The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1939
Page 3
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Manila Has Hopes Of Organizing School Band Manila Is lo have n 40-plcce band , Paragould nnd now traveling with Rlngllng Bros, circus, lo direct Die "and. Mr. Toner lias Indicated Dial he would like lo reside in Manila and direct the band after having visited there, II was announced at a Uons club meeting. Vf, W. Powl'or, Jra Shedd and w : :l.. .Tiftrnpsoii were appointed to v<ork put plans for. financing the project. Tentative; plans call for a fully ariifonhirO trarid with several drum majors so that the group could nei- form at public functions an<i in school activities. Frank Butler Enters U. S. Naval Academy ...OSCEOLA, Ark., June 14.— Frant piijler, son, of" Mr. and Mrs. w. A -jputler of this city, has received his appointmcnt to the United States Naval Academy and entered inert Monday, June 12. Graduating from Osceola high . school In 1937 as valedictorian of )iis cjass, he ,. entered Marlcn Institute, the army and navy preparatory school at Marlon', Ala., from which he was graduated in May as second lieutenant of his company. He was -also a member of the monogram club, glee club, and vice president oi his class. Frank is the second Osceola boy now enrolled at Annapolis, the other being Fred Jacobs Jr., son of Major P. P. Jacobs and. Mrs. Jacobs of Grlder nnd Osceola. Fred is now a first classman beginning his senioi year. Eimmle to Annapolis, Mr. Butler spent Sunday in Washington as Hie guest of Senator Hattie W. Caraway and Congressman E. O "Took" Gainings. t Scotland Yard Cars T Look Dilapidated LONDON (UP)-A nect of "camouflage" cars is being- used by Scotland Yard to track down a gang of car_ bandits who have raided jewelers, furriers and tobacconists in different parts of London. . Looking Hke dirty and neglected private cars of makes not normally used by the police, these new vehicles, of which three are at present tri use, are fitted with •high- powered engines capable of so m.pji. and equipped with the latest, police wireless apparatus , Erich is manned by four mem- oers of the Hying Squad, each differently disguised every m°ht One of the cars,patrols the streets of London thr6ughout the early •KoiHS^fchen 90 per ' cent of the smash-and-grabrraids .take place Ihe times and routes of this patrol are kept secret. 'f*, •* *. *tL£tifc r \ f £. J J, " servnnl-niul enjoying the .job-Prcsklcnl , river near Hyde Park, N. Y. Queen Elizabeth, in ._._•_ wit)l Mrs. James. Roosevelt, President's diuighlcr-in- °" T" ''"' " S "° r ' S I>lUrc ' rldM DUCK'S Dancing Daughter I At The Hospitals Blytheville Hospital Jimrnie' Wells, city, admitted J. -H. Jones, Caruthersville, admitted. .Mrs, -Marvin Davis, city, dh- rmssed. Walls Hospital John. Robert, Holland, oily admitted, Mrs. J. O. Poison, Manila, ad- muted. Urban Kinley, Holland,-admitted. W. B. Loflln, Huffman, admitted Mrs. G. H. Downs, Dell, dismissed Miss Anita Cowan, Manila, dismissed. . Billy Robert Posey, Hickman, dismissed. Italy danrcs with France. Eda Ciano, daughter oE Premier Mussolini and wife of Italian foreign minister, Count Ciano chats with partner, Prince Jean' d'Orleans et Bragance, brother of Countess of Paris, at Rio de Janeiro party given in her honor •.. during South American lour. | Jl SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Paul Writes Personal Letters- ext: II Timothy 1:1-C; Philemon J-7, 2!, 23 BY WILUAM E. G1LROY, D, I). Editor of Advance In addition to his leler to the churches Pntil wrote personal letters to individuals, and some of these letters have been preserved, outstanding amone these are the ?, ? ttets to Timothy, whom Pmil Ciilled his son in the faith nnd his "beloved child." Timothy was the son of a Greek father and a Jewish mother whom Paul had met on his second visit to Lystra. His father's influence must have been favorable; but Paul speaks particularly of his f randmother, Lois, and his moth', Eunice, In whom with Timothy Imself he says there was "unfeigned faith" in Christ. Paul evidently had no son of his own and Timothy seems to have stood almost as near to him as if there had been blood relationship. Pavii and Silas took Timothy with them when they left Lystrn during their second missionary Journey. The companionship then formed, with its background of the high esteem in which Timothy was held in spite of his youth in the Christian community, continued to the end of Paul's life. A young man of great abilities and high promise does not always fulfill his destiny. Hence II was that Paul urged Timothy very ipngly to "stir up the gift of vjod 1 that was in him. The brief section of p au i' s !etters to Timo . thy found | n the lesson ought to be read In connection with the entire two epistles to get the full atmosphere nnd effect of Paul's exhortation ( 0 )H S young fellow In the letter to Philemon, pan, associates Timothy with himself as n brolher, and they address Philemon as "our beloved brother nnd fellow worker." Philemon lived at Colossac, and he was probably a man of some wealth, for he owned slaves. The occasion of Paul's letter was a |jlea on behalf of a slave named Onesimtts, who had run away from hts master, Philemon, and Imd come under Paul's influence In Rome. The letter reveals the strange and powerful influences of Christianity in contact with a- society where slavery was in existence. Uncier the influence of his conversion Onesimus was -evidently ready to return to Philemon, accepting voluntarily a servitude against which he had formerly rebelled. Would Philemon receive him as a Christian brother, or would he treat him according lo the standard of the world as a runaway slave? The situation called for all of Paul's iact and strategy, and he wisely appealed to Philemon by emphasizing first of all' the spirit of love and brotherhood which Christianity enjoined, and assuming that Philemon accepted such teaching and would act in accordance with It. We cto not know what was the result, but we may assume that Paul's Miter had its proper effect and that Onesimus was restored to .the house of Philemon, still perhaps as a slave—for the two men could not in themselves effect a change In the institution of slavery—but with a very different Interrelationship and mutual at-' tttude because of their common faith In. n. Itfaster whose whole purpose was to free men from all the bonds of sill and slavery. i If you haven't already taken advantage of ih c "sTvin'Jc T« ncy's white goods, check the new low prtecs NOW M«nfrir m? 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