The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 7
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line" for 'consecii live insertions: One time per line KH Two (lines per line per day Three ; Mines per line.per .day Six tlmes.;per llnft.pcr'.day... Month, rat?,.per line. ....'.. Cards,of Thanks Me- u, lvy i ,.,;. Mininmni cl'iiirge 50c Ads ordered for three, or six • times and slopped before explra- • tioii will be charged for the nuni- •firr of imie.s the udd appeared mul ••.nijiistmein. of bill made. A All classified Advertislue copy iiibmiltcd by persons residing outside of, the city must, lie accompanied by rash. Rales limy Uc easily computed from , above law?. Advertising,ordered for irreKUlnr Insertions lakes the one lime rate. No .responsibility \vill bp taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Newly decorated 3 aparlmenl. Very Chickasawna. Four room house. Cull next door. HARRY HAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good- Food" at 'Guud Pikes All Kinds Seu Kootl ' Kf«sh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 2Gc HARRY 'BAILEY'S .HWIanH/.Mo; Phones' ! S-F'-4 & S78 HI ore building, tiood repair. South . Lilly. CicorgiH Frank, Box 33 Slcclc. n-k-Xl Coal Sly C.lal Is Illack But 1 Treat You While. LOCAL HA'ULING ,!u!m' Buchaiiun KlythcviUe, Ark. I'hoiic 107 Service Complete' Xine Of ' PARTS; ' TUBES, B'T Hardaway Appliance Co. 1 WEUNEk • \ : I'lioni- X L HENRY Main ,t stli. • apartment, ncwlv dwj- 103 W. Kentucky.' phone lK-pk-3-1 .OflC Me ruled. • C5C 883. .We room apartment, 121! K. Davis. 1'rlvale balh. Private water and light meter. Servant house. Call m, Mrs. C. S. Pullcr.wii. Sli-pk-tti room house with iia'll ami l>:uii. tcth niul iipurn. $1200. Terms, wl'' posses* ton. I). Hniu- Tom Ijlttic Chevrolet Co. Holly St.! . W-ck-ao Used brlek, Lumber. K .V. Ulrd Conslrudloi! Co. NCIV Kress lildi;. room misoimblc. 717 i3-'jk-2 HOT Call house. Mrs., .c. A. Taul. B-J or M'j-J. at-cV-1'5 Weil arranged, newly decorated. •!room apartment, UitfurnisiiM. ['rival? balh. 1123 Ash, nli-mr 503-W. 21-ck-il Coinfdrlaule nut. Call bediooin, 102. 1017 Wsil-. i9-eh-if furnished room*. Reasonable Phone 91-J, ;«a No. lilh. n-uki Comfortable bedroom for ffetiile- man. Phone CT-j. call al 025 '• M»'n. n-ck-3-n Jreping rooms Imnishcd. Plenty licit water. 11,0 S. Division St. ' 17-pk-JJ Three-room furnished apartment, 713 Chickasuivbii. E. M. Rilon. IS-ck-ll'. Nicely I'ltrnishcd .bedrooms. Htewin heat. MO. . Convenient to ^ _ Nicely f urnidied stcandieutcd i;oom. fi03 \V. Alain, call 0 . 15-tk-3-15 l>cd- ComforJable licdrooni adjoining ball). Gcnlleman only. 113 \V. Main, phone tiOii-W. 1-ek-ll 3 or rent Jiarty. room iiirniihcrt apartment, reasonable lo permanent '.!0'J W. Kentucky Wionc 40 Acres Innd. Require slock, tccci, tools. D. n. Garner. Arinorel. DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furnished apartments. Private baths, call 280. ' 26-cJc-tf Rood flooring and luiuber clieap. Mrs. Henry Reldiiinn. , lIj-Dk-3-l'j Mviiig room, bedroom tuul kitchen furniture. Slove.s. Phone 912-J Wr.s. Belvio Mprrta ,ir. H-ek-a-s Curkc llardWiirc llslure.s for .sui-j, Ho.\ ••)!", Courier News. - l-K'k-3-H MULES FOR SALE ELTAIPLEMENT CO. Uiiy—.Soybeans—On I;; Heed Corn—Milch Cow.-i And True lor Work, fc'cv W. I,. Tiile, Arinorol. Ark. Complete 10 volume set of Slau- dnrd Reference Hooks wllli loose leaf binder. Call 2M or '192. lu-lu-fa Cedar I'osls, I'J'-c each. Jell M. Jonc.s, Ul. a, Simthville, Ark. V:u:ni| |.ij|s lor SHlo Under (he new Federal Housing . .111 you can buy. one of Ihcsc beautiful lots and build ymir hotne. A nice comer lot on l-llli & Main size 7, r > frotil. luo led long $1000 Two bciinliful lots corner 2nd ,fc Kentucky Sis 5750,00 One lot 00 by 100 N 2nd SI S400.00 One lot at No. 110 K. Davis $450.00 Two Beautiful Shaded Lois corner. Madison fc Holly $050.00 Two lots on Park SI, near 11-W 61... cadi $225.flO for terms, \V. M. Burns W. M. Burns, Agency I'ltOtll! 21,'i Clnituc Hold S A V .. Till' To|> of Your I'liuilturc With alass •All dcj-lgiis cut- fc linislicd. CAL1, US Hlylhcvilli- 1'alul A Wallirtj.n I'lioiH' 880 .. Ill K. Co •Jnd Wanted Man willi cur. Good Joli.. .Al.-o ,' llt , J waul Musicians. Apply JGia W.I HI,,,. Main HI. L'2-nk-lM 1 :.,„ ..TT'i ; }\). N 1) p l 1 (! K ' ' ' --. iMlninoiUnry .yi Ihc _.. llilx' .oj olio Uindbcin-, dm'iiscd were Rrailed lo Ihc undmlKiici nil the l-lllv. duy o[ .lunuiiry, loan, by tlio r>rob;ilc Cowl of Ihc UlilckuMiivbu nisli'ii'i ol, Mtiislsslii- pl County. ArkniiHis. All persons, lui viiiu duliu.i 1 Mild cslale mu leqitiri'd Ui llii'iu properly autliciill- lor ;.i!ownni:t> it, the undcr- a:. eMcniliix ol said eslalo flit 1 <'iid of one year -{roin I'UKSCKIPTION DRIIOGIST A is'i'' • " " riiunc HI KOOIH and 1 - i > x-".'iito:vlil)> upon siild cri '(I i! MII.II I'lninii lie not i; •'d Hiov mil br forcvci 1 bin Strain Mealed 803 W. Ahli. KWIll Ijouicl MA'ITII.' MKADHUHIIY. of ilv: ,Vj|| .. A t.'i nir •, ,\((;,' i. Batteries KATTtiitv SI-;KVK;I; J. Ben Chin* 1 i HaU-Iicry Baby Cliicks PUBLIC HATClllNti. Murllyii Ilnlclicry. Blythc.yille. Ark.. IN TI1U DISTRICT COURT OV • THE UN1TKU STATES KOH THU JONKHHOHO UJVIHfON Ot' THE KASTEliN D1STR1C1' OF ARKANSAS. IN THE IMAUTii'Ii <J1'' MRH R GOULD. .BIA'THKVILLIS, AUK In. (lankniptoy No. 10^7. NOTIQE OF HEAKJNCi ON J'f- T1TION; FOIJ niSCHAJUil-; ' IN B/WKHUP.TOV. Notice, is hereby ylvcn thai \v- Hllqn. for -discharge hn,s bcra )ilr,| by above . named bmikrup!. aiul (he snini! will l;e heard in il;r Unilcd Blalrji Court Hooin ; it. l,ii- tle..R<ir^. ArRniiMis, on M;,ivh 'la Idas, at ill a.m. Al .Jojicstbro. ArkaiiHis. r'cbnuiry '2'2, IOM. C. WULL1NIX. in I'olifc HIJS- KvhU-uiT f-'AN I ItANClyco icui'i, -I>ir:,er- yulloi, <u cyUcncc. vvlien it roiuo.s lo ilencli bainljs. no |<m ( ;ei- will tic ' ' • "'icii in Ineiil eoitrlii. in two iivcni rase.s where im eliwl «'iis made (o hold them lor evi- ilcniT, thiir jirereni-i' nol only loreed (he pohee oilleers to have Hielr iitiiiorms deodorized Ijut oven mteruuttccl |»Ht-e biwlness. FARM LOANS • ISOO «nd.'pt ' Aikausus aud niiwoart LOMTSI ratt*— luwc^l' Also city properties DON H. KASSERrVJAN Tliunus Lnud.Co. Oillco P. O. Box 470. Phono 521. WAITED ' CORN " l '' J ' StiYUKANS So, U.K. SI. lllylhcvlllr, Atli, Maiden Grain Co. \('i OA'Ku-m.: : 'Ai«n( 1'liutic 555 :.,, ;s \x\iii I! AM. 'JIBED"TO' VASH'STAH'!-; INSPECTION.'. v - '•' 5 Phone 802 Hemorrhoids-i'iles CUHKD WITHOUT SL1RGKRY '& (JUAKAN'I'KKU Nsfr, nurd tni' with Ii'»i dlscomfnrt. illw^isrs ami condition!! of nerv^ui cured nt oui tllnlc. ..... . ,:: ...|, • foot ailments and skin cinceri (rented and Visit inn- motluni |);ii(s & at'i'i'ssnrii'.s hlort 1 .' Ucrt yuit Mill 'find J overylfiliiK on dis'i>juy C.-EVJWS ; Box. 604 lilylhevillu, Ark/ DLilrlcl Manager HAMILTON TKUST tVNU Bponsorcd By . Hamilton Depositors Corp.' i i -i '••••• •;•!. 4i mf ' Service Sfatiori ahH Cafe ll l."idfnr jinimk< nf [)tcv, .WJne, (ilus ,.. ,. CVtrdJals Coal — l)i;AI,i;it IN Hay 1 _• & _ VMU. ITIII.IJl'S ati (1,\S 13!4o 'I'. CUiAKKTiKS'- 'i |ik. 2r>« or . ?1.15 ; per t'arloii 24 Hour Service II, W. U), PliVn'e 17 ilollinii, Mo, loe»ted at ioi. : NOith Ktcona . MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE PIJREAU ' ItON F.D WARDS, All ninkrtr.of.RkbiilH TjrpcwrUtrs.'Addlnif Machines «n( ",' , (,'alciilaliirs— lltiiairiiis— 1'a'tn Nicely furnished room entering in to Viatli. ImicrKpring mallress. Will pivc :i niciils 11 day. Call ti^ti. SIS Chickasa'.vba. 20-da-aa Purnlslind comfortable bedroom. 513 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf One... comfortable bedroom, i. Kir^y's "Active Liver Pills * Arouse Sluggish Livers RcIlBTeB tilllomneiis, con>ll|i>r.<iii nrti hf«4»<:hes. AtliTe Liver Pilla get at tbf ^e ^.'.e»^5e ot your filaggishacBS &riu niakB ynn feel lihe B new 'person. Hid *cnr eyetem of inrplus uoiBona *'<th ActiTC Mver PDIj. Haru'lejj. eanl'lo. Hold at >ll Klrbj -nnie Hlorei. MEN OLD AT -iO! GET PEP. New Ostrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw O3 p ster ini'igoralors and other -slinmlants. One dose utarls ne'.v pep. Value $1.00. «peciiil price 8Dc. Call, write Klrby Bros. Drug Stoic ... Mrs. S. Holly, . -ir B.I Sternbcrg, 084. Fon iid Leather folder with u keys. Owner, can have same by paying cost of this ad. Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can have same by paying cost of lliis ad. Courier News. Metal key ring with ia near High School. have tame by paying nd. Roman Landmark HOKrZO.VTAtT 1 Hugo amphiT Ihealer ruins standing in'.. !> Meadow. • If Slav-shaped flower. •.:. •11 An exploit. 13 Mongrel. M Upright ,. ir. inicu -•>&•>£' 17 Exists. 19 Preposition. -0 U was ; built by ^^—arid Tjliis about fl.O: A. D.. . 2:i Postscript. 25 Half... • n Converts into null. 28 Auditory. 30 Social insect. 32 Dyestuff. 33 Sneaky. 34 To pacify. 37 Those who rnaul. '0Musical note. « To' drink » slowly. . "Answer to Previous Punic 14 Electric uuil. •15 English coin. •(7 Heslrictcd. . r )0 War flyer. fit File. 53 Member of. a roi'ing tribe, 5-1 Verbal. 55 Numeral termination. 57 To soak flax. SB To ring, as a. bell. 59 It about 11 .(515x510 feet' in riiadc fiOll is par- VERTICAL 2 Sal tot oleic acid. 3 For fear Iliat. '1 Grain. fl South America. 6 An adventure. V Wages. 8 Embryonic tissue. - s fought its nrcna. DRS, Oslropathlo . FbyBlclaiii I' hone 1 88 ' ' COBB FUNERAL HOME' '—-rrt^-vV-fr--V} -*» lU ' ! ''' ''!''.','"' ' : ' .'' 5AV.' WHAT'S THIS MOBOOIN WO MV THRONE ROOM WHO ARE ALL THESE FOLKS? ; " HA1K5HII2.TS? HMvw BE MORE LIKE.IT/ir-WO.VJOER JU5T WHAT KIMPA SHIE75 THEY'LL BE AFT£F^ 1 -AFtER.'WE TAKEN 'EM V TO TH' CLEAWIU'VOU ALL HAVE 607 HEV.'MVQOSH, OUEEM UMPA- VOU'RE 6UPP05ED 70 ACT" • AND HER BUDDIES \T (V BOX MUCH MOW..-.! OO " i$Y ROY: CRANK' ... A FINE KETTLE TURNED OUTfOF MvVQWM BOV IS A STRUGGLE TO ONE'S WOiVIDUALITy,.SKAUSf I LOVE THE 6000 OLD OAY&, WHEN WE , E ^ eEFREE VAGABONDS, . WIFE 1& JEALOUS —SHE PICKS A MIGHT -LIKE TWS TO SEND.ME VAGA90MWNG TRVlNij JO CGUSH BUT WE'LL SHOW 'ER,:TyBBSV KRKCIOKSANI) HTS 1 WHAT ARE' You Doiwa HERE:, MR. SCUTTLE CA^E T6 DEMAMD SPME MEASURE OF REmjRM ; [=bR THE tower-YOU HOODNVIWkED E OUT OF !> You. ME IP BELIEVE WAS OIL OW THAT PROP : ETPTV I'D LEASED ....i THEM V^-JEM I THE PROPERTY BACK ; FOUWD WO IMDICA- • TIOM OF OIL ! I'D'SAV THAT COMES UWDER * MR.SCUTTLE:, COMES BETTV/EEM US,YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO DOCK.... IT HAS'BAD ;/ THE HEADIWG OF "TOO BAD'-' PAY, YOOKIG MAW AMD MARK tT V/ASW V MY FAULT YOU V/ERE TAKE THAT LAMD BACK AWD'MAkE A MJLLIOKJ ' IGDistinclivo theory. 15 Sister. 20 Climbing plank. .21 Like air. 22 Voided'law' tmlry. 233.1416. 24Mclal clip•. pings. 26 Geographical drawing. 29 Ore launder.' 31 Dress suit coat end. 33 Brought legal sail. 35 Sea robber.' 36 To revolve. 35 Inspired reverence. 39 To revoke. 42 Verses'. •ISTowarrt sea. •18 Greater in number. •10 To make T>0 Arabian. 52 Footlike parL 54 Over.

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