The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 201. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AltKANSAa AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blyttievllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Blythevllle Dally Newt Mississippi Valley Bl/VTHRVILIiR, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY '1<\, 1988 ON FULTON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Truck Wrecks Crack Train Austrian Na?.i Bitterly Disappointed Over Turn of Lvents VIENNA, Feb. 24. (UP)—Germany has recognized the full sovereignty of Austria ami agreed not lo Interfere In her internal affairs, including any altempt lo introduce Nazism, Chancellor Kurt Schusch- nliiij informed the Austrian federal diet lonijhl in a speech clarifying the agreement between the two slates. Schuschnlgg concluded his speech with the ringing cry: "Austria will remain free and for this we will fight to the deatli." In Hie speech, broadcast throughout Austria and central Europe, Schuschiilgg reported to the nation on his conference February 12 with Feuhrer Adolf Hitler at Berchtes- gnden. The chancellor emphasized that Austria considers herself a German state, and hence a free one, with :< -mission to cooperate with other i German states in tlie interests of' the race. Regarding Berchtesgaden he said: "Tlie agreement readied between the two partners at Berchtesgaden includes, firstly, the statement that the German government recognizes the full sovereignly of the federal stale of Austria." Admits Austria's Sovereignty • . _. ___. __, .. . ^* j Crack Train TO issue Auto Tags • jliDIUICCr UIIITPU TVlpnlmtio n™™!™ A, i?,,t,~ To Issue Auto Tags At Manila, Leachville Will) llii- deadline fust approaching, .stale automobile license lilts will be Issued at Lcnclivllio today and tomorrow and at Manila Friday niiii Halm-day II was mmuunced ICMlny by ft. [). fjtoul, rciilonnl supervisor In charge oi j Ihe revenue depaii.nenl offlcehere, Mr. Stout siild Hint licenso application would be Accepted by ft revenue department employe • till (lie Cotton mul Etui drug store in Lcnclivtllc and at the Manila ulllce of the Fanner* Sank and Trust company. The revenue oillcc In tlie Ingrain building here will remulji open a'l night Feb. 28 and March 1. 'Hie HV MllS. I.VJOY MOOUR As Told lo llnllci] Tress 1'UI.TON. Ark., Fob, 21 lUP)— 1 in the only U'lcphono operator In this town, which nmy bo wnslicd i deadline for out penalty March 1. obtaining togs wllh- 1s Tuesday niglit, ear Of More Chinese Raids Alarms Millions On Islands TOKYO, Feb. 24. (UP)—Millions In Japan watched the skies nnxl- •' • lor hours today and an iilr aliinn was sounded throughout the southwestern area In the belief thai a Chinese war plane fleet was on ts way lo bomb the country. T"clve Chinese uliincs were atght- ovcr the mid-china const headed eastward—toward Japan, Ton Chi- >ese planes were seen over tlio cnst Jhina sea, northeast of I»rmosa, in the direct route to the Jnp:m- , nway by (he lime this gets In pullers. . hnvrn'1 hnd any sleep for more Ilian Iwo days now. People call nil night to a.ik If tlio levee is going lo break and I don't have- any roller since my husband—who helpn me sometimes—Is working on thu dyke, The dyke Hint Is prolccllng llin lown is about n half mile long. If, . , — U breaks there just won't be any whcl '° somc I'™' 1 ' 0 nro Physicians Are Worried Over World War General's Condition Here, the wreckage that resulted when the crack Wabash S Cd> smashed " lto " tnick whlle ,n , = l 70 miles n,, hour. Five cars were derailed and cverturn.a, the rails were bent like hairpins, - f of the tnick was killed and almost of Hal ties K-ere The driver 50 train passengers, Kemp's orchestra, were injured, some of critically. them i •- uere ne went, to siuay me . nvard German encroach-''A. r. of L. Submits By United Press Signs multiplied In Europe today that Geipany. \v,ith: slifrt •resistance in" any efforts to doml-:i mte Austria, Czechoslovakia and' other countries having German ml- [ norltics. i Webb Miller, United Press Euro-' pean news manager, reported from' Prague, where he went to study the altitude loward German encroachment, that the Czechs are determined to fight if they are invaded and that they have been giver strong assurance of French military Hid. This was borne out In Londor where sources added the significant information that Prance gavr Prague assurance that she woulc 1 respect her military :.illance will- Czechoslovakia only after consult- In-j London and that Great Britain .strongly approved her stand. Britain's attitude towards thr German problem probably will br clarifle:! after her conversation' with Italy at which tiie middlr European situation doubtless wlV be discussed. In the recent furore over pan- Germanism and German minorities it is noteworthy that mention of the fact that Italy has a sizeablr German minority, in the territory lakeu from Austria after the war has been conspicuous bv its absence Germany has carefully refrained from mentioning It. Til Austria Chancellor Kurt 8:huscrmlgg was busy lining ur popular support so that he will br in n petition to defy German encroachment on Austrian sovereignty or efforts of the Austria Naz' lo set Into porrer. The latter were seething, feeling that they had been betrayed and rliralcd. When the Berchtcsgaden agreement first was announced thr Nazis were jubilant, thinking they had won a great victory and were on their way to power. They soon found that Schusch- nijg and the Fatherland Front arc stroi!?er than they and quite capa- i We of keeping them In check. They ^ also found that Dr. Arthur Von '- Fevss-Inqunrt, the DEW Nazi interior minister, may not. as they thought. be a new "Moses" to lead them to the promised land. "Model" Bill To House Committee . WASHINGTON, Feb. 24. (OP) — ""resident William Green of the \merican Federation of Labor lo- lay sent (lie federation's model vnsc-hour bill to the house labar Commends Rear Admiral Yarnell In Report On Far Eastern Affairs WASHINGTON. Feb. 24, (UP) — High Commissioner Paul V, Mc- Niitt of the Philippines today presented to President Roosevslt first TUCSON, Ariz.. Feb. 24. (UP)— General John J. pershlng, leader of American forces In the World train, war, Js "definitely weaker and iomewhat apathetic" his physician, Dr. Roland Davison. said today "General Penning is not as well this morning as he was yesterday," Dr. Davison said. "He had a restless night. While he is free ham pain he is definitely weaker and something apathetic." This may be only temporary or it may presage more serious consequences. While there Is no heart failure his physicians are not fully satisfied with tho heart condition Dr. Davison said. 'Ilie physicians appeared worried about the 77-year-old general's condition. Dr. Davison said the arrival this morning of Pcrshlng's only son, Franc is Warren Pershlng, w ho flew here from Florida, did not contribute to the general's weakened condition. if a wage minority of 40. :>f 40 hours. " ] The federation president sent the I measure to Capitol hill as the labor committee ueared a decision on s \ mander of the American fleet . He said he ggve Ihe chief executive a rcporl of his conversations at Shanghai with •ommittee and write a "moderate" "neasure which would win a rule for iresentation en tlie floor. \ C, Cox New Manager Of Goodyear Store Here J. C. Cox has been appointed •miasjer of Ihe local Goodyeav Scr- ice store, located at 410 West Main 'rpcl, and has already assumed his luties here. Mr. cox has succeeded Chinese waters. The Four Horsemen are still riding out there." said McNutt. ''having In their wake murder, toct, rape and destruction." McNutt had high praise for the cblllty and courage of Yamcll, under trying conditions In the mMst of. warfare at Shanghai. \. R. Bultrcy who harge of Ihe local has been in store since it. •as opened last year and who has v "«!ii transferred to the Goodyear store at Jcnesboro. Mr. cox has been connected with he Qoodyear company for more hau a year, coining here frotn (Inion City, Tenn. Roof Of Rental House Is Damaged By Blaze A small hole was burned in tlie roof of a house at 413 North Broadway street, at 7:30 o'clock this throughout the day a stale of all- alarm prevailed over tlie Island of Kyushu. By dark no planes had been seen ind the air alarm was relaxed. But -icoplc believed that Japanese planes liad met tlie raiders at sea and turned them back after a buttle. The alarm wns sounded when .he 12 planes were reported flying eastward from the Hnngchow nrca ot China. When word, was received that 10 planes had been sighted over' Ihe China sea the air alarm was sounded throughout Formosa and Ky ushu. T«m Raids PIIEL LIS1EB Clerk Releases List of Jurors For Term Beginning March 21 CARTJTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 24 —County Court Clerk E. S. Huffman yesterday announced selections of names for the petit Jury for the regular March term of circuit court, which convenes here with judge U H. Scliult presiding, March 21. Those selected, and .their respective townships, are: Braggadocio, Caleb Davis, J. E. alternates, Arthur Punderburk; White, Bert morning, by flying sparks. The house, owned by Leslie Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Feb. 24 (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 7,000 Top. 9.15 Heacywelghts, 8.95-9.10 Light weights. 7.25-8.35 Bulk sows, 7.35-7.75 Cattle: recelpls, 2,000. Steers, 7.35-8.50 Slaughter steers, 5.75-8.75 1 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.50-7.50 Slaughter heifers, 5.50-8.25 Beef cows, 5.00-5.75 Cutlers and low cutters, 4.00-4.14 \\ Chicago Wheat open high low close 83 1-2 93 7-8 83 3-8 83 3-4 May Jill Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 24. (UP)— Cot- Har. May Jut. . 1:1. Dec. Jan. closed stead) open . 927 . 923 . 935 . 845 . 843 91G high 928 928 935 945 943 947 low 914 920 !K7 935 93') 940 close 921 925 933 939 938 940n Svvarncs. Is occupied by A. E. Rose. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 24 (UP)- Slocks slipped oft fractions to more than a point in profit-taking today. but trading dwindled AT&T ... Anncondn Cop Assoc D G Beth Steel Spots closed quiet at 931, off 6 Veio Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 24. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today with three lo six point losses. Mar. May Jul. , Oct. Dec. Jan. open . 938 941 94G 953 953 953 high 938 941 946 953 953 953 low 929 939 938 94S 9W 950 close 933 938 944 952 953 953 337-8 758 58 . Boeing Air ............... 30 ], Chrysler ................. 57 ! -2 Cities Scrv ............ " Coca Cola Gen Elec Gen Mot . Hit Harvest .............. C3 3 . 4 Montgomery Ward ... 33 . N V Centra! ........... \\ 18 3 . g Packard Phillips Pet ' 39 Spots closed quiet at 948, off 6 Spot Average Is 9.59 The average price of 7-3 Inch middling cotton on the spot markets today was 9.29, the Blythe- Radio Schenly Dist '/_'_" £ 4 v'.'t Simmons _''" 2 i i Socony Vac '" ,= , std oil N j ;• f° J Texas Corp " j, . U S Steel ; " '' « e U S Smelt Richardson; Godair 2ul Downing; alternate, Roy Stan- Icy; Butler, Harvey Fisher; alter nate, Henry Moon; Gayoso, Lacy- Bush; alternate, Maud Swift; Or;an. Luther Roberts; alternate, John Sloan; Pascola, George Ash; alternate, A. J. Hanks; Little River, v/cbtt Wallace, Alton stillman; alternates, W. W. Shcpard, George Letner. •oncord, Charles Wilson, Henry Ball; allernalcs, H. Thompson. S J. Vaughn jr.; Haytl, Clint Ashley, Timmlc Euell; alternates. Arthur Alien. Chris Dockery; Pemiscot. J. A. Baker. Able Rushing; alternates, A. R. Wagoner, Jim Young; VIr ginia. Carl Allison. Tim Boone alternates, Elmer Jones. Qrover Davis; Cooler, Willie Barnes. Ar- Ihur Dunavant; alternates, Tommy Hopper, Ollle Barnes; Litlle Prairie, Dave McClanahan, Julian Jum- «r. Frank Johnson, s. V. Bennett alternates, Harry Keener, C. H Bryant. Bob Culver, Jack King; Holland, Homer Smith; alternate, Willie Sam ford. :se Islands Naval h Nagasaki, tlie aval base, and Danger Zone great other Japan'eso Telephone Operator At Fulton Tells Of Town's Flood Peril llic hl«lier and he ililnks the: lown Is .sjifc. If the dyke breaks the telephone wires may full, The railroad tracks are mighty high, though, and I don't think they would be under water. fc'onn' of the farm people who hud to ccimc- here ure living on n hill about a half mile Roulh of lown. There Is 11 house up there that some arc slaying In and the imltonal guard has put up tenls lor others. There are a few box cars around the railroad siding Fulton. The water In llic river Is, - — -- — live feel higher than It's ever fnmlllos together. There Is plenty been before but we .still Just cnn't of food, believe that the water will gel In our homes. 'Hie telephone, exchange hero Is In my house and II llic dyke docs go oul (rom 10 to 20 feet of water will come up In every house. There fire not many boats here but I'm not worried. I'll net out some. way. An engineer told ntc tills morning that Hie river wouldn't go any They are not trying lo keep the So tar ns I know there Is no sickness. "Some of the cnfcs arc sending coffee lo the men on the dyke who have been working without rest almost three days mid nights, We thought last night Ihe dyke might break and soino people went to Tcxarkaim, but now we think everything is going to bo all right." Paint and Wallpaoer Store Suffers Loss This Afternoon Practically all of Its stock of tho Blythevllle Paint and Wallpaper store was ruined by 10 FIGHT TEIN FOR pHPT Townsend Decides Against Serving Jai Immediately Sentence WASHINGTON, ,Fcb. 24. (,UP1 — Dr. Francis E. ToWsond, ll-yrar- old IcadcV'of' the, old: ago pension •—^•*". mnallia aUl^CTK* ' av^l K t* v UO 11,1111.^1 U J HUJPBUI^ >Vlll HANKOW, /China,'Feb. 24.—.T,h? '» a 1 flro -Which broke out''at "l:« "'" jcuui-i ui me um njju pimmon Chinese air force's bombardment o'clock this afternoon. 'A lighted i movement, announced today he •cstcrdiiy of Formosa—Ihe first cigarette, thrown on tho floor will "fight to a finish" to avoid where some paint remover hnd serving n Jrcll sentence for con- time since the war began that c/it- ^'uuru some pami remover Jina nese flyers have ventured outside spilled, started the flames whloh their own territory— was regarded spread rapidly through the build- lere — egare lere as a huge success. Tlie flight '"g. of botpbrng planes, 'cruising at a ' the air base. height 'of 16,000 feet, reached tlie building on South Second street, sland capital, Talhoku, and raided carried a line of 'wallpaper, pnlnl, •im .Tannin*;. „!_ u-.. brushes, paint remover and glass, Conway Salesman Found Dead In Bed At Hotel Roger Stevenson, middle-aged traveling salesman of Conway, Ark., was found dead in his room at the Hotel Noble late yesterday afternoon, apparently the victim . Chinese pilots said they saw great columns of smoke rising from the lirf.eld. From this they concluded extensive -damage had been done to the long rows of hangars and the 40 Japanese plsincs seen on the ground there. All the Chinese planes returned safely frotn the raid. Foreign aviation experts conslder- '' Hie Mormosa flight a remarkable achievement since the round trip mailed approximately 1,200 miles ;f flight. T. v. Soon?, former Chinese finance minister who remained In the round after the fall of Shanghai and Nanking, arrived yesterday by airplane at Hankow, temporary seat of the Chinese nationalist government. It was admitted generally that Soong's presence not only would bolster Ihe government's financial structure but would Indicate a determination on the part of political leaders to bury their political differences. ... ... v .. uv -*i ii>iv**u uirt-ivti-i mtikoun filllU U )JLL1L1UJI Will U 4on registered Tuesday night, en- filed with the supreme court with lered the room to clean up. Stcv- j In the next two weeks asking lo: 5nson's body was lying across the ' ' ' " bed and It was apparent ho was Draws $100 Fine For Driving While Drunk Charley Cain, whose case of '-'••'•IT n car while under the influence of liquor was continued from Wednesday, was fined $100 In ii'ntcipal court today. He was granted an appeal bond of $150. One man. charged with public drunkenness, paid a $10 fine. ill T€ILJ YOU 69 3-8 Chicago Corn 89 1-2 89 7-8 89 1-4 89 5-8 vllle Board of Trade reports. 61 .. 7-8 60 close 59 3.4 „ -,. 4 . 1-8 61 3-8 «s n 8Y BOB -i BURNS _, I Ic* VC I <«« I i/IT uoCuuc set, um oi&inpr fIIPV f.nllr T ViTn^h "" ' ~" J — — ' — "" -*- 1 "-'* when FarmH.™ Bu , M r.'Jfe "rj-S s. arAsgajr - KTr<5FR Arlr Poh 1A ^r „, ^ ArgUS baCk h ° me wlien l was a bov - ^SSJMf a a ^ r eir ai l d 4 I %tftf*&* *" °" wlth Ma.ons Me^t Tonight day old baby narrowly escaped when one timS when we had a Hood —— S Sh, Z n Sa lS rtair ,"' Jht I bMk th " e ' l role ' 1Thc sto ™ W»» ™* Ohlckw»wha Lodge No. 134 Tlie smiths 1 ve on the coleman hurled his torn and tumbled tor- of the F. and A. Masons will meet ,« r v M. oLm ,., .' rent over th « rums of lhe broken In stated communication at the When the Smith awoke the roof and dismembered edifice." Today hall tonight at 7:30 o'clock, of tnelr homo was ablaze. The I would Just simply say "The flood i There will be work In the En- parents were slightly burned. | washed, away Bill spradley's barn."itered Apprentice degree, firm, located In the dlencoe of a sudden heart attack. The body was discovered when a maid at the hotel, where Steven- tempt of tho house of representatives. Townsend announced lib after a conference with his at- hours nflcr lib nrrlvnl here today. tornoy, Ellsha Hanson, He had previously Indicated tha' I ho ptamied to go to Jail as quickly as his admission could bo arranged. The old age pension leador i under sentence to servo 30 dnyf In Jail for walking out of n hoiisr investigation of the Townscnd pension movement. Tlie convictloi was affirmed by the United Slate court of appeals for the Dlstric: of Columbia. Hanson said a petition will tx us up FILS Thousands Of Acres On f Opposite Side of Red River Flooded FULTON, Ark,, Feb. 24. (UP)— Leveo breaks along the rampaging Red river, a few miles south 61 here, cased pressure today against an emergency dyke which was tha only barrier protecting this town from Inundation by record Hood waters. ^. The latest break occurred across tlio Red river from Garland City, aliout UO miles south or hers. The water poured across thousands of acres of lowlands and caught huni- drcds or families In their homes. Ono highway Jn the section was blocked by the water and loss "qt livestock was heavy. ( v St C. A. Bcasloy, planter, estimated 100,000 acres were flooded by, the 'alcst break. Townspeople |n 6ar- Inntl City put oul. In skiffs to rescue (arm families who were marooned and army engineers directed that motorboats bo sent here to aid. Tha urea Inundated was thickly populated with farm families. ; .'.".'.' Damage to the land was heavy and planters said much of It already had been turned under in spring plowing. Tlic break, which was sudden and unexpected, was fortunate for tlie community of Garland city (or It relieved pressure of the water battering against levees protecting ''at town of about 200. persons. Tlio river was five miles wide. Normally it Is about 250 yards. Population of Fulton was praotl- •nlly doubled by the Influx of refu- -ces who lived !n tcntfr and box cars. They would be in grave danger If the emergency dyke crumbled." ;. United States army .engineers said • however tha-rlyer had reached : a crest here and expressed confidence, the battle to save the town was icon. About 500 WPA workers had vorked constantly for 00 hours 'lolstorlng the dyke with sandbags. 'lales Tax Adjustment On Memphis Sales Sought stricken some time during the night while preparing to retire. A physician, who examined the body, said dealh came from natural causes and It was decided an Inquest was unnecessary. Police Chief E. A. Rice mode the Investigation. The remains were taken lo Conway today by the Cobb Funeral Home where burial will be made tomorrow. Mr. Stevens, who Is survived by his wife, three sons and two daughteis, was n representative of the Webster Publishing company. He had been In this city several times, hotel attendants said. a review of the case. Explain Developments In Communications Field "Advancement and Recent Discoveries In Communications" was the subject of the program presented at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary club today at the Hotel Noble. M. H. Ladd of the Jonesboro club, who is district manager for the Southwestern Bell Telephone company, was In charge of tlie nro^am which was discussed by Irwln Mattick, of St. Louis and demonstrated lw o. Morion Cummins, also of St. Louis. Besides the 41 members, there were nine visitors present. They were: Mr. Ladd, Mr. Matllck, Mr. Cummins.. Dr. L. E. CootJcr, of the Hit by Same Train Twice WALFOKD, la. (UP)—If Wllllair Stursa, Walking, la., appears un duly cautious when approachln railroad crossings, he can alway. say lie has o good reason. Twls during the same month he collldec with the Milwaukee railroad Irai. No. 108. He was injured onl. Replaces Eden A personal friend of Adolf Hi'.ler and advocate of an Immediate British understanding with Germany and Italy, Viscount Halifax above, has succeeded Anthonj Eden ns Great Britain's foreign diplomatic policy which prevailed LITTLE ROOK, Ark., Feb. 24 -Tho slate revenue department vas assured by O. P. Boderstrom of tho Memphis chamber of commerce ''cstcrday of co-operation of that 'iody l n seeking an amicable ad- 'ustment of protests against In- lictlon of the state's two per cent •ales tax on retail sales made In Tennessee to Arkansas residents. J. Hugh Wharton, revenue de-. inrtment attorney, said recently he slntc would welcome a test suit ver the matter and advised Mem- )hts protcstnnts to this effect, of- -rlng to Join In expediting such ictlon. . Wharton received a letter from Jorierstrom yesterday advising him hat "It has not been the primary urpose of the Memphis business ntercsfs to Institute any suit in a latter of this sort wlthou flrst Iscusslng he matter with tho spri'sentatlvcs of your department," jhoshone Indians Cited For Easiest Divorces RENO, Nev. (UP)—Nevada's di- :rce laws may be the most liberal ) Ihe country since the six weeks' :s!dence requirement was adopted i 1931, but they are a lot stiller 'in they were 100 years ago. "You may think that Nevada's ;dely publicized easy divorce laws •<: something new, but they •ot," remarked Lester Mills. _ '."h school instructor and studi f early Indian life. -Tlie fact is that Nevada asy divc-rce laws as Jar bask as :30. The divorce laws then were icrclsecl by the Shoshone Indians. "It was necessary for a squaw :ily to move her buck's belongings •t of their tent when he left, and hen he returned, he would un- ?rstand that a 'divorce decree 1 had sen taken against him." . Charge Embarrasses Police DALLAS, Tex. (UP)—City nvestlgated themselves when 'as discovered that a car stor t the city pound had been strlpp WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and continued „.,. x>!d, freezing tonight; Friday In- Anthony Creasing cloudiness. ' ' Memphis and vicinity—Fair and oueii us urcat uruams loreign ivit-mptus ana vicinity—r^ir ana secretary, observers predicted that lontlnuEd cold tonight with lowest Halifax would pursue the British einncrature 29 to 31; Friday fair. The maximum temperature here r 1 ^' tJ" tii *j ",,!„** jjii>ui.\.u i lle nin.Miiium temperature tiere before the World War—to make yesterday was 53, minimum 29, friends with the strongest nations clear, according to Samuel p, first. Norrls, official weather observer.

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