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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Friday, February 4, 1955
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Miss'ippian's Son Prefers Russian Life MOSCOW (UP) -Tlii; UnlleiJ Stales embassy lottay confirmed ytwlcrtlay's Tass rejwrt lhat two embassy officials had visited un| American who luul suujjlil political nsyluni in the Soviet Union. The Embassy snUI first secretary Frank C!. Sisccic, and assistant Army attache CupL. William It. Stroud visited Willljun C, Turner, of Cotfeyville, Knn., En Kharkov Jon. 31, Turner, who requested asylum from tlic Sgvicts In Austria in No- J95-1 su he could live in MlSSISAiri'I-Cloudy with • Mil Ul« today or SaliudJiy. Tumljic cotdct In w«l portion SalunUy nf. lernoon. Mtxleratc noiilicuilcrly svhuJ* call Saturday. Red Streak FINAL 59th Year United Press (UP) Greenville, Mississippi Friday, February 4, 1955 Price 5c No. I'll CHOU WAHTS 'GENEVA-TYPE' PARLEY 'V A * * * vcinber .Moscow and bccume an engineer, made an oral statement to Slscoe mid Slroud which tin embassy spokesman said was "obviously prepared in advance." The spokesman saitl Turner "rc-i fused to answer any questions." ; Chiang Says Day Of Counter - Attack Near By WILLIAM MILLKH TAJ Phil. Formosa (UPJ — Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek said to(Turner's ^mother, Mrs. Salliej t | ny Formosa has entered "a state of war" antt thai the day for "launching a counter-attack nn Ihc mainland is drawing near." Chinng made Ihc statement slmrlly after Ilircu waves of liis Vk'iiiscllo, lives al limmevilte, Miss.) 'J'he Interview was iield at the Automotive and Highways Institute of Kharkov with u cliy uKicinl and institute official present. The embassy spokesman satd the visit was a "consular routine" to determine whether the man was actually Turner and whether he as actually in Hie Soviet Union Mendes-France To ivas iicUially In Hie soviet union luCC I6S1 V016 r-i.i- „ , ; r . •" ,""," ~~T~~l lril ' M"- sl ^ 1 '•><• " lv; '"-•« "'««="• of his own free will I Liiunt is iiclcrinmcil lo make villc | ligh school auditorium to „;-X t^S^; In Assembly Today jr°v™ c r r-E sr"< ~™ r " ° ^ bombers (lew through heavy antiaircraft fire and Communist nighlj lighters In nrc-dawn raids on Com-! immlsl invasion buildups in the! • Tadicns. The Nationalist leader iniitle the statement in u message to farmers I un "Farmers l)»y," lie urged them to heighten their vigilance ant)' loublc their production efforts. It was Itls first public stalc'mcnl since the current crisis began. Chinese .sources said the statement indicated the firm stand SiCl-AN—Hruno Giuranna is one of The Musicians who will appear with the string orchestra I Mu.sid al Ihc new Green- 1: own free will,", the embassy 5]Hike&mnn said. Mis physical condition appeared good and there w.'is no indication that he was tia- dcr any particularly gical mental strain." Reservations Due For Britisher's Execs Club Talk KMecutlvcs Club members should rn r-t c res er vat ion s w Llh t ho lo ca t secretary. Jack StuH, for the meeting Tuesday, when John William Hughes, the distinguished HRC riewsc-asfor, author and lecturer will be the guest speaker at 7 p. rn. at Flotcl Grecnvilte. The genial and pleasant speaking newscaster was born on the Jsland of Anglcsy In Wales and received his formal education ir Great Drilaln. During World War II, he served in the lirilish Army with lhe Artillery and later with the Army School of Education In India where, as an Executive Officer the civilian population of the mountains of Central India, he hat a rare insight into the life of ll»e p co [de. Hughes has learned of lhe Commonwealth and of the World gen crally first hand, by personal ob scrvaiiou of the leaders and the people of many lands, fie is as much at home In Karachi Kansas Cily; or in Waterloo Iowa as at Waterloo Station in London. His broadcast from lhe United States to London over the II. B. C. have made him a very PARIS (Up) — Premier Pierre \Iendos-Krance faces a crucial con- idmce vole at 6 p.m. EST tonight, ft'fth no he-tier tlinn of victory. If M cades-France and his seven- Month-old government — France's 9lh in less 10 years — down, Ihere is grave danger of fur:her delay in the long-stalled rearmament of Western Germany. The specific issue at slake in tonight's National Assembly vote, however, is the government's program of reforms for French North Africa, where three white men were killed Thursday night in a new uj>surge of terrorism that may affect the assembly's decision. The Premier's chances of success were considerably narrowed Thursday when he lost the support of ex-Premier Hene Mayor, bis chic/ rival for leadership in the radical Socialist Parly. The 30 votes controlled by Mayer may prove lo IK.- the margin twcen victory and defeat for the Mendes-f-'rauce regime. The estimated lineup in the €27- mcmbcr assembly now stands 290 Ito/Dh Red Shipping •* i| Nationalist Air Force headqunr- |/3||(| lers said the bombers blasted Heel island, eight miles north of Tachen I 0 11631 and struck lied naval concpulra-j ituis nearby. It said txvo ships oJi 'fair size" were sunk and Iwuj others damaged. • ASSOC. «**"^« Ceil. Lu TJI, Nationalist spokesmati, reaffirmed Taipei's determination to hold thu Tnchcns against invasion, but Vice rccl chanil>cr orchestra", was an Adm. Aflrcrf M.-Pride, commander "ounccd today by the Delia .Mus- of the U.S. 7ili Fleet, syid his ships and planes were ready to assist in an evacuation al a moment's notice. . . , . _ -. MlK|f Al X" 30 '** J'v HI WiW Knowland Cautions On 'Surrender To Communisl Power' WASIflNTON (UP) — Senate fit-publican Loader William F. Knowland said any now United Nations effort to get Communist China to discuss a Formosan ceaic-fh E; would he a "surrender to Communisl power." The California Republican also denounced proposals that nations such as India try to mediate the Formo.san dispute or that 'Geneva-type" conference be called to try to worh out peace jelwecn the Chinese Communists t and Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist [ovcrnmenl. Knowland told newsmen, <! i can't conceive of the Nationalists being willing to risk the lives of their nillions of ]jco[>!e in the hands of Undian Prime Minister Jawahar- lal) Nehru," He said such a pro-! posai "hardly scorns feasible." | Diplomatic officials .said, mean-! wliile, lhat Red China, backed Ijyi ilitary today The program fur tonight's ptr- Arluro Toscanini colled "a performance by I Musica, whicl: AsscciatEon, ng tlie string which is pri'senl ensemble here as Ihc second concert of the season Yehru Taking Lead; In Establishing : 'Equal'Conference ; . By HflUCE W. MUNN UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (UP):* : —Communist China may still discuss the Formosa crisis tint only at* a "tic-nova type" conference where ' it could consider ilself an "equal"; • of the great world powers, dipto- : malic quarters said today. * i India's Prime Minister .Jawahar-^ la was expected lo lake the initiative in trying to arrange such a confer en L-C, hut Indian sources said he would not move abruptly in lhat dtrci-lion for fpar of a snub from Po i ping. ^, Chiang Kai-shek, on Formosa» made his first puhlic statement, since the current crisis began," declaring lhat the day for "launching u couiHor-altack on the mainland is drawing nenr." . ; Nationalists announced air and ' arlillery strikes against the HeVla menacing both ends of their Island ! chain, and claimed two enemy ' ships were sunk and two others j (IUAKTKK CENT UK Y MKN—Baxter Wilson, president of Mississippi Power and Light Company, is presumed sunk. The U. S. 71h Fleet | shown at right congratulating John A. Roper to the right, Greenville service superintendent, for co'm-jcnn'jnut-il to wait fnr ordei s to as- plcting 25 years service with the company. Othe r veteian MP&I, employes look on, al) members of; sist in evacuating the Tachen Is-, [][l])OSC-S. It would be a widc-ojicn confer-- U|fi Q uarior ctnlury Club, are, left lo right, Charlie Klam Hazel ScHars. Lena Sa:a,'Innocent Lova- ence on all r;.r haslern problems. , conOj Roy Sbepherd- Claude Neves, Hiram C. West and C. M. Brough. After the company meeting lhe Untied Mates so far Has rc-| Wednesday night, Wilson addressed Greenville Rolarians Thursday noon. (Photo by Bob Gookin) ceivcd no formal invitation lo such, meeting. But all indications are lands. this country would object to anyj Speaks To Lions at 8:30 in tne new Greenville Highl )>ar ]cy going beyond U.X. efforts integration Clause Urged On School Building Bilts WASHINGTON I UP) — White and Negro students from 20 stales urged their congressmen today to vote against federal money being used to build segregated schools. School auditorium. to obtain a cease-fire. •Stultify Hie U. X/ The Chinese Ilcds have rejected U.N. cease-fire efforts. Knowland: said any renewal of attempts lo win (hem over in the face of Ihe, "insulting" Communist refusal yes? lurday \vould "stultify the U.N." ... ,. Cl - land cause it lo "lose the respect! V.olms. Slrmg !of ^ ^ ^^ o[ ^ ^ a$ jng well as the respect of the Commu-Uhe The first portion will consist of three compositions by Antonio Vivaldi, IHlh century Venilian violinist, whose works were studied by Joiiann Sebastian Bach. First there will be the Concerto in A Major lor Strings and Piano; then the Concerto for imd Piano, and finally the Concerto in L> minor for V Viola d'amorc" with Kruno Giuranna as soloist. U. N. Hope Ended I lied China's hrusiuie refusal to send representatives here to ilis-* cuss a cease-fire in the Formosa Strait except on its own terms appeared to kill immediate hope for' a United Nations rnle in settling lhe crisis. . Tlie U. S. State Dcpnrtmcnl once, again accused Communist China of 'flouting" ihe Uniled Nations - and' made it clear Hie United Slates will continue to work Ihrough tha, -p. ' U. N. in efforts to achieve a cease- more stated versions" tojlars. lie said that there would be 'TVA pays no interest and pays Newspapers Give 'Most Slanted' Dixon - Yates Reports - - Wilson Chiding newspapers lor giv- debt by a hundred million dol-itaxrs and the cost of money Dixon-Yatcs contract than itists who rejection/* He said sent the message of" 0 n any issue 1 can recall," Mis- Light pre^i- no effect on TVA rates and that no taxes. The proposed private' utEcs. $58 is Added To Ervin Trust Fund A total of $55 wus nddcd Fticlay lo the Sergeant Grover Krvin trust l for tnc police knowV"figur7^n"radio"circ'le.s. De-|? rf[ccr w[l ° was seriously injured fore he started them, as a mutter, of preparation, he visited every; one of the forty-eight states. lie lias been a very popular lecturer here and abroad. His lours in a traffic crash several weeks ago. The grand total raided reached $1370. Efforts are being made lo boost Ihe total lo $2,000 by Sunday. ' contributions totlny receiv- Ho said the proposal by Mid- ;jX)L -.„,, the National Association for the' Violins, Cellos and Contrabasses.! dieting their responsibility" aad Advancement of Colored People.-- - Of these Kalian composers, pro- Vsur rendering to Communist pow-jd' 9 Souih Utilities - Southern They button - holed their con- bnbly Hossini is the Iwsl known,] C r." • [Company to build a steam efec- parlicularly for his witty operas.! Meantime,'Sen. Everett M. Dirk-|tric generating plant at Wesl The Musicians' Instruments con-j sen IR-III) told the Senate ihatiMemphJs. in response to Presi- after being told Thursday night by Roy Vvilkins. XAACP administrator, that Congress has been "sitting on the sidelines and interposing obstacles" to desegregation. "In this area," he said, "our federal lawmakers arc rooted in Hie lOtli'Century." sist oF six vinlins, two violas, two'siirrendcr of Queinoy and the Mat-jdent Eisenhower's request to re- violinccllos, a contrapasso and a'.su islands off the Communisl China jlieve TVA a part of its c-om- and rembnlo. Student pilots at Greenville Air Force Base may obtain tickets at Ihe door fur the members-only 1 hopes of millions concert. Formosa.' 1 coast "would be a shameful SUD- 'mitments to the Atomic Energy saidjcommission, was "nothing new," thejlmt that the Democrats', in the miston to Red il would "dim China." Jle and destroy i)f Chinese have taken him from cost-lo-coabU E -d at the Police Ration include ,_., j .„ i_.i._ ___, and he has lectured in India and elsewhere in the Far Kasl. Mr. Hughes is also a writer nt parts. He has published: They Shall Not Perish, Into Exile, and Man from Syria, and he has (wo oilier hooks pending. On his recent (rip around world he was a guest of the Clover nor of Bengal, and the Dutch Chief of Statt in Indonesia. Fava $5, name withheld S5. Cilizcu of West Monroe, i-i., $5, J. W. Taylor $f>, Masonic Family Club <5, Henry and Susie Hudson $3, Waller May $2 and Frank Rosella $25. As usual police will send for contributions if persons who are making donations WK^TIIRR AND R1VKK (For Greenville and Vicinity) Tho Mississippi river at the Greenville-Luke Village Bridge. 16.50 at 1 a.m. Friday, a fall of 0.63 in 24 hours. High temperature Tor the 21-hour period preceding 7:30 a.m. Friday 50 ilcprres, low temperature 3ft. Temperature 42 at 7:30 a.m. Itainf.ill until 7:30 a.m. .01, Kaln today, tonight nut) Saturday forenoon. Moderate t« fresh easterly winds tonight and Saturday, be- rrmiing Northerly late Saturday. Hfgh In .lay -12-46. Loir tonlffM 40-11. High tomorrow 50-54. sihle to bring them to the Delta Democrat Times or Police Henri- quarters where they are being received. $105 Received For Bucks For Bucks Fund impos- East land Subpenas Matusow WASHINGTON (UP) —The Sen-.lice Department was —no com- sow "and find whal his motivation ale internal security subcommit- J inent. But to friendly ears U also'has been." lee tdtlay siitjpenaed Elarvey Madi-.wns whispered that some further sow, lhe turn-coat Communist, to j developments were expected ii testify next Tuesday on his recent • about a week and that il \vouh "In view of his admittedly false testimony and his false campaign .speeches, the commit toe is war- statements he lied in earlier! be foolish for the department io : ranted in checking further," Jack- sworn tcsliinony. Chairman James ! get into the act now, Easlland' Eastlaiid said he has i ison said. 1 decided" Rut McClellan said, "H seems to (D-Aliss) said the subpena has tiot'yet whether Matusow will he ques- me the whole mailer is a case for '.whole SI 07 been served yet. Matusow testified- t in four subcommittee investigations , sion. in 1352-53. puhlic or in closed sea- the Justice Department." jwould cost, Matusow appeared several time.s[ nlillion of congressional elections, at loss for an issue seized upon this proposal as an ideal one." He said the government buying power from Dixon- Vatcs was no different than the government buying mn- fpridls and equipment from any other private business, Tho much publicized "guaranteed return of 9 per cent profit" hf! said, did not concern the million the plant but just the Sii 1 .^ .lily money (or risk that Middle South and The initiative definitely passed . ,to London where the prime mln- 1 proved by the TVA. as well as | vcs :ors and^Lc" lITlho""^',.'^!' SlerS °' thc Brilish C " mm0nWI!aU " ,he contract was fact ap- .plant will the A EC, the Bureau of the Budget, Federal Power Commission anil Joint Atomic Knergy Commission ot Congress. "There is one basic difference between private and public business," he said, "and that is ment." were assembled by coincidence at • the peak of the crisis. Formosa He concluded by quoting thc: tt . 1s lhdr No . t topic al a mcc[!ns: President's letter lo Congress- , today I man Cote, chairman of Ihe .Joint I M ost diplomats here thought 1 Atomic Energy Committee: that if any progress is to be made- If the Federal Governmental must be done through secret dip-Ste—Newspapers Give —Pag Harried Legislators Adjourn; Crisis Near JACKSON <UP) —An "emer-. White has said he fears a surlax gency" bill, lo slap a 20 per cent wnulrt eiulangcT the scale's li.ilus-! a|ion wm ,,j ' h increase on nine major levies. Inal expansion. I In.lia ivr,,, 1( .,l (o I* sure boln • awaited acnon next wet-k from ' „„, , , , ..,legislators wearied with more thaa! Th(1 Ilflllso voted 83-W for a Sen «ould be W1 llmg. a week of wrangling over the sales ate bin to P rovide a & e rant Eor j TM ° C< "' rsts ° pf:ri lomacy. They looke«l lo Nehru nr; perhaps Canadian Premier Loiiisi St. Laurent — the latter more ac*; ceptable to the United States —to- lake the fead. A dispatch from .N't-w Delhi said official quarters Lhert- which usually are in touch with Peiping said"* i India had hopes thai other mcrti- lax increase. Both houses, in adjournment (il Monday, face perhaps lhe tnost each N'egto pupil in average daily! The prime ministers in London Although the raising of ?3GOO siring Communists and for the Greenville Rascb.ilI CLub| ninny about alleged Hec! j -We're tali-rested in every word, I(1 t h e hearings on the Institute oij ca P' tal > Hcsides discounting his testimonyiuf his tcslimony," he said. * Pacific Relations It was on the Southern would put tip. The rest before the internal security sub-j Easttand sa ]j the subcommittee basis of lestimony before the in--of the money, to be raised by committee. Matusow has said he. it \ so -^ interested in Matusow's ac- ternal security group Uttimore^oncls sold to insurance com- licd to the Senate invcsligaling' tivities in Ihe 1952 election, when ,vas indicted. panics and bonding houses, will subcommittee when il was headed^ c spo ke against Democratic sen- Matusow was a witness in iwo'carry a 3V» to Sli per cent in- by Sen. Joseph K. McCarthy (R-jnlorial candidates in Moni.inn r : hearings in 1952 on Communist : lercst rate, with any saving go- 1|V ' sJ - -WasUingiun and Utah. j domination, of two unions and!ing to the Atomic Energy Corn- He said he also licil in the (rial. "We're interested in going intoj icslified to "Communist tactics inlmission. Any estimates that ao all of il." KaMtanc] said. | c<iiiiro!li;ig youth nrgani/.alions." jnot materialir.e will cut down j "emergency," would Meanwhile. Sen. Henry M. Jack-l The Justice Department wasn'tjthe prolil to Middle South andjjy CX p7rc June 30. which led to conviction of 13 second,, testi-: attendance to he used for upgracl-! werc reported lo he considering- ing Negro school facilities. The- lwo courses •-- secret negotiationii _ yrani is in addition to the S12 pres-j such as !ll05C llial solved the dij^ cr.i.ral week of the month-old spe-| cntly bllocEUetl for cach pupil rc .:piilc betuccr, Italy and Yugoslavia, cial session which seeks adequate; Bar( ji e ^ ot race lover Tiie.'iie, or Xehru's idea for: financing for Mississippi's long-; " '. a Geneva-type conference range st-hool equalization program. T »c araut. cstunatcd to cosl ani ]U . (1 Chiriri a:tcil ,i c ,i u le Geneva The 3 per cent sales tax bill was' additional S732.0CQ a year, would! corlfercnce on i[ulnc]lini1 as a , e]f .; sent to the Scnali- yesterday by a. be effective foro 10 years. Hepre-. proc]airnori memncr of lhe .. 81g « House vote of 10025 while Hie up-pencniivcs turned down amend-j pj v c" and a truce was reached in : per house voted 34-9 lo increase' menis tn strike out the grant en- ihe fighting f the tobacco tax. ,tirely, allocate il for only five. Hcd .China's Chou Kn-lai indical- Both laxes would yield ahout : years and to require thai the c d he would send representatives" $io,'2;j|,W) in iiL-w revenue. Almost.funds be used solely for construc-'io the U. X. only if it took up a 1 46 million additional is needed tujtkm of Xegro schools. iSf>vict resolution branding lhe Uni-, operate schools and carry out full-' scale equalization through the I95G, fiscal year. , The House Ways and Means Com-* mittee placed on lhe calender, for 1 action next week, a surtax pro posed to bring in aboui 6 1-2 mil-, lion for the school program. The '20 per cent increase, termed automatical-! far 1355 operations was moving actions of Owen Lnttimnre, the Far..^^^^^,, sho a slow p.ire nnd only $200 has been Kast expert now under perjury in-' — -- - -- ----- eonncc- son rrj^Vash) snid the investigating lipping its hand on what it might uld recall Until-, Lu cooking up for Malusow. raised llius fnr, it was hoped the ;liclment. Legion fund raising group would! Sen. ,lohn L. McClellan (D-Arki' join in this coming \veek in a | now chairman nf tlie comruitlci- new canvass. j which McCarthy formerly hcndcd. New contribnlions received Kri-|said he has no plans "al the nn>-' day inclidcd Preston If. Lee iS.-mcnt" to recall Malusow, who is. A. D. Urooks $100. The previously acknowledged donations total 570, Donnlions to the fund to pay off an etimnled $3000 En 10 percent amusement taxes. This levy is in effect only on Mississippi teams by the State Tax (.'nmmissinn. School May Be Named For Tornado Hero TUNICA, Miss. (UP) —Rcp.[ Lena Morgan lo^l her life as she Southern. Actually the 9 per cent] Taxes increased would be on Panel Of Local Folk Compliment Schools Students and teachers in local which the public schools rest," schools got a pal on the back Hahbi Ht-riite] said, "and 1 upon • yesterday at the meeting of ihe uhrch they build so well is the taken into account with the bond - amusements, income, estate, (ran- Green vi He Kdncatio:i Association devoted and dedicated teacher " interest \vill produce onlv about 'chise, finance company privilege.' wht-n "Whai's Flighi \Viih Ounwho finds in the response of tht 4 3/4 per cent profit, which is ; oil and gas sevt-rances, insurance Schools" was discuss td. j child and his achievement through 1 ^ below the six per cent maximum and oil distributors. ; Kabbi Herbert Iler.del was tlic fi'^d-'uice and instruction a re. which public uliiity companies ; Originally uroposed by the I.e-' moderator ol tfie symposium as-: wart * °'- er i111( l above moneiaiy are allowed. Already serving this Wilson said. "Middle South and ^1 Southern were the logicnl elfc- in New York. Await Dtvelopnicnls Tom G.irrott of Tunic. i County saidjshovcd the children into a bis hol-; So Easlkai\d's announcement came today lie will seek to have a newilmv log near her school as a bar-j lr ' c ll 'i nt ' cs to Accept the Presi- ' challenge lo private in. "He said one other pri- rm submitted an offer but as the Justice IJepartmenl awaited .school named in honor of a beroicjragc of tornadoes struck Tuesday. some mysterious further develop-j Negro teacher who was killed menls in the case. . Carroll said the new school The official word around the Jus-, a deadly tornado. |she tried lo prolecl her pupils from;woutd replace the one-room build- vil!e 10,000 High Schools Offer Driver Classes ent considered it im- (Editors note — This fs ihe firsl In it scries of articles which will show Ihe policies and practices for driver education a* eel up by the National Commission of Safely Education a department of (he National Kducalion- al Association; a resume of Ihc l!>:i.l-5l rcpr>rt of lh« National Jliffh School IWver Education award Program sponsored by Accident Prevention Department As soc In 11 on of C'aicially and Surety Companies and an evaluation M the driver education program tn the j{alc of Delaware and hi Inland.) vehicles — and more of both can >e seen year by year. Driver education i? our greatest ifjpc for dealing successfully with the continually growing proof man and tlic motor vo- cooperation in marling anil snlv- ilclo. The immediate practical pur-; ing common problems; By HELEN SPTARS The need fnr driver sducalion Ii evident to anyone who nerves human behavior on streets and highways and who :houghtfu1ly examines the avail- hie facts. In 19-54 ihcrc were in he Uniled Stales fi7 million lircn- ftb- ou r hilily fnr the romiiion M rlfnrc; 3. ncvcToping pride In maintaining hiffh standards of perfnr- manrc; 4. Fromoling effective habits of ing destroyed in the twislcr ihat the governn-.i* splintered hundreds of buildings jitprartiral. Commerce Landing and lhe Rtch-i ^ c s ^*d the contract allowed ard Leal her man plantation north 1 the government to cancel the of here. [contract any lime, even while Since Ihe time of the first na- | Three of Una Morgnn - s p llpils the plant is under construction, lionwide conference on driver etl-. tt - crc among the 23 fatalities lisledlanrt thereatler, with three years ucation in 19-19. driver education ar(er tornadoes crushed ihrouirh'notice, i programs have «riHin lnnh in Arkansas =ippi Manufacturers Forte. Assn. and other groups. Oov. Hugh 1 "The great Jga] Education Advisory Commit- 'sisled by Mrs. Henry Crosby/ compensation." ' " -.. - - Anlhoiiy! s f«-' n ^i»K ^ a parent. Mrs. Cro.i- " by pointed out that Hie kjc.i ot foundation UJKUIJ " hnrkir 'g hack : ° lhe "SOO<1 -Wf [days" \va.s nothing new, she • quoted Socrates, svhn 2.SOO yeari 3.140 lamented ihe forwardness, the*lack of discipline of lhe youth of his day. City- -State- NewsBriefs -Dei ta 5. Preparing people fnr useful vocations suited lo llicir individual anilities. number and scope. Heporis from stale "education departments indicate that 10.000 liish schools offered driver education in 1952-53; thai nearly 7.000 of ihcse programs included twin classroom and and .Mississippi and pose of driver education is to develop the learner's ability to operale an automobile safely and efficiently. Ilcyond this is the morej Some definitions of lerms may'praclice driving instruction; remote but equally practical pur- be helpful: Driver education re- Hint the lotal enrollment i pose of giving the beginning driver; fers to all those learning cxper-ltypes of hiph-si-hool driver a sound basis for a lifetime of safejiences provided by the school formation programs exceeded 800.000 soil, and efficient motor vehicle opera- Ikin, according to the National Education Association. liama. Twenty - persons remained hospitalised here and hundreds, were left without homes. j Pledges of food, clothing and money continued to pour in for the doxcns of families who saw their- i afh cabins and belongings strewn over' cdii-'lhousands of acres of rich Delta the purpose of helping students students. Today driver education : A hcer company executive gave learn to use motor vehicles safely and efficiently. is a commonly accepted addition!$5,000 through the Red Cross, to the educational proRr;im in a 1 The Federal Civil Defense Ad-' . The basic purposes of education) Classroom instruction in driver commonly accepted! addition to thoj ministration reiwrtcd that two of in the safe use of motor volriclesjcdnrnlinn programs refers tn.ediicalinrwl program in a large'its regional offices are surveying on our highways are the same at those learning experiences which! number of reorgntmed school dis-! tornado damage to determine if' all levels of instruction. These purposes involve: 1. Promoting the aafe, efficient, and enjoyable use of equipment and environment; 2, Drvrloplng a sirring srnsc are provided elsewhere than in n. f motor vehicle. i Practice driving instruction rc-,er education — instructional plan-. "Hie FCDA stands ready, if riam-j stockholders." ! federal aid is needed. The important elements of driv-; Administrator Vat I'cicrson said! Etc said the Dixon and Vates concerned are respectively heads of the two utility combines whlcli 3re concerned, and that they arc "just liirrd Ji.inds u - hn are thrre to look after other people's money. For F,d Di\- rm of .Middle South, it's about $ Ifi5.000.000 invrstrrl by some 27,000 people all over the Vnltcri Stales. 'They carry no guns on llirir hips and liavc nn hnrtis on their heads. They are not tremendously wealthy themselves, tint arr just prolert- In? the Investments of tlirtr fcrs to learning experiencrs inining, tenche^ preparation, driver education provided for the, /a I inn ;m*l administ ratio: student as nn nbsorvrr aiui plu- vv,"i|i>nrii)ii ai:*l icx-ai r:*i- — urgnni- age done by the tornadoes readie and'disnsler magnitude, lo help lo ' Ky pri\'a!e industry building plant, hn said, lhe tiovcrn- srri driven and S3 million motor of pcnona! tinA social rtsponil- donl driver in a motor vehicle. ik-iclnpi-i] in l;iler anicU-s. br'hitlrM cxlent provided under the'mcnt would be saved frotn in- Achicvem«:nts Speak She told of nne administrator . ho. wearied of the criticism of ST. JOSEPH'S BKNEtTf IMNNKK SUNIMV j modern schools and the charge* The Si. Joseph's Alumni Association is sponsoring a chicken that children weren't lauyht the benefit dinner on Sunday Hftcrnotin from I2;30-2:.10 and aijain' fundaments any more pitted his x s £.ir£^^r&?^^^^ ' spelling, geography, and current history, thus stlencinq the critics. . She shmsfd that tfie ,'n-ri:L-vr- VI-'W GA51K NIGHT IS SATUKDAV Members and iheir guests are invited lo Hie Veterans of Foreign Wars first bingo night Saturday beginning al R:30 p, menls of our pupils spoke bolter Plans for regularly scheduled game nights will be made at' thai " Ian nny nther meiliurn of tne time, Commander Joe Clara announces. finality of our schools. As a' member of the s ehool MARCH OK lll.MKS DANCE AT LEGION HOME SATURDAY hoartl and a banker. Sykl-« cxprc«- Tlie Air.cncan Legion and I^ginn Auxiliary will sponsor erf his appreciation (if the traimnjj a dance (or the March nf Dimes Saturday nighl. Tommy Carroll his employees reicivcd from Itle and his orchestra will play. Admission will be SI.00 per pcrsr.n. | schools. In a period of years d,it- IIEIIKF.W UNION TEMI'LE SERVICES AT 7:30 I ,"*, ' The services al lhe Hebrew Unicn Congregation will be o,,r l0 ,, p o,,r were rru co.nnS '• held al 7:30 p. m. instead of Ihe regular hour so lhal lhe members l0 L *^ „ i IMI »hn ( u may atler.d lhe Delia Music Assccialior, Concert tonight, Kabl.i . " C ^"^ ^ ^"l nfnt ? a = !lert>urt ilcmltl announced today. I '" KCIK ' ral «" si 'l«c'l l!ie train- 1 receive<l In private schools SCOUTS TO OHSKRVF. MASS Members of Boy Scout Troop 71 will observe Holy Mass al the St. Joseph's Catholic Church here on Sunday morning at 7:30 superior In tnal in publfc trclvKjln, after the /irsl year r/f college, l public school tfraifunles 'i-rea.>-ing its already burdensome ' munion in a body. in observance of Hoy Seoul Week. They will receive Holy Corn-j' n achievement thoie from th« Set— f'anrl of Loral— ftft 2

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