The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1936
Page 7
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MAY 7, i93ii BLYTHKViU,13, (AUK.) COUltll'ilt PAGB S15VEK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully rate pet line for conseo'u- Hi'c insertions: One time pel nno lOo Tfc'o limes per lino per day .. 06c Tnrco limes per lino par day . Ode, Klx limes per line per driy .. 05c Monti) rate per lino 60c Minimum cnarge 60o AOn , ordered lor inree or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for Hie number of limes Ihe ad appeared and **ljuslrncnt of bill made. All ciassineo Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- Bide ot me city must be accompanied by cash. Hales may be ea«ily computed from ftbove table Aavcriisine ordered lor irregular Insertions lake the. am time rate (to icspurusroiin-y will be tikeri for more than one Incorrect In- wrtlon of any classified ad. QassiftedSHOPPING GUIDE 1 Business Directory Wanted -- Used Furniture BPOT CASH PAID We Kcpalr Oil Stoves Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 B. Jiinlii - : Formerly Davis & rjodson AWNINGS 1'Oil IIOUSKS COMMlCnciAb UVILDINOS Heady Made Awnings §!.25 up liest Prices lor Quality -Work Carney Awning Co. ' Call M3 ' 113 S. First VACCIWOL Here Is The Very Car To Buy Kneli ear listed liclow is kicked liy our 18 Hour MONKY HACK fJUAUANTKK as well ;is the "K. & (>." ami "Square Deal'' Guaranty. Your prcsrni car «•!!! prob- ulily make Ihe. down payment. Take advantage uf the low U. C.i I or Reul 3, & 4 room modern furnished aiiartmoiU, twnson'able. Oull 280. H-ck-tf Modern furnished • house for summer, Reasonable, Mis, Cross. 30!) ike. ; - . •;• C-ek-tf I •! rcxnn house, bath, | 1218 llclly. Call atlO.. , 0 kit ONPUUNISHKI) -1 rooth npa rime lit with [Kith, Call ai7, or 65 nl lilght. m-ck-tt 2 bedrooms o? n ty:o room furnished apartmonl. Rcasonalilc. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020- Hearn. 5 rooms & bulli, unfurnished. Bcl-ceiicd back • As' ffont liorclies. SOD !•;. Davis. Cnil 508 or 050'af!.- er 5.P.M. K2-el;-U 3 room KFFlCiHNCy apartment, in-ivatc ball). Well localcd. C:ill 3G7R. . tkUf 3 Hooin tUHNlSllEl) A]Xirl:iienl with Imdi mid sleeping porch, For Information apply poll Hotel. -, . : .• cic-V Wanled To Rent A (i roiitn honre liy desirable family of four, no children. Must be clean, In pood neleliboYlmod. "11" Oom-liT, •,15-Ck-ll Personal We have sri'lircU the services of l*e Wnfrliiglnn. HXI'UlllKNCKl) MKAT CUTTOI. to b= in chariio of our meat deiinvtmcnt. Pickard's Grocery MATEKNlT-y HOME for uufortrm- nto Rlrls. Private, very reliable & reasonable. Dux 3-11, Wlnllcld Kan. itallcrics I'MTKU HATi'KHY 8UUVIOJ4 Call J. B. Clunc 'l\>m JuckKOn's Service Station Laundry l.iuiiAerhiff i-Mwrll)' done. 'MOniible, Mrs, 0. 0, AlldlT- HOT 8. Mlh. Small Schools Forced To Cut Faculty Wlien They Sw.ahn V'honc' 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co ROOM, steo 22 »>• -.50,, next .'»\ llubbard Tii-e K UiUtcry; newly decorated. Tom Jacknitii. Phono :8. •'• /• . 25-e.k-lf Lower floor ill 1013 W., Walnut. 4 imfiirnlshed rooms. Call 1'i.V-l. -'••'•.•' ck-tr .Urs. J, J. Dnvte — Spencer Corseticre Call 421-W for appointment.? STOVES STORED 'FOR SUM- C. Finance I'liin. 133 Good ; Tires, PuliH anil Motor . 5115 '11)35 1'OKl) V-8 TUDOK. Used By a Doctor ....'.- ?!65 1931 FOIll) V-8 TUDOK. As Cleaii As a Pin $.K>5 1933 FOlti) V-8 Til 1)0 11. First Class in Every Way 5M5 lS32Fplth V-S I>E' LUXE : ; TUDOR. ttnn'l Overlook This Splendid Car 5215 Sen or Plioiic — Graves, Calvin, Shanks or llarber. CM|Uff, *%.$$.: ,pr, .811^ Ofcn 'At Nijjhl • Local My Coal is Black But I treat Yon White JOHN liUCHAN/lN—MIONE 107 MYWiiffs AT MISSOURI STAT13 LINE Open Day and Night. FRESH CRAPPIE 35c Every Frltlay, Saturday ft Sunday LION is TEXACO GAS . 1C.So gal. Cigaiclles $1.25 Gallon ,BIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1505-F4 or H3 Extra Special! SOLIJ3 BRONZE Screen Wire 'Hirce room fmnlsliccl'apiirlmenl. Newly decorated. 710 W. Ciiiekn- sawta. • Call' 237-W. / ck-tf rubni FUHNISilKD a'parlmenl. Frank McGregor. Call Mrs. J023. ' Ck-tf PumLslwd 3-rooju house. • 608 N. Firih SI. Coliplc Only. 'dh Wesl Furnished Aparlinent' : i n Shane Dii]ilex at 11M "West Ash. Call 107 or 571. ck-10 Modern 3 room APARTMENT, newly decorated, furnished or unfurnished. Main & 2nd. p. Simon. Call 701. - 27-ck-lf Salesmen Wanted WANTf:i> tor nawlvl|;!i Rbiilc; of 800 fumilles. Good profits for hustler, We (rain and help 1 yon. Write today, nnwlelijh Co,,' Ucpt. AKK-e7-SA2, Memphis, Tenn, WASHINGTON CUPl-Tho OlliCO ol e.liienllnn, DsjiaKnient, of lilt' .Inti'i-nir, i-evoated today in i-i<|xn-L- • his Mlury dalir received'from 76 private colk-gos, thnt Ihe nininclal <le]iivssion (tileeU'd Inslriielovs In uniiili iirlvalely eontritllwl collcttos n« well as those In piiblle, Insttlu- Itous. Tlw prtvntcy conlrolled col- IH tilt! rcj>oit« havo int'hiB from 200 lo salary for nreiii- Tires. Autornotiv;' CUT ON AUTO 1'AKTS Tubes. Untteries, Pnliil. , . 'I'ools. Motor oil. noor Mats. Scat Covers. Gel our prices uefdro you buy. Save Money! WOI.V I'hniie 17(1 126 E. Main &, Poultry 5 HoOjn Aparlincnl, 4 rooms furnished. J. H. Enihrl. Call 805-J , 2c klf Two .Nlea liirgc Bpi:rooms. Mrs, R. B. Nolcn, 310 Wesl Walniil. 1 ' . ' ISc k'.f pour/ritv BOUGHT , highest Pi Ices I'ald H. T. WORTI1Y-315 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices' For Eggs & Poultry Jit .53. Main rnrolliiiciils 500, Tlie . nenls or Ihese. (irlvnlvly cotilrollnl folli'Bes tncliidcil In . llio ix-jtort rtro])|H-d from $5,469 In 1020-30 to *Wos in 1931-3S, i\ ilec'reaso of 32.2 I'c'r cnit. Salaries of deans wore cnl h'om J3.M5 to f2,500, Or 25.0 \Kt cent; professors' salaries from $;!.<MO ,lo J2,Mo,.-or.'aa.O pel- Mill. l*or nssb- rinte urofcssors the salary over Uie tame .iicriixl ,bf. limn vvft's cut 18,5 licr cuiil,, and 1S.2 ]>cr cent Wv iii- £triiclors, ; STORIES IN Hy 1, S. Klein CANTO DOMINGO, oldest solllc- u melil ot A'liidi men In Hit! \vgslcni hcinlj|)lievo, h:i:i taken on a fiii\\' ii^i'ictivanco, tuid a. now • C.uini'l (Ids AriMlo Test i CAIiMICU C'al. (UP) -CumiclV worlil-ivnowtiecl artistic, imislcnl nnd literary colony luis eiiptnreci i raw; more client. H Is Jim Kulxv | Ilk. Hie violinist.' Ho will nlvu it, 11 flvn month's liy out, uetoro de-1 eldliiB whether Clivenwleli VlllnKf Monlpiirnas.'iO or Mont marl ro oiler n betlci' atmosphere fo SOLD OUT We are nut ol nlfnlfn seed nnd urn not, (;ol. any ihoru frum the ee w« not Iho klixl \vo liuvo n hundllni!, iinil we mv'afraid In (•haiino In fcav (lint Ilia mil would lot bit • UK , ponular us Ihu erne tlnil via hnvu lipcn Wroikcr OIMON AU, NIGHT 1'JIILUI'S- SlORVlCli CIONTKU 717 - 8lQ . Iliiiir i'.tnss . Times Orators liKilKEUiy; Cnl. u)P>—A ilirco- miiiulc lionr' .Bla'ss Ls now bcliij; used to llinu limn all orators Oil Ilic campus. When Die speaker,be- Rlus, the eisu'-llnier Is turned np; When the sand lins run Its thrc6- nilmilc courac the chairman- announces "The egg is done." A license humlrer of more than (our dMls is diffleiilt to sec (liilrkly, In Holing upetdslcts, 110- torillnt' to Dr. Jnmes h. araha of U'tilgh University. linmo. II Is now Cludnd City), in honor of iho Ucpolilic's in-osldent find (ilclatov, Gen. Rnfnel Lcoiiklas VrtiJIllo Mollno. Fovindcd tn MOO by l«cw ColViinlriis, brother ot Clivis- tAphcVi Ilio city beeamc one of the lilsloi'lo ill this parl ot Ihc wovlil. Vvo'm licrc sailed Columbus, Cortex, Plznn'O, Ponce do I 4 con, niul'ollicrs on ihclv cxplor.i- tWhs. NMV Itci'c the llrst ((old wni ;ffiufld by \v>ilti! men lit Aincvlcm Artd ho\v Hie niiclcul dly, newly named, ts bclni; rcljuill. t An cxtiVilplo Is.tlio Rroil GCOI'JJO Wnshlnfiloii avolivic, a wido, it-cc- .lined boulevard slrelehlnf; ;ilonf, Ihc coast nnd iirosenlini! ft itiafj- nlncciH view ot the hnvboiv The slaniji below is one ot four Issued recently oh coivi|Vletloh ot tlito thoroughfare, it plclni'es Iho ncvv boulevard and President TruJ'lllo. We thiciik our li'iulo for the Wioil volniun df.snlc.i (hiil wo luivci inijiiyed. We ttlll have them aijnln thL^ full.' We now offer 8oy'edo, Vh'Khiln Hiown, Mammoth llrmvn mid Ui'hla. 1'ras-Wliliis, Mlxwi mill New 'Kra. '. . And any. kind of Coilo'n Hm' t:rn\vn here. Boo or cull MIS,. I.. R, Matllicws Gin Co. Cotton, Cnllou Krcil ,V Coal TclrpliAnn ISIl-l'-:! Yarliro, Ark.. )NE 'TOP 'SHUVICK STATION 'Oil YOUIt CONVIiNlliNCK' SINCLAIR GAS AND ~—Kadiator Repair —l!otl.V Work —I'Vmk'i- Work —(ilnvi Iiihliilled —AM(» l'ai'1'8 W; T. BARNETT oil to £ VI) mouth Dealer IMIONW 888 HEAR! HEAR! 1C yoii:• Imvc H.burinl nstiodnlion ioilificnlo oC any. .kind ,:oii your loved onus when they intsa mvay, wo will neccpl, IL ul. full value on Uio ftmevid, lirovulcd you buy UH much us ?00 or moio in" - inei'cliiiiidiije, COBS FUNERAL HOME ; . I'HONU 2fi Sale -lc each Certified Potato Plants—Tomato, Pepper & Egg Plants G. C. .Hawks Cor. Lake & Main or : 520 Madison ', % iiier sq. .ft. A ,.: ,. :Hubbard Hdw. Co. MINNOWS lc each BILL, LaSHOT 223 Dollgan Jersey Dull 0 months oici, Call Pal O'Brien'at 701 W. Ash for particulars. . G-i*9 LT'/MIiEK Cypress and iiardwaod at sawmill IJiiccs. Shingles and Wood at yard or tlircc mills. Deliverer! anywhere. • " ' TBAp'£RS' EXCHANGE Gl HijImTr'y Nnrlli, K. K. Crossing Good nsed Remington TYPEWRITER. Cash Feed Store, 112 E. Main. 8-ck-5-8 Good Used Trucks 1833— Hi Ton i'ord 193S— !i Ton lonl Fick-Up •'. 'lOSt— IK Ton Chevrolet 1D31— lii Tun Jntcrnational AHiliavc Goinl Stake ISodies ' ' Delia Iinplcnieul Co STONlA'lt.Li: f \, nAl.t 1 ,t IIAlF COTTON SEE!) • 1SLYTHEVILLE GIN CO. $125.00 ,Crcdil on New Chevrolet or used car, value SWO-CO oi riloW, lo buyer having 116 IVade-in Ciood discount for cash. Box "AB" Courier News. dli ti Help Wanted Two heat ap|>caring yqung ladies to work wifh lady manager. Experience not, necessary out must be ambittoius and free to travel. Oood pay & transportation frah). Soe Mr Landntd, 6. to 7. P. M.. Wednesday or Thursday, at 317 N. Broadway. Barber Shops iioi/rs AAU'itEft snot- J01 South and St. HAIRCUT 20c, 8HAVK 15C Bath—Close 8 p.m.—shine Seeds - Plants VLAisTS * r.AUDES' SHEDS llionsands Certillc<i Potato Slips— Tomato, Pepper, CaboaRC, Plant, fresh from our beds. . TKADEKS' EXCHANGE y North, It. 11. Crossing WANTED—ALL KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 to 85 ton :• Aluminum, 10o Ib. Brass, 2c lo 4',5c Ib. Copper Wirt, 4c to 5o Ib. Radialors, 4'ic Ib. , HIDES & FURS WOLF AKIA^f 'HONE 176 128 E. MAIN 130 You Want, to Build a New HOME? Investigate Our .PHA U> 20 Year Payment Plan C. Robinson Lumber Go f- { 'WE-JDS'CORRALLED DIWWV-OU2 r AM' r,A • WHAT'S V V.-JITMOUT OIMMY.IH WIZ6P WAS FORCED J |OOIM'OW?\1O R_V.' OL' GUI, AFLAME WITH A / j WHAT'S I lERRiBLL- LUST, IS Ai-"TER HIM [HAPPENED 3 WOW, HIS SKULL TO BUST ' Nid v ' OUT OP THK WOODS YKT! L HE'S 'C AUGHT 'l,V1, MOW- LOOKIT EM SLIDE.' WOW WATCH TH' WfeER GO FOR S 'A Clt>E.> liOOT.S AND HKR BUT \MIAT HAVE VOU GUVS DONE TOOC DIMKJV WHERE IS HE ? DOMT WORRY ABOjr DIMKJY- HE'LL KECP A SPELL- JUS WATCH [HIS BPAWL - IT OUGt-ITA I BB SWELL >r~-~--yy /• H'Al-lll.' -) " ~~^j '"\ MOW I li'"" ) jiy Daniliu 3W11LL,EH''KVCLL,'I(?ADE My WMISKB HIAT DOM'V) TOR A DOWMY FUZZ Look so Afc& PUTTIM A sreLUj SWELL I OWTO 'Of /- v^ 10 ME' ]\ GUZ" .-/KPABBAV, ^>-^'^ /W ^'^-M«f Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blythcvillc Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry Screen Wire, Paint,. Enamel, Varnish, Turpentine, Linseed Oil. Everything for spring repairing. Lowest prices for quality Oberst Store Co., Inc. Phone 35. . . 211 W. Main Highest Market Prices FOK SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc. WE SELL All Leading Brands of COAL Small lots, Truck or Carload Delivered AnywlieVc. Also WOOD - KINDLING S«i>crioV Coal & Mining Co. Wholesalers, Itttiiilcrs & iMiiicrs N. lliwity 6l Opp. .fake NNO'I' WASTING ANY 'vr" MO<5,T (\. TO IT SHOUVJO at SR\VA- FUL OF VV^CE^ OF EIGHT ,OO<JBVOOK:S, e>f\R?> Of GOV.D AK5D \T TO By Mnilin,,, ITS PA MORE TV\f\M WVTH " WASH TUUHS 'i,— --'* ON TO PRAiKII-; [)()(;! - '>«'.. n , $$&• -FIJjigg/IIEHSEBVlCE. l»C f 1.1 UFO JJ S>*T. OF£ HHV, 5FIKE,t BETTFK TAKE 1r,,5 S,.*t rlOAD. THE TURTLE C<?EEK COfS E'it 'A?LS 1O t>G , LAV1N FOR US HEY,5PlKE. r 5p[l/£rj ! WELL, IT'S ALL THE SAME TO ME. OUT HOLV SMOKE? HE^; PONE FOR. THAT PETTICOAT COP PLOOGEt? HIM WOKSE'N ^ C Phone 700 KtylheviUc, Ark! Wall Paper NEW rATTbnKs—Low PRICES CANVAS, TASTE AND TACKS ,ISK ABOUT irttTSBtinGH-s NEW 1'AINT FINANCE 1'LAN The Aflctno Lttmbir Co. Pliono 10 fee Estimates AM) UTS MEANWHILE, AT TURTLE CREEK. I5y Cram , . . , GOOD.I'LL TAKE, 'AIM'T SEt'N HIPE NER HAIR OpH.THE PRAIRIE VQ<2- THEM,SA5Y.THEV MUST OF TURNED "^"~ ' OFP TOWARD PRAIRIE DOG HoW'LbMG BfeFOftE YOU'LL-HAVE TTHIS FLOOR TORM UP, SO WE CAW LOOK .THE BOARDS? TRICKY TWHM.'K! =iUS ;RVICE. IN5- T. W S P*T OFF • FLOORS V/EPE PUT IW HERE YOUVE GCft TO 'ifeR/, MAW..,. /-A LOT OF ( I'LL THINGS HIWGE/ DO K/ j OW \VHAT NVE ( BE'JT • UHDER- (- TO ; WEA1H THERE '•? SPEED I IT Up.' ! A FRIEND OF MIME IS IN A JAM ...WE'RE HOPWG THERE'LL BE: AW ALIBI UNDER THOSE BOARDS... AM ALIBI THAT WILL CLEAR HIM ! ALL WE H/WE Tt> FiND ISA FIFTY- CElJt PIECE .' I CAM SEE SOMETHIMS SHINY DOW THERE y THAT MIGHT { BE IT J liv lilnsjei I DUMPED EkOUGH COWS UNDER THAT FLOOR TD , CROSS THEM UP PLEM1Y? THEY CONT KKkW ir, BbT- THEY'RE LOOKING -R3R AM INK SPOT IM A

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