Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on April 26, 2008 · Page 2D
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 2D

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 2008
Page 2D
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2D ENTERTAINMENT PERSONALITIES DID YOU HEAR THIS' Osmonds will porform on Las Vogas Strip I AS VI (.AS Donny and M ii ic (Kiuoiul will perform in i 11 u t show .it the 1 1 iniingo I IS 1 - .IS llOtt'l I LSIIIOOII the 1 AS i y.w Strip Ix - jjniung St ptnnber I lit - brother - sister duo, who si irrt'd in the ' Donny & Marie' iriety show in 1976, will play c vday - Saturday shows for 26 wt i ks spread over eight months il iht 1 lamingo Showroom, a liott 1 official said Friday I V kets, which are priced at $85k $w and 5115, go on sale Monday Doriny and Mane ire timeless entertainers and cultural icons, ' said Don Marrandino, president of Flamingo (Las Vegas. Financial terms p( ttod deal weren't disclosed. The Flamingo, Showroom has, been darWmost of this month after Tbnl llraxton was hospitalized April 7 with ches pain. Braxton's,Las Vegaac'Tbnl Braxton.' Revealed," is in a two - year run that ends in August a the Flaminga Braxton is due, to resume her show May 6 after canceling several shows and taking a previously scheduled two - Wet k break. Report: Winehouse arrosted aftor scufflo LpNDON - Amy Wine - house was arrested on Suspicion of assault Friday following rt ports she scuffled With two men during A wild night out Sky News television rt ported Tht 24 year old soul diva who rt tently entered rt nab after yt ars of erratic bt havior and i nut ltd concerts, irrived at a I I ntr il t ondon police station to iiisvscr questions rt I iting to the ilk ,td incident hirrepresen t itiscs said I 'ohce didn't directly confirm ih it Winehouse was in custody, . tying only that a 24 year old woman was being held on sus picion of assault British author ities don t usually name suspects until they have been charged A man was quoted in tabloid newspapers as saying he was hit by Winehouse when he got in her way while she was playing pool at a bar in the Camden neighborhood, and she then he id butted another who was try ing to hail her a cab in the early hours of Wednesday morning SATURDAY APRIL 26 2008 POUQHKEEPSIE JOURNAL after meeting on the set qf the 2006 comedy Church Ball ' Among the problems the pair discusses with Judge Lynn Toler are Coleman s anger and intimacy issues Coleman and Trice agree they have 'ugly monthly fights If he doesn t get his way, he throws a teniper tantrum like a five year - old does I'rice says according to a transcript of the show He hkt, stomps the floor and yells, 'Meehhhh,' and starts throwing stuff around He bashes his head in the WaU too" Coli man says he gets frustrated heqauje "the mftfe is always the bad guy" "When I try to state my cse or explain things to her or try tb get her to understand my point of view1 Colentorf said, "my point of view doesn't" matter." "Divorce Court" is a syndicated show on which couples appear to settle real divorce bases, IV show's Judge resolves Issues such as alimony and asset division, and her decisions are legally bjndlng Lachey to host roality show on 'Musical' NW YORK - , Nick Lac Jiey is gping back tp high school, musically The 34 - year - old singer ha? signed on to host the upconv ing ABC reality1 show "High School Musical Summer Session," inspired by the Disney Channel phenomenon costar - nng 7ii Efron, Ashley Tisdalt4 and Vanessa 1 ludgens ABC said. Tht program debuts July 20, and will air Sundays and Mon. d lys for three wei ks bt fore st t thng into a Monday time slot Hit compt t it ion w ill ht at up as finalists participate in a summer music program one winner wil) riteive the oppor tunity of a lifetime becoming a part of High School Musical history ' according to ABC Open casting calls for High School Music il Summer Ses sion ' Will take place Sunday at Long Beith Arena in Long Beach ( alif, and May 7 at I hampion Stadium at t)tsney s Wide Worlds of Sports ( omplex ill Orland i Fa The age range for contestants Isl6 through 22 lilt audition process will be featured in e irly tpisodis of the show AIU said Journal iviri services BRIDGE Flamingo La Vagal Donny and Marie Osmond will debut as tho resident headlin Ing act at flamingo Las Vogas in September 'SNU aciross to debut In new cartoon show LOS, ANGELES - Amy Poehler is buif as a bee this weekend, and her alter ego, Bessie IJjggenbottom, pouldn't be happlef. On Friday, per new film, ''Baby Mama," made its theatrical debut. On Saturday1, Poehler fcoes from being hired td have a kid td being a kid in her pew cartoon shqw"The Mighty B."' Shcdoes get s0rrie timeofffrom SatuVday Night Live,'" Which is airing a repeat. The show, making its debut or the Nickelod.6ori cable network, was co - crpated by Poehler and slirs her as 9 - year - old Bessie, the most obsessive member of her Girl Scout like troop, the Honeybees She wears her uniform everywhere and has amassed thousands of merit badges for everything from entering a stray dog in a high end pt t show to riding a rolltr toister slit s too short to c,et on In real life 1'Othler wis i Brownie although not nearly is Successful at Bessie I think I made like a pt ncil holder and I went to a steik house restaurant Th it s all lean remember she said during a recent phone interview from hi r New York City home Coleman brings marital woos to 'Divorce Court' LOS ANGELES - Ihehon eymoon is over for Gary Cole man and his'new bride The 40 yiar - old actor and his 22 - year - old Wife Shannon Price are set to appear on TV s Divorce C ourt May 1 and 2 The couple wed in August North 04 utt J 7 S S VKI A7 q 10 b e Writ feast 4 A i QH A J 109 8 2 988543 K J 10 7S 3 1 South K Q 10 9 8 V i 4 QJ AK J 4 Dealer East Vulnerable, East West South Writ North East t Past 2 Pass 4 A Part Pali Pail Opening lead 3 May dummy help his partner? By Phillip Alder May the dummy draw attention to a renege (revoke) by sdefendef 1 You ire SouUi, the declarer In (our spades, West leads (he heart three in answer io his partner's opening bid, What would be your plan? In tho modern game. North's two - heart cue bid shows at least game In Vitatlortll .valilcs with three - card Or longer spade support (For experts I like the cue - bid to show exactly three - card support K I were North, I would bid two no - trump tp show four or more trumps with game invitational or stronger values Knowing when you have a nine - card fit can be invaluable I guesstimate that about 80 percent of the time you will take an extra trick with that ninth trump ) You have (our possible losers one spade, two hearts and one diamond But you have 10 winners four spades one diamond and five clubs If West has the diamond king, a shift to that suit by East at trick two or three would condemn your contract So assume Gait has the diamond king Then you will Uke those It) tricks unless you make the mistake of trying dummy i heart king at trick one That would allow East to win with his ace and to return a low heart, putting West on lead for the killing diamond shift Instead, play low from the board, which keeps Kast on lead and your contract safe The dummy may draw attention to a renege", but only after the play of the deal has finished This may make it tough to reconstruct the play and work out the penalty but it might make declarer realize that he should pay closer attention Copyright MOS Newspaptf FJiUrpriM Aua WORD - THE TIGRIS SLEUTH river I) V 11 Y I! R I N K I Ci 1)11 1 XVI S (J D A I) lid A II O M k I (i I K ( A l Y N I N I V I H V I S i) UP S I I I 1 0 8 I I N I l O S II I O R J N II I I ( A(S II A II A 1 A R A"Ti)Y X V S Y R 1 A N l V () II V II S Q I' N M R N N () II I' I S I 1 C K J II K A 1 C ! r L V, S K K I ,1 'cflUYXVU - MKAMAS r T It Q P 0 Ml, K I'HLOEL f nd iy unlisted DORR Hi'ul ifid Li - .tt.il Wiirds (irUii'o'ia(jram''lly run in alMiiulMns forward buiKWIwd tin uw.numlilMi!iliillj , WmliiyauiilNUdciulilill(.'AI'IAl 01 WAV llfcOfniles, 'LakeHW burns , S'la Analolia t LakOYan . "SaViMrri - .Tikilt CteslphQiv , Mosul ' ' Selena ' Turkeys Iraq i Nirteveh ', ShattalArab WnpiiViparUM'7iie ' ' ? i nr - iK.itisimttt Nj S3l mjlljj) (m o syv)iffi P (n (sH'yjXLABAg) A& CIIEUSII ( Q RR mVJ) a . , .iiLiimiiiii iji.i hi ii,, i ,ui i ii m ii,m null i.i uiam OF CRUELTY TO (C( Uy. ft Ls VNVZ L7iQrLSJL ffSu O S - al&fL an.mals MmB m ummt Www i The animals pictured below are Just a sampling of those awaiting adoption at the Dutchess County SPCA. For more Info call 845 - 452 - 1640 or visit www.dcspca.org. $ fr.BM' Joe Joe When your normal cup of Joe isnt enough how about a double with a twist? Mate Golden RetreiverAussie mix has all thg caffeine energy of an espresso capuocino and an iced coffee combined with a great personality Think Disney s finrfv. lAjith a rrar lata riarraa lBBBfli 3 Firecracker It may not be the Fourth of July but we re about to liven things up a bit here! Handsome gray and white tiger male comes to us via our Humane Law team Part of a seizure, this lean, but not, so mean purring machine is ready to light up your life Mystic Ag a mother she watched all of her kittens go to good homes Now she is hoping; for the same for herself A rough start on the street has left this lorti a bit people shy but she is learning to trust again A quieter home without dogs would be the ner a chance sne win De a great companion1 g!; k ! fT'iw.i Kya Say a big Hi Va to Kya a beautiful red and white female terrier mix Part of the wo ing lass bread this girl prefers to keep going and gong eager to work or play A good candidate for obedience class as this high ly motivated and intelligent girl jj will excel at all she doe? am wjr - n!! ' Ivy II you know how well ivy grows then you wont be sur prised with how quickly our Ivy has grown on you With striking resemblance Io a Russian Plue this all gray female sMorthair is very affectionate And with base ball glove sized feet she is adept at climbing and hugging espe dally around your shoulders rtum r" Ms Kitty Currently our lonqast term feline, this mostly black female shorthair seerhs to blend right in But dortl let that distract you her personality is unique and continues to grow In fart shes been known to be down right affectionate when the mood strikes her'i itt mm i&wMJi - fi asBslbfc. tt?cjf' Oscar The loss 6f vision should not mean the loss of love pr hope This handsome male chow may be vision impaired, but tor most part hrs everyday life is relatively normal Special assistance is needed in new situations but Oscar can quickly adapt to his new surroundings MHUtitr if . M 2b IHI'leMLJu .i liiK IskJfilimi'jitJiB - ' & " &. i jcwtanj Kitty. " Here Kitty Kitty" It's so natural it )ust rolls off your tongue Male gray tabby with (he supernatural good looks land personality answers to many variations Kit Kat Kitty witty Kit Kit he S just hdppy to have someone who shares affection with him is fyia a i u i Noah Noah way this guys gonna be at the shelter long Large male husky mx is great lor the jldei ipli 01 a horn with grown midriT si play a part here wh - r aiiuiiv , ,tn Key Intellicje ' and wen oehavea you d oe nappy i have a panion like Nc ah nearby V Raytene Oh the scandal! This young lady actually showed up far her photo shoot in me buffM Duff olored fur that ls But don t be surprised by her antit s This girl an be a bit spontaneous leaving th aay wide open for po .ibililies so if you like the swoet ano mnoi ent look with a wee bit )f the Devil inside Raylene v tor you BEACON BARKS! 7 , . vv. t: - The Dutchess County SpCA and The Beacon Barkery, are '. proud.tq' present .the sedbnd annual Deacon Barkfjjtreetl ......... !.. WV..W, - ., r - f - .M .v.,. .,... . (M" - WIU W.WUpll,n on Main Street, Beacon frorri Pte 9D east to Digger phelpsl nuau.M uny oi Diiufjfjiny, uniiny any iruiung wiin,jyourj canine companion In downtown Beacon, ComJonjfhe DCSPCA and other local animal shelters In a celebraton"of K jia'dopted pets. . Lo,fj of dogs available, for adoptlonTiTop L'.notcn uog UDeaience (lairy - u. nun uuis urooming. MTA K9 Buamu, ouu,iun ana a paraqe, everyone is invneo io mm fin the parade with a canine companion. Parade tine ufTat I am n nam square , ueacon. MOf turner; l o:30am a istM Cup to maktf dog masks to wear In the parade. vour doa and comnefe for a Bast tri Rhoui Imobu" if " - - - - - T - r ' ;. - - - " - ' - " - ' - T"T iimormation, pieasa can ueacon l$L3Latiiiiur imvom SS Wmmm

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