The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1939
Page 6
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'*HPAGE SIX BLYTTTEVILLE, /(ARK.)' COURIEB NEWS Choose Up In Same Old Way CSob Feller Deseived Slmt- v out Win; S e n a I o i s Blank White Sox .BY. GEORGE KIRKSF.Y United Press Staff Correspondent. r{EW VORK, Juno 15 (UP)— Oscnr Vij.1 finally 1ms joined the "Knock-Down-the-Yankecs" - club Vitt was pretty much in hot water vyith the Yankee haters v.hen he allowed B b Peller to miss l*o Yankee series in succession, but ' Old Os" \\os forgiven today Cleveland's boss finally (Duelled Peller at Yankee Stadium ^ ester- day and, but • for an error "Jiullct Bob" vould have licked Die Yanks, 1-0 As ll turned oul, the Indians scored a 4-2 vlct> ry nnO Keller ic- celved ciedlt for his lOtli tiJumph, but lie wasn't there at Ihe finish Feller had the Yanks beat. 1-0, and had given lip only two lilts, one of them an infield scratch, going Into the lost half of the eighth. He walked Charlie Keller, n pinch- hltler, to start the inning CweUl popped up to Feller trying to sacrifice. Peller, by dropping the ball, could liaie made a double play but Instead tie caught the popup and Keller stayed at fiat Rolfe singled, qnd-Keller raced to third. Hcnrlcli filed lo Campbell In short right who thies Keller out at the plate, but Hemsley dropped the ball and the umpire reiersed his dcoisl'n If Hemsley hadn't dropped Campbells throw the Yanks would hive been retired without n mn Then DiMagglo singled, seoimg Rolfe Vltt didn't give up He sent Hnle up to hit for Webb and he singled Weatherly batted for Feller but popped _up. Heinsiey walked. Then Campbell singled, sending Hale In with Ihe t"!ng run Ben Chapman dropped a double into the left field coiner, scoring Hemsley and Campbell. Al Mllnar cmnc In to set the Yanks down m the ninth. Even \Uien the Yanks lose their luck doesn't, desert them completely The Red Sox lost a Iwln bill to the Tigers, and the Yanks added half a game to the Iciul which n^v: Is Oy. games. Leading, 8-4, when rain halted Ihe first game for an hour, the Red Sox came .back and blew the decision, 9 ; 8. Wildness by Bagoy and Heving contributed laigely to the Red Sox's downfall Trout, relieved In , the eighth, pitched the Tigers to a G-2 wm In the nightcap. Frank Croucher had "3 for 3." Emil Ix^nard of Washington WnucUe-balled a 3-0 shulcut over the White So\ The Senators 'have T\on two out of nine games from the While Sox nnd Leonard lias won them loth. He gave up only four hit 1 ; Buddy Lewis's double was Die winning punch. ' Pour home runs gave the St, louls Brovuis a C-0 victory behind the three-hit pitching of Vernort Kennedy >•> a night game with the Athletics at Philadelphia. George McQiiinn hit the first one In the first inning Myrll Hcag followed With a pair in the third and fifth. then Harlond Clifl clouted the big one with two mates aboard in the ninth.. Cincinnati maintained Its pcr- fect record of not losing a game at home to an Eastern chib this season, throttling the Phillies, 10-7. Paul Derringer v\as knocked' cut but the Reds came Train behind with s foa.-r."! rally in the fourth. Craft tripled with the bases loaded. Zeke Bonura's two homers enabled a patched up Giant team to beat the Cubs, 2-1, for their sixt season. The St Louis Cardinals ham yifcred out 15 hits off three Brooklyn pitchers to beat the Dodgers ijn pncners to beat the Dodgers «w«™n i. mm n ny, anu oacotxs •', -9,-2 Terry Mcore and Jce Mcdwlck s l )0l ' ts 'n»»shlp is above question, :"; ltd the attack with three hils eacli CS P CC|!>II 5' Is Jacobs' siiortsmanshln ¥-/Bob Wetland held Hie Dodgers to nt)ovc <l vie stion when he knows full **""V oAilntt \iit* • \Vpll lljnt nnlrtnrrV L.liniM. I1t,,..*v... even hits. ^ .,.*-- * •* licro—Ben Chapman, «^,K!-Yankee, who lilt two doubles ' v ' _tmd a single as he led the Indians •U, to a 1-2 vlctoir over the Yanks. T\vo ot the greatest nnm'es In baseball choose up sides just as Hie kids do oil the snndlols Left, ifomis Wignci, Pittsburgh coach and "old- time -shortslo)) tosses (ho bat with Eddie Collins, general managei of the Boston Red Sox nnd founer stai second biscmati, at ceremonies dedicating baseballs Hnll of Fame in Cooperstown, N Y Wngnei'n team of'major lengiior.s won, 4-2 Jonesboro Team To Play Bottlers Friday W. If. "Tiny" Glover, manager of the Coca Cola Bottlers, lenders of the City Softball League announced today that his team will meet an Arkansas Stale College Softball team from Jonesboro In n game; at Haley Field here Friday nlyht. The gome will get underway at eight o'clock, But Southern Leaders 'Mcei In Crucial Scries Tonight Ily United Press ' The first, really "crucial" scrle.s of Ihe .Southern Association season opens • In Memphis tonight when the tongue-leading Chattanooga Lockouts meet the scc:nd-placc Chicks In a two-game sot. A sweep of the scries would'put Memphis into a tie for lop honois while two Chattanooga wins or a split would leave the Lookouts well in (he lead and the odds-on favor- He to be host team for the annual all-star game in July. The leaders continued Ihclr steady march over lower-flight opposition THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1939' Pose for Portrail After Holdout last night s Ihe Chcks Today's Sport Parade By Henry UcLemon NEW YORK, June 15. (UP)— It hns always been my practice before a prizefight of any consequence to spend several afternoons of .spying along, the shady streets that harbor boxing's business. Dressed in corduroy pants, turtle-pecked sweater, and a cap, I have my man, Dr. Baker, drive me In a trap t» these corners and sidewalks where man- igers, trtiiners. sparring partners, las-bceiis and never-worcs gather o pass the time of clay, apply the lot-foot and the touch,- and demonstrate new methods of delivering a right cross. . . . •.. . •H Is net so much what one sees at thesciplaccs where the members of the "fancy congregate, as vvhal one hears. From men who keep properly cauliflowercd oars to the ground night and day one picks up much Informalicn, some good, some TEW, PRILL GOLF Will Head In tra-Cluh Teams In Tournament Here Sunday James Terry and Jerry Harwell will serve as captains for two golf „ ... --._.. .,,£.».„ ». tlk , \jj|iyjv^ scored five. runs In the first two Innings and coasted to n 5 to 3 victory over the Birmingham Barons \vhilo Lefty Herman nessc hurled n seven-hitter. . Chattanooga defeated Nashville, also by 5 to 3, on Ihe Lookouts' field. The Vols rallied hi the eighth Inning- nnd Johnny Chambers, Lcokouls pitcher making his ; first start after n sore arm-siege, appeared headed for the showers! But Shcrtslop Jimmy KVlchcock came up wilh n labeled hit, to put nn end lo the anxiety. The New Orleans Pelicans won a couple of expertly pitched frames In q.\tra Innings over the horci- nglUing but apparently snakcbit Little Reck Travelers. The Pels took the opener 4 lo 2 by breaking teams composed of members of . the Blylhevlllc Country club • Temporary Job Lasis 41 Years. BUOYBUS, O. (0P)-Forty-o»e years ago'Philip Trnulmnn took a "temporary" job ns a Biicyrus pa- trolman—to "tide him over" until Ihe plastering business picked up. Now, nt-the uge of 82, Police Chief Philip Trautmtm 1ms quit the Job. Photographers waited three months lo get this picture of new baby nmngiiian-nt St. Louis. Mo., zoo. "Bimbo," the mania, looks a bit menacing, but baby )., merely s |,y. Orangutans are rarely horn In captivity. Gooclyear Meets Ark-Mo; Bottlers To Oppose V-8's a 2-all tic a pair ef tollies in the 10th innini;. Pulford received will compete. In an inlra-club lonr- nament here Sunday. A total of 42 golfers'will compete, with members of Ihe loslnc ienm asreelm; lo contribute 10 n fund which will be used for a club supper on July i.The followme pairings'have been announced by thC'l^urriament corn- lit tec: Terry vs Harwell. Pollard vs Len- I, Lynch vs Traynor, Kendrlck vs Halnes vs Morse. Parr v-lio c ' ctllt for " le vlctor v although lie ,;,„ lia<l rclirccl for n nlnch-hilter by . - . • a""-"i '•-••••^ i_ji,i-., ijuuiva vn iviui^c, j'tu 1 VS bad, on fights soon to be held. Roland, England vs Buck, Stocketl . Right •: now ears are being kept to - - ' -- -- .- .^ ..^^.M %u ,r,-, JJ»HI|.-JL(il, t-"M'CII the ground-for news of the Joe Pcndler v? Becker Louls-'Kny Galcnto brawl, schcd- , uled for the night of June 28. -The hottest rumor 'now current Is that Cialento, knowing he has no chance against ilie chnmploh In a properly fought match, plans to lake advantage of the "no-foul" clause In the New York stale boxing rules. My Informant said, In n sly whisper, lie -would not be surprised lo see Oalenlo rush out at the bell, tackle Louis about the knees after the manner of 11 safety man tackling a halfback iu an open field, and reduce Ilic heavyweight championship fight to a free for all on the canvas, with knees, elbows and thumbs brought Into piny. To be honest with you. I doubt this rumor. And for several reasons. "ullo.s v.5 Hubbard Sr.. Act«n vs Cnuillll, Banietl vs Florida, Crlg «cr ys Seoggin. Francis Vs Tunier, Scv.more vs Davis. Richardson vs Iiibbard Jr., Phllli»s vs W. A. Afflick, Enrne.s vs B. Ivy. BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League . W. L.'Pct. Canithersi'ille ........ S4 II xNewpoli straight and ta move into fourth tllls ™ mor - And for several rca place Bill Lee lost his fifth straight " ic n ^ 1 l)ein » lliat r cannot pic- game tor his eighth defeat this lure eitller Galc »lo or his manager, se'ason. Joe (YusscI anil Mussel) Jacobs resorting to such ,, tactics. In his last few fights Galenic proved that he wouldn't hurt n fly, and Jacobs' Atlanta sirmlnahnm .. «few Orleans .. , NasfU'lllo m. Yesterday's Results S'':_ ^"rthcast Arkansas 'League S'-^ 4.caruthersville 9-9, Paragould 5-0 8' 1 > * port at Jonest » 1 't>. i ' " ' '&?, _i* " Southern league *„,, . . games- : Ai'J Memphis 5, Birmingham 3. feiJ,, I "-x C ^ a " an ' l "'? a 5, Nashville 2, called !\ - end of eighth, agreement. New Orleans 4, Little Rock '2, 10 Innings • Onlj games scheduled. National Cincinnati 10, Philadelphia 7 New York 2, Chicago 1. St. Ir.uis 9, Brcoklyn 2. Boston at Pittsburgh, postponed, cold, wet grounds •-, - t American League -Detroit 9-0, Boston 8-2 ^Cleveland 4, New York 2. ^Washington 3, Chicago 0. St. Louis '6, Philadelphia 0 well,that Galent:'s knees, thumbs and elbows arc too heavily coaled wllh fat lo enable them to inflict ;e on anything niore durable a chocolate eclair. For Galento k> strike yon with his elbow v.ould be the same ns being bopped with n pocr cut of side meal. Another reason for my doubling Galento's mad, insane rush nl the sound cf the first bell, is that I believe he'll bo too—what shall we say?—alarmed, when" he finds himself in the same rln ? with Louis, land penned in this frightening place by Ihree strands of rope. My guess U thtvt Tony will bo brave and bombastic nnti) just a few mo- ncnts before he is summoned to he slaughter, and that he then will disintegrate with fear just as nany cf his fellow Louis' victims did before him. J have not forgotten Kiny Levlnsky's proud they dumped him In his corner, sick with fear. I saw Baer and Nalie Maim and Camera and all Die rest shake like derelicts when the time actually came for them to walk out and match fist; with Ihe dusky boy from Detr-lt Talk Is no good when the beli clangs and there Louis stands, the fuse licking toward the dynamite charge in his fists. Is Adopting Children LONDON (UP)— Adopting chll dren Is a hobby \vllh George Max, 6?t>&r-old ostenpath ot Hove, Sussex. Max, a Hungarian by birth. Is »tso a director of a lead- Ing English football team He began adopting children in 1904. ' Altogether he has adoplcd H - * Courier News w»nt afls. Although no wolves arc to be found in national parks of continental United States, Uncle San can boast of a goodly and Increas , , s Branson, Oonch ,vs Kirslmer, . 1'nylor, Loccli vs C. Coleinaii vs W. Afflick, .. .. x— NlRht gtimc. . 23 IS is 23 1325 .59. r > .342 - the lime the winning rims came across. In the second r?me, O:hen of New Orleans and Krausse of Little Rock hooked up in a beauly of a battle that was still scoreless after seven innings— the customary ''limit lo nightcaps. Krausse went lo pieces In the ninth and' the Pels rushed over four runs f>r a 4 to 0 victory. Beside the all-important chatta- ncoBa ; Memnhls clash, '"today and lonii»hl crames are Atlanta at Little Rock. Knoxville B t Birmingham (2), and 'Nashville at New Orleans. Lisls Standings Of S. E. Mo, GoJJ Clubs CARUTJIERSVILU3. Ivto., June 15 —Release of (he siamiines of the nine clubs in the three divisions of the Southeast Misscuri C'M Association was made here yesterday. according to an announcement bv Aclolnh Unlerrelncr, ivmlchmaker for the local Clwln's Club. In Hie Nortl-°i-'< Division. Hill- <-rett. club cf Oape Glrardeau Is loading with four victories, no de- In the first game of a scheduled (loiibleheader at Haley Field tonight Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation plays the Goodyear RiibUennen, while in the second game Manager "Tiny" Glover's fast stepping Bottlers will meet the hapless Phillips crew. John "Wimpy" Burns will pitch and "Pig" Hires will catch for Arkmo while Scdggins will hurl and Harwell wilt catch for Goodyear. In the second game Dau Warrington will pitch and Tart will catch for Coca Cola and for Phillips. Griffin will pitch and Bike Phillips will calcli. Games will start at 8 o'clock. JLedbettcr (Gosnell), .376; H. ifar- bert (Lutes), .370; Martin (Reiser) .357; Stot'ts (Keiserj, .353; A. Hicks, (Burdctte), -.348; Henderson (Dell), .340; M. Thompson (Lutes), ,333; E. Ledbettcr (GQsnell), 333; J. Smothennan (Dell), .333; Smith (Manila), .333; J, Rushing (No. 9), .333; L-. Weldon (Kclscr), .333; B. Lutes (Lutes), .321; V. Boyd (Yarbro), .321; L. Freeman (Dell), .321; R. Wilson (No. 9), .318; Rounsavall (Keiser), .308; A. Bunch (Yarbro), .308; Meharg (clear Lake), .300- Mitchell (Clear Lake), .300. Southern Leagun „'. : Pet. Teals: Charleston ]ras won lost two matches p-o'h: 'mid i? Ion has lost four., havliw • and neunihls mutches carlv in Ihr -'season. .,..,..,,,,„ ... .......... ...•. i ; Jtlle Rock .,...- ...... . 19 33' .3GS . no ;;'> « lonc ' s wlll< Um Victories, one elR- .;28,-20 SIC feat; Poolar niufl 1ms won nnil ..--zs 2fi .490 lost one cnrti: 1 WcsKvovl }il!h rluli i .. 26 28 .481 also ot Pcplr.r Bluff, has lost one ...•. 21 Mi ;412 won none • . • '• • \ • ••-. Ltites First Baseman Paces County Loop With .750 Average W. It. "Tiny" Glover, huge Lutes first baseman, leads the hitters in the -Mississippi County Baseball League. Out of twelve lrip.<i b.> bat "Tiny" lias slapped out nine hits for a juicy .750 mark: Percy Bledsoc, erstwhile Pnrngculd Rebel, nnd Ray Mann. Reiser shortstop, arc tied for second with a .5-15 mark. Hugh Wright (Lutes). "IViggcr" Walls (Lutes), Pete Biinihain (Yarbro). Prcvilt (Bell), and Brothers (BurdPllc), an- third with ,1 .500 average. ' Bud Lutes leads the pitchers with six- victories against no defeats. Players hitting .300 or more are: H. Barger ((No. fl), AW- R Young (No. S), Ml; p. Barger (No. 9), AM; S. Ledbettcr (Gosnell), ..112; G. Moore (No. 0), .388; Hnrtrlch (Keiser), .385; Colcman (Burtictte), .381; R. Pnglx «*,. 9), .375; B. Phillips (Lutes), .375; C. Cincinnati St. Louis . ilrooklvn . New York Ihicasjo .. Pittsburgh PhilaelnhiV' Philadelphia Ihe Southern' Divis):n. Parn' smM - Ark - ^^ w '"' l"'o vic- c tones. ,, 0 dcfrals: Owln's Is .<=f»-oiv| W. L. Pot. w iui | WO victories, one dpfcnf M n .fiGO Kcnnclt. is ihlrd with no vlclories .563 three def/ink. .511 T,, ii,,, .ti : .,,||, m . n nivislm. Parn- .Sin poiild n-lll nliiv Kennel', nil fi'O .500 Pnrn«n>'l') cotr,-.«(? .'line 18. ami I'm 'aw"* 1 * 1 r '" h °" '• Ile Gwln cmnf v? Jm ?5th P^lowh". romn-oK^n .352 <f ,„„ rmln[ , r[ , Mn K , hcdl ,,,, in „,„ . 21 21 . 24 9,1 . 2fi 2S . 2;i 25 mil ?? ?I IV 30 American " W. L. Pet. \\M C New Ycrk . 37 10 .V87 C n»mi Boston 27 ]fl Cleveland 28 21 ChlCiiEo 25 22 Detroit 2fi 25 Washluelon 1031 Philadelphia St. Louis . n!nv-ofr for (lie division .SSTntiri nflor 'hut., the winning rlubs .571 of fich <HvI.c|rin will rapo*, In i\ ,5S2mal(-h fo 'It-cirtfl the chamouwhlo .StOof liic os^ooifttlon. 10 31 .380 Permanent, tronlilrs will be n\r m 1831 ,367 to c^>ch divl'ton chamnlou. v\\>\ n 14 35 .280mastf7 iro"'^r in I'-.i nvnclailnn " " "'— chnnru>:n. However. In rriiln nr- r A new twln-molcred plane, wilh mnnciH nosscsslou of ihk btior jpeclally designed flaps on (he lead- Ircnhy. the simc c!ul> must ™\n it ng nnd trailing crf^es of the wings, ihrcc consecutive seasons Drvior is reported to be able to land almost was the association winner last v*»rlir»ftiltf Thn p1ifi« (...»..., _.i '"oi as vertically. The ship I; powered with year, two 125 horsepower pusher-type motors. Courier Nrw« <vnnl tag number in National Park, in Alaska McKlnley Spiders do not all: W dew to remain on their webs for long They pluck at the foundation Hives and set the web to vibrating, which 1 shakes off the dew. NO OTHER "MAKIN'S" TOBACCO LIKE IT! SMOOTHER, TASTIER "BITE" IS REMOVED PRINCE ALBERT Today's Games Northeast Arkansas league Jonc.sboro at Newport. Cariithersi'lllc at Paragi;tiUl. Southern League Chattanooga at Memphis, night game. Knoxville at Birmingham, two games. Atlanta at Little Rock. Nashville at New Orleans. Kntionat reagut Boston" at Pittsburgh. ' Brooklyn at St; Louis. New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at'Cincinnati, night game. American League Chicago at Washington. Detroit at Boston. New York. Only games scheduled. Grass Sown on Lawn But Potato Vines Grow CLEVELAND, O. (UP) —Young scientists at the Case School of Applied Science and their professors thought it would be a cinch lo predict what would grow on the liuvn of llicir new' $300.000 lafoor- alory. Grass had been planted. But. (he grass, when It grew, was dotted thickly with new potatoes. The question now: Whether lo take out the grass and grow po- UUoes, or to pick the potato seedlings out of the top-soil. The spinning spools of the spider are openings to internal silt: glands, and Ihe thickness of Ihe thread depends on Ihe number or glands put into action. THE NATIONAL FRIDAY and SATURDAY SPECIALS 101)7 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. A Reality I ;1!m Ford V-S "GO" Touring Sedan.... -.J936 Ford V-8 Tudor, with trunk ......S2!)S 1935 Chevrolet Coach. New tires & Motor A-l 5219 1935 Ford V-8 Tudor. T.ow mileage .§195 -..193(5 Terraplunc. Coupe. Special $11!) 1933 Chevrolet Coach. Ueal good second car §13i) 1931 Chevrolet Coach, nlotor overhauled §119 M929 Ford Model A rick-up Truck §37.50 —TRUCKS— 193-1 Chevrolet l!/,T Truck. D. W. Only. 5 99 1937 Dodge 1«/ 2 T. Truck. D.W., 158" W.H §269 1937 Chevrolet 1 ViT Truck. D.W. 15S in. W.U.. .§26!l 1933 Chevrolet 11/ 2 T Truck. Dual Wheels. ..,§ 9'J 1935 Fonl V-8 I'ick-tin Truck. Motor Overhauled S139 1937 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck. Very low mileage S31I5 35 More Trucks & Pick-ups to Choose From Open Nights & Sundays Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. For Demonstration Phone G33 FATHER'S DAY SUNDAY, JUNE PALM BEACH SOLAR WEAVES They're cleverly woven to shed the sun's rays like an umbrella sheds the rain . . , Millions of "open windows" woven in the cloth let your b'ody breathe — keep you cool. They weigh less than 31 ounces in a size 37 suit. I hey wash or clean like new—shake out wrinkles overnight. Your choice of dark browns, blues and grays for business — and lighter tones for sports. Handsomely tailored models feature the new Palm Beach drape and fit. See them today—at the price that makes several a cinch! . SOLAR WEAVE SLACKS • $4.75 R. D. Hughes & Co. Other Suggestions for FATHER-DAY" ARROW and WILSON BROS. Beautiful n e w summer pblterns, also new designs in while' air-cooled shirts . give Dad a set of three. U P 'Val-A-Pak or Gladstone Bags $10.95 up Men's Sport Slacks $3.95 up Hickok Belts : ; 50c & $1 Dobbs Straw Hats : $3.50 up Arrow Handkerchiefs 25c up Tie & Handkercbiei Sets $1 - $1.50 Priestly and Arrow Ties SI Hickok Jewelry 50c up Terry Cloth Summer Robes $3.50 up Each Gift Individually Boxed R. D. Hughes & Go. Headquarters for Hoy Seoul Uniforms & Shoes

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