The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1944
Page 4
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>AGE FOUK i'HE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE OOUH1ER NEWS OO. " ' ' H. W. HAINES, PublUher SAMUEL T. NORRIB, Editor •' - JAMBS A. OATENS, Advertising Manafjer (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sole NfttlpnaJ Advertising Representative*: W»ilRc« Wltawr .Oo,, Now York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Alternoov. Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- oMee at BIytiievllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the Unltol Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city or Blythevllle, 20e p«r week, or 85c per month. By mall, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year, $2.00 for six months, (1.00 for three months; uy mall outside 50 mile zone $10.00 per year payable In advance. When Gl Joe Comes Home Forty per cent of Die discharges in this war are "neiuropsychintric." Between 40 and GO per cent, of the patients in military hospitals "suffer from psychoncuroses ami psychosomatic ili.s- orders." This is part of the problem of the returning vetcrano That concerns every one of us. Do the percentages mean that most of (he men who have done so much for their . country are on the verge of insanity? It means nothing of the sort. A very few are ,jnsl as are a very few who never went to war. What most of them need is scientific care; guidance from doctors and agencies near their places of residence; intelligent help in finding the right kind of work—which may not he the kind yicy did before they entered the service; and the right kind of attitudes on the part of their relatives and friends. If they have been disabled or mutilated in any way the relatives and friends can do much lo make them at home again in civilian life. This job isn't an easy one for the veteran, for governmental agencies and for the friends mid relatives. The veteran must have all needed hospital care. Doctors for the mind and body must he available as long as he requires them. If training or education is necessary it must be provided. If service has taken away the veteran's earning power he must be compensated until he can regain it. What he wants more than anything else, probably, is lo stand again on his own feet, like other normal members of society. And that ys what: all of us should want for him. : No politics. No mawkish sympathy. No 'belittling charity. None of these but • in their place a quiet gratitude, a continuing respect and a determination to • make up t? the former soldier or sailor the time and opportunities he gave up in order to serve his country. ; But if we all wait with folded hands for Demobilization Day, we'll be violating our trust. It's up to us at home, in the precious little time left, lo sec that intelligent and ample facilities arc waiting to restore and re-train the minds > and bodies of our boys. It's up to us to see that Congress passes the vitally- needed legislation and appropriates sufficient funds to do the job that must be done. Write your Congressman and tell ' him you want the problem solved now. Too Late An X-ray unit that will take pictures through a piece of steel a foot thick- has just been developed. .If it had come along just a little earlier it might have been quite a help to the newspaper photographers in giving the public a s<|uint at what was being done at those Dumbarton Oaks conferences. No Trick at All Everybody seemed quite surprised at an aeronnuljctil engTneer'K claim that practically anybody can learn to fly a sinnll civilian plane in five hours. Well, that's all very nice. Hut if we didn't know that an airplane doesn't' have (o be backed out of a driveway or sijuce/ed into a parking .space between two other planes we'd be a lot more impressed. n ; 'View* Reproduction h uj, oejarnu O j ttihrttlt from •UK* BercpipM* «•« •* menmutij mean enlonemeat M ft u IcfcMwMcBieiH or in-' ten* 1m tk* ptbjeofe *t*m*. • f Our Real Delinquents The Inlcsl semi-annual edition of Uniterm Crime RcporU, published by the Kcdcral nurciw of Jnvpsllenllon am! cowiiiiB (he first half of this year, continue/; to reflect the alann(na crime trends evident since the beginning of the wnr. The total volume of crime ID the United Stnlcs increased 3.7 per cent during this period, compared with Ihc mmc period in the preceding yea/. But the appalling ami tragic aspect of MUs situation Is [he proportion of young people amoiij; those resorting u> criminp.i enterprise. "The iimlonilnallng ;ice of males urrc.stcd was 17 ami for females 18," says the report. '"Hie larccst Increases for Individual ,agc groups were seei) for age 1C among Ihc boys anil for age 20 among i)i e /{Iris. "More than one-halt uf all crimes against properly were connnlttcil by iicreons less limn 25 years of a«c, according | 0 the fingerprint* received »l Ihc Federal Iturcuii uf Inrcsllgutlnii anting the. first half of I9K" Staggering as u lcsc f ac i s nulst be to cvery thoughtful American, they measure only the minimum proportions of (lie problem. For H.S Hie report, almost grimly observes: "H should be rcnirinli[:ri!<l lhal tl,c niiinlitr of arrest records In this . s (,,i!y is riniibllcsx iii- rmnplctc In the liiwcr age groups, Ijcniusv of Hie practice of some Jurisdictions nut lo fingerprint youthful offenders." .Such a -sllnntion Is not accounted for by a sudden increase In instinctively bad boys niut' girls nmoiig us. Delinquent boys and girls are the results of n greater (tc)in<jiicncj r . A nation which has an abnormal problem in Juvenile delinquency Is itself delinquent, Its fathers and mothers ;,rc delinquent, its government o,nd law enforcement and civic organizations, its churches and ichools fire delinquent, Americans who say the problem will ultl- innlelr solve Itself, or will nol lend itself lo any solution, nre especially delinquent. The imllon mint; solve this problem if it is lo preserve Itself and endure. -SEATTLE, WASH., POST-INTELLlGKNCEii SIDE GLANCES MONDAY, OCT0131CR Jo, "Call him hack! We Imvc been willioul help al home for so Jong lie s forgotten where lie is and is clearing the.table!" •Mb THIS CURIOUS WORLD THfY SAY It's pure sabotage, all of this. You Americans don't fight according ( 0 ( i, c book of 1 . l] , cs We had no idea you'd tome in behind us.-C.crmnii non-com captured on Aachen front. • » * With this year's record of tood production we arc safely through that critical neriod ot expanding needs. VoDi for immediate use and reserves, which chnllciiRcd us at the bceinnlng of the war.-Wnr Food Administrator Marvin Jones. • • » In Ihe name of our common human heritage, in the name ol gratitude, in the. mime of gen- erotlty, we must stand beside Italy today, No other course can serve so well us the cause of Ihc United Nati.nis ii> crmrtinj; the future of Europe.—Thomas E. Ucwey. » • * Rest nwured that our fuehrer will remove all dangers and unleash a victory march against the enemy.- Goebbels. » » • We must secure land masses Icrgc enough and cla«e cnou B h to Japan to deploy large air forces we will have m our cUsposnl.—Aclml Chester W. Nlmllz. c « • Well. Kiih. (be onlirsl difference between Burma and hell is that hell has a dry climruc.- Pvt. Sam Llmllcy ol Houston, Tex., in Calcutta India. HAS A WIN&SPREAD OF •S/X tt£r, AND A BODV WEI6HIN& LESS THAN THREE POUNDS'. * AEEIN& is SELIEVIN&, LOOK'S ARE DECEIVJN&. " c. ANDERSON, \5 ONLY A &/MSS, ' CEYLON tTGRCWroHE!6HT.i or-/zotter, .WITHSTALKS' O/v^ /^oor /A/ D/A Mer£K. 10-li . iR. 1?S1 BY KEA SFRJICC. 1- r. M. REG. U, 5. PAT. CFr. .NEXT; The gorilla, a. victim of Lad publicity. Ho Hollywood my.' Private Dav HY EUSKINE JOHNSON NKA Staff Correspondent f Glamor has gone lo war on (lie back lot of the M-G-M studio with "Privates" Lmia Turner, Larainc Hay. Susan Peters and BO chorus girls reporting tor training every morning us WACs in the sweater- less, male-less movie "Women's Ar- -.- admitted It was n little embarrassing. She's the gal who said she saw (oo many brass hats and not enough G. I.'s on an Army camp tour. Miss Day plays a brass lint-loving general's "daughter in Ilio picture. "I wonder." she said with a wor-' riert look, "iviiat the G. I.'s will think." Privates Turner mid Peters, driving a G. I. truck with the words "Wolf Trap" painted on the li.ick, said they were having fun. But they had their worries. The WAC uniforms hid some of tlieir highly publicized charms. WACs are" issued DO nieces of clothing, including an off-duty sweater, but Lnna never sets a chance to wear the sweater. Neither do the other gals. Miss Turner didn't say anything about it. but. her WAC trainin" in »1._^."!__- . _ . - - . - . n Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way the film may be useful if ex-hubby Steve Crane an^ current boy friend I POM'T MIMD PACKIM' V)UR LOOT ER YOUR KIDS HERE, FREE GR.YVis--BtJT COME 1O 1RVINJ' TO "TK KEYHOLE •V DiSH OF JITTER GEIA- , £ FUDD1M' IN 1H' S--NME I H-VVD, THEM I DEMAND S!OT ONJW WAGES BUI TIME AMD A H,\LF. ,. He KMows \ WHERE TO A PUT IT.' \ —„ e-t I DON'T CRAME TO BE PEELED OFF WO VJAU. POSTER, f COMES UP vim* <50ME NEVJ ~U SHAPE, ISWT1T? Turhan Bey decide to slug it out ain. WACs are trained to cope Hi emergencies. 50 iifc'AUTIES Director Edward Biizwill was mighty grateful for the 50 M-G-M chorus girls. There's a lot of close order drill in the picture. "We called up Ihe studio dance director," Eddie said, "and ordered 50 dancers. They learned all the routines in half an hour. We've got the most beautiful company of WACs In America. "We show the gals enlisting, going through Officers' Training- school and then going overseas." The girls don bathing suits for one sequence in which lh e trainees go swimming in n lake. They shut it on M-G-M's back Int. which is between two Army nir fields. Tiie Army got wind of it and director Buzzell had low-flving p-38's and bombers in his hair ail day. With so many planes in (he mo- vieland skies these days, directors on outdoor sets now have front office orders to "keep shooting." Dialog drowned out by plane motor noise is re-dubbcd on a sound singe. Halting production and wailing for the all clear signal was costly. But getting back to (his sweater- less, male-less movie "Women's Army," director Buzzell said he had (he riogBonedest bedroom scene in Hollywood history. Twenty-five WACs going t 0 ijerf Bllt it W;)S just a pain in the neck tor assistant director Charley O'Mallcy. TgK, TSK, CHAKL1E Charley walked on the set and moaned that the girls looked loo bonulifiil. He ordered some of them lo put curlers in their hair and others to smear cold cream on their faces. "How do you know how 25 women look when they go to bed?" chltled Buz/ell over flic jowl speaker. Charley blushed and stammered "Well. I was raised with five sis- ter.s." Laraine portrays a general's daughter who enlists in the WACs to carry on n family tradition. Lana is n siwilcd heiress who Joins up to get rid of a six-year hangover and Susan plays the wife of a tank commander who is killed In the South Pacific. WAKM.N'O ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chiekusaw- ba I>istricf, Mississippi Counfr, Arkansas, Elaine Bnzzill, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8828 Clifford Bnzzill, Defendant. The defendant Clifford Bazzill, is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof nnd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Elaine Bazzill. Dated this 1G day of Oclober, 1G44 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Muir, D. C. Claude P. Cooper, Ally, for Pltf Percy A. Wright, Ally! for Deft. 10[16-23-30-H:C toil eel Sjtil jonr Day—Oil itlji it Don't put off getting 0-2223 to relieve nnln of muscular rheumatism and other rheumatic pains.Caution: Use only as directed. First bottle purchase price hack If not satisfied 60c nnS $1.00. Today, buy C-2223, GEKMANV WJlLTRy IT AGAIN fly Signd Schultz .^l:^^!^.^" As uii American newspaper correspondent in Berlin from 1S19 to Mil, Sfflrid Schultz saw at first hand the events that led 'from World War 1 to World War 11. And she saw the liehlnd-the.- seeiies preparation lor the com- iny "ti'«r-iii-j)cacc" that she warns may culminate in World War III. This is the story of Germany's plans to win the peace, plans thai even now are tiei»y pul iuto effect. t » i XIX ]?ARLY in World War II it was •^ quite common lo hear women who had been anil-Nazi say that, "in view of these victories, I can see now dial we had to go through the Nazi regime to acquire the greatness that belongs to us." How will such women react after the CJcnnan victories have become merely a memory? Many of them will be disillusioned. Hut not with Nazism—only with Us failure. They will be eager advocates of (he next cull that promises ijiem success. They will bo bitter, lint not at themselves, for making Nazism possible — only that once more the "conspiracy" against Germany Germans another has given 'setback." the And, they will bo convinced, the next lime il will work. Germany will win her rightful place ns master of the world. Then it won't mailer what we think of them. They know lhal still greater plans are being worked, out for the fu- lure, plans for German domination, if not to be won by ojien war, then by hidden war. The young German women who have been brought up in the Nazi creed, the older women who spent 20 years preparing for the second World War will not give up the fight. Besides their own determination, they have years of indoctrination and schooling behind them in special courses conducted by the Propaganda Ministry, the War Office, (he Labor Front, the mania and radiated a ji OVC1 . ., Balkans; they went to Turkey o Iran to Nmlh Africa, even' o ooutli America. Romanian patriots the Nazi plot, to convcu nom-uri into a German vassal and tried to '<•• assassinate Edil. Eve,, had they I done so, it would have been too $ welded together aVthelorcM'^If orces could be used lo prepare German nle. She escaped the country taking with her fabulous elfij „}" jewelry and furs. Gestapo, the Association of Germans Living Abroad, Alfred Rosenberg's school for hyphenated and olher Germans, the Colonial Schools oj General von Epp- schools directed by the various' women's organizations, in tlie cultural groups, in university classes. Groups of .Amazons have been graduated from athletic academies, from art schools, and /rom business academies. For athletes and MHisIs are supposed lo bo nonpolitical, and a woman in business does not yet arouse (lie suspicion that a man might. Whatever her specialty, each Amazon lias been trained to organize other women and men. Tlid experienced women who may have become (oo well known to foreigners through past activity, or who are beginning to fade coach the young sisters. Sometimes they are withdrawn into innocent-seeming commercial enterprises— willi foreign connections. * * t gY far (he most dexterous graduate "representative" who overworked for the Nazis was the pc- tilc, gentle, blond Edit von Coler, Himmlcr's cousin and an intimate friend of Prjnce Auwi, the Kaiser's son. Edit was undoubtedly as close lo the secret, general stalT as any woman. .. „». .j.n.n iv, uvTiijn uuuur su— Afler a series of jobs in various Division of pi'apagir.da officials Nazi organizations and ministries, '" "'"' -lr "" "" T '~" ' " • Edit had now become, loo we)l known, however, for oiiolher fo, eign assignment. She received, an •' executive post in an insurance company specializing in deals witli South America and Spain There is not the slightest doubt that this glflcd woman was one of the key. workers mobilized, in 1940 for the war within a war. i> * * AS foreigners begin again to •"••*• visit Germany, it will be arranged that they meet women trained by Edit von Coler and her like, women especially picked out to appeal lo the tabulated pref erences of prominent men every country. from . Synthetic or natural blonds have always bec-n on tap for tile picas- ure and proselytizing of Latins or Halkanites. On Mussolini's Jirsl (rip to Germany, for instance whole trainloads of movie ac- Iresscs were conveyed lo Munich for Iiis triumphal reception, fhei; whisked, back to Berlin undo Edit von Coler was sent to Bucharest as a journalist, although she knew no Romanian.'" Through a propaganda minister in Bucharest, Edit launched into business in a big way. She was perfectly willing to let the minister use his friendship with her as Himmlcr's cousin to cloak hi? mixed ancestry (he was partly Jewish); he made it possible for her to reach into every circle and align all the ele- nenls that could be useful to Gcr- nany. She succeeded in bringing together a great number of foreign and part-German women whom she trained as expert Nazi agents against the time of her own departure. They worked in Ho- to work on the Italians al the festivities in the capital. But the bifger job, because of. its wider scope, lias been the preparation of thousands of attractive women !o win the hearts and sympathy of the foreign soldiers expected fo invade (lie Euro-' pean continent. The French poilu Js not Jikely to forget (lie third invasion of his homeland the calculated ihcft of almost all x food from fevtile France. But the British and United Stales soldiers,' who are characterized by kindness and chivalry and whose countries have- not suffered bodily invasion —they are the targets at which the Amazons will aim. , (To Be Continued) WANNING ORDEK In Hie Clnincery qourt, Chlckasaw- bfl District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. O. L. Warren, Plaintiff, • vs. No. 8830 Irene Warren, Defendant. The defendant, Irene Warren, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, c. L Warren. Dated this 1C day of Oct 1D45 HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By M. Jarratt, D. C. C. P. Cooper, Atty. for Plf. 10ilG-23-30-ll'G WARNING ORDER 111 Ilic Chancery Court, L'hlckasaw- ba Dislricl, 'Mississippi County, Arkansas. Clifford Lewis, Plaintiff, vs. NO. ; Eulalia Lewis, Defendant. The defenriBiit, Eulalia Lewis, is hereby warned to appear within thirty dnys in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the camplainl of the plaintiff, Clifford Lewis. Dnled this 16 day of Oclober. 1814 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By M. Jarratt, D. C. C. P. Cooper, Atty. for Plf. !0;i6-23-30-li;s WARNING ORDEil III Ihc Chancery Court, Chickasaw- l).a District, Mississippi Coiinly, Arkansas. James McMorrow, Plaintiff vs. No. 8188 Myrtle Lee McMorrow, Defendant. The defendant, Myrtle Lee McMorrow, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, James McMorro'.v. Dated this IP rtay of October. 19-11 HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Doris Muir, D. c. Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Pltf. Lucien Coleman, Atty. ad LUcin. 10116-23-30.1!;!; WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasaw- ta nlslricl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Mollle Key Diviney, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8713 Edward Dii'iney. Defendant. The defendant. Edward Diviney, hereby warned to appenr within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Mollie is Key Diviney. Dated this 7 day of October, 1044 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Ed B. Cook. Atty. for Plf. Percy Wright, Atty. ad Litcm. AMERICAN ACE Animer (o Trevloi Francis S. HORIZONTAL 55 Age 1 Pictured ac Literary famous flyer, composition 57 He was a.ctive in the theater of operations VERTICAL 1 Sport 8 Article of furniture 12 Beverage 13 Colors H Either 15 Hypothetical force 16 Encounter 19 Overtime 2 Wide awake <ab.) 3 Honey maker 20 Tunes 4 Exclamation 23 Changes — r 5 Solar body 25 Mire 18 Silk-like cloth G Lock openers 27 Rough lava WAKNMNG ORDKlt Rucl Johnson is warned to appear In the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty days from tills date to answer a complaint filed against him in said court by W. H. Payne. Datcrt tins 16th day of October, 1914. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Reid & Evrard, Attorneys (or PlMntift. -' ' 10;i6-23-30-li;6 Rend Courier N.ew» W»nt A<tt, 20 Farewell! 21 Erbium (symbol) 22 Egyptian sun god ' 24 Harden 25 Manner 26 Appendage 28 Cat's call 29 Likely 30 Paid notices 31 Prevent 33 He is a leadin; American 36 Makes mistakes 37 Young horse 39 Delay 40 Sick 43 And (Lalin) 44 Exists 46 Dogma 4V Prepare for athletic contest 49 Fastener 51 Musical note 52 Pair (ab.) 53 Gaseous 7 island 82000 pounds 9 Measure of area 10'Sweetheart 11 Paradise 17 Journey 28 Royal residence 31 Edge 32 Skill 34'Folding'beds "SOBorn 35 Measure of 52 Father cloth 30 Simplifies 38 Coronet 39 Telegram 40 Jridium (symbol) 41 Path 42 Place 45 Bridge 47 Attempt 48 Neither 54 Negative GUARANTEED TIRE RECAP 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 \& MR. FARMER DRAGLINE AVAILABLE About October 15th For Farm Ditching—Make Arrangements Now. Surveying Of All Kinds Contact W. D. COBB, Civil Eng. P. 0. IJos 401, Blylhevillc, Ark. p hone 822 DRS. NIES & N1ES OSTfOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY {fXCBPT CAHCER} OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Mala Blythtrtlle, Ark. Phone 2121

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