Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 18, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1896
Page 8
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:/ TfiE GOLDEN RULE. This Week's Prices Cannot be Equaled Ehewnere Great Dress Goods Bargains. lot of Mixed Wool Novelties 36 in.. wide repulur price 25o u yd. Choice of lot per yard ...... , ...... 13^0 lot of Colored Wool Novelties in Figures and Mixtures 8S and 40 Inches wide, regular price OOo ywd. Por choice of lot per yard ...... , ................ 80o lot of Funcy Bilk and Wool Novelties 40 to 44 inched wide, regular price T^ic to S5o n yard. For choice cf lot per yard ........................................ 48c CHILDREN'S FALL JACKETS AND . Ladies F Capes. A Little Money (Joes a Task in this department, 300 Capes and Jackets Jackets to select from at prises to suit the mass s Three Good R c >s on the Card ••'•• This A.ternoon. ADMISSION REDUCED SCHMITT & HEINLY. THE IS the money saving institution ot/Logansport. It lightens tlie expenses- of living, by lessening the cost of necessities. New Fall Goods magnificcni "m volume, variety nud beauty received bought direct from the manufacturers, paid for all discounts saved, and to be sold' at price that credit houses asc't match. The store jammed full o f clean, sparkling new goods, which -BrlD please everyone who sees them. We await your verdict. HEN'S SUITS .$ 3.50 . 5.00 , 7.00 2DO lice's plain and fancy cheviots worth ?U.OO, our price 75 Men's black, blue finished worsted. worth SS.OO, our price ~SK> Men's plain and fancy casslmere worth $10.00, our price . 2DO Meu ; s black and blue imported clay worsted worth ?15.00, our price. 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. jibe Boy's suits all colors, good fitters from 14 to 10 worth $5.00, our price TO Boy's blaek.'bluo, and fancy cheviots, well trimmed and made, worth $7.30, our price •. • • 5.0 2K5 Boy's -black, blue, and fancy Imported worsted equal to custom- work, worth $10,00, our price 7.5 SCHOOL SUITS. 3CO Tweed suits, good fitters, well made at $1, $1.50, worth.$2.00 and. .5 2.5C SJoy's'Scotch Tweeds, newest fall pat terns ?2,00, $3.00 and $3.50,worth' $4.00, $5.00, and G.OC XBee pants; ages 4 to 13, special lot 15 AD wool 'Scotch cheviots worth 50c, our price 35 Oswdtiroy, all colors, worth' 75c, our pr ice 5C Hemember our stock is all new and we have all up-to-date noyeltie aWbwr goods are niarked-in plain figures, strictly one price. No Misrepre sent at ion, come, see for yourself and be convinced.what we say are facts THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. $2O.OO Will Buy a Sood Winter Suit -OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426'Broadway, Second Floor. Tresli fish at Rotdiermel's. The 'best sugar cured hums O-'Ji cents. • McCaffrey's. , . The Marlon City Council has passed .3curfew ordinance. Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Positively the best cup of coffee in •Sfce city at Dykeman's eafe. Ofi, .suehi lovely dross goods Is what fftftey all say.—Trade Palace. See our .new stiff hats a.t one dollar. . Den-enter, the linitter and furnisher. Attend the greatest carpet sale ever -'••jprfcn In IndhMin. this week at the .Trade Palace. v If you are looking for frosTi peaches .'• eec ns, we ore receiving them daily.— M«Ca (Trey's. St. Joseph's hospital is a worthy institution, and you are asked to help. ,4o to the bazaar. Linoleum, oil cloth, stra/w mattings :. atl?rfccs never before heard of In same • qoaltliesnt tiie Trade Palace. ; .,• Dress goods, .dress goods, such fine «Fress goods, such low prices. Fine worth. 00 to 65 cents'a yard, £5 'and 30 cents now at the Trade Fresh Mocha & Java coffee at J. ,T. R. ;Uniou -suits underwear at Dewe-nter, the hatter and furnisher. Honey Dew flour reduced in price to $1.50 per hundred.—McCaffrey. Driving, walking and working gloves for any purpose at Doweniter, the hatter -mid furnisher. 'School chaldron's mackintoshes, umbrellas and Tarn O'Shantors nt special prices.—Trade Palace. . You need Hood's Sarsaparllla to en rich and purify your blood, create an appetite and give sweet, refreshing sleep. Faiucy bosom sihiirts in new colors and designs, warranted fast col»r, only Sl.OO.—Dewenter, the -hatter and furnisher. : "WONDER WJIO. TOLD IT.? Crown Point Register, Dem.: It has been given out privately that fully 2,000,000 working men are wearing McKinley badges and talking gold standard, who will cast their votes for Bryan. Mr. Simpson said with reference to a local in last night's Pharos in reference to the law suit of Mrs. T. IL' Simpson against Bernard Fisher for possession, of property, It is not correct. The facts are thait.Mrs. Simpson, commenced proceedings In the Circuit court and Mr. FisBer before 'Squire Fender. Mrs. Simpson preferred.trial before the Circuit court, consequently she cited the case before that "tribunal. How is Your Liver? Brlght's disease iaift terrible malady. So insidious, so deceptive, so dangerous. -Dr. Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Pills have -a wonderful curative offect In chectelng and curing 1 this disease. They-have no equal. For sale in Logansport by Ben Fisher ami John F. Coalsori, druggists. Republican Meetings. :' Republican speakingswlll be held in the following places iii Cass county: Friday evening, Sept. jlSth, 'Shady Xook school house, Clay township, Q. A. Myers and S, T. McDonnell. Friday evening. Sept. IS, •• Cen're.'r school house, Washington township.. Geo. W. Stocltv D. C. Justice, tiuo. Walters. Saturday evening. Sept 10,- Twelve Mile, Geo.'W. Stcclu. Geo. Fuu-k..Mayor McKee. Saturday evening. Sept. lOtii. Ila/.ol L'iilch school house. Buthloheiu township, Harry Whistler. Monday, Sept:. 21, Lincoln.•, Q..A. Myers. Monday evening, Sept. 2]st, Waverly. Senator Boyd of Xoblc'svillc. Monday evening. Sept lil, Waverly, S. T. MeCoimell, Mayor McKec. . . Tuesday evening, Sept.- 22d, Fox Den school house, Jefferson township, Q.'A. Myers. Tuesday evening, Sept. 22. Clymers. D. C. Justice, W. T. Wilson. Tiiosd.-iy even-ing, Sept/. 22d, Walton, Senator Boyd, . Wednesday evening, ! Sept. 23d, Young America, Senator Boyd. Wednesday evening. Sept 23;'West Sand Ridge school house, Noble town- •sh'lip, Robt. Cromer, Frank Swigart, ' Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Galveston. Senator Boyd. Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne. Q. A. Myers; Geo. Funk. Thursday evening, . September 24th, Pleasant Valley school house,- Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice, Friday afternoon, Sept. 2Dth, Broadway rink, Roswell G. Horr. Friday evening. Sept 25, Callo.way school house, Jefferson township, ship, Col. Cromer, Frank Swigart.' Saturday evening, Sept. 20, 'Royal Center, ^Q. A. Myers, D. B, McDonnell. THAT M'KINLEY POLE.: Soon to Rise, riajestically at the Junction. Ivokomo News: The Panhandle -boys wore as busy as bees alt dn^- yesterday and today, getting till the preliminaries ready for the big pole-raising which is to taiko place Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock up at the Panhandle: depot. The polo, a .beautiful ash ia three .sections: and as" straight as an arrow, Is already ou the ground, aud 300 .feet 1 of-the troii'gcst rope in the city -lias been, se- curccl. Will Spangler is working like-a tieaver, which is a safe guarantee .of its success. In fact all the railway 1 boys are taking a.deep interest In the 1 enterprise, -aud nothing will be loft'undone, to make it a good, old-fashioned ; camp neeting occasion. Good- speaker.*, «l«a clubs from this city 'and Logansport, niud a good 'band of music will be^there. Ed F. Kearney, of Logansport,- who. stumped Cass county four years ago,' will be one of the speakers land will show how It happened thatithc.scales' of political darkness dropped from 1 -Ms eyes. The central commltteiQ ?ls also arranging for another good speakcrior this occasion. 'Don't forget: tlfo'-'date: There'll be <a "JLhin'," and : you'll .vbe. Ihere to give a reason for the(ho>pe that nsplres your political, -faith: The speaking will be at 7. o'clock'in.-,:the zoning. • - -- [ ^.wenty-Five Cents for Today-Yesterday's Races. is uot so good a crowd out races yesterday as on the whJcli Is partly accounted fact that Wednesday was ^LojjunSpbrt Day, tuul a great number ;'fff ttjp .stores closed In order that the •ejerli* nright have si chance to take iu :-'(-he,,r'acii];-'. One of the best races of •tihi} iiieu'ting. the free-for-all pace, was the card yesterday, <aiid it proved a surprise. Thi'i'C were four entries, aud they had -been secured after much parleying. Steel Pri-nce was considered '-a clucih, ami tlie oilier horses entered refused tp start against him. The lior.se -lias a mark of li:uT'X... and his owner was .so sure tlia.t then' was nothing on the track that could beat him, that -lie refused an offer from the other entries of $30 cash to stay out ol! the race. He wanted $00, fln<l after wrangling- over -the matter almost up to the time of .starting, bli.e other horsemen delemi'iucrt to go iu ;vad give the cracker-jack a. race. How well they did it is shown in the summary. Rockaway, wltlli a. nwirk of 2:10 J X:, won in a driving finish, taking three hears .straight. The result was very p-rnt:lying to the Lognnsport horsemen «'ho nuderstood •tili-o milker, for the owner of Steel Prince had openly boasted that lie ca.mc here to gdt a. chance -at Coleridge, aud then to be thrown down by a •horse at: least ti v u seconds lower, was a good thing for the friends of Coleridge. The 2:2.1 trot proved a. good thing for Ala.n, He won about as he pleased, and Hie bookmakers had him posted at prohibitive odds. But three heats of the three-minute trot were raced, Rcnza winning the lirst throuffli the kindness of the judges. Dr. Willvc-s came under the wire -ii good length in the lead, but the judges thought he should be set back to third place because he broke in the mfitldlc of thofcack stretdi on the first half, mid galloped almost nu eighth before his driver could pull him down. The most of the spectators thought that -Ms should have been allowed tlie •horse, for when he did -finally settle down to trotting, the field was at least eight lengths in the load, and he trotted five-eighths without a skip and came home first, 'Tilie judges are all-powerful lira horse race, however, and they said that Dr. Wilkes should be set back for making a wirfnjng 1 break, so that 'went. The- race was unfinished, but three heats'being trotted. Renza, who won the first heat, fell sick before the second heat was called and was drawn. The suinnMlries: •First race, 2:2o trot, purse ?loO. .-Alan (Holmes) ; '. 1 Ked Ktlver (Bates) .3 Airistol (Padgett) 'TJjiie-2:22, 2:22, 2:22>/ t . Second race, free-fo'r-a.ll pace, purse THANKS TO THE PUBLIC I - : For their kind attendance atfour Formal Opening last night, which was a Grand Successi and now we're ready for business, and solicit the general trade. We ask everybody to call and get acquainted with the highest qualities of Clothing, Gents Furnishings and hats at the very lowest prices. Respectfully, Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK N. B. Those that did not get the proper attention at our opening must excuse us, as the crowd was so large that it was impossible for us to attend to everybody. should remember that there are ladle •wltb'ln a, few feet of them and refrain from the use o£ rough language. . "Old Hi's" musical voice was going full tilt all afternoon yesterday. The "up-pee" was only stilled wluen a boa was being raced. Nobody played -the pools yesterday The pool sellers had prohibitive odds ou in both races. BRIDE AND QROOM. Betrayed by Ribbons and Rice Were Blissful and Care Free. 1 o .233 .111 .$200 •Riockaway (Stout) Stool Prince (Squire) ..........2 2 2 Barrtoss (Padgett) •.. .3 3 3 KalMo 4 4 4 imme-2:17& 2:19%, 2:25%. . Third race, 3-mlniitc -trot, purse $100. Biiautifnl Bells (Coth'uKim 4 1 1 Renza 1 dr Dr. Dodge (McMoton) 2 2 3 Dr. Wi-lkes (Gregg) 3 3 2 XIline—2:29%, 2:32^., 2:33. , •. Lock and Queen F were entered but THE I/ADUES, : TJie pleasant effect and 'perfect afety with which ladilcs may -use Syrup o/f Figs, under all..> conditions, make It their favorite remedy. To get he true and genuine article, look., for he name of the California Fig: Syrup Jompany, '.printed .near the bottom of the package. For ^ sale, by ail respon-' rble druggists. "';.' liemomber, Saturday/your choice of 200 capes, all new,-tor .?3.9S nn'd-$4.0S, Resnl'a.r ,?o -a nd $~V< garments.—Tirade Palace. See (the untold of bargains for ^ten •n t the Trade Palace. A good dark print 3% cents a yard', cotton' flannel 4c, 20c plaid, dress goods - 10c,',' l;000 • yairds.of ifcible linen At 50c on, the dollar. Price 12%c a yard up to 7">c, worth.25c •a yard to $1.50. Such bargikns.dnlT tp. be found at the Trade Palace. were drawn before the race started. The 2:30 trot will be finished the flrs tilling this afternoon. •As 'this is the last day, the associa tlpn has decided to reduce'Hie price of •admission to twenty-five coats. This will bo appreciated by the race-going public, and if tlie day is good there suould'be a great crowd out. There iiiro two good races o'u, the card, in .addition to the unfinished 3-minute trot, •and the famous trotter. Reward ,T, will go nn exhibition mile. The horse has a record of 2:10%, and is one of the .handsomest .race horses on tlite track. : It Is possible that Coleridge will also be back from Indianapolis, where he was enitcred In tlie free-for-all pace for •Wednesday. The wet track prevented a race, and the famous Cass county ••horse-may Im back liore in time to give an exhibition mile. RA€E TRACK .TALE.' .One of the most noteworthy attrac- •tious of thie meet ia Mr. G. C. Bates, the owner of Tlmlburg, the oldest racing 'horse a(t present'campaigning; Mr. Bates's figure is warped and his shoulders set 'askew, but there Is not a driver on the track but fears him and bis gen,- eraMilp. He Is seventy-two- years old, •and the/old horse, Ttalburg, which is entered In the free-for-all trot today, •has won liirn. one of the best farms in Iowa, and .is Still "on the turf." The track Is In elegant £hape for fast time, and the trotters should fee able to show some'fancy, steps this afternoon. •.•The "radl birds" who hang on the pickets In-front' of 'l)he grand -.stand The loungers about Uhe Pennsylvania station wore treated to an exhibition of newly-ripened hymeuial bliss yesterday afternoon that has placed a permanent pucker OH their lips and lilled •them with d desire to sit down and think about itne misery, of existing only in the singular number, independent case. Tihat wlllch aroused their sentimentality -was a bride and groom who just drifted into the noisy crowd about the trains so wrapped 'hi thoughts of each at bet that they were shut out from exterior annoyance. They were awfully newdy-w.ed and evidently "didn't give a gol darn who knowed it." The rice under the groom's coait collar and the trunk decorated with slightly soiled white satin bows at which "Jimmy" Murphy, the baggageman, looked ask- •aince 'as he loaded it on the Cincinnati train, botrnycd thorn. Tlie pair couldn't separate themselves long enough to buy tickets but attended to it jointly •and she, with a. little giggle, helped him to count the change. They were bound for Xew Castle. Iud.,«ind it was evident that they came from some little town not I'M 1 from here, for they alluded to Loga.usport as "the c-ity." When they had completed their important business transactions <vnd lie lisul pur, a fat roll of bills back in his trousers pockef. tliey went out on the platform and with a little, sigh of relief, letting slip all earthly matters re- Itipsed into a state of utter inanely, feli- citious cooing. Thus oblivious tiheir train, pulled out. before their faces and the Indianapolis train followed it. An- ofllier train came in and went out and still they called ca.ch other "ducky" and "Isissenbo'bs" to the utter demolition of Detective Gallagher's peace of mind. Finally that courteousgehtle'man stepped between the cross-fire of endearments, and learning of tbeirdesti-n- Mion, informed them that their train had been gone a hiailf hour. It rather dazzled the little bride, but the groom came to the rescue. "Does 'oo wauJto do to de races, dovic?" Es, dearest, does 'ooT, she replied, and the Lost seen'of them they were headed for a "yellow car," leaving iu their wnko a sweet 'trail of murdered vocabulary. Trains rrniy come and trains may go, but the love goes on forever. THE COLORED MAN'S PARTY. • 'Winton Taylor, one of the,Prohibition leaders in the State, is out for free silver. He visited a colored camp meeting at Dana a few days ago, and devoted his time and energies to expounding his political views In the 'hope of winning converts.' In. his rounds, says the Clinton Republican, -he came across a darky from 1 Park'e county who Is, of course, a Republican, and somewhat of a'politieian himself. The darky listened to Taylor's almost prayerful exhortations for a. moment, and then said: "See here, boss, you one ob dem fel- lers wot was in favor of free trade in 1S92?" "Yes, sir," replied Mr. Taylor, "I -was in favor of free trade, but you know free trade is not an issue now— 'it's the money question." "Oh, yes, sah," replied the darky as his chalky eyes danced In apparent merriment, as li'e continued, "an' you .am In: favor ob free silver riowJ" "Yes, sir," replied Mr. laylor, -"I believe free silver is what this country needs to Tiring about prosperity." • Then the darky's big eyes almost rolled out on his cheeks as he replied: "You people am great people for free things ob late years. Now, boss, stlil you please tell me if der were eber any Demycratic platforms what was in. favor ob free niggers. De culled man am giwlne 'fo' vy vote wid de party what was in favor ob free niggers, an' don'f ye fergifc it" The cold water apostle who had left the Prohibition stump" to work rot Democracy saw he had struck A snag, and was soon back at Dana regretting that he liad attempted 'to-get a Democratic endorsement from' a colored camp meeting. BURROWS—VBRNOX. Mr. Albert Burrows and Miss Ella - Ycrnon were married at the home of .the bride's parents in Deer Crock town- sluip, Wednesday, Sept 10th. Tbe bride, a most charming young lady, Is very popular. TJie groom is a prosperous farmer, and In every way deserving of the prize he 'has won. The wedding ceremony was pronounced by tie Rev. Tony of Walton. There were about fifty guests present. .The' -wed- • ding supper was an. elegant spread. There were many handsome presents. .TOURNAiL EXTRA. Notwithstanding The Journal priuted an extra edition of 3.000 yesterday morning, the office ran out of papers before* nine o'clock. The calls continued to come in for them and lit, was decided to run off a supplement edition of 1,000 containing Mr. Brooks' speech and a. report of the celebration. Those wishing copies to send to friends can get them', at The Journal office. CAN'T BE BEAT. When Quality and Perfect Shaped Shoes Are Considered. First—Our new dark brown genuine vici kid, patent calf, trimmed lace, hand welt, $4.00 Second—Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school shoes, equal to many $3.50 shoes, for 52J50 Third—Our new coin toe, calf vamp, kid top, button or lace, a nice dressy shoe for school, only ...; $3.00 Fourth—Our new style welt shoes, excellent value, -warranted, only.52,25 Fifth—Our genuine vici kid button, new style,, patent, calf, trimmed, only - .......$1.50 Sixth—Our women's rubber sandals, which we will sell for 19c Seventh—Our women's storm rubbers we will sell at ......... • • •'• -23a • Eighth—Men's rubbers we will sell at-: : 29c Filling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind.

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