Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on March 23, 1786 · Page 4
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 4

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1786
Page 4
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I iff jkrfewil$a Think bTthTMAcrTGOD'; ::iEl.vnP. l.";V.tnitKir'" ui..afcii,irMi iuwuuv, .'inil;:ela,fofis:abQde r. - lv - .j - i - g - WhcnlafewitfraU ill caret - ". (i "Witt wrin t the langiiirBftlurTigbr When .funl vill mine but thine; in vain, - A?dr:mopnrg(c'ip0fo5.jtbee;'.r Kanthc bifhrlari, refulgent .'Main t " t nou iruiiicii'Wim lo.itc.v Thy flsggmg'iatnii with age 'unfiruog - f ntAeA'djtKe moffeTpn thy tonguai Aiidjiatk: the acheing eyesv J Whfn plcafurc bootlefa coufts "tjiy gate, K 1 1? '.''A no muuc, Jica piy uoiii, When - eVry folace comes too late, .' ..Ao.da'hpujf tlajyro.rfuruj. bre'er the'fiWer cord be JoofJjH , ,' 'OrfPke, .Jhe;goldenvbo.wi j . , Orilie jicfij.floodlot'titai juice , - . '"':"Vngeiirqyiofgeiorpur H iif - And tluiVto mix with dull (lull hie, sfc EaVUf tending; ito jta earthT A'hji - tliiiiniiinTia!' fnirir flr. - . Ml - T .. . . - - y - . - . . it birth;1 Tp'hiih whogairc R - - f - - f"Fh:: - LL - f hof who coiit railed debts - with the fubferiber. - prior to the ycjr'pQe.ih0u(4'rfdi'fcveri. hundred apd '1eveaty,eight,. and are Hill ..indebted to biiin on hpoji, ..Jjond or note, are, hereby .; .rn(lly. rtqtfefted to 4ifchirja the fame : brthithi Me necefluy f:ii'iiiiinr - di ?a?e icitlaj))ent,pr tuple anairs, it - is nopu W4 fiedujr atten - lVd ti. as; aJcputrary sj - difpofii:iit wilrppltce;ihe Jubfcriber, to ib'crtcnurTfstpidiragieeahltrnethod pModsthKthe.accn'unta and obligation! pf ,tb9Je who neglett taking notice, in . i.c - handi pf - an attorneys . : ' ';"'.; ' IVlCMARD D'CANTxttPW. rff foper ittendaoce; w illj be, gtea far - .. - I the ,4)1 rppie 'Jot fettling thsfe aff - ir, on ... - jRIfindiyi,, Toefdiyi and Wednefjityi, l"j - et cry week iuntil the Jirfl of A pril nextf Tat iiie ifoferolvCainilfo ud Stpuicn - "baftjlj, fe?eu. niilei. noirh of Pough - ficrpiiff? - - U? j1,rJiv4Jrcdtmi',ot Monu Giiuw, ! - flfnE&ifdf NortheiO - PrecTna. in "th; Cjiity of DutteheXay an,d Sute of NiiW YYi rethTrcByninifiedft hatfle tfieTffTd - Mii '"Gfa.harh. hith contryed f :hi cfiair, 'real anil perfonal.unio ui the I ful(crilV'ra la. trutl, .as'a(Sgncef.'to'aid; '. clUte, fur thelbeiK'Ht of fiJ creditor!, xeliiipitdijyi'aidj&fonii - Grahanii - Efn, - - fc.' - i r Yr.aij6utrthre'e4.th6ufand.pouBdi! ;the sri J lU2u. Jia aoiwinted: tp meet at the Wli ioale:Fl;f homai; ;Poo!ev inij holder - st 'f?uhke.epfief on jhc . - 'third Tuefday iri ,&ily h'exNla receive ali!rfcnnd$ againlV art cilirei RrPpcVly attefled. John Stoutenburghf 7 '. ' ,js,..rl.'."JAVjlUajn' Stew4r....fjV)3igneef. T7. " lirdpCinrllionV " '" . - .N B. 'AU thofe indebted unfq the ,) - fajd lorii$vGubani, EfQs .on book r,banJiii'or,.P')te jitc jicrepy, jreque uea. to H4 ! Yiia;tnlRdrnioiC :l!fecXn3tf2ile - JM IfiTiaiSSA I iaJSjft li'M iiorpfiiteiKinriodiig llfi.V ibd hal f , aiiileVfrbm - ihc i main toaait'aumg to rrc - i riirvniiiiun.;. riiniium 'ortwtrhtindred and - foftv' - Jix acrei. we itidedJafpiirj,jiw(owd'vo6d lands;; hat a good riouie,rqarn aoAur - chard, and is well. watered. - For tenjii or Ta1ef apjVlf ra ROBERT BRHX livmg in Fifn - Kill'town, who will gtVe an'ibdifpotabTeTtiile' For thefarne; FJIfctytH, b'h Marchr ,1 ?S6. i - A Fprle,ijaoodJ4rm, t ATELY in the poftilioriW 3Ih - heucbd;jeadingLiVpni - I ' Ifa.tP Htitlnn. MfrafV.. fifinfp in 'Anienia, prcicinti, in Dutchefi county, :attheCity, a few rodi if rom the Meet - .ing Houfc'; ;coaurnrngbdut one hun - ' ;dtcd and twentyfix ;acrtj and an hajf. of.Vxceirentt.iind J WdTWlrtfadds tb the . value 'of the farm it, that there i J nearly ' a due proportion of arable, pallure. mea - dbr and" wood hods ; andhcw bolet well watered. There are on the arm an excellent bearing orchard, 'and pthet jfruuttees, a commodiom flbne Houfe, containuig t.u godrdUatilanjliwP kitchens below ; above. themrTTnlrjr and four rooms with' fireplaces io,each, and a cood garret't ' barn, a' well, af - tording good water neariheTlaorr - the 4 utuation - very fiieaiabr. commanding a Iff '98. M !?t .X IM tl - .Ajit": Hfi - Lsittikt. immediste.payjnent ,to ,':i.Z. RICaARrD.D'CAN TILLO.V, t4tKr ':..: aCqc pf.the,Aflicueei. . .''" '' i" '.' " . ' f, ' "." L1ljbfciibfr ha - vinj; bea doy ap ' '!tredit?rstf )leln;liinXtbyd Woolfey, Viinfnirutw'debtijr of jl.e jcounfy. pf " lliitcheft - . doth' hereby ib'.pufluance of .ilnjfuilrTferniadcpdrp ielutr? all the oeditors aforcOfi'.'.to pro - fcrs: - ; 'diific'tb 'turn lieir,leeral Jecunties aad ' - . S - - J.: V ; ' 'ft' V ' 1 ! 1 ' bekie tlw 'iTriVaXy of OAobernext; tlW - A - diiidend may be. maaepf themp - ii i)Otl etfccls which ,.inay.c.iiie."talii VhiCJ,r,':fnVo manner dieid ib ind 'haai.iafpref4id,;: and alVperfo'os ;'Wiij&d - the' fard7inf6iyej.r, cither. by .hfp.p'riherwifc aesre;cejl'. ciili;tqjtiakt. im'Wei4tep4ymcntto, ntabfcrt$?r... ' patid t be fiT d ySt Aijrtbi ij!)S Q.:r ii vicivof a fine thick fettled country for a confiderable extent. Any: perfon inclining to view the prcmifes, may apply to M.rt Judah: JBurtonir? - yho Hvesne'ar Ihcm; and tdfaveunriecelTary trouble, the lowed price is fevctt hundred pounds, to be. made in . eafypayrrjcnts. '.. r Fof!: further j)afttculir,rt.apply to the fubfcrlber at: RedHookrlip Uatcheft,' county, - by whom' an indifputable title wiil.be given. ' ',,., - . :; ANTHONY iiipFFMAN.; .March 6th. 1)786. r ; .ji;'6 v -TO B& mhDr - At private Sale, ,by the fubferibefrs, a very 'valuable li'arm oE Land ; SITUATE in Rumbput ptecinfl in - Dutchefs county, near New Hie - Jcinlack, on the road. leading ta the Nine - Partners, five rnilesffohTVapi pings Kill Landing, and about two miles tiom - threediifeixntij;rilLiriilh and faw mill, iormetly belongTow To ''oKannii Shurry, deccafed, welt 'divided into iimberj plough;, jTieadqyrV and; pallure land, well Mataed by brooks & . fprings.. - The me - idow,are fufljeient toproduce ty;tons6.f;gbo'd 'hay yearly ; two gJooV orchardjT" ith'nip wards prtwortundr eel ,m Choice Truu tVeesV producing jrearljro " hogiheads of Cyder ; a quantity of flone, and poll; nd rail fence : There'ls on laid' larrr?i a "good jltonc dwelling Houfe, well finiibed,"wiih four rooms on a flcfor, " with, three, re - places, and a good kitchen,with celler "undeiC4he - whole - j ; alio a.'new Dutch barn,, two I ram? bar. racks; a hoTfc'lhed', and. cyder mill and prefs, in a frame houfe : containing job TacCori Jni?D3fp iher - particulars, apply' to the fublcnbers - who will jtte a good title, for the fame. Dated Rum boar; March ij, 1786. ' , JuhnConklin, ; ; rr'Ew rancereUiniS,?v. James Hicks, - ; '"cutprs 'jLaty.rancejHatt, ja 4To be SjLD, - A - gm - of Land, . ,4.X - i, i. sjLii.$ - uJJfc. TiLEASANTLT fitus I JerFon the riudfon ealtbarikof 1. 1 ' " "Jlf ! !! iiJua.oo'a Kirer, in vhr' Cuuty, three miles NprtkT urrtintoiiH or.roughieepueiiJContainr - . ibff TiboiitSs ib acres, fio "of - w hich is ciTiedffdinood - feaceTther remain: diTVs"uaderi?o?rrTbe?,bting ite;rrtners, jthe property pi tbe late - "ri tiisiss.au uvviv ,.. - w w . .. - . - r - ; - .. '. 4 - . - rf - " '. - ' ' ' '. ,r.." 't 'J' ' - I I ' nmtril ! - - . - J j . rcmifei, twpUvvelling'bouleSj With I ";v,fc" ", - "?'"" w """Spncj DtimTs otwateVby the doors, pf each; alio a large oarn nu jwo iramcu oar - racks, iwit'h' la young orchard, that, makes from 80 .to 106 barielr of Cyder yesft - Iyjican cut about jo. tons of good haycrtyeaindlhete : is aconfiderable UJntJtyipfPjnggtpund reel, - the.'Whoie, being well watered. V ThcJPojl froad' from Ney.'Yirk tp .AJ bany running acrols laid farm by one or the Great Nine Partners to the Landing (which joins the premtfes) by the other. Any.perfbn; inclining to, purchafe, may know the terms, by applying, to DANIELSMITH, Vj, k SAMUEL AlOXT, i"0" Living i:ear the Premifes,by. whom 26 - jrn a good, lylc will be given. ... ... ,..j. i ... That .vaablcaricl; vclIlLnpwfi " "Farm of Land,. 'And Premtlcs. late of Caplaiir . - .".. 'i X 1 , jonn uoncKin, ucccaicM, - T hPotrgrrkcpfie precinV - on 1 the Ball Bank bf Hudfori.'s Hiver ; cpntainjng about 2,5c acres under good improvement, n wo mi I cs Coil t h oF th eTdivnr F6y?luttfiet'paVtTcIa7"erf - cjuire of .t. ...,.:, ... :. , ... ..Abraham iConcklin, - - - rlfaatr Gonckiin and v " yjaebb Concklin, f 22 tf . '.. Adting Executors. . : - T(Ji3fcSO At Public Vendue; On the jbth - of Aprii next, orat any Time before, at pnvateja)e, 'A, HOUSE od our Acres of LanT, - O - Bcar - Fifh - Kill, Landing,, with a good orchard and a very good conveni ency forXagJCafdi where the ,bufi nelihaTbeenrcarriedbn for; many yftrs. Any perfon that .(hould be inclined to ,purchafe.thetewill.,be a fhort credit given for fome part of"lhe "money ; and a - good title given, by ' Daniel Tcrbofs, - - v 12 Jeremiah Cooper, it JUcwis Jvnincn. r TOBE. SOLD, "r .'At private Sale, That valuable, commpdibusjind pleafantly fituatcd. Houle ajiJiarmy ",4 - gJLF ? , DCionging - to Q 0 B Q E UUIJJB: IB 0 JkU sr;ar ""S... Thepd'prusBailcy. T' "YING hbout a mile and a har eaft I' v'ftotn Pu4ihkee!plie, on the road kiuing to the NibePartnen. Ircon - tiios about fjrty acrs, with a good Hjule and Barn on the lame ; it has a proportion of gtlod. meadow, and a well of excellentwater'by the houfe rlfo .good prchard.It will anfwer well either for a.i'iibjfc,. houfe 'at Store. Tt 7b7tHlF.beliJnped toJ)rirVmr.F.Mrni an. Forpaniirulars - in'quire - oti.the premifes,ii of ,liitUUlCliAL.lJliN. eftate of toltus Vsnfeeckd e ceafed ; iitUatcd on a very hlca - fant'eminericcwithiniaquartcr i mile of the tbwnT - of ppughv keepfie, commanding the full viewpf' the fame.' The.fh.oufe - being two; and V half ftorics.high, with.fuui gen : 4eelroQmtQjt a. floor,a 'Con TO BE JDiD. At public Mchdie ., ,' Oa Monday i - tht 4hitd ,day bfiA6 - rncxr - - ""! .. i. .ncaerjot; '..''; on the - premifei ;,,br. t;ptivateif, jany'timr before: " " - . TV luabltFARMSbf ;XANb,:i iSJL . ruaa " Ff 0 CP f relcTBt .iDutchefiLew jjdicd r,.ioiibg;to thelnjnjMjfJj Jor Detivin - lt is extrernel weljt, ded into timber, - meadow, ploudhK .paflurejc, Landi ndHtnoniimoalyw, auu ucai aujutuing. iaw iuui anu n 'jnjll trepilfo on.it:a:gooiLorchard"tii mail dwelling houfes, and la r'am! bit: Eafy terms of tfrjiucnt w.ill be gi3 and an indifputable. title, by '" 1 j s Wi 1. 1 1 a m McaNeau: Beekmant Preclncl, "RlatcTil ':ift JrRTlAU4UViERi Oi this place, intending in a few rhonili to return to hiinatu couhtiy,H Ji EGS Leave' lo inform the'publicyit . for a price confiderably - lefs thaai,1. prime, cpit, .he will dTfpoleToJ his flw of GOODS on hand, coniifiing of 1 , rietyof - articler Houflinlit Furniture, con filling of to many particulars to be here enumerate two good horfAj'a riding chair, fulfc ggoPjiiandiijJlejghsX wJiL?hitid complete. - . Cafh, Vhear j Indian Corn, or, ; Pc alh, wiH be taken in payment. fi Gentlcrnen - towhom - halandes miyi lueAilLbOJcafed 10 call upon hirafi adjultments ; and nojc who art indebii tohimj wiU - readily'1 perceive thepje - priety - ofnJmmedhteiJetdemeBtiii 'SomeHime ihthc enfu'ng month, tl fubferieef willremflte from, his prefc tdidencf, in the houfe of Mr. OleafEi ritr, - - 10 thfl welling hpufe af MrrPd "Vernonr, of thts '"tiivia sU - 3a4 . : - B OLIVIER Poughkeepfje; March i, 1786. k V WILLBM jrGOPK& HEREBY itjforms'the publicf'tl ;he carries on: the bufihefi of jj and lilrer - fmith, and of watch rriaiii; at his Ihop near the Court - houfe ia ti l own, - wherer any bufihefsi'n .h'w fi Will bedorie Pa "the OiOTteft "notice s Any bufines fent him by t;p3 With, aiteclioas. willepuncittj yenned" to, jutd wftea fiailhtd, returs; by bim. - - jS N. B.. He cuts.alj kinds Jiour - o Brandt, zt a (hort notice, and termi. - . , , . . osfh Lili Pcrfons who aretiJ J mbdlpus reliar;rrdcrthelwhole, with a. good well of iter, and" about fixtV'tvto acres of good land, with ia goPd.orjchardiJin meadow belonging to the lame. For furthcrpifriciulaTs; en - jre of JOSHUA CARDAN, jun.BeknTinyPrecindti 2tf A J ,, V . Tl' fi deutca, to icncnii Hcartt of Charlotte precIrJ wiirbe pleafed to ta'ke .jipti that his books and accounts: commiTtedbjr "hTs creditors - the carfr of Anthony A. - Ht man, JSfri; Attbrny at Law; I the piinrplV of cbleritinri debts ; "and fuch as remainl ti 'paid' by the 15 1 b Aprit licl WilJ.be, putrin profecutipru Poughkeerjfie, MarphT 8, ,tSI ' 1 1 ' -To "be Sold by the print JlIJ?olx Appreficendentir! Bonds .in . Judgment and Coil mPri BorTdsVfPenal Bills, Eil cutioriS,VeriiresAVarrahts,Suil monies, bubpocnas, &c. &c. Alfo, Blank Powers of. Atl ,.ney, and Tavern Licences!! the Comtniflioners of Excife C A S H Given for all Kinds of Clefl Cotton and Linen 1 R AG S by the Printer hereof. :Adveriifements fpr4his - pij will berccctvcd by the IloiUij in - l fiTI - r; H K" R R R - S I IE.. PriiueiTvNicolrF - ewirfTO .pi: mciiik PptVfijiinUiiHth,:. wherc JbTctiuiiqni'' Ji5' Twe - Shjllings .per AiifivtbjiiJEirjyjjAit InteUigcnee, AdYCrj.iicmi L. :c.arc tfaankfu IvTcCeTvcd, "and eysry - iKma oi irintinv - periormea - wittt - ric.ameiinajbai. cSk; :p - ' "in? ' , B A ". " - iHt ' - . - , m

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