The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHBVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2,°,, 1938 Two Strikes Already DON'T PULL LOBB-fiHb AC1'OH ME-., /DON'TWOW tS£V£D ROAD Uf/lFOW. TrJ£ OAW Tdfe Wit Bi ON Tft£ ONE- BACK With Two Regulars Missing, Locals Beat Old Conquerors Hy J. I'. FRIKN'I) The ttiylljevllle Clucks sained partial rcvfngc lor llicir two dp- feats Hi Monelle by Irimmlns ihft Buffaloes. 32-29; here Insl night, despite Hie absence of two regulars. Playing without the .services of "Wild Bill" Godwin, ccnlcr and the team's leading scorer, and Tommy Warring ton. guard, the Tribe gained a halfttme one point lead, pushed forward with a brllliunl offensive and then staved off a final Monctle threat to win mi .icllon-niletl thriller that kept the fairly large crowd on wlye Ihroiighoul. when the final whistle sounded the fans gave vent to their penned nj> feelings and let forth a thunderous applause that [airly rocked llio nn llona) guard unnory. Subs Shim 1 Every member of the chicks deserve a word of praise for the!'' maenlficcnt display of light and courage. They buttled agaln-sl superior odds and by slicer (tctermlnx- tlon bested, u superior team. But they deserved to win and the victory was a glorious one. Special mention is due the three .substitutes. Herb "Cne Ball" Childs. Hugh "Tex" Htii'bei'l, and lanky Jack Jenkins. Filling in for the nlllng Godwin and absent Wnnington, these youngsters held up under flrt 1 and the terrific pressure of the torrid battle and enme through with (Ivlng colors. Childs flipped in tiv» field goals in the first half- to keep the Tribe abreast with the slmrp- shootliig Buffs and nddeil nn extra free throw in the last half—more points than he has scored all your. After an unsteady start Hnrtjerl settled down on his return to the lineup and played a whale of a ball •game defensively and his three points alrted no little In the nun) outcome. He went o\il on fouls early in the fourth quarter and was relieved by Jenkins. He kept up the good work and provided a last mln ute field goal—a beautiful shot, while going away—to clinch the game He came near gumming up the Stuttgart's "works" a short tilne before, how- boxing team, ever. by v making a bad pass will 1 a little more than a minute to piny with the chicks out in front b; only one point. But the reliable Russell Mosley levied high Into the air to Intercept a pass Intended fo nn "'enemy" under his own basket Three passes got the ball to Jen kins. He dribbled twice llien sbovci the .sphere toward the hoop. It hi the backboard and dropped througl the net for a perfect shot. Regulars Score .The regulars. Danny Warringlon, Carl Hughes and Mosley carried on in gi'eat style with an inspired brand of ball, nnd provided the most scoring punch, as was naturally expected. Danny Waning Ion scored eleven points, one less than Monette's Bill Adams and Amos Hamilton \vho were tied for first plnce with a dozen tallies apiece. Mosley was hot on their heels with nine. Hughes' tally card showed but a Vn« neid soal but his great work , Is best revealed by the fact that he held the great Bunt Reed. crncV. center, to no goals from the floor and a foul throw—an excellent feat in itself. It was the first time this year in 35 games that Reed has failed' to score from the floor Brother Paul didn't en]oy his usual scoring feast, either, thanks to the efficient wort: of Mosley. His four points was a new season low for liim. too. Hamilton stale the show from his hi?lilv tmblicized males with hU fine all round work. The game was a uip and luck affair all the <rav. The lead alternated back antl forth with neither team enjoying more than five points at any time, except the first fen minutes uhen the Buffs rolled up 1VW&V WE DINHE.R CHECK. H£ THINKS We UM/72R IB MOW£R HOUND OUT OF MAM SAY Tftot/SZte MIL 0£ TH/6 IN THIS R£GALIA? v/fly t COULD WEAR THIS INHERITS A MKF/T UNIFORM ted against Henry Mucry, who hn. shown a world of improvement re. cently. nnd Prioi From 1 1937, Are Boll, West and Clifl but ST. LOUIS. (UP)—Nothing deader lo a liaseball-conKcl' town than a hi.sL-phtoc team, ht-re in Hi. l.oni.s, where Drowns make Dielr home, tin oii-es i<! dyi'il-ii)-the-wool UIOTJ; hiwo token on a nev/ note ir: IJiomis, tbo only team vhlcli holds tlie dubious dlsthu-- lon of never having won it pcu- 'tLiii, hjiv'ff conducted it vigorous lOUiii'-cicnniiig campaign, and i result will open the )9M pen- ifuit ii:aii wKli only three lioM- ivci-s from liust year HI slartini icsillon:,. Jti.sL IG' year. 1 : ago the fliown; came within one game of a pen- :iaiil. but have never advanced :luit fur .since. I-nst year, when new combination, ol' uromlneiu St. Louis i! jiluycr Inst sensati, will contend with Hcffnci' for Ihe .shortstop post, formerly occupied by lillly Knickerbocker. Cllft. of course, will hold Sown iilrd base if he isn't traded to Detroit. The Tiger outfit lias been lust tliB player to fill the g"P left Hot on Ms trail figuring him :is by Marvin Owen, who went 10 the Indians: Mills will be the only outfield niJdition, Along wllh Bell and West, the Browns' picket iine l»'.s np effectively. The. Dope. Bucket lly .1. V. Frlenil BREAKS—Conch Joe Dildy can Calvin Moody, Jnmes Burton anil! Hlldrcd Bunch have enrolled nt Ole Miss, Alfred Meredith and Homer Besharse get their shecp- .sklns this spring, Charles Hnrdln and Herb Childs will be too old before n;xt full . . . I'll admit 11 has l;»on many moons since I was exposed to arithmetic, bill I Mill count up lo lei) . . •. As for the oilier part, of Ihe rumor (?) there were only three, Tommy WaiTlnglori, P. T. JJaney, ami John can still count up to U-n . . . As for J'nnlk, Incligibles v:ho worked with Die Chicks . . . TfliHD-oic Miss claimed it's third member of the 11137 Blylhe- vllle lootljiill ic/uti with (lie departure of Hlldrcd Bunch . . Bunch, who helped the Chick cnuse no little as center and. end understudy, crosst-d up the dope by iTturnliiK to Oxford with Calvin "Ilickernui Head" Moody when appreciate (lie ago-worn "when it rains it pours" . Moody days returned liomc for a few H had been rumored adage^ that Bunch would follow Lnslle to Just | when his Chick t-ugers were beginning to reach their peak slid uppi-ar likely to go places and do things in u basketball wiiy o)' man hard hick look the situation inio his callable hands . . . Swish. swish, swish, just like Unit, iinil throe important COBS me lopped Garutliersville, Wardell, Deer i tig Win First Tilts CAKUTHEfiSVIM/E, Mo., Teb, 23 —Wardell bays Deering and Cnruthersvitle girls emerged victorious In the first games of Hie annual I'emlscot county basketball tournament here Inst night. Braggadocio boys and Holland and Wardell girls were eliminated from championship consideration. The tournament comes lo » dose Priday night. In games tills afternoon v/artlell meets Huyti nnd Hecring meets Sieele in the boys' division am! linyli clashes with Cooler in the girls' division. In games, be- V. M. I. ... James liuiton Stcele 'Mo.I glum., wa.s the to KO t" tbe Mississippi institution . . NEW—Blylhevllle's newest sport, --bowling—steps out into luster company tonight, . . . First mutches in the recently organised City Ltugue are to be held . Rail Veteran, 81, Helped fj Many to Rise to fop' CLEVELAND <UP> — After Cl years of railroading, gray-haired DeWitt Clinton Moon Im.s been taking life ensy nnd relaxing among memories of "young men" lie helped to to)) rungs on the rail ladder. The 81-year-old veteran who once was directly responsible lo Chaimccy Dcpew, late president ol the New York Central railroad, can count, high •oflU-iuls among His "proteges." These present-day chiefs Include Frederic Williamson, president of [ho New York Central; Charles Denny, president of the Erie, and Frank Sdiair, New York Central vit:e president. oil the smoth working machine Bowling has grown rapidly since that has shown Improvement, with it's Inception here several months of 3, B. Reid 1 in i. Hamilton 2 out of 5. Officials—Mnrvln Graves (Kansas State Teachers!, referee. Timer-Everett Craig. Time of <|imrlers — 8 minute.';. CTiiiTHiiT lOFff Card Friday Night Marks Resumption Of Amateur Boxing ten-miin amateur headed by Bobby Williams, 190 pound heavyweight. Is scheduled ( lo throw leather against the local team Yeprcsent- with Billy Price. Mnntln tamtam. Aaron Byrcl and Alias James who punched Ihclr way to novice championships in Memphis, wl! also appear on Friday night's card, Uyrd is to face Gerald Craig, Stuttgart, welterweight, aiut James will oppose a- flyweight nnmed Hair. It is iwsstble that Hugh Harbert. jr.. who won the middleweight championship In Memphis in the novice class, will meet Carl Smith of llic visitors. Craig is expected to match either Harbert or George Priiitt against Smith. Horace Walters, who scored an impressive knockout In his first fight here against Jouesboro recently, will probably meet Jimmy Scherm. 140 pounder. Siscoe said he would also bring two skpeterwelghts, Chester Newton, 90 pcmmlcr, and "Wild BUI" Ncwlon, 87. Opponent.'! will nlso be financially spoilsmen took over the reins, u gradual improvement was hoped for and an eventual pennant contender was expected, nut the loam, which was expected lo imporve nlbeli slowly but Mivi'ly finished a <IU- mal last. Outfielder Went On Mound .Second only lo Ihe powerful Dclrolt Tigers in leain batting for 1931, the Browns hnd the poorest collection of pitchers seen on a major league club in years, At one time, the situation was so desperate an outfielder and an in- flcldcr were given lums at mound duty. Now, dabby every gfltno Fii si. it, wus Tommy Warrington, guard ago nnd much interest is being created over tlie 14-malch sched- Tcmmy withdrew Irom school in ule . . . The eight teams list IB 'avor of 11 job ... Ttu-n "Wild players now and that, .should be BUI" Godwin, star center and the increased to nt least a hundred leum's leading scorer, linally sue- before long . . . Firms entered cumbed to a severe cold and hnd me including their employees and to go lo bed . . . Now the saw-1 giving tin: man opportunity to take tones have informed "Dangerous" part, offering not only sport but Uan Wan-melon, brilliant forward, good exercise . . . Most of the thai this week will mark the close working group seldom lake enough ol his hardwood career for 1938 exercise ... Dan bruised a hip (luring the I HEADACHE —The baseball it school sponsored by the New York Giants at Baton Rouge Is causing along ivitli new Street the Browns are expected to take Ihe field with six new players l» the role of regulars. The trio of last year's play- .until'.; at litau o'clock, yteele girls meet Braggadocio, followed by two boys' games. Cooler meeting Hoi- laud and Bragy City playing ('»- nilhcrsville. Holland fell before the last Dtc-r- iiig gills in the first game o! Ihe loiiniey last niglit, 24 lo 15. Pate, with 19 points, paced till! wlnwrs lillc MeKlnlcy made n lor the osers. Curutheisvillc girls shove*! abide Vurdell, 20 lo 11, leading nil the ay with Davis making 15 points. I. Young made 10 points for Warell. Wai-dell's boys won a clear cut. [eclsion over Braggadocio, 22 10 10. D. Malliis was high scorer lor \Yar- lell and Nlgliain for Braggadocio. Greenwood football game aiid hasn't completely healed . . . layed off two weeks then went back the scribes In the Red Stick city in As soon as football closed . no little Ciet a load of fore he reported for He has favored Cliickasaw Club To Hear Stadium Campaign Report rig the Cliickasaw Athletic Ch]b|f°»» (1 tor those boxers. in another inter-clly ' at the.| -• American Legion arena licre Fri-1 day night, it was announced today by J..P. 'Friend, club secretary. Mr. Friend received n letter confirming the date from Billy Siscoe, director of the Sliiltgart squad, who said his team was beaten by only one match last week by the Little Rock Boys' Club. This would Indicate that the visitors have n good, .strong lean) of lighters as the Little Rock team is one of the best Aggregations of amateurs In the state. 'Hie locnl squad, inactive since their participation in llic mercial Appeal's Cfoldcn ournainenl in Memphis •eeks ago. has been working out ally under the supervision of Joe A report of Ihe committee In charge of the stadium drive will be ninde at a .special meeting of members of the Cliickasaw Athletic club at Hie Hotel Noble tomorrow night, „ at which time this mill several other ^j "" ! Imuortnnt matters pertaining to the Tlie meeting was called by Presi- - , , , . , , dent James Terry and will begin .rale, club instructor^ who says prom))U ., ,, t 7 . 30 0 ' cloc |;. 1( w m b e he team is In good condition for t heU , ln thc Rose Hoom of lhe hot cl. lie invasion Friday nlglil of tin: oys from the rice belt. Crnig has been grooming Staring Young, the big high school -thiete. to meet Williams. Young, vho lost his first and only fight by Plans for completion of the drive lo rake funds to provide for Die ers who remnin are outfielders Beau Bell nnd Sammy West nnd Inflclder Harlond Clifi. New faces which will l>e scon in Brown uniforms are: George Mc- Qulnn and Vlto Tuinuiis from Newark; lied Kress. Buck Ncw- som and Buster Mills from the Red Sox; Ed Linke from the Washington Senators; Jim. Weaver from the Pittsburgh 'Pirate.-.; Billy Sullivnn, Roy Hughes , nnd Ed Cole from Ihe Cleveland Indians, nnd Don Heffner from Ihs New York Yankees. Mast important of the additions were to the pitching staff. New- soin, Trtmttlis, Weaver and, Colo will add badly necde talent. Cole, an Ifi-game winner last season in the Texas League, is an excellent prospect. , Sullivan Behind I'lalc At the oilier end, Sullivan wil be expected lo tnke over the regular catching duties vacated Roilie Hemslcy. Sullivan. , whose father was the famous Willie So: catcher, may not read f'lvorabl to the change to Rrownic soil. HL lifetime batting avenge lor seasons is .291. The infield is purely guesswork McQniiin. a star first sacker in llv International League, batted ,:!3 and should lake the Job formerly icld by Hairy Davis. Hughes, although aggressive und he rested some but not enough be-] these names and you will readily understand: DeTorre, Ruckdeschel Fusorl. Mmik, Woedvogel, Prkovich Orlowek. Upirlmon, Kiirdziel. Le- plliz, Podoyok. etc., etc., etc.. (fa: Into the night) . . . Wow! And just think, there is n possibility that we will have lo scratch on noggins over them . . . basketball Ihe injury nil season nnd hasn't been able lo reach his former form, though his game hus been outstanding . . . And the tough part of it nil is Ibat tournament lime is Ivpre . . . Vith all the regulars in harness he Tribe would slnnd an excellent hance lo cop the county tille and villi a break or two might make a credltnble showing in the district vitli an outside chance to repre- :ent the district in the state . . . But, this blow apparently lias rcnocked every opportunity in the lead . . . But those are the breaks of the game, and who are we to gripe now after the wny Dame Fortune lias treated us in the past Why we have been practically under her guarding wing for several foolball seasons . . . RUMORS — Reports have been flying as Illicit as a London tog about the next Chick football team Allen Tildcn, sports editor of the Arkansas Democrat, .'said In his column a few days ago that he had been reliably informed by a well known Arkansas coach that local share of the expense of the high school stadium now under construction nt Haley Field me expected lo be made tonight. Coin- fast, will VOlltllflll knockout r.gnlnst the Jonesboix) ' m itiees experienced considerable "lub here recently, has been leaning rapidly under the coaching of ~;ralg nnd is expected to make a fight of It against Williams, Siscoe, a former star nt Pine success in their recent efforts to sel! certificates for financing a portion of the cost of the structure, (ml additional work remains lo be done before Ihe remainder of Ihe a 9-2 lead. Mosley closed in the gap with five more points givin» Mm the distinction of scoring al ihe Blythevillc points in the firs quarter, which ended with Jloiietti out In fronl. 9-7. The Dildymen then staged a rally and look s> 19-18 lead two minutes before th half ended and held it until mission. • Fhortlv aft?' tlie third period got under way Monette bounded back into a single point advantage but Jhe Chkks stormed back Into thc lead and help it throughout the remainder of the third and the fourth : cantos. Monette pulled up to one iwlnl of Ihe Maroons but Jenkins' . Foal, as already related, blasted their hopes. The box score: Monette FG FIG TP \ Adams, g 5 2 12 p. Held, f 2 0 4 B. Reid, c 0 1 1 Fisher, g 0 0 0 Hamilton, g 5 2 12 Stotts, f 0 0 C Bluff high school, has been par- ! necessary S7.500 is obtained, ticularly successful in developing! Work on the combination sta- materml at Stuttgart and bis team ' diiim and gymnasium is progress- is expected lo show Ihe local boys ing rapidly and WPA officials have firnly of gloves. Siscoe described promised that the structure will be lour of iiis boys. Williams, Appleby, completed in time for the opening have to light It 'nil with Tommy C:itc,' for the Dlythcville would have the best grid team In school history He went on lo say that from the prospects the locnl authorities knew what they were doing when they scheduled Pine Bluff, Little Rock. North Little Rock and Hope all on foreign fields ... He reported his Informant lold him lhat Blythevillc lost but three from Inst year's great team nnd had six who were ineligible in '37 coming Turrell Teams Defeat Reiser Cagers Tuesday KEfSER. Ark.—Ruby Preston, i senior and captain of the Turret girls' tenm, received a broken nos in a basketball gama nt the Keise gym Tuesday night. Turrell w victorious in bolli games. Ihe gir 22 lo 18 nnd the boys 25 lo 22. This wns the last game of th season for the Keiser teams, nnd tlie girls' fourth loss for the season with twenty-two victories. Both tennis entered the game with a record of only three losses for the year. Johnson. Keiser, was high point scorer with 9 points. Rainey, Turrell. was a close second with 8. The boys' game was a hard-fought battle for nil four periods. Announcing the Opening PARKER'S BARBER SHOP (Jlencoe Hotel Hldff. Uurl K. Parker, Prop.. The British liner, Queen Mary, equipped with an "ultra-short vave searchlight" which sends out inert-waves that bounce back, or who, when they strike any object n the distance. FORROOINGVOUR OWN. RA.ROUJ 70 fine roll-your-own cigarettes in every 2-oz. tin of Prince Albert up to take their places Whoever made those statements gross- mlsrcpresenled the facts from Let a Bring Your Favorite Program To You As You Drive! INSTALLED IN YOUR CAR For Only - . - $41.00 EASY TERMS Don't Wait Only A Few Left PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone Sid Bowling League To Open Schedule Tonight l-'cur teams will swin^ Into action tonight at Sudbury's Playhouse In Hie city bowling league opener. The. Holt Funeral Home opposes Dr. Pepper Bottling Co., at 8 p.m.. and Terry's Slate Line service station clashes Ark-Mo power every angle approximately an hour later. Friday's schedule includes Palace . James Roberts,] cafe versus Hudson's Tailor Shop second base job. Kress, voted the | Lloyd Wise, and I.eRoy Brown have and Rubbard versus Johns confec- Ainericitn Association'.! most valu-1 already gone lo Alabama, while | tlonery. Advice on choosing a wife? Special Purchase 125 Pair Hart Schaffner & Marx SUIT PANTS Bnnett nnd Prior as "fair", which of the 1938 football season. prcbubly menus they are good. Appleby is scheduled to meet Sonny Lloyd, local lightweight. Barrett, n featherweight, will be pit- All club members were urged to attend tomorrow night's meeting. Rratl Courier News Want Ads. Totals .............. 12 Blythevillc Warrington. Jenkins, f Hughes, c Mosley. s Harbert, g FO PIG TP Childs, g-f 5 .TolalS 14 3 311 Summary: Personal touls—War- ringtpn 2, Jenkins 1, Mosley 2. Hdrbert 4, Childs 2. Adams 2, P. H«id 3. B. Reid 3, Fisher 1, Hamilton 4. fpu\ throw, record Warrington 1 out of !; Hughes none out of 5; Mosley l out of 2; Harbert 1 out of »! 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