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Friday, May 8, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^____ TH * DOMfNANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AOH-iMnio »»,« o~~ ,. VOL. XXXIIF—NO. 45 mute ndtr OP NORTHEAST^rtKAHBAB AND SODTHEASV MIB8OURI IJLYTHEVlLl.i;:, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY. .MAY 8. 1!)3G SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ! Proclamation of Country's , -Colonial Status Is Ex- pecteci Tomorrow i By United Press : ,l : Italian motorized columns corn- manded by. Gen. Rodolfo .Qrazlahl today occupied Harar, second-city , of Ethiopia and its most forniid- - able stronghold. " : r'V Whle 'they' consolidated pbslllbiis before-advancing on tlie strategic railroad'.' center at biredawi, French '•'• Senegalese tirailleurs, 'returning., to" Djibouti from'-Addis! ;-Ababa, v fought .a pitched bottle ; with bandits .20. miles down ihe railroad-froni the'-capital. ;/ j«" 'Suggests Diplomats LeivejV •-• Italy 'virtually requested the departure of foreign diplomats 'from , Addis Ababa when Marshal Pielro Badcgllo's representative called ;on GET $415 AT TRUCK TERMINAL Hindenburg Sailing Toward Destination at Lakehurst By United Press The worlds largest dirigible, Hlnctenburg, the pride of Nazi Germany, late today was coasting on ihe last leg of her maiden voyage' to the United States At • 3 p. M , eastern daylight time, the ship was approximately 874 : ,miles' fiom Neu Yoik anj heading almost due west toward Its •destination, Lakehurst, N J Radio Flashes "Safe in Addis Alml>«" Scene House oves $308,- the envoys to discuss their "dlplp- .matic privileges until their, de- l-arture." . ' . ' • Emperor Halle Selassie and 50 persons who followed, the ' Imperial family into- exile arrived In Jerusalem. , They • were put ashore .from the British cruiser, 'Enterprise, at Halfc. 'The Negus went ashore with a pet python" and 117 chests filled with gold and SUver. . .-,••"• Itnly announced final elimination of Halle Selassie's authority '• in Ethiopia with the surrender of Has Siyoum "the black fox" to commanders of the third army nt Eocato. . Siyoum was the Negus' hardest fighter and the most bit? ter opponent of Italy's penetration In Addis Ababa Badogllo ordered disarming of all Euiioplans sending de.taphments.Into the hills to round' dp groups of bandits I and , irregular soldiers Other "quads «ith< fixed bayonets bossed gangs of iwtnes ordered to re- rrove the dud and debris ic- suiting from three and days of rioting and pillage half Gieat Britain today threw lirgc numbers of troops to the southern 1 border of Ethiopia. Detachments of the king's African rifles; were ordered Into airplanes under Instructions to Hy to the frontier from Nalro Bi Kinya. They will establish frontiei patrols to keep svvarms of refugees from Ethiopia ' out of British territory. Officials" feared tribal warfaie o;er valuable waterholcs. ^ Colonial Stilus a. prorlannlion of Etluopiis annexation and merger with Fritrei and Italian Somaliland under the name of "Italian East Africa" would probably be made tomorrow. That King . Victor Emmanuel would be proclaimed emperor with announcementsof; Ethiopia's annexation was , regarded as Ilekly. The. 1 , .ministry of colonies, it was reported, has completed a tentative admlnistrallvi plan for the combined East African .possessions. Legations Ask Protection ADDIS ABABA, May 8 (UP) — Several foreign legations, including the American, sent messages today to the Italian' high command asking for armed guards to Hrolect legation property against! , ,000,000 to Keep CCC i-at Full Strength %VASHINGTON, Ma> 8 (UP)_ The libuse, speeding the $2,364,(.'00.000 relief dcflciencj bill toward passage, . approved today a J308 000,000 ' : appropiiatlon to continue the Civilian Conservation Corus at strength of 350,000 men Approval of tlie CCC piovlslon came after seven hours of general debate on the nieasuie during which the house appropriations committee chairman James P. Buchanan," urged early discontlhu- ance of federal loan and relief activities in the interest of econ omy. ' Republican spokesmen led a general attack on the bill but ad mitted they lacked votes to force any change in the administration proposal, j -' i ' House leaders were hoping to act on nil-amendments before adjournment tonight, "so the house """" ^Monday, acted ; on PRESIDENT SEES HOPE INDUSTRIES might adjourn until when the bill will be finally, Senate Aiki lor Repor^ On Work WASHINGTON, May 8 (UP>The senate todaj passed without objection a resolution calling on Rexford Guj Tugwell, head of the Resettlement Administration for a report on the advisability of continuing the adminibtialion and on ifs effects on labor taxn tion real estate values and th» tenants themselves. Democratic Floor Leader Joseph T Robinson (Dem Ark) at, cepted the resolution althou»h he had objected to its inclusion In the Vandenberg resolution call- Ing for a report on AAA pay t>iat . he had ijjPoints to Possibilities of I 1 • Ex p n n s i o n in Rail Equipment and Housing -WASHINGTON, Mny 8 (UI'l- Prc'sldent Roosevelt today outlined a. new approach lo the tuition's unemployment problem Involving Iho. expansion of certain Industries which apiwar sullcd lo extensive development, President Ilopscvelt revealed ho had discussed this possibility with n. number of leading Industrialists Including Walter .P, Chrysler.- mo-' tor magnate, and Owen D. YounV General Electric chairman , He suggested as two Industrial expansion possibilities the railroad equipment,- -Industry and housing construction, Tiic president Indlcaled, hope hat by expansion pf such Industries n substantial number of the idle could be removed from government work relief rolls and plnccd buck In private Industry liernninenlly. ' The president sold study of tor raced a t alnst time to speed this photogiaph to E'vland refugees can be seen the tents tlmt were cic ted to provide env'rgcncy • the Brlihh stionghold pending arrival, of the the c,u s ter jof Italian • vanguard. inents. RoblnsonJ- said rioters. Tn>ops were sent by Marshal Pielro Badoglio, Italian commander-in-chief, with instructions to clean out all armed bands in the legation district 1 !. Most of the legations are located four or five miles from the center of the city. Meanwhile the German minister called officially on.- Badoglio. His action was considered tanta- . e.. terial had alrcadj been made puo he in various reports and the remainder could easily be collected He withdrew his previous objection FETE Devotes Day to Celebia- tion of State's dredth Birthday WILSON,'Ark—An all daj fes- ijal to be climaxed bj on hlstor cal pageant depleting the •aves listoiy Is being held at Wilson to day in observance of the Arkan ^as; Centennial. C L Bjrd supei Intendent of Wihon schools, v,ho Is In charge of the days activities opened the celebration with n str»et paiade at 9 30 o clock this morning head ed by. a:float,.bearing Miss Levada Boyce queen of tlie festival, nnd hei nine attendants Music for the pirade was to be furnished b> the Earle and Jonesboro high school bandb 'Cliildien of pre-school and school age were to stage a pet Dionne Denies Prospect • for Addition to Family CALLANDER, Out,,- May, B .(UP) —Reports Mrs. Olivia Dionne,,:mother ol the quintuplets, is expecting another child "soon," were denied today by Olivia Dionne."There Is , not a word of-Irutli ,ln 'the 'story'," :he>'said"H;ealedly." "Those people seem,to know more about it than , we 'do. They - hnve been saying things like that for over a year now. this can see they are Closing Stock Prices NEW.- : YORK, .May 8 (UP) Favorable news for Hie automobile industry had H steadying influence on a dull stock list today. Motor shares rallied to small net gains and the whole list finned alter an early dip of tractions to more than three noints A. T. and T. 155 i_ 4 ' Anaconda Copper Beth, steel Chrysler , 33 1-8 , 48 1-2 , 94 Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank '...... 43 7.3 Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKesson-Robbtns Montgomery Ward , 36 63 1-8 , 81 1-2 39 1-8 N. Y. central ., 33 Packard . 93-4 Phillips Pet 42 Radio parade and . compete following the parade for prizes At noon visitors were to be served lunch at the school house by members of the Wilson P.-T. A. Various contests . and games Arka nsas Will Get Old ., — --— O "*"i-->i «i\, iiaaj.iumuu were on the program for several represent the at 4:30 o'clock the Age, Child and Blind Aid Gash. from U. S. WASHINGTON,- May 8 (UP) — The Social Security board today announced treasury checks total- Ing $3,008,130.28 have been sent (o seven stales with approved public assistance plans. These checks ceremonies coronation J sistance of Ihcir needy iiijccl needy " dependent children dur- ..-_ UCCn Llved " -> . —ML U111HA, llllU UCIJL'i] were to be held nt the school with I Ing the three Miss Willie A. Lawson, executive Ji'ne 30 secretary of the Arkansas Educa- Assoclatlon, crowning the . . ••.-;...... 10 - ^ ......a- St.. L.-S. F, 23-8 mount to official German rec-og-' Simmons Beds 25 3-5 union of the colonial statm ol Standard of N. J. 59 Ethiopia's relationship to Italy. Texas Co...... 34 1.4 Tlie German minister is the only diplomat who has called officially on Badoglio. Italian soldiers were ordered to string telephone wires through the city between all military headquarters. Detachments Pf carabtn- icrs were ordered to visit all houses, both native and European, in search of stolen goods. Observers understood that Italy expects foreign diplomats to leave the country soon and thus make it. exclusively Italian territory. Chicago Wheat open May 94 July 86 1-8 high low 94 1-2 92 3-4 86 5-8 65 5-8 close 93 86 1-8 Chicago Corn May July open 63 61 3-8 high 64 61 3-4 low close OJ 7-8 63 1-2 Cl 1-4 61 1-1 . U. S. Smelting. ., 90. O. S. Steel !. 55 1-2 Warner Bros in Zonite, 63-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., May 8 (UP)—Hogs 7,000 Tpp 1000 ViO-230 Ibs. 870-1000 140-160 Ibs. 900-1000 Bulk sows 865-885 Cattle 1,000 . Steers 650-760 . • Slaughter' steers 600-850 Mixed yearlings and heifers 625-800 •..-.Slaughter heifers 600-850 Beef cows 500-600 cutters and low cutters 350-450 tional queen. Crawford 'grecnc, a member of the research bureau of the state department of education, was scheduled to..deliver an address following the coronation. Old'time 'spirituals are on tho prpgram at 7 o'clock this evening. They will be sung by negroes from" the Wilson plantation. The pageant, beginning at 8 o'clock this evening, will be presented by students ol the Wilson school and" will show the periods of the state's history. Shortly before the pageant Miss Lawspn Is scheduled to" give a talk on the centennial. Exhibits prepared by students showing the development of tho state will be open to visitors at the school building throughout the day, Mr. Byrd said. The entire Wilson community as well ns visitors will Join in the celebration as it is planned lo have the Wilson mill and business closed fpr the day. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 8 (UP)— New crop positions on the New Orleans cotton market were lower today while pld crops closed with gains of one to four points. New crops, at the finish were around three points lower. ppcn high low close May '-- -— •" muntlis ending The amounts sent to Arkansas and the estimated number of persons to be aided under the plan according .to data submitted by the state follows: For assistance to aged, $235,200 to aid 15,000 pel-sons; for assistance to dependent children. S9,- 66G.G7 to aid 1,000 children: for assistance to the blind. $8,925 for 1,187 persons. Senate Passes Navy Bill, Sends It Back to House WASHINGTON, May s <UP>The navy department's $5290000(10 supply fol . , 937 , argcsL , n Peace time history and a storm center of senate debate, was passed by the upper chamber today. H provides for the construction of new capital battleships. The bill now goes back lo (he house for consideration of senate changes. The measure exceeds by moitS man $49,000,000 the measi-re enacted . last year which In itself established a peace time high. It Is however, $20,465.000 below bud, ,. estimates and less Jul Tlie'month of March, 1934 had oil '"' two full rnoons. but February had I Deo '"" none at all. A full rnppn occurred Jan on Jan. 30, the next pn March !• Mar and the following one em March, 30. 1153 1115 1028 1030 1031 1033 1153 1120 1028 1030 1031 1033 1149 1112 1023 1026 1030 1031 1151 1119 1028 1029 1030 1032b 6. Spots closed'steady ot 1100, up Jul Oct Dec City Cracks IK) Wn on Drivers Jon SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)—Tlie city Mar "i decided to abolish the "cash nnd carry" system for traffic vlo- ' a '°. rs - Motorists who pay cab'.i for each violation and continue o- 2. on their infractions will h to their 1 censes third me •It Is Ltndsey home with the lowing statement: Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church, olllclat Ing. New York Cotton NEW YORK. May 8 Cotton closed steady. May oiwn high low close 1159 1159 1155 1157 112.1 1034 1035 1037 1038 1125 1034 1035 1037 1033 1120 1027 1029 1031 1033 1125 1031 1032 1035 1036 Spots clpscd steady at 1167, up Spot Average Is 11.55 The average price pf 7-8 inch „ „ n MH« ra£e prcc of 7 ' 8 lltch Telephone aud eegraph poles "«Ucd after the middling cotton on the ten spot were blown down, disrupting all ! Ylarkct s today was 11.55, according communication. ng 1936 that more than 11 use air Irons- sidy first lime diir- on 19: , ; [today. ., Blvtl " ! villc Board of Trade. ° f a mlt cro " cotlon SO the the one difficulty Is tho fact tlmt present capital structure of Industry ! K such that" i Joneshoro District Will Hold Annual Conference Next Week'.•"'. Bought Difficulty, In meeting their fixed -harges. •;-.. This situation ti being njudled n an effort to Improvo the fiscal setup of'the Industry without any new government financial aid No legislation "on' this'subject Is ioiuoinplatwl at. the present session of congress, he Bald.- : - .' Regarding housing .Mr,' .Roose velt said building of homes Is Picking tip;f or n, c higher income r , n r • r .'f' . •-• S'S!' B ', ' H(WDVel ' n -.'satlsmclory i'inure-Dealings-in rbreien ??T? s<! tm use ° r 1( w suinr- •'• fc'-.<i. i "* : '. : .;v'o"'. > '' '."i"'''i i "- ^"V^l"' 1 !^-has-not"yet been-In- tXcliangC Suspended "by" ^ntedl-'l'e; declared. .-'^.";.!' Paris Bourse • •• ""^ PAHia/ Mny" : 8 : (UP)—'Ilic Paris Bourse . today .suspended future dealings hi foreign exchange, i The move was taken In a desperate effort to "check tho rush away from (lie franc by Prenc'h nationals who fear • early devallio- tlon and a general upset In business when . the "popular front" chamber of deputies goes- Into 'office oh June i. ' • ; > ' ! This was 'the' second "drastic step taken in the last few days to halt a gol-i exp<Ius that has been cutting deeply Intp French Bold reserves. For the week ended May 1 the Bank 'of France lost aiound $77,000.000 In gold. ' The Dank of France's first stop was a rise In the discount rate from-five to six per cent on Wednesday. ' In event the check on future dealings docs not alleviate Hie pressure on the French currency experts believed the government's next step woulud be currency control. Then a gold embargo would be enforced, they asserted. William G. Baker Dies at Home of Daughter William G. Baker died at 12:15 o'clock today at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Arch Mndscy. on North Franklin street, a half mile outside llic city limit's. Mr. Baker Is survived by his Widow, Mrs. Eva Baker, and two daughters, Mrs. Lindscy and Mrs. Raymond Smith. Mr. Baker had made his home In .this community since 1907. He suffered a stroke of paralysis last November and had been in failing health since. Funeral services will be held Sunday, afternoon at two o'clock at the ^or the nrst UmeMn ten years Hie annunl conference of-: Methodist churclie.? In . the -Jone.iboro district will be : held in . this, city The Lake Street'church will be host to the p^tors . and laymen of the churches In thts district which Includes Mississippi, Craig-' head and Crlttendeh and part of i'oinsctt cpunty Wednesday and Thursday. The meeting, which will begin Wednesday Afternoon and continue through Thursday afternoon Is expected to be attended by approximately 100. pastors and laymen. The Rev. V. K. Chalfant, pastor of tlie Lake Street church, who is the official host, will announce the program later. C. T. Cotham May Make Race for Chief Justice -, LITTLE UOOIC, Ark. - O. T. Colham of ;)lot S|iiln«K, fouuei c-lrcull Judge and retiring pietl- MM, of the Arkansas »«r a.wocla- llon,. -fiiild .hist, ii[ B h(. (hut |, c lirobnbly will > announce his candidacy for elilef justice of tin- Arkansas supreme court ullliln n few days, Jniljo. Colham wan In uuio Uopk yesterday nntl obtained i\ INirty plc-dgc nt llm office of the secretary .of the Democratic slate' committee., "I urn seriously consldcilnij nmk- Ilig Hie rnco for chief Justice" Judge cutlmm said, "i »hall proljably nmll my pledge l.'rldny Tlmt h my Intention at this time." , U 1ms L-cen rciioited In slate political elrek't! several days that leadtnj ineinbers of tiio bur were attempting lo Induce mi oulslaiid- \ng lawyer to make (he race for clile^ Justlee' In ronpoilllon to Ohlcf Justice 0, B. Johnson, who wiw ciovernor I'ulroir.H cumpalKi) In 1032. : OF II. SJEIJIIS Karpis Aided by Cleve- landers With Police. Connections Says •' WASHINGTON, Mny 8 (UP)An IndluiUlon (lint the next major Held of the federal government's : ;o-Men would ! be tho shadowy •connection.'; between dishonest politicians and the underworld was'seen today. In the. Jubilant announcement, of J.- fclgar Ifoovor tlmt only oijc'j of ti\c kld- naperB who harassodv the "nation for "over • three' V<™& Wi%i|iln»'*»t large'. '•" : '- : ' : ~. : i X"' "Y ••" Hobvor, director of" the Ffdewl Biircau of- InVcjiUgAtlpn,- prcsscti a federal ;round-up 'of' all |>ersom who hnve harbored or aided "fuji IJIvi's. froin" federal :justlco while his agents''rushed Harry Ciiiiip- bcll | and, William Mrilm'h, the two newest jiubltc enemies' capturc-d I»V his department, lo Justice. "• . ncmalnlng at large" was Thomas II. .•Jidblnson Jr., kidnaper of Mrs Alice- Speed Sloll pf 'LpulHvllle.' fioblnsoh has no underworld connections nnd'Is an expert.'feipnlt ImpchioniUor. : . Hoover' revealed, that arrests were ImmlneiU' In .the Cleveland O., area ivhcre,' he .said, liiembers of tin; Barkcr-Knrpls gmig liayi; been harbored by"'|iersons accepted as respectable In their coimnu'iv Itlcs. " • • ''•• ' : He revealed tlmt Harry Campbell and Alvln Karpis had escaped capture months ago only because they had been lipped pit by "crooked Cleveland politicians with police connections." ' . Hoover.again denounced crooked politicians. They were, he said, the real public enemies. Girl Under Observation Preparatroy to Operation PHILADELPHIA, May 8 (UP) — FnUilne Lane, IB-year-old Knox- vlllc. Tenn., girl, will undergo two 1 wei-ks of observation before being' operated on for the removal of-a piece of metal from her lung, Temple University hPspUal announced today, . : .. ,. - j Flatly denying that the girl already had been operated upon, hospital officiate Issued the fol- "Preliminary localization .studies have been completed but the operation for removal of the foreign body will not be attempted for a period of two weeks," Pauline, who was accompanied here by Dr. Recce Patterson, (UP) — Knoxvllle, was "resting comfort-1 ably." . , i Roland Temple Found ' Guilty at Lake City I.AKU CITV, Ark.—Roland Temple, 24; of tlie children community, was found guilty of manslaughter In the club slaying of his- brpl1icr-ln-law, Ralph wtV'.iins, 27, and was sentenced to two years In the penitentiary in circuit court here last night. The case was turned over to the Jury early In the at- ternoon. Temple was Indicted on ft charge of first degree murder and the state asked the death penalty. Temple and Williams, partners In an illicit v-Wsky manufacturing plant, quarreled over a $3 debt owed to Temple by Williams on Jan. 4 and In a fight Williams received head Injuries which Caused his death!•'••-'•' Severe Snow and Wind Sweeping Over Colorado TRINIDAD, Colo.. May 8 (UP) — A severe snow and windstorm, which reached blizzard proportions, lashed southern CPlorado and northern New Mexico today. Telephone and telegraph poles . Highways were blocked by drifts rae. gwas e y rs are entitled to a sub- and railroads were several hour! behind s by them ental bus was trapped in a snowdrift at Arton paas. Beers and Wines Kept Separate on New Liner SOUTHAMPTON, Eng. (UP) — The class distinction which reigns among beverages has-separated by a considerable space the lager beer room nnd the wine cellars aboard the Queen Mary. .•,-., . . Tlie beer will be • stored in an immense room near the ,tourist swimming pool, oh the p deck, aft. Away down in -the bottom of tho ship, where mechanical disturbance is less than in any other part, of the vessel, r lie wine and champagne .cellars. Here the prized liquors will be rate from any undue stress pr Jar. , .Culture pearls, true pearls • that arc, started artificially, cannot be distinguished from.. natural pnes even by ;X-ray, yet they :ore worth only a .fraction as much, , LDOI FLEE IN (I Jones, Truck Line limploy'o, Left in Ditch North of Town u a bold hold-up and safe robbery at the Bri'ttiit-SIWcr Fleet Truck UHCS terminal, As'rt ami Rallroid streets, at about one oolock !hls morning, Bandits made the biggest haul of the year liere, gulling »4I62$ In sUveri and ciir- lenoy. , ;_ It undoubtedly was' an oxpc'ri- diced bam; of hold-up men and skillful safe robbers »ho executed tlio robbery, tot 'M smoothly d.!d they do Ww Job tlmt Harry Jonfcs, night man at tl)o terminal, only .saw one member of tho group from the time he »as first Informed Hint ' niLs Is n, stick-up 11 until he v,«S-' left lying In n roadside ditch qjT^ Illjliway m, twtuicen Yarbro and the Arkanwi-Mlnsourl state line, nnd told to stay Uioic. While there hud been an ap- liaienl attempt to force the safi) open this appeared to have failed Mid the combination of the .slrona "• bov anpinred lo have been workedi' " There vn-t a 'conildprable amoulii ' of silver In the money taken although most of It has In currency. "THI» I* a Stick-Up" V Jones UKI In (hn teimlnal office and (he 12:52 A, M Pilscj passenger train, nprlhbound from to St. Louts, was' nt the nearby railroad station,' Hi hcndllglit shining dovm the tra'cK *nen a man, his, face half hidden by a l\iiidkerchlef, entered with drawn nun, He wasted (ew piellmlnarlcs. asking Jones if V)o' knew , what was happening and follpulng 1 Tils queiy with thu abrupt warning tlmt "tills li ft .sjkk-iiji" -The. •'"I'* v8«)H}iftn, flatted JoiWbd- >• IWf him Into the freight, room of the terminal and forced the 200-pound truck line employee 10 lie down, ' ' t , , , While the 'gi|nman Mood over him Jones hoard sounds as, It ot iKmwns moving about In the office, nnd then n dull, muffled knockhv;, as if on the -jafo Finally, apparently following an unseert 'signal from the others,., Jones' caplor drdered him up and bnck Iht6 the office, where Jones nbtlccd that the "safe had been opened, Tlioli he made Joucs leave the office, enter a teimlnal -plc^-up, ;ti'iick packed outside and dilve him out of lo\\n. By the lime 'Jones was marched back thioujih the office the safe lobbcrs had 'dlsaii- iicarcd from sight I«\c Junes In Dllch ~ Jones' abductpr forced htm to drive north on Highway.- Cl out- of Blythevlllc about: four miles and then plf on the Number Nine read fpr a short distance. '.Tlie gunman then put Jones' truck out of commission by shattering the spark plugs and made Jones accompany him on. foot back lo Hie highway, where he forced Hie truck . line employee to lie- down ,in a ditch paralleling the; highway. An approaching caT blinked Us lights twice and tlie' gi nman swung aboard as it passed after, .warning Jones to stay In the ditiih. When the 'car sped away the truck; . line employee - ' walked' north'on th.e highway about a half mile to the state revenue department's permit station and reported the"'robbery 'to Officer Harvey McCalj, on duty there. McCall notified police nnd brought Jones back |nlo" tpwi). Police, sheriff's depultes and other Investigators »ere attempting to nnd possible' clues to the Identity of the robbers today. ' Sufarkw CJindy Made TORONTO,' Ont.. (, OP1 ^—.P r e'd Stoneburg, a catidymaker .for 30 jTars, has perfected a new type candy made .without sugar. He usis honey and >egetables only. He has Wade spinach cnrmel, carrot nougats, lortiftto" surprises, and numerous other"'dandles, all without chocolate pr' sugar. At, Colon, Canal zone, the-rainfall In the »et season average.? 116 Inches. WEATHER Arkansas—fhundershowers, cooler In rnrtliwest portion tonight. Saturday thundetshowers, cooler. Memphis and .vicinity — Partly cloudy to CloftdJ '#Ith showers Idle tonight or Saturday. Cooler Saturday. ' • The maximum temperature heie yesterday «ru 81, minimum 63, clear, «ceof(llllg to Samuel F.' Norrls, officlil weather observer,'

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