The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 5
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: MONDAY,' NOVEMBER':17l': 1930 H AKK j/ got i'raditional Meeting of Two Schools Furnishes Some Stubborn Battles. By CLAIUE £UKCKV JiEA Service Sports Writer 111 the days-since Fair Harvard wns founded'the Lowells and Cab- ots have thinned out, but the youths who come in fresh each fall from Milton and Exeter are soon taught by Crimson upper classmen thai Veritas means 'To Hell With Yale. 1 : It matters little to sons of Harvard that Army, Dartmouth and Michigan trod their aristocratic brogans, or that little Bill and Mary stieaked out of the stadium with a tie eamc a few weeks.ago The main .objective in Harvard'? annual: football drives seems to be the final game ot the season—because that game always is will Yale. . .. No tlireats were made agains Coach Arnold Horween a year ago and no effigies of the Crimson tutor were burned in spile of insults from Dartmouth, Army and Michigan elevens. Ben Ticknor • saved all that when he grabbed Albie Booth by the slack of his jersey, auU Harvard won 10 to 6. • • • "Boola, Boola" and -"Bulldog, Bulldog, Bow-Wow-Wo\v." Yak songs that cnn't be crooned, almost went to the dogs in favor of "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover." And thai historic Yale fence on which the immortal Walter Camp sat in molc- Eklns for his photograph also came near forming the background for tuxedoes Uudv Vallee, saxophone tucked where football should nestle. A Yale disaster was averted in •-the nick of lime, thanks to Albie Booth. Booth and the Yixlc line have played to success this season, if one discounts the lusty greeting Albie was afforded by three Army tack. lers as lie emered the Cadet-Eli 'contest a • few weeks ago. The team recovered well after the Georgia wreck and has been only slightly dented since by strong Army and Dartmouth teams. And the damage to little Albie has been repaired. The Blue forward wall, and it ir that wall that .has .given Booth his many starring chances,'is a'finish' ed product :by Adam : Walsh, captain of Notre Dame's eleven of the original "Four Horsemen."- From end to end—and that means from Flygare to Wilbur to Hare to Loes- cr to Linehan to Vincent to Barres —the Bulldog line ranks with the strongest in the east. • » * Yale probably will be a popular favorite' "when the opening kickofT- IE booled before the ' bowlful • Nov. 22. Results of games each team played with Army and Dartmouth favor the Blue by about one touchdown. The fact that Harvard will have an "under-dog" complex should offset this edge, if any. Yale does hold one advantage over the Crimson, however. While Harvard was calling on all her resources in the Michigan game, a company ot the Blue griddcrs in- cludini looked on from the stands. They exhibited well-filled notebooks when they reported to Coach Mai Stevens -after the trip to Cambridge. . __ by W11UAM BPAUCJP_ Temblors In California I do not know Arlliur-M. Arlell, edttor-ln-chlef of the Unlvcrslly of California campus publication, The Dally California!!. But it this de,- jinrlincnL ever should ho converted from "Hooks nnd Slides into "Tin- Question isox," surely wo wolild fcnO .for Mr. Arlell and offer Ijhn n fi'.L contract. ' ' ' Mr. Arlell Is the champion endurance questioner'of the wayld fallowing the recent disaster to (he California team, a 74 'to 0 defeat at the linmls o[ Southern Cnllfor.- nia, Mr. Arlell waxed whal yoi m 1 g hi cull slightly querulous AmoiiB other things he asked; "Has California a competent coaching stall? Does the, head coacl (Nibs Price), though being n Ciitl- forntan, a (jood sport and a lor- mcrly successful assistant codch, Justify Iho payment of a large salary, or should Hie associated sUi-. dents hire n good sport who lias been a succwisful head coach,' 10- Ciirdle?s ol his nlumnl Blllllatlons? On the Outside—Looking In "DY .DUKE" When It Rains I follow ill Ihe path of his older bro- Old Man John W. Upssl threw thorn this season and has only two passes, muffled plays, made left to play with the Mar- niinldy and raised cain in general oon and While. Saturday with the resullr that \Kfi- j dictions in this column last' week- were subjected to Ihe most dcvnst- Ing louch for a touchdown. Both farflu/pll teams were on their toes'all of the - *""«"»«:" game and no sensational gains were LOS6 to Monette Team made by cillier team. Very few fum- ',._ blcs were made, considering a hur- CARDWELU Mo-The "I'uz- ricdly picked team with no prac- zlm ., Car(hvcll . s mde| ,cndcnt ^^..ES^J L f *.5* 1?".^ "«!>'" "»'". *»l H* first game of much satisfied .with the game and ,„,,„. s( , (>50n ' . ( ° Apparmlly They Are Good ' California students rallied to aliug fire of the season. And the protest, criticism of Coach Nibs O. M.'s aim was certainly good. Out of a total of 24 games which . demanded a return game In ' the | scorc of 27 . g to MollcUc R ° & Monette. The "Puzzlers" were ico:ganl/.ed for the season lust week, with Everett Harrison as manager. The team this year lias .several new members. The squad Is future. The most outstanding player of Portageville was L. Largent, quarterback, and of Hayti, B. Carey, rmarlcrback. Ijargenl's generalship were forecasted, 16 wins, were res- heat California 14 lo 0, California istered correctly, seven verc turn- was beaten by the "bi'et profession- cd upside down and one game was al learn In the country." 1 Joe O'Goolty arises to state that the score doesn't loot very ama- was excellent and his end runs-net- | composed this year of Charles ted several yards lor Portageville. Mickey, "Chickic" Grossman, Dnn- I Carcv ealned vardaae several times: aid C. Herrln, Titlman Hull, John R. Mnnn, Hubert M. Wilson, liich- ard Lockard, Tobe Khisey. Price the other day, and declared that when Southern California. | Carey gained yardage several times! but his punling was unexcelled.ami amazed several of the" opposing lean;, by punting over (he safety's lead and beyond their goal posts. ticd. The group ,.,„;..„. Auburn (S)' to beat Miss. Aggies l eurls ". a t thai. . "cieoreia (0) to beat Tulane (25).I Thanksgiving Game Assured Fordham (12) to beat St. Mfiry's D P finltc assurance was given by (20). Harvard (0) to beat Holy Cross (27). Coach Henry Hudson this morning that Ihe Cliickasawi will play a .Thanksgiving gajze here. Pitt (7) to beat Ohio State (16). I Th . e ch ^ menor, said he was Vnnderbilt (0) to beat Tenne^es' >' ot Prepared just yet lo say what team will be brought here but that, T. C. q. (0)' lo beat T,?xas(7). The. lie game: Nebraska (0) (,0) to beat Missouri Wait!—There's Still a Craig a game with a strong team will be n Turkey Day feature. •' Hope, was held out for a while that possibly Fordyce would consent to come here'withoul the big guarantee, usked earlier, but Ihe J. T. Craig, star quarterback of 1 Redbugs couldn't see it that waj the Blytheville Chickasaws, will 05 eligible lo play again next year. Just *hcn It looked like Blytlic- ficad Courier News Want Ads. Alwut "Is the salary paid because of the school attended or the Job lo lie filled? if California were lo hire someone cko to coach, would he be able lo do any. better with the material nt hand?-Is n.pioporllon 1 ate amount of good malterlal coming to California?• H ,lhere. U lack of It In nn InstllutUon of this size what is Ihe reason? Should we begin subsidizing in'an cllorl to regain our pinnacle . position, or should we 'go after' those who ; subsidize? "As a mailer of fact, who does subsidize? Who can find out who .subsidizes? And.' having found oat, who has the spirit and courage to say so In open meeting?" I'rolcstlng the I'ratesl It goes itloiis like Ihat for a long while. Then students" hold .a protest meeting. Then there is another protest meeting, to protest the protest and declare Ihnl. if Nibs Price Is fhcd, the learn will go on strike. •:• • -••• . :•• "..-•• ••' vVsf r:r j isf :.;•'->=>.V.''. •J.'-r-M;':;, "—eight, nine, leu—and. ouli" In one minute and six seconds of the first round of Jiig.match.wllli 1,'ony Canzoneri, Al Singer had lost Ihe llghlttVlght, championship,of the iWOrld, and .heris'you see him flatlened on Ills lacs os : Rcfcrce McAvoy counted lilm ; out.; : Singer hiul entered the ring in Madlwii Square .Garden, New York, a 3 to I fuvorilc, bill. 10,000 fans cheered wildly as he went down under a leff hook from the popular llltle Brooklyn r *)oxer.. Note In thU picture that Singer is rubbing the tjack of hU> neck., He tried to rise as the count ended, fell. back and was completely ..dazed' -for come time .• :.- ", ' afterward. ,. ..".."- After Ihat .some more meetings. Southern Cniifornla's football-team is labeled "the best .professional team in the United States.".. I Your correspondent doesn't- know Ihe reply to all of Mr. •' Arlctt's burning questions". Hut it seems to inc quits n few of them can bdnn-, swerctl by the simple v statement that Howard Jones .has, one of .the greatest teams thls'.ycar-jhc .ever, has coached, while it Is "an oH year" at CaliJornla: Things like this have^happened ' 'before It) .,varlou«. parts of the !courUr'y,' : 'several times' among Ihe Big 'Three ol Harvard, Princeton and Yale'. .'.'".' I don't 'think'it|« ansycr.- Is 1n Ihe. cqachiug,- In 192.8 'Kn\iie- ; Rockne's ,learn 'lost four .important fcamcs.. H Is platitudinous that.'you can't always,haye a .winner, .... and we don't blame Ihcm. Loca school officials decided that the $500 guarantee necessary to ' bring as viliehujh was to witness ?the pass- 1 Fordyce lure. Thanksgiving . was ing of (he Craigs" this year, word ' J«st to big a rLsk wlnlc (jic Pcfl- came from Little Rock Saturday , bu gs naturally believed that the that the Arkansas Athletic Associ- I state champions ought to command ation has Ml aside a rule limiting i ^ ch a Buaranlee for a Thanksgiv- the term of competition which was game- to go into effect-in January. The state organization will P Oft 326 VI 11 6 All-Stars stick "by the four year rule it has- '..,?, ,. T n ft n been uang instead of further limit- j and Hay II leatn UTAYf U-U in<r tlin term of competilion. So just when it appeared Ihat . HAYTI, Mo., Nov. 17.— The Hnyti . the "lasl of the Craigs," was to be All-stars and the Portageville All- Booth, Linehan and Loeser I forced out cl the Chicks' line-up « ( ar t battled to a scoreless tie yes' with' only three, years of compel!- ferday afternoon before a large tUm WG learn ihal there will still be 'crowd. Both sides had the tall in a "Craig" with Blylhevillc another | dangerous territory several times year. Pete Craig, of course, will but were unable to put that finish- BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafer I/ , AWDCAHIN6 9.GMMS FOR I). OF PlTtsBuRGU FbR MORE WUEM HE RN4 THE - KtCKOFE BACK, 09VARDS Chesterfield Cigarettes art manufacture LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co. s sureness of aim that counts! PRECISION and skill play their part in cigarette making, too. You can set no higher standards for a cigarette than Chesterfield's own. Chesterfield employs every approved method of refining and improving cigarette taste — and neglects none that will contribute to and safeguard its uniform excellence, purity, mildness and better taste: MILDNESS— the wholly natural mildness of tobaccos that arc without harshness or bitterness. BETTER TASTE—such as only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. MILDER

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