The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 7<J. — . ™ E ™™^T NEITOPAPER-OP NOR-n^-ABKANBAft *»n a™-.™ .^"."T ^ ^ "" * » O Blythcvlllo Courier HlyllievDIe Herald Sub Committee In Approval Of New Tax Bill For 1939 Mississippi vnlloy lender niyllievlllo Daily News and The bill will-be reported to Uie * full committee tomorrow and prol obly reach lhe house floor Mon day. The measure, embodying tax d e /MODS jwevlously agre»d will br • • " unon Robert; L. boughton of die and means committee in addition to the 18 vw v7d?°"' te lax tllc mras '"' e 1. Extension cei i -pro . scheduled mte for two vears n in nuisance axe! lo expire June 30 cenl "° ta 2 provision for opeialng losse. for th to be earned over ears to give business a chance to charge losses against profits for lax pur- ree years .•<. Provisions permltlin corpoi'- ntlons In unsound financial condition to redeem their bonds at less than par without that redemplion being considered a taxable incpme The tax bill was approved as the house resumed its debate on the -51.710,000.000 relief afproprlations for the fiscal year 1010. As debate ..began Representative Albert En gel condemned Works Progress Administration "waste and cxtrava gance" as "mile less than a crime against the taxpayer " Earlier tiie president had conferred with WPA Administrator P. C. Harrington and NYA Director Aubrey Williams on 'their relief bill. The two administrators asked Mr. Roosevelt for aid in speeding congressional action before ' the July 1 deadline. The senate,' meanwhile, sent to conference the controversial Norris amendments to the Tennessee Valley Authority act designed to finance piirchnse of the Tennessee Electric Power company by the TVA. . - -, and Caruthersio Die June 30 nociTjiinc is. WP>Gov Bailey today set June 30th as the execution date for Bubbles Clayton nnd Ji m Blytheville negroes lhe i 1935. <. Cnrnthers, convicted of woman in had exhausted every Ic recourse lo save (he nesjrac when Ihc U. B. dish-let clerk's o, Hcc here received n mandate froi he U S. supreme court, orderin hnl the executions be carried ou The Heat's On AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU tANSAS, TIIU11SDAY, JUNK If,, IS.'jfl Washington 8 York Cotton - NEW YORK, June 15 (OP) _ ' Co_tton. clQsed, barely steady. ••-•-~ open high- low close' "' Jul._-„..",,•._., 926- Oct. .: 840 Bee. ... gig Jan 805 Mar 799 May ....... 794 -027 840 820 807 802 798 923 840 813 805 793 787 840 813 803n 793 787 10. Spots closed nominal at" 987, off New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 15 (UP) —oolton futures closed sleadv lo- day, off 3D t o 35 cents open high Jl 'l 929 929 Ocl -- 851 852 Dec 826 820 •Jan si7a 814 Mnr BOSH 801 Spots closed changed. quiet a bnle. lav.' close 924 924 818a 833 814 804 796 lln- 823 814 804 7flli nt 94S Expect To Finish Laying Concrete By First 0 July Laying of concrete on the two pproachcs to the new overpass ver Highway 01 at Yarbro am rectlon of protection rails is ex- ected lo be finished shortly aUci uly 1 for the final work nn the rojcct which will eliminate risco railroad crossing and two ad curves at a point, four miles i orth.of here. Despite the excessive rains „ the spring and summer, the work has continued rapidly and concrete has been poured during the past two .weeks. If the entire job is not finishetr-by July- '4, If will be suffl- Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 15. (UP)- Fenrs over the outcome of the far eastern situation today brought the heaviest decline into the stock market since April 8 AT&T , 58 j, B . Annconda Ccpper 21 l~tt Associated DO "" 7,2 Beth Steel 54 5~a Boeing Air | "," 21 3-4 Chrysler 81 ',. 4 Cc=a Cola .' ,27 3.4 General Electric 341-2 General Motcrs 431-4 Int. Harvester 511-4 Montgomery Ward 49 N Y Central 14 Packard o Phillips .. '•.. ,k Radio.......;.;'.; I Schenley .. .' !3 Simmons .. ...........*., 22 1-8 SocMiy Vacuum .. •" 11 •> 4 Standard Oil N J ..'."" 42 Texas Corp ... 33 U S Smelt ...'.'.'.'. <; n u ssieei^. ;:;;;;; 4 ^ ,. 4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., ji mp 15 (UP)—How: 8,500 Top, 6.50 170-230 Ibs., li.40-6.45 HO-IGO Ibs., 5.50-5.75 ' Bulk sows, 4.60-5.40 Catttle: 2,400 Steers, 7.50-9.00 Slaughter steers, 7.00-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.75-900 Slaughter heifers, 7.00-9.75 Beef cons, 5.75-6.75 Cutters nnd lew cutters, 4.25-5.50 .cjently, near /completion that it may-be used for traffic oh ; Mint date and thereafter, according to P. Douglas, resident, engineer of (he state highway department who is representing the state in this work. The regular concrete paving is Ming, laid in 50-foot joinls for the three-fourths of, n mile approaches on either side of the railroad overpass. Rails for the approaches nre of metal and those on the over>ass nre of concrete as the dan- ;er of striking Ihem is. so much ess on the'Strnlght overpass than on the slopes, it is said. There nre from 25 to 30 men employed now', .with a payroll at $200 per day, in an effort lo com- )Iete the work in lime for lhe holi- iay Ira Iflc. Ornamental designs nt the two lends of the overpass which evnor's Action In Naming County Judge Ends Controversy , All niieertnlnty over Judge s. J, Gladlsh's occupancy of (he ofllcc or Mississippi coiinly judge apparently vanished yesterday with the appointment of Jiidgc hlndish E S B 11 T" &Kcfi£C1 ' |J V G OV. Coi I What many lawyers had believed «'»s R vacancy resulted last week when judge N elli Kiiiough nt the direction of tiie slate supreme court entered a circuit court Jml E - ncnt nt O.sccola which hnid Hint luniclpai Judge Doyle Henderson of Blythevllle and not judge Gladlsh was the legal nominee of lie Democratic parly lasl Ai: S usl While some doubt exlsled after Judge Klllough's" action us To whether the judgment noted as nn Immediate onsler or not there was a genera] conciirreiicc among attorneys that an appointment by the governor under the terms of a. coHsliliilioiml amendment acloplcd last fall would Immediately and effectively nil (he office. By virtue of his neceplance of cue governor's appointment Judae Glttdish will serve until Jnnuarv 1 1311 but will not he eligible 'for re-election. However he was serving a "second" term when the i gh court ruled hist month thai. :ils nomination was void and thai he was therefore not the Ic^al lominee of Ihe parly in the go",,. eral election In November ~ Judge Henderson, though successful in liis appeal to Ihe sup- •cme court, from an adverse lower court judgment upholding Glart- sh's nomination, was not an np- Jllcani for (he appointment because of the constitutional prohi- Sail Tonight, Tired But Pleased, For Kng- land picture of that, better-bui not enough boUcr ^ ^ CE Scr of^ aim npparenlly needs a, bllof interior cooling, too appointee bition against, such an ucceecling himself. Judge Oladish expressed satis- action at the governor's nclion in ppointing him. It wn s understood hat he .had given assurances of ubstnntial if not drnslic economies n county financial affairs In an ffort to strengthen the county's •nonetary position during (he (cm- f:bis r----' ' '" ' Trying To Buy 300,000 les But Morgen'tKaii Opposes Sale WASHINGTON, June 15 (UP)— General Francisco Franco's Spanish government Is trying to purchase 300,000 bales of American cotton through the Exnort-Iiiipovt Bank, but I., belnfr Secretary of the Treasury Henry Mor- geiithaii, Jr., informed sources said todny. FOR01 Says-Opponents Of Third ; Term. Are Without \ Logic : WASHINGTON, June 15. (UP)_ Secretary of interior Harold Ickes declared today that opponents of h tli rd lerm for Prcsldcia noose- VcIt based their arguments ori. po- (uicnl hokum .without, lo^lc ! Ickcs outslandlnf administration IIAUKAX, N. B., June ID (UP)n J? P™ 1 ' 8 " toUI c ' ll '""la' nml the Willed Stales In a farewell speech today lhat they wcul pa tern to nil men of how nnllons shoiild^eUier" Ending their irlnmphlnl l) 127- miie ylsll lo Ihe- now woild-lhe nrst thiw In history 0,nt i signing Brills h KovcrelBiis loiiclied the soil or lho wMlern hemlsphctc-llie King am) queen expressed their Uie mllllolis thoy have seen .nml-u-cro seen by and countless other well wishers The king first addressed his subjects In Canada nnd Ihcu added' I go home with another Ihougia tylilch is comfort and nn inspiration. Prom the Alluntlc to lho Pacific and from Die tropics to the arctic- lies n large pn'rl of Ihe cnilli SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS* dPWv ~ • Tension Growing At Tientsin; Japaness Blockade Amoy no possibility of where (here Is war between neighbor peonies nre wholly dedicated lo the pursuit, of pence— n- pnltam lo nil Baby Boy Fatally Scalded . limmle Wells,' 18-montlis-old guards, who were searching and Jti some cases even slrlpplnz' all or ° f . who, when Mrs. James E. \Vflls. 1C 1!1 > lllc vl))o hwpllo C ? n , f ' om blln " l tub O f hoi wnler r l "nod on )„,„ yl ,,i mlny he accident occurred nt tTm fnm- llyjcsldencc 201 syciimoio nf.| , w vvnler w |,| C h l,a.| been placed 11 n elmh on ihu porch prcpurn- it ovci on him It. Is good lo know tlint Mich opposition; it was said, is based on the Franco oov- ernmcnt's suit against tho treasury to recover $14,250,000 in silver sod^-lhc United Slates by the loy- ' ' ' a list, regime civil /war.; ended.--The cotton 815,000,000. / 'Spanish would" cast about fomors Of Troop Movements In Slovakia Con- linue Sustains Leg Fracture ' 'In.Wrestling-Match J. H. Jones, 47, fraclurcd his left leg nboye;.lhe knee laic yesterday while engaged in n friendly wrestling match with nnollior man The Caruthersville man wns're- moved to lhe where he Is .resting very well today. for a third term if the people .want him." "I cannot scc^nny logic if a man cnn .serve 25 or- 30 years in Ihe house.,,or senate dr on Ihe bench .for life why n chief .cxecullvu. can- n.ct serve for more tliiih £wo'lerrns' if he can. perform-better than" any other.person," Ickcs sold. Borah Foresees Long Session Of Congress WASHINGTON, June 15 (OP)'— Senator willlhm- E. Borah (Rep Ida,), . ranking minority member of the senate foreign ''relations committee, snfd lociny that it congress allempls lo cnnct the admlnlsrn- llon neutrnllly program • U will be in session .unlit September or Inter a region exists for what'man can do once he can <lo:rig«ln; Uy Gods sroce yours may yet be the ovnm- I'le which nil the world will follow, * A moment lalor : Queen Ellza- otti echoed her thanks; \\\ Ul , r i. Ing she said: )m "This wonderful tour of outs hns given memories -thnt the pnss- I>EC of lime will never dim To the people of Canada and to nil the I kind people In tho United stale* who welcomed Us so warmly, to one nnd all on Ibis great filendly continent,' I say thnnk you. dod be wllh you and a 0[ t blew you " The: royal couple sails tonight England OH the Empress of m, s ' r vlw, will be Held Fildny iiflcinoon, t«o o'clock at tho First Chmch of u, e Nnzurenc »lt)i tho Hoc. Eii|jhn D. Uonsloy, DM or, mid the KCV. F. M. Sweet pastor of (lie Unko Street Methodist climcli, officiating. Builal will lie made nt Maple Drove ceme tery. ; HO was an only child. Cobb Fvmcial Home Is In chaigc, for Britain, ilrcd but plcnsed ovci the achievements of Ihetr trip." Boy Is Struck, Second Time By Automobile used for making the curves. The designs read "St. Louis-San Francisco Railroads: Fred Liitt- john, conlraclor; Arkansas state Highway Department, nnd the Dulled state .Burca;: nr Public Bonds, 1038." Chicago Wheat open July 73 7-8 Sept. 74 1-8 high 74 3-8 74 1-2 low close 73 73 72 5-8 73 5-8 Chicago Corn open July 49 3-4 close 497-8 493-8 49 M sodded, wide. Die curves are sloped according to the latest specifications for (hcse, according (o Mr. Douglas who added that tho two and a half foot guard rails are encased In concrete. Started Sept. 22. the $85.000 job is expected lo prove one of the most outstanding projects In the stale as lo safety improvements for highways. The project begins n short distance south of the curve on Highway m, west of Yarbro, with n road built from that point northeast lo meet Ihe highway curve nt lhe Yarbro school. The new rond is 20 feet, wide, with shoulders to be and the curves 22'/, feet Fcdcrnl grade crossing" elimina- lion funds are providing for the entire job except Ihc right of way costs, this being a part of the $900,000 fund allotted to Arkansas. To Call Election In Congressional District LITTLE HOCK, June 15. <UP>_ Gov. Bailey at a press ccnference today said he would .call a special election in lhe fourth, congrsslonal district as soon as he relumed rcm Ne» York. The tentative d" it June 29 executive's return is It was believed that lhe elcclbn J! ^ ™ rancy eauscd b V ^c death of Congressman Ben Craven would either be August lor 8, S giving candidates at least 30 ctnvs to> campaign. * BERLIN, June 15. (UP)—Nazi eivspapers angrily denounced fcr- gn reiioris thai Adolf Hitler was aiming military occupation or pen annexation of Slovakia today . Al (he same lime well informed are foreign military quarters asserted - thnt they had confirmed rcporls tliat German Iroops were in wesl- ern Slovakia and had begun ( 0 occupy the military zone nlcng the Moravln-Slovakin b:rder 'as provided in Ihe original Germnnl Slovak treaty nfter the dtsmcmber- ment of Czeclioslovakin. Plans for occupation of this ?,-ne Include erection of fortlli-atlnns barbed wire entanglements "oiin emplacements, barracks nnd -military airdromes German officials admitted. It was understood n large number cf lhe German troops who originally occupied Slovakia last March, hnd not been withdrawn Osceola Woman Forfeits Bond On Memphis Charge MEMPHIS, Tenn.. June 15-Mrs Lee Brown, 4G, of Osccoln. Ark' who ttld police Tuesday she took n dress from Bry's after other nrll- cles she bad purchased had been misplaced while she was shopping, forfeited $26 bond i,, city court yesterday. She was charged with entering for unlawful purpose. Caveman Lives Decade In Mole-Like Burrow MODESTO, Ca!. (OP)' _ HaM Hansen, 77, hns been ejected by police from the underground burrow he hns called home for the past [0 years. Officers said Hanson had dug out from under the flconof a "rare- house a space big enough to hold his body and store a few groceries There he had lived since tm cooking )! " 8 ' '' riK "" !f and even His Inadvertent rap on lhe floor of the warehouse led to Shcil^HpUMis Old Business the only 'f smelt and perch I when as been conducing that his one-man •—••- Girl Students Score the highest qmi r.< < I ™ ' J ( M * one-man bus ness for 3S veireI nn-nnl« tiiic ,-7 , " c l "* nra i Sept. 51 1-8 u 1-2 505-8 503-41 in a shM behind his house' .hiT^hool'" M '" " ie ctl . v ' s hvo f . Crawford Wins Water Carnival Beauty Title Walker. Park last night when second honors went lo Miss Anita Pay Beck and Misses Jean Stacy and Jiiunlce Wnlpole tied for third place among the -H contestants who represented local firms. In ihc children's beauty boniest, Kay Smith won first; Annclla Humphrey, second, nnd Joan Freeman, third. Equal (n interest to the 1000 sneclntors were exhibitions of fancy diving by n Memphis (cam of six Second :lfnice. honors went lo Miss Knlherlne Wnlpole nnd George "rear. Jr., and' Ihlrd lo Miss Churchill Buck j r ,, and Bill Chainblin Jr. Miss Pearl- CnrlwrluliL and William Bard Edrlngton of Osceola. nnd Miss Jean Bourland andn Hnrold in Roscnthnl nlso (hi s invitation hibition. Antics of the night were featured by lhe strolling clowns. Hugh Hnr- j r ;, Dick Burns. Ecldlc Sn- young men, jitterbug dances for llbnV HunteT S?,n Jr "j w PurlLV I 'f 1 ,'°™' S S./!~>' c!ow » toroy Brown; Morrte' neilhe? and acts, dance specialties, nnd the inncrtdbc swimming contest In which honors were awarded. By virtue of having won this contest. Miss Crawford, who is the daughter of Senator and Mrs. Ivy W. Crawford, will represent Bly- thevillc nt lhe Forrest City Peach festival in July. Miss Beck, who Is the daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs R M. Beck, won the right lo enter the bathing beauty contest nt the peach festival, and tho oilier winners will serve as molds lo Miss Crawford. Miss Stacy Is Ihc daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Stacy nnd Miss. Walpole. Is the daughler of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Walpoio. Miss Crawford, who Is the sister of the 1938 winner, Miss Winifred Crnwford, was adorned with a jowelrd crown by Mayor Marion Williams as he presented her a silver loving cup for the cllmnx to the two and n half hours of en- tcrtatnmenU Mttle Kay Smith received a miniature silver loving cup for winning the contest enlcred by 23 lilllc girls between two and six years. the ages of . She Is lhe daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Smith; Annella. is 'the daughler ot Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humphrey, and Joan Is the daughter of Mrs Audreanel Freeman. Proof lhat Jitterbug dancers have other talents was given by Miss Madeline Rogers, winner of the 1939 beauty contest of the city _ . ...... neichel nnd Oeorgc Grcar. who kepi (he, crowd laughing. Other comedy was pulled by Ihc Memphis divers, headed by Hank Smith, who announced Ihe 'program ot inlricatc diving, which was followed by comedy stunts. This exhibition topped any performance pf this kind ever given in this section, In the opinion of local experts in (his line. In the inncrtiibe swimming race, Herman Cross Posey won first Steve Brooks Jr.. second, and Albert Sallba, third. Milton Patterson was the other participant in thfs Invitation event. Miss Pauline Ulm and L. T. Moore, dressed as a rural lad and lassie of Arkansas, danced the concrete promenade several times lo the tune of "Arkansas Traveler." J. T. Sudbury ami J. Mell Brooks were masters of ceremonies for the gala event which was more successful than thai of lasl year from the standpoint of attendance' nnd proceeds. It -was announced today. Chapter N of the P. E. O. Sisterhood .and Ihe Mississippi county Pair Association, which operates 'he park, were co-sponsors of Ihc aquacade and shared in the proceeds. Mrs. Harry W. Halnes was general chairman. The carnival was followed by a free swlinmlng party for all who attended the show and a dance given by the Bachelor clubs at the American Legion Hut In honor of .. Circuit 'Judge Neil Klllough of Wynne, In attendance on the current lerm of circuit civil court haie, was notified, yesterday . lhat His, flvo- yenr-pM son, Marcus, Jr., wns hull when struck by nn nutomoblle nt the Ficlz home at, Jonesboro It was reported;- today thnt nn Injury to his shoulder was not serious bul Hint R w ns feared pneumonia might develop The child was playing In the back yard of the plclz home on Hie cnst Nctllelon rond In Ihc Jonesboro suburbs. The family car was parked on the sloping invui In some way the brnkc slipped, sending, the mnchlnc rolling down upon the boy, knocking him down wllli one wheel passing over hh right shoulder. It was the second lime in recent weeks that lhe boy hnd been struck by n cnr. Not long ngo lie stepped from under the portico of the Fletv. .home Into lhe pntli of nn automobile passing through the driveway and received cuts about Ihc bend which hnd not completely healed when ho-was Injured again yeslerdny. Mr. Fietz, who hurried home Immediately upon being notified of the accident, wns sllil nt his son's bedside today. If. o. Pnrtlow, deputy prosecutor nnd former court reporter, served ns reporter temporarily yeslcrdny until Mrs. Buford Murray, reporter tor Circuit Judge O. E.- Keck, arrived to tnke over Heb; duties. Jury Receives Injury Case: Slancjet Case Defendant Wins' Alex Mnyncr'R -personal nnlury sqlt agnln<il .IriKtegs' of lho Frisco rnllrcntl wns In tho hands of a jury ihlg ^rteihoan. TTIal opened late yesterday' aflcuioon Wnjner seeks dain.ig£3 for Injuries he nllCBcdly smialtied while loading logs on n freight cnr He charges negligence of n Frisco witch engine cicw caused his In- Vtrgll arecn nnd Olnude r Cociicr represent Mnyncr nnd Wcstbiooke nnd Wcstbrookc of Jonesboro nnd Reid nnd Evrnrd represent lho Frisco. . A jury ycstculay nftcrnoon 10- lunjcd n \crdlct In fnvcr of the defendants, Hnrlnni Slm\er A Japanese statement said Ihe anks were icquircd "In view, of lho mystoilcus bellicosity manifested by the British," . , , The blockade of (be British arid Ficnch concession of Tientsin, housing many British, American ttoiich nnd oilier foreign civilians and troops, was complete. r t . in nddiiion Ihc Japanese extended their blockade not only to this ildi noi Hern port but to Amoy, inr lo the (.oulh where the foi- «gn nren wns suddcly cut off. Tiie Amoy section was without mnlug- and a wns believed a foot! ' 0 ' ln K c 'night icsult there. One ailllsli steamer inn the picket luv of Jnpnnesc warships nround Uie Island colony yrtlh food supplies nnd the Jnpnncsc threatened' 1m- mcdiatu action ngalnst the ship The tension here Increased" iap> idly durlne Ihc afternoon and v ln an ctloit to n\cit a clnsh the British withdrew 70 of their sol- dleis fiom the British i nee 'course "-ca. Dm Ing lhe moinlnj 30 British iOWIcis and 20 Chinese police of Ihc British concession force'bet tip n guard -station on lho bordei between the concession and the "nrst ndmlnistinllve district" which Is Japanese condoned territory. The stnllon «ns dhectly opposite a Japanese gunid stnllon. In nti effort, lo escape the blockade the American Standaid Oil Company, (ho Tcxns Company and llic Billlsh Astatic Petroleum Com- iinny moved (heir offices from the concession Into Japanese controlled territory. ' Wurns Japanese LONDON, June 15 (UP)—Prime Minister Neville Ohamberlnln warned Japan today, ngalnst the danger ' of n "rcgreUnblo-lncldent" and' de-" elarcd thnl Qieat Britain ,Js' In ' close consultation wllh the 1 French nnd^U, S,, governments Mrs. Shovel and LcacJiville store pro- , - prietors, In a ..lander suit brought ay Jim Crlttendcn, -.ilio claimed Hie dcfcmlants accnsc<l him ot stealing merchandise without foundation. Howard Maycs oi Lencli- nnd Percy ,\, Wright rcpre- I /1,.lli_,. .!_ .' , ,k _ ' . vine _ D sailed CrlUenden while Guy of Manila aiid O. P. Ccopcr reprc- senlcd the Shnvcrs. spoke'JafConi- ' mons,'refused ,to state whether • Oicnt Biltaln would tnke reprisals;, such ns denouncing t!ie Brillsh- Jnpanese treaty of 1811. , ^fovellholess It was understood tlinl Dillnln wns taking the cuies- * Uon of icpilsals Into serious con- " sldcratldh. < It was believed that the meas- ' urcs under consideration were: 1. Restrictions against Japanese ship? using British en.plre ports 2. Restriction against Imports of Japanese good* to Britain territories Contrasts Banking Of 25 Yeara Ago With Present OSOEOLA, Ark., June 14 — "Banking Twenly-ftve Years Ago nml Now" was the subject of the nddiess by s G. Lockhart, vice- president and cashier of the MIs- slssippl County Bank nt the Osce- Agiced JutlgmenU have been en-It RoUir y lurtchcon Meeting lo- tered In: favor of j. ^v. Cni'ter nd- Says State Bonds Are Sought By Investors LITTLE ROCK, June 15, (UP)- Oov. Bailey disclosed Unlay lhat he had received n letter from a New.York bond drm asking for additional Information on Arkansas' bonded Indebtedness and reporting thnt the state's financial paper w«s bclnj sought by investment buyers! In discussing market Improver nient In slate bonds. Bnllcy said that $20,000,000 worth of highway and other bonds had been retired since 1934 through b:nd tenders. "Arkansas issues, because they Include obligations of many towns, arc a more desirable buy for Investors," Bailey said the letter from the bond house read. „,,«, Ihfl bathing beauty contestants. sessed St. Louis Site Obtained For Jefferson Memorial ST. LOUIS (UP) _ Razing of riverfront buildings to-malte way for the huge Jefferson National Expansion Memorial here is ex- pecled lo get underway early in August, according to John M. Nagle, director of the project. The way was cleared for the beginning of actual work on the project when the final condemna- , Uon award was filed In the U. S.' Killed by,dynamite bomb m t o ym awards to ' . . - ministrator, and J. A Thomas, <ul- minlsttrntor, ngnlnst Frisco railroad Iriislccs tor fatal accidents In the Jonesboro vicinity. The suit cf A. H. Wilson ngulnst Ihe O. I. T. corporation hns been dny. During the business session led by R. c, Bryan, president, plans were discussed for entertaining the Blylhevllle Rotary club on July 11. A recent attendance contest between the two clubs lasting nine weeks wns won by the Blythevllte I , - ' »-»".•• .....j WLVJJ >»i,v/x*i WCI3 IVUfl Ov (lie ordcied removed to federal district I club with one hundred court on motion of the corp:rntlon. lendnnce for the nine ^ rue suit of Leltoy Brown against 0. U Nnbers, local grocer, for damages because of Injuries growing out oJ n traffic accident, hns been settled. Ed B. Cook represented. Brown nnd Reid nnd Ev- rnrd the defendant. Dies in Auto Bombing Plot ..... O. Biynu and Mrs at- weeks. Bryan, H. , . J. Hole, president-elect, and the Rev. L T. Lawrence, secretary, will leave Sunday for the annual convention of Rotary International In Cleveland, Ohio: or 3193 per of his car, was 28-year-'oid"j.' present ns- Milton Leo, above, son ot baker jit Moorhead, Mmn: Steidle Advances To Quarter Final Round NASHVILLE, June 15. (OP) _ Prank stetdle of Helena today advanced Into the Quarter final rcund of match play in the Southern Amateur Golf Tournament by defeating John Oliver cf Georgia four and three. Artichoke Bread Appears ' SAN JOSE, cal (UP)-Californla has contributed one more entirely new edible to the nation's diet. It is bread made from artichokes, the process having been perfected here after long experimentation. Threads of damask napkins can be pulled without breaking and the hem turned more accurately, If they are dampened along the line of division befcre they are cut apart. , WEATHER Alkansas— Mostly cloudy, showers in n6rthnest portion, tonight and Friday. Memphis nnd vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and FVIday, not much change In temperature. , The maximum temperature here yesterday was 85, minimum $2, clear, acccrding to Samuel P. Nor- rfs, official weather observer.

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