The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1934
Page 5
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JLYTHEVILLE. Ci4ssiffiED SECTION - PAGB wa C 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BAD10S . M* ai at Hibbart Hutonrt C«. r rate per une ror COQKCU- Hie Insertions: (five avenue wonta to * line) One time per lice ............ lO Tv.o times per line per day .. 08c lime times per linn per day .. 08o bis times per line per day .... OSc Uoath rate per lloj .......... Mo charge Ho Ads ordered for three or sli tones and stopped betore expiration fin be charged for the number of times tl-e a4 appeared sajutmert ol bill nude. All Classified Advertising cop; luiinltted by persons residing out- I'rie of the city must be acoom- lanled by cash, Rate* may be easily computed from above table No responsibility win be taken for more than one incorrect in- ceitlon of any cla&ftfled ad. Advertising crdered for Irregu Jar Insertions take ttie one "*"• rate. Phone 306 or 307 USED CARS WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN MJY A (iOOD USED CAR ON 01'R EASY PAYMENT PLAN •26 FORD COUl'E. Special .. 5 4 T8 OAKLAND SEDAN. Clean As A 1'iii. Rnns Good $ »a ''M FOltD CABRIOLET. A-l Condition : (j '29 PONTIAC COACH 5165 •jft CHEVROLET COACH .... $1». TRUCK SPECIALS 'W FORD DELUXE PANEL . $ 95 'SO DODGE PANEL $163 "fi. FORD J;4.,TON TRI4CK. ( Closed-.C%b, Dual Wheels .. .?3tK> 'M CHEVROLET i\-- TON TRUCK. Closed Cab ? S;> Many Others To Choose From Terms To Suit Your Pocket Book PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 200 East Main Strut rhoiie 811-81} Ulytheville, Atkauaf. D1RECTOBY EXPERT Tyfewriter and n Machine Repaurinf. u. S. Blank enship, U6 U. Bos*. Call 16S-J. 21c kl-2 AUTOMOTIVfi Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Arfe-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k2-10 Call 308 - Rtd's pUc* - 118 E. JIalo For Auto Painting Body and Fender Service _ 29ckl-29 __ LARG"EST~STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis AUo Auto Glass— Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 3c ELOW PRICES on winter car needs heaters, alcoiio', GPA glycerine Mcxicl T tops & side curtains $1.93 up. WOLF ARIAN, 128 E -Main. 23c j^.^ Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires -Balterfe* - Replacement Parts HUBBARD HARD WAKE CO. Automotive Dtpt. Ick2- CLEANERfc. TAILORS To look your best is always essential. 1ft us keep your Clothes fit. Unique Llraninf Service Call 171. 20-ck-20 CAKl'ENTERS R. i. Peterson—2» N. 21 St. Carpenter work of ail kinds. FOR SALE FIVE Pool Tables itid other equipment In billiard hall doing good Business. Cheap. Mr.v Ed Webster, G16 Lake. Call 745-J. 17pkl9 FORDSO.V Tractor equipped »ith disc turning plo'.VE. Paul Byrum. 17c k2« Stonevillc tto. 4 COTTON SEED price $1.75 hundred. S«e F. Black or Clarence McDermott at Bly- If.cvilie Gin. 5c R2-5 FURNITURE: Content* five room hou-w. Good condition, reasonable prices. L. E. TULL, 1302 Hcarn Street. • I6pkl9 1 pair males—?»0 1 pair mules—S25» . i farm w^ons—>26 each. Trinllyfarm qorulrwitlon Co. I2c k!9 HATTERIES New Ford Batteries RcnUl - Kecharglnt - Repairing If TIRE & BATTERY STATION Hn Xl-28 COAL * WOOD PHONE in "O«r Ci Bat We '--'- BUCHANAN SEEDS * PLANTS' Book seed with us new for March delivery. ,They art sure to be higher. Hubbart Hdw. Co. cka Can or Battleship" M»de by Court Sn!, Fla. (UP)-Tho i»t« supreme court has just de ned the (jlfferenc? between a tin in and a baUleahlp. A Duval county flrin, wnldi lanufactures (in tans, asked for S yeare tax e«empilon op certain iroperty under a statute which Tfovldes that manufacturers of jst«l «8Mla" be chanted tlw ex- PEAL ESTATE FOR SALt. M am*, all fa) ntti Tation. 0*» Bile iMtk M Cot JKU K*ia*4 Green. (ckU OMU ta. Ktt mr IMI SM who* w* IMT* to «• K.W.TKT7 Itol»H Derte. Tetrr-W«rtUn(tai TMh C*. We kl-SJ BGGS WANTED FOTOTKY HIGHEST PRICES PAID Ca* Feed SUre 1U Eatt Mala l«t*2-lt tinti <w daoljr, tfimt .., „ nerjr. Pickjud's grocery, ItM Cnlckasawba. 6;lk2 iNDER FOR RENT UnfurnUhed Rooms for ugh ; housekeeping o r bedrooms STEAM HKATED, HghLs, water frnth, Free. Peabody Hotel or cal 231 TWO ROOMS furnished for li housclceeplng. 622 W. Main. 'A....! - . ISc-kt MCELY Fumlahed bedroom, (ijhen 303. 310 w. Walnut sfree,t. , TWO furalshed rooms."" llgh lights, bath, garage. Reasonable 1601 W. Ash. STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 51 W. Main. Phone S8. 2c k2- PURNISHKD bedroom, J017 W WaUiut. Mrs; Bd Hardin after 5 p. m. 28-ck-tf PurnlBhed Apartment in Wart Apartments, 1031 West Ash. Will be vacant January 1. Call 650 ct-t MODERN Three room AparUnea with bath, unfurnished, . Phone *• . ' "J7-«k-tf FOR LEASE For Iea»: 49 .icres cut over Itni Two year leas*.' WH1 bnili ho 5 mil« west of BJyiheville. Con «ay 4 HeucMrs.. .. I5c kU WANTED We pay more for pecans, furs hides, brass, copper, radiators aluminum, leal, batteries. Phon 17d, Wolf Arian. 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 JIALE HELP WANTED WILL PAY CASH for good cheap '31 or '32 Ford coupe. Joe. Apple teum, Famous Store. 1T C X2 MAN Wanted to £upply~!ustomers with famous Watkins Product* :n Bly,theville. Business eatabitahed earnings average ?2o weekly, pa' ilarts Immediately. Write J Watkins Co, 70-74 W. Iowa Are Memphis, Term. n p m LOST Three SOLICITORS to sell easy selling article 1-cre. Pay every Might. McKlnney, GofT Hotel. • 17p It ? ob -' i " lc <J >»rse BULLDOQ Ri^hl „ ° Wn spot over e >' e - WiU Rrchardson, Route 3, Box 85. RE- WARD - ' ANNOUIs 7 CEMENTS ," 8 r °" Binall y was as much "" ° f ' 0xcn and ' a ln a . fj^j^ GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST CO cmptlon on properly wuere such vessels arc made. Tlit firm contended that stce) vtoels were Mir earn such as It manufactures, whlrh contain sled and n very sinnll qunutlly of till. The Uuval count;/ tux assessor raid the statute ineMU oceiul going ships misde of stc;l, such as bat- licshlus, etc., imrt attempted W collect Hit; tax. The supreme c-jiiit nilcd that Hie trainers of t'n statute had evidently granted '>.'<; exemption la Mtuadi! varioiuj manufaeturlilj us to come to .«orlda,-.«ad.u * Matute »lso nuntlgntd basket :i 'wrs, straw hi,' manufacturer! ' : l others along, with mtnuftc- .H-IS of "steel vsswls," they haij '.mi tin can manufacturer* lkT than ship builders. 'I lie opinion quoitd the dlotloii- i:y drnnltlon of "vessels" aa be<l hollow receptacles, or contains. usually tor liquids, as a bar- I. n bollle, or a cuj>. ?'<>•'. IN THE PROBATE -'COURT POK MISSISSIPPI . cowry; ARKANSAS. ;• -'•••' ' . • IN THE MATTIR OF: THE ESTAT* OP MAMIE D. DRIVER, DKJEABED, Notice Is hertby given lhai me undersigned, aa administrator of the estate of Mamie B. Driver, deceased, Kin gppjy to the Probate ourt for the Osowla District of said County, at osceola, on the Jth «y o(-rtbru»ry ( -l«3i-for autlw- ty to *#ll.lhe follo*lpg lartiibe' ' . as iway be necessary, |o- 'The NE« of secllon W.' Township 16N, Range us situated in the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi county, Arkansas." Bald sale Is made for Hie puri . . . • Admlnbtratfr.' -f': Notice given; January. 3, • 1931. ' '• ' People in the united elates own 19,690,000 telephone?; whfch ig u per cent .of .all lejeirtiones in the world, . JUR BOARDING HOUSE THE 1,OST IS FOUND! ^ OF YOUW5 M ATE , ILL TAKE ^Hllv\ f /A GETTING. A LIME ON ASH\P- VS-TOM HALIBUT WITH GALLEY AN" QUARTERS TOR-ACKEW OF F002V, <X PW., VA CAW1OM, ALL RIGHT RUN OUT ON Kit HOVJf Yft /CRAW BABOON f GOTTft MEP4CHH' FOR ft (BUT OL SEE THAT «ttU TIRS Of HER V5HE T(P.ESPRtnV U'lTLE PTt PRET1V <3l)ICK,AM\ OANGEO SOON> "THEN y£ CAN fjJT OOTA m* SOMEHOW-»JT HURRV! enr THW HEM) BACK ON.' HERE SHE COMES/ SHtt>FMJL OOVJN FOOL NECKf TH\5 WNOSAUR BUSINESS &VESME 8V HECK' BE A 'BOM TOR > TAKING AT^SOOAWTEP. AN OtJQ AND AS /AYS.H-F, WHO \SYEhRY MUCH INTERESTED IN W01.njb-UKE.TO INVEST- MONEY IN THE-. SYNDICATE JU-Ht WILL. CALUTOfAORROW TOR T>ETAIL'S. P M*' \OU - Vft GIGOIO — YA *M> TO BE ftROUNDTA KtTCH W TH' AR-RGGHf lt> UKETO VER NECK.' 2CXDZU r OOO WJSTtfT RUN AVJAY FOM OO HOMMA- 00 ITTLE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES «.v. you ^aoUT ,. -- ••-" "" v By r 'MBrti WASH TUBES NOW WHAT? rr suR6 is v SOlEBODV \ (JUKfS W BUTLER \ ftf, A WOW4 SCRSAMS «* wap- AM' VET / WE CA»fr FIMO A SOUL / ,W.W HOUSE. y' HUM! LET'S GET 6AC TO THE BUTLER. JifMPlK.3 BLUE BLAlESFf EVEN TH' BLOODSTAIN ARE GONE/ SALESMAN SAM / 3UCA?lii' ^UMOCsf IF 1 NOTHING js RIGHT: IT! i oor . H% 1 UX3ULOWT SEUD ft HOUMO OCT IM '' at& MOTH IM''To we.! Keeps ooiw' OO«JM, / \Ts eokiiaA GO FLooey . M To tH' ZBHO cw WHPTT HUH? , CRASH IS IN, AGAIN! . Vou MEAN -THAT .puteljifiHiijJirriKr.'AlL mi 8ETTES KEEP AWAY,"...~TV|Ey DO! \WAS1T AWYOWE TO re IT Till; IT'S. , S1-- RMISHEP. 1 . OUIcfS WAY-w-'..] A UWX AT: ' HlSTo-DETEc1c>R?SAV. 'ITS i SHORT AU 1 . ., UOUWD.--THAT MEA^S (vbUR NOSE via.!, • J PfiDBABLV" BE -' " HAT..';iH'.71HATU- ''" . SAYIM' HISTORV' -I HleH-PoW6ff^ IF THE ' IN-" •'•' <- GAD ? E ''" AV !' S VJHA7 COES HISTO 3 1^'— '•-•-,,.^-' •>'i_tT-r! _ ^^•...j^S^ia . ' :,. .^___/MI ITSSONNA"- : A- ti'^e.'.••'.•: j-_,. . - _ . .;-/,*< •, y^->" BRING BAck:'/.: ^-^C/x^Tlr-: HISTGRY.V y.' >-s-'--/?

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