The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1930
Page 4
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MONDAY, JULY u, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS 'rt'o cents a wot a tor first Insertion and one cent a word for each guhMqutnt insertion. No advertisement taken (or less than 60c. Couut the words and send the iash. Phone 30b PAOF FTVP. FOH SALE FOR SALE—Ustjy Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Gck-tf Special Bargains In Used Cars Late ISK8 Model A Coiliie New I'aliit, Good Uiiblicr, Motor A-I—Just (he Car (or liusiucss or Traveling Man. Only $295 iMle 1D20 Whippet t'oai-h. Looks fine, only driven 12,000 miles—Will give complete satisfaction. Only 1029 Model A Hoaiislcr, Kuin- Wc Seat, giclo Shields, Motor in reflect Shape. A Very JiiJty job. Only ............ One 28 Star Sedan, (iood Rubber. Locks and Kuns Good. Very Cheap to oiKr- ate. Priced riglit. Only ____ S375 Just received Late IKS Chrysler Coach. Looks and runs like new. Triced for Immediate Delivery .......... Above Cars carry our 30-Day Guarantee. Weekly, Monthly or Fall Terms. Call 811 TODAY. PHILLIPS MOTOU CO. Ford Dealers Fresh Milch cows for sale. Jerseys. Terms it desired. Live Stock M- nancc Coi'iioration, ijlyihcvUk;, I'lione 291 or 827. . 7c-l£ (AKK.)' COU1U15U-NEW8 '' OURBOAKDIN^f-HOUSE - Q*A-file HlPS Akjp -rift? -TIMES; TIMES ML ATI-! MOSKf-N •'' 'V: A HOUSE 15 A LOT OF Besipes, I; I COUUP IVs-rrlA-r 1 IICl.TN III.Tti: TlimY JUDITH iillAVr. lint, !•„ , vit Al.\.\ VrK 1 . Ml. (i so see IF VoU CAM MAK& 1 EisH-r Wares trt 7 AMP BAck i,<\ -TRIM A GOOD si (APE Wow , i, cue i (-f-fa WEAR A SLUT" MAPE- ou-f BALLooA MET * u-)ii.' null ( fmiii I'l'K^UfJ, nnil Juiilili Mil*]'.* i]:i IHI-. llnilrr tin- s;ri-:il EI---I'| «I:.«IIVJ:.MI s itiiii,. ,!,,;, HIM <;im;il\_ul,,,;i, SU-jnr ..Mr ] K . r I,, ;, MI-!;;, :-, I.JII ..... '" nr.-lilriil. :.uil l:cr .- n K :'.>:<•. .1 n, c iiln-r .— .lu.llil,. mi AHIJ VVVOV. „ trl.- ...... ( c.|i:,i i ..... :Jhl M!ln<; mi si.p )1 HUM'. :in r:irc-. .Mill Hi,., s ih,. l,n.;iMn» oi rlunut.o' d M • l.lulo ,'|..|y t\ t ?ni w; ..-i n |d:u.,-e!— IN-lO W | !3 no dollM -I'.ioilt :>•, Cinniuny'a UHS ficil- |(li:n. <>.\ WITH fin-: sTititi x.x::-: It:-.!!-, il 1.1-10.-=.! liu JiS I;!;; ivill) a lion. iiK'an. Wlial els!.-'.' \Vhat ilr you l,|;m the youll:; l:i;:u sahi I-;!:!!-, 1 !- m:v. "Il SOCIIIS S'lL-'S II. H Iiert-. nail blic illicit lute anyliodi to know." "Would Chummy l-at? mo l::mw naylliiiis 1 : 1 " a:=!,i-il Judy. for nyv ' 1] ' -i i]'i:tiM.l I couldn't tiiKu-rci | .' (or |vvi!!i Alr.n-yiin l.iiov,- ilial. Wi- " ! i, -were ;i!\vnya siii'h — frlctiilj." a sr-i-osiil Hint he IiirV Xo. or oi'iir- t! 1 re .Rlir-'-i.l ; a calf>i::!ty to ",-iiil ''• l ' ll >'. " ;f ' :l - '"'I ==!• -' ,! be rij'li 1 : i : if re 3 "And you ilnaT know ivhuro Mr. li iiov.-?" "Nn." Chummy JUT fi-|c;nl. ir l::n-e nut lii-iinl from Alan. Jni!v. „ tlovn the limise. Juily ,as .1 : t l: !n ;' Ill'i.-liK'Oi!, IViis BLO.CK AMP ?175 yull, .InOy." !: qulckiy. "Or ronr:;.\ Hal yi;u you know shc'^ i;ii;on :i sliulio In :i llUllilitIK IK.-ir mil.'O. a::i! .1 litllu . just off [lie sinirs. iviUi anil ;i fink, just lo!;l inc Hint sh SL'DY !e s-Mllty ,J for ija.ition a::il Tony l.;i- ; ;. •.;;;s rum- iMirliacI Slmio. S!.? ui--::!.-) ii.-.v,-1 Shu ivt-iil fl'.c lilloil all l!io Loxc= II s!ic Iviil nut • You lat she ivasu't solas jl'ccn dictkeil. nve Imd imricd. He BIIW tt jn = t us „ VL ', a l '' l "' 1 ' s lb "" '" lo !ic m.irrkd. Hlie duln'l cipialn.! Slic hail u ho.T.:!ifu! EC:U nil rcaily.l i!!il. lie \\-j:i vury KSKCMUS. Hc'l ^ "'"" J '" fy B|!OW - l-'OR SALE or TRADE—OKC Shei- land pony. Phone CH. 'J;i!;15 and soiiichow I didn't !iU 4 . to ,,^ tnr Clnn:i:i;j. nf v.-ho;:i :;]r,- l,...:! inislii hrna rctir.iaclKd 1119." IICT. Siio moved IK.,- Uiii:« Hi and ;! lic:.i.l nnihmp, since i:i u rc,:r.i[ !t <-l | Clnmimy did turn her cve 3 on Her i,cop an ey, nn || 1( ., : , a post card fr,,:,, t!,o canst i: : r...p!y jf _. |,,,,, thcrl . ,,\ n ^^ v , cMm !ln;!ict] lutu [hem for an instant.: i«i' ! curtain foil on an In- ilc.-i:r!li-ii,|,. 6; .,.ii c of eul!!ih.i,i t :i!. I'M ^-t Hie hack of tlie valiciy, .-Mail K'cyiio hail Htoud [r;.r:i [ho "Reck, Barred Rocks, White Hocks; 100-50.95; Heavy Aisoncd $0.00; prepaid; live delivery. Central Farm, Jefferson City, Mo. 14pkl5. j "Husky Chicks, standard brcti, pro-1 duclion type. Haired Hocks, hctls, English LegJiorns, Oriiinyloiis; 100' —$7.50, Heavy Mixed, 56.75; prepaid; Jive delivery. Ozark Farms, Westphalia, Mo," Hpkls she was mvp.y. There is tin ;to .li.'ily's loin; ami ramtiliii" liousekeener in ,l lc talld;^. nmHc-omn of Her cst^ordi^rily 'too.1 ,!,!-.„ a 1)rkH ,1^.' n^'wh^"^ i" 1 ^ 1: '"""'il llic cunnlsi ,,-,„ '.ip" Ehe « a3 going to K-avc ,re ,|-, c X( ,y. .f u rl».,a. j;,,, r , CI , C( , 10 ,.,„„ wflh m , , lu i c[ ,° c file l, ; ,,| u-turBcil from !'.„!., „!„' "Well, not to make It too loii!;. | j |i. came to iln» iab',i!::y l>r-'crc tl-»''i-li n->,n mistook Hie day slic Mid i!nf was-Erst nlclil. .luily's heart "'"" in evevyljody. FOK KENT l)0 l;i -''". :»»1 Uiu li:anascr lisn an,-e v.-as what it lia<l;:ioui,e,il Judy's coiiuitclo «!.ai-- iii her Ufa bofoio—|lln:i. Abu ran down t!ie PIC;-, »!;e sinnll jUiotosrspl,, in , ki.,0 of ; Iwa-wMw''^™" "fca'nl""'.!!'"^,"^!- ,l w - Cb,,» u , r w ,.nl!«=™l£r': " C '" : ' U :l "" ;;;i1 i:w to have loolteO. lint I I'mtaut person In her life. All tlioss Jinly'' couldn't iiclp myself. r,iie had her j scars when Flic ami Chinu-iy itai! i-evc-r liaek to me. In her liand si:e lield 'fou;4l:t life lu^cthi-r—all tl;oFD iionr.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES POR RENT—Furnished rooms fo Ock-tf r ^ I 1 ". 3 m ° mfa '- a:! " tll= " siic- lio e'l .J^ ''? nd . s , to a cl " = r <"'V"" IJOftcd her liond. Then slio Irlsscil l^eerae , hut Chuniuiy'u hair to i,..i!: C "Ye:." said" JI'KIV a-'i'ii tn -l v*-~ ""a l"c '^,1 l v c'4 o ment, One office Ingram Building V '.r 3 0) n "Deptiitlaljji^ person wanted to han- D1STRIBUTORS WANTED — For die Watkins route in Blythcvillc; j new soap—sells to garages. Work cnrninjs over 535 a \veeir:. Write Cotton closer =icadv. roar home. No precious experience i ln °' v11 lianclivriting. The J. R. v/.it- needcd. Exclusive territory. I<o'. kins Co., £0-9 W. lov.'a Avc., Mem- cash required. Tlie Connecticut i P-»is, Tenu. K;k!5 Can Co., Hartford, Conn. 11-H-1G WANTED—Woman aged thirty lo fcrty to keep house. Light work. Addrers Box 242, Blyllievillc, Arir. 1-ipkJB PEuSONjVL Vf> Pay C^sh for u;ecl fm-m'.-.ire. Call "147. Hnhbard Fiuninire Co. llc-tf. TAKEN UI'—One black and one bay m\]le. bay has small S o:\ NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Scn.'od bido fcr the recapping of eighteen miles of ievce. liom Higj Oii;-:i H:::h .'.far i::-,5 1313 Afny .... 1221 IMS July — 1225 liSO Oct. c]cl i2!?0 12SS Oct. 1263 1270 Die. (.Id 130J 1312 Jan. ( .ld 13Hi 1311 a::- Clc-? -Oij UJ11 Orleans Cotton !£V"\\ "T, a ; <UP) - M °™ "> (-, n tT\"c ii I ioui.y.o v,;ll ke expended in Ycl- r'o""i' s-V'i ,'.. IUI ' —Uaw-itojip ;-T.::io.'inl Park iliis year Jan. 12S.1 Gnots I'lcstd auie:, tea o.'f, Ili-h Low Clo..c 1321 13CO .... 1331 1323 13.": 711 1245 I-.1D 12);!i 1274 1255 l^CB I-JO U73 12b7 12921> •Toll, park : 1 .ii>.-ii:iU':i(ient, i en. left shoulder. Owr-or call T. T. i L '<A<? Kortli to S»ie Line and ;:: I.oflis, 1QOO West Chickasawba ! State Lino East six miles, v.-iii Ave. j Spctc clewed 125Q, 13 oil. NATI O N A l-'AST ONK SLEKIJ Cl.Uti MEMIJKll: I've ji::-t ln.i-11 uttir.i> for my picture in oil:;. Till' OTHER: What are <, :i-l| : - (iOOONCWS FOR HOOTS T By^MartLn ' X COT5 H^D MIWEK X WO 111E COMSRWiU _ f\WO WAO OUT AT. 11\E AWPOfW. .BOOTS HEC1EMED fOUR MESSAGE. TIIAMK.S.YOU MIGHT'BE THf\T MY CALLED OYF.TOR \\IrllCH 1 HOPE. TO TELL YOU SOME BKf X NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I* H. itoore. Dr. H. A Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. l-ipkiol received until 10:00 a. m. July !Slh, j 1S30. at, which time bids \vi!l be I publicly opened by the Board of' I Directors a; its oftice,.Lynch Build- I iny. Blytheville. Arkansas, A|>p:-o.\iiii,ite Ciiiinatc.-l qt:ai:tit:es arc a.s fcllov/s: Improvement No. 2ii 62.072 Ci: Yd s j Improvement No. 29 30,500 Cn Yd; ES AND MIS FRIENDS u. s. puT.ofr/o'itJg wrut* 5i»««. me. NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders HOW, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BfCHANiVN' 108 N. It. R. Office 107 Phone Res- in V. Ii. W A SHA^t—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 I Touil 9S,5"2 Ctt Yds ! • 1'lniis and specifications roveri:ig I Ihc work arc on file at the Di:;-I irict's cilice. '• A certified ri:iv:: for :cn per- I cent of t!ie nmnur.l bid must ac- ! company cadi liid tubinitted. 'I'hu i Bcr.rd ft Dlrrctor.; rcsr;ve right j to reject any cr all uiiK fur fi.Tdicr infii'aia;io:i see or .Iddrejs J- W. Meyer. Enqiu-er 201 Jiiiil<Iin = ., Biylhcvillc. ' Arkansas. Bnarci of IJirerlnrs Di-ainagt: Ilistrie, Nmr.bcr Scv- ciiiecn. or^tiijpi coun-y Arkansas. 5ck i' 5 | WERT ! i He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specialising In Income Tax, Bcokkcepttis Systems ' Phone. I»2 Ingram BMg. Blylheville, Aik Closinrj Stock Prices A. T. ai'.cl T 211 Aviaticti Zl-3 Chrysler 23 " CitiiTi Service 273-3 C«a Cola 17G2-! Fox 451-S CicSitMl Electric 721-3 Gcr-.rra; ^Tniors 4'J 1-8 Gr!» Gnmoiv la I. T. mid T 4C-7-8 Montgomery Ward ... 355-8 Packard Simmons ;ss- - . Ur.itcd On? 37 0. S. Steel iwj-3 LOGAN. Ulan. >UP>—A ll",v v,--- tc:n r.' fiociins :-;)ui;r.- ir.Dd.i',;';., «'a.< :ii;ai'^.ti;HC(l ijv Judge Je.-. io i> Rich on (lie fo::ovvi:n i-c;:!e: sio for sftrti.-!.-; li.) t-i •;•-) K-.iir.i |).-r j. 0 ;- r | an Kicrc.ioi- of $10 per iniie i:p 10 150; an increase of S] per n;;ic. IK WISH1CS \\KKK HOKSICS, UTC. , A'-IAOST 3S TO 0« L£ CLE.v.-S AfScn ay £ L STARTED.- IT'S A Lo..'<5 •t VET. 1 /•'•;,,^ ty- r v ^'^ i C 4 IT S'lCJ^o «iE SO LCM5... i TO6O? MOJI'N POP By Bkissef :a;:;^ !1 WV.LI r_r TlS;: FfttHuY. W'.v iit.S r.RCVIGM WOi'iL h I'.WIQV ^.-S-lhV Ft'p r..;iD I^FiU Dlt.O ,.. H,M—•' 'THE NEWS SI'HKADS SUELL IF H£ VWOO.D CDNt AW' ARE GOIN6 Q <i I'.uM.VJMtH^ Dip LOOKING HUTT CQ'.-Vu VRO^?" IT THC PROMT I/OOH"THIS x4>' By Coww IT'SClKC CHICK 1 . THfCTBOY TO MUSlftCHC.HE'S U\CTV!! VICL\. V.'C SHOOED IT OK T\,C Bf\CK PORCH V-OOKCO UKC IT MCU>tD TOOD fcND AS1V OOOOONC lllfl CWT MK1UNB THIS HOUSE VMHOUT BCVH'RftZIfD

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