The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWfl Social FBnSAYS EVE^fTS Stated meeting' of> O. E. S. al Hall^it 7 30'o clock "Chaptea "D" and N of P E C sponsbHng b(n»o parlj at Cathfr- lic Hall at 7:30 o'clock, Will lla\* Binjo Parly ChapteVsJ'D" and "N" of the P E O 1 TVlH sponsor a bingo parts ^ the^Catholic 1 Hall at 730 oclocl, Friday nlgnt ' ' ' ' Froceeds' 'from the affair.- to which ; 35"cents'admission will be ch'arged,' will go fbi charlU pur- pos« ' ' ' # * * Have MJEsionary Program Fourteen nienibfre of the Junior Girls AuVillan of the Tirst B-ip- ti£t' church and their couirllor, Mrs M T Bun met Tue^dai afternoon at tne clmich fir a missionary -program, 'MBSionarie's 1 ' to- Indians" was (he-subject • of the talk made' by Elizabeth 1 Small, and "Missionaries to Mexican's"- was •'• used -by An. DJlah',ji h j for her dis uss'cn B"t t> EI»'k ensouled ~ o^t< -. t re 'to-iit'iin': ' fol o\ i g v;, .Betty.-i Frances Wgo&on i v ' MlsJcna''Ies to the C Ine e Tht ccncludmij talk on OIP progian) was" made by Prances 'Shcafe^'wlte cpoie on A i Pioneer •ni'e': devotio'nal for (lie meeting waS'taken"'frohi Psa'lins. '• thd'-week of prayer program will be glve'ri/ab the-meeting'next-Tues- day, at' which .'tlme ; 'an' Artiiie AV. Armstrong 'offering' \t-ill lie taken. i: Have Surprise Birthday 1 Omncr ' ' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Bits of J^ews Mostly Personal Booker'was surprised with n birt v dav dinner Sunday night at lhe (l liome of Mr and Ino condil!:;i of Mrs'. Thomas W. Miller nf Hattlcsburg, Miss., - ' -•- been (]ulte ill at a iios- lillnl there ^Imice Ihe birth of Jisr j".^. Moll.c Elizabeth, six ••o-ks n-?o. is Improved nnd she will probably be removed to her home during the last of this week. Slie wlll'liave to remnih In bed'for t\ti' ' VKS. ner physlelara''saiH:' Mrs. Miller formerly resided In'this city. ' ' ' 'Mrs. Matt Monnglian .spent Wed iicsdny In' Mcnlphl^. 1 : ' "• ' Mr.. and Nns. Julian Bells, who .M.ujrcd. In Memphis, have arrived lo innke Ilielr 1 ' hobid here while Mr. Belts is ih charge of tlic work done at Big J,ake during the high water. They are residing at, 1202 chickasawba avenue. 'MrB'.' : Joliu Miles'Miller left Ihis morning for Memphis wlifre she will spend'two days. Mrs, A. M. Butt, her daughter, Miss Ruth Butt, and sister. Mrs. W; J. pollnrd nre the-guests of Mr. and- Mrs. W. M. -Robinson and daughter, Susan, of Cape Olrardeau todny. • • • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1938" urn today from Memphis where several 'days'. ; - : '' " : •''•...''-• -> , Bho has been visiting relatives lor '' ; lr»: Horace Walpole," 1 who has been ill nt her home for several iys Irom clironlo append'cl'ls, Is mien lihproVed' t'cday. ' '' ''Mrs, Divighl noM-en, Mrs. O. C, Ganskc, Mrs. Edgar Herrick and daUg|iU;r, Mrs. Lloyd • Hogers. ol Jaruthcrsvlllc, will spend tomorrow tn-Atcmphis. '• '^•' (j. Nash spent Wednesday in Memphis where he attended to justness'. Jilf, 1 and Mm. Maittc Wbilaker imf family relumed yesterday .rom Corinth, Miss., where they at.-ended Ihi; Jiuicral services of Mrs. WhHokjr's mother. Mrs. Tom A. Lllllc und (Uiughler, Miss Vli'etnlfl. ire ppendijig lodoy •.n Nfemptlis with Mr. Little, who -.(IK rclimiPd lo the Memphis Metlioilrt hcsjittal for nn oxnni- InatIon- Mrs. Henry Humphrey and Mrs. Nfil Ayres, of 1 Oseeola, nrc in Memphis tndny svllb their sister, 1 •••• s- ""' A. Hoyey; who underwent an qpcratfoii yesterday nt the Memphis Baptist hospital. They werei accompanied by Mrs. W. II. i Mlnj-ard. Will Hold Singing All held Session At Maplewood "For years I've eaten afternoon singing will bo nt Maplewood, three miles north of Stecle, on highway 61, Sunday afternoon al 1:00 o'clock. Many good singers and specials are exprcted to appear on the program. A'n' 'invl'tallon to the public was extended today by R. R, L. Smith, of Hie Pcmiscol cctinly convention. Gaines Infant Dies At Hospital Wednesday Night A 'laughter, born to Mr. and Mrs. O. \v. Gaines ivt 7:30 o'clock last nlghl .11, (he ulytl'.cville lio-sollnl, i- vilv after birth. Burial is to be made late this afternoon. The condition of Itfrs. Gaines, who underwent nn operation, is fair today i Mr. and Mrs. caines live on Route 'Three. QUAKER OATS says the "BIG TEN" Commissioner of Athletict, JOHN L. GRIFFITH, gint'Amniain alklHie authority,'Pritiitnt »' »*• National Cclllf'ialf AlliUlIt AlMcfalnm * Alert mothers everywhere give children this wtrrh, tisty breakfast because it has the >V/r<», value of Nature's Viu- min B!. r.Doctfifs sayyou »rid theyounp- sters should have (his precious vitamin every day to combat nervousness, constipation arid poor digestion!:,.Yet this wonderfully wholesome breakfast costs only Vi cent per serving. There's no other oatmeal like Read Courier News Want Ads. Thanks to better water supplies, | hygiene, and hU'iKisecl :,kill in gursfry. Englishmen are living longer than they did '.'.5 yenni sgo. "How old <lo you guess Ihis thing 1 i.s. Fanny?" "fjuhtio, bi>t it- was s'c'niy • iroiv oven whoit'it was', new." HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY Jp D«lo« eny your kiifnej-B c'olilaio 15 miles Ui»ytutx»orCluni»-ii;chhc!i>toputi[ytliB j wns served, and several vtises of ;he same blossoms \vere placed al iifterail plhces iiV the living room.' In the bridge games which fbl- tovcd luncheon, Mrs. Harry Klrby '- '' A tpo coiirse dinner was sened to the followlhg gUests Miss IAI- vella Childers Mi and Mrs Clay- toll Grear and ^r and Mrs Lnnc; * t » To Have Barn Dance FinnI 'plonk weio ftiadc for 11 dancing ftarlj nt a meeting of the B P P club WedrieMtu afierhobil at "'the" h'oriifc ''Of 'June Workman when Belly 'Dodson was co-hostess". "The "parts wfilch Will bo given Friday n'ght at 330 o clock wilt be ail old fn^nonod bam dance, H \( as' announced toda> by berk of 1 the dub who tire lift Fetn May \Tnri Helen Moore, Mary Lynn Jackson June Work'- , Mrs; l OTIS hjgn.-and Mrs.'-yy. second, -high. ; . • Entertains Club Mrs'Wed ftiitherford was hostess' to tne ^ediiei&rt.ay Cohtva'ct dub'at .in aft^rnoo'ii party 'ydsteYday'al Ihfc Rustic. Inn,' ! Johtjulls : (ind oilier spring flowers were 'used to decorate 'Ihe bridge rcKrii 6r ihc'lnn afld n pastel color scheme further Indicated 1 Ihc approaching sprlrtg season. 'In the card' game's, • Mrs, N. P Mennr'd, received hosiery for 11. Ki's'li prize'. ' ' '•"'' : club, Introduced talked oti h'ts Dr. Child who hobby, following which Nflss Rcisn M,.' Hurdy spake to' fhb e'l'oup 1 , alid C. DodsOn : gave a 'brief resilnte''^ the Itobbies of different stuUetits. : " : "- 1; ' : iF ^lie" Fellow ''Ponim club, which was'first organized toy Mrs. Sclma Limtz MoiTisoii 'in 1930, Is now ra): Tweedy Forsytlie of Osccola, Mr. jjj^j-j^; yiu he.iiiTy. "Most vwie't"* and Mrs. Jimmie • Sanders, of »i^™pint«ttdiyo{.boiii3pounli3o\KMtc. Sieele. and O, M. Wilson • left .; 5'PI 1 "? 1 or , KllIl '!f,? s ? t ????.'!'.- ll -'-™i'i'S°! Wednesday lor Tulsn, Okla,. to attend a' meeting of a refining corporation. They plan to return ; Sunday. • ' '• •' Dr; 'H; A. Taylor is atlcndin'g 'a meeting of 1 (he 1 Northeast Arkansas District Dental ' .societj' boru'today; 1 '"•" i itiera may bo. soroeUiin; Tongwitli yourkidncyaorbUdtlcr. ... . Ar, excess of incids or poisons myour blood, lien due to JuScUom) kidney .disorder. Everything for your enter iainment and comfort^ Aflmissibn 'Matb'iee JQb Si ' Z6c Adnussion Night IGc' & 36o Last r the eyes, headaches find dimness, -.•in'tlwajt!-Ask your drugRtrt for TX,*,, ~ Pilla.-iised successfully by nriuioiia for over -10 ..._C ™ _;.._ !.-„-_.,|,,]j c [ rind uiHheLp tha yeare. They.pive bappy relic I am 15 milaiot'kidney, tubM QUsh For new fineness 'of ftnvor Have First of Two Hr'irtV Parties 'The first-in n series of two partk maw Betty Dc^son Sara Lou Me-I; la-to g^veh-'tjiis^vveek' by 'Mrs! Bu. • CutcHeiY Clara Jetin Mcsley Pengy j still Fan- anci Mrs. 1 Joe Treischmaii BurksJ* Peggy White and Pat WLvc.ptis''glveri : ]jfctcrdny r afternoon'''a Following'the business seS5l;in,-f'tii6":,hqhte;or-^irV l F<irr.' the hostesses sened cookies and A springtime 1 ' motif- with- flor. iced drlrito. ••'• rand tnbls decorations enriching 1 tl; ' ^ * * * I Ecasonal atmosphere \vas uSs?B 'i. Have'Dinner'Party j the afternoon p'tii'ty; : ' Emplojes oit Grabei s Depart-' 'A deRrated trftj'' with eight glnsst inent store ^ere entertained by was presented.'tcf'MrsVE'. B. Woa'a Mrs Jack PaHer and Mbs Ola son v/H6 vvii!i : liigl'i'In the b'rldg. Hoskins at a Tuesday , ganies. and Mrs. Max D. Reid \n given-at .the.Mrsr. Parker's I. given ; a CiVsss'rdlc •ih ; a-'5l)'ver con tairie'r for stfcori'd high, Tte t3b' prizes wont to Mrs; Doyle-ilender night' home in-'the -Simon apartment The •••ftiree'; .course dinner w served at small-tables which 1 were son, Mrs. a*t m' rc-1^ -white nnd blue glassware to •• carry- out ; the Cjcorge Washington Klieme. The hnnd^ piinted place cards signifjing a bunches of cherries the tn-color- ed nut baskets and the flags which were gi.en for faxors further emphasized, the -historic "motif o! the, party-. : -Jonquils' and hyacinths, used throughout the-house,- provided a decorative noie.- Followlng the dinner, games were played::In an : Impersonation game. Misi-Delcle^Stewart received the! prize. Sam. Fadden and Rosetta IJamen '; tied for the prize in tlv. BpoiiRorc'tl by 'Miss 'Effle -Leo Terri J. R. ^oyington, 71, Dies 'At'Htome Here last Night .': ( :• K _. JJ i : S i J. R. Covitigtoii. who had lived .in Blythevllle for the past, ' 29 iars,' illcd nl.hls home oil NorlH ranklln street at nllie-o'clock'-lnsl Ight. Death followed a stroke ol' iralysis a week ago. •''>••: Funeral services were conducted Vlhb'.'Holt ' Fiirter6t • homd- ' this '.ftwriooii.' with tb'c^ Rev; .}, -H trjlli' Mfilhodlsf nllnlster, qfflclat- ig- an(l'DUriftl v.'ns ; iiiHdc at NorlH iiivbti' cenieter)'.- •Mr. Covingtbn, who was 71 lars of' 1 ' age, 'was boni In west rehhessec, -ri'liei-e' he-'was reafed iln'ce 1 coming' to' 1 Mississippi county .c bad Tanned for n number'of Mrs:" 1 '•••" "'•• ••'• ' •"••' • •'• He'is survive.-! by his wife, Mrf 'arir Covlngton; '-five 1 soiis an- -'auehters; 1 'Lea, 'of 'Pekln.Ill jeovge, oJ HornersvUle, Holly, Mr; Nevada "Bryant and' Mrs, Kat of : herij: 'j"' ''-' Henry Humphrey, 'Mrs fc. L. Hubmer, Mrs. George 1 Pollac. Mrs, J; H. Elkins, MrsrPred San defnr and Mrs. OftfroVBlakimbrt • At the' conclusion of the brldg ;amc3,-'tt salad plate-ivns served Tlub Has Banqust Dr. Fred Child was (he gucr.t ipeakcr at the Fellow Forum club Banquet given last night In the lew Home Economics collage of :;:c city higii school. The Inble'nt ' wiiich Ihr tivo :oxirse dinner was served had a; centerpiece, Jonquils, and was 'Tim'Brecden has relumed from -'.wasto Irom your bfooi. Oct Doan'a riifc. HorsprlnBs where he took n course cf baths. ' - • ; ' - . '• • R. 'G. Cns';i \vas in Memphis Tuesday niglil attending-a meeting of the Used Car Council of wlilch lie is ' secretary 'and 1 treasure^.' i ' Sam Mllilciui tind'Jim'-Hlgh't at- lentii:d a' meeting 'of -the^Sei-vicc Mnmger''\ ! c'lub in 1 Kennel!,' last' night: •Blllv Alexander, son of Mr. hud Mrs W V All \nndci no\ of O Ceolii. has beeii 111- for '.\vb weak': | Srcm imeiimonln nt hi:; home Ihcrc. Ru c sDll Phillip •» icnoed ! to business in Klemphls 'se l ;l'*lda\ ^^rs G H Qreai Is expected to with Soiija Hcnic, Don Amu chc, .Idan 1 Hcrisholl, Ccsa'i Ro'mcro; 'isthol Murmau' nritl " Biliy 6i!berU ; " ' : Slar.s- «f ''One ni''i» - ''!ilillioir' i he Kca's'gn'if sciiSiiliona| /p: h'fi; ' Also Pitraincunt News ,6 t'onieit AdiKission Matinee lOc & 2u<; Admission NijgHl IGc & 38 C .. End-of-Mo nth BARGAINS -,, The Dainty CooVfntf Fat "It's Wonderful" Read Courier News Want Ads ONI Icn can never understand a ~three-quartoj vilc-a wle wlio b lovnblo for thrco w«bi ol -he monlh^but a hed-cnt Ihf fotKfh. .NomnUcrhoWyoiirbilAachMi-nomaKci how loudly your ntivra jcrcam— don't toko It out on your husband. ir Ihrcc alphabet game.- Hollis- Moody was adjudged the .best designer in the print dress contest and also won Hi£-George Washington contest. Jack. Parker and Herman Graves entertained with vocal .numbers and- Qharles Cohan-played several piano'- sdlbs.i Mr.-'''Pa 1 rkcr also whistled R number, '' 'Guests' for the attair included: Miss Lcte Aik'Cii. 'Mrs. Fletche. King. -Mbs ' Lucille • 'saliba, Mte Roietta-Hamen. Mrs. Ethel Shar- rori;- Miss Stewart, Mr. Fadien: Mr.' Cohen,' ?,Ir.'Oraves and Mr. '' '''- .._, Kas Gocsts MrS. '''. fchatits' : Cri; ;e "S." Thomas K. Mahin v:,.o •of' Sirs. James H. Ecl.1 wl entertained members ct t:-. 'cdnesday Bridge tlub tor lunch- at yesterday. ' • ' '"Jonquils'and bridsl wrealh iver< the ceriterpieces of the small table; at- vhidj the l^ro course luncheon For three sfinerallons one woman has • tiDtlxr. how lo go "smllmc through" with I.ydw t.'s Vegetable Compound. It Jielps Nature lono up [be system, thus lessen- insillie cJijcomtoilsrfrom the iunclional-dls- onjcn.wluch women must «ndurc. .hmilnatnl by yellow tapers. Hand rrSra'^o°£^viTHOl?T¥A.nS 1 "* °' tainted place carjs added n novel •' '-• -- y .;" 1 " UL !.!.''Aii,ire nctc to tht- decorations. Joe your nave tian minim wrillcn (n letters reporting benefit Speciil Bnpam ! «r In Sit cv ^ SETS WOMEN SMOTHER IN ? TIGHT GIRDLES rf^Tishl-sirdles »nd slifl foundation gar. ifjnentj ot!,,-«l]>- raaic many womtn look fat- Itr. Injttad of--.«pi«rirs 'your fu, why dont yon tr>'la Ji«t rid bf-it? Why no! v "- ' 5-outhfol figure that BPI.O.GNA SAUSAGE SHOBlBEJtr -„ u. 15° ffifWff .Style' STEAKS Uccf C. ' Loin.' RoUiid' or PEACHES, APPLES 'I'"but liitlc i Jj.The HKUlolHw li'lhe'tuy iv«r lo gt! Vid.or ujly.Ol. Just .UitJ.JIsrmcia p". rcnpuon .T»bUU tuA dky. Mil In placo ot sUroky Iojd5 like J>oU(o« «Bd paMries, «,t wotf !«l»U. {nilt5 ri ere»n .vcseUkl!!, and «t''v > i v '?' r *"i ff eif ?- <n " l '» slmfip. isn't »',««* «k»I.K itiffcr«nc« Munnol* «nd ihij Jillltthtoic In your dirt mis- mske in you! Uvs'cs ot 5 In S txinnd« n wi-r-l, (, aT , MIir nuno rtii-i fi"om tl.j, i,,,d,™t ,>( (wtunrA Mnmroli T«WM« ,-ollsH 'h, tamo cl,. lr,->ns"<locloA m ttcVm* "tt« W »t jour ilnifr. U>*1 \ w ry f.l on It. wij j t .*! t I* 11 (rirt foj«f .i^tslj t.lic righl, lo' tu|tivat« (lowers 1 U.iis s Per Set SHOUSS-HENRY CO. ,i. W. SHOUMK .1 . '. - •-.•II i: i PROGRKSSIVK STOUE" l'J,ion« l IH-.V TcK(|cr ; ' "" 'I'-'Bonc. .(.h. 10 Potatoes I l''rwh' Home' Oruwir" ' I'dinul BEECH" NUT Haby V'ooils'iii/'GUiss ;Vvc Better "Give your name for Prco Baby Knok" '•> for Co'tllltt'v Dozen Hominy, Knml, I'eas, ' I'cl 1 Can 1C 2 PURE LARD 8 pounds SUNSHJNE 24 lb. sack lUCK^ Rliind Icsictl^'tfi^Ifc' A QiMitv Bjirrcd Rock. Rhode ' Red'. V'cr llniiilrrd HAl'f'Y T'ccrfs art Ijest. \y c all purposes, bcsl nrivus. I'U e a (;j v u'k or Chewing Gum • ERIC BLORE EDWARD EVERETT HORTOM XWU KOWMQ . fOUMOO CUUXE111 ^/£S5E L : . LASJZYPlctiuclion. D/r»cl«d b; RAOUL-WALSH. "; ^c/een p/oy.fcj Gfr(ru</« Purc«J/ El Salvadorc" Movie Snapsljols ' * ' ". -r ' Comedy • : ''' Admission Malinre lOr & 26c Ail m if aicn "Night" Ititf-* :!0c ROXY Admission • Ai,ira^ 10c A 2t>= ibow every night. Matinees Kr, My, .Saturday &*•• Snnday Onlj rtlrlay & Sunday Blatinecs stan •'15 p.m. Saturday. Co ilimioo.' •lioirliig from 1 to 11: SO P.n> Night sbows start G:45 p.m. WorcKBa4ic"'CIlisi>iilli: Mcii's • nnd Itovs' Oress Eml of Jlbiitli Special! : 81x9'» l.'ubleached New Spring materials & colors—nil sizes. 31c Ea. Heavy durable tmhemmed Sh'ect-s bargaiii priced. A Vulus "•'Hitj 1 llcavv weight—full cut in Coverts and .Qhambrys— Sl7Cb 2 10 8 :C;)ly a fen; bolts left—Wo advise early ''f-lionping. •' . ''"'fci.cau Up' ijavgain! ' "' :ill() Yds. )''ast "Color t* " w j ' 6e Y i out - Upring Colors- -36 irf Hrltrr Prinls. HI. wide, oiost Men's urcbaso & Boys' Tennis Shoes Buy NoV'al This Wii- Price; • u r g c ' size Wash Cloths 2 f«r SB Kii;-t quality—odorless ner soles—All sizes. Extra. Special.'. iMen's" Last Times Today PAL NIGHT! 2 AtluKs Admltlcd for I'ricc uf 1 7cPr Heavy weight wliilc can- VBS .wort elovci-Blav cuff Amazing at thc"'Pncf'.' Udies' Whltt- 1 Colluji Hankies Icea, Kcil all white' wiih lioiu stitched hern's! Jus! 'Kcceiv«r ~ Cases Men's Blue Work Shirts 3!c Ei. I'J. Blur Work .SlilrU-;. ! pockcls till sizco. 7 "butloH . House Canuas Heavy. 36 in. Can'ras Tor many purposes. Pen ney f s Leads — Otters Follow The ligliliii- :it it siRiiin! lial, '-'1 h: Oils sllOlliii;

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