P-K18 STRAYED OR STOLEN -Female lemon spotted bird dog. name Billie, lemon ears, spot between eyes. Reward. 101 E. Ash. Phone 278. 11c-k2q A little novelty that any practical minded friend would love for Christmas \:i a button belt and cuff set. To make this you use some grosgrain ribbon, in shades you knou your friend likes. Navy blue black, red or purple. Both the belt aifd the bands which are used for cuffs arc made In fallen with snappers and to fit the person for whom they were made. The buttons are fancy pearl'but- tons, either in the -usual round shape, or in square, triangular or any other fancy shape prefer them. You sew ilieiii .oh. one after the other, witli just enough space between to keep th?m from rubbing each other. Use colored thread that matches the grosgrain ribbon foundation. And lew tlieni all on in the same way, either crossing tlie stitches or making square ol' the stitches. This is a most useful gift for a careerist. A fancy belt and cuff ict like this dress up a costume that has eocn much wear and gives it a new lease on life. PERSONAL TAXI—F. A. McOREGOR Day or Night Service, Phone 16. IC-K30 THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN WERT He Makes 'Em See T. Ki Dally trips' to Memphis. Will Pick up md deliver freight and packages anywhere. Specltl rates on carload lots. Local Phons 851 Memphis Phone 3-931' Abuse of Gas Taxes Menace to Road Building WASHINGTON, (IIP)—The nation's road building program is toriously endangered by abuse of gasoline taxes, T. P. Henry, president of the American Automobile Asscciation, declared in a slate ment issued iiere. The association executive pointed out thut the present, tendency to pyramid the ga levy and also to divert the revenui to "other than road construction purpcs.?s menaces the structure and usefulness of the tax- Henry stated that gasoline taxes in some states were being uted for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from the construction of sea walls to the establishment of fisl hatcheries. He added that if P.vra miding continiics it may be neceu Viry for all states to follow the ex ample ol Missouri, which has ; constitutional amendment limitin 7 the gas tax rate. The growing impoilanco of ga taxes is sown by the fact that ii 1930 every i.1atc in the Union liac such a revenue device, with rate ranging from B to 3 cents per gal ion. GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE Pavinjr and Sewer Taxes District No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUDILL, „ , , Collector, upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Geft. Carney, we now have the btst cqnippcd independent shop In town. CARNEY-JENKINS OARAGE Pickwick Building ,"We know-we know how" •• >' Tsicooncless Tobacca Grown BERLIN? (UP)—Experiments car riedTtmJ/m a tobacco institute o research at Forcklicim arc rcpcrle to demonstrate that tobacco free from nicotine can be grown. IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTS CHANCERY COUKT. CHICK ASAWBA'" DISTRICT. American Building and Loan As socialiou. and W. L. Delon as Trustee, Plaintiffs, vs. C H. Garner, ct al.. Defendant WAUNINC OKDKR. The delcnoants, C. H. Game Ida L. Garner and King-Haas Furniture Company are warnei to appear in this court withi thirty days from this date an answer the- complaint ot the plain tills, American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony, Trustee. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand nnd the seal of the above court this 1st day of November. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPKTER. (Seal) C!erk of the above Court. By Harvey Morris, D. C. 3-10-17-2'k YoU W£RE IM 1Q 5-flcK-MP WAS -THe IMTb A I cofJu> MOLP "Wiill district ib Is 1U.VCO lilt It s to more tluui -130,000 diir- JIM. U.S. PAT. orr. oiHoaYHUsraYictiHc. BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES MEN OF ACTION Sec it your home needs any or tlii'sc repairs or ^iOT To LEAD More clusct space Slii'Ivin Ucors Garage Xtw walks (if driveways New iluors ovur ^ Uoofins Vuiiit Screens nr screen doors Repair or recover slue. walls New frcnt cnlnucc K or New trim rarlt{i<]ii.s MOT GONtiPv -V.UK) *AX ttNJV FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS T. see A PATCH SONiETHW6 BACK. 8E SOUSBODY THIS LAKE PO'-U OP OH SV!02E AMD ABOOMO THIS PLACE THE 0"_D VJATCH TH£ Tiie ABE oti, DEEP IN TH OP , HOLDS A M.ARYICI.OUS DEMONSTRATION WASH TUBIiS is to'keep it in good repair, adding from time to time the necessary improvements to make it the IDEA HOME you started out to have. •We are ready at all tiraes^-to serve you on small repairs or large. But ACT NOW before little repairs grow into big depreciation. JUST PHONE 100 Pay by the Month i MUST ASK ON60FXOD TO WOP THIS CYUNDRKW. [ p, OBJECT (M£UBOPRO /••—. •S} BEFORE Em&\T\H& WV 6EEWI2 1 . LOOKS. UKE ; IT COKIMMS EMOOaU T-N.T to BLOW UP (K 6MTUESWP. VOLI OUOVPEO It O-JW-BOfWD? uOOj). HOW BeHOlO TWS 1UUNU, MS FPJ6MDS. QUU6 UfXRW-ESS, NOD WOOU9-SA!/. BUT VT TH6HOST PEMASTM\«6 I TURH ON (\ SWTCU. BEHOt-0 WE SPARKS; WE VLmplE fL^S^vE.S Cf f lMf£\ NOTICE, TOO, TUE 1N6EMIOUS ElE^TRtCM- 6'JM, WHICH I PO'.WT NT 1W. SPOT WVV£R.e WS W-Vb ^u •^£?St!/ei.wr '/• **-.V •• V-' vV ^J;SiL.R^fe»rir,U¥•**.'ILJLJ i^pffirtlgiiiag r__ ' yt " ~~- = ~ :r -*-' '- J^sj^ -. .V. , . ijilini'" ' IM3e< Ht " "lencc. rue. J, XWETRV066R EXPLOSION IS TERRfflC!

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