The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER • •••«• mm ^ i • i • w w ** K a »* FIGHT FOR RULE /Zionists Biing Prosperity lo Palestine but Natives - Are Resentful Carrying Selassie to Refuge In Holy Land -• By': MILTON MUONNEB NBA Serivce Staff Correspondent > LONDON.—Out in fhc Holy Land ;t!ic two great branches of the Semitic are at'swords' points again. The Tiiews' that many Jews and Arabs 'fha'vev been : killed amidst riotous •Iscenes means thiit the Palestine • political pot oticc more Is boiling "'over, i : :. ' < . ' In Palestine thcic aic .periods iwliEiv 'two; tribes seem 'to live >ln harmony The Jcvs of the JJvorld, by pouring money into iPalestlne lo help build Ihc Ji.w iish Homel have brouglit a dLgret I ;_of prosperity to (he Holy Land AWWch makes it stand out livpres- fent world history. Palestine Is ons s .£r ^the few lands w'.iere there Is :C%ctually a considerable surplus In Jhe treasury. Instead of micmploj- *nicnt, (here is a demand for 'work- ^frs Jewish Inmilgiants have -broug-iit their money and their la^or Haifa, naw half Jewish, lias ^pver 100.000 people Jerusalem is •iviore than half .Jewish. Tel-Aviv, twlnch nvmu.u'i an Atinrlcun UDMII jov.ii, Is the only nll-..c\Ush clt\ 11 itileworld—with nearly 100,000 pco- iple * Jews Slodcnilio Methods ^.The Jews have not only bought .•land.Train, thi!.'Arabs, out have rc- Jrlalmcd marsh and swnmp lan:ls 2nd have introduced motlsrn scientific methods of agriculture and Irult growing The ciop ot citrous fruits >ias become mi imporlaiit one hnd llie Arabs have been adopting inethods Inticdiiccd by the Jews, with the result Hint.both comnnml- •Qes lm\c prospered. -..But underneath the varying nt-1 tempts at friendline'is between, tin.' po peoples,, llieic rcuinins a bed fock of opposition The Jews dream of n national home In Palestine—of lebulldlng a Jewish nation such as -existed. there in Biblical . tbnes.! Hence the return to Hebiew as a giving language and the foundation of a Hebrew Unlvcisity. OH i'nc. 'other hand, the Arabs, who have been the majority race there for centuries, resent both the British mandate and t'ne Jewish colonization The politicians among them fear the time when Aiabs maj b- His minority race In the land So almost every time some radical I change is proposed, racial hatred I is fanned and outbreaks occm which Lie stolid British Police and soldiers have to suppress Anti-Semitism «alses Spocire At the piesent time the Arab politicians are greatly concerned lest anti-Semitism in various -parts of Europe accelerates immigration in* to Palestine Next, there Is the ',propasal to set up a Legislative Council In 1322, when this was first bro-iched by fne British, the Arabs,rcfuscd to have anything to do with It and it was dropped. It was mooted again in 1923, but, OWT Ing to the Arab outrages on. the Jews, the government once more dropped the scheme. Now it has bieu resurrected and revamped by Uc present High Commissioner, Sir Arthur Waii- chope. Tills time the Arabs approve of it and it is the Jews who oppose It. The Wauchope plan would give some measure of sslf- govemment to the people of Palestine—325,000 Moslems, 100,000 Christians (also mainly of Arab blood) and 320000 Jews The Council is to consist of 28 members The Moslems will elect eight, .the Jews three and the Christians one. The government «ill name members as follows: three Moslems, four Jews two Christians and two representing the commercial bodies of Palestine The other fhe members will be British officials. Devoid of rower Over JIand.ile The normal life of the Councl would be five years and It wouli be in session three months in th rear, it is stated that it.would have no final power to intcrtcr, with the terms of fne British man Safely aboard the queen tic British cnilscr Enterprise (above), Ehiperor Halle Selassie, accompanied by. THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1936 Facts About Arkansas .. Amonjf the saddest of the legends of Arkansas Is the tragedy of Lo- k-ya. On the Sherwood drive not for from Van Jiuren, one passes many deeply cut hills which bor- dor ii particularly beautiful stream called "Lee's week'." On the slope.? of the hills arc found many finely cut arrow heads. ' The grent chiefs of We Mayas and the Mound Builders met here In n fierce contest, which resulted In the extinction of both tribes, At the fiercest moment of the battle (he c'nlcf of the Mayas was slain. 1-eleya, the chief's daughter sprang to the front, nnd led lier aiuciy • riuonnl the nrltlsli cniiscr Enterprise (nhovc), Emperor Hnlle Selassie, accompanied by. ills sprang to the front, : nnd tec1 he liieeh and sons, llod Umrd Haifa,, en route to Jerusalem, wla'rc lie expected lo find refuge In a Cop-I men nsalnsl the enemy. :lc monastery on the lilver Jofrlnh". Ucsetitinent asialnst- Great llrltaiii rhn high In Ilaly because the Just th«n & mighty earthquak . i "twarahlp'was placed al Selassie's disposal.' . ' tool < l>' n cc; the ground-split am :_. : • • • ' ; • '• • : - ••.••• swallowed file Mound. Builders am W])o l^irned To Lool Acldis Ababa ike and —. ...*......• umiutio and a little Inter-the Mayas were engulfed. Amid the awful confusion 1 -Icyn leaped Into tlie streiim nnd l»rLshcd. In memory of her bravery'the Indians called the stream "Lelcya." The seven wonders of Arkansas are: Hot Springs, the diamond mines, geological resources, scenic beauty mid play grounds; Diamond Cave, variety nnd fertility of 'soil M umnoth Springs. •' ' * ' * ; .-' " •' '.•'• 'Hie history'or Arkansas Is divided Into seven periods according to Buiiynn and Moore's School History of Arkansas: ,. .. . ' 1.—Background of Arkansas His- lory—1492-1803. . - : . . '.—Prom the Louisiana Purchase lo Arkansas Territory—1803-1819 J),-From a territory to statehood 4.—Prom statehood to the rlvl) War—183C-18CO. ino'r' 1 ' 1 " 1 C ' V " Wflr '" Arkai!Si>s - 0.—Rccoiislructlon in Arkansas— 18G5-1874. Ill the nnd oigj of minder pillage and nic that ui ecodcd the fall of Addis Abnba lo the Italians Ethiopian hietulnis of the Ijp- shown above on the maich v coinpcsed a pirt of the ilothiK mob!, inlhnied b 5 llquoi fiom looted stores and cniaged bj defeat the bandits lift the capital In Miioiikleilng mlns Then lliej lied to the hills ultli ll.clr booty some of the bands vowing to cam on guerilla waifaie ag ilnsl Uic Invadeis dale, the scheme, for a National Homo for the. Jews, or the figures fixed annually for -Immigration, of. Jews Into Palestine. Dr. chalm Welv.mann, heiul of the Zlonls> organization, Is strongly against the present plan, >'ns tire nll'i fhe. Jewish leaders who have jlven time and njpney tp Pftlei- Inlaii h'l'rnlrs. Tliey'mnlii'lalti that 10 Council slioiild -be set lip until he Arabs .fully nnd. frankly accept Ihe- Bn;lfoin' declaration about 'a lome for the Jews' and • also the British mandate over Palestine, together with all the implications In- •olved. Piirthermprc, they sny they object because the proiwsed Council ™uld_ mean that the Jews Eiioulll cntnist their fate as n per- nancnt minority in the Council to he Arabs whose propaganda again-, s.l them and the mandate liris tetiii of the hiost provocative cnnraeter. ^The plan was brought: up In t'ne British .House of Commons recently and did not ..seem .'to-have many friends. For the time being, therefore, the trouble-fraught matter remains In abeyance. Caruthersville First In County Literary Meet OAHUTHERSVILLE;'-MO.-,-Plac- ing . first In three out of the five events, Cariithersvllle -grade school students won the sweepstake^ tro- p5iy in the annual Pemlscot Coim(.V anido School Literary meet,.held til warden, i .r -, ' ; .. - : '•Wlmiers were: Peggy Aciifl, first In.volra; Billy nliodes, 'nrst In oru- llon; , Evelyn: ^cull.'!n.rst,in -piano; Glee ; Club', ; lliird. ' Caruthefsvll'le ilH<not.'p) In rca'dhig,* Llui'fifih eyeiit. "'•..• > ••••••••: • \ ' ; . "Glee club and'voice-entries were under the Instruction and direction of Mrs. Rodman Dunham, grade school music, instructor, while the entry-'In piano was Instructed by Mrs.' buy E, Michlc,' who :has private classes in music. ; i : • • . In the track meet, Cariithersvllle was fourth, with 48 points. I steele placed first with'129 points, War- dcll second with 08 points, -Cooler t'nlrd willi 59 points. '•"';. Two Pemiscot County Ferries Operating Again CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. —Ferry operations were resumed this weak by Powell's Ferry here mid the Cottonwood Point ferry at Cottonwood, about 10 miles south of this city. Service at both ferries wa5 stopped during the high water and was not resumed immediately after the river receded, due to t'ne current having washed away roads in the inundated Tennessee section. These roads have been repaired now, ferry operators state, and are in good condition. GAS REDUCED WITH FREE PREMIUMS 70 OCTONE ANTI-KNOCK Regular White 10c Sc Plus 3c In Harrcl. Lots Plus 3c Tax U Plus 3c Tax KEROSENE 7c IN BARREL LOTS SPECIAL OFFER ON 5 GAL. OIL MARTIN OIL CO. , ' 1 Block North of Stop Light, Sleele, Mo. Caruthersville in Drive on Auto Fee Delinquents CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Acting upon orders of the/cily'''council, Chief of Police Luther White 'n(is opened a drive On city residents who do hot hnvc city; auto licenses, Yesterday''and today 19 were hailed Kill Potato BU<fS A SURE KILL WITH Mangamir o r Calcium Ai senate Pound Arsenate of Lead. I.b. r I'aris Green found Special I'rice On 100 Pound Quantities Soy Beans Virginia, Ulack Wilson a n d Mansoy . (yellow oil bean). D. P. L. 11 COTTON SEED 0. 0. Hardaway & Co. 109 S. Second Phone 233 Inlo cltj police coint and fined $8 each in addition to the price of the clt> license \Uilai Is $3 per >ear 'Ihlrt> n\e otheis, learning of the council s order to police swamp cd Ollj Collector R. b. Tmsley, pur chasing 'licenses before the ,ofllcer connect to them. . ,. •.,, 'Cily .offlolaU; estlmat?: tlime arc 30 to 50 others who 'nave not- niir chsed tags. •' - . _ Armless Youth Wins \ . Prize as Tap Dancer McCALLEN, Tex. (UP) _ Lupe Barate, armless "boy wonder" of McAllen, won nrst prize In a tap- dancing contest In Snn Antonio addlnn another tent to his list of accomplishments. Deprived of his arms when struck by a train here 18 years i>ko, Lupe has learned to clo nearly everything for himself except to button his shirts and comb his hair. He has rescued four persons from drowning and Is considered nn excellent swimmer and wrester. tiKHiiT I'll frr if .T xr r .T '^ zx STORIES- IN" STAMPS - - liy I. S. Klein •' LlNEJpTBoUGHT ITALY built the ne\v 'polish liner PjisudsXI, and got for It nol gold, but » medium ot barter lhal is even more valuable to the llallins—coal The purchase ina"s>urated Poland's entry into modern .trims-' Atlantic travel. From the'Jhew Polish seaport o( Gdynia; the PiK Sudski now speeds to New Yorft In 814 days. The. trip formerly.' required 12 days,', The 'ship•.&•!; twin Diesel-motored *. express liner, witlv gyroscopic equipment pnd oilier modern (ravel feature's^ 11 is 514 (eel Jong, displaces 16,000' Ions, and accommodates about 800 passengers. ' ', On Die Pilsudski's Inilial trip from Gdynia to New York irr September, 1935, Poland issued a' ipecial stamp picturing the' ' liner"It is shown below.- Reiser News Miss Toinmlc Sherrick was complimented with a linen shower at the home of Mrs. J. T. Polk Monday night,. The hostesses were Misses Sue - Wlilpplc, Mary Alice SluUle, Nettle.Bush Adorns, Elizabeth Isoin and Mines, j. T. polk, Ed Pigg imd l&ryey Wilson. Members of the Thursday Bridge :lub and-the Indies'of the school faculty were among the guests, who also included Mrs. j.'-W. Gresham of Wilson and Miss Dorothy Danz- by of Scooba, Miss.^arid Miss Margaret Robinson. High score prize was won by Mrs. Kirk Cntlds, consolation, by Miss , Moore head and traveling prize by Mrs, H. p. Dun- tivnnt. ' "-.' - '••-'-• ;,• Molto:— "To educate our children is the surest- means to preserve olir coiislJliitlori and laws. Teach tan the principles at political science- make them acquainted : 'with our History and governments; nnd it is the surest guaranty' that' they will develop and maintain them " From Governor Yell's' first message" to the General Assembly, 1810 i'cw Trees Aid to Archery OROVILLE. Qal. (UP)—The ex tensive growth in California of lemon and y cw trees fronr : tlie wood of which bows tire made has resulted in a revival '• of archery. This city has organized its first Archers Club. Sufferers Praise Pile_pintment ThdUsamlS of men nm1 vrnnifn Jiave found (tuk'k ri'llet s\t Insl fruin the lerrlMe 'or- iur« of 1'llc*. Thi'lr grateful tclter.i tell liow (lift Tliornlem A- illnor-l'llo OLnlment brought rollfC from nlla.ltchfiit.'. bLceilln K . Inrintninillon nnd jialn. Try thla Private KorrnuU rrescrlvtlpn. H must Kniisfy yi»», or Iriu ainalt cost "wjll be refunded. For ; Robinson Drug Co. RADIO REPAIRING A CompTftc L1n« of Tubcfl *nd Farti HUBBARD TIRE £ «ATT«i:T CO. PHONE 4'« SUPERFEX This ixclmm Snf, r Con- iJtrntrTo/t meant tffnieul and economicaletpertiifotr Coi>yrlBhi, Indigent Own Autos SACRAMENTO, Cal. -(UP)— Cal- fcrnia slatlstics would indicate hat the first quaimcatiou for an 'indigent" is -to own nn automo- )llc. Fifty thouEand "Indigent" nutomoblle owners drove Into the state during'the past six months. list hospital Monday for .^a tonsil operation. Miss Dorothy Danzby of, Scooba, Miss., visited Miss Margaret Kob- Inson the first of the week, Bobby Robinson entered-the Bap- ,-^r; MIMEOGRAPHING BUSINESS & >POLITICAL LETTERS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap ft quick Veterans Service Work All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Liltle Hale Bld'g. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Jne Isaacs' Store "AVE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 5JO Knitting Classes Tuesdays' & Fridays, ' 2:30 P. : :M:-:' ..1109 Chlck'asawba- INSTRUCTIONS PUBE .ORDERS TAKE^ FOR ; "BERNAT", :.YARN' Mrs.' Leslie Hooper Mrs. A., o; :IIaley ' Phone 792 Eyerylhing-for Yon'r Entcrlalnmenl • " ' arid Comfort ;'' ,>., COOLEST SI'OT'IN i' Last Time IS) K been called the "MIRACIE" refrigerator... AND IT 'T'HE simplicity of Supctfci - 1 - is imaiing. All vmi J o is light the burners Vou don't even have to tun, mcrn off. They go out automatically in about two hours. And one light. ing of the burners jives you twcnty-four hours or mate of ref/igcmion. You can keep moats fresh fot days-save trips to the spring house or cellar- freeze a plentiful supply O f ice HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. W.vthoville, Ark. . SI1PFI?PPY THEOILBUR NING & U r L tir C A REFRIGERATOR cubes—make delirious frozen desserts. Supcrfcx brings you modern refrigeration in its most economical form. No matter what i )pc of kitchen you may have or how it may be decorated, you'll find that the new Superfcx just seems to he- long in it. Telephone ot write for ftcc demonstration in your own home. Anil ask about our easy payment plan. EDWARDAKNOLD |U, .,,,,, ; r.,:,,,l .ill, II. !•. 5,1,'ulbrt') willi LEE TRACY-. IJINN1E BARNES Katharine Alexander Musical Short and Coracily —Admission—' Mallncn—10 i 25c—Willi Jc Tas Night—10 & 35c—With Ic Ta\ Friday - Pal Night 2 Adulls Admitted for Price of 1 . ' All Children—lOc WE DEFY YO to solve iklt mur- •rTii dtr mytttry! It's CHESTtt NORMS NftDfiE EVANS LEO CARMILLO FRANK McHUGH •EMIT* HUMS ORAMT (MITCHELL MHwriM ALIXANOI* | 1. CAKftOL MAIS H 1 Selected Shorts —Admission- Matinee—10 ifc 2ic—With Ic 35c—With,lc T 'TUESDAY, MAY 12— S50.00 RANK NIGHT! Crescent Ni^htClub 4 NIGHTS FLOOR SHOW ..-Thursday Th"ronj>;li Snndny 10 Snappy Vaudeville Acts — All Pretty Girls jiiimiie Downey's Orohosira : With Tiny Durst . Cover Charge Only SOc I'd- Couple ' TRY OUR PIT BARBHCUE TASTY SANDWICHES On Highway 61, 4 Miles North of State " ' Line -'lit Holland Cigarettes $1.25-Carton, / Smart Looking Comfort In STRAWS The Model You Want, Styled Right Breeze through a hot sum-! mer in crisp, cool comfort! Here are fabrics of exceptional quality . . . smart shades, new patterns! Single breasteds, double breasteds, and sport models, and all styled to a T. Sanforized shrunk . . ,• they'll launder perfectly I Coat and trousers 1 and Here's everything a Summer Straw should have! Up- to-the-minute styling ... lightweight comfort quality-construction! Snappy and conservative models! Other Sailors, Toyos, Bangkok Toyos at, _______ 98c Men's Wash SUITS They're Really C-O-O-L •'si.^\"j/t»-:.-' •

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