The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1944
Page 3
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BIONDAY, OCT011EU 1G, 1044 Paris Set For Treason Iria Well-Known Figures Of France To Face Courts Of Justice PAH1S, Oct. 16 (Ul')-Whal li|ay well be (lie most spectacular and liintastic trial In French history is scheduled to begin In Paris early tins week. The former heads of the I'rciirh Gestapo will face charges of treason ami commerce with Ihe enemy at the courts of justice, ^iTlie men are Henry Cliamberlin, Tlias Henri LaFonl, and Insiwctor Pierre Bony of Stnvisky case. fame. Police already have arrcsicd some 100 alleged accomplices of LuFonl- Hraiy, many of whom will he brought in as material witnesses. Their total number of accomplices is expected to number as many as 700, the majority of whom arc still sought |>y (he I'xilicc. The trial of what Ins become known throughout. Franco as the Bony-LaFont case is the first of a .vcrics against well-known figures' charged variously as traitors and collaborators. The case of Pierre Etlennc Flaiidhi and Marcel pey- routon is expected (o follow in the near future. Flamlm was foreign minister under Vichy and was arrested in Morocco. Pcyrouloji, former Minister of the Interior, was later governor of Algiers and was arrested there. Thc Bony-LnFoiilc iriai will combine every known element of an international thriller, Gestapo agents, a mysterious Russian princess, a French countess, a German baron and secret torture chambers. They will play the leading part in thc testimony. , Although LaFont is described as , CLYTHEVILLE (AUK.), COUUIEIl NEWS Circus Children Pets Of'All Older Members of the Company As evidence Hint n circus is like cue bin family, there arc four very yoimt; Infanls with their pnr- inUs on the Dalley nros. Railroad Circus, Tills leads to the question of what becomes of children wllh Ihe circus. Very seldom is a performer alone on B ciictis, They come In couples, or brother and sister teams, or in entire families. The children with Ihc circus are properly trained unrt educated—Ihe chief trouble Is (hat Ihey may be spoiled by too much company. petting by the rest of (he Two of thc headllners with (he Dalley circus who are sure to score a hit when the show exhibits in Bls'lhevillc, Wednesday, Oct. 18, are little Norma Daven\y>rt, only 13 years of age, and dainty Mildred Pylc, still In her teens. Norma is a cute, Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and polite, being gracious lo all. A perfect little Judy, the fact Hint she is Ihe subject of much publicity because of being a real prodigy, doo.s not spoil her. She likes to meet children of Ihe cities where the show exhibits, and Is not conceited. Her favorite pels are the ten huge elephants which she trained and works. Her father and uiol'.icr are both with Ihe show. Pretly Mildred Pyle Is nn extremely clever trapeze performer and Is tile outsttuidiiijj aerlalist In '.he company of feminine stars with the D.illey Shoiv. Mildred k tolally nmifraid, [s thc peranifi- cntlon of gracefulness '"'d hns u wonderful personality. Endowed v.'lth a perfect figure, nil eyes nre upon her as she executes many dangerous and difficult nprlal stunts. L'.olh Norma and Mildred love (lib ivorf! Tor them it Is mere play. They arc voluntarily constantly practicing between performances, trying out their own new ideas. ,21.to14 Passing Of Filchock Wins For Washington; Rams Defeat Lions By United Tress The Washington licdskins can ; one of the be Football League. thehead'or flic French "Gestapo* he : Thc Rct!sk >« M C. Slinging Samis a silent, taciturn figure The my B:IU|1 >. '"Wii'l- been with George - Preston Marshall's hoys for then spotlight almost certainly will be - t- •«• —^" stolen by garrulous, volatile excita- first lvfo games. But Coach Dud blc Pierre Bony, formerly one of the I Dc Oroot tossed a football lo leading member.? of the Paris crim- Frankle Filelmck and told Frnnkle inal police. I he was the number one passer. LaFont and Bony were arrested : Anil the former Indiana star [jitch- .,Sept. 4 in their hideout at a farm j cd thc Skins to a 21 to H victory Tin Ihe Seine Kt Marne. a depart- ever the Boston Yankee.'! ni Boston Daring Feat PAGE THRBB YankOutlalks German Captors Prisoner Persuades Enemy To.Rearm Him And Then Surrender gelhcr late in (he second period and ran up 20 points wllh one touchdown in Ihe second quarter mid two more in Ihe Ihlrd. And Ihe Hams won 20 lo 11. At Brooklyn the New York. CilaiUs, underdogs for (he first time in years ngalnsl the Brooklyn Tigers upset their traditional rivals 14 to 7. Two touchdown passes by Hank Soar gave Sieve Owen's men p.ll the points Ihey needed. And In Chicago, the Bears trounced Ihe Cardinal-Pittsburgh Steoler combine 3-1 t.-j 7. The defending champions broke loose for one touchdown late in the first period, added two in the space of two minutes In {he j.econd, and two more in the last quarter. Miss Hazel King, premier horsewoman of the circus world, will be .•• at the Fairgrounds In Blythe- vllle, Wednesday, Oct. 18, when Duilcy Bros. Three-ling Circus, one <jf the only three large circuses traveling by ralhvind lhl.s yenr, presents performances ut 3 nnd 8 P. M. Miss King is .shown above In n daring feat us she rides Black Diamond, one of the many blue lililKin winners Included In the elaborate horse fair curried by the circus (his season. . TI1IHD AliMV IN HIANCE. Oct. 10 (UP) - Mem Lawrence MnJmoil of I'ljllmlelphlii •stfimUcd inside it pillbox near the Di Qremcey Forest, 11) miles iioith- ?M of Nancy, the other day with llu- Cicrmans, hike him. the Nnxl.s «iie trapped under n crossfire of American and German shells. lienll/hu; they would he Just as (lead if (hey were killed by their own shells as by those of the oilier side, the Ocrmans and the American likewise kept their heads low. i lien dm Oermnns, who considered Maimed (heir prisoner If they Hurt lo complete the capture got. o iHlkliiK and called (heir own of- cer a swine because he had sent n' merit near Paris. Twenty four ac complices wore arrested nt the same time and others subsequently followed. LaFont is 42. heavy set with dark eyes. He is described by French newspapers as having had at Ictisl 12 present convictions, including one death sentence. He is said to have been released by Germans from a detention camp at Cepray and immediately set to work .for them to create the French Gestapo working in close collaboration with the German Gestapo. Both I,ar'oiit and Bony, according to accounts published in* the Paris papers, admit organizing the Bostapo with headquarters in a spa- Creomulslon relieves promptly be- eeves prompy e- cause it goes right lo the seat of the trouble to helo loosen and c\ripl Bern, laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the mi- derstanding you must like the way it 'quickly allays the cough or you are to. have iyour money back yesterday. Fild:.ock's for a to Ted play that covered 51 yards produced the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter. And Prankle completed 10 out of IS for a totnj of 145 yards gaineti. That, brings his mark for two games to 35 completions in 51 tries for 43G yards. At Cleveland Ilie Cleveland Rams fumbled like men with frozen fin- !fcrs lo give the Detroit Lions a 17 to 0 lead in the second period. Fireball Frankie Sinkwich, the Lion's one-man offensive, took ad- rantuge of every break to pass for one touchdown, run another over himself, and boot n field goal. Bui the Rams pulled themselves lo- Rabbit Growers Elect Officers Here Yesterday Rabbit breeders of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, enthusiastic over comment caused Rabbit Show at the favorable by the recent the Mississippi County Fail's livestock show, have formed an organization to promote Ihe rabbit industry in this section. to provide an agency to assist with problems of the member breeders and to assist members in disposing of their stock. At a meeting in Blylhcville yesterday, Allen Rushing of Chiekasaw Farms here was elected president; Charles M. Cohoon of Holland. Mo., vice president; Grady G. Magee of Temperatures Hi Low AI la nt a 77 .|(j Augusta an .i(j Birmingham '.'.. 80 51 Charleston 73 Charlotte 70 Chattanooga 75 Chicago 5:! Cinchmali 61 Denver 08 Detroit r,;i Jacksonville ao Kansas City G7 Macon HO Tallahassee Hi Memphis. 78 Miami m Montgomery 80 55 New Orleans New York . San Antonio Savannah . Tampa '16 37 41 32 20 M M <!6 45 40 58 .18 71 M 64 40 77 1G Washington 51 Dallas .... Houston . .. Jfickson . .. Little Rock Slirevcport . 81 1H 82 81 84 Courier Hr thc B, anci M. Babbitry here .sec- cions villa which had been convert- "^L^"* ^^ "' B<ylh °- ^.nbeVVcf aL S a^h* t «- "' *»rd or dircc- ionablc west cud house owned 'by a J? S A 1 ",- 1 ^ rtllio ": !o officc ' s . ore: ozarist Russian princess. " •---. ^--U-.\\ilkins.ol Luxor.x.chairman;. The princess herself escaped to „' W ' M »"'ns of Blytheville nnd nrmo.i,. n, i;,^ i^^t ,«~ i Harry Ray Brooks of thc B cjxl M. Babbitry. ' '" ist moment p 0 iicc fo. nd ten roomT in her -,, , '"""« ten foams in «er ? lla l'' ansfonnc<l illto cells wllh llcav J' bars. over the doors and n'in- " ows - They also found large quan- lities of Jewels worth millions of francs she had left behind. The princess was formerly married to the French actor Henry Carat, but left him in 1039. She is c for Coughs, Chest Colds, , - Igest black market operators. OF WORLD'S FINISTTALENT FROMTHE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH COLLOSSAL COMBINED SHOWS ALL NEW - ENLARGED THIS SEASON 100 ACTS r, 0B '' <tin flfin '""WIHHIKO S .pJU/UUU PAlOMlHOMORSf Wl» ARMY OF MSN. ACRES OF TENTED WONDERS .UTTIEJjORjyiA pAVENPORTJggggg j Pouting Govm-Gotgcous Girlf—Whirlwind of Oritnlol Splendor TWICE DAILY • 3 » 8 P. M. . DOORS OPEN ONI HOUR EARLIER WEDNESDAY OCTOBER Fm'rgroimds Performances 3 and 8 P. M. Fall ana Winter TUNE-UP SAVE gasoline . . . SAVE Tires. Get All-roimil licKer Performance! T;I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Denier - Paris & Service 121 W. Ash I'llone Z12Z No Certificate Needed! WANT MATING -GAS SELF-FEED HEATER IT COKES THE COAL —BURNS THE GASES — Heats all day, and all night, with one Fueling! • Now you can be extravagant with heat, yet thrifty with tuel. The SELF-FEED KOL-GAS gives you extra heal by burning the gases: extra heat through its exclusive Heat Boosler construction, which lengthens fire travel and increases radiating surface. KOL-GAS is two heaters in one. KOL-GAS saves work. Fill iuel magazine with 100 ibs. of coal in Ihe morning; that's all the fueling necessary until next day. The coal feeds dawn by gravity, as needed, to supply the required heal. Provides more even temperature without frequent regulation and firing. Heal and rale of burning is posilively controlled through air intakes bolh BELOW and ABOVE the fire — an important, exclusive KOL-GAS feature, More ait means belter combustion and more heat Come in and see the beautiful new KOL-GAS models; see how they operate; then you'll know Why they save fuel; save work; give extra heat. Regularly Priced 49.95 Our October Sale Price GOOD/YEAR •'All right, boys, If you reel Hull v'ill kill him for yon when ho ur- •ives, siild Alalmcd, vvlwi mifortii- inlely had lost his own pistol '•• •• •tiff hand-lo-hand batllc i Cicrninn pntrol. Tlic Clermuns talked Ihljigs over •'"'lo '" y " 1Cy ''"' ulc<l Mailed a "All right." said one, "you kill inn for us." Miilmed. keeping (he pistol liandv nid wondering If he ever would see Us .(5lh Division buddies again, up a continuous chatter In K" rations ami everyone gathered ni-oimd. They listened cither for a cessation O r shcllflre, or lorsoumis of Ilie approach of the lulled Cler- niin officer. Tile sbellliiif halted at, mid Maimed slack his head oulsldc Ihe illlljox, hoping for the iippio:icli of the German officer so he could kill Klin. No officer was In sight and lie Civniuuis.boRiui iimttcrhiK i\lxnil ic'liiiiilnB to tlu'lff'.owh linos mid lukiiij; MuliniHl. "Don't Ins dimmed fools, boys," >;iiif out the I'lillitilrliitilnn dimity. 'You know tluil officer swliio will yon around mill) you nru Ijlack nul blue. You baler come home ivllli iiii>." The (.lormiuis inlkccl It over <nilt>l- l.v, Ilion slili'lcil yelling; about It 'Iorc Ihey nsreoil (o conic. i Hofore Mnlmcd «ol back lo htal own lines, seven other Clermiuis up-1 IHMiri'd Iroin n nenrliy foxhole nnd Ji)hic<l his miiTcndcr parly. Ills buddies In ihu Mill were mil surprised when lie npprnrcd nt Ihe lieiul of (he Ocnniin in'occsslon, it Is nn old hubll of Miilmcd's. Lust nonr Oili-nns, he ciiplnred Nil/Is rtflev wamteiliiK uraunil belilnd ihelr lines for li) hours. In The Cliiinrcry Court I'or Tlie C:iitrliHs:i\vkii Dlslrlel, Allssl.ssliipl t'ounty, Arliiinsus. Winnie Culwell, I'lnlnlHT vs, No. H8IO Wllllnii) C'nlwr)), Uefeiidinit. \VAUNINC) OKUlilt 'I'lie clcfcndiinl, Wllllnm C'ulwell, Is wiuiicd lo ii|)|>env In Ilie Clinnccry Court for the Chlckasawba District, Mlsslssl])i>l County, Arkansas with^ In 30 dnys nnd answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff. Witness my hand as Clerk of said court mul the seal thereof on this Ihc Cth day of October, 1044 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk, By Doris Mulr, D. o. 10J1-H-21-28 WAHN1N(! i OliTOlt ilin Ctinuccry iJeurl, C'lilrltusiiw- l)a Dlslrlel, Alb-slsMlpiil County, Ai'luinsas. -x Everel Jlriiildy, i'liilutlir vs. No. inail Sldnoy II. Urnddy, JX'feiidaiit, The (lefi-iuhml, Sidney H. Urnddy, is hrreby ivnrned lo npiK'iir wlllilii Ilih-ty dtij's In Iho court iiinued hi lint captluii horcof nnd niiKwer the coniplHinf of tho plulnllir incn Kv- erol linuldy. Haled Mils 1 diiy of Oetolx'v, 10-11 HAllVKY MOliRIS, Clerk l!y M. JnmiU, D. C. I'.'d Cook, Ally. Uidcn Coleinim, Ally, ml Ulein. __ 1010-)U-23-ao Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No lonijci 1 be annoyed or feel 111 »l eiise Ill-enlist! of louse, wabbly fulse Icelli. PAS'l'KI-rrn, an Improved nl- InilliU! (noii-iicld) powder, «|>rlnUcd on your plnles holds llicin flmuir .so Ihey feel more comfortable. Soothing and coollni; (o minis made sore by excessive acid immlh. Avoid om- t)iirniKsment cimseil !>y louse plnles, Cict PASTECTII lo<lny nl nny druii slora. F §» U N TA I OF YOUTH For Wartime Transportation Tlic Nation relics heavily on Greyhound for continuing efficiency in highway ir.insponation.'s why Greyhound 1 garages liavc become Fountains of Youili. New znctlioJj liavc been developed to prolong thc safe, efficient life of buses. As one example, Greyhound uses a remarkable new metal-spraying device which actually rebuilds worn or broken pans. Such renovating jobs arc supplemented by an intensified system of inspection and maintenance which nips mechanical difficulties in the bud. Thorough cleaning and greasing after c,ich trip is followed by microscopic inspection at 10,000 and 37,000-milc intervals with complete overhaul at each 75,000-mile period. Even such carcfully-mai'maincd buses, liowcvcr, will some day reach the end of thc road. Bur we at Greyhound will be ready. Our plans for finer, more luxurious coaches arc well advanced. And we want to bring these buses to your local Greyhound depot just as soon as the business of war can be closed out, and highways can be made happy ways once more. T/ic Army Neals WACs...thc WA C Ncals You GREYHOUND Greyhound Lines 10'J N. 5th in Attention TRUCK OWNERS Recap and Roll! U'ilh ncsv tires critically shorf, recapping will keep your equipment on thc road. We'll give your present tires a new lease on lite! GUARANTEED WORK — Cf/L/NG PRICES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. oek! GREAT SUTTON SHOWS Benefit Arkansas State Guard 10 MAJOR RIDES * SIX SHOWS Located Across Street From Blytheville Laundry ^ 0/_ FARM LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While (t Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blylhevilte, Ark. . Phoiie 2D11 I MM II I M 1 i III I III 111 1'^•••^••••Ui BODY & FENDER REPAIR WORK Also Auto Upholstery llcpnir Our furcmrm Jioljerl '"Mixer" YVrtlCm has had years of experience In these lines. Modern equipment. Insures satisfactory R'ork. Located In Kcnr of Martin's Cafe 1M W. Main—Phone 505 COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS Sec Us Before You Buy! J. L. TERRELL Of f ice 111 S. Bdy. Phone 2631 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may h« ruining your property, Call m« fo> check-up without cost or obligation. KATB, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK E. KenUoky H. C. BLANKENSH1P HH ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts. are ag complete as during pre-war times! Put your plants in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE. SERVICE— call us day, night or Sunday. * Beltrng * Belt Lace . * Steam Packing * Pipe Fitting! :* All Size Pipe * Crane Valves, * Gin Saw Files and Gummers Hardware Co.

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