The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 7
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MONDAY,!NOVEMBER: l7f40SO: , >/••*•' r^mous'lStaTi . ,tj) 'I. \.y ,:^.,;)\. .^ :e o: by Ihc major studios, llut the U>- &?pt-ijdc.nls .have Leon lo .wCQk^O- t^ik^ a .stand, .ugiihist .their ^$3^. coniucUloro. '.With .IJnlUd' AvUsU.i lined np with the. indcp^iulcws, 'tK\vovcr.. •peeling' a war lti:XN COMPLETES HOOK CL'AIMS 'I'bflDSTONE INJURIES PiMSKSVItAE. O. (UI'I— Wll- Jougliby village I; (li'tendunl in n ,(!iinuMi,' mil Tor'$10.000, filed by in .Hurley, lwo-j"jiu'C ; old, of nietville, for injures lo his leg I as'.irtedly received when a lomb- j -stone fell on him while he was • playing in the ylllngc comelery. i . AGE!) CAT I>EA1> LAFAYCTTE,'Ind,. till')—Bob. » 17-yenr-olu 1 Angorii ait belonging to Mrs Aimu DlniniUt. Liifnycite, Is dead, The normal life of a cat four to five years. • "..-..> ( mum . "vji-ir of (icnnnn Soillh WCsl Afrl- GER . J1.HI.1N, (UP) — Ludwlt; Komi, C ;i uiKUol'tijo' Caiiicrooiis. •' f : BE1 ... Hio nuilior of "KrlCB ("Wur'.i '• ! '! ' • . - f - • , inml'lli.;! 111 ^ 'j-ffi^nit'ir "\^.\ •.;l"V™X 1 * fKlf.KO DEAD ' ^ tniM BtC Mi'irol '"'^Se^"^!!^^^'" \ ot -.9'>i»vK'i- «lckcu9.;in rtwd.-- >.!••-.• Egypt GERMAN ENGINE^ TO CHIN* BEIIWN. )UP> — Twenty* fay vy freight "locomotives'have 'Jusl 'bcaii tent from IlomuurR lo •Olilna.-'rttc •saiw filijij ji$ f£ also carrying ' trcljlit cnr.i mnde ill Gerinaijy •'•••••' - """ '' ?" T«,i Dilf.Ti'nt Hmil ."4'ro|)lii;i,. ' i-i.\vi£iio\VN.--M.ohi: 1 ;(Ui > )—TWO '. trcph'ts of (lie liunt, sepmal'-'d in ' lllc liy -seme nilllibn'c. : ?.of yt"i::;. '. wore .bru'ijjht home fcy-K. 0- Mc- Ewi ii n-iwii IB' k'llled'ia Vdung uuek.' [ lie: iiiiil discovered'fossil bones or I s'li-.i- i«<;-liistovlc reptile. I . j 1>R. S1:11V. ((Ull'S SQ'Cli'.'l'.V HKia.lN, (UP! — Di-.',:tlii;o(10f Scilz has resigned the" chatnmm- ilii|i u f n w Connan Colonlnl Ssc- 1 icly. DV. Ss\\-/, \vad.;tonner)y gov- NOTABLES GIKD FOR WAR—This picture, war against Fox, shows, left to right:;" tur^ "Klkl"), Ronald Colman, ( Gljria ^ 1 lin^ Samuel <Jold\?jn an'd Eddie Cantor, taken just MaryJ.ri •-- .. after ord:; the' (in ; L'nilcil Artists' htr rcM-cup for ; ;a ii Sc i, cnc u, Charite BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON in an independent -:i ' !. Chap" 'An- ..' Couglia fjroui colds nwy icjil lo ee- •IK1U5 Irqublc.-'VYo'u- can stoj: ilium ' now wil'U' CroQuiuUloii, an cmulslficJ ; cr'cosuto . tliil is"|iJcas3iit lo laki- 1 . is. a .jncdic.d dhcovcry. llicatcr now under -constnic-' willCt.w^-loliV'acliori; It woilici arnl • : ' •'- •• --• iv '!sl^ Ilit iiilljiiu-il mcjiiljiaiiti niul HV ls *V. |; w CPf ' <0 create. • fev,. c r m6riof:oVy iutemls ' to pay iis | Lcl IJOIiLYWOOD — For the first less and charge, the American pub-'tloi tin* since motiijri'pktures5v»S(rQ.inJlic s p6;nvic > !i- ai ever-; jHosvcver. wc;|=t!i their infancy "about'50 years ' ago, 'do •'not'lnte'iid- to'y'lfrld to their hill charges of "monopoly", are hurled by film producers. ' : " '.our Monopoly charges --'• iiow'-- are I'tert 1 pending in the federal courts against 1 , several^ -'of Uie... major studio ''and' 1 'theater oitkhlzations but each pf. % these..\vas instigated y;t n f governmen't itself. No«", however, the ignited Sells 10 Highest niddrr ! a member of a powerful ^ Following this declaration of i Independent producers In ,Ho|ly : I war came an announcement from .wocd Imvc been working under'a I -irritations. . Creomtilslon cDiihiins, in to creosote/ .oilier healing Artists'Studio comes forward and charges', the'>o)c-V e5 t Coast Theaters, i controlling approximately 100 theaters on the Pacific coast, with haying a monopoly on film show- ings'In the west. 'f V" I "Boycott" Fox Theaters \ ; 4ackipg--,up this .c!iargg. vis a statement 'signeid by Jos^ply. M. Sch'enclc, Sarhuerooldvfjn, vharlie Chnplin, Norma Talmadge, Doug- Ins. Fairbanks, Mary Pickford. 1 Oloria Swanson, Eddie^Cajitor, D. W.f Griffiths, Ronald ..>cblman and Ar' which tMesei.sfars and producers, all part"' o>'ntrs of Urjited Artists, declare that they! . v.Jll not show their pictures in a Fox theater any place in this country as long as the present ' monopoly cxisif. '.- ~ • f •- : fOur quarrel-.with 'the.'Fox mo-! iiopoly Is simply'that lliat organ- ' izatlon is attcmpti'ng to dictate lo the makers of motion pictures'just how miicn it for pictures regardless ofvwho.-niakes^ them or how muqh cho'r}-JhasV gons into' their. creation** or liow m'ucrt they nr'c appreciated "by the public," Hchenck declared. *It is fixing a price for oflr pictures that is so low we cannot accept it and continue to rr.:,ke the Chjirlie ChapUn^lhal, to latest pro-: leriflic handicap for years because I duction, "City Lights,'. 1 , will lie : of;(he virtual monopoly'oT thch--] , , .._-> i..,-.^ __,___..,_ „ ., _.. given its premiere" on New Year's teri throughout the United Stales,: FOR THE COUGH FROM. COLDS THA THANG ON c r!([:K:,le iv]i:ch sooilie flnJ.hcal iV.a liuliinul uiuinbryiK-i anJ Etoii.tlic ir- lil;iii":i, «|iilc jlm creosolo t<K3 an to ilii^ >lniiT^c!i, n nliforlu'd iulo iho l; iiii;ivk< llie m'.it of llu; Ironlilu n.l i ilio in llio t uruwili of ill" stuns. i* glMrniHecJ sritUfjc- f cnuRlis ftuiu f o cnuRis tui co!-U, liionchiiU ami minor furnu o liruiuliNil iiriuiini-,;, niul b nccllfiit for Lji!ilin^ \m ilic FysU-m nftcr colili nr l:u, M^ney refunded if not it> licuJ aflcc laking according loclirre- tiwu. Ask your druggui, (m!v.) $^$0^ciri* A Cabinet leauty and Service • -1i:-'l BREAD '.. •• Selected, by Mrs/Doiigaii because of its ^ "Tender Crust" Bread brtail in the tily. 1C yon it, theri you ;ire not serving your fiiniily the best Bredd obtainable '>'• Tifrs.' Iloiii as Ijuing.^o'iK • the kittlicii. 'feti'Htlo'dJ'nirt j >ij ... i ,,..-. nn IWK 'qxtliiiiuqil 'the new Hooker','" I of the inbsjt mpilcfn conveniences' in s: ::r| A cabinet of bciuity, strongly .con-, jf built for sKirvi'ue, ,. - . ....... ' There aro more than two million Hob.sier."ownfirs'i ! 'l t(Klaj r 'uiuj Dot oiie of Uieiu .would; trade 'for Any. ;i| other kitchen device tlilil coul<l take its place, ' . Sec the'new. I^oos'icriMrt). Dpugaii is %sing at the'Cooking .School then come to our-store" and- ; sclcrl one from', colors anil -styles, j You' 1 ' will find Jloosier one of yoilr best coinpimions-,in 'the lioniu,.-', u ; ;/. •.... . •. . '.'.... Mrs. -Dougan Recommends: G<M SeaJ;Congolcum They save you money and housework .• - • r • .1-1. • I [ ' •''• ''' ^ • The (Sold Soul ConKolcum'IlmviuwMl : al the Cobking School' I'C presented (o some lady on 1 Friday. . . ' , , ' t '. Leonard 5-Butiier Oil Stbvc Built-in-Oven Enamel Finish A Fine Oil Cook Stove at Less Than Mail Order Prices CROSS FOOD SHOP Bakcil Goods With the Homo Made Flavor U BB ;'X> J-T. -r:'i k te%Netis Cooking School, City Hall Auditorium, Tdfe., Wed., Thur*, Free daily Ifl Cups "Ever-Good" Chili 10 'Ca'rlonV ' -| ! "Kver-Gcwd" Sausage 6 all good Codies Mrs. Dougari Awards appe|ite-appea]|ng meat a prime place^in the daily diet That's why she|feattires'health-giving, palate• :' •; ... - J "r • .-. .-•;• O O^:;l •.Ever-Good products at your cooking school! Jresh dail\ "Kvcr-G»od\ , meals ire •clcliV- 'crcd lo lilythc- i vlllc in rcfriscr-, stcrt trucks every i oi' ; ''•M^ils--' 1 " ' : I ' • • .' - ' • . made from tri-slalu lioy anil cattle. r /-/ / 1 MEMPHIS 1'ACKJNG COUP. , ; V . ' .Vcnip'his, Tom. . li'V •jh !0', '. r 1 '-.-

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