The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1934
Page 4
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s COUWIB .MWl'DO, ATUrpocti OtWfed u KCOM1 pa.i om« *t *. BS; under act of Oettrw a*. tober 8, 1917. ^^ Berred b> the mated By carrier in me City of •wk or tt » per ytu- to • 9j Bull within i nuttoi o( jo ~"— y«*r. H.M for ily monlha, Be te taw fc mm in potUl «onu two to tix. lo #M per j*»r. in toots oven uxj eight, per year, ptytblt in Mranet. ^^ lie DM"^ Russian Recognition and Eyes on japan When American recognition of Soviet Russia first was announced, the country blinker! a couple of times, looked somewhat nervously at the beaming figure of Mr. Litvlnoff, meditated with comfort on those big industrial orders Kusoia nu's'it be placing, and allowed that it probably would be all right. Since then, it gradually has become apparent that a profoundly important maneuver in world politics, has been taking place. To send an ambassador to Moscow because your relations with Tokio are somewhat dalicate may look like a roundabout way of doing business.. But it is perfectly obvious that Che'Japan- ese situation was a sizeable i fa'ptor in : our recognition of Russia, and bit by- bit we are beginning, to get a glimpse of the real background of +'ie move. ' wjjtoriil'-in'the current "issue of Woman's World; and whether .n not this marine has the facts ubsqlutely straight, it at least gj WB a sample of .the kind of.thing that-was taken into *apun£ in ..Washington'when recognition first was dim-ussed. ; - During and after lh e war> ^^ uit , Wohiah's. World, editorial, Japan and trance reached u secret understanding Oemenceau feared that tho end of the war would find tlie United States overwhelmingly more powerful than any' other nation on <*rth, and ho ..believed ; Japan.could be useful as a check. :S6, says the editorial, he rlevised an agreement wliereby Japan would be Permitted unlimited expansion in Asia ::«*P*n would be allowed to « e ize Man- ^«ria and control China; it also would J* allowed to control 'the Pacific all the way to the California coast .'"''•' '-. * * * _U was .for th^s reason, continues tlie .editorial, that Ctenwnceau insisted on giving Japan mandates ove:- so many wfends i n the Pacific at the Versailles conference. Now all this is'somewhat shocking, to one brought up o,, tl.c Iheory that Amenca and France always have been «ood friends. Just how, fa,-the facts ^straight may be open Lo (I ue S Uon. 1 Story may be entirely true, partly e, «>r wUrely false. fl* P0int that it does illustrate is th»t-J«j»in h«s been emerging fn the *V Eut as a potential enemy of both America and Russia, and that certain European powers Jisvu been very happy to see that happen. By resuming relations 'with Russia, this «vuntry has taken an effective .slop tc meet the situation. Recognition was a move for national security. By sending an ambassador to Russia, the administration sought to lessen a growing tension on the other side of the world. —Urucc Caltoii. Fores/ Fire Savings Almost every week briny;, new testimony to tho value of the work being <l«»e by the president's "forest army." U. S. Forest Service officials 'just have checked their (IKtiros and discovered that in 1033, in the 18 national forests which lie in California, only 75,000 acres were swept by forest fire —and the average for the Ixst decade lias been 217,000 acres a year for that area. Fire lighting costs liave b>en reduced by 80 per cent, at a d-.-et saving to taxpayers of approximately $300,000 in cash—to say nothing O f"the value of, tlie .timber saved, which j s far greater. Regional Director S. B. Show de- Hares bluntly.that thc CCC is largely responnible for this saving. For years the Forest Service has yearned for a trained, disciplined and woll-cquipped reserve force available at a moment's notice. The. CCC is just such a force; and forest Service official., predict that it JWI ,J)$ ..even more valuable- in thc future. . .""'•' CHURCH EXCUSES . My knowledge and ability con»"« me th.i »«„ al . cS ma ny iys of doing a wrong bu nih. °' 1 *, W " y of rioln « a thin "gilt. My son-lii-iiw and hire " "« ° ! . thal Wte thai see 'lollgiit m nndiug wa ys lo d Back Him Up Wfr OUR WAY .iZ£! » tw " vclt *" 1 " iivc • acto, thrown In >,u way whhout. tho f^ncrs. o any Importiu.t portion of the,,. refusing to ±, , I934 - 35 """-^"cH". comnU " '" "'"' Ot " lc fHtt '*•' he !»» virtually the farmer tot in bu rehabilitation tent It . . b jt imgrateful on the pan farmers who arc still obdurate* We think so. J'tumlly enough. famcre ^ rW.1 lo look to .their own Interests as any one ebe . out thls „ an ^ ^ Ho /.IIT C0<peratlon . »"" 'ho man who hods back-wlm wilfully a(cllnes to IM ^ uly m with U ,e recovery pro^M-wi,, mter. fere Ml that much with the dances of «c- Thta new reduction plan supplies the first hMta«. in history aflortu* to tinner* an «,u»re deal. He can not lose, ana hut man who thinks to make more by how- M r «"",", tate Cfedit f ° r * hatcvcr ha ™- lul results that may follov, We hope there are no such men m Pmmp5 county, and that nothing wil. occur to tatcr- Rrly TOtnpIctlon of «"> «mt«cte now every township. —Helena • World. a Cloatcr tlmo fimlli K the nho the great .(Rubl with JVEDNESDAY, OP OINKIN6 GLASSES IN THE C' ~ 1 did not feel jU5tmcd ^ ^,n! -| w mucli for pn^hlng 10 juS * Backache May Result From Strains of Many Varieties ..J" DR « i', . Medical of H «Hh FISHBKIN and ol -— most common ailment,of human beings, the first .being some d«turbance-of .the bowels, chioily constipation. - " / Probably both'o^ these disorders result from, clvUlzilion. The animal eats when it ran and empties us bowels .whenever it pleases. cat at definite periods and must, pontrol : yb'ir physiological (unatl.oa'i lii accordance with [lie customs under which you live. By your posture when silting. standing,- or walking, you throw "fJ'. n f % J^ rUcuto «y o" your spine, strains arc associated Blld diagnosis. A frequent tyi.v uf hackauhn is I'w to strains fio ulustiial in- Ji'iy. Heavy liftim the catcliln" of heavy obj?cls. the passing ol 1'cnvy vreijrhts fro ,,. me ' * ™ niiolhoi- inay.cau.'.e strains on var- ,— .ions of tlu i pitic liiiti con slant backache thereafter. vl^h".," ''"'""'-'•'•oi'I'lcrc™ hol- •o« back, and. tli-M-fcrc, 0111; incapable of bearing ,uy eitraonl!,,- •y strains in n-i.-'rtie a ge. Some-' mra the unin in t 1)c back is due > trouble with jour feet It sow feet turn the wrong wuj » it Is nrccssEi-v in can-vine STS, T'° M OT "^ m »' '0 ^"f "M. back n, „ ,,,,,:,,„, pbsluoi ; tooncr ov InlM- f» in 'ted. all -y " _ cell, wm replace S an ~r^i- n DUEL EACH iS^^F™^-« POUR THE WNEL A^^^^^ANO > MOW GOAT WITH HAIR, r /V£ reer LONG WAS RAISED By ' P. A. PIERCE, HWtBOiGT COUNTY, CA1/P. • ORE THAN"- ., 5.OOO,OOO COPIES OF ETHEL8ERT NEVW5 "THE BEEN SOLO. The custom of pom-ing w i nc from one glass to nothe IIKIil.V IIKId; TODVY . e custi together before starting to drink " McELLUDTT tflll-l In « thooJ |°"' The Icnuc, thc elbow, represent single Joints,! hrlv n betf the spine liar more than a snc.' • When r^^c^vs^in^---" VBITOUS direction. Because of iuie for motion, there arc i-ccesslty cushions between various bone v.ltich'act as shocl: absorbers. These bones represent about one fourth ol Ure movable part of -tne spine. Every time thu tnmk moves "My arc involved. There is pressure upon them, tlwrcloiv," both from Inside and oulside. * • • When thc specialist examines sour back hc notices its alignment while you siEnd, sit O r lie C'own. He notices ho«- it' moves »tic-n yon change trom one position to another. He studies any unusual bumps. y He n 0 ti ces tiie position ol your ps w M ^^ -Glullo aalti-Casazza, Metropolitan impresario. You've no idea how much time a motion picture actor lias to spend being friendly to any- J>nejvhocomcs • along. -Edmund Low By Williami ,^ --.,~, »„*,,.,, ilUllUEnCEl back in relation to the various I,"',? ° f u' lls spinc - He fillds on' • lictlier- there arc any pains O r spasins along the .- pine, and ngam repeats these tests in the three different postures. I Il!l5 [O nllOW Elbout tllC Such dls' ><U " * X)rty 6cl!crilil 5'- iyphills. typhoid frvcr or »cneral infection of the body reflect ii'lvcs frequently in Ihc Any inflannnatio': ol [he ,- ... . yourself nche shortly :feii?hc comes fron «! in bed, partlcu- which the spri "r an illness, Tei:ng fi- 0 |i| hack- enafter. A small =nrath the fcoli nntli-r your kn the nuisi of the back nm ^ i.-ill prevent strain O ii oi tlie back and NIILS n™ inckaclic which olhenvis ccciir when y uu <!'t up would I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT» YOU'RE TOO BOSSY- I KNOW YOU! , HE'S A" SWELL PRINCE; HE jis WOULDN' PER YOUR .LIKE I HAOpA — •HOO-\WE AiNY GET ALONG.• THAT'S ALL BOO HOO WHT 'CAN'T GET ALONG A PINE LIKE DAVE? WHY ALICE.' ' WELL.! KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. HE'S AS NEAR A «AlNT AS VOU'LL PIND NOW-A-DAYS theunuUlc conriKions! ^ An x-rny of condition fiammntion of exc\"s lhe T .T° r Bounty T.caiurrr JOE b. D1LLAHU.VTV For Circuit Court tlrrk HUGH CRAIG ' ounty Court ( lr r t FRED J- Re-Electlon for J Tcrm L. (BILLY' GAIXF-a C. (IKE) irUDSO.N FOR Elcctlun Tuesday. For Ct(y Cltik CRAIG BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from Ihe flies of (he Blj ronritr Thursday, Jan. 17, 1324 Thousands of Blytlievillc citi ?M 'Mod thc new Dome of the'Fir National bank on the corner , <iam and Second streets today. ^ file Blytheville Drug Co an '. W. Schalz tied for first hono« making ti lc fi rst deposits in th building a feu- minutes afte '.'omlnT "^"^ '"' ^'^ th Word was rccpivc.l in BIytlievlll Icday of the death at Fort Smlt ol Ralph st'.;bl>s. ± on ot T. I atiorney. an Colton closed at :M :l "!ivery on thc ,V-, V IS for Marct Vork cottot icon at her home on ' i»cm,c when .he cntertai™,]' w Mali Jongg pilrl: . u , , V'.vion of Denver. Col. 1706-BenjamIrj Trankliii bora ia "Boston.. rxJeiih "bors wojider- Tie'JJ ever ampu an.yth.isj IQSt-Itetectives, try to solve my^er of why thereSr^ so ma%suaasfiyj. ^-Vsfe'i/ books. -vow KH ,,x u-iTii THI: STOHY OHAlTfJU XII JJLA held her while arm out and Derek slipped Hie uracelcl over it. Ho turned her hand upward and l.'isseil tlie palm. "H Bulls you, Loveliness," lie tola IILH-. Ml:: smiled. All ],ci- life she had lieuii smiling sweetly when people lalkcit to her like that. It was like the brera: blowing or tlie sun shin- I'lK. She expected il. u was part of her very existence. You didn have fair linir and an cxciuisik lisurc. like a Taiiagni ligurine, for nothing. Tlio bracelet was of flawless "•urliiiuNship. Tlicro wore sap Jill Ires in it ami rliainonils ,it the fn-st water. On Lib's chaise IOIIRUC in the cherry anil white room up '*«'rs lay a .supple fur w'rap an- oilier gift from Derek. Queenlike Lila accepted all this as her just , Ucrok said. "I wish wo could •law (linitcr here, all by ourselves by the lire. I wish wo nceiln't ' : I.ila frankly slarei?. "What? Xot EO to Marko's? Iliiltculous!" "1 kno'.v." Dcrok set his j lw - •;ion-t n? nm that's wlial , w!s]| - J-'l tiie same,- Let's call lijui . iiiterruplcil him, "Ucrek IJli 65 . v ,,f the sort. Offend . horror. ":••! e::i)c:tiiis us. , it'll-he Jingel and a beauty!—was used t this sort of existence. "I'll liet those Weaver kids are having fun," he (old himself, will a gleam of humor....',' they've got-a toy tree with silver halls: and all the rest of it." lie'liked'Gypsy lie thought her "a good sport.' rom seemed a nice chap, too. What •i game they hail made of the little supiier at their houso iliat Sunday -»l! He had thoroughly enjnyed liimsclf. Lila hadn't; though. Funny how women were aljout the social racket. Now. he'd hecu brought «P very simply, himself. HJ S father had been the village doctor nnl there liad been no frills ahout •— bqylioort. Lila was ilifterent. bhe wasn't content unless she had I'cnl lace on the fingorliowl doilies Gypsy's little parly had borei] her she said afterward. Not that she wasn't fond of Gypsy. She was ," Ut ,. w ? m " s . 1 . lla ™ 'ho™ over little liox IS*'-. <> "' Cr(ai " i " s "' tliat surd to try." Derek hail opened his mouth t protest but had stopped, just I time. He was learning Hangs '•"" She hated to he tlisagreci Not that she hadn't a won derfril disposition, said Derek loval 'y. hut she was just spirited ' nodded • "Clever, isn't It!' 1 Ho recalled himself ai to the youth bealdo him. '1'ho evening wore on. Dinner ,' niany-coursed affair. w as served toyed with, euded. Der t - k notice,! Plate after plate carried awav u ,i- (ouched. The glasses were 'filled and empl.ort. The red roses droojcd m their silver vases. Marko was taking them all (o n rek"ai' ""*• °* "'* B: '" St ' Tilat Uc '- once-tlirce times, in fact-Sid n^'t matter. The party filed down "h ! ile after the second act ened, occasioning much fcs |i d craiiim; or necks among est of the audien Der Hn, ?,• " aS011 ' 6ll ° "I'm of Uyjisy Weaver She flirted with him oiitrag K^"^ "° * 1 '' " ' '" th imperious. Holier nervous, too these days. Hc rather thought she smoked too much, though he didn't like lo suggest that. He had worked himself into a mo,o cheerful frame of mind by UK. time he'd finished shaving A Blanco out of tl, 0 high wi,,,^ assured him of the fact that it was siiowmg asain. (loot! enough! That, Lila was lieautifui in (], c soft h'own f, lr . W]lat a |l]t . hv ch;iii j|c «as to have her! lie'd been a fool o Hunk he could keep her all to Himself this afternoon. She was far loo lovely to May hidden • • • r j[iHIJ parly at Marko's was in full swing when they arrived. Marko had I lie entire top ti oor „( .,„ exclusive apartment hotel in the «•• f;:«. I'm loolilng forward 'to ii. j « it that new creuin lace at Sylvia'" Jii--l t-j v.-car today." "Oil, I Miippose you're riqhl It's ••- iliity.." Derek shrusgrd his Blionl-! llim "Thafrj :; darliug." I,i] :l ,,| lprovcl j liim softly, taring |,,.,,] C hc ,. )11)il)t "Hun along and drc.HT. Marko iii- fi:l«l on lisrins dinacr ul a ridicu- Inii:; hour—live o'clock—!,,,t 1 sup- JiOi-e unc must du mad (Iiinr 3 O1 , Chvislmas duy." Jc-.-ek went upstairs 0:1 laggard t. This. !ie told liinisslf rather sirily. wasn't Christmas. Why, as a kid. back home in Vermont, ho had loved all the panoply „'( '([, c son: the tree, smelling spicy and -liilizins: tho carola in the biio*-- the randfo-lightcil windows—every'- tiling aliout it. He hud even (he ilrd to think of it now) liked to I" church mi Cliiistmas day. The le old meeting house had had a ''•ial holiday oilor, compounded tir houghs and resin aud wood- "ke. Well, no one he knew now- 'ys went to church. O:i Christ-i s "icy htliavcd miiclr the rain-, wy otl:n day of the- y c «r. fucy I cocktails, told Iho t. okcs. mpasslve face let them in. n c » now one. Derek had never him before. The noise struck like « blow, when tho door s«'«ns inward. Koh e ot rai ] io "•"Hie. of Iieiglitcncd I,, miatl VuiM . «f slipping feel, rcoplc were d»:,^ '«.-• M«rk«, had ,, cro ., lp „ , 81la ,_ '-'la was in her element She called grcetinss to half - t ,]o" People in tne foyer as she passed ' iving. !• empty, achius [l Dili of tlie car!!; is wrong with him, :niy- liow? T.ast year when luTd ueen wooing Lila. he hadn't in cd Hie noise and the racket. It had a" seemed part of living. His head felt hot, e i he handed Lila .„„ tilr! . and followed hor into the cntranw-iV ot Hicir building. A clock Feme' Place, not far away, fc(n , ck , wr> The city was bathed in moonlight "or,- The snow had stopped Tir« scrubwomen, on their way to work- down Ihc avenue, stopped to tall nerck^,™^, 51 ," 133 " .V Ca °" Dthcr - mas!" And they really meant il! ' • I' 13 /'? wro "S w «h you, tlar- "ie. Lilas tone was fretful. She ."npc.l out of the sleek brown fur' intl Derek caught it. "You've bcen ; Slum as an oyster all evciii.ii;. I'm 1 ' "re everyone noticed it. The llf-l! f the party." '. Ho flung his coat down a,,,] r:p- ' •d open his tic. -i ,,0,,-t hno , V-i . t just went dead on me." _Shc cocked an eyebrow at him. >»ap out of it, young fellow ,,,c • •«l. Marko likes bright faces auo'j',' im." >. Marko! Was he ever lo bob- as he wanted? Was he tied to -iii chariot of .Mammon forever'.' Derek choked hack some bitter words. "What did you Hay?" l,j!a had gone inlo her own room nov.-. Jlcr sweet, fretful tones came ID .him dimly. "Nothing, dearest. Only I'm sorry if I wns a wet blanket." He camo to aland nl her dor>r. She was in pale rose .j;*' 1 " "'- 1 - '- slim arms glimmering i'-li U"l f . twitch i,'- ,- i , Cit •' ncrvo " 3 „ "^ ' lso »"»-= check. Well, after cades ot creamy lace a' ° "" 1 """' t nii " d back She pa We u ™udi. That wa. one leather. lie'w ;;= 'bubbHnp tree'' "uf't' ,"'','' D;r ° ;i sccn l'i» -at nnl v t? ' !ul Ilc " lll£t lo ir,r - fco " lc °ic 'akc Mr. llliss l" tlio uining room, r.ila whi=nprrd "«"r^nn^r ni!Cr ' n " ll ' ;CBr ' ^™^^^:^^ 1; Souih- he - , .Mark.,'i pr imc old , fore. f ollll( , , ( «ir nt hu] " " 1C tt '' :ve ot a blond . rcmcmi '"ed seeing in nffi « tlio week be in ci-uiotk di-oius but u ,„ '=om. iad yet he knew, in i,'l° I.., c el ^ liat he would W ' Cbrlttm ot Ihc a ,h familiar af- - IJcrek Blarc<1 , at "" irallon lu ^'f ', dea . of a "Vou were. Don't let it hn nsaln." Ifcr tone was ever „ . gontly humoroui'. but lie scuucd th real waniing behind it. "You had a good time, anylio-.v.' She bridled. "Naturally. "l life' Marko's parties. They have co much zip to them." "fs that what you call II?" Dcrcl< was Ihoiiglilfui, but Lila cln>;e to accept the remark as sarcasm. "Don't lie clover in thc dawnliu. ret." She gave him her cool dice:; to kiss. "I'm dead. Ciood niEhl." Derek wont down Into thc l\\-\ ceiled living room to linlrl 1 . !m cigarct. He would have to 1*. ,, p early, and to the office, but somehow he did not want to go to b:d anil to sleep Just now. Hc tva r ,i e ,i to think things out. Whit!; "16 drifting?, (To Be C«BllaHcd)

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