The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1930
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE; <ARK.J COURIER-NEWS Wick and Play" Lutes on Scoring Spree; Evaclale Forfeits Game to Gosncll in Teulh Inning. • ' Tho Aik-Mo Power learn, making its debul in tlie Aik-Mo Sun.''.' day amateur sail loop, wa* ni«n a - crushing setback by dw foriiudab:-' : Lutes nine yesterday. 28 f) 5. Tin ' Lutes team was on llu- nlfuisiv:'' ';.. from the start nnd swept the !".-.•.• . " er team Into a lopsldrd de!cai. I '»' In tlie Cliicknsaw lonp Hnv-i j :'• stepped out in front hy «.-all'i|j I . ing Burdetle and continurd I -" show the »'«y to llie olhl ' r '»""'- ! v bers of ihe-Junior loop. H-jl!ar ' j and Wjlsr.i. found themselves ill : j tie Sunday for le.idHshin in th •;•• Ark-Mo circuit, ns tlie Wilson i«3ii> \ lost to Cooler. 7 " -The Wilson team was lliuiti'.I by -: one run by Cooler while ihe Mis- j -v- Miirl io.uad counted five Umes. li'il- . ,: land swamped Higluov.-er. which | 7-- lias yel lo win a gnme, 18 to 3. Eva- , '••' dale forfeii«l its game with Oos- ! nell when a dispute over ihe bul- -''. ting order arose in the tenth i:' . ning of a tensely founshl sirui-Kle. In the Chtckasaw loo;) Howe •- walked over Burdene, 9 lo 5 nntl ! Promise Land handed Fiat Lake '" a drubbing 23 lo l>, featured by tv;o hcme runs by J. Bontwrighl. Urns : ' Oak, sent Dell further Into the cel- •''•" lar with an 18 lo (i walloping and !?; Minyanl and Little River filled lo ; '' report their game. 1 1 •' Box scores of several ot Ihe j : - games follow: . ! :• Lutes AB ' H , - Caldwell « •> .'/ ' Phillips U Odom Ib Lutes cf Bright rf Jenkins ss-2b Rooster 3b ? ? 1 Overtoil c Reed p Robins Downed hy French and Bucs; Van kens Beat White Sox. Wa-Jilajjlon i.b.-tivc'd .lex: .ludfje Day recently, honoring U'.2 veteran :irsi baseman's ir> yinis of service with the Senators. Ai the top Nick Altrnck. left, and Al Kchaclit arc shown In one of the tense .situations of tlir-lr iv> w dniinn, "Foul Piny," with Art Shires iw referee. Jnc Is pictured Ijdmv, Ml. with Walter Johnson Totals Ark-Mo. KiUinger rf Whitworlh Ib Browning If P. Thrasher cf Johns is LOSE TO -------H, Q erfc k .*..:::::::::'.::: J " ? All About Souihcm League wc«is p ....... ...... jL_ 2 _li Upset; Pebbles Break 0 i Totals .... Howe Store Bankeston . H. Smith .. Sonfoid — Bruce Alexander . Brys P. smith .. Davis 35 S hven in iwo. cd llltle belter. Lungford and Shee- luin crashed homers. Bletlien was winning hurler. GLOBE, Ariz., (UP)—The land ot their ancestors may be all It's cracked up lo he but. two Chinese residents of this city who have just returned From ii visit to China, will "siring along" wl'Ji Nnclc Sam. They are Dea Gin Foo, pioneer Olobc cafe proprietor, and D. Johnson. Each agree that tho outstanding impression gained dur- NKW YOHK.—The Philadelphia Athletics went back inlo'the'Amer- ican league lead yesterday as the a ntuors slipped after fighllng a ding-dong battle with 'the-Detroit Tigers. The Brooklyn Robins lost but the Chicago yub'i ,losl two, thanks to a Boston Sunday closing low. ; ' •:•'-• The Tigers'- made- It two out of tlnce over Washington by. winning. to 4,- Washington dropped .to second place In the league standing. Kcirrell pitched steady., ball for tin Tigers .while Jones, and Burke did I'.oi fare sn well. " ' The Ma'ckmen burled ' tiie St. LuuU Browns under an avalanche of base blows 12 to l. Al Simmons crashed Ills 21st homer of Ihe sea- MIII. MaHaltey was Ilie ' winning hurler. The Cleveland Indians .swepl over ihe lioston Red Sox 11 lo 3. The Indians gol oil to a galloping .start In ihe first, inning with five runs.' Morgan crashed one of the long-, est homo runs witnessed at Cle.viJ- land in the Knmc.' The New York Yankees subdued a threatening Chicago rally in tr\e' ninth Inning to win over the White Sox 7 to 5. The Chicago team counted three times in the final stanza but Ihe Shawkey ere* managed to halt the threat. ' Bherld was the winning hurler. Larry French, Buc ace, won. over .liimbo Elliott, In H hurling Uudand the Pirates heat the pace-selling llobins 1 to 0. Pittsburgh got bul lour hits off Elllolt while tfic Robins hit French for nine but failed to dent the scoring column. The 0 o'clock Sunday closing law In MassachiiselLs was put lo a test yesterday iir the second game of a double bill between tho Cubs and Braves. The Cubs drove In four runs In the half of the ninth but Ihe score reverted 'back to the count at Ihe end of '[1: Al In a recent game belv/een I)) 1 .' W/ilte Sox and St. Iritis Ilroivnv there weren't quite 500 p(-o,)le in tlie St. Louis toll park, and non" o( ilieni could £ivc a satislactoi-y reason for being thr-re. —The CDlcogo man who Y.-HU Into a deep coma ihe otlitr day after ([linking n sleeping p-jllon pioli- ably was just another White Sox fan. , —They call Ihe method of wage-ring on horses in Ohio the "cnjit:-'- billlon system." Wi-ll. ari-n'l ill-:-.,all "contribution systems"? !•:<:!:. ansv-f-rs yc.s, when you l:eL ttioin «n the no.s? and lliey run second. il'hllunlhrupists? The Minneapolis bookmakers wlui f : ave 1 10 f> fin Hoijby Jones certainly were one biji-hcailcu bunch well wishers. I job of managing (lie Brooklyn ball! ] luck li> ihe game to conrli. Thr j Hull wns iifffi'fd lo llir>hey Jen | nliijs In 1019, bin llngluiy cV.uldn'l ' ; pel uv.-ay from l>lroil :,r> li? recommended Koliblu. Now Mr. Rob; luson Is giving Mr. Mcfiiaw not,) ! fn|; l)ul traiblc for his ]i;lns l.i 1 bringing him luck lo th» KJDIJ, —Jon Steven*. forniPr coach of ! George Simpson, says tlvj'. \.-lir-n ; Eddie Tolan has one of Ills :lay.-1 •• no mere mundane man can boat ! i him. , —We are cITerlng ihh tl]i t-. c Cieorgfi Simpson fine. Ciecigp, y.ii know, has a bushy lira I of hai-. ! W:ir-n he races next, why doesn'j I hr cut clown hl.s wind j-csl«.taiii ; l;y liavlnv, U clicked ilownV I Otto Young and Ralph Long Head Line Card; Burton and Sandy Also oh Deck. Southern i.rague .' . W. Memphis CO New Orleans 49 Birmingham 48 -Joe McCarthy reluscd to di^- '•. Atlanta 47 cuss the .status of Rogers Ilornsbv ILItt ' 6 nock 48 Ihe niher day in Doslon. bill it n -Cluiltiinonga 4S. a prclty safe lict, I understand. | Nashville 18 thai Ihe Hajali will play no innsej Mobile 2f; baseball for Ilie Chicago Cubs. — If the Cubs win the National j • National League /.'ague pennnnl, they will have LI . W. eUer Infield lhan tht> American .I'liimrtelphla 5fi ;ue winner, unless Washington . Washington 53 appens'to-cop. As now compoic:lJNew York 41 he infield consists of Cirimm. Blnir, Cleveland AB. .. S ... 3 ... -I .; ... 4 ... 2 ... 4 ... 4 Totals .... Burdette Ford A. C Stanford .. Clyde Joe Curtis .— C. Y. ..... Jlmmie — Dick Tale All. !! R. 4 0 4 0 4 1 -1 4 4 1 Totals ^ S fi Batting averaees of leading Holland hitters: Holly .667. Ooza .047. B. Edwards .481. Jackson .521, Hrathrote .SOD. Pitching records of Holland hurlcrs: R. Edwards, wone four and lost one. .800; Morlin won nil" and lost one, .500. Standings Ark-Mo I.casiir \V. Wilson - r ' Holland 5 Gosnell 5 Evadale z Lules * Cooler 3 •.tower 0 n - \ ATLANTA, Ga.—The lowly Ma- n j bile Bears Mir.mised themselves and ' ' evevyhotly cl.-i; Sunday hy handing the high stepping Clicks a i:i lo 0 walloping at. Memphis. The Icngne leudcrr, pUtying (in their hcimpdln- nioiid. wrie no match for the Konthrrii Ifnv.ii: 1 nijihaus autt cel- lurilcx The nears got off to n llyinustnrt with ave runs In Ihe firs', iiinlu:: U I and were never headed, l.eounrd^ 0 who irllevrd Croson. was Ihe wln-j 1 I nliiB pitcher. 5 1 i Tin' Nashville Vols anil Little' (1 ; Rock Traveleis divided a two same o i bill nl Nashville ye.sterday. The •i! Vobi won Ilie tlvsl cnme 12 lo V, o i but l!:o Pebbles cnme back lo tnkt 1 . ji: (lin second, 5 to a. Pooli>. socking n I Vol first. Backer, crashed two home __ i inns. Mi-Coll was the winnlui; hurl- r, ; er in tlie first contest and lu-kcrl in the second. The New Orleans .Pels had on their halting clothes Sunday nnd pounced on two Baronial hurler.s lor 18 binges nnd n 1'J to !> iri- i iimph. Gliatlo hurled ihe win for , llic Pelf. : The Atlanta Crackers bombnnl- i cd Ihe Chattanooga Lookouts for ; a 11 lo 2 victory. Dauey, Chattn- i ncoga hi'.rler, was knocked from tliD box nnd replaced by Kavr whofiii 1 - Ing their tour was the friendly llludt of the Chinese towards the United Read Courier News Want Ads. elghth whe.n the thrie for play wai declared lip. Accordingly Ihe Bj-iive. won the nightcap ? to 0 after'(uk Ing ihe first game 2 to 1. The. Cincinnati Retls'. wirjnlii ?trcnk which had reached sever straight was,..hailed by'.the. tie- York Gianl^\. Sunday. 'The; Me Gran-men woU S to 5 niakln^ l lilts. Harry Heilmaiin injured couple of fingers. Hcvlng wh turned In a good job of relie pitching for Ih'e Glnnls,,go.^ p for the win. "'... '' '- ' : Manila Team Defeats •nglisli and Deck. ' Detroit . —While talking about infield:., Chicago 0 no: overlook the sprightly com- jSt. Louts inatlon of SIsler, Magulre. Ma-!Boston . ailvllle and Chatham. . Mnguire ; ailed .252 last year, bill he's np American I.eajne here around .30fl nov; ami looks I W. ooils. These two old people, Sis- jBrooklyn 4G ?r and Maranvlllc, however, have j Chicago 4C seen hitiing 'em from town to New York own. Chatham, tlie new boy from 1st. Louis . lie coast, was hilling .331 the olh- iHoston ... day. ! Pittsburgh 31 • ' • Cincinnati 34 Smart Too i Philadelphia 27 They call the Boston Braves' [ manager "Lucky Bill" MuKeehnie.' He won pennants for Pittsburgh and St. 1,01115. All first division teams In the National League, please lake notice. The bean-gar- are knocking right on the door, uml viciously. —Young Stribllng is going lo have both hands plumb full when he enters Ihe ring against Phall- Ing Wiil Scott. And he will nol noil him to the canvas with a left hook In round one. Laugh if you care lo, bin Phil Scott knows exactly how to catch a left hook with his el- b3»-. and ynu cnn'l knock out a man by hitting him on the elbow. "Comt Hit Me mi the Chin" Wilbert Robinson quit baseball years and years ago and opened up .u butcher shop in Baltimore, but, John Joseph McGraw hired him Pet Ml 557 .539 .516' J\iONlMY,,.iUI.Y 14, 1930 nd Sandy RldftSft* 'rugged coun. ry boy. tnngle in another bout 1ml should prove of more than nssliiK Interest. Burton declarer ic will sliow the rugged Sandy Hie way to the canvass with some hard lunching but pre fight talk lias oiled to worry Saiuiy as yet. Huron Is undoubtedly ilie belter bo*-- tr of the two but whether he will be able to stand the pw« >hat Sandy will set Is another maUe.r.' Two other bouts mid a baUle oyal will add to the action for Hi? lopular price show. .418 .418 .315 .059 • C54 Ralph Long, St. Louis negro ar- livcd here yesterday, ready he claims;! lo give Otto Young, loca sewailon a sound trouncing when the two featherweights nice m Hie regular weekly fight shov, lonlglu. Young got ihe referee': venlicl over l.onfj in n bout here a number of weeks ago and Ilie Si Louis negro Is out to even mailer tonight it is staled. Young un- | doubtedly has ihe biggest soi-k but Long apparently knows tiuite a bit | about, the glove racket. Don Burton of one round fame | claims of Manila lo the cliampion- I ship ol this section were further | advances yesterday when Ihe local learn defealed Paragould 10 to G. Monk Wriglu was on Ihe mound for the home team, and pitched air-light, ball up to tlie eighth in« ning when ihe visitors pusiud four runs across Ihe plate. With the . .580 j score six to four against them. Ma nila came to bal in ihe eighth am" .500 .453 I*. 30 35 43 30 40 37 38 40 41 44 48 .386 .370 Pel. .005 .DCS .544 .519 .481 .474 .436 July 20th ST. LOUIS ;eiiL six tallies across. Eleven men balled In the one big inning. Hilling stars during the game were Young, left fielder, who had a ' i>erfect. day at bat with four out of four, and Henry, second baseman, with three in -five. Monk Wright continued his hilling, as he secured two singles in three limes at bat. His single In the eighth inning seiu two men in lo tie up the rount at si xall. Geaslin, 17-year-old shortstop, continued his preity fielding j His cool playing in the eighth re- j tired the rally of ihe visitors, a.s all three outs were made by Ins assists. Manila 10 15 D l J M' c J Paragould G 8 raragOUld Nine Sunday | Batteries: Monk Wright and Roth; Faulkner and O. McDonald. Avk., July 14.—The'Umpire: McCleury. AND RETURN Leave Blylheville 1:01 a. in. July 20th Ileturning. leave St. Louis 11:40 p. m. July 20th ' -, BASEBALL BASEBALL Browns vs. Washington ROUND TRIP FARF : NAMK A HNU CM YES' I ft^w' 4 Pct. ; ."14 • .714 : S; Chickasaw W. Hoire ................ 5 Promise Lnnd ....... S Lone OaVc ............ S Burdette ............. 3 Little River ....... :.- 2 Flat Lake ........... l Minyard ............. 0 Dell .................. 0 L. 1 2 2 -1 4 ' 40 RITZ THEATRE Monday and Tuesday Clarn Up in Arms, Landed Up in Arms, with "IT!" HOME THEATRE 'Monday and Tuesday a New Dramatic Here s Thrill. PPLAUSE QaramounS Qfftv.n ' KIARA BOW True to the Navy' because it is designed and built to big car standards of style/quality and performance----- Pontiac offers BIG car advantages because It Is'desi&netl anil built throughout to big car standards. It has the long, low lines and beautifully appointed in tcrloracharacteristlc of WB car stylu. Its engine and other vital parts are designed anil built to c .°"d ! p'L* «•*'*; rigid standards of big cur qualify. And "T''"i'^*'ifin!5 '"S car performance is assured by a 60-horsepower engine famed for Its speed, alertnessand power—the biggest engine In any six of Pontiac's price. Yet with all its big car qualities, Pontiac is one of the world's most eco- nornicalcarstoownandoperate. Ask us toprovethistoyou. Then drive thecar and learn why thousands who want to enjoy BIG car advantages at small car c«*t are turning to the Pontiac Big Six. The riculture ot tho fonfuo d»lf pric«» inciuff* lor «nr W5 PONTIAC BIG SIX Good Comedy. |Anchor Here! Gobs of Love! i Why Sailors Come Home! ] With good Comedy and Soiinil News Reel. Admission Matinee and Night. Admission -Matinee lfle-30c i 10c-25e " ( Admission Night liie-lOc -rKODUCTOf GINflM. KOTOKi- Lee Motor Co. Blylhevillp, Avk. University of Arkansas Fayctteville Docs Three Things: Is the only institution in Arkansas ofTcnng slumlord four-year courses in agriculture and home economics which lead to the de- Ijrcos of bachelor of science in agriculture (B. S. A.) and bachelor of science in home economics (B.S. H.- E.) All the subjects and course 1 ;! taught in the standard A. & JI. colleges of other states are taught in the College of Agriculture of the University of . Arkansas. The College of Agriculture trains young men and young women for practical work in agriculture and home eco- iiomic.s, for positions as leaders in cooperatives and other rural organizations, for positions in . counties <T* county agricultural agents and home demonstration agents, and for teachers in Smith- Hughes schools. Conducts an agricultural experiment station with three branch stations, of more than eleven hundred acres of land and well equipped laboratories, with the view to finding new facts about crops, fertilizers, animals, fruits, vegetables, injurious insects, marketing, nutrition, farm homes, disease's, and rural economics. Employs its graduates to take new facts found by the experiment station workers to the farm people of Arkansas by means of 1GG county agricultural agents, home demonstration agents, and other extension employes. Farmers' Week August 5-6-7-8 Is the next outstanding event of the College of Agriculture. Thousands of-farmers, farm wives, ami farm children will attend this event. All are invited. Farmers' Week offers an excellent opportunity to attend the largest Farmer?' Week in America and at the same time visit the standard College of Agriculture of Arkansas and the other colleges of the University. Come and see the new temple of agriculture built of Batesville marble, the high bred livestock, and the beautiful farm of .the main experiment station. If you come in your car, bring your camping equipment and spend a few days camping in the Ozarks. For additional information about the College of Agriculture and Farmers' Week address the Dean, College of Agriculture, Fayetteville, Arkansas, or your own county and home demonstration agents.

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