The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1934
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Served by the United Press ffTTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TITf nn\«lNANT NPWftPATJPIJ np wnPTHFA'K'l- AIIT., » m, .« .*.., nn . Tm ri r ..^ n .... ... " ^"^ "^ -~—^ » V *.— f THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U HOME VOL. XXX—NO. 25'.) Ulylheville Dully News lilylhevllle Courier Mtisbsippl YaPey Leader lilylheville llernlri H1.YTHMV1I.LK, AI{KAN'SAS, ; \VK1)N1-:S1)AV, JANUARY'17, I SINGLE COPIES.;FIVE CENTg, Money Now Available Insufficient to Fulfill Agreement. LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 17 (UP)— Lopping off of moie revenue from tin.- refunding bill by the senate 'c.'CUBlit the statement today from \otrces near the administiatioii mat the bill will fall unless it ;Hlh<.-rcs to the ori-j'nal agreement. between bondholders and tne^ Estimated increase In revenue, lor bond, lei'umiin;;.. as a result of M'-nate amendments now stands t.l lt£s than 51000,000, Senator Ashley taid. This conlrasLs wilh l ho 81,437,000 nee.ff.Hiry for the ixcculton c( the" r-ifunillng aeree- Hao io Do Sosnething or "Be a Sail" Says Rudy XF.W YORK. J:iii. 17 'UPt •Hudy ViillCi 1 . his hnlr ;'iicum ar.u" s!c2|) in hi; eyes aft-i a fl; as:s*3 tile co-ninc-iil, «nid u<- (iiy lh:il when h': hoard JH-j- fil'tnu record:; ct :"lc!;JH:!ii: i':.i- U'l-.iation:: between Ins v.Ue umi Gary Leon. niJi-gio cam-i-r. hi 1 lirnl •o do iomethiim or "be u sun." ."( Ltd nu alternsulvc," Rudy void. ••'. either h-.'il In null out the Ulending loolh nr I'- 1 :. ' Vallee arrived from Hollywood. i, . i c-'.r:-. \n.L\ tli:.- :-:o;iyft=od :•• :;, when- hi 1 !:ati'i the on.' Lo \v;ic:( nj^- !n:n. !ii:- I Fi' M 25 Persons at Bay Whi'o Seizing $400 at Hot Springs. ! MOT SPRINGS. Jan. 17 (UP) — ; lioldinq more than 25 |u-rsnns at gun point, iwo unmasked Inndlls, I one aimed -with a sub-mac-hinc- uun am! (he nllier «ith a largo revolver, today obtained about $4110 : (In- or/ice ol the Hot Springs Utilities company. Observations . hv 0. It. B.~ Some monihs ago when police shot a number of .stray doys there- wcw protests against the; alleged Inhumanitarlimisin Would Limit Powers of Treasury Secretary! of ""-'jRoubin Mamoulian, Her Compmiion, Denies Re- i:crls of Marriage. Later, when the common council! passed" an ordlnanre requiring Ihalj all doas Ix 1 immunised against hy- drophobin II was said by some that an unneccfsary burden was HOLLYWOOD. Cal. Jan. 11 being placi'd upon Ihe. poor nitin-'I i'l—CJieui Gurbo and Roubln w)in owned a dog, |M;;uiouliun returned to 'Ihcir Possibly there was some justice in i homes early today, ending a lox both ccuiuliiints, but a number ofji-i"! KOU-V IhiD'.njh the: recent instances In which dogs 'I'lnhwesi. wheiv pursuers wana-d | hfllicted with hydro-jliobia 'or to 'ini'Micui iheni idwut rumor.s presumably so afflicted) have gonejtbi-y «'i-i The decrt' resylts from three 1- illic Evans amendment to tr.iic over municipal road iinprovc- ir.ent district Solids at the original rale of interest and matur- i Pear! Ritter.- assistant cashier. J. 1 T. Jackson, cashier, had not ar- lived. Th" hamllis, who were in the office about 20 minutes, compelled ;ome of the victims to sit at (heir (ie.'k.s and prelcml they were working, while others were cscort- n . . T r \ i ed to the private office of s E 1 CtHlon lO rorCC Appro-1 C.illon. sencral mnnngr-r. and told They KOI Ihc monev from Mi.-.-; amue.k. endangering liuman lives.) "You can say definitely we are 'makes it appear ihnt the public ""i mairlnl." the Him director .•rafety and welfare may Justify | mid the United Press after he nnd prlslion Filed by .Muni- 1" Court Officials. " ' to "chat with each other and have <?oot1. lime." feme infrh]9;tient or the supposed ifcht-s of dons and their owners. I don't know how effectively the ordinance requhln^ Immunization of oil dogs is being enforced. I have a susulcion that Si has not accomplished much so far. But It Is a Kood ordinance and 'oup.lit to be applied vigorously. And dog owners who really value their pets!'.'""'•'•folk. uclrrss had .separnt- cd and jjow lu their repecllvu homes. A check of thei: cut the denial. To the end the actress and tlio l!Fs;:ectuclctl director were wln- Illnerary bore ners in the race they sinned with mid curious Ari/onn Several customers who had en- ! should welcome it. for It means tr-red lo pay their ijllls were in- protection for their canine friends Municipal Judi'n C A Cunnin"- i c ''"" C(i in the holdup. George I no less than for themsch'es and tern's pst'ition- for a'writ of man- i Srauijhton. local business man, was I their families-and the community | ctinu-, 13 corn-el the Mississippi i '"^^ ° r « 5 - ! ir ' eencral. U.'unly cmorum court lo make an, Witnesses -said one of the ban-: '' Io i v..-^.n._, uUoruni court to innf'.c *iii •• ....... «,,._ UJ , 11V . UC iu-. ilics. winch will coc S335.COO more | . 0 -j, ! . i 7. tlcll r(jr - lllc liuin i r i, )a i! tills was about C feet. '1 inches in ! Tnc People of Arkansas must than the amount provided f" 1 '! court here was fi'td in circuit 'height, and Ihe other was a short, j n ' k themselves, sayr. Ihe esteemed municipal districts in the bill. (court at Osccola tclav. A hear- ] heavy-set man. r '' £— 'Ihe Armstrong shaving off SBG.rr.o amcndmtnl in allowing fcasoiino turnbacks to contractors. in; on 111" p-:tiU":, will be hud February Trst before Ji'H^p Neil K'llough of Wynne at Osccola. This amendment passed to-i Z . H B riarriKj'i as rDiincy j...i;i- [in J'- ! .-I'd s uri".--<«i o: nil"": of the coun- 3—The nmcndaicpl by Ward oi j ty, th c ] a u C r composing the quorl I.idependence to reduce trailer Ii-|i : .,. (.ouri. y.-cre l :m;ccl d2iend- fees for an estimated revenue] p n c s m the act'nn brought by Decrease of S70.0CO. Thus was being Jmjgu Ciiiiniinlit'. n and Franl: t.:iusidtied by the upper chamber I HhH v.-crth. clErk of th; court. The] I'.day. j j.t:«te of Arkansas was made a .Must Have Aikuuale Revenue j r.cminal plaintiti in Ihc action, rs- Kiate Bank Commissioner Mar-j teal of Attorney General Hal Noiwcod and Detr.c-r Dudley, district prosecutor, to ralre action hc- ir.E. alleg:d. sTheJ petition Gazette, of Little Rock, "whether a moratorium act is an honest and -.on Warson told i'i: United Press that although his office had no itce.nj, conirnunicatU.ns from bondholders, " likely they wit! not justifiable substitute for a refunding measure." '( The answer, of Is no. 71 is doubtful if nny moratorium act can afford adeouate protection to the taxpayers of the mortgage tended road improvement district areas of the state. And if it can it would not be an honest way of /--i n • i . r r» I meeting the danger. Loose" I voc ir jent o[ D^mO-l But there is this to be ami. and rratic Womfn al boro Yesterday. ones- cannot be said to nften In this heavily castCTn Arknnsas Judge Keck Disallows Defense Move for Dismiss- Suil. al ot A -jud^m?]!! against his former employer, the Lee-Coppeil?e Oin e^aipany. \\.\s soi:;'ht by Kenry Thompson tiir permanent injury In his Ir.fl mm in an accident r.l the (gin a year r.go. In a liuderway in circuit court here WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 (UP)-. A move was .started in couuress lo- duy lo place u cliuek upon HUM JIOWCIK Uun would la-' Blven Ihe secretary of treasury I under the sa.COO.OOO.OOO slublll/u-! lion fund priiiMsaLs or Ihe new i ItuuseveK nold proiinnn. ! ' It was Iciirnetl (hat supi>ort was in I'D' l r tiithcrini; lo a prnpofal advanml I ( OOUlOUS - KeglOIl Lell 111 within Ihe ieiiiilt- b;inkllH; nnd; " ' — • - —•• I curiency committee thai the .sec-' trelary be iniKk- accounlabii- loi congress tor liir. stnbill/allon oi;er- Ruins: Famine and Disease Threaten. . Icero Child, Dogs, Cow ;nic] Horse Also Bitten by Rabid Animal. •A yellow, mongrel dot;, believed 10 be siifferliiK from rabk's, ut- Ir.cked u sli year old white Iwy, 11 ne<ro child and bit several an- lii'nls in 11 wild dash through the luuihwe.stern ontsklrls of Ihe city bcfnrit dis&ii|>onrlnr; yesterday al lernouu. CALCUTTA, India. Jan. 17 (UP) —Cities, villages and hill stations o\cr u wide area oJ north central liiclin were devastated today, their Imputations scattered or seeking dead In the ruins of their homes, lifter an earthquake that had iciichcil the proportions of a major disaster. Airplanes that surveyed the minkc area brought a story of .ii country prostrated, thousantls of 114 buildings ' crumbled, whole towns under water, bodies lying in streets, burled In rains, or floating down dreams toward the sea. Captain Frederick Dalton, member of an air circus, who piloted the first plane to penetrate the area, said he believed the dead must tola! between 8,000'and 10,- coa. V i Thvent of famine and disease, -!agc old enemies of crowded India, I section, and that is that anything The trie! was expected to ! is preferable to refunding legisla-1 consume praclieiilly tlic cnilrc day. •'was* severely It was just a viicntlon trip, they Jack Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Leon Smith, was tttlaclicd while iilnylng on the lawn of the Smith home, a half mile south of Blylheville on Highway Gl. Later the dtw bit a negro boy. several other doss, a cow and liorsc. The Smith • bov was bitten over (iDfT ntthc ' 0 ™-' ° wrich Foslcr ' in? pose. Their motor trip throuyl Arizona 1 added weight to the romance reports, but Ihe high-priced Caucasian director denies that they nrc married negro home, started out {In pursuit of the dog and thought | faced survivors who were • still : cut off from ordinary communication. The nuake occurred at 2:39 p. i. Monday. Many buildings here were cracked. Large towns over north central India, whose communications weru not severed, be- uan reporting damage and small death lists. But It was not dreamed that the devastation was so severe as Dalton reported. Dalton re|»rted that the town of Muznfnrpore, in north Bihar, an important trade center with a :r.nt to 11)7 p'.'iority ol municipal i (iad iinproicrrien', districts pro- \ideil in the Evai;» aniendmeiit. Asked whetlKT o: not the ad- minuitKitlon had -mother iilan for revenue th"t must be p.d- rled to the bill ns it now siands, Ihe comiinj-sioner said: "No. Governor Trlrell has said lie will support any bill t'.'.at is workable, and I think he would consider .the method of raising revenue secondary to that , which is only a formality since of coin-'. c::n oe paut • nly nom nnjs nun imls irci-ivcti by Mis court. (lav's meetinct nre: Mrs. J. Shoen-! b'r" nf pin of Anaushi. second vice chairman: Mrs. P. M. Latourette of .lonesborn. recording secretary. to act. more dishonorable '• \-^"\^ own prcle ction in the i than would be n measure that lied : ...„,, Qf insrr1n ,., „„ tll , ...,.„ •r™. first-vice!,,,, the state's highway revenues, ^'L'Yo" ^"hb'mv T'- benefit of one class of Marked M-s. Waller Jimmer-^ fo r tho state highway obliRfitions nnd fail-! i, I Kansas City Carpenters Mrs . Wimnm M ,,, uir( , or Alll , usUl . tri v ts Union Leader Murdered lr " s " r(ir - «'•"• nol p» fimith . sr --l And or ed to remove the threat of fore-, M|c ' h ; closure from the improvement dis- I-K,,,,,, Hml ,f,i The tl?m:'!Tcr war; overfilled as contrary lo statute and the court holding KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Jan. 17 sii (UP)—J. M. Siubblefickl, central ac ! I figure in the local carpenters un cvenue seconciarv to that ac- ,—••-. , --••• -»M~-"'-— .omplishment. The people of Ar-1 lon clrc ' ra - was assassinated as he »ns« do not «ein to realize what "'-f^ » ..^l"™ ,«' " lc ..j^ I will happen if this legislature roes not -pass a workable refunding bill." lending a meeting here iast night. Frank Lauchner. union carpen- that is why ihe bonded Crawfordsi'ille, correspond ins! counties should and will fight lo | secretary. ; the end against any refunding Tiie 75 women present represent-1 program that does not, by Its own ed the all counties which make UDJ specific terms, become of no ef- Ihe district. Mississippi. Craighead,| feet as regards obligations of any Crittcnden. Poinsett. Lee, Phillips.I type whenever it "fails to protect t. Francis. Woodruff, Cross, Clay the lauds covered by re St. and Greene. provement district liens. oad Thirty-two amendments to "ie[ t ; olu refunding bill had been adopted ' by the senate when It recessed (or lunch, and 20 more were pending. An amendment seeking to. lab , ter, was arrested early today ati The meeting wn? dedicated to ! his home and held for investiga- ! lljc first womn;' senator elected in ! Irer own right, Hattic W. Caraway. ! of Jonesboro. and to the niedeing 1 ne gasoline tuinbr'-k in counties where there would be at any time .n the future a deficit in fund; needed to service road Improvc- nif-nt district bonds was defeated n. Ihe senate today. P'ciul Sjsltm Bill Passes The bill financing the slate's %cnal system and placing its con- t'ol in the hands of the slate board of penal institutions was i:ass2d by the hcire this altcr- nocm. The vole was 59 to 17. Immediately following the vote Ihe lower'bodv fco-jan considera-i lion of the refundnif biil in com-.] inittce of the whole. An etl'ort was belns made in r-::luce truck I license fees. If.11 van! Aiir.iAs Skiing i nf support lo President Franklin CAMBRIDGE. Muss. (UP)—Ski-! n. Roosovell. in^' has been made a minor sport! state officer? who attended thei al Harvard College and "H's" will : -meetine were: Mrs. Laura Davis Diamond Bride be'Awarded lo those vho make the, Fiizhueh of Augusta, president; ienm by Ihe Harvard Alhhtici Mrs. John F. Weinman of Little Association. j Rock, second vice president: Miss -'Mary Fein of Little Rock, sccre- i lary! Mrs. W. H. Arnold of Tex- j arknna, national committeewoman, i was also a guest of honor. | Those Attending from here were: Mrs S. S. Sternberg nnd daughter. Miss Helen "Alice. Mrs. H. U Reynolds, Mrs. Roland Green. Mrs. Joe S. Dillahunty. IMrs. C. E. I Coulter. Mrs. George Gish. Mrs. J. |\V. Adams sr.. Mrs. T. E. Tate. Mr?. Paul L. Tipton. Miss Cordelia Wllhlte, Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise and Mrs. James B. Clark. JIIDIOEI1T TO County Council Will Meet at Osccola Friday This Week. _iAii;- he had wounded the. animal In a j chase 'cross''country, 'until Ihe doe 'cnlercd the" Robinson 'addition.-a negro section. In Robinson addition the cur attacked a negro boy, Inflicting n deep wound in lit." nrm. Officers, tnking up the chase fnr behind and following in the wake of the frenzied animal, found that it had bitten a horse and a cow and |K>ssibly several other tings. The dog was last seen in the vicinity of Mnore Brothers store, ii half-mile beyond the western cltv limits, and was believed £ Ol Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Jr-..v 17 iUP> — Outside interests, extending even If European investors, continued in the stock marke-. today to such fl' 1 extent that Iltllo sinking spells 'J'tre overcome to give prices a generally higher tone. A. T. and T 116 1-4 i Anaconda Coppe: 151- Belhlehem steel 421-8 Chrysler 53 7-8 Cilies Servic-: 3 1-8' COL-a Cola :... 33 General American Tank 38 1-8 General Electric 21 7-8 General Motors 30 5-3 International Harvester 42 5-8 Middlewest Utilit:c.s .... Mcntfoinrry Ward New York Ceulrr-1 .' Packard Phillip-; Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Frtincl.sco Standard ot N. J. 3-lli 25 7-8 A preat bat tins eyo hi,.;, _ "Old ](oss" Stcplienson 37 1-81 Chicago Cub outfielder, and 4 7-8! sreal one for beauty. 100. as he 1G '; showed when lie cliose Miss Al- 7 7-8i ma Chadwlrk, above, of Hot 20 3-8 Springs, Ark., ns his bride. 3 1-4 They were married at <hj Ar- 45 1-8 Kansas sp.i nil.', slipped'away Texas Co 251-1 to New Orleans for tliclr lioney- II. S. Slrel •-.. M 1-2 nionn. „ „. f r\ 1 amnuH ocene at Discovery ot Ueacl vcidict Woman's Body Rccon-^ structed in Court. liability could not be escaiwd in Hnrri.'.on. Smith mill Taylor rrp- lesenl. the plalm'IT. and Ileid. Evrard and llendt-.ron are counsel for the gin coi:.r-any. Mrs. Laura Cotlnaii was award(d a Judgment for. S55 against . Earl Magcrs, Dell planter, by a ijury yesterday afternoon. Mrs ! Ccthran Ma^r.; as one of the ' s'cners of a note made by an- j other man. The ncii- was not produced in court. Mrs. Cothran [claiming it h:>.d in some manner iO'isappccred. : Virgil Greene v::is attorney for : Mrs. Cotlnan nnd Claude P. Oi 0]>er for Mr. Mf.rjers. William Drown. Manila service station proprietor, was given a OSCEOLA. Ark., Jan. 17-Mem- kers of the MLssUsippi County Bar i asocial ion have l:ceu Invited as ,'iecial Bursts to Jutlije Cam- population of 50,000, w.-s f.V '-liter of. thy stricken zone tjiere. For 100 miles around; he said; on the fertile plain,. ' dotted "With mangrova.'trets, -bombpos.^nd rice flcld.'i.-,_yjth 970 '' persons '.• living on • '•- : ''' r ' '-"' ""' " ses were strewn. lo be heading Into the country once more. A search until, after dark failed to reveal any trace of the animal. Anti-rabies serum was rushed here from Memphis last night for ll'e tislly of the Memphis Juven-lthe Smllh boy and the treatment, lie court In a til.-: on "Woiiuiil requiring 21 injections, started. and Her Citizenship", before the I The negro boy was also to un- Count" Council ol|dcrgo treatment, it was undcr- J. aprjnximately M. Hiilton for labor Parent-Teacher ascwintions. which meets here Frlda;', Jan. 19. Judge Kelly will speak ut 11 o'clock following a lalk by ML-a Willie Lavreon, Io.-i:er county stip- (ilntendcnt of seller]?. The afternoon program will feature a lalk at 1:30 P. M. by Mrs. L. S. Akers. p:esident of the iMicr Films council of Memphis Mrs. W. 13. Bmfcfll of Bassetl. president of the lounly council. Will preside, llcpn :vr.lativ:s from each of the lo:al .^fsuciatlons will r.ttcnd. A nomi:p'.iru commitice to namn officers »'-.o will be elected at the April Hireling will be announced. Tho tnnrd of man- nd materials on repair of a car ____ _ ............. : Button's claim of S1CO for dain-l i"ecrs will meet m the afterncon to the cr.r 0:1 a cross com-i icllowlmj the re,"i:l^r council mecl: plaint was disallowed. Claude F.|, stood. Bishop W. F. McMurry Succumbs at St. Louis ST. LOUIS. Mo. .Inn. 17 (UP) — Ulshop W. F. McMurray of the Tilcthodist Episcopal Church South i.nd (ormer president of Central college at 1 Fnyelt?. Mo., dfed in Fames hospital he'-e today. A heart attack was blamed for nis death. A. T. Earls Slightly Hurt in Collision Here A. T. Earls of Stecle, Mo., .form-! er loral car dealer, sustained a' flight scalp wound, and George Wadllngton, Inspector connected with the U. S. engineer's office here, minor bruises In a traffic accident at Fifth and Chlckasawba streets (his morning. Wadlington was driving a truck ' and Earls on auto. The two 'ma-*, chines collided at the. Intersectlon:- A Cobb ambulance was called to I lie scene and removed Earls to the Blytheville hospital. He was dismissed after receiving emergency treatment. Police said no ar- resUs were anticipated. •- i. r . The truck and car were slightly damaged. Three More Arkansas Districts Get Loans Seeks Reelection , " anrt 11tl()l1 . an(I Lindsay Wyn?koon from death u' the electric chair, demanded oy: the slate, hinted ir cross-examhia- : ' IT ~ iion. today that Kr.cta Wynekoop; l\CW iOl'k miglit ha\etied bv her own 1 hand . Grand Lecturer Will Visit County Lodges OSCEOLA. Ark. Jan. 17—Baker Clark. Brand lecturer for the Ark- anra.s Lodge of Free and Acccpied Masons, will hold a Masonic school ! of Instruction at Ofceola on the ] evening of January 31. and similar schools at Leachvllle on February l' and at Blylheville on February 2. He will be assisted by E. R. Bo- enn of Luxora. deputy grand lecturer for Ihe tonlh district. Examining two SCE called by the Counsel W. W. Smith and Milto:i Smith inquirer! intc Ihe exact ;io- ] .j a sition of the .slain girl's body on. [vjr he operating table in the baEf-lM Blind Woman Sees With Eye Fro.* Corpse MOSCOW. Jan. 17 (UP)—Prof Mnr jv P. Filatov of tne Odessa Eye Jrttitutr- announce! tcday that Ii." had succeeded in Iransferrlnz the ccrnoa cf the ey^ of a corpse to the eye of a woman who had teen blind in both eyes for eleven viars. polite witius-, NEW YORK;. Jan. 17 iU flate, Delense. cotton closed lardy steady op^n l:lgh low 111C 1118 1136 1153 1!7U 1185 llfil U(i3 i;co use HIM nenl .of the W,nekoop horn?.• July wlicre it was first viewed by ;-o-1 Qci ice. : Dec nlc l>38 1153 1113. Brown and A report on the I rojrcss of th; rcpr.-sen.e., L01mlJ . h | glnv .,j. sr .f,.(.y project I will be made by M>." Winnie Vir- I pil Turner of BlvtMciille and the piogram will iii' miscellaneous musical num'-.r.s provided by Ihe local P. T. A. Members of ;hr Osccola a.'-'cc't.lion will ssrve a luncheon of r.iiKiv.iclies. pie and at the iioci: liour. The will bv ht-:d in tlie high ];13 1!1' ; 1130 ll-'.J rlos: 1113 1118 OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 17.—Dave Young, city marshal, has announced his candidacy for re-eleclion at the municipal eleellon to be held in April. Tax Probe Hits Hoover's Son WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 (UP) — The Reconstruction' Finance Corr jMratlon today announced three oans to Arkansas levee and drainage district. They were $161,500, (o Mttle Bay and Witeman's- Creek drainage district, S103.500 to- Long Prairie drainage district, and $155,200 lo the Long Prairie Levee district. 1132 i fchool building heiv. 11 SO 1182 ts rlosrd slcariy al 115S. oil S. Heeding Ihc admonition of it'.' 1 rail defendant noi to "spare me." Ihe atlorneys reconstructed eU')-, \r oln crptely in the courtroom the scvi:- 1 ''Pit' ol the death chamber. The operating tabla upon which' NEW ORLEANS Jan. 17 tUP>— Rheta's body lay was placeci; Cctton closed steady, rquarcly before ft- staring eyes I open Hgh !ow close of the twelve j'jrvrr.en. - Ja n 11101 The pillow on" which the girl'.- March ins head rested was placed in (he po-iMny 1131 silion It was s;ccii rn the night o('J"lv liso Ncvemtor 21. and by answers o:. Oct 1100 the officers the sc?ne was sharp-1 fee 11RO iy clched in the m-rds of auditors. S|»ts closed quiet at 1119. off 7. Officers Arthur March and Wai-; ter Kelly described the girl's body.; covered with a hevy blanket. Sin 1 ; lay on her left nrm with her- hi:.Lj clut'.hing at said Ihe officers. l!3l 1113 1150 112!» i;<i 1115 HB2 1104 I1!>3 117D 1110 1110 1133 1147 1107 118.1 Wheat • Miv ' July open W 1-2 87 3-4 hlrjh low ctae PI 1-2 89 1-2 00 1-2 89 3-8 37 3-4 88 Sturdy Oo.ik cf a Man ROANOKE. Va lUPl — Cie"Ii Euichan, Ihe largest man in Car-. Chicago Corn He said the woman could seel roll county, dird"recently. He open high low close (11 now, tlioujh she did not re-[69 years old and six feet, six in-[May 523-4 '53 1-? 523-4 527-8 member colors. [ches tall. ]Ji:1y 543-4 55 S-.l 543-4 543-4 Osceola Civitans Will Hear of CoUon Program OSCEOLA. Ar;: - Osceo'.a bi'.si- rcss men at a meeting ot the Civic club herr Thursday will be advised of details of the 1934 cot- icn reduction program and their assistance In promoting the cam- i;i south Mi-:issinpl connly will be urged. ! Members of the and the| Etvcral local commiUrfs. meeting| here Monday r,i?ln pawed rcsolu-i lions urging that uviness men and muchants, In as niuch as they ".•ill profit dtreetly Irom Ihe pro- f.ram In the same prouartlon as the farmer, get .^Qiiarely behind the campaign for reduction, and J. B. Bunn, of the club, has arranged lo give Ihc entire prcgram time at the Thursday r.c-etlng to discussion of the campaign, with talks by County Agent S. D. Carpenter and R. C. Bryan, chairman of the local committee, Air Mai! Correspondence Removed From Files WASHINGTON. Jin. 17 (UP)— Air mail contract correspondenda. from Ihe files of former Assist- cnt Postmaster General Clover, in charge of air mails, was removed- trom Ills files aid disposed of * just before Glovrr left office, senate air mall conlract investigators were told today. Find Wounded Mother Beside Slam Children / TAMPA, Fla.. Jan. 17 (OP) — Vrs. A. P. Saunders, 26. critically wounded, was found In her automobile today beside the bodies of ier three young children, whom she had shot to death. Domestic unhapplness was btam- ;d for Hie tragedy in a note she left. The Income lav scarchlichi r.a? boca turned on HIT'IKTI lloc<v«r Jr.. above, ap-l hi? rrlurns ars nude- r/rotie l-y Senate gators of airmail contr.icts Hoover has been- connected, as ra'Hti consalllng enplaoer. with tviation line? and .ilsn Is a ool- lege lecliuolocical instructor. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly clouds', warmer In north and central portions tonight. Thursday partly cloudy and warmer. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight, not so cold. Thursday cloudy and warmer, followed by rain. The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 50, minimum 37, partly cloudy w«h .01 of an Inch rainfall, according' to. Samuel P. Morris official w<atb*r obserw.

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