The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1934
Page 6
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J£,: : .'-;KAGE.-SK Ross Crowned Lightweight Champion Steele, Leachvillc Seek Title ,for Second Time; Luxora, '33 Winner. Out The fourth an>:i:al Blythevllle invitation baskel'isll tournament will be at the armory here Fri. day and Saturday with four Mls- Mi'Eljipt county, Ark., and four Pjmljcot county. Mi., schools slat. ir 1 to have quintets In the competition. In addition to Ihe Ulytheville .Chicks, who Incidentally arc con- c-ded an excellent chance to win their own InvUal'on tourney for .the first time, other Arkansas learns taking part will be Leach- \ille, Osceola and Wilson. Steelo, Holland. Cooler and Braggadocio lire the Missouri fchcols to be represented. The tourney will oiwn nt on cTUock Friday wit'; four games l hs played during the afternoo: and four games Friday nighi l-:rst round losers will play for . consolation cup vith both th cl'ampionshlp finals and the con eolation finals to be staged Sat tida'y night. Srek Second Title Two former winners of tlie in . vitation cup will attempt to re iv/al [n the tounvy. The Steele . quintet captured honors In thi first tourney, staged In 1931 J eachvillc won tlw trophy in 1932 Luxora, winner In 1933, will no defend, its title. Neither wll ..Shawnee, another colorful team .'vh!ch has been go'ng strong this ;ear with the excretion of a loss to Trumann, participate In the .tourney. Luxora defeated Steele !" to 17 • In the finals of last jear's meet.- Drawings for Hie tournament have not yet been announced but \vll probably be released tomor- Cage followers generally concede that thc Bl.vtheville Chicks the team to beat to win the invitation title. The Chicks were r.jf.0 figured on strongly before test year's ' invitation meet but AVI re eliminated without reaching ibe finals. The 3 H. s. cagers ;were again believid to have an excellent chance In the county tourney only tc lose put again tut -flashed- fnlo leal form Inter -f taking the Fourth Arkansas District title at Jonesboro. ?,iiis year Coach W. D. '.'Mac" McClitrk- m believes • his aggregation is rounding . Into shape earlier than •I. did last season and the word Jias gone out down the line that ihc Chicks will be the team to v.&tch .again. : _ Chk-ks I|»ye Ktstnts r,^ Pt °, n and " M «iiey. Blythcvllle .. -. ««•!>« forming in a * ." S mot wlth Wo™! r tutors. Probaily the 'ri tv , surp ^ sc ° ; .^e year has •"* n -the play of Koehler, nrst jear guard; Koshier played with ii last season «r.d Lsned {£ into lhc varslty ime - u i> the CWckasaws Ruth Signs! Barney Glad His Second Victory Proved First Was No Fluke. KDITOR'S NOTF: This i. Ilic j bn of a series of throe arllrlrs un Ilii- life of ISariify Ito ss , ii B ;a- wiighl chant ilon of tht world. BV KIM, HKAUCHKK NKA Service Sports Killlnr CHICAGO, Jnti. IV.-tjitt swing the big chance came for Hniney Ross, a battle hr-rc with Tony Cnnzonerl for the lightweight championship of thc world. He went Into the fighi the un- denlop In the betting. And why not? Since Tony had won the title biick in 1930 by n one-round knockout of Al Slnsor. he Hail I onen supreme among die licht- TOlghts. He had HOIK- up .ind down the country beating Hr- lx?s! of the contenders. Tony KM a fi.-tt-cluss fiRhtint; mon-antl still is, for that matter Hto was not. long ln« that in One Year Ago Todiv Sarazen named Bobby 5 ,~ Gclle Ihe greatest eolfer^h eve ' Hv asseiling that he wn s " master of nil the linrd ,i? n , lp 60 l f ' u snots world record for the 00 « fl V' 0 skating dash, being clocked M r" seconds over the distance. J '~ G. G. CaudiU e n a "roblem on hfs hands. Tony Is a By .NEA Like;all-fat men. Bob "Patty Fothergill, former Detroit "' "•" —: is funny. One of the most comical Red Sox rolt team-mato of the round one. • Ty Cobb, then manager of the Tigers. ,wns keeping check :s ana brmef De- on Fatty's „„.. . . - - .«.«. .IV ;ue UtlmlLlOU patted his rounded.paunch and safd:' ',•-' ' : .V-:=:-- • ln "t aV '. v^.', l dotl ' l " thlnk Cere's •»nothc^bflitte-:c board and red.-hf.aded like the •'teran Purtle who Is at center lids year. '.Wilson, the other guard js a good shot as well as a fair HH?r Sve ^ ! » T the starting line-up. ^Ryi^ 1 i" Fnrtle's understudy at center rrogdon and Bums hold down the are -capable guards. Caruthersville, Man Heads "Little So Conference , MO.-ROS- C?ruth P « f," 6 ' ^^rtntendent of i-aruthersville schools, was chosen president of. the Little ^SE Wic conference of Southeast Mis™™ '"..IM* "at the annual meet- liS at Charleston. Floyd Barnhar . pr o fessor of vocatlonal -n. ^f '" the local ^h 001 ^. »'i» named fecretary-treasurer. L J Schuiu, . cape Glrardeau, is ' the new rtce-presWent. Dex(«r was chosen as the meeting place .for 19K. At the meeting at Charleston H -was suggests that the confer-' *'? ce1 - be enlarged to include eight " » ™ n ? b< "' «th« than the six, so that smaller schools would have to play the larger schools A committee of Pierce! 5 Sehulta and G: R. Loughhead of Poplar Bluff ^ them. They are to re- P«t at a conference meeting at Dexter pyi. i wh 6 'Towns comprising the Little Sin Conference are: Poplar Bluff Charleston, Cape Glrardeau, jack- am, Dexter, and Caruthersville. b Orcr-Smitbed EAST BOOTHBAY, Me. (UP) — Two men by the name of George Smith, and two girls named Thelm» Smith, lire on Church Street the. shortest one. In the town .When letters arrive for either ol Uwm, the mailman just guesses to whom they belong. ^They are related., • not in.iae In the early ^r*^?"-*SfeSsr: in New York.' of beer to be had jaw Jell. '" he snapped' at Fatty. ' ' 1 ^"J'y twiinv the culprit' stammered that'll cost yon «na and Slides Bill Braucher The Reds' N cw Boss Bob O'Farrell has signed fighter who fights each ferently, changing liis .< ly if he finds tlmt he no headway. ~ | "In the first roimd." Barney i told me later. "Tony heaved a flock of left hooks nt me. Th,' fight was barely started when I to wonder if dial was the only punch he had. I figured an effective defense and counterpunch for him. hardly used his" left*hand"™ al bill kept throwing; rights So I started to teft-jab him. in the c next round he danced In and OUT e flickering at me stiff-armed first discover 5MO „ ,e ° ' V NCW York a $17,000, but Babe Ruth h?re, he signed a 1934 Jacob Rnppert Heft), ownpf ol Jn spite of th = reduction from his 10M nd °of ° Wr "oss ,, as had about 50 f, 8 ht.s as versavy. ', he .said, "just as soon i a future planned for tlic H»V' J£$™ «'"• H..-IS 1 wS 6 no lone?> ^^^ "I want to continue as lightweight champion throughout my career." lie said, "and retire unde- In the late summer, they fought again, this time 'M New York ''Tony changed his style again." Chicago . had He just missed fa lm wor](1 ;eries, being traded back lo si ujuis after the season of 1932 it would have been his third world series, his first having been with the Cubs In 1918 In New York he to guess it was his idea to watch j n chance when I would come Five Years Ago Today — The Giants added two right-handed recruits to their rosier— ., T got my second wind. l' d ° th , c I<Mdin g- I iras ready for wiled Into him then W<MI every-1 Ihing I had. We fough; th e kVJ . Mirec rounds at a hard pace. midj lor a cnnncc when I would comei"" ! Tony's age told on him. He wilted. »' carelessly and then let me have 11™ : 1 felt sure I had won ns I v.-e« tllc ri f' is - Just as hc did Chocolate i ave j back to my corner after the tenth 110 l s o long ago. But I knew (he the I and last round." ' , kind of dynamite he carried, and but aggressively, , "' *>"W 1CIIJC llllut'- fe.ited like Benny Leonard After that I'd like (o go into something that all of us can do together and o'eor™"'^ 10 ""'*'- ^ Sammy ily business. The judges gave the dccisio,. ... Ross, but Referee Oilmorc called 1 . ^JllLl UJ- MMILtJIlllU | f6nght carefully, in to every minute. "When ,ny / aihcr was kfl| | a stlck-np man In his grocery, I <l it was up to me to pro- a IIVIIIB for my mother and . „ '"oungcr brothers. So far ] Chocotate r^J^ed,, I think r ln on 5r^i"« »^-«?ht. " To me that champion of the as well! Hie the decision in Chieayo _had_notj Read Conner News Want Aa s pass. But the next ball came close to being a serious mistake, r»« "1 « Jhjlf-specd pitch,. Inside. I Uiacrl toe* > terrific cut. but | I „ a ' 5 « con a t<w soon, and the major rrm. completing the roster of league managers for 1934 Not many will remember O'Far- fn n™ °f nC( K° f the ^""'''P^' "Ctors h., S ii , ' he mMt stirrUl 8 bits of bwctall drama of our times. That O'Farrell was catching for (he Cardinals. The Cards managed to get a one-run lead as the hard- fought game drew to a close. Then the Yankees threatened in the T»o As Lazzeri came to bat, Manager n yt ^ f the Carts ^nferfe Catcher O'Farrell and Pitch er Jess Halnes. As a result hc waved to Grovcr Cleveland Alexander who had been sleeping in Ai 6 ""I 1 ,,, 5 *" Rfter a nard n 'Kht- Alex still W as rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he shuffled to ^i^? X ^, He and O'Farrcl! told " au'a^ut Vetera " "''I 8 ' " * as kid (Lazzerl) has been overanxious to hit all during the series." O'Farrell muttered to the I Pitcher. I , Bob, keep your shirt on : and I'll set him down on strikes" —• proyer's amazing reply. Hcit to his posi- I'one-Dwelt K.Pi^i^ 11 «t u »«ed at once bc- hlnrt -the ptate, it 'being hi s Idea not-_to let Tony-get set. Alex caught on and went at once to the mound. OTarreU called for curve. Alex quickly . pulled • back .. L. fly - La ? zerl "it furiously at It, The peril had passed. Alex's name was shouted from the housetops that night In New York, but- the name of thc catcher was forgotten. As a reward for his labors of 1926, a season in which he caught ROXY Wed. and Thursday MAT. and Nile—10« - 25c Robert Montgomery and Madge Evans FUGITIVE LOVERS FOX NEWS COMEDY PERSONAL -/o a Lady * This evening when your husband comes home, what would he think if you greeted him in the .wedding dress you wore a good many years .ago?'One thing- sure—he'd silently wonder how you could have seemed so lovely then in an outfit that looks so olcl- rashioned now. We wonder if your husband realizes there has been as much change in furniture as in wedding dresses? (Remember what you told him the other day Most of the furniture in this house .was bought ngnt after, we were married.") There is no better time than now to greet him in that wedding dress-arid then show him the furniture advertisements in the newspaper! Today you can read .about and see pre-views of the furniture shows that will beheld next month, so close at hand And it will probably .surprise you to learn he is as thestore ^ T" aiU ^ n d ° n>t like to go throu ^ h home° Ver the advertiscment s .in the quiet of your <itiifral Insurance I0« N. Broadway Phone 197 Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Nile 6:45, 10-35c IROS. DIFFERENT MUSICAL! f.iice "Gold Diggert" and "42nd Str«l"'in 'great- lias only'. Paramount News Musical Short Thursday & Friday MAT. and NITI^-10c-35c INNXXCE iA romance-hungry .j fgirl knowing>o»h- ing'iofilove.'exctpti ; what ,ih i'im'a gin e d.'. " voo "nKmVfrT tF b °. a good time to'get him to say yes about that new furniture you've been wanting? Travel Ta(k "A Day in Venice" Catktt & Palleitc Comed

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