The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1934
Page 3
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, j AN u AR.Y. i BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Alexander Troyanovsky Son o( An Army Colonel, HP Suffered Exile for His Views Under Czars. I BY WILLIS THORNTON SEA Srrvlw Siaff Correspondent WASHINGTON.—Alexander An- tonovitcli Troyanovsky, ihe new Russian ambassador, Is rushing through tUc customary round of diplomatic visits and courtesies ulih unusual speed, so that he tod gtt down to the real business of .settling the details of Russian- American relations, left unfinished after ihe "recognition visit" of Maxim Lllvinoff. The new ambassador is another of those many substantial contributions to the proletarian state made by tne upper middle classes He is the son of a Czarist colonel v;ho fought for Russia \n the Crimea at Sebastopol—and a Russian colonel was somebody socially in those days. Trained himself as an artillery officer. Troyanovsky's college days were interrupted by service in the Russo-Japanese War, and he served also as a battery commander for the revolutionists ' against the Austrians in 1911. Story Is Romantic So the heavy gold cordons and braid on American blue dress uniforms that flanked Troyanovsky a.i he made his bow at the White House were probably not impressive to him. The story of this squat, heavy- pet man. whose square face dominated by thick black eve- brows until a pleasing smite lights it uo,, is one of those romances Russia hns bred so plentifully in 1h" last 15 years. . | Not quite 52 years old today,! Troyanovsky was born in Tula. a. metallurgical center of central Russia, in 1882. Son of an "old army" man, he sent to a military academy. Later he studied -chemistry and jurisprudence at the University of Kiev, and he smiles today in con-1 ferine this strange combination. Those were the days when the ] universities were the hotbeds of revolutionary activity against Czar- Ism in Russia, and. by 1904, Troy- anovsfcv was a member of the Social-Democratic .party. • c » • Esrines From Siberia When his service as n young F'ibaltem in the Russo-Japanese War was over, with all the eravity of a colleftian, he wrote and submitted a formal resignation of his commission.., taying that. he... abhorred war the more for having seen it, and that he no longer could -serve the Czar in the armed lorces. ' Those were davs when mere mefnbershio in the Social-Democratic party was. a one-way ticket to Siberia, and in 1908. Troyanov- skv got his ticket. But within -a year he escaped, find for nine years he lived abroad, in Prance. Switzerland, and Austria, making a living by writing and teaching During this nflriod. as. a .young revolutionary Idealist of 28. he met Lenin and Stalifi. both of whom ns fellow-exiles were conducting their revolutionary work from Switzerland. When 1917 came, and Kerensky topoled the Czarist shell. Ttovan- ovsky was one of the Russians who rushed home to the fatherland to offer their services to the revolution. It was then that he fought with the revolutionary army. * * * Ambassador to Japan The campaigns concluded, Troy- anovsky entered the government service and worked in turn in the archives department, the commissariat of workers and peasants inspection, the state tradine coroor- ation iGostorg). nnd in foreign tinde work. Five years ago he became ambassador to .Tanan, his first diplomatic post. While there he suoer- vised adiusttnent of several difficult controversies with Japan over fisheries^rtehts in the seas that lie between the Jananese islands and Siberia, and which nt one time aci"allv threatened war. Trv;n. after brief service with the state planning commission anc wllh the cemral executive committee fof which he still is a member). Trovnnovpky was sen' to Washington. PAGE THREE Floating Base for First Atlantic.Air Line £ Don't Penalize Your Partner by Attempting Fancy Pi ays 4Q10C VQ 8 t » Q J 10 *J 108 Duplicate — N. and S. Vul. Opening lead — + Q- South «>kt -\orlli K»st 1 N. T. Pan 2 4. Pacs •i N. T. Patf J N. T. Pass 17 contract. It. is betttr to wall and fee if partner sham a flt in tne hand. The Play - Agalast the lliref; no Irump contract, West opens, .the .queen ol diamonds, which the declarer wins 'with', the" nee.- H-. no*-• leads ' . . nriall club and '.Vest plavs the BY WM.-E: McKENNEV . . ; fight.. . . ec.etatj. Aniericaiv Brid;c Lca;ne; The c?r e] css pi a . C r ml-ht You always r.rc- obligated to j , h e mistake of .winnin; Firsl English Settlement in America Being Duplicated at Manteo. MANTEO, N. C. iUl>) — The slnlc of North C.r.rlina, wllli the jld of the C\VA, ii restoring Port Ffaleigh, oroiiiKi which the earliest Fngllsh colony _ \viu planted in the New World, and where the (list white child— Viryintn D;ire— was i:urn. T'le colony be^fme known (Ui ihr "lost colony" niter friends ome lo the S|K)t in llnd the col- rnu'ts gone. Their mysterious itis- jippearance remain.-: a pu//le to mis day. A sum of $20,000 has been appropriated by the rivil Works Administration to the colony lo ils original status— at least us near to it as iw.viblc. Governor J C. B. Elirlnchtiiis, of North Carolina, has apuoinu-d n con;- missloii to see tli.u ihe rcstorntlon k in keeping with historical (acts The colonists, niylcr Sir Waller Raleigh, who settled on the norlh- fin lip of Roanokt Island more (fan a quonc-r of n century «e- Ure Jamestown -.vns founded in Virginia, left no drawings of their] lort. Therefore, the commission' must do a lot of ci (hieing in oiil- ning the nrchllrciurc of the estoration. John White, leader 01 the colo- irts, made drawings of Indian sfc as he found i'. nil the island. but npparcmly it never occurred o him to sketch ihe log strong- io!d he built for protection xaiivst the aborigines. Find* Written Descriptions However, a' search o( archives by Frnnk Slick, chairman of the commission, reveal? White did tavc written descriptions of the settlement. He dotcribcd U as a group of cabins, with the fort, miide of split logs, in the center. Stick has founJ drawings ol uther early settlements which he believes are similar lo Fort Ha- ieigii and he proposes lo follow their general design in the reproduction. Plans of the commission spccifj a split log paliside surrounding the 18-acre tract, with the fort in the middle. Near it will be a mu- Feum for preserving and display ir.g historical rclicr found on ihe inland. The best historinns have fallen 1C solve tile mystery of the disap fearancc of Raleigh's colony. Tin tettlerj wore well fortified whei White left them to return to Eng for supplies. He ako left hi FWVWT Slave Diet AUGUSTA, Og. IUP)-A negro woman who claimed she was 120 years old, died recently at Mer hoinc near:Martinez. Sophia Jonea was survived-by on 83-year-old daughter and many .grandchildren. Her oldest grandchild Is 7! yeard old. Sophia had lived in the Martinez section all her life, nnd Paid she was born In 1813.' She was a slave until the end of the civil Wnr. - •• ; Anotlur iiilleMone imminent In tlie litsloty ol aviation Is the Inauguration of nn air mail service from Germany to Rinuh America scheduled lo begin ac'out February 1. It will be thc ilrsl regular trans- yMlamlt; air lini! In history. A siwciai 'feature ot Ihe line Is tile steamship Wesifnlcn, ' ylcturcrl above In iiiKi-Aiianilr. which will serve us a "lloaling Islantl" where planes \vlll ull|>til frcin Bathursl before continuing to Natal. Harvard's Bike •Jnique Sign for Creditors CAMUKIOGE, Mass. (UP)—For jolng on 37 years. W. L. Potter hns brc-n repairing bicycles In his Solution to Previous Contract Problem ur partner and shou|d endeav- to give him your best. You tave no right to jeopardize your ontract jual to try a fancy play. Do you realize tl.M, if you go :ov,n 1000 or mom points. on . 2nd. you have lost all that jou j i ca ted rdinarily can lie cxpectid to v,.n r> one evening's ploy? Your first' oblltrcticn that trlcK 'vith the ace and ihen taking UK spade finesse, v.ill return knocking South's 1'ing oul, and a club trick still must be lost: If he does, West another diamond to your -miner is' to mate your contract --you can try fu extra tricks -fter that is nssv-rcd. Following s a simple hand, bft one in which iisny players sliiv-ed. ( Wesl does not iiave to jump ic bid over one nn trump, ss any •e.'.consc to an criminal one no rump is forcing To bid three clubs over the one no trump night get you into a bad slam Inerefore. the contract will be de- . South can see th:,; the only wai he can make .his. contract Is Has lhc nnmes °' hun'dredK of Bar-! which hniiBS In his shop, rending: ! 'VI'»'«.j'°< inds naS | vari , mioergrnilualcs . Not onlylhc "Some l>,,pl. Pay , im . by all dru E »ote.. itors \ lute Prcsliknt Charier W. Eliot of j Whrn Hue, ; ,^^^^^^^ BOSTON (UP)—John J. Curry, president of a chain restaurant, 'picscnled lo Joseph T. Drennan, manager of a downtown theater thnl wns celebrating Its birthday anniversary, u cake that measured five feet In diameter, weighed 325 pounds and required 200 eggs In thc ranking. No Other Salve FIGHTS COLDS HARDER —And the rertson is that Sbeddan's Snlve contains a-kind of medication never before pur into .a cold salve. Thc medication 1 is known to be ft- tremely powerful (when in internal remedies) in clearing up certain mic'robic infection—and by tiling it in nn external cold salve, you are «i- siired of the most amazing results i'ou have ever enjoyed. Try Sheddan's Salve. Compare it with any you have lever "used, It comes in two kinds; ("Mild" for Children. "Strong" for Adults, both kinds are stainless. Sold Try it. iny .shop in Putnnin Square. that time the names of , Harvard University, but three gen-' eralions of the. Eliot family, have ; had their bicycles serviced at the Potter shop. Proprietor Potter's attitude toward remittance, founded, no "S<im<- When Omtlur, "Some Never Uo. i "How l)o You Bo?" I ! Florida, with Its land area of M,- ; nany national notables have grac-j dciibt, on his experiences withi 81 '! square miles, has 1148 miles of I his iiccoinil books, aloni; wllh j students, Is symbolized by it sign: shore line. I BAROATSS IN NEW & USED FURNITURE R. J. DODSON 303 E. Main. - Phono- lii infant granddaughter, Virgin! Dare. Disappearance Still Mystery His return was delayed several sears, due to Uic English war v.-ith Spain. When he did come tack, he found th- .settlement de- .'jertccl and in rums. The van-, Hied colonists IILK! left i.o hint ol ', their lute except t';r word " an" carved on a trie. White and his men ssarchrd in vain lor them Hie nearby islnnc! 1 ; and .valnland. Many legends hn/c grown !rom Ihe tragedy. Tiic curved word on the tree was intended as r. mcs- i':'.ge telling- that U,e SEtllcrs had departeds for Croat.-n Island, same Mrtorians believe. Other. 1 ; inter-1 His. contract Is to preted it : as meanins the Croatan ickt; therefore, he ndbr.s captured !hc fort and are here with him now: Gregory ~!okhman. second secretary; Vasili <otov, assistant In embassy; and Peter Khrisanfov, attache. They are installed, pending com- leti.on of the embassy work, in the old red brick house on Massachusetts avenue where for years Boris Skvirsky has wsitpri anri worked for recosnition. The Soviet CVen n ° w ' becausc Wcsl sU " m -»' get four club tri should proceed to set the club suit immediately There is no break that will Mve him five! tricks, so he migh'. as well lose ihe flrst trick as any. Therefore, the three of clubs should be played from dummy. East will win lh« Irick with iht Line and return Ih? nine of din- monds..The declarer can hold ort 'or one round nrrl when East tontinucs with the eijht of diamonds; South veins with the kinj. bearding a hear' from dummy The ace and king of clubs in dummy are casheri and when the tiul; suit breaks, •.>:« six and live "f clubs are cash-i". EVLII tlioujh tlii- declarer st!l i'as the heart sv' stopped, h« 'ho\i!d not risk t':. 1 "spade finesse F>f>»reT Made Ready His wife is Russian, and they ha v e one rnn. Oles. who Ls 13. Oddly enough, the son speaks per- ti«r)< even better English than his father, for most of his education thus far was In an American school in Toklo. In the latter part of February or fearlv March, Troyanovsky will move into the old Ruiiisn embas- Work on its rehabilitation Is rushed, the Interior reno- B nd modernized, the exter- be 111 e vated lor of the yellow brick and stone jtructure washed down, and new plumbing fixtures installed. Troyanovskv expressed special pleasure at Ihe fact that a small gymnasium Is being built on the top floor. He plays tennis and keens fit. Tried colt once, but didn't like it. Learned to play bridge in To- klo. »nd quickly became an adept but chess is his favorite sedenlary S«me (as it Is Lltvlnoff's). Three «f Stiff Here The exact size of tits embassy stalt is not yet known. Only three of them with their families stalks up and down "just in case , "I £ome nut tries to start anything."! ^,7' ,' As a matter of fact, thc visits I c ° ntract or both Litvinoff and Troyanovsky I Co P- vr 'B>)t. > 93 «. NE -^ Service. Inc.) were singularly without any sign i of popular demonstration. ! Cmt(vd No Stir When the new ambassador made thc level of thc Scine ^PP" 1 =>Phis first call at Ihe White. Houw Pronimalely four feet. Tlie cus- tl-.cre wasn't a soul on hand but ! omary level ot - tllc rlvcr k 60 the news cameramen and the mi ' Ieet above 5ea lcVEl - As a result - tomobiles of socialite Waging- ' "' "" '""" "°"" " *"•"• tonians were driving up to the north portico to leave cards all "" y^s 1 ul lllv ""-' ">"»«>• ^« 1 L' h « « remo ^ iu.te un-^^5^'21 rl° r( H °±v S2 Bo«te Arc Slrandrd , PARIS. lOP)—Two hundred . boats were stranded here when of ft)r " me of the than !IX fect pa5Mgc Of lhc lnsuff ictent r ' V " b ° ats ' all Bouglval to Rouen. u "" aware that a historic occasion was under their eyes. Tlie elaborate embassy, said to hsve more than 60 rooms, where Green sheep, occasionally seen the eay days of Georges Bakh-, during wet weather, are the re- meten, last of the Czarist amba.s- • suit of grass seed sprouting while sadprs, saw rigid Cossacks in full lodged in Ihe animals' wool, uniform beside every pillar, will No effort Is be in? made to change ' PoSltlV* R*H«f ^.! S5ent : a ! s °.' ** °™*e rr*nch. For SnurUni Itch But the lavish social maenlfl- cence of the Imperial days will be replaced, by the simplicity of a Midler, student, athlete, and econ- omist—sll In th« person of Alexander Troyanovsky. me Blue Stir Ointment, tt melt* on the tkin, Kirfinitestrf medicine* deep into pom where tt kills terms •nil e6d» ItchlBf. Very soolhli Does not burs PUtumti n odor,(»d carried the colonists to Ihcir own, villages far across Crcatin Sound. I The most recent legend hns it hat 100'years afterwards certain members of thc Indian tribe ound in Ihe vicinily of Cape Hat- eras had blue ?;es and light complexions. The " inference wns hat they were dcsoinidnnis of thc 12 colonists, who hnd im:rbrcd with their captors None ol thc stcries uhstantinted. Clothed in Plenty CLIFTON FORGE, Vn. (UP)—A i penniless man applied at police : Headquarters for a night's lodging. He was taking no chances on getting cold, even if he didn't nave any food or a place to sleei). Be was clad In ten coats, six vests and seven pairs ol trouscr.v Children's Coughs • Need Creomulsion Alv.-ays get tv.e best, fastest anc?i surest treatment lo. your childV cougli or cold. Prudent mothers' more and more are turning to CreomuMon for anv cwigh or coin tnat starts. Crtomulsion emu!»lfics crcospu-- with six other Im;wtant mediriiia' {•Vments which *c.-.the and hr;i' the inflamed membranes. Tt is net i cheap remcay. Ivt contains nc - .3rcoli:s and is certain relief. Ge: 1 bottle from voc.: druggist rich; MW end have it ready for Instivn '••*>••• -Adv.r Kindling For Sale 3 Bundles - •>!>( attention Inrcro nrrlprs. tn MILI, & LUMBER CO. Take a Nurse's Word About the Mouth Wash You Should Be Using Any nurse can tell you of cases where fearful consequences resulted when people used something less effective than what a physician or dentist would use. Leading dentists regard the use of month washes so important that they arc prescribing a for. muja ihe.Y, helieve lo he necessary..lo actually give ]>eople the he.nllhy coiulilion tlie'riioulh and tlirb'al intisl liuve to avoid Irouhle. Uy using (he same prescription, yon can he sure that when you use it for the important duly of removing harmful germs from the month nnd throat, it is really removing them. You can gel it at your own drug store by simply asking for Prescription Mouth Wash. He sure lo ask for it by that name to gel the genuine. KIKBY DRUG CO., Distribute EVIDENCE OP PURITY INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Ubontorie* WASHINGTON, D. C REPORT—I have just ramplettd a comprehensive analysis ol this product and the assay showj lhat it con* forms lo ihe highest sundvid of efficiency and in my opinion it me*Cf every desire in a perfect preparation.. SubsKribtd «cd >wom to Wore me

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