Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on September 8, 1966 · Page 24
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 24

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1966
Page 24
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2A—Ianesville Daily Gazette, Thursday, September 8, 1966 THE GIKLS ByFianklinFolgei] THE WIZARD OF ID MR. TWEEDY By Ned Riddle TV Highlights for Tonight "It's aoundproofing. Other tenants in the building liave asltcd me to have it done." 27 Rock Co. Men Inducted Twenty-seven Rock County inductees, two of them volunteers, liave been inducted into tlie Army and are now taking basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., according to information received from the Milwaukee induction center by Velma Burke, clerk of Rock County Local Board No. 62. Inductees are as follows: Janesvllle — Dennis Dopkins, RAY BUGGS and the New 67 TEmerson csom(0)le and Table Model CI TV Compare reception and authentic cabinet styl- ng this week before you buy... also B & W PORTABLES at Ray Buggs EMERSON Sales and Service CALL 752-2021 822 ROCKPORT lOAD Clayton Bomgaars Jr., John Kath, Richard Easton, Robert Home, Dale Buchholz, Albert Perkins, David Willison, a volunteer. Beloit—Ivan Nohavica, Gerald Huffman, David Froemming, Rodney Lee, Larry Ramsey, Roger Foss, Thomas Pulaski, Stanley Melby, Arthur Peterson, Glen Melby, Richard Trotter, Terry Wolford, L. J. Quince, Stephen Messer, a volunteer. Edgerton-Richard Dahl, William Skau, Harry Sommerville. Milton—Allen Braden. Clinton—Harlan Byerley. L\ie-%\ze 'DvLmmy Wins ScMlpiot $5,000 Prize CHICAGO (AP) - The Chica- I go Art Institute recently gave a first award of $5,000 to George Segal of North Brunswick, N.J., in the institute's 68th annual exhibition of American painting and sculpture. Segal's presentation was entitled "The Truck" and consisted of a life-size plaster truck driver steering toward road hazards projected on a movie screen. 6:30—World of Wheels, 3, 23 (C). Lloyd Bridges narrates look at fun-and-profit uses of production-model and custom-built automobiles; sportscar race con- cours d'elegance, 500 • mph crackup, and other special events. 6:30—Tarzan, 4, 15, 39. (C). Debut. Ron Ely, 15th Tarzan, stars and tonight fights to return a seeing-eye lion to a blind girl. 7:30—Star Trek, 4, 15, 39. (C). Debut. Science-fiction series centers on crew of USS Enterprise as they travel on space patrol. 7:30 — Billy Graham Crusade, 3, 13. Third rally; subject: "The Bad News of the Gospel." 8 :30—Tammy Grimes. 6. (C). Debut. A skinfUnt uncle prevents Tammy from spending as much money as she desires. Dick Sargent plays her brother. 7:30—Bobby Lord, 27. Debut. Country and Western singer hosts half-hour series of bluegrass music. 8 - Movie, 12, 23. (C). "The Ladies' Man" (1961); comedy; Jerry Lewis, Helen Traubel. 8 :30 — Movie, 3. "South Sea Woman" (1953); comedy; Burt Lancaster, Virginia Mayo. 8 :30 — Hero, 4. (C). Debut. Comedy series of TV celebrity known to family and friends as a great humbler. 8 :30—NFL Game of Week, 15. Film clips of 1966 Western Conference teams. 8 :30—That Girl, 6, 13. 27. (C). Debut. Mario Thomas (Danny's daughter) stars as Ann Marie, a girl who leaves home to take an apartment in New York City and a try at an acting career. 9—Rowan and Martin, 4, 15, 39. (C). Russ Lewis guests in last show of series. Dean Martin returns to this time next week. 9—Hawk, 6, 13, 27. (C). Debut. Detective series filmed on location in New York City features John Hawk (Burt Lancaster), stoic Iroquois Indian who works out of DA's office. FRIDAY MORNING The networks plan to go on the air between 6:30 and 7 a.m. to cover prelaunch preparations for the Gemini XI space flight. by Parker and Hart 9*Mrm X>«<|«|n tpjkd/^ i»t ARCHIE By Bob Montana "The thing I love is an extra dessert means NOTHING to them!" ON TELEVISION 2—WBBM-TV 3—WISCTV 4—WTMI-TV *-WNBQ «-WITl l-WGN-TV 12—WISN-TV 13—WREX-TV IS—WMTV 23—WCEE-TV 27—WKOW-TV 39—WTVO Thus., Sept. 8 7:30 p.m. WREX-TV Channel 13 and WISC-TV Channel 3 Almost Like 4th of July WASHINGTON (AP) - If a light green cloud with a red lining drifts over your house this week, don't panic. Just watch it turg blue and drift away. Chances are it will be a chemical cloud formed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to measure electric fields and wind motion in the upper atmosphere. NASA announced that, weather permitting, it will launch two rockets from Wallops Island, Va., one at 8:06 p.m. EDT today, the other at 7 :34 p.m. Thursday. ON FM RADIO WCLO-99.9 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER I, 1«M 5:00—News S: 05—Background For Dining 6:00—Stoclc Marliet Report l:0S—Backtround For Dining 7:00—News 7:0S—FM Concert Hall Rozsa: Overtur* to a Symphonv Concert, Op. 21-a Saint • Saeni: Concerto in A Minor (or CeUo and Orchestra, Op. 1] Tchaikavski: Symphony No i in E Minor, Op. «4 Copland: Piano Fantaiv Sibeliui: Lemminkainen'a Return from Four Legendi 1:00—Jazi Seminar 10:00—News 10:10—Anthology Prospect for Southeast Asia Music TIU Midnight FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER I, IMI PM 2:00—Billboard 2:05—Mosaics In Music 2:55—Inside Books 3:00—News 1:05—Afternoon Concert VerdI: Prelude to Act 1 of La Traviata Havdn: Concerto in D Major for Cello, Op. 101 Brahms; Symphony No. J In F Major, Op. 90 Rcspighl: Fountains of Rom. 4;,10—World Wide A United Nation.^ Report Songs of France ANYTIME IS Pizza Time How about TONIGHT it's easy when you call OUR MAGIC NO. 2-9071 jb PIZZA VILLAII FREE DELIVERY THURS.. SEPT. 8 i:H p .m. S— Loni Ranger 5—Chicago Report >—Garfield Coos* 12—Lippy Lucy 13—Donna Reed 27-Mivericlc i:li f.m, 1>-News S:IO p.m. M-23-CBS News 4.15-39-Huntley and Brinkley •-7-13-News 11—Ltav. It To Beaver l:4i p .m. »-News ll -Weather-Newi 1:00 p.m. l-J.4-S-27.39-New$. Weather, Sports «-Twilight Zone 7—Passage to Adventura 9—Woody Woodpecker 12-CBS News 13—Yogi Bear 15—Leave It To Beaver 33—The Rineman t :]0 p.m. 2-3-23-Wonderful World of Wheels 4-5-15-39—Tarzan «.7-13-27-Batman I—Dobit Gillis 12—Billy Graham 7:» p.m. I-7-13-27—F Troop 9 -Sport8 World 27—Guardians of the Road 7:M p.m. J-12-2J—My Three Sons •4-5'15-39-Star Trek 3-lJ-Billy Graham «-7—Tammy Grimes 9—Detectives 27—The Bobby Lord Show S:00 p.m. 2-12-23—CBS Movie S—The Girl Game 7-13-27-Bewitched 9—Marshall Dillon l:» p.m. 3—Movie A-5-39—The Hero 6-7-13-27-rnat Girl 9—Twilight Zone 15-NFL Highlights l:M p.ra. 44-5-1539—Martn Summer 67-13-27-Hawlc 9—Destination Safety 1D:(0 p.m. J-l-i.J-J-7-9-I2-13-lS-23-27.3t —News, Weather, Sports I0:1S p.m. •—Sports, Late Show »—WGN Presents 10:30 p.m. 2—Late Show 4-5-13-39-Tonight Show 3—Outer Limits •—Late Show 7—Lena 11 12—Movie 13—Movie 23—Late Show 27-Movie ll :tl p .m. ••M|.J»-Tonight Show p .n. 1—PMr Gunn 11 Midnight 4—Ntws, Movie 38—Laurel and Hardy FRI., SEPT. » 7tM am. 1-S—News 4-5.I5-3»-Today •—Classroom I 7—Three Stooges •—News and Farm 12-Hi Neighbor 13—Jo* Emerson 7:11 a.m. IJ—Roundup KFD 7:l( a.m. J-Clown Alley .1—Cartoon.-! •—Morning News »—Ray Rayner 12—News 13—Roddy Mac 23—Romper Room 7:4S a.m. •—Cartoons t:tt a.m. 2-3-12-23—Capt. Kangaroo 4-5-15-3»-Today 7—Morning Show i.m. •-(—King and Odi. f.i* a.m. •—Cartoon Alley >—Romper Room 12—Wisconsin News 13—Pinnochio 23—Cartoons *:n a.m. 2-3-12-2J-I Love Lucy 4—Today For Women S-13-39—Eye Guess •—Exercise 13—Jack La Lann. I :lt a.m. J-12-23—Th. McCoys 3—Jack La Lanne 4-5-15-39—Concentration •—Dark Shadow. 7-Gypsy »—Loretta Young 13-Blngo 13 lOiOV a.m. 2-3-12-23-Andy of Mayberry 4-5-15-39—Chain Letter •-7-13-27-Super Market Sweep »—Girl Talk 23—Panorama 10:3( a.m. r3 -12-23-Dick Van Dyk. 4-5-15-39—Showdown S-7-13-27—The Dating Gamt 9—Mike Douglas 11:0* a.m. 2-3-23—Love of Life 4-5-15-39—Jeopardy ••7-27—The Donna Reed Show 12-Mike Douglas 13—Ben Casey II:J« a.m. 2-3-23-Search for Tomorrow 4-5-15-39—Swingin' Counlrf «-7-27—Father Knows Beit II:4J a.m. J.S-2J-Guiding Light 12 Neon 2-N«w» 3—Farm Hour 4—Weather News 5—News •-7-27—Ben Casiy »—Bota Circus 53—Weather, Tete A Ttett 15—Nutty Nut Rous. 2,3—Divorce Court 39—Bozo The Clown 12: IS p.m. 2-Le» Phillip 13—News 12:11 p.m. M2-23 -A8 th. World Tumi 4—Kids Klub 5-39—Let's Make A Deal 13—Where th. Action Ii 1:011 p.m. 2-3-12-23—Password 4-5-15.39—The Daya of Our 15—Romper Room Lives •-7-13-27—Th. Newlywed Gam. I -News 1:11 p.ra. I— Stirtime 1:11 p.m. 2-3-12-21—Art Linkletttr 4-5-15-39—The Doctors 1-7-13.27—A Time For Ui 2:00 p.m. tJ-12-lJ—To Tell Th. Truth 4—Girl Talk .1-15-39—Another World •-7-13-27—General Hospital 2:11 p.m. 2-3-12-23—Edge of Night 4-5-15-39—You Don't Say «—Merv Griffin 7-13-27-The Nurses »—One Step Beyond t:l» p.m. 2J-I2-2J—Secret Storm 4-5-15-39—The Match Gam. 7-13-27-Dark Shadows 9—True Adventure 2:30 p.m. 2—Dennis The Menace 3—As the World Turns 4—Let's Make A Deal !i-P.D.Q. 7-27—Where th. Action Is »—Sea Hunt 12—Search For Tomorrow 13-15-Mike Douglas 23—Felix 39—Popeye 1:45 p.m. 12—Guiding Light 4:00 p.m. I—Early Show 3—Circus Three •-Theater at Four .5-39—Merv Griffin •—Early Show 7—Big Show 9—Superman 12—Tom Terrific 23—Family Movie 27-Cartoon Corral 4:» p.m. •—Mickey Mouse Club 12-Rocky 13—Father Knows Best MISS PHLIPS/ TELL SVENSEN TO GET UP HERE AND TACK. DOWN THIS RUG IN MV OFFICE / MISS BEAZLV IS HERE/ SHE WAMTB YOU TO OKAY THE CAKE FOR THE BANQUET.' TIGER By Bud Blak9 WAYOUT By Ken Muse LANK'e PHOTO STUDIO UNDER wo CVER EXPOSURES iti lii yEM..,BRINSyc :7UR FACTORV HERE AND IlL ONLY CTHARSE YOU TEN DOLLARS/ N BEETLE BAILEY By Mott Walket ON RADIO wcLo- 1230 on AM Dial THURS.. SEPT. 8 4:30—Sports 4:35—Drive Time 4:55—Orfordville Coaches Corner 5:00—Sports 5:15—Harmony House 5:30—News 5:35—Wall St. Closing 5:45—Harmony House «:00—Fulton Lewis Jr. «.15-Local News «;30—Mutual News «:35—Message of Master «:45—Cross Section 7:00—News 7:05—Suin-o-Rama 7:30-News 7:35—Spin-o-Rama «: 00—News »:05—Spin-o-Ram« «: 30—News 8:35—Spln-o-Rama 9:00—News »;05—Spln-o-Ram. 9:30—News 9:35—American Consensus 9:40—World Today 10:00—News 10:15—Musical Nitecap 10:30—News 10:35—Musical Nitecap 11:00—Musical Nitecap 12:0»-Sign Off FRI., SEPT. 9 A.M. 4:58—Sign On 5:00—Mutual News 5:05—Good Morning Show S;30—Farm News 5:35—Good Morning Show 5:5I>—Farm Bulletin S:55—Badger Farm Review • ;00—Good Morning Show «: 15—News 8:30—Good Morning Show 6:50—Markets 7:00—News 7:05—National News 7:10—Weather 7:15—Good Morning Show 7:30—Sports 7:35—Local Newe 7:40—Good Morning Show 7:55—Mautz Show 8:00—News Report 8:15—Pink and Blue 8:20—Social News 8:25-Weather 8:.10-News 8:35—Good Morning Show 9:00—Dr. Crane 9:03—Good Morning Show »:3»-News 9:35—Quiz The Mrs. *:55—The Way It Happened 10:00—Talk of the Townw 10:30—Newe 10:35—Homemakers Harmonies ll:0»-News 11:05—Music 11:15—Mystery Vole. 11:30—News 11:35-Town and Country Time P.M. 12:00—Markets 12:l»-Wall Street 12:15—Melody Matinee 12:30-Noon News 12:45-Weather 12:5I>—Music 1:00—News 1:05—Tom Clark Show 1:30—News 1:35—Tom Clark Show 2:00—News 2:05—Tom Clark Show 2:3D—News 2:35—Tom Clark Show 3:30—Mutual News 3:35—Commuter Newe 3:45—Tom Clark Show 4:00—Cap's Comer 4:30—Mutual Sports 4:35—Drive Time WMV CAST VOO N / i-^^^ ^^"^ MEM BE MOKE 1KB ] ( , '^^'^'^ , JULIUS, TMERE ? J ^ALvVAVS ^/ UMlFOKM ALWAVS PRESSED.. BRASS Niiceuy POLISHED,,, \ I'LL SAV MIS BRASS 16 NICELY POUeUBO! mm- BLONDIE By Chic Young NANCY By Ernie Bu^hrniiieT ACROSS 1. Passageway 6. Eelpout 10. Fish basket 11. Siberian forest 13, Lariat 14. Woman adviser 16. Curved letter 17. (Jiant bulrush 19. Steep 20. Occupy 21. Insignificant trifle 22. Stick 25. Primp 26. Swarm 27. Raucous 28. Marsh elders 29. Soft part 30. Palm lilies 31. Gigantic 32. WaUaba tree 35. Hidden marksman 37. Ruthless 39. Dwarf 40. Large artery 41. Stare 42. Vex naB •••• •••Q ana agoBBQa saaa mm QiiB •C3B BQQ mmW BQQBBQB •QB BQQB BDBDQB BQQDB •nmBaBaB BQD BBDQ [!•• BOB SOLUTION OP YiSTIROAY'S PUZZLE I- THESE ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I'VE GOT^ . He,. U. S. U\. M—AII rlfMi i.i^rii B'JSHMlLl.&fl' STEVE CANYON Hy MUton uani/f 8 DOWN 1. Palestine seaport 2. Provokes to anger 117 West Milwaukee St. t 5 4 T % ( 7 9 le % II It 13 If % IB % % zt Zi ^ u IT 2S % Jt % % 35 37 % 3f 4* 41 % 41 Par timt 24 mln. W«»e*.«fi(f.« 3. Oceans 4. Hindrance 5. Absolute superlative 6. Overcomt 7. Importune 8. Rice paste 9. Obstruction 12. Relatives 15. Expiate 18. Rubber tree 20. Whims 21. Tighten a tackle 22. Little children 23. Affectionate 24. Expunging 25. Skunk 27. Embrace 29, Thick soup 31. Rope fiber 32. Emanation 33. Fondles 34. Wings 36. Blue grasi 38. Caviar ftF-LlN'PA £M ££5 OPEN HKK FEIiON Pooc:- ANP THE WHjLc BATHC0OA\ BECO^\E•i A FLASH INFERNO.' Si B. C. THE BUILDING STAFF DOE ^NY VET KNOW WHICH APARTMENT 15 ABLAZE BUT A FIEE ALARM 6ET5 AcTION ... WHILg AT LOCAL POLICE HtAPQUAETERS..] NO FINGERPRINTS ON THE ) SHEET OF MA -mE -ViAT/CAL^ EaUATIONi... WHICH AlEANS PR .5HEE DID NOT WRITE IT —ANP ITIJNtiM HERHANP-^ • WRITING ANiywAY. ..YETTHE FluURE '12-5' HA5 BEEN FEEisEP INTO THE SHEET BYA bTRONo FIN'oEC ORTHJMB' NAIL .' HI TMERe. f AM AM APTERYX. A WlMe >LE£.S BH ?D WITH c ...THERESA DRUNKEM k HECKLER AT EV£R\'OpENJlN(&. f.6. By Johnny Haxt

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