The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 5
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FEBRUARY 23, 1938 t I. RpKElt Diitchcr Discv;'5ses Muddles Of President With EC- unable lo buy products of factory or farm, Finished goods, except, thoic whose pr.lces were artificially maintained, joined raw materials'hi'(lie downward price race, as lii 1930-3U, but aga.iii wl{J». mw materials an easy wilnier, Tlic "~ '* ' "~* • to Ihlrlwn members of Ilic Girls Auxiliary o!'till: Baptist Church Monday afternoon. Tlic program was very interesting and well prs BLYfgEVlLLE. (ARKJ COURIER NEWS scntcd with the ' s Home onomic-Advisers BV KOUNEY IHITCUKK Courier News Washington CoiTCsiiouiieht ' ' WASHINGTON. Feb.' 21. — In CUM: Roosevelt hasn't inudc liim- ,-elf clear in his remarks us to prices and recovery. It may or may not be more illuminating lo reveal wla(. (lie Hbmlnistratloii ace economists lold him In their preceding, huddles. • There had been heavy kickbacks on previous Roosevelt statements; f'specltilly Ihc one about, cutting Ucel prices and maintaining stol wages, and an increasingly vociferous demand for a delinllc Miik'iiiciil. ol business policy. So Roosevelt called in Ilic economic soothsayers nnd asked Ihtm to figure out. just what, they were sine ol as to the depression—past, present, and Inline. Everyone agreed oul-of- Ijnlance urice relationships were prime depression factor. Such economists as Lron Henderson of WPA, now resting up from his' price studies at .Johns Hou.klns Hospital, and Dr. trader'. Lubiii 01' I lie Bureau of Labor Statistics'l]ad r been talking in thai direction lor' u long time. Either they didn't speak loudly or distinctly enough or the President was hard of hearing. ' ' .•? Depends cn Ballyhoo ' Now, however, Hie world is in- I ""''"Ill 'Missions. TJiose taking part on the program were Elizabeth Joan Ists want lo l|ainnier down certain controlled prlpcs and talsc abnormally low uncontrolled' prices;. They're .stijl intent on breaking the prices of. steel,' cemeiit, 'plaster and, cerlain ; otjicr' builtling riiatc- riab b'ecausc. they licilevr'siici)' a break can, slimulate'feuTtdViig. other , In'tfusii)^!. employment, '"fiurpl'iiis- ini; power — and imllfcctW' ' 'Ilic general price le'vci. ' '-''• • nathy. ' nay Ailcen Edwards Joined the Bi'oup nnd Jean Hearlcs was « Muuday Nlglil ;Club Kntertalncd .« „; ; . , uiiivuoii 01 MISS 1'iaticis Mrs. Clco pocdw u was hostess bell. Mrs, o. II. Font, home i I l»n ntniii ttni-L- ivf Mm \J n..,l_.. , .> __ _ ' . ""•• to Ihc meiubcrs of xi- i j « i . ^ . i 1 . ' Vku) U1 l wiiii oi'uiniiy uuimni >Night DrWgc Club. Miss Made (ndlon, discussed ihc value of (he Society — Personal, 'tanck, Mrs. CUiy Hnslcctdc and Mrs. Amos llocker were sucsls. Mrs. Jack Downing lielrl high score, Mrs. Becker was second hiisli, and Mrs. liiistcdde cut, for consolation. ISuplist Ali'.Eii Study Course Mis. B. l\. to ' forty-seven wan hostess members o( the Woman's Missionary Union Mis. Hart elected President. [ Auxiliaries of Ihe Baptist ulm'rc), Mrs. Jack Hart was' elected prcv and several giicsl:; »l tier honu. Ident of tlic Woman's Auxiliary ol Monday' evening: A delicious tw t tlic Pciiilscot County Post, No. 88 course chill supper was served at of the American Legion, formed, six-thirty o'clock, here TuradM.v at'ii noon luncheon I Alter Ihc'supper hour Ilic Home at llic Methodist Chureh, 'attend-] MU'sioii Hook, "Friills of Die ed by about 25 ladies 61" this 'city """ '••'"•"-' •— '"-- and county. The local, ladle's were assisted in organization' by Mrs. C. L. Maloiic. dislrict connnittec- n'oinan. and Mrs. Knthryii Johnson, district secretary, botii of Sikestqii, Mp. .•• '. • ' ''Other officers elected were: Mrs.' E. E. Simpson, first vicc- prcadcnl; Mrs.'- James". Reeves, second vice-president,' ''tits'. f|l. A. Meioncy.' Eecrelary; Mrs. L! H, Schult,'treasurer; MLss• Edltli T,il- man, corresponding secretary; Mrs. .Letjtia ''Simpson, .historian; Mrs. Guy E. Michie, chaplain';' ami Mrs. lias a real business policy. Ijiadr dilion (o hammering at controlled, rigid, or monopolistic prices on the high side of the price level after the manner of Robert II. Jackson emphasis is to bc N placed on the need of raising prices driven far down on the law side in the cuc- icnt depression. The,campaign lo lower so'me prices and raise others is for itie moment one of ballyhoo aud-psy- ..,.',-_ '- ,' - . i•• *.. j cliolpgy. Tlie economists • brought, their I) fever cliarts to'the White House by royal command and cited "one riilst«nding iiarflllcl in 1 events'lead- ing up to the^Hoover : depression'ol 1929-33 and those preceding t'ne Roosevell depression of 1337-33-? Each time, they said, raw male- rials had. jumped out-of bounds: ' ' Normally, they explained.' the raw materlal . and, !; (lie firiislied . good:, price'! levels run 'up and. down Ihe cliarl. in Die same relative direction. . ' i Ileversc Ltiglish In 1D2S), however, raw material prices ' rose above finished foodi prices on the chart, and then sucl- ripnly Hie raw materials price level dropped far below Us previous relative position under the finished Bcocis level. Finished foods' thereafter also proceeded to'" decline ::lcadily in price from 1829 lo 1933J- but neither so fust nor so far. ' : History repeats. Late in 1936 raw material prices, after moving along :il about tlic same rale.' 1 'for IB months of healthy recovery^ again' t'liot ahead of Ihe finished goods' level. Demand hod speeded tip— including lh;i|. of the munitions industry. Drouth had raised prices. Controlled tiricc industries raised prices arbitrarily. Manufacturers, believing raw materials were going ilill lilglur. bought speculative!? and forced prices still higher—'mi- Mi they became'overstocked. : Pie iron increased from ii 1033 index average of \S3 [o 126. scrap!' .-led 109 to.151 building materials 8t> lo 97. farm products 81, to 94, hides 87 to 124. copper 68' lo"Hi! lead 56,lo 85 nine 68'lo' 100, leather 85 lo ICO. tin 71 16 35.' 'Hound ami 'Ilounrf Again • Su wlial? Ko overslpckea 1 manufacturers slopped, buying overpriced malerial aiid raised tijcir own price? in order lo coinjiensati for high-priced raw materials ami higher wages. Ban- iimlcrlal prices I hen loboggancd far below the finished goods price levels, as in 1(130-33. (They have dropped, 16 per cent In (he last year/ ' liiiislicd' 'good:; only -2 per cciit.i Re-siill: Anotlicr spiral; all around rx'cc'pl In controlled prices." A.I icasi ar.OOO.OLO persons' depend on liii: business of producing raw materials on farms and In nines'; and, , forests. Unemployment, low prices! lor their products ami higher j prices for Hie finished goods they j must buy -lilt llicni amfsfrlbs.! knocked ' ihcir purchasing power! galicywest. ' "" i Need Balance . ! the- market- for finished ecods from lh'» faclorios dwiiidle'd anct factories began to lay 6fT, hundreds of thousands of men and women each month, leaving thpin sides at Hayli. 1 The new organization plans to meet every scconj and ' fourtli Monday night of. each liioiilji,'n'l the couitlidus'c. ' ' •..*'*•*.• Miss Kobinsun ' . Ho: less To Clufc ' ' Miss Mary •peReign;. Mrs, Lloyd Rogers .and Mis. • Clayton 1 Schtiilz were gucsU ot! Miss 'cyiil'hi'a Robinson when she enlertiiiiied tftc •ncinbers of the Lucky Nliie"BricIgc Club Moilday evening. -'Tljc 1 high core prize, a bridge set,'went,' ."lo Mrs. Schullz. Mrs.. Ral'pte Gobdln leld. low score and. rece'ived a nov'- :lty match box', and Miss Alice aerryman cut for coiisolation and .vas given a lianging .wail 'vase. ?ast'patrons,Club Meets . ',¥rs., P.' Ff.. BlViijeyer and Mrs. C: G. Sbepard i enterUined-, tlip members-of the PastiMatroiis Cliib'' llid three. guesU; Messrs. 'iibwafa' :Cunningham, J. Tlios. M.arkey'Viid' P.. H. Blomeyer, at '-the /gjonieyer Ijorne on"WesL .Seventh ; ' v strcet Monday evening. ' . "'•'•'• A three course dinner .was .s-crv- sri bulTet style from the large dining room table at six-thirty o'clock. Decorations, \yerc 'in : Hie Washington "iiiotlr. "', ' '"•'••..' ' .•;•'• A'• businesfc session was. held following; Hie diiiner. During the'soc- ial liqur, presided., ovei' by : '; Mrs Jack Hart and ; MrS. H.'''N, Arnbld the. guest s "presented. 1 ' t^/o clever stunts, depleting nieinor'Ablc ' inci- • dentS fi-omilhii 'iff; <?f ; Washington Mrs. Letitja'-Simpsoii and"' : 'MfES ES.SIC Johnston received gills from the club in honor of their "birthdays, which occurred this month, C. A. Group Met. Monday was.'studied by the group and a written examination (-Ivcn. This study was given In preparation for the. annual Home Mission Week oi Pl'Hycr lo be held, in March. This .being (he Golden Anniversary veai of'the W. M. U., (he Ixwk wa-i n briel resume of the work done by this; organization in the Southland during Ihc'past' liflv years. The 'Bcv.'D. K. Foster anil U, 11. England were, supper guests. : Mrs. 15, A. Juniper and W. H. yphnsoii drove to : Memjihis, Tciiii.', ^Monday aiid. attended ttic funeral of a' relative. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lciberwllv, have retm-iieil from Hot Springs; Ark., where they spent several .weeks cn racatlon. ]'• lylrs. J, C. Hill and son, Joe, ;'.spcnt the week end in Memphis I with relatives. . Mrs. M, V. Robinson lias returned from SI. Louis where slice had rpenl several days shopping and visiting with relatives. Sirs. C. E.' Alasdon left Monday for Little Roek, Ark., to Spcn.1 t ; e'v^ eral.'itays with hei-'daughter, Mrs. 'J.'Jjecdore. Hfiecd ami family. Mrs.' Sliced was:.In ail rjulomobilc aiicl- dcnV'during Ihclweek cml'but was' not; seriously injured.' .Mrs. 'GDlrllc ,EIslier left Wednesday for Memphis, Toiin. Mrs. Halph • Ooodin and son Bobbie, left Wednesday afternoot for Sikcslon, Mo., wlierc they will be guests of." l)cr,.-pareiils, ,\fr. and' Mrs. .'Pete Blri'e'ff • untif Saturday •';' .- Mrs. Clara;' Jfaiikey"'.'and Mrs Rnberi IJing sjiejit Monday in Blv- thevtllc."- •'"•''• '••--•', •''.. : . Mack Bennett, produced Hie (jrsL six-reer movie in. Ihc United, Slate hi 1914. It was tided "Tillie's' Pu'hc- 1 turcii Romance" and starred Char- He Chaplin and Murle Dressier. ^P?l • >>^VX— - TX.t-f- Truss Expert -. i ''•BC!^,.,S*f . . Mrs. Gage Kniglii was hostess A reprcseiilalivc nl 'bf.OJjip/lj'russ Cp.:ivi1l hf iii'ou'r f'torc .S'atuV- 1 " "illy Feb. 26. \Ve invite >cu lo consult him .ttaiii Snof-I'ari trusses,! Noii-Sliid Abdomi- itit S«iipnrls and Nmi- fkiil Ardi Supports. Council Of Demonstration Clubs Th is-Week ., - a' (joiilh .. pi crtunly council of lioiue dciuon- Llralton clubs here this week. A sijeciiil fcalure of Ihe program was a style show presented by llwi home cconomii's lieparlinent of I lie Oscc'ola hlnh school under the of Miss Francis Camp* vtsur of Farm Security adininl">- study of laxalion and liovcrnmenl in tlic home demonstration pro- <ruiii. Tlie at'i-lculttiral oiltlook for IQJiS was presented by E. !I^ Burns, :ouiily agent. 'MI.VS Msiia'Hogan. district hoiii'. 1 rteiiionstralion atenl. onllh'ied Ihe home deinon'strallpn objectives lor 1931}.' Miss Ho(;«ii pointed (iiil tlmt at present Ihc dcmonstralioii program Is 'reaching one of every flvis • lira)'women' In Mississippi county, Ihe council adopted' a resohitioti that with combined elforls ot Icciil leaders and "two full lime home .•(emciislratlon aiicnl.s in the comity lo c.\icii;l the service lo at least one- out of every three families In 1938.'"" Other .speakers were Judge S. !.. agent.. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER RIIE- Wit W Calomel- And Vwll J«j OaTof Bci in ; ' ' ; s Th« liver should pour'out twu' )iiuI(lbi)ctnlo>-uiifI>o>Vp]sdAny.« is not fiovi n- s f rt*ly, your food docin'tdig rt L It just di*3v£ In the bowct*. Can bloai* up >*our s.omaclK You Rtt corutipitrd. Your whnle rystcw Is flbltotiod and yftu (ccl sour, punk anclthfc world looVs punk.; : A'mcro bowel movement iJocsn't gel M thr: CAtisf, U Ufccs those pdod, oM Chrter'^ I.Ullo Liver Tills to cot llicsc l«o iK>unds of bilo flo\vfn(T frccly'and hiaVc >ou feel "«P and up." Harmless, ir^ntle, yet amai- inf in mskinsr l»t)c flow trcely. A$\c far • C«it*r l t'Uttte i 'Llver Pills by'««nV; 86*,' BEST BARGAINS IN LOW PRICED CARS f^u :iranlecij, <^ rjff.inn'Qrjp- 'A'Uracti>;e ."A'ijijsa 1,' 568, Itowri, S.12 licr i>),onth PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Hoy Calvin, Used Cur-Mgr. 5(h At Walnut 1'fione S1U Plan To Attend Benefit | b( «i>ii> -»i> uerore wurcii 15 ami D -j • i i r • i • iljso '"'K" 1 '» oro coo|)enillon within Bridge Luncheon Friday UK organization. the nweliiiB, tlio mum- ------ , A number of BlyUtovllla women s Ol " lfi Dml c °son Post were •c plnnntllR lo ntteml llm bonnni. llosts « l « fCKl. Hie Hole! I'robody, Mem- «vc plnnntiiE to.attend ttio beuon» bi'ltlgc hmrtieoti nnd fa-shlon show to Ijc slvon Friday by members ot Iho Forrest City Olslrlcl, Ar- xansas Federalion of Women's Clubs, phis. Proceeds from (his alhilr will uo I" Hie Eleiinor Roaseiell M.'/norlal library at colony, a project >'i tin! clubwomen. Anioni; Ilic niodelH for Hie f;i- shion show will be Miss Jcssulyn Hlomeyer, duucliler of Mr. nnd Mrs. R. K niomcycr. of tliLs cltv. Two lilyllicvilli! women arr. alii- '"K ni (ho uriainicinenls for the Piirtv. Mrs. a. Sx Sternbcr" Is I'hiiiiiimn o|i Hie brldijc pii;:e.s coiiinilltcc and Mrs. [•;, K ijioiney- "' is mi Hie dccoralion connnll- trc. Anmng llio>;« svho arc pl:innliii; : to ntlrnil are: Mrs. 'Sternljwv, Mlsx Corn lee Colomaii, Mrs. ,]. •i M, ,.r ,-.. h M ' ' , ' J ' , Mi ""' V " lltc ' Al "' fl - ! inuiales of Alabama institution Are Marched To Safety WETUMI'KA. Alii., rvb. Zt. (UP) --f'li-e today destroyed die tubercular hospital of Hie Alabama ^tate p.ison ncri!. ND one was Injured, altlioiisli |fl| iiiisoiierii were housed Ir ""' oiie-slory Iraine liiilldlng, Duinage was eslimnk'd at 525,1100. All of the pi-lsoncrs w-crii herded together and iniirchcd quietly out of the Instil iillon l» n prison at Kill) ... ., -- ••-—. -- .ttM.iivi'y. hione o[ (he prisoner.s ul- "innilird lleynolds. ,Mi«. 0. w.l tcnijitcd lo escape-. They were held MI...U clicn and Mrs, M. c;. Cook under «uard until n tn,ck arrived Ji., of O.scroln, • .... lire, Little Rock, and L. O. Ion, district agricultural Ulile llock. Ccmmimtliej, reprcst'iilcd were Victoria, West Uiilae, Uoulilc dr.idgcs. Keiscr, eleven clubs from .Dj-csS, nnd tlirce from- Allsco Rehab. ' MiSs liicy, Kincaid, lioiiic :lnii~ii- slration a't'enl. for th^ suudi trail ,'i',','i' of the county was iu cli rangenienls. District Commander; in Talk To Urleualimis from Tyrcnza. M|irl;- ''(I 'Irrr. ;ui<l Moiii'tti: were present ! 'l Ilic incctliiif of Die Ainrrli-.'in l^ion hist niijhl when Mr. Me- t>:iiiiel,v, ot Tyronm, llflh -Usirlct coiiimiinder. lulked lo Hie jjrniiu. Aboiil M neoplc atlendwl lln: lllcl| KliiiK Ihc lo-:al men members of Ilic visillna legionnaires of (he filth to transfer tlieni to Kllby, Rcuii Courier News Want, Art» MEN LOVE GIRLS PEP '"'' II you mr jioppy niitl full nt fun lnf q R j|j i n vile you UMlnnrf-mill iarl|,a lui'l', II y,m «ro ctiwj Mlilrsi «i,,l llrnl. IHM ».,,i,'i |,,, i n.ym,.in, ihtm i,,,;,,,' '" 11 "' ....... . Read. Com icr News Want Ads. I'r. McDniiicl einphasizcci the im- ""',!,' purlniice cf getting Ihc qiiolii mem- VK<I File Divorce Suit* Two divorce sulls . hnvp. been filed In chancery court hero recently. ' •''' Mrs. Luclle Mills Is taxing a divorce from missel! Mills, eliargliiK dcstrtion. Unrliiii Max Jackson clmi-Rcd Iiullghlllcs In' ills coiii- liliiint ngoliwl Mi's, Adcjiii JncH- Hoii. lid B. Cook Is nUoriicy for both plalntllfB. • W«, ith Head Courier News Want, Ads, B(^t"joiJ c St.Uajrj 1 Durirs'^,, I ftlt [o Ma&n, . »«k, MlrtJ' and oiul ii aarU periodkall/ airf ftaH I Il,«.'ltlKJ end cran|» dj> [' 10 fwcllonal dularfearferi Takonle J'rwfiptftH/ I was rtliered of all ihii." ' it from yolir driigpi-t. loday. .See Jiuir :lh calmer an^ slr'n^cr jou fed alter US Ihi) touir. NOTICE FARMERS We Have Many Bargains In New and Rebuilt Farm Machinery C'litiiliiniitioii Kidj%* imd \Vitlkiug Cull i valors. Al| K'cvv, Jjjiieh. ..'..... Only l.imlli'ii Slock, V .l»l))i Doori! 10" Mitltllt! $50.00 l'.Ci)sc litisler . Middle [..mid I' lOuth I. iliimmi'r Mill, HIKK!. us now , I, Molinc 12" 1,'Jow !)" S6.00 S12.00 . I l,(|t of \Ya1k'in K Cultivutoi-K. Kadi . ^|$0 IHO. liiii'Kains iji Kvliuill Tniclors iinil T DELTft IMPLEMENTS, inc. t'hoii.c « 2 So. 2ml SI. Enjoy WRIGLEYS Gum Healthful, Ref reshinq, Deliciou •^•••II^I^I^I^HHnpI ..-..-. '•''.'•.. • • • V We serve o,ur cusfomers beif fey diypl ihe item5 they. cheyvDOUfitE I because es feel fresh and W.Yr\lK\]\.\.K, ARK. AI;R,\IJ,V\I;.S wi W. 'R.";\IS,\MS w . ,s : .MKT., w •,,, A.II illfjrKRV. :iOn .S Mavil .. So. HI 3 liv,;,v 'H ' FKAMJI.IN STOKE. Main '.v n-oad BKNTtKV'<;i{<)., Jftli; w M.iin > .S."n>l'K1>'T CAMI>. K.V', KECRKA-I H)X (JKN-TKR 'S DRfC; CtX. 2W W t;i;o. ^ s. MA.,' ;«« .•-• :uv ri.ACK. llichwnv lil Norl'i CHRISTIAN Olid. & AlKT., 3t() Sr> 'MM Cl'tV PIG, 1S2 W. Main CROs-STOWN WE. 103 So. DiUsic i DICK'S CAFE, IfO W. Main A. n. DOWtANO r.KOCEKV. C12 So rranKli 0; n. EI,:W[ OROCKUV. injo w ,\i a ici' •IO,SE EiSriKOZA. So Division ' FAlJl DKAl, CifiO. & MKT. ;m E M un FOWLER DKUCi CO.. 101 E Main I lilSCO I.VXCH. S4 \V. A^h (iAl.VKS .lIAKIir;!'. 118 VV. Main RUSKELI, ' C.ASKIN I li.VCH. mri W M-iln GATE\VAY GRO. ft MKT., \Vc.-l EMI! ilw l I,. M. CiAY GRO. ft y.Kf.. .124 E. Main (il r.NCniJ OltIM,, 2nd A Ar.h fir.ENCOK IIOTKI, Olr.iicce.nid?, ^nd & AsU (WF IIOTKI,, 416-18 W. Main O. If. CKEAK. UllOCIilty. 210 K Main (SKI.'KN- I1FETI.I; MVK, SIT W. Main fJREVHOL'.NO l.fiNCH. Asli'vt and, Bus Sli. IfAPpy'lfOUU (1R(). 'A aiKT., 1C5 W Main MAY'S STOIil', ITO'E. Mntn' '' HI-WAV CUT KATK, Main & Division c. ,\. 1IOVEV. 509 N. Sixth HUDSON'S OilO. fc MKT.. 323 No. 2mt .JARBETT'S GROCERY, 533 Llmidrate JOHNS' CONFF.r.TlON'EKY, 303 W. Main .IO.VES CASH «ORE,'-401 W. Ash' JONES f. WIIEAT (iROCERY. Klghvvav 18 KIHBV BROS. DUUO CO., Main & Broadwr.y KIKBV RIU'G CO.. 2n c | & jf R j n W. C. LAWI.EK GROCERY, 324 No '2nd TOM I ITTI.K CHEVROLET CO.. 301 W Wai. LOST J!OT GlfOCEKY. 18 Highway lit 3 ( K(ll. l.OWli GROUEUY. 530 No. Sixth .UOUriL fc EICKEKSTAFK 415 So. Franklni WOOiili'ii CAt'K. li(i NP. 2i)i| tVOIl 1 MOW TRIE. Highway bl North JlrfAM/s GROCERY A MKT., 'J12 E Main L. n. McGKE<JOK. tV«:il ROOSI 2M E Main DAMON. ,.M-.tKOJ> ORO., 2019 W. Main . AlrJUJILr.J'H'CASlI GROCERY, 320 W. Main ('. I. \iUKKS. 1C5 S. Division . .10911; yrtBEftS GRp. K MKT,, West. End iforfci, NOBI.I; NEWS ST.VND. HOWI Noble OI.K V'f«O!lV IN.\, 707 VV.Chlcl:iifawba t'AIjAr;(,.'<;A!••-;. 'in W. Main rARKir.jRST CO., 103'E.'Main VAUKS «f?(>. & MRT., 430'W. Ash "•••" nJl.MAKD ROOM. 201 W. Main niJS.SEL1.ffi CAFE, 133 E, Main IUIST1C INN. Walnut &' Division r,L f ; E <- V h\ V '^<??•:* MKT., 501 So. Franklin JACK iAUBA I.b\Cll!K'OOM. 10^' W Main srENCER <?ROQERX 308'E isaiii . STEWART-ROBINSON' DRUG CO »)I4 \v. Main .SI'flpI.'RV'S .PLAVHOVbEi. ai9. W Main THE "377" iMAliKK'i', 523'W Ash LUNCH

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