The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1939
Page 2
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PAC&TWO NEWS I'PU* SHU' lit Lines Up With Fuehrer --_^ • f 'i It's M Embarrassing,Game For Prince Paul; Family Ties Conflict . By JUWON NEA S«niw Staff Correspondent . LONDON, Jime. n.-Tf.; Yujo-1 slaYta 'is fotx^d by threats Into either- tying UB wltb the CtexmaTV" Italian po»er group or benevolent neutrality, to>'»rd th,em, It. will pxrt Prince p*ul, the leading Btgent of tbfti country into a rather «n- bcrr^aifeg" positbjQ, By tr»tolnf,' «duc»tSon, inclination, and. family relationships be would probably prefet- that his I couatxy should be linked up »Ith I Engtaod. and Prance. But his couii*' try's ^graphical position mates acquiescence to the Axis powers' demands almost mandatory Prhjfte Paul, the tall, good-looking young chief Regent was educated at Oxford. H« has thft-Englllsh manner.-And h» is »' trothttMn-law of Prlncftss Marina, Duchess cf KeRt. Family reasons would pull him towards England Hard facts may drive htm towards Germany' and, Italy. TVLLE&AfAXT AND TOGETHER It, Is onjs rto?e. o( the; tangtea In European politics o(teix caused by the intermarriages | o£ royalty, JB the last world war Agony Maker- Uied To test New Turbmes PITTSBURGH (up) _ Science ws. ?dded a new punishment met o Its .torture chamb«\-r • t, 8*}_ wtind agony main* ctaignM : to cst steel blades to be used ' in he \ycaKHiigs, those mHa VraA ire (aulty in 4esl^o,; «w, sijftttarid a. successful paw, wist. "tajt«'*r as wny us JO.DOfl.OQO beatings' in Uftrauteo. Uieif will gly<j loog ^ r , ico in prodticlne electro powe'r 9 tO.OW.OOO blows "'' ' *o. a (ft* th» machine,, A, motO<hdrivejv flywheel throws he punches at the. test ptece. With force o( Wl pouoSs behind very blow. Every, tlroe the flywheel urn?, Id pushe,<j &; heavy sprJlwto nap a steel leve? against the kv nehpart. ' . These metallic blows slmWtc no tor.ce of steam mshlng against Wades lu a hurWne. wtth/a. p«a• of. about, 890 potmds to the '1 Family ties piai the allegiance o( Prluce Paul of. Yugoslavia toward Englqnd ... but expediency dictates that he smile on Hitler and the. totalitarian. Idea. He is pictured above, right, uith the Fuehrer, at> a recent Berlin state dinner nliere Hitler guaranteed Yugoslavia's . borders there were; {amily currents which helpe4,puU c'ountrle, tojrttoi In tltenn«S other cases,,ttxe-nsttons pulled apart Albeit who | c wlfe w and became enemies, thus causing interrelated royalties to -top speaking to each other. In fact, they had to 'appear superpatrlotlc lest subjects suspect them. Three : main.- monarchical belligerents were England, Germany and'Sussia.- George V's father and Kaisec Wilhelm's mother were .brother-: and sister. • So Kaiser and King were, first oousins Moreover George's mother and Czar Nicholas' mother were Danish princesses who, were sisters. So King Oeoige of England found himself on the same 5,de of the fence as cousin Nicholas of Buwla and fighting to the death'the Germany of cousin William- the Kaiser. Italy, nhlch finally came in on the side of tlifr Allies, had In Victcr Emmanuel a King *ho had married a 1 Montenegrin princess Montenegro was on the side of the Allies, so Uwre was no family clash thei>*. > Rumania placed Its _ royal by Klnj a Bainrian princess. But ' «ho threw herself whole-heartedly Into the c.iuse of the country over which her husband ruled. The . Icat'tyig!, jlieutrr.'i countries, all had dynastic connections with one side or the other. Holland was often suspected by the AJlles ot being a bit -tn the side of Germany. Queen Wilhelmtna's husband was a Gernmi prince. Spain; despite big German busl? ness interests down there and despite the pull ot aristocracy In favor cf Germany, remained neutral. King Alfonso XIII always said the only persons who fnvcred the Allies were the commcn people and himself.-His-wife was nn English princess. 'Sweden, like Holland, was' (U times' thought to lean kraaids Germany. King Gustav's wife wns a daughter of the Grand Duke of Baden.- New Commander of Asiatic Fleet family In a'pecullar posltlotTwheii It threw In »lth the Allies King rerdlnand was a HahenzoHern and eo '.related to the Knlser whose causfi'rie "fought. But, Ferdinand's wife was a Brttlsli princess. SCKAMBUER' WAR LOYALTIES Greece x«niained bene\olentVy neutral toward Germany until Venlzelos drove King Constantine out. Now, Constantlne was related t3 the Danish royal family ^hlch gave tnqthers to Kloj George I DUByQUE, In. (UP)-Oirl bar- of England and Czar Nicholas of tenders' In Ditbuque's 150 taverns Russia But it lias always thought will be outlawed under a local tav- Coustantine was strongly Influenced ern Improvement program endorsed by his wrte, Sophia, vho was a by local 527 of the bartenders' un— ••••• | 01 , The tavern Norway's sympathies were with England. King Hnakon SDtlngs from the DanlsU royal family, so "clisely 1 connected .with"the EiiA and Russian dynasties. And his wife was a sister of King George .Fifth, of England. Barmen's Union Acts To Eliminate Barmaid? sister of.the German Kaiser and an .ardent b:ostcr of the German Bulgaria ca,me in on the side of Germany Czar Ferdinand was the son of a German prince and the husband of a German princess, liesplte his French Bourbon mother, his sympathies were union sent letters to nil operators ' advising them that in the future no girls hired to work behind bars will be admitted to union membership! The union also condemned employment of minors by tavern operators, and serving beer to minors. • TODAY'S PATTERN Know Summertime Cornierl In This New Apron-Frock Appointed commander-tri-chief of U. S. Asiatic flcot, Rear Admiral Thomas C. Hart, sails late in. June to take over new charge. He succeeds Admiral. Harry B. Yarnell. If you cannot turn on your automobile lights, a faulty switch wornout bulbs, discharged battery or a blown fuse may be responsible. BACKACHE,^, LEG PAINS WAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys BY CAROL: DAY Everything about this apron frock is designed for comfort during busy days at home. The waistline is free and easy, because you can make it as loose or as snug as you please, when you tie the saucy sash bows in HIP back "The armholes are plenty wide. The skirt has sufficient width at the hem The V-neckline is sure to be cool It makes your life easier, too. by . the fact that It buttons down the front, and you can spread U flat on the board to Iron It It's such a gay, crisp style to loofc at, too, with its fiare-back- collar, high shouldered sleeves, and bright biaid edging. Percale, calico, gingham and lawn ara practical materials for this design. ^Pattern, 5481 is designed lot. Sizes 12, 14, 1,6, 20, 40 and 42 Size 14. requires 4}« yards of 35-lnsh material without nap; 2 1-3 yards, of braid. .The nety SPRING AND SU.M- MEUxPATTERN BOOK, 32 poses of attractive designs lei every i\m find. e\ery occasion, is now ready Photographs sh ow dresses made from these "patterns being worn; , a feature you will" enjoy. Lei iho charming , |esi§ns ' In this new book^help. you in your sewing On* patfern. antf'the new Sprtog and Summer • Pattern . Book—25 cents l**Uefn or bpok;alone^l5 cents ' For a PATTERN.6f this attrac- • tiit. model send' ISc'in COIN, jour NAME; ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER, 114 SIZE itO, THE COURIER NEWS^TODAY'S^ PATTERN BU; RXAU;"' IQ?"' SEVEftnJ •. AVENUE KCTT XpR£ ?f. Y, ^' - - U oarKive&o irirt lee (jains \ ( « tnaklng you tn»«r«M«. Joo't jii.t coi]ipkin incl Jo nothing ibnul Iticrii. >.«luro may be ^»iain» you tHiit your xitttufs n««\V allcntimi. Tbt l.diieys oce N'Mur,', chitl T,»y of l«kim wen teal, uA polwnou, »„(, „„,•,,( lbe -M osl. P»O|,IB pws about 3 pint! A day or trmu^t or w.iity iinvwim »iih »rvi tiurnms shr>iv» Ihera mny he t wrong Mln your Vitlucya or Wmldcr. If the IS miUa t,r ki.lncy tutnt-ud fiUtis 7v T? rk ."St noB'moiu ««(c mailer >(«ya n the bloo.1. TlirK JIOIJOM lony JLITI n»«gini •licuinatic |»iiu, ' • • ^ UcVv:l l>Mk.cli«. rltcuiintic |i»iiu. ifi psi M , lii o inp anil tiifrsv, fiMna n v „:,(,!,. , v ,.||i nB nuirmejs unJrr I \atfa. lifa<l«ch« «nd Jiiiin«5 Don I: >i»it. .LA your tltumiit lur Drjiin' 1 ilii, iist.l siitw."full.v by niilliohj lor over 1 It—I .' t'-'f >Mt '}>! " Kft »" 11 »«I litl!> lb« 15 miln ol kulpey tubn flush oul poijonou •la!!. Irom U,e LlofliL Gel Doaii', [<j 1, PRICKLY HEAT Skin irritations You can get relief. from sucti discomforts by using Dr. Lcsct^s Powder. U | s soothing, astrtii- pnt nnd effectively relieves the irritation, burning and Itching difcomfort of minor skin trrt- tatlqiis, su lib urn, non-poisonous insect bites, chafing. v- a ll- »)?. prickly heat and diaper rash, Also recommended tor trass and foundation wearers. perspl- ration, burning feet xnd ns a deodorizer, dust powder on feet using snnie amount in shoes nnd you will be <lc- llehtcd with effects.' /\sk for Ur. Lesch's Powder, accept nothing ElS6. Gel Dr. Lesch's Powder :xU Bofttnt Drug Co. 1). Hughes &• Co, Koland's Uoolcry '' THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1930 Scale models at, the Westiriir- ouso. R««>a«b. t. Pil.ut>«i«.h he inschtnis to. a . . p.umro«llin« .1 at.* P. 8<jo. 277 ab "tha 'to square -loch.; , iwo! othej; t«sts are aduiliilstercd at the wine' t;bne. The. test piece l.s Immersed ip a steam bath Inside an electric furnace at a constant temperature of 85Q de^, F.-, W«nW«al will) tlie tem- peravuie yflthin a steam'- turbine. To duplicate the centrifugal force or the tujblne bladts, which often travel atoflno; th^ir sliafts at speeds exceeding - 189 ' jrillcs an hour, the ; SnacliJA«':-anU3, the test, piece/, up-' wafcl with, a« force, of 9.0QQ : pounds by tnean,?. of Isvers antj sprl))g« attached. to. dead weights. , Al KlloigUn, Comiiy Kerry, E»glan.<t, ' ft .tout' Is H'ng Curing n thr6«-day 'fa,ir each year, cpttWietnoraUng ( 01! d^y In wicnt time? when a. so'.al's We»Uug- warncd the vlliaxe ot an approaching ^ my. • ' ' and ASK FQJR YOUR WRESTLING: CQL?RTESY PASS VEAL •' c «,:19' Roast or Stew, Ib. ICc Iw MUTTON K. C. Fancy ' Chops Ib. 15° PORK • Genuine K. C. Kprn Fed |« Shldt. iRqast. Hi. l^^ci Chops Ib ,1™ RFFF PfcLr; Bce( Wilson's ' . Rn'asls Ib. l9c; v - Steak Ib. NECK BONES Pound . '.. .'..;.•'. CHITTERLINGS Pai! . UCON, Sliced' Pound . ..'.. ."... SALT MEAT- ilAc Pound . IU 5 w 20 !: SQUARES Sliced/Ib. ...... liOILED HAM Best,- Ib. -.•;•,•...;;.• SAt/AMI, Cooked Pound. . ... ;.;.... FRYEiRS, :Very F'cy Each '.. . ..........'. 15' 39* 25' 59 Siautiful I7 C SUGAR '..'•. • j'TPc 10 Ihs. ......... ; If CORN FLAKES '• Tc Pkg. G.N; BEANS 10 lb.s. ...... CRACKERS 2 Ibs. .:.... 39 JELLO All Flavors •:'.'. LIPTON'S TEA 4o?..:....,.;. OLEO, Wiitehoiise •I'ic Pouad .;.y.....;;... II CHUM SALMON Can RIPE TOMATOES Fresh Firm 2. Pounds ICc *V SALAD DRESSING .Complcfe Line Van's Sjieeiitl, qt. COCOA, Mothers Full Pound ...... MEAT LOAK Palace, Ib. Can .. MACARONI 2 Boxes ......... TOMATO PASTE 2 Cans ...:../,.. 10° KRAUT •i' Lgc. Cans SARDINES Flat Cans .. MILK Large Cans . SYRUP Vi Gal. ..... 25' 5' 4i c 25' Fresh 2 ' lbs ,| ihs. , 8 lbs, . 25 lbs ' 50 lbs. $3.8!) Cambric Flour None Better Made Ib. Ib. ORANGES S\ve«t:-Juicy Calif. Cc Large Uo^. 29c; JU'd. Du/. GREEN BEANS Stringtcss .<ir Pole - .'! Pounds 10 C Cantaloupes, Jumbo Ice CoW, E«. ..'.... Grapefruit Juice 'Vi Gal. EGG NOODLES 8 oz. '..'...:. OMEGA FLOUR 10 Pounds ......... 15 15 8' KIRK'S HARDWATEU x i CASTILE SOAP, " EKS FREELY, Bar....{iii GUARANTEED FLOUR ShiWcy's Itest 21 lbs. ........... Crystal "White . Cftc 2.4. lbs. •.:.,•..'....V.-V3, Sunshine '•• • • jlflc 24 His.'....,...-. .'.-.'. .*tJ' : Watermelons, Jumbo Ice Cold ... ...... . MEAL', Fresh Cream |ft 10 Pounds . ..... 13 POTATOES, Fey -fgc Pk. 40c; U> His.'..... 13 . :Dpz(;n. IVORY SOAP firg« • nediam 6c 2 for : I5c CRISCO l-'lln-Cans HUftlKO • ";I; II)-! Cartons .. tfRQWiV SUGAR ICc Bulk;- Ib. .',.;.-:;.. ."IV 21 C 39' CARNATION OR PET -.3 Sm, I'Oc; '. ;{ Tall Oflc *W CHICKEN FEED . -' .'.Lay.' i>iash >A,; DAIRY FEED '$!'.;«; in Ulylhcville Groceries, Store No; 1 Try Grpceries & Markets .••We Deliver Anywhere s, .I'Vnits, .Feeds, Notions. WiN'vricasc You .'Signs ND. jl " Ut E. Mata ••• Either 'Cash or ' Weekly VrolH- 320 W. Wiono 231 Sharing-m...'- ' Fl.mitt 761 • FREE Tickets (o Shows or' Swim Pool—Ask Details LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Prices for Friday COMPLETE QMS'STOP FOOD Prices for Friday and Saturday STORES and Saturday PEACHES Rosedale or Ruby No. 2 Can 12!c Tomatoes or Corn "L 2 5k GRAPEFRUIT COFFEE • , / I 1 '-" \jUll t-IC, JU, ••• [APPLESAUCE gjj^j Juice 47 oz. Tin 12c Chase & Haiibovn '/.Ib. Can Me; Ib. SNOWDRIFT TEA Peubody 14 Ib. Pk K . "" M Free'Cut Glass Biytheville Baking Co. WHEAT NUT IiliEA ' ) ,, r 12 KARO PECAN ROLI L if Dressing HONEY jv '" ci<roni 23 € I FMAM ••"'Vll Mmle °f l>ure Lemon Juice, Each Lemons 15c ORANGES Sunkist Dozen 15 ASPARAGUS Bunch 7 APPLES „„, 15 WHITE SQUASH Pound CUCUMBERS Hot Weather SPECIAL Pride of j Q n Memphis, Qt. IvC 3c JIWKET PIMENTOS .,„,.«„ r MATCHES A tic hoi- Box n fc JEWEL OIL '"' Qt. . .. .17c 1 School Oirl Pickles, ;j for.. Philadelphia' Cheese, Pkjr. '.. LUNCH MEAT Assfd., Ib. Sour or IP BOILED HAM •W Pound . . Tic BAKED ,HAM BACON Black Huwk or Kind OH Cudahy's Puritan Ib. GROUND BEEF Pure Lb. 15c CHEESE Sunlight 2 Lbs. 39e PORK LIVER.; ,... L b. lOc fancy Sliced Pound OLEO Pound 12 ROYAL PUDDING , 13 JELLO , FREEZING MIX 2 Cans For CORN FLAKES 5 PALMOLIVESOAP,,v17 ; SOAP 11c 3 'Vor Lurge Can 5!c Soap 3 for lie Beef Kindless ' Ciidahy's Puritan Thick Rib 11>. 18c Shoulder clod Ib. 22c MOCK CHICKEN , 25 LAMB PATTIES ">?,!23 ICE CREAM SALT 7 PEAS Miss-Co No. 2 Can 5' SALT Square Box 2 U OCTftGOHSOAPi:a5e',S!;c Mustard ^ 8c CRACKERS Pound Grape Juice Rosemary Pint 14c qt. 25c SUGAR DOMINO 10 Ib. Cloth Sack 50c DOMINO If) Ib. Paper S;ick 47c Tea Peerless 9 o/.. Hox 22cf EANUT ISUTTER Pint 12s Quart 21c

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