The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 6
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otal" Is 12'VSPer Cent ;of State, Double Next County. Cotton ginned In Mississippi ••ounty prior to November 1 totaled -0,723 bales, it U reported by Die '*nsus bureau of the United State: department of commerce. This Is "Dproximately 12K per cenl of •'ie state total of 632,370 bales, and •st double the total of the second '-•unty, Criltenden, which ginned .:,3M bales to the same date. •Mississippi county's November fl§",'e for this year Is slightly over 5,- "O'bales above (he November 1 ft>i::'e a year ago. Only Ko other '-.unties, Crawford and Sebastian, •i ere .also ahead of 1929 on Novem'•-. r 1: The fact that glnnlngs hnve Ven consistently running ahend of '. -t year In Mississippi counly is •• --t to be regarded as an Indication lint tlie crop will equal or exceed '•"it year's. Little cotton has been • :ined since November 1, and the <. -5p Is almost out, so subsequent •••'oprts will undoubtedly show the al for-this year under that of >.-I. '• Following are the ginnings to '•••venibef 1 this year and last for '';Arkansas counties that ginned •i 1X0 bales or more up to No- vmber 1 of this year: Order the Thanksgiving Turkey Early and Plan Your Feast Well in Advance J KEWS'- s;: .MONDAY,? NOVEMBER! 17, 11930 >•:'. and p«PP« I' necessary, keeping In mind 'that the stock was salted and that the fat absorbed some salt from the 1 turkey. Add glblet, reheat < lo boiling point and serve. j Choose tiny onions not much I larger than a email Eixjllsh walnut i for creaming. Cook uncovered In ' colling water to cover, letting wa- . ter ccok away us onions become : lender. When tender, drain and I let stand In hot cream sauce ov:r ! boiling water for ten minutes be- i fore serving. IN CTfiE ME FDR FIVE DMS Cardwell House Burns CAHDWELL. MO.—The hoiise on the Grover Champ farm, about a mile east of Cardwcll. on Highway 25, burned to the ground Friday evening about ten o'clock. It is not ...„ ,_„„_.„., UU.IUIUUB. iu;ma »..u known how the (Ire twaan. Tho'discounts, $12,45(3.940; loam an cst- hoiise was unoccupied at the time, lion, $350,079; United States govern- 'Continued from pngc one) 'oyal depositors who stood by the b:i!ik to do everything in our power to reopen at the earliest p:sslble moment." \ In the last statement of the .bank, Issued .September 24, 19W .the institution showed asset total- Ing J20.05Z.697, -Including: loans and If Klnj Turk Is pro]«rly slulieil, trussed anil baked lo a jold*n brown, the drumillcks will be and dlinlflcU anil oan be made tu look regal indeed when he comes la the tulile In boots of frilled yei- A bed of watercress Is a. pretty garnish. ; nre typical ol the harvest-home and Next place wings close to'body with 1 i Thani^lvlns! traditions. • /tips pushed over first Joint, making | ' Clam Broth i triangles oh the sides'of the bird I 1 Celery Pickles Olives j Draw the neck skin under the back law By SISTKR MAUY NEA Service Writer Old King Turk has gone democratic this season. 1930 1929 \shley Ohlcot '..... Clay Columbia ... Cralghead .. CrlUenden .' Cross Desna. .:... Hempstead . Jackson Jefferson ..'. Lee ........ Lincoln ...'. Lonoke .... Mississippi . Phillips,..-..- Polnsett ... 13,269 15,926 11.476 10,688 24,082 40,344 12,838 12,686 11,278 14,461 30,101 15,541 10,624 26,565 80,723 •21,004 21,718 .... St. Francis White ..Woodruff 1 -•...-.:. Yell .....::..... 24,512 10,673 11,577 10,185 27,634 28,054 11.033 30,827 35.042 50,552 17,343 23,380 21,174 31,680 53,057 18,496 25,658 '43,529 : . •75,301' •25,298 30,612 18,175 31,387 23,826 23,263 15,809 Ouincy Bank Closing Brings Two Others SPRINGFIELD, HI., Nov. 17. (UP) —Two Illinois banks were closed today, increasing the number of failures In the slate since Friday to five. The Bartlett and Wallace state bank of Clayton and the Ttmewell 3tate bank of Ttmewell were closed today. State Auditor Oscar Nelson .announced. . All the.ckBihgSJwere.'lri" corinjc- tioiy'with'-the^fiRrnre of*the State Sayings Mian and Trust company of 'Qulncjr of which the Tlmewell and- Clayton' Institutions were Correspond eritj. .. Usually so expensive that only | ' iotls > 1 the well-to-do really can afford him, there are so ninuy o( him this year that he Is available to almost' everybody. | In fact, market prices quote lur- key at lower prices per pound than lamb chops and chickens. All of which gives some additional meaning lo the word "Thanksgiving." Of course, the Thanksjjlviiig dinner of 1930 will differ In many ways from tile ones prepared In the early American period. The old custom of providing chicken pie and baked ham, «s well as turkey, has been discarded, and a simpler planned In accordance with our modern Ideals of diet and health. The dinner should be planned at least 'a week before Thanksgiving Day, and the turkey-ordered almost as. soon ai .the guesU arc Invited. Your butcher or poultry man can •give you a 'better .selection If • he knows several weeks In ailvanc- .Just ,what you want. A ten-pound turkey Is ideal for a group of six of eight. If the family Is to Include ten-or hiore persons of course more turkey will be needed. Two ten-pound turkeys will be found more satisfactory than onr . °>' st * r 3tum "* , »" d s< ™' wl »' a »'t ,">"» « this was | ranberry Sauce done when stuffing the turkey. Take C °""» s Grapefruit Salad . „ Gravy the string ho'dln* the drumsticks CrC ™ d ° n '°" 0 * " 1 ' ™» a " d dr ™ ' Cheese Cups back and forth around each end Pumpkin Pie Nuts Fruit Coffee The butcher should dress turkey and deliver it to you early! off end. in the morning of the day before if by p.ny chance ___ t>f the lower skewer. Cross string again and draw 11 up and around each end of the: upper skewer. Tie the string securely In a knot and cut the butcher . Thanksgiving. This gives you (hue 'did no t, open the gizzard to remove , Mot \, •lufflnB l«le '" the | the thickest part and pull the out- afternoon. If the turkey must be. side away from the sac. Take care washed and stuffed. on Thanksgiv- not to cut or break the covering ol ing mnrnlng, confusion Is likely to the sac, which must be discarded reign in the kitchen. This must be done before soaking The butcher will remove the ten- : in salt water ' • Allow from threear.d-one.half lets drop them loosely Inside the bird. Tlie rest must be done In the home kitchen, Remove the Riblets and place them In cold stilled water. Rub inside of turkey well with salt. Then thoroughly wash It with cold .water until every (race of still Is gone. Scrnpe the outside of the. turkey with the blunt eiljje of a case knife, 'keeping the' bird under water niul taking care -not to break the skin. Scrub it well with to four hours for roasting a ten pound turkey. RoastMn a'moder- alc oven— 375 degrees P. . . ' When ready ' 16 serve,' ' remove i the skewers. ..cut the cords . and place the turkey breast side up on a 'large hoi platter: ...... Glblet , Gravy : ' Cook giblets In 4 clips boilinS water, until tender. It will take about two hours. 'Add one teaspoon the-pnlm of the hand and .wash salt when half done. Remove fr L -- ., ... through many waters. Rinse'gib- stock and put through coarse knlfo eighteen or twenty-pounder. The '. le ' s '" c ' ca1 ' co 'd water. Put turkey of food chopper. Use stock In gravy. meat on the smaller birds.Is apt to ln a col d place to drain. Stuft and [After taking turkey from roasting bs much more tender and sweet . tniss - Kec P on Ice until ready to pan measure fat in the bottom of than on the larger ones. roast. Prepare In Advance • Two or three days before the feast, polish the silver, brlnij'out and polish the turkey' platter, choose the table cloth you want-to use and be sure any accessories that-may be needed are in re«dl- , nesigptjler the'-flowers, or at'Jeost. decide on the centerpiece. The following menu may meel your Immediate peeds or suggest To truss a turkey Is very necessary, since it keeps the wings, and thighs from drying out during roasting and also adds greatly to Ihe final appearance ol Sir.Turk .befbre the host .on the festive board. Skewers Are Used . ; . Drasy the thighs close,to. the .body and run a long skewer,'through-one thigh, [he body and cUf'turougli the other thigh. Cross ends of the pan. Pour off all but four tablespoonfuls. Stir In lour tablespoons Hour and cook until bubbly. Slowly add glblet stock and enough water to make 4 cups liquid. Brins lo the boiling point and add salt 1OQH MEW, Aoesit- BARNES* TheNu-Wa Cleaners • MEN — it more than k'ccps your :ippear"iirtce iip,-fop' from day today! Expert dry cleanmg.pre- serves the original'shape find' 'attractiveness.- of your garments and act- ihjly makes them wear longer. PHONE 180 C " h ' and sl «nt'drafts, ; banking- house,' $485,000; earned uncollected $145 • : municipal aria other »*curitlej, 51,245,384; other •ssets, »46g,W9. Th? bank was capiUllad it $1,000,000 with * surplus of J5CO.OW. undivided profits were listed at 51«i,4e2, bllle, payable, 13,296 COi deposits ,$15,014,588, unearned Inter,?:* ccllect«d,'$81,165, ana resvv.- for taxes, $72,476; Officers' of (he Merchants and Planters bank, Fine Bluff, said the concern was b-lisved t? t; in "ooH condition, adding the temporary fUipeniicn was ordered to protect the dep'ciU. from public excta- in.?nt expected from the temporary closing of the Ainerican Excharr/c Jiust Company..* •• : LONDON, (UP)—The fourth tlme Mrs. : : Sarah 'Scholfleld, 75, brote her let, proved.fatal. Never Constipated 'Now-Simple Mix Stops It {lead Courier Hews Want A/'- 1 •<'. C. Eozelte states he was «li wni's comllpaled and tried every- thiiv.l Then he used the simple mixture cf glycerin, sajlne, etc.. !:nc,\vn as Adlerika, and Ijae had no !x.wel trouble since. Xdlerlka acts on BOTH upper and lower bowel,' relieving constipation in 2 hours! . Brings out poisons you .never thought were In your syo- . Urn. ' Let Adlerlka give stomach and -bowels a REAL cleaning and end constipation and GAS bloat- int! City Dnig Store. —Adv. P-14 — at i other possibilities' to -you.. It Is n 'drumsticks and fasten securely with four-course dinner with foods that -pi strong cord. Fasten'cord, to'tail. *£*£%*?- • i •* 1 *-.^v\ r^TA^TjL **VA^ \ \ C\ Pill" !*•*•' T^ ill* tSasrsft-- •.£-.- -.-K:-j-^-is^^l-- ^L=-==-rU>- •--"--.? * ---£;;.----"~""iiw-.:-:; •- - DEWAXED .. .PARAFFINS BASE. ..POURS AT ZERO MOTOR OIL is a better lubricant because it is ALL Oii! Wax retards free lubrication in zero weather. Wax luriu water thin at high summer temperatures. The new Socony Motor Oil has been treated to n temperature of 40° belov,- lero . . . thoroughly dewaxed to make it a belter, longer Usi/ng motor lubricant. Today . . . have the Magnolia man drain your ctanlccssi nm! chnnge to the new Socony Motor Oil. MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY SOCONY . .. Pronounced JO-CO-NY . S0 . 40 i MAGNOLIA STATIONS ANfr OEALERS THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHWESI the Free Cooking School and forget about your LAUNDRY .. . we'll do it -an row the F AREWELL to the costly un- sig-htliness. of-wash-day clutter. Farewell to back-gardens that blossom -each week with flapping unmentionables for all the world to see. A fond goodbye to laundresses whose tardiness undermines even such a disposition., as yours ... to lacey lingerie that dies in infancy, the victim of hard water, harder rubbing and clumsy fingers. You've yielded to better judgment—you've joined the moderns who send their troubles to the Blythevilte Laundry.'Lock the laundry room door. Over your shoulder—far as you can—toss away "the key. A laundry driver Phone 327 will bring you another. It will unlock new gates to wash-day freedom and .enjoyment. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY

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