The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 12, 19:10 CLASSIFIED ADS 'nvo cents a word ror first Insertion and one cent a word for each BubSMiutnt Insertion. No advertisement taken for lets than 60c. Count tliu word* and send Ibe tash. Phone 30 b i'OK SAI.B VOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom i hatching each week from ii Marilyn Hiilchcry. 2Gck-u' Special Bargains In Used Cars I.iilc 1328 Model A Coupe j New 1'iilnt, Good Hiiblxr, Mulur A-l—Just tlic Car for liusine-ss or Traveling Man. Only , S:«3 I.:itc 192!) Whippet Coach, i Looks fine, only driven >l,- i 000 mIK's—Will give complete satisfaction. Only ?>85 lO'.O Model A Kuaslslcr, Stum- blc Seal, Side. Shields, .Mo- ' Icr In Perfect Shape. A Very nifty job. Only $370! One 28 Slar Sedan, Ooml Rubber. Locks anil Runs ; Good. Very Cheap to oner- ate. Priced right. Only $175 Just received Late 1923 1 Chrysler Co;iefi. Looks mid | runs like new. Priced for Im- : mediate Delivery ?375 ( Above Cars carry our 30-Day! Guarantee. Weekly, Monthly or', Fall Terms. Call 1511 TODAY. i CORAUt SFANTON COPYRIGHT IQoO />V BLYTiTEVILLE, (AUK.)' COimiEU-NEWS 1 A 1 Hf ATM MOSKEN CWQ-SEA MOUSE. _ iic:ilu. Mi-jiii 1 ll.t-rrtin i*. nri 1 r:i^:i[; Jmlllli [*> IIIL: ilnm-ini:. ti 111:1 (i: (;im:n\ ' Mlir l:i-r In l.y i :il iu- r» 'n f,il!.:ir ti-r. .luilltlt . Illrillltl) the kind of r.or-|;'.1T'K not time 1 want." nlio snlil, to mix with ttie sir-1 * wiHi u l:nii;li that snundoil a ilii'lj vvllil, for Iho delirium of urn• ' - jliitluti v.i's errejiiiiK into her hlooil j thinks very hi-lily o[ you. ; :1 i;:Hii. "1 EII!I;,O:;« we should have I Miss Grant." lie f::id u:ird'.:ill !.i contract. 1 :.hould probably have "Ai::l lluvv Kt i.n! tunic t" tlie'lo niiiti soim-thlnK." I-ilut. I nmhi.-i:i::d that vim Ivivei "Xul at all iietcsjary. Miss (Irani, no pvivate ir.o.-sn*. aiul that Cmr-JL am not :ifi-.i!i! Ilial you'll clie.u | ways > ileliiil. His rail il.v.lli must jyuii will R|VI- nio Ixielt Hie money 1 li.iv: f|ic-iit. Thai's all 1 waul." "livil—I l:i(;;ht fall." ''I'luMi I'll hoar the lc>'f. just at t'li:.: vniiin would have iloiie." "Von iau;-t havo thought n lol cl I f.i ' \UV1V\H !i il [linn iiri'! ivn:l> UIl.-.l I .NOW <;o i>.\ IVITM Tiii: s'im:v CllAI'TKK XXVIII A SMAI.I.. slenderly built m.i:i 01 l * IJ'J i use friuri a lr.::;i: do~i'.< ar.d came tnivar'1 her. Judy's ;:MI cral iniinc'Lilon was that he v. .:s £::')d lo:)!ci!!'.; in a rather rfj'r:nlnaie v;ay. ami exceedingly well dre^--d. lie had Kiiiall liarnU and fiv'.. sled: gray hair, and a tlil-i. wi •!shaped laoiil!) which, v.lica opened. .„„ rc'.LLilc-il n |iarlica!:'rly v.-liiie'a^iy fanliloss FOI of teeth. He wore a.ipic-'u j have nuuio .1 tii.'icrnicc 1 (u yon." ' "Of ci-.iii-e it dld--;:!l the ili ciicc iEi Hie- w.irldl" "'r-.'J'.ll-'l I l:lil I'Oir.'inu'.l your own j-ro^p:i-ti \\vre lini tlilli^ inn thoiv.lii uf. Mis.4 tl: Xiv.v, I am ;: bn^llK-'a l:::i:!. am] "SU'll a t:l'.-li:eliti" she i liiiitctl. '".Ylio ^:ivc yot! :ny aiish Yi.ur la'.or wr:; I'nvv.-ai e-!il addict, where 1 i i "A Mll'S Ol'IllMHl |l mldrr?.; f,!i- imV Mi Inn It nil?" "Mr. \Vynu—Ihc Bcntlnuau v>ho owns llii- iliciitcr." "Oh. Hint oiiink!" cried Ounioiit, evldrnl relief. "Why ilu you rail Mr. Wyon R er;i!ik?" she asked. Oil. cvcrylioily knows lie Ir! AI- ill) to some'dlnai-y "Tliank you, Bastion!" ".'inly. <!oii't no cvo ; :i! 1 know yi'ii'i.! iMliiij to inal'.n n Icirllic hit, .Niitimly knows it licllcr ilr.n I do. 1 say. yun never come lo Hie eafo - re|ic;itcd wlial lie Ini! i ucinc.l y:j|;r . Wyuii ex- of "' llcVir "avo lliuc." "<-'"iinj iiloiin nuw." snid hofu;,' "I'll ''''iiio iiiul have Fomr fond nl "1 l:nvu iho mo3l i-oinplclc faith jttlnm IX If yun lllic," sho aii^«-ci<!>l. in Ills jiiiU'iuent. Tlii'ii yi>n aeconU" "I'm riivciioii:;. 1 "Ye.J. r.ul:or! Aii:l I'm (jrtatly "c o- .-oicil v-^ci ly. oblli'o'.l lo yon. .Mr. Wyoii. HUE for .'nily H:IS slinhliier even lliail Ilils I'd IIRVC liail to WHO. whatever 111 '.i:il, :n:,l ilioio was nn ii!i:, p iiural coislil Bel." I"" 1 " I" '"tr eyes. She ,.i«. silently "It woulil have Urcii a sliamo." Itc' vuiai lunily. llumoiii hail |md |:1.-..!! ,1. .-...^ • .i i . J. f;i|(1 (,,.,.,^...^..,1^. ..[.. u ,.,,,-j, j.iaiilin-i (llinur. ami u-.itrlicil Jur drink- i' "I '","•"• Tn.VT Jeik '• ! V>« liave con^-iitcil to my prnposal.: lniS Cliianli illlnieil with mine-nil "" '' ""'' ' " ' •'''"' nSl . you niusl meet Claslon North ni p.alcr ami ienioii juice. IE M.IS ?u(- )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru j!n!y \\i3 on lie 1 ! 1 s;'n.rtl lo a eer- t.iui eML-::t, aili-LT.ivii'. th illili.ll i.ei V.-it]l L'or:liUC!!C I. smile. "1 liava a t (Irani—the Mc:.'.;:^;?. uu:i it. but I have a hu c :e in- t In it--a c-:.:itiulilu^ tn;, eerlai:i amount of roiy ulsi-rcclji m ay ray. Nov. i ::iri |no;i MI--.I to Itwoh-y, biich as iilatimmi cuff llnl:s'iiiulcrlalio « my frieail (Jii;ir- once, uml iinan^o uith him ahcuit v'^atliinlx lint in the res!aui..rit. tlic music, iiiitl yinir ros:iini(!3. ar.rlj \\'hvn Ji:ily bi-.'.an lo ul!i. sho all that yon nerd. Wo nui^l have t«,hl lilai e\crytiling wlili jierfcct lulvtce. l'crlia|)?|f"iiiliiK'sa. lln was still her Iio3t e Ihc uleasuro of 'fili'int. the one person on ivlunu 6lio Inneiiliig willi mn inmorrow—at lhe, ; "ilil nln-nys rely. She inailo Hint K'i'.ter. .Miss |(Heater. 1 have a little room there, j'l'iilo clear. Slio had inailo no new I «ij tK:i ex- and wo can l:avo some food seat In ji'iien<!s aTiioni! ihe ii?oi'!e the \vaa "A? u say, it '..- [i-jrcly n Iniiluoi-s j (ho most exjierl ;ir<iiii;sUio;;,' f:i.l Mr. Wynn, re-, you will give me ' PHILLIPS MOTOU CO. Authorized i-'ord Dealer^ 1'resh Milch cov.-s lor sale. Jerseys, i 'ic-rnia n uebircil. Live ^tuCK 11- nance coijxiration, wi^Liitviiif, | 1-jione 2yi ur ti^(- 'ic-u j l-'OR SftLE cr THADK—O:it- Siiet- MIIU iiony. l-iiuiic bl-i. FOU SALK—Jersey cov;, bauy call. I C. D. Hodge, itoute a. apkn. TOR SALE -135 p'-UEid refrigerator | in perfect coiutition. 5LU. Paul' rcsentnal, Uraud Leader. lOckia - KEN1 ! FOR RENT— Furnished rooiiis lor. light housekeeping, 700 West Will- j nut. Call 073. 23ck-tf j FOU HE.NT— Five room biuigalov: on Uougan avenue, wish hot an;: | cold water attachments. Partly newly decorated. Vacant. July 1. 3kc- Miller. Telephone 830. 2Gc-tf. FOR" fJENT— FurEiishcd apartment- 1 Apply Jimmlc I.:dbr:tier, Sauucicrs! Store. 1 ' 9ck-tf| FOR RENT— August 1st One apart- 1 ment, One olfice Inuruiu Buililing • Parliurst Company. JJe-tf. from a rcsl.iiirinU near by. 1 tilinll|iiov: assuclalcd with, Mr. Wyon IVM expect you. then—at half-past one." | very kind, Inn old. Judy hhoolv haails with tlie little | Her manager, CJaslon Ncrlli wai ... - nn » lil:o a person In a ilreain.-a very silent Individual. He wus •'"' lv: "i ^'" n ll |ieni,i. .vc-nlin was soil:;: to iln — in arr.-.-isc r Wlieu she had gono, Mr. Wyonjve.v ni;|y. reil-liaircd and freckled, lie lind a ve:y Klsi.l sinlle. Jaily for your ik-Sml ai u:y i!u.:t'.r. am. 1 jrlood, sazia.^ at tin iloar, willi a'.wiih a islnjcr miiatache ami horrid lolir-.'il, a:; he licld u;ii lii-= h:unl. to itrovidc you v.i;li everyHiii::; look ot nilf;;hteii:ncnr "^ iiitj face, jteoth. s\\o tlioiiKbl lio must so to imlec'J cbarmini; of you. .Is necessary, e-\ac!iy as ho woulil I "Tlio ilescrlpdis suits her <lnwnllu-<l \\iili lib y\\;a In his iiininli. to the ground." ho lohl himself. " 'A i llo wonilerful at lits loi, iburiiy little rcrsoii!'A very thorny | howt-vcr. llo knew overylhiiiB iiltle PCIHOII iiMlecd!" jal.oiit scene i.ulntliiK anil almost Jii'ly biient the fo'lOKiiiK 10 days jcvti jtliini; absiu mnslc. Tlio con- whirl. ;:nil met more tieci[iie(:hii-t.-ir of Hie orclicstia was 3 yon:;,-; met !u her life | llmuailaii. lillnr! In one eye. He. AMBROSE' — ArABRCSE '.! EGAD, OSi BOS' ; PIDfVff <3E>f A 0(ki6 HAVJB MAJE UIFIS , UM BE ARABLE FOR V jxJRlMe -THe LAS1" S "Tlii<! ^[i^s (Jiaat." lie said. "1 havilly c\- have done." uec'.eil you 10 ciimc so prov-ipily." | "rju t you dni't ki'.ov; "Til j^o niiywbcre to see a frlen;! : a!jont me!" ?!ie rried. of M. (imi" Judy said. "Did ' ymi really l.i'ow him vc-iy v:ell?" i.-vli: Til's wns the only subject that in- j ' l ^" ni -' uu "I ilid not ktiow tilni very intl- inately." Mr. Wyon re;iHcd. He lud* a very plcaian:. rclincil voice, lint! s|.:ke with meat emphusts r.nil somethhiB ot a draiunlie ef:\ct. "I'ut." h.e wont nn. "I had n great ndmhatlun for Vlcdlisslr (iiiarven- fir:, and Iho mc?t com;i!cte conti- (I'.nce in his Sudginent. That is wiiy 1 ;i;:kcd you to come lien. 1 , my yoiiiii; lady. I wanteil to talk to yn:i ! abjiit your future." Jinly slaitcil. So:ncliov.- lliis perfect -,-, juu^aiciil.' very ilrli? is your Mr. Wyon biiiiieJ smile. "1 an! Intc-r'.slcil things." hi answered. I thru: slio iiad ever And v:i:at b .. (oi ... I . S!ie received a post card and „ his'.i. j [(,.,„,. (l . 0|ll chummy, who was still j:n the sc;\coast. Slio answered !-i sevrriil'nc-il!:tr of tbe communications. Slic "Diainiiinls.'heaul tniililn;; from Alan Steyne. ly niiiiic. "N'ot tliat 1(3 really any Iwtter than yours, llastlcn." she nddefi generously. "1 die] enjoy ikindni; EO your fiOdlo that nlslit at Mr. Ste> i:e'^." Th!-i liToushi Uantlen had; lo t'"r- ;oi:.~il mailers. \Vliilo he watched for one. iiiiO oil a'.id coal. I dnn'l .Sl'.e w.n;hl not aliov.' herself call my::eif iii.!i. ejr.clty: but youjtiiiiik aliuut him at all. tan tpt^t inc to cany out wij;it l| • • ' lirciiiosc." jO" NE ""'i' 11 "- crossliiK the Avcmifilicr animaieil (ace. all tho old nils- "1 snpnose l'f:i nule." J'idy said; \\J O ti hnr wny to her lodgings. shc|ciy Ihrobhcd In hh heart and ham"but this is a pu.-prire. 1 lion'l'met Bastion Uumoiil. Sli'e yave lilm jmercd in bis lirain. .Ur.ciw yon ii-om Afian. Why sbuuld |a hiilliaul hn.ilc. | "Judy, la everybody mad?" ho you v.-nnt to ilo this for me';" | "Why. l!:ist!e:i, I supposo yonaskta. "Of rourfo you know that h , "1 have toll] you. my dc-ar youni; [thought 1 was ilcail!" slio cried. !Cl:r.::!i:iy didn't marry Sleync?" iiiu last tliliis sho hart expected, .lady." he raid. "The conditions will "XotliinR ot the sort." he an-i "Of c.."r?e 1 do." l!!'."™.'/,?"!:!.^ 1 ^^^^^ Whc " you nt * i £lvclcii i'o«Bl'ly. "Don't 1 hearyo ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ~ By Martini ... -. ,- ,-. „....- you I "What did yon make of It? Whoro generous heart ot talking aboul lieri ivc .][. lalm( ., 1P1 i ( (1 voiir career. wcMiilkei) aliom every iniuuie of the- Is w now?" Ja.o with a friend 01 [113. of wll | ndjisst our business rcl.iti.-iis. j day? I can't oiicn a ucwspaptsr "He wciil lo Parii;-Eo Chnnimy 'o, ' nn II shall ho amply repaid. Tiiere is ^vitlio'ut seeing your immc. You're itoltl r.ic. Slio is at Hie seacoast." , , , D ' WO ". : |dei:ty of room for a-danrer of ^cn-;in fora boom, .linly-and n real one "Yu. 1 have noiircil out her soa! to tl:-"- - • ' " . *. . tcllins r.ll . tbi.-n WANTED DISTRIBUTORS WANTED — Fcr | new toap—sells to garages. Work t near home. No previous expcrieuc,?: needed. Exclusive territory. No j cash required. Tlic Coar.uclicul CaEi Co., Hartford, Conn- 11-1-1-10 .it s'- Etraaj;er abanl (JiKirvenins. I., "Uli!" she said rr-lhcr shar;ily. "1 don't think there's much to talk • about: hat hciw dirl you hear atioiU me? V.'aajt from M. Gnarveniys?" "He diil*mcntion yon, of comse,' 1 ai:s\vcrect Jir. Wyon: "but I have ' ilis . l win cnjagc as your ninnnstr '(lila time! \V!:o is it Hint's taken rcp , lrit | 0 ,,_ ( von ,,p-i;,nt (ildwn fcllnv.-r of the hir iRton .North. "TliiRk it over. .Vis;; n .1 fG\v d::ys. \\'h.en Iiad poor tjuar-1 "Thank ynn, nasttcn — I'm not vc-nius tilannoii yj;:v dobnt?" llakins any inciill?." she said. "1 Hint." "I)ar;i:ir; tjhiimmy, she's wrlllcn tn inn i!i;d I've nr v ver ai:?;wrro:] her. j Judy looked at him with supremo j What n p!g I am! I must v.Tlle lo- Takc.fcnrn. 'night." " LO you make of it, Jmlyl" have not .Mr. Oidcoii for "Oh. dnn'i know. |Chuniniy always tells the. truth — CHANCE OP A LIFETIME—Reliable, ambitious man to establish local business. We f'manco you. Experience unnecessary. ^Sc- Nesj Co., Uiv. -13, Freeport, 111. 12pkl-ll "In Octolior." ,.„-,., , , , , ... "Well, we could nianagd It by', \-c3ks. 1 don't know where lie is." j you knu',v (hat. She raid slio found ri ntP-, th • T , • • ;""1 t!lon ' Yo;1 c:)lil '- 1 s;; ' :t ^"«''^i'S at • "Then who's ha'ckius you?" out Hut >!,» MSoil hr-r work bolter iriie" a al '-uac-i. The th.MUr i:= cmpiy, in lit "A friend of .M. Uiiarvcnins. H J |tlian sbc Jid .Mr. Sleync." " ' , ihnpiier.3. I v;ill ret t!ic c-ljctricians |lj purely a business, nroiiosiiion." "Well. I ilou't believo It. Judy. Ob, slics been awfully kind!"'and tiie scena i:ainter» at work p.t ; slie added willi immense dignity. There must have been somclUb^ exclaimed Hie s'irl. uaderslainlins ioacc. But lake your tii::e to think ! 'Tiio Monop.3le—Hint's \fherejlse." now that this- funny, rather dried-lit over, Miss Grant." ivou're comius ont. But who's do-l (To Hi! Conllin:ci)) NOTICL 1O CONTRACTORS Kca!.;a bids f:r t'.ie recapping of i eighteen miles of le-,ee. from Big ! Lake N"'jr!h to State Line r.ini along WANTED" '•$<•*'•* L ™--' E:isl sl>: I"' 1 "- v ' il! ^ Manascr to hire rcrjresenlatives to i rocc-ivcd until ICiiOn a. in July ivh. sell guaranleed hcsiery thrown- \ >MD, al time bids -.vjl be out- Blylteville in spare lime. No publicly c c .3ne:l by the Boarn 01 traveling or nrficc necessary. No ! Directors m its oiiicc. Lyach Build- investment, splendid opportunity, i li; l!- Blytheville, Arkansas. Write Feel-Fine Hosiery Co., Rrad- AiiiiroxiiitD'.e Ocliir.atcd qi:a:r.:,ies h p I2pkl4,a™ as fellows: b ——I Improvc:n"iu No. 23 r,-',m2 CuYds ; impvovemeut No. 23 3ii.500 Cu yd.i New Orleans Cotton OELEASS, July 12. lUi : G.-JL':I High l.:>'.v Cio.-iE riitiit-emenl liian damage" wa-s re- |i:callu;i tlian that of n sixth grade pi-ite;! c-.lte: firemen here r.-.ced ' imp:!. M. J. Hen/cl. head teacher n;:cl fortli ll;roni!;i a smoke ! nf the b'.ire.iu of special schools in of We Pay Cash for lifed furniture. | Total aBS'i'i Cu Yds Call 147. Hubbard Furniture; Plans nr.i! si)eL'if:ral;uns covering Co. llc-lf. .the woiv. :u-e on file at the. Dis'• u let's office. ic-r '.en pcv- bit! ir.ubt ac- NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3iir dental offices will be closed ;acii Thursday afternoon. Dr. L- H. 3i5core, Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis. XOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now. lor future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN" BUCHANAN IDS ?.*. II. I!. Office 107 rhonc lies- 717 1=132 1231 1237 i fi!leJ liaui-s for more than a h-tlf ! an I'.c'.ir searrhiiis for a tluzo lint . t-jtildi'.'l bj fo::nri. After tearing j en; bricks -mi plaster, they limlly j Sodded it v.-ns in an iiirin;nt3r land sir.cke had crept uj> bu'.iijen kitclun walls. PAUL, Miui. tU-'J—"M'J".- I CSSINIKG. M. Y. (U! 1 ) -Sevenly: five i^r cenl tit the inir.a'.r-s of S::'. 0 - i/vison have no more the iNViv Vork state ileparlir.eiit education.' finds. Illiteracy Is. at least, n contributing factor In crime, lie believes. "Bear i:;i!" said the lawyer. "We may st:!: the case. I haven'l exli;<u.<:c.1 all Ihe means—" "But you've exhaust;cl all mine! 1 intcri'iiplcd the client, gli;cmi!y.-- Answers. MfcJSS wyw-. "vo -at HP'KUtO 60 ~t\Wi TO . NW 0*5E COUVO 60 OP MW» \V> "-irt' OWE 1 W-O I.CXXV ^M it% COtAfc stt W vr MJGCKLES AND HIS FKIENOS '^•f \C V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lets. Local Phor.o £11 Memphis Phone 3-0313 A n^riillcd check era', of th- i!n:ount coinpuny c^ch b::l ri'.roir.iUcti. Beard of Uircclor^ rrserve right to reject any cr i:ll bids. Tor".- m[r.':m;;o.i tee or address J- V.'. Meyer, linsj'.nccr. Ml B-.iaril of nitvctorf. ! Drainage Uiiiricl Kumbrr f-sv- c:','.cr-n. of Mi;i-->^lpi;i Cour.:y,! Arka:uas. Scrilj i \ Closing 8'nclc Pi-ices itii's Scrvii-c Ccc.-i Cob Fox Genera! KUrtvic iy \V;ird " WERT i ' I I ! He Makes 'Em Sec Sim:ncns Uiiitca G=s U. S. S'.cel 100 3-1 New York Cotton i Xf-'.W YORK. July I Cot.on cio-c;l .':fr>:iy. <UI>> — Royal C. Mills J'ublic Accoundmt and Auditor Spccializln; in Income TJX, licokkccpint' Systems Vhoiic 5^ Jnsratn BIdj. Hlyt:icv:lie, Atk 1307 i Head Courier Ni v.-.r.t acii. <J OSCAR'S MAD ^ ' ~3--''jrs ^O """'«3te <*&** ^ /^CV vV'^-v <-/^7^-|;'.:/ '/tf^Tt v^^/^fT "x^^.vWv-C W ' ' iv.c3' OH TNv OFFA K£MEK EMtN AMY OP THQft. OLD MOM'N POP A STUAXCKH Bv Cowa» •'-y \J ^y -^ // PO'oa I AUD £ SO BOIJV. Gee. rw.t. vou Hot-\E : Fteo voo KHS VlhVBC. i VJILL. I.CT \ou /^\v - *. - ^ _. JfeS^wi Y flQ:-\.TXNTCHr\ ' VJ'.S'rit 5OMC-TIMC. V-:E HAD f* 1-17 TUE- DbGGiC?D3u t;oi i\ BIC; DOGGte-JusT , IT"

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