Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York on December 18, 1959 · Page 24
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Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York · Page 24

Poughkeepsie, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1959
Page 24
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t page'twenty - four Dorothy Db Letter Box DEAR DOROTHY DIX: my' husband and I,, hiving no children ojt our own. idopled a little boy when he was a baby. Though now 9 yean old, he still accepts us as his real .father and mother We love him ery rmph and wouldn't hurt him for the world. Should we tell him the truth about being adopted nd, if so, who? CONCERNED DEAR CONCERNED Don't hesitate! Tell your adopted son the Inescapable truth before some meddle gives him a garbled version Some friends of mine foster parents of a little boy and girl, faced a similar problem re ently After considerable thought, they decided to tell the boy we'll call him Johnny first He was S, the girl only 2 Thev began by explaining the fact that children were con - rnKoH anil Wn; Ihrn m - ni nn to say that In the physical sense they were not his parents but. In another sense they were, iinceJiewi jsanleland hasLchosenJnjjrefc - ence to all the others they saw Johnny asked U any of the ottu. children knew about his being adopted. "No," they answered. "And we shant speak o fit" Apparently satisfied, he ran off to play. Soon after a neighbor phoned In great excitement She had overheard Josle, a little girl animatedly discussing Johnny's adoption with the other chil dren This both worried and puzzled m friends That evening they received a call from JOsIe's mother. She, too. had heard the kids talking about Johnny's dop Ion and at once cautioned the youngsters not to speak of this before Johnny. It would hurt hdm very much. They stared at her In astonishment "How could it hurt Johnny, Mama." demanded Josie, when Johnny himself was the one who told us all about how he was adopted'" (Released by The Bell Syndicate) St. Ann's Plans Dance Plans for thi 13th anniversary dance of St Ann's society of Mt. Carmel churcli were outlined 'at a committee metting recently at the home of Mrs. Jneph Mascollno, 232 Mansion street, general , chairman The event is scheduled Saturday night, Jan. 30, at Mount Carmel auditorium Dancing from 9 to 1 o'clock, will be to music furnished by Tom Cavallaro and his orchestra. Named to committees are tickets, Mrs Anthony Chickery and Mrs. jonn w Kinaiai, co - chairmen, assisted by Mrs. John T o r s o n e ; refreshments, Mrs Cart Chickery, chairman, Mrs. Joseph Mllone, Mrs Anthony Marchese Mn Salvatore Let - teril and Mrs Vincent Balas - jone punch Mrs Peter Leone, chairman. Mrs Armando Mar - conelli and Mrs Zino Piottl, decorations. Mrs. Jean Lomo - rl - 'll, Mrs Gerard DeFlgitor Mrs Louis Puglielll, Mrs. Ed' ward Trojan. Mrs Sabastlan Urbano and Mrs. James Morrl - I III I ' w Fv" LsssssssssssH JdUGHKEEPSlE kEW - YORfoO Progress Reports Heajd ; At rmnarmomoMeexinq a !. ITHE GIRLS FR1DAYV DECEMBER! 16, . 1959, iif (i ' ii i i By Franklin Fplger ?& ulS KltUl'l Studl MISS MAROARET ELIZABETH SKALLA. Waukegan. 111., who Is the future bride Personal Mention Mrs. Grace .tRexhouse. 15 Franklin street, who recently underwent surgery at Vsssar hospital. Is convalescing at the home of her sister, Mrs. Elisabeth Jsnuksjtls. Creek road. Mn. Thomas Andros. River road, Hyde Park, It a patient at the Northern Dutchess Health center, Rhlnebeck. Mrs. H. Henry Staley, Rhinebeck, spoke on "Christmas from Front Door to Back" at the Bay - shore Garden club's Chrlstmu party meeting last week at Mlmi's Awlxa Pond restaurant Mrs. Staley and Mrs. Herbert Decker, who accompanied her, were luncheon guests' of the club preceding the meeting. of John boulevard Cianclo, Lorraine is BiiMidi Skall(Fiancio - Reformed Church Slates Yule Service Members of the Church chool of the Reformed church will present a special Christmas service at 4 o'clock, Sunday afternoon, in the sanctuary of the church. Traditionally, the Junior High and Senior High departments of the Church school re responsible for this service This year, the young people will present The Christmas Story In the form of a choral reading and a tableau The major portion of the Christmas story will be narrated by four solo voices, assisted by a speaking choir The solo voices are Wayne Newton, Betsy Short, Leslie Ackerman and Pattle Vail. The speaking choir will consist of Karen Bock, Carol Evans. Linda Kozma, Joyce Sleight, Charleen Grant. Tyler Tragle, Cherie Kozma, Michael Walsh, Jay Heilman Frank Niesson, Fred Speedling and Jeffry Reif. In the narration of the story the manger scene tableau will be presented with Carl Bock, Vickie Evans, James Scott, Diehard Seymour, Roy Dunham, Harold Clinton, Richard Prenot, Curtis Bailey, Stanley Ger - mond and Carol Casement par ticipating The Primary choir, under the direction of Mrs Walter Storm nd accompanied by Miss Joan Casement, will sing two Christinas hymns, "Dear Little Stranger," by Gabriel and "O Come All Ve Children" by Boomer. The members of the Primary choir are"Nannette Brock, Patri cia Cousins, Martha Huibregtse, Carolyn Kuhback, Anne Mitchell, Ronald Sanford, Gary Storm, Beth Ann Tompkins, Gerald Vossler, George Burge - vin, Deborah DeVor, Vloky Joan Kark, Carol Mahoney, Vlckl Lynn Neener, Candace Short, Nancy Storm, Mary Lou Tragle, Gail Whitaker, Leslie Bur - gevln, Susanne Hicks, Dietland . Krom, Peter Mlcklus, Denise Bef, Ralph Short, Jackie Taft, Ann Van DeWater and Rebecca Wood The Junior High and Senior High departments will be assisted in the presentation of this special Christmas program by Andrew Balrd, AAGO, at the organ and Mrs Henry Wilser Jr , Mrs. Wilser will sing two soprano solos, "What Child ts This7" and "Angels We Have Heard on High " Costumes for this program were arranged by Miss Judy Parker and Mrs John 0 Farrell, make - up, Mrs Richard Mitchell, properties, Mrs Burton Barren - ger; and lights, Christie Conk - lin Immediately after the serv ice, the annual Church school Christmas party will take place In the Fellowship hall of the church The children in the grades below the seventh will receive gifts from their teach ers Santa Claus also will be present and refreshments will be served. Delta Alpha Class Has Yule Program Members of the Delta Alpna Bible class of Trinity Methodist church conducted a supper - meeting and Christmas program on Wednesday night at the church. Mrs Harry Brlggs, sup per chairman and her commit tee decorated the tables wltn green and red candles in keep ing with the holiday season Christmas gifts were taken for the CityMisslons Mrs Esther Underhlll, presi dent, presided for the business session which was opened with devotions In charge of Mrs Ray mond Smith She spoke on the meaning of Christmas Miss Mary SpalTord, chairman pf the Prayer circle, made known that the group will not meet for the holidays, the next session to De Jan 5 After the meeting, Mrs Wil liam King introduced Mrs Underhlll who read a paper on Christmas in other lands Mrs Pansy Patchen sang a solo ac companied by Mrs Robert Baker after - which a one - act play, Through Darkness Shining" by Mrs Elizabeth Goode Sterrctt, was presented It depicted the birth of Christ, the arrival or the Three Wise Men and the frustration of Herod at not finding the baby Jesus The cast included Mrs Un derbill, Mrs Helen B. Honour, Mrs Herbert E Corey, Mrs John Schoonmaker, Mrs Allan Qulgley, Airs Anna P Love and Mrs Pansy Patchen, The last three sang "We Three KlnRs" During the performance, sever al Christmas carols were sung by the group, accompanied by Mrs Nellie A Aroh Members and guests attend ing were Dr and Mrs D George Davies and children, John and Jane, Mrs Roberta Crotty, Mr and Mrs Harry White, Mron DuBois, Mr Schoonmaker, Mr Corey, Mrs Underhlll. Mrs Smith. Miss Bertha Masten, Mrs Mary Cutler, Mrs George B Kenney, Mrs Cora B Miller, Mrs Mary H Lane, Miss Eva Van Benschoten, Mrs Daniel DuBois, Mrs Ralph Beckwilh Mrs Dorothy M Wells, Mrs Mary Newkirk, Mrs Fred Reynolds, Mrs Aroh Mrs Louise V Stocker, Mrs Sadie Lowery, Mrs Honour, Mrs Schoonmaker, Mrs Charles Decker, Miss SpalTord. Mrs Patchen, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Qulgley, Mrs Walter B Tongue, Mrs Edward Terwilligqr, Mrs Love, Mrs Francis Drake and Mrs Corey Progress reports were heard at the meeting of the Dutchess County Philharmonic society's executive board, Wednesday night, at the home of Mn. Philip G. SwarU, "Fdur Clefs," 2 Vassar View road. Kurt Grtshman, president, presided. Plana for the ln - school con certs to be presented by a string trio and by woodwind trio soon after the holiday season were outlined by Claude Mon - teuz, musical director. Mn. Douglas McGee has served a coordinator in scheduling the concerts in an the schools ot Dutchess county. Plans for a similar series of school concerts In the Kingston area were scheduled for next spring Peter Mcgomb reported on the f nil - harmonic tuna , After.th.fl - meeUnvMtind rB. Swftrti wept hosts tit t Christmas coffee. Among those attending, were1 Mr. Grishman, Mrs. uonaid P. uameron, aits Cadet G1 of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Santmlre, Crumwold place, Hyde Park, ma Hamuli to thai T 1 t aTMarran institute, Marion, - AtrtSidncy - Mlu'g?f,irgejm.? Betrothal Announced Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skalla, Waukegan, 111 , announce the engagement of their daughter, Margaret Elizabeth, to John S. Clancio, son of Mr. and Mrs Jack F. Clancio, Lorraine boulevard Miss Skalla was graduated from Waukegan High school in 1959 and is employed by the Bell Telephone Co In Waukegan Mr Clancio is serving in the U S Navy, stationed aboard the USSJSlokomin wedding plans are incom plete according to LTeulenanf Colonel Raymond McDonald, Dean of the military Junior college. Cadet Santmlre was a graduate of Roosevelt High school, class of 1959 and is majoring in a liberal arts course. Miss Grace C. Thompson, a former dietitian at Vassar hos pital, who has been receiving treatment at the hospital, has returned to her home In fish kill. Anne Adams Dress Patterns Lutheran Couplea Slate Yule Party Members of the Couples' club of the First Lutheran church will - sponsor - - their Christmas party tomorrow in the church num. mere will De a covered dish supper and an ex - . change nf gifts Among - thosa 4740 iTWPA 12 - 20; 40 flfcVfli IaV 'tim 3sr 3IBIl planning to attend are the Rev. nd Mn. Edward Whitlock. Mr. nd Mn. Norman Stemple, Mr. nd Mn. Rojoert Zlegler, Dr. and Mn. Herman Wolff, Mrs. Ellin Olson, William Beck, Mr. nd Mrs. Ernest Beck, Mr and Mrs. Otto Plntrlch. Mr and Mn. Zlwood Siewert Mr. and Mrs. William Erti. Mr and Mrs Edwin Palmatier. Mr and Mrs. Vernon Chrtstensen. Mr and Mn. Billy Noble Mr and Mrs Guy weyer, .Mr and Mrs Charles Miller, Mr and Mn. Jroy Klenitz, Mn and Mrs. Arvid Berger. Mr and Mn. Donald Malkemus, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C Pine and Mr and. lira. Gtorge Wagner, v Lutheran Children To Present Program Children of the Sunday school of the First Lutheran church will present a Christmas pro - cram at the 10 30 o clock wor ship service, 'Sunday morning, at the church, under the super - ision of Edgar Petrovits, Sun day school superintendent, and William Luckneld, assistant superintendent. Mrs. Leroy Kei nitz will preside at the piano The program will consist of recitations, songs and a presen tation of a Christmas pageant entitled "The Road to Bethle l.cm " Elizabeth Josefsson will read the scripture i.nd William KoelTler, the prayer Selections will include "Mer ry Christmas," Robert Ziegler, My Greetings," Martin win ner, "Merry Christmas, &yivia Paegele, "A Welcome to All, Jerkin Kraehmer; "Our Program " Kurst Christensen, "The First Christmas," Susan Frank, Karei Rayve and Diana Murphy, "A Tiny Speech," Susan Murphy Bor i This Day," Paul Gross, Nancy Driscoll, Charyl Gross and Michael Emmett, song, "An Angel Host," Bradley Berger, Linda Noble, Janet utumee and Roberta Grossman, ' My Gift," Abigail Rose, ' Bethlehem Aw axe.' Robert Meyers and Charles Miller, "The Christ Child," Peter Moehrke, Robert Terry and Creig Kelnitz "Game " Buddy Hllmar. "Christmas Lights." - Cheryl Wienal and Stephen Berger; song, ' A Great and Mighty Wan derer, James urey; cnnsimas Song " Verna Emmett, "A Gift for the King," Teddy Berger, Jay Tartter and "David Emmett, We Do Not Know," Charles Terrv. "The Happy Parents," Linda Conners, "ine Angei Song," Kathleen Haverkamp, Terry Horlacher, James Zieg ler and John Murpny "He Must Have Loved. Us," John Wardell, 'Christmas Mes sage, Sandar Maldar, song, "Here We Come to Bethlehem," the Nursery classes, "Poem xor Jesus," Robert Wardell and In - geborg Krachrner, "Somebody Made a Manger," Louis Zweck - er and Karl Seitz, song, ' Others " Mrs Pankenier's class, 'Just Before Christmas," Lorenz Herzog, Linda Crawford, Brian Garrison, Judy Schlim - mer and David .Pintench; "Christmas Candles," Gail Garrison and Monica Jonietz, "The Baby Jesus " Nancy Pankenier, Ingria Zirnls Nancy Vandenbrul and Helen Horlacher Participating in the pageant will be Violin soloist. Christ Koepke, narrator, Charles Pankenier, Geraldine Buck, Robert Noble, Phyllis Brenner, Barbara Borg, Susan Gardner, Phyllis Guiliano, Paula Stone, Elizabeth Josefsson, Carl Schmidke, Robert Kipp, Christopher Fei - en.bend, Helmuth Lahl, David Pankenier, Linda Herzog, William Hakes, Klaus Krueger, Robin Kelnitz, Walter Wilser, Klaus Jonietz, Dieter Mews, Joan Stoll and Rosemarie Kujat Hebrew Group Elects Officere Election of officers took place at a recent meeting oi me Hebrew Progressive Ladies Aid society Named to office for 1960 viere honorary president, Mrs, Fannie EfTron: president, Mts. Bessie L. Rosen, vice presidents, Mn. Dora Epstein and Mn. Freda Stein, recording secre tary,"' Mrs Herman Kosovitzj corresponding secretary, Mrs. Mollv Lutz. treasurer. Mn. Sara Bergman, financial secretary, Mrs Rose Welsman: sunshine chairman, Mrs. Lillian Eisen - trltr fond - sale chairman. Mrs Eva Prutlnsky, fund - raising CooperrMn. - Swarttr - Mnr - Bob' ert b. Baife. Mrs. Kooert a, Blue, H Mortimer Brockway, Mrs. Mllford W. Eisner, Dr. James F. Hall, William T. Love Jr , Peter K. McComb, Mrs Pe - , ter K. Mccomb, Dr. sianeyMii - ler. Mrs. George F. Schoenbrun, Mrs Bernard N. Slade, Miss Louise Tufenkjlan and Edwin LL. Hunger. i . iiSHMBB f H t - CT a . 1 . HHHHIH Bk4MHSnsESUSSBSSSSSSl "t - , lU I 1l I .jt - f. . a ksVisSBHKflBSSSSSSSTBlBsl t'"f v' 1 1 4, IjffltA II .J v ZS.'UtZ h.p' - x ..i?hh it i ai, Irani' 11 - vri4.. w - ssssssssvssiv n - L tumu - i - i - i - ' . . K&W9L Hfl,S P' - rirw ssssssswMtoivV ,T'' - ia i x&'r&rHn r I 2x ' Xisxzi yr sys - piyi f.f i t ? w4mE0 WMENrifCr - Sfrl&"&3S3 - - twM - - vow - vw Edna F. Beal Becomes Bride Mr. and Mrs. Donald Topelius, Fair crest, Mt Ross road. Pine Plains, announce the marriage of their daughter, Edna Frances Beal, to Private Charles H Schultz Jr , son of Mr. and Mrs. Schultz, Hunns Lake, last Saturday, In KUleen, Tex. The bride wore a white brocade street length dress and a crown of seed pearls with a short veil She was given In marriage by her cousin. Second Lieutenant Alan Blalkowskl, who is stationed at Fort Hood, KUleen Mrs Schultz is a graduate of Pine Plains Central school and attended Wittenberg college. Springfield, O , and the Krissler Business institute. Prior to her marriage, she was employed by the First Savings and Loan As sociation of Poughkepsle. The bridegroom, also a grad uate of Pine Plains Central school, is an alumnus of Delhi Agricultural and Technical in stitute He was employed by the Bolce Gage Co , Hyde Park, be fore entering the Army. He is with the blgnal Corps While the bridegroom is sta tloned at Fort Hook, the couple will live in Helton, Tex. Yule Program Set At Violet School Fifth and sixth grade pupils of the Violet Avenue school will present a Christmas program at Monday nights PTA meeting. 7 30 o'clock, at the school Fea tured will be the Glee club, under the direction of Mrs. Donna DeMars, and folk dancing. under the direction of Mrs. Gladys Woodin Refreshments will be served by the fourth. and fifth grade room mothers. Final plans for the event were made at Tuesday's executive meeting at the home of the president, Mn George Lawson, Dutchess turnpike. Room mothers tor the l57 - bu year Include Mrs. Ernest Ag - new, Mrs John Kadar, Mrs John Caputo, Mrs John Thomas, Mrs. George Bruzgal, Mrs. Katberlne Lang, Mrs. Orto Ceruti. Mrs Howard Reed, Mrs. David Wlese. Mrs Henry Buerkert, Mrs Kenneth Krom, Mrs. Hamilton Meharg, Mrs Samuel Stein, Mrs Virgil DuBois. Mrs. William Young, Mrs Joseph Harklns, Mrs. James McGovern. Mrs James Neighbors, Mrs. Peter Bandy, Mn. Willie Caston Mrs Thomas Whalen, Mn Garvin Wells. Mrs. William Clearwater, Mn Byron Eldrld, Mrs. Stanley Paul, Mrs Mar shall Temple Mrs. John Caven, Mrs Elmer Myen, Mrs. William Wilson, Mrs Robert Brown, Mrs Kay TerwIUiger, Mrs Al fred Houston, Mrs. Stanley Harrison, Mrs Norman Lock - wood, Mrs. Ronald Fleming, Mrs. Justus McCurty, Mrs William Clum, Mrs Charles Dean, Mrs Lawrence Pratt, Mrs Hen ry Rose, Mrs. jack McEnroe, Mrs Charles Cables, Mn. Richard Guido, Mrs. Donald McDonald, Mrs. William Sher - ow Mrs Thomas Dalbo, Mrs. Alice Pelrce, Mrs Thomas McGrath and Mrs. Stanley Corey. lfsra - SnappyWrap' Qtriek to - TTtslrniHU.' Mrs. Mullv Elsiiei sew, simple to At and smart to rhanlaln. Mrs. Ida Shulman: wear lor wont or relaxing wnipt trustees. M" - Sablna Jacobs it up in" bright, thrifty cotton nd - Mrr - Adam Oilueiber. Mr Cboose - sturdy dgnlm for - Uhafohool - ilelegater,Mrg, - Bella - Wls - nmssy; unupa jewisn Appeal, Mn. Kosovitz; and Troy Home for the Aged, Mn. Welsman, who also Is on the board of dl - recton of the Home. Reports were given by Mrs. Eisner, Mn, Prutlnsky, Mn. Stein and Mn Elsenstadt Programs for the new term were presented and activities for fund - raising were outlined Mrs Welsman, who visited the Troy Home for the Aged, reported that Hanukkah gifts were sent to Poughkeepsle residents there. There was a silent period In memory of Mor ris Effron and the meeting closed with the chaplain's lyiMjtr. a smart cobbler - length apron. Tomorrow's pattern: Child's out fit Printer! Pattrrn 4740: MIhm' Sizes 12, 14, 16. Id. 20; 40. Size 10 takes 414 yards 39 - inch. Printed directions on each pattern part Easier accurate. Send FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern add 10 cents for each pattern for lst - class mailing Send to Artiie Adams, care of The Poughkeepsle New yorker 138 Pattern Dept, 243 West 17th St. New York 11 N. Y - Print plainly NAME, AD DRESS with ZONE. SIZE and MiMJS mMBK, M and Mn Bergman; Hebrew h Hyde Park Group Has Cbirstmas Party Members of the Hyde Park Mothers' club sponsored their annual Christmas party recently at Mrs Carol Wllklow's home In Fox Hollow road, Bhinebeck, Carols were sung, gifts ex changed and pizza served. There also was acollecuon of canned goods for a needy family. The next meeting of the group is slated to take place in the un dercroft of St. James' church, nyoe pare Carol Service At Local Church "Now Sing We" is the title of' the Christmas' carol service which will be presented at o'clock, Sunday afternoon, at the First Congregational church This special vesper service will be directed to the entire family and the program will concern different parts of the world. The pupils of the Church school will portray children Germany, Mexico, Scandinavia, England, Czechoslovakia and America There will be carol singing, speeches and the pre - s tatlon of the Manager scene Those sharing In the production of the program are Mrs. L. Wallace Cross and Mrs Robert Silk - worth, co - dlrecton; Mrs John Short, costumes, Mn Ernest Foss. make - up; Richard Colvlg, organist; Mrs. Philip G. Swartz, music, and special lighting ef fects, August Herzfeld, Arthur May and other members of the Men s club Pupils of the Church school participating in the cast are first grade, Mrs Foss, teacher. Karen Lee Betz. Peggy Burgess, Brian Campbell, David Dutton, Thom as Fiorino, Christopher Foss, Jay Hall, Russell Hargrave, Bradley Hill. Lynn Houghtaling, Coll' - Kormann, Susan Kovac Douglas Long, Freeman Mar shall, Vernon Schoonmaker and Victor Schoonmaker Second griv, Mn Donald Budd, teacher: Linda Weaver, Sandra Betz, Barbara Budd, Lrenda Gapinski, Karen Heil man Brenda Lockwood, busan Mallory, Steven Payne, Anthony Ranalli, Patricia Schoonmaker, Robert Silkworth, C h a r 1 e n e Smith and Lawrence White Third grade, Mrs Raymond Gulland, teacher Scott Camp bell, Daniel Howard, Barbara Marcy. John Short. Albert White and Cheryl White, third and fourth grades, Mrs Margaret Bahret, teacher: Robert Balfe, Graham Blue, Dorothy Gulland, James Gulland, Ward Heilman, Donald DePew. Cathy Hill, Ernest Swartz and David Leach Fourth grade, Mrs Richard Sweetland, teacher Deborah Betz, Donald DePew, Christine Hall, Alfred Hansen, Beth Hargrave, Dorothy Gulland, Mara Kormann and Margaret Sweet - land, fifth and sixth grades, Charles Leonard teacher Joan Balfe. Sharon Coleman, Daln Heilman, Joyce Hosier, Douglas Ogden, Herbert Maynard Wayne Vrooman, Parry Teasdale and Rhonda Williams Seventh and eighth grades girls, Mrs William McKeown. teacher Sharyn Cook Jane Gower, Pamela White and Dawn Williams, and seventh and eighth grade boys Mr Gulland, teacher. Douglas DePew, George Dunbar, Gene Gulland, Gary Maynard, Jeffrey Sweetland and, Roy Vrooman Members of the Pilgrim and Plymouth choirs who also will participate are Joan Balfe, Robert S. Balfe Jr , Graham Blue, Judith Browne, Sharon Coleman, Sharyn Cook, Donald and Douglas DePew, Joan Edmonds, Jane Gower, Dorothy, Eugene and James Gulland Ward Heilman, Joyce Hosier Gail and Nancy Houghtaling, Robert Howard, David Leach, Carol and Phyllis Miller. Barbara and Douglas Ogden, Donna Dee and Ernest A. Swartz, Jeffrey Sweetland, Holly and Parry Teasdale, Roy Vrooman Wayne Vrooman and Dawn Williams The Senior choir includes sopranos, Mrs James Corcoran, Miss Beatrice King, Mrs Ernest Kormann and Mrs Philip G Swatrz; altos, Mrs Robert S Balfe, Mn. Robert Blue, Mrs Dorothy Cooper and Miss Eleanor Swartz, basses, Steele Cameron, Arthur May, Rhodes Polleys, - Paul Seever and Philip G. Swartz; and tenors Edward Brown and Richard Ehlen - A X Pulrer MRS. JAMES ALLAN GOTSCH, the former Miss Charlotte Arlean Dickinson, Maybrook, whose marriage took place last Saturday afternoon In the Dutch Be - formed church, Walden "I know the mink coat you bought me in the August fur sale wu supposed to be my Christmas present, but I've changed my mind about what I wnt" James Gotsch Weds Maybrook Resident Miss Charlotte Arlean Dickln son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Ray Dickinson, Maybrook, and James Allan Gotsch, son of Mr. and Mrs Herman Gotsch, Stormville, were married in a candlelight ceremony, 4 o'clock, last Saturday afternoon, in the Dutch Reformed church, Wal den The Rev James P. Ebbers officiated, with Harry Kel - Wi arlei Bishops Married Two Yean Mr and Mrs. Charles A. Bish - op, - Blreher avenue, , were han ored guests at a dinner party on SunaajTaTlhe home of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Halsted. Van Wagner road, the occasion mark ing their second wedding an niversary, rne couple was married on Dec. 14. 1957, in the Washington Street - Heddlng Methodist church, with the Rev. Joseph II. Ralnear Jr, minister, officiating They have one daughter,' Christine Anne Mrs. Bishop is the former Miss Mildred Woodin Her husband is employed by the Arlington Central school district. Guests at the dinner included Mr 'and Mrs. George E. Halstead, Mr. and Mrs. William Woodin, William J. Woodin Jr.. Nancy Hal - Isted and Christine Bishop. so at the orzan Selections in eluded "I Love Thee and O Promise Me The church was decorated with red carnations, red and white poinsettias and lone - needled pine. Given in marriage by ner lather, the bride was gowned In sequin - embroidered Chantllly and chiffon taffeta, witn a lace ffrnDress bodice. scalloped cameo neckline, long pointed sleeves and a full taffeta skirt ending in a chapel train Her flneertlD veil of French lllu slon had a hand - rolled edge and fell from a Victorian cap embroidered in pearls and sequins She carried a Bible with a cascade arrangement of camellias, hollv and carnations Miss Isobel Camarco, Peekj - klll. the maid of honor, wore a floor leneth aown of Iridescent Christmas red taiieta, strapless, with a crushed cummerbund and full, flared skirt It had a matching jacket with mink trim at the neckline She also wore a matching crown and carried a cascade arrangement of red and white carnations with long - needled pine ine orioesmaia. miss nai - garet Mead, Montgomery, was gowned similarly, only in iridescent jadette green taffeta She had a matching crown and carried a cascade arrangement of red and white carnations with long - needled pine The hnde s mother was dress ed In blue lace over taffeta, with hlaek accessories and the bridegrooms mother chose green and white brocade with ereen complements Each had a camellia and long - needled pine corsage Gerald Gotsch, Stormville. was his brother's best man Ushering were Gary Davis and James Robbin After a reception in the church parlors, the couple left there on a wedding trip upstate fter Jan 2 they will reside in Phoenix. Ariz For traveling, the bride selected a dark blue and black tweed suit with fur trim, black accessories and camellia corsaee Mrs Gotsch Is a graduate of Maybrook High school and the Vassar Hospital scnooi oi urs - Mr Gotsch was graduated from Arlington High school and Wanakena State Hanger scnooi r - olleee of Forestry. Syracuse university A surveyor and en gineer, he served in the Army for two years, including time In Germany Mr., Mrs. Baker Married 50 Years Mr. and Mn. Harry Baker, Pleasant Plains, were guests of honor at a rcent dinner party at the home of Mn Louis C Johnson. Pleasant Plains. In celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary Hostesses were their daughters, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs Ernest A. Rymph There were 26 friends and relatives in attendance, including Mr. and Mn. Nathan Golen - sky, Mr and Mrs Frank Bum - pus, Betram Baker, Mr. and Mn Ralph Baright, James Budd Rympb, Mn. Mabel Cooking - ham, Mr and Mn Harry Eckert, Mr and Mrs John Castor, Mr and Mrs Stewart Bell, Russell Luther. Ernest Rymph and son. John, and Mr Johnson and sons, Louis. David and Andrew. The couple was married on Dec 11, 1909, in St. Paul's rec tory, with the Rev Francis B Whitcome officiating Dutchess county residents for all of their 71 yean, Mr, and Mrs. Baker have lived In Pleasant Plains since 1921 They received many cards, gifts and flowers, including a dozen gold chrysanthemums from a grandson, Donald Rymph. a student at Cornell university. There are four other grandsons and a son, Robert W. Baker Ruth Mfllett We, The Women Dr., Mrs. Friedman Entertain.Guests Dr. and Mrs Charles Friedman. 1 Ferris lane, entertained at cocktails and a buffet supper Sunday afternoon at their home Guests numbered approximate ly zuu Mr., Mrs. Marchese Married 25 Yean Mr and Mrs James Mar chese, Cream street, observed their 25th wedding anniversary on Wednesday They were mar ried In Mt Carmel church, by the Most Rev Joseph M Pernl - cone, Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Church of New York, former pastor of the local church Mrs Marchese formerly was Miss Mary Josephine Troclno The couple has three daughters, Mrs John Kane Cruger, Linda Helen and Tina Elaine Marchese Mr. Marchese is employed at IBM Alice Brooks - Ifcerg Smith PTA Board Plans for Party Plans for the PTA - sponsorea ehildren - 's - hristmas - party - were made at Monday afternoon's executive board meeting of the W. W. Smith School PTA, at the school. Mrs. Timothy E. Mahoney, president, presided. The party Is scheduled for 2 o'clock, Tuesday afternoon, at the school There was a report of the last meeting of the Poughkeepsle PTA council, and it was made knqwn that Smith school will eitertaln the council on Jan. 18 Mrs. Lancelot Achllll Jr, also save a report on the New York State convention to which she was a delegate. The next executive meeting is set for 1 o'clock, Jan. 11, at the W. W Smith school - Red Hook Group Has Yule Program Members of the Evening GrouD of United Lutheran Church Women oi m raui s Lutheran church Red Hook met last week at the parish house for a Christmas program At this time, they and the King's Daughters packed 39 boxes of home - made cookies in holiday packages for the shut - ins and senior citizens of the congrega tion At the business session, the group decided to buy 24 hostess snack sets to be used for refreshments when they meet in the Kort Memorial lounge of the church The next meeting is scheduled for Jan "2S in the lounge. ATter the business meeting.. Mrs. Ned Ar bogast led a devotional Period Designs It didn't look for a while as though mama was going to get junior, aged for or five, out of the supermarket without losing her poise - or raising her reasonable, penuaslve tone of voice. But she did. When junior kept whining for her to let him have a candy bar she explained repeatedly that it was almost lunch time and that It wasn't good for little boys to eat sweets before a meal By the time she had patiently explained this to junior three times and he was still whining for the candy bar, I thought she might use an old - fashioned phrase like "You can't have it and that's that," or an even more uninhibited retort such as "Stop whining or I'm going to paddle you as soon as we get home," but she didn t She kept her tone of sweet reasonableness when junior started begging to stop by and see Billy on his way home, "But Billy has a cold, darling" jun ior's mother kept repeating. 'You don't want to play with Billy and catch his cold and have to stay Indoors, do you - '" But junior kept instating, ma ma kept patiently explaining. The verba tussle over first one thing and then another kept up until they were finally out of the store As the door closed behind them, junior was still whining and mother was still holding her temper. Now mama was just being a modern parent, playing the game according to the rules . But I couldn t help but wonder while I listened to a spoiled child whine and tease and mis behave if both mama and jun ior wouldnt have benefited from mama's losing her pa tience and saying. "That a enough " Somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that kids get just as tired of a mother's patient, reasonable, conciliatory response to their unreasonable demands as a mother gets of always keep? lng her temper under control Common sense used to tell mothers when kids were "just asking for a spanking " And when they asked, they got it And mama didn't feel guilty afterward, either P I 7337 2f2l Wayne O'Hern 13 Years Old Wayne O'Hern celebrated his 13th birthday with a party on Sunday at the home of his great - grandmother, Mrs Golda W. Talor, Billings Attending were Mr and Mn Richard O Hern, Lona, Richard, Jacqueline and Francis O'Hern, Mrs Harold' Sheeley, Harold Sheeley. Mrs George SllkwOrth, Craig and George Silkworth Jr, Mrs Marion Merte, Wally and Donald Merte, Mr. and Mn. Clyde Bates, Mr and Mrs Harold SnifTen, Thomas Sniffen, the Rev. John W. Kay, Pattl Hoover, Lyman Vlckory, Elwood Du - close, Mrs Charles L Taylor, Linda Charlene, Gloria Mary and Floyd Taylor. Chalk Talks Featured At IIRSII Holiday Party Elmer Tripp, commercial artist, entertained with a chalk talk at a Christmas party, Wednesday night, at the Brookside infirmary, Hudson River State hospital, given for 65 of the patients Hostesses were Mrs Al - den J. Buck and Mrs Elsie Osborne Davis, volunteer workers at the hospital Slip - cover that old lampshade or make a new one on the old frame. It's easy? This pattern has ten ideas k entitled "We Light the Candles one waj assisreo ny mrstieruj Moser, Mn. William Thomson, Mrs. Walter Read and Miss Volena Van Gunst Refreshments were served by Mn Raymond Smith and Mn Merrick Smith, co - hostesses. Attending were Mn. Arnogast, mn. Merrick Smith. Mn. 'Raymond Smith, Mrs. Howard Snyder, Mrs. Bead, Mrs ciinoro Alexander, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Moser. Mre Jdhn Linton, Mn Terence Thompson, Mrs Joy Ogg. Mrs Ralph Marden, Mrs rarllclA rinrAnn Mm SlarnlH Holm, Mrs Paul E Henry, Miss van uunst, miss Margaret Smith, Miss Dorothy Smith and Miss Pearl Burnett ' 7 for varied shades for all rooms Instructions 7337. step - by - step directions, Illustrations for 10 inaaes or sup - covers lor snaaes Send - Tblrtyftve - eents - (eolns for this pattern 'add o cents for each pattern for lst - class mailing. Send to The Pough keepsle New Yorker, 304 Household Arts Dept, P. O. Box 168, Old Cbelseta Station, New York 11. r Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS, ZONE, PATTERN NUMBEB. JUST OUT' Our New 1960 Alice Brooks Needlecraft Book contains THREE FREE Patterns Plus Ideas galore for home furnishings, fashions, gifts, toys, bazrfar sellers exciting, unusual designs to crochet, knit, sew, embroider, huck weave, quilt. Be first with the newest end 29 cents jjnowl PLAN NOW FOR YOUR Winter Vacation in FLORIDA Efficiency and Bedroom Gottages Complete KitcrTenT" JLGolL Fishing Beautiful Private Beach RtasqhabU Rates For Information Phone Po'k GL 4 - 3251 ' or write GREEN HERON COTTAGES 5210 Gulf of Mexico Drire v Sarasota, Florida

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