The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 14, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOM IN ANA NEWSPAPKR OP NORTHEAST AltKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—NO. 10] Blylheville Courier, Blythevllle Dully News, .,. .„.,,.,,,,,, . ,, MJT/ANQ \c; Mnvn\v nnv 11 i n-m Blythevllle Herald. _Mjssl_sslppl__yti!lpy Lraelpr. Hl.,1 I IIKVILU'.. AKKANhA^__ JlOMJrU , -lUM H, Hl.iO JURY BLAMES WOUNDS, HEAT SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 72-Year Old Man First Heat Victim Here Six Die As Yawl Sinks Near Boston I BOSTON, Mass., July H (UP) — I An exhausted youth, his voice weak from terror of his experience, told of A New Champipn Is Crowned Relief Comes After Record this father at Boston Fish pie r of r n ,,.. f Arlmm-nrvl 77 YP-II-C •( Heat Wave; Showers u -' e dr ° wning of " is £ix companlolls I " «» » • - ! * Forecast for State. Ago When Mob Threat- j Alter establishing new recordr with a temperature of lOT.i ant' with above 100 degree weather for a week, it is this afternoon 90 degrees hot or "cool" with a mini- aboard a 15 foot pleasure yawl and of his own rescue from n similar fate. Baden Garceau, son of a Boston lawyer, was- saved by thecrew of the mackerel boat St. Rita today "Monday County Judge George W as he china onto the keel of the | Barham,presiding over county court, ened Backers of Project | OSCEOLA, Ark.. July 14. — Lust j capsized yawl here, made an order. nllowng a 25] ' . Garceau set out late yesterday I*'' cent reducton n tlie taxes of , with six companions from the! Carson Lake Dranage Dslrct No. 8 j ' mum of 71 this morning. Sunday was another scorching day befon the heat wave ternoon with the mercury ,n. ,„„. - —-,-, -.- , . , .. .. , , , The first death here from heal Hall, 23, of Scituate. • crmnilssinoers of the -Jistric prostration occurred last night I Others in the party were Walter • " w™ « ™\ ''••«* '""tier of hiisi- when B C Klns°y 12 died after i Klairbor, 28, Youngstown, O.. Wil-1 »«s. The districts bonds will lie an hour's illness which started 1 »s Earle. 21, Kansas City. John] retired Inside the next two years. - broke late in the" af- Seituale yacht club aboard a yawl The order' was in compliance with | :he mercury at 105. • owned and skippered by Charles a voluntary petition filed by the | from a slight attack of indigestion. Pittsburgh, David The attending physician gave the Garceau, 27, of Concord, and a cause as "overheat and acute in- young woman, Betty Nunsell, lfl, of digestion." had sailed out. five and turned When three miles oil shore Tlie aged man, familiarly known as a peddler in the several years he has resided here, died short,!'.• - after a physician arrived at his a sudden squall arose and cap- home at on Ash street rooming iiouse. No Inquest was held, He is survived by four sons. J. W. Kinsey of Blylheville, Gordon Kin- jey, B. J. Kinsey and Stonewall Kinsey, of Jackson, Tenn,; a brother, Glowcus Kinsey, and a sis- !er, Mrs. Ruth Bromly, of Dayton I Ohio. ! Funeral arrangements are incom- ' plete bui services will probably be I conducted Thursday alter relative? ' DEflTH VERDICTS . pany Is in' charge of arrangements. sub district organi/cd more re- i cently will keep the huge canals, of'. the original project dredged and I \\ cleaned, (he district has accumulated a surplus of funds, and the Ux | ylg reduction for the property nwncrs j was in order. Nobody objected,!^ ; in fact few were aware that the | j> i matter was pending. ; j Had Ncose for Organizers ! • It was a mere co-Incidence that' S i the day marked the 22d annlvers- ' \ j ary of the first public hearing on :lhe organization of the improve- j mem district and ils companion project, District No. 9, and the i older residents of Mississippi County are few who do not well remem- ; '• ber that day in 1908 when the op- i to "those d • dreenage only of: conducted Thursday alter relatives ! c . nan t • ditches" was so strong that arrive. The Cobb UndertaMngj-orn- | Sustains Death Decree for • the precipitate adjournment " N«ri-n/»<: \X/kn Miii-rlei-o^ 'court in the face of a rabid mob, negroes, yvno murnereu | saved thc necks 0( R - E ,_ M wil _ Jrtercnarit: . •••••' IiX", Ark.--Rain wiiich fell in -a tohential- .showr,-.. -aboUV .8 "6'cTBclt Saturday night 'hi the wake of a stiff northwesterly breeze and LITTLE ROCK, July 14 (UP)— lie death sentence of Willie Joe of its 'precipitation after the_sun had i Rock merchant, were upheld SUITE ID Rumor Sale of Wilson"; Power Co. Oilidiils of the Wilson Power .company todny refused to deny rc- \w. i.s tlhit negotiations are niiihr way lor Ihe sale of the Wilson 1'ow- n f I ' XI II'', n coimuny Interests lo the Ar- Ueleilds [Naval Limita- Umas rower company. Harvey tions Agreement. Democratic Floor Leader . Cuucli holdings. When asked lo verify WAqvrrvrrr<vr~Tiiiv u HIPI I'™™ 1 ' 1 '' 1 - concerning the WASHINGTON. JUli 11 <UP)—; t iom oillccrs of the Wilson com Senator rtoblnson, democrat, Ar-j , . MM , 1)Bt u , 1|u| ,. Jlothlll ktinms. today defended Ihe London. to ... nl lh|s t , m(J hut lhnl naval treaty In ti speech on he , - MMle .smu-mcnL" rcgiirdlng live senate floor and urged ratincatlon | ,. C|mlr(] , vnnsnrt , oll womtl nro bably ol the pact, ; |, c forthcoinh^ W llhin several days Uoblason s speech was the second I democratic defenso of the treaty: ! made since Hoover summoned (ho j 1 senate Into special session last < •i Monday to consider the naval limitations agreement. Fifty-two senators answered to llielr names ut the quorum cull. Administration forces were augmented by (he nriivnl of Senator 'Gould, republican, Maine, nnd Sen-' i ntor Keene, republican, New ,ler-1 1 sey. and the session went into the i 'scc-nd week, with certainly Hint I the White House would exert press, t lire to expedlntc the matter. PreJdenl Hoover discussed the! treaty situation with Majority.. The condition of T. D. Rhodes. Leader Wmscn ui the While Jlcusc ,55, who wns seriously injured when Ibieakfast today and received Wnl- struck by n Frisco motor cur Suu- outloak <iuy. is unchanged today, rlc Is at p rosecutor Awaits Final Report by Physicians) Wili.ess' Fine Is Paid.'' ;. Mrmbfrs cf the. sheriffs:force lulkul to a croup of men .ialli- trnl at a park south - of Ihls' c-iiy this nflcrnoon apparently' with Hie Idea .'of dlsbandlnj; st group that had bttn forming all <lny, some of which wtr« armed with tuns Mid whi) .rumors staled wtre out to "lake"-(he ruunly farm. ' ' •'.••'-'.• : . The "frouu" this afternoon numbr-red only about 25.- «c 35 men and officers d!d rtoi-'Ylew' (he situation with »bdm express-" hif conlldence .that the .group «is slmnly a protest «f*(Usa|H prnvnl it Is onienstood. D. Rhodes in Critical Condition After Being Hit Sunday Afternoon. i son's assurance inm the ! was favorable. : lhe Blytheville hospilnl, unconscl- slnce the accident which oc- j son. the district's chief promote:* 1 and J. T. (Jrston, its attorney, Folks,-meet the world's t'&ri.vUm tree hitter. Ten-year-old JlmmJ 'If thc senate refuses ils mlviiic | and consent, "Robinson s.-ilil. "the | curred nt 11:15 on Ihe old J. L. C. treaty will fall and an em' of In- mid E. track on West, Ash street security, dread, and fear will follow,, near the Coca Cola Bottling com- iiuklng probable the Initiation ofjpany. Hiss Injuries are a probable navoi pr-grams In cxcef-s of anything ever conceived Since .the beginning of hjstory. ; "There may^be some who would Icome such un' era, bud their ot- With the verdict of the coroner's Jury which Investigated the death . of Walter Clark, negro convict'at the Drinkley Brothers county farm, and an autopsy by physicians Sunday presenting diverging view*-or how the convict met his' death, what olnclal action If any will be tnkcn had not been determined,today. " - •' •' A coroner's Jury Saturday impaneled by doroncr Tom Hendrlcka decided that, the negro met his death by a, combination of wounds Inflicted by some employee or Inmate of the county farm and by heat prostration. Judge S. L. Olad- Ish, prosecuting attorney, 'when reached by the Courier News •. Tiptonville, Tenn., this morning, stated that lie «ould tnke no an'- lon until alU-"- M "i final report o' the autopsy along 'with Judge Ho7.zc)r cf the Clemons, above, won the title and also 513.!i7 piize nu County Court and a select list of ^ y {funus and neighbors in Racine, Wis., when he stuck U ouL for 34 promoters who were marked for I backvavd. The Chicago ,-iHlim.nce flyers the hangmans noose. .... . ', . , , , , , . . , ,, , , : gave him the idea. Above is Jiimn e in his eafy perch am, left. Jtni- The mob was variously estimated i " , . , at between 500 nnd 100 persons and i lllle ' s "refiieliiiu crew" hoisting soda pop nnd sandwiches to him by Davis and Long were convicted of the noose was in readiness, on that] means of the family clothesline which was borrowed for the purpose. onev contributed i U' U[ic cannot be ro.nectlve of pub'..i. i. ... ,~. IA He sentiment In thc'Unlled States." nMne tiT 104 1 degrees matching Thurs- ! killing J. W. Weed in an attempted l July day in 1908 when during a dav's temDerattire which rose to I holdup. A third person, Roosevelt lull In the proceedings for a. confer- a maximum of 100 on' Friday,- and j Davis, has' not been tried for his ence of attorneys, pandemonium broke lo?se and behgerent land reached Its zenllli of 108 at 2 o'clock part in thd robbery and murder. . ,,,.,.., Saturday afternoon : - - ! DavLs -pleaded insanity at the owners cheered their leaders lo the The beneficial effect of Saturday j trial. . . | echo when they mounted the. night's shower on local'crops .is The two year sentence given Ntary ! 5"dg's stand for impromptu: neuliglble and in some instances. Bigstaff in Pike county for man- ! speeches against the proposed ; follpwed by Sunday's heat, even slaughter, in connection with the "dreennge ditches and demmcia-, harmful, according to local farm- killing ot her common law hus- tl(m of everyb-dy and everjtiling | crs." • ' • jband, Homer Parker, last October, connected with- them On the j Early planted corn in this-lo- was affirmed. i whispered advice of friends. Judge [boiling cality is practically a failure due to i The woman contendc d «he l Rozzdl I"' 60 '? 1111 ' 015 ' ancl :>rb l t " r the drouth: Young corn' can "be j k ™ {h ?°™™ m ™"f defeL i">' adjourned, court and avevte -the saved if the drouth is broken by n Mrs Elmer Jones , two vcar Kn _ good rain within the next few days, i [mce for mans i au giiter in Baxter (Rim GREETS farmers say, but cannot be expected to make a maximum'crop. even with favorable weather conditions s t aD i,ing Bud county was also atfirmed. I threatened tragedy. • Swamp lands, lowlands, mosquito I infected lands, overflows, backwat- , LITlperor Royal Reception by His Home I own Citizens. ATLANTA. July 14. (UP)—At- Mrs. Jones was charged withl""- ' ilnd numerous earthquake- .; ]an(a ennc(c j t hc role ot the golf during a j created lakes—tw fight between the man and the! vast panorama of tilled fields the , ,.„,,,. 'V woman's husband. The two menl«' hitc of collon. the green of al- , , vclc capital of the world today and as :i turned out its thousands to welcome its king. Robert Tyre for the rest of the season. All hay crops are damaged considerable extent, young alfalfa is dying, it is doubtful if there wil 1 ^ aiiu „.„_„ „,..„ „..„„ v ..v., „.. ,., t u ..™^ „ ^ be a second cutting of timothy and I J.' m[E -~ uVe" ground {he" woman i acres of Mississippi County land. : w ^s' t i e ^" church be'lls'.""iire been quarreling and were fight- I falfa and the gold of ripening corn Jones jr threw the; a t harvest time on thousands of On th e stroke of nine factory clover, and the soy bean crop, to | jcked i( s! abbing Maynard who ! ar which a larger acreage was sown ' dle(J a weck mter . ; th this year than ever before in this county, is in a number of localities a total failure, due to the drouth p_.,.:J_ n |». f ar l n which is also parching gardens nnH |r resident S L3r in truck farms. . | Slight Wreck With the exception of a few iso- | lated areas, where showers have _ , ^..^.^ c the contrasts attributable to and automobi ie horns joined the ose early contests over Districts , been seasonable, there hasn't been a season In the ground here since May 18. The greatest anparent damage to the cotton cron Is from Ihe Infestation of red spider, which during the past week has become general over the county. LITTLE ROCK. July 14. (UP) — Relief came lo heat stricken Ar- WASHINGTON, July 14 (UP)— ; tion of sub-districts. President Hoover's tranquil week lo signal the start of a p9 8 and 3 that have passed into his- rndc ln nls honor to [hc citv ha | l : torv - i Thousands lined the route of the i The information of Districts parade. It was a municipal holiday ^eleven. Twelve. Tliirtecn. Sixteen and commercial houses suspended iand Seventeen followed, and have business wherever possible. Air- in turn followed by the organiza- planes circled in salute over the j parade of twenty sections as ticker tapes, chopped up telephone Was Election Issue end at his Rapidan, Vs., fishing ; Following that July uprising of , books and anything available fiut- lodge was nearly marred last eve- 1 irate citizens who would fain have j tered from windows of office buila- ning by what narrowly missed be- ; preserved their swamp lands and ! ings. ing a serious automobile accident, frog ponds, the hearing on thc pro. Bobby, for whom every kind of As it was a White House car posed Improvement was continued ; railroad red tape had been slash- driven by Lawrence Richey, cne of I till the January term of court in cd tp bring him from Interlachen the president's secretaries, was ' 1909. At that time the legislature one time, Joined the parade, suul- struck head-on by an auto driven |K as in session and the drainage bill , '"K the smile of a modest chain- Dry I,;iw Zeal (!osls Minister Suil ot! ('.lollies fracture of the nkull, bleeding ot the left ear which nlso has'a laceration behind It and lacerations on the left leg below the knee.. .According to ayfi-.'-Tfrlds, 'who was with him,-tlie two men were slamllng on the ground ut the side of the tr.ick. They raw the train, which, hnd just cqrnc In from .loni'Sboro. but supposed It was go- Ing down the nmtn track. They dlil not- look ngaln until thc side of the motor car had struck Rhodes.. The only eye witness was i a negro woman. Fields WHS unin- I Jnred. j Rhodes, who came here from Jackson. Tenn.. H years PANA. III. lUP)—Prohibition zeal of the Rev. A. A. Van Horn, of Fancher, recently cost him ' th.e clothing tie wore when his gar- menis were torn to shreds by an irate couple, owners of an alleged still, discovered in their home near here by raiders, led by the minis- P. * , .-.I n * .laexson. lenii., n years nuu, i^ IJeath ot I'lyei'S brings ! owner and manager of the Blythe- Sadness. to Family Galli-jp"'^ ering in Mississippi. Virgil Shepherd, Courier News. pressman at the RIPLEY. Miss.', July 14. (UP)An airplane crash which resulted I »r ,. • , u . \ In the death of two young men who ' ' acalloniSIS nurl In hnd returned here to attend a f. Wrcrlf Rptlirn Hnmp family reunion saddened this little ! uar WreCKJWlUrn nome C °The"de l a'd t me n n'were Robert M.j. A vacation begun which ended The dead men were Koneri .\i. " ..,™~.. "--o— -••••-• • -••--Hines, 27-year-old student flyer of|'n •>" automobnenccideiit brought for them and finally they u-ere walking toward their | ^ house. family. '° Miss Hogan is tl:c most seriously When Van Horn told them what | The younger Hines new on OX- Injured, having a slight concussion had happened and admitted he had ' Robin cabln mo noplane here Sat- 1 of thc skull nnd several cuts and "turned them in" they became j ur d a y m0 rn!ng and intended to re- ; lacerations over her body. Cuts angry and attacked him. . tum to Memphis late Sunday. The . and bruises were received by Miss Before the deputies could come ; _| anc on a nlgnt pi un ged less than Outlaw who was also on the front ' M " """•' """' v "- '-" ""' C&ptaln Vernon Omlle of; seat and Miss Srite sustained a - -anday, Dr. L. D. iv-^., .'.bicebla phy-. elclaii, reported this morning^ that' '. a complete autopsy conducted'•'. by • Dr. J. -B. MuIiiiuSh Sunday after- ••" noon hftld ;Jajl?tt_-'Ul^kWlop aw ^ evidence of "wounds or beatiui? of the body of (he negro. The autopsy showed no fracture ot the liead, the Jaw or neck', according to the report,, ami bore out, the statement of Dr. Massey on the witness sltmd at the Inquest Saturday. : Tom Holmes, IB-year-old St. Louis boy, who was sent to thr county farm for "beating" a ride on a train, testified at the Inquest, niter his fine had been paid by a'pub- lic collection, that tlie negro." Icon,-; vlcb had.been whipped a number of limes since he had been, at tlie farm and that since Ihe' ISCj ttnje he hnd been whipped Ihe ."negro had been unable to work. - - <The boy showed the Jury rfiSrks which he said . he received-, frpm beatings at, the farm and'claimed to have been whipped three:tinies. His companion. Theodore Hyla, •Sas. paid off. Hie farm by subscription this morning. Clark, thc negro convlct^sucr cumbed at the farm' Friday. His relatives were summoned" to^ Hi; farm to receive his body whictiwas examined by Dr. Massey before .removal to a Blytheville morguo.'-Aft- er arrival of the body hcre ; It-'vas ' examined by local physicians.. The neck of the negro was at first JM- lieved to have been broken and'the to his assistance they had tjr:n off practically all his clothing. 50 lhc c u ' r l,| s Flying Service reported • gash cut on her right knee, a bad, , The raiders confiscated what lo Memphis officials, after flying '. ly bruised back and other lacera- they said was a 30-gallon still, to-. - here , 0 | nvcst | s atc the crash. I tlons. by a Brooklyn, N. Y., woman who j which has since revolutionized pton. ^i? 3 '^rn' nf mndpm west'icr I aparenlly lost control of the ma- j drainage projects in this state, was: ntSweekHf una^bkh^t was 5 hl " E ^Jt careened past the car | up f-r hearing was continued till: . reported in many sections of the state. Numerous deaths and heat pros- bearing the president Into that the April term. driven by Richcy. No one was injured In thc In the meantime Judge Rozzell ' had bcei * > Ar ™- As the parade swung off toward "- •'Viqi welcome at the city hall it was announced that Bobby had gained more than ten pounds Ir weight since his return from England. Against Saunders Stores n um triune uc-ftHM f*iiv* «!•..«»•»---•-. n-u i n,-.! _» • *u tralions were reported throughout ion which took place near Falls i !,trong. who passed away m the: the state Two additional deaths I Church, Va., a capital suburb. ! spring of 1S09. S. L. Oladlsh, now occurred 'here when two women! Rlchey said no charge would be • prosecuting attorney for this Judi- :MIe Bankruptcy Suit siiccumted last nteht- ! file<1 a 8 alnst the woman. ; cial district, was appointed, and ; Tlie weather forecast today in-1 As soon as the accident occurred . subsequently elected to fill his j r-lurlKi shower* and cooler weath-' t ne president ordered his car stop-1 place in one of the hardest fought' " I ped while he and Senator Allen,: political battles ever waged *•"•<> • republican, Kansas, went back to, with thc drainage ' MEMPHIS July 14 (UP) Tor-1 s 66 ' ^ an y rid weather' had interferred with | said to be the vacation plans of an Indiana i - - ., , couple tcdav. K. J. Huber. n.\^ Hardlng's western Ollford, Ind., was in a hospital | w ^ suffsring from heat prostration, and; gether with a quantity of mash. Poley was later sentenced to six The car turned over three times near Harrison, Ark., *2 miles from mouths at, the Vandalia State Farm P rnrn : nf>r ,l Banker Is i their first destination, Kolllster, by Shelby County Judge W. C. /""nuieiu odimti i» i ^ Slain at Los Angeles The remain ined at a hole! in Har- autopsy ordered to fully if It had. Abrasions of the skin nnd marks on the negro's body were explained by Dr." Massey as the results-- of blisters and the jaw which 'was believed to 'have been broken;'was found sound, the autopsy proved. Judge George W. Barham of the county court could not be reached for a statement today. Oladlsh. district prosecutor, intimated that'.lie would take no action until the final Denies Murder of His i rison until they were able lo be ; repor t, O f (he autopsy had been LOS ANGELES, July H (UP)— brought home in the car which was j handed him, although he. stated • cj. D .; Motely Flint, prominent banker and i badly damaged. in Store Basement brother of the late United States! Ir lllcy rcc0 vcr su _._ _._... sufficiently they Senator Frank Flint, was shot to • pi nn ( 0 spent! the last days of their PORTLAND. Me.. July 14. (UP)— death in tte city hall today. James :vf. Mitchell. 22, amateur. The slaying took plnre boxer, pleaded not guilty when ar-: (-curl room after the banker j)iad ; raigned before Judge Max L. Pin-; finished giving testimony in a vacation with Miss Era Wright at lhc ! Trimble. Tenn. I that an Investigation by the. jury would probably be in order nt the* next term of court. MEMPHIS, July 14. <UP>— r improvements untary bankruptcy suit <-.TIS .. . . ansky in municipal court today j pending case. charged with murdering Miss Lll- : Police arrested Frank Keaton. !an I. MacDonnld, 20, Saturday in • real estate broker, and charged : the basem-mt of a local stationery . him with the tlayinj. j stcre where both were employed. I Flint was stepping from thc wit- 1 (Ware Named Member in ane was In i ured - It was the principal issue of the campaign. : federal court the first accident involv-: ln thc fall of 1909 Judge Gladlsh •. --•-der, st, federal court against the Clarence "——ders stores, fnc.. national ... had a continuous hearing lasting chain store company, today. trip In ! three weeks on the assessments nnd , The suit was filed by Joe Han! while the objections were mimcr- over and Austin Calhoun. :iltor- , his daughter, Miss Louise Huber. : P au J Mar$h 16, Is under medical observance I believed suffering from typhoid; fever. I The couple was enroule to Hugh- w. Paul Marsh has recently been ,ous numbering over 400 property «cys for Oliver Finney Grocery 1 owners in District No. 9, there was company and the Meyers Paper no violence attempted or contem-. company, Lucedsle. Miss. tO Radio Institute P'ated so far as is known, and a The total amount of li-dsb.eii- change of sentiment more favorabi" ; "<*= Hanover claimed was due Ins to Ihe improvements seemed to -Clients Is $2.953. es,''Ark-Tin Cralghead'county""to mlonned"ofhb'elMtlon^'aVVs-' '•<•« set In. : The petition alleges thai .C^^ visit relates. sociate member of the Institute of I The legal battle centering around- nt ' f -j ^ ^ M I Radio Engineers, an organization organiration of the two districts; c , company ' a Mernp his con'- CHICAOO. July 14. (UP)-Ratn- of the outstanding experimental | «'as waged over, a period of three , " '• tt " While the torrid wave which al-i Llntzenlch having received a sim (Continued on Page Three) liar honor several months ago. fhe company wis c.ipi- lali?.ed at. $2,000,000. of Junior Ball Board LITTLE ROCK, July 14. (UP)— The defendant was ordered held , nes s stand, according to witnesses, i c. R Shulz of North Little Rock without bail for the September j when Keaton, in the second vow! andR N . Ware of Blytheville ha> •irm of tlw grand jury. ; O f spectators, stood up and point-! been appointed stale divisional of- Thc girl disappeared after dls-1 cd a pistol, shooting Flimthrough '. n ccrs f or t hc American Legion Iributing pay envelopes from an [the throat. Flint died Instantly. : junior baseball program, it was an- S800 payroll. Charred remains of; the b:dy were found in the base- i inent of the establishment yejter-1 day. i i nour.ced by J. W. Mitchell, Legion i athletic officer. Consumption of Ice j Missing Witness to . Return to San Francisco BALTIMORE. Md.. July H.'.(UP) —The release of John McDonald by Baltimore police clears the way tor the long missing witness in the Money-Billings case to enact an- othcr'and perhaps final net In the amazing drama surrounding the San Francisco Preparedness Day bombing back in 1916. McDrnald, a broken old man at 58, was to be released today. ! Charles Partlow Passes State Bar Examination Alleged Wife Slayer ' People of Blytheville are using p...... T • IT J i plenty ol Ice to keep cool. In com- races inai lUeSflay parlson with the 45 tons daily con• ! sumed here In hot weather the Ar- j Charles Partlow, for four years ASHDOWN, Ark., July H (UP)-' kansas-Missouri Power company is I court reporter of the clrcult_court George Davis, 55, charged with mur- selling o'.:t every day after manu-'" " ~ ' dcrlng his wife and throwing her facturln? 60 tons every 24 hours.. body Into a well, will go to trial This 12,000 pounds docs not in-! will te admitted to the state bir here tomorrow, w : lth the state ask- elude the 85 electric refrigerators i at an early date. Ing the death penalty fcr the Span- used by homes and 23 refrigerators ! He does not plan to begin the ish war veteran. of t^is kind used In business. 1 practice of law Immediately but Davis had only been married a| The output has been this high expects to be an-active attorney Driver and Williams Off for New Orleans OSCEOLA, Ark. — Congressman Flf st district, has passed \v. J. Driver, who has Just return- Arkansas Bar examination and ed from Washington, and J. L. Wll- few weeks. to: the past two weekG. later. Hams, president ot the St. Francis Levee Board, both of Osceola, left Sunday for New. Orleans where they will attend a meeting of the congressional committee on flood controf today, ' •. :

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