The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 8
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EMHT BliYTHEVILLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWH lEltSSIOfilOF Writes of International Business Women's Meeting Al Geneva. Ready For a Stream of Beer~If and When Mrs, H. L. Reynolds,, chairman of International Relations committee, who attended the organization •meeting of the International Business and Professional Women's .club at Geneva, Switzerland, this summer, has been invited to give a resume of the good m-tll'tonr ue- fore various clubs throughout the state.- • • ' •' The following brief ; summary Is to- be rend at several.-clubs' this month .and will also amienr iii th;' Business and Professional Women's magazine. • - - ''.-'• • - . • . i By'KRS. It L. REYNOLDS' ' "We find 'a' common bond which ; binds us together. May the work w ' are'going to do bear friilt throughout the world. To yon, who'/represent, the working, womeii of the world I bring you greetings from the League of Nations which is looking forward to cooperatln with you.":And so the business women of -16 countries-' feathered nt Geneva, Switzerland, this summer for the organization of an international Business and Professional Women's club, in the official welcome of Dr. Hallsten-Kallla, secretariat-of the .League of Nations, heard keynote words of the enterprise. . ' '. '_, This address; supplemented with the answer, given by yiss . Lena Madesln Phillips, later - chosen as president of the. group, 'bespoke the feeling of-those 100 women of the United. States-and the other nations' representatives who desire to further'- the work of the Busliies; and Professional Women's club. "Fellow citizens' of the world," said by Miss Phillips in opening, struck -the. harmonious, purposeful determination which characterized the meeting, the birth of ,<m organ- izatlton which Is to mean much to the women of today and to those of tomorrow. That the conference was the outstanding event of the trip is obvious: -The- lovely scenery, elaborate entertainments and historic settings are second in interest when compared to the Geneva meeting the Inst week In August. Many Counties Represented. The American women present included members of the three goo<\ will tours to various paris of Eu' rope this summer who endeavored to encourage good will and friendship and to aid in making the Business and Professional Women's club a connecting link among various clubs and 'associations. Delegates from all of the countries represented made inspiring talks filled with enthusiasm in hopes for. woman's future in the 1 business " world and anxious' .that every precaution be taken in promoting the-activities so. that only good rnigty come . from 'Its works. Far-away China, India, Poland Finland, .Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Hungary, Russia, England, Prance, Italy, Austria. Belgium and the United State,'; ambassadors, of business women .dls Last Time Today CLIMAXING A MASTER'S GENIUS . . . HERBERT BRENON tumors that the Wckersliriin com- ni.yiion may recommend liliorall/- ng of the Volstead act liliv'c caused several |>eople; to prepare to put out a How of bear, If and when such a procedure will become legnl. Alwve Is a snapshot showing how n Cincinnati restaurant mnn at- (racled attention to his plncc with two kegs bearing the sign, "Ready by Xmas." At the right are two photos taken at the Sehlll/ brew- cry In Milwaukee, where preparations hnvc been made to slfirt operations on short notice. -The upper liicture sl:ows a row of glnnt baer kettles; below, a -guide lets visitors Inspect one nt close 'range.''.'*•' Dtichws of York we first went toi the land of Shakespeare. For a visit In London where we were enter-' lalncd by Lady Astor, member of English parliament. We were also guests of the Open Door Council club. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17. 1930 TuilTR mp TES ,, BIO G H * p »V m on th <™ <•>'* the villages of Eu Imposed by police for Berlin The A,,lr-™?- ^7 G r eral C( ? unt and R y- ln Normandy. Eu get* limit is for pr*un,a t °c the vehic'es h^nd r C'ambrun, soldier- much mall Intended for America, only, older type vehicles on rlktt husband of Clara Longworth, for the initials of United States, In must not exceed is ,,» h ' countess de Chambrun, command- French, Etas UnLs. p<-« » " ••"•< I er of the French forces In Tunisia, when I'IIR nprirrie'-u the president, Madame Lsudncr, In i I'atls and were received at the French, embassy by American Ambassador Edge who spoke heartily of the acknowledged Importance of women In business. The French Business and Professional Women's club of Paris Brazza, creator find administrator ol the French Congo colony and a contemporary In Africa uf Stanley and Livingston. BOA TAKKS FIKST MKAI, PARIS cussed tlieir problems and iioss'l-' bllKles for .future devolpim.'iit.' All or these- women, many o! them,,senl o Gencvn by their government, are cadcrs In women's nllalrs oC their ands. •„• Oftlcers selected were: MKi Lena Madlscn Phillips,. United Stales . |)rcsldent; Signorn Ester Dimesi '• Trnver-sarl, Italy; Mine. Yvonne j Netter. I-Yancc; Dr. Marianne Bell) j Austria; Miss Helen Frascr, 'Grent i Brltnln, vice presidents; Miss Uor-1 othy Heneker,- Canada; secretary ' Miss Henrietta'-c. Harris, United States, treasurer. A touching scene was the presenting to.-M.lss Phillips, as foufKi- er of the International Federation, a Swiss clock, engraved with an appropriate Inscription, from Hie representatives of 15 nations. From a group .'ol women, most of them unknown to one' '[mother, there sprang a spirit of cooperation mid kindred love which ten lured the gathering-. In speaking- to these Miss Phillips said in part: "The women who will- fa.ce, real: RITZ fHEATRE Last Tlime.Today , : ; 3anndn, the third good nembcrs were cordially >y outstanding women fr visited. chairman of Arkansas who now lives In Par- Is and who is continuing her activities as a menibcr of this group, especially Interested us. After the Amsterdam visit we- went to Rome where Mrs. John! Garrett, wife of the American ambassador to Ilaly, complimented the i group with one of the loveslest af- \ fairs of the trip. ; On to Coblenz, Oermany, and by! .steamer up the Rhine river, to : Maim and thence to Heidorburg, Germany, gave lip glimpses of the ! world war memories. • Second In inteiest to the Geneva meeting was the Passion play of Obcrr^nergiiu, the Holy Play, which draws thousands 'of travelers from all pails of the world ev- eiy ten years. The fulfillment of a • vow made at a time -of extreme sulTcilng. the Passion play has been !i holy obligation fcr the community since 1634.! Seeing the play was especially appropiiaie for it, brought out lo us, travelers in the interest of friend-' 'fihlp, tliat the Father gives us this play of peace with the hope that It may be a greeting from the Passion village to his people and his •country. I In thinking of our opportunities for promoting higher living, made BBAVKR 1,00 FOUND FOLEY, Minn., (UP)—A log cut dowr^ by beavers more- than 100 years- ago and In a slough now being filled In by a golf course RIS,_ (UP)—-flip giani .boa of construction crew was found in lardln des Plailts muMuiinook e°od condition by workmen here -'">'•-— •'•' •- -"•--- There have'been no beaver- in Hi-moil was taken prisoner as it finished MEXICO TO GUARD ClilNKRK swallowing a young deer In n single MEXICO CltrY (UP) — Cornmeal. For moiiilw the snake dl- plaints by Chinese residing in Bested Us one meal and refused .to Me«lg>. that they were being sub- eat until Its three months' digestion jectM t u anti-Chinese campaigns ended was followed by a statement from ' Piciiilent Oritz Rubio that the"Icd- TWO EASY NAMES efal government would permit no PARIS, (UPi-Tlu-.tolir towns • CR? '" alg " Wn»l toreHnei*- In the world to remember are two VNFW SPEFD I IMIT Fivpri I n7,u VST,°', j v 'I 10 W • w^• " P) - "' —"• m. ment nr ',) x ' '" he de " s ^ d llm "" of 25 '»««•' »"'hour la: pnilmcnl of the Sommc. In ad- commercial vehicles lias'Just beer. tollr ' more vivid because of this trip. such a beginning ns was made at Geneva, we should pause to remember James 1:17: "Every Rood gift opportunities and great respo'nsl-' bllltles, We go bade to our various homes as pioneers. We must, built a new kind of organisation. We must shnre with the women- at Ijome that vision wllhont which the people perish. We must riot . . . pattern our activities along the , "".J. ' lines of any other organization but , our own possibilities. We imist trav-' "j ,, . , .,--••• «1 the road to greater things. We'? (nd J 115 ' 5 ? 1 !; chai rm^ of interna- j may even touch the stars. What we . ,'°" ," 8 T ^'"'Ih ,"; ' WCl 'H Tl"»c are 1787 ordaii^d womnn .do not know we can learn. With ?''" ed an ^ dlneti ~ tll!lt ls cxccilt ! preachers in the United States, trained minds, with sympathy and ^t Amsterdam-wliere there. wa 5 nc understanding and unbiased effort, * 111e - The wlne Rlnsscs on tne ' tn we am open wide the hands and | bles were turned -down, at the re- hearts of nil (he women of the jnuest of Mrs. DIckerni. wlfe.of the wor ld." , American minister to Hague.-,toast••'' Imistre's 1 ; nud hostess, in respect lo - Tlic good will (our of southern i the United States' prohibition Europe is an experience which has Champagne was also served at nil lingering memories .of happy hours: of the affnlrs except this' one."t '""' ""•' at Montreal, I'. After the six days voyage on the I WE UEAD COLDS M Melt in boftoc water and mhal» . Taper»; »l«o muff up note. visas MILLION JARS USED YEARLY Reckless in love for Ihey love WITH NA.1SICV CARROU (i Cntnia . . traU-blaztr he defi« the world In this lieart-sarthinu drmmi of love pUyrt against aback-' tronnd of world upheaval THE CASE OF SERGEANT 4RIICHA CHESTER MORRIS .TEAN HERSHOLT BETTY COMl'SON f ' i Comedy and Cartoon. Matinee and Night—10—25c. A blast of fiery drama greater than "The Devil's ..Holiday." with Fred. . ric March as the artist lover who flaunts conventions to win the woman . . he wants. with. Frcdric March Frank Morgan The Screen's Hit of the Season! ' '"' | Comedy— Laurel & Hanlv' > Murder Case,"-;inil News. Matinee— Special price— to School Children, 1st and 6th grades— 10c— f through 12— 25c. Adults--10c. Time— -2 and 4 o'clock. ; 1B al)d ' 10c ' 8:4S and /i -•••••"•v "• " i:iiirebu»y —John Mack Brown in-"Billy the Kid." ,'."/.-; Kitz-ThuTsdaT^&lRrTd^y-i Carol Lombard in "Fast and Loose. Home Theatre — Tuesday, I Rity-SatunU^Iil^rSi ; 3Srft ws&iF i, sat « . -.l- - '. are Invite^ to Attend - - ' '-• . ' :<;,<"'I'' •' • .•'-','. Courier News COOKING SCHOOL BE SURE AND NOTICE Mrs. Myra Dougan's DEMONSTRATIONS USING KC POWDER 25 Ounces for 25 C SAME PRICE for Over 40 Years The demonstrate will show you that In using a Double Action baking powder such as K C you get Fine Texture and Large Volume in your bakings —that you can use less than you do of high priced brands. You will realize that it is not necessary to pay war prices for baking powder. ' Then try K C yovtself. Give it the oven test and judge by results. OUR GOVERNMENT USED MILLIONS OF POUNDS ^r 1 " 10 " ' C«oksB«» k eV _vBcoVc^- ipe»- ndP"! FBI* ««-"Ss-v 3ft#®ssS sfiSsSS'* ,t»»p> w S " W * JAOWt* 1 *^' -nrffesr* CO. »••• *•*!' 0"**,'"'^ t" ita £&S&» V bi&s*~ • v t'.~ „«.«!» •"-"- Wen Wont CLAssm n CONTROL An Exclusive Feature With FRIGIDAIRE The QUIET Automatic Refrigerator It is the experience of users that Frigidaire soon pays for itself. They find that it is an economy, not an expense. And the economy of Frigidaire is the result of certain exclusive features that huve made it the choice of more buyers than all otlit-r electric refrigerator.^ combined. All Frigidaire cabinets arc built in the Frigidaire factories. They are heavily insulated. This means lower current consumption, lower operating- cost. They are beautiful in appearance) easy to keep /clean and all mechanical parts are completely enclosed. . '"'" Every Frigidaire has the surplus power to provide extra refrigeration for hot days and hot hours in the kitchen, guaranteeing against food aiwilago. This means real savings in food purchases. Frigidaire food shelves are all elevated to a convenient height to eliminate stooping, and arranged to hold the maximum of food, enabling users lo buy in tiuantily and thus effect additional savings. Frigidaire^ is the only electric refrigerator equipped with the Frigidaire Cold Control, which regulates the temperature of the self-sealing freezing trays, .makes ice quickly ami freezes salads and desserts that require extremely low temperatures. Ami because of quantity production Frigidaire prices are lower. Any model can be bought on deferred payments. If you are int. rested in dependable, economical refrigeration, see the Frigidriires now displayed by W. p. Veazey. See the New Hydrator and Multi-Cold This beautiful new i Frigidaire —is lie ing" demonstrated this week by Mr.s. Dougnn, culinary expert conducting the Cornier. News- Cooking School at the City Hall Auditorium. We- Invite Inspection and Comparison w. P. VEAZEY Friffidaire and General Motors Radio Phone 641 North Second St. m II I i I I 1 i 1 I I I i I | I • i i I 1 I I I I «•> I I M W i I i i

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