The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts on July 25, 1938 · Page 9
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The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts · Page 9

Lowell, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1938
Page 9
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' THE LOWELL SUN MONDAY JULY 25 1938 FLAMES LEAP HIGH Safety Council Outing Group Meets Tonight With 19 busses already signed up 'or the outing of the Lowell Junior Safety council at Canobie Lake park next Wednesday, the committee in charge looks forward to an attendance of more than 1000 children at the affair. John J. Gildee. chairman of transportation, announce'' today that a neeting of ' ^ committee will be held tonight at 7 o'clock in Memor- .al hall to discuss final plans. Executive Secretary James W. Gagnon conferred yesterday u i t h Manager James H. Holland of Canobie. and was assuied of i block of 1000 tickets fc- free rides at the park. Section of Vancouver island's 100,000-a«re forest fire, right, leaping Campbell river in a race toward rich timber and logging towns. Naval craft and logging trains stood by to evacuate settlers--AP WIREPHOTO. SEATTLE, July 25 (j)--Flames ate rapidly through timber on the Warm Springs Indian reservation in Jeffer- eon county, Oregon today, but a prediction that the prolonged heat spell was about to end brought a measure of hope to the fire-harried Pacific northwest Marcning unchecked before a high wind, the Warm Springs blaze has covered 80,000 acres and destroyed a fourth ol the reservation's pine timber stand. The big Pok county fire in Oregon, which took one life Friday, was under control. Twenty-six new fires were reported in Douglas county, Oregon, Smoke was so thick in that area a forestry patrol plane was grounded at Rosenburg. The serious Rydenvood blaze in Cowhtz countv, Washington, was still out of control. In British Columbia firemen reported .hey were "holding their own" against the 100,000-acre fire on Vancouver island. MYSTERY AT THE LAZY R Serial Story CAST OF CHARACTERS Nikki Jerome, heroine; blond, popular, is engaged to six-foot, black- haired Steve Mallory, hero; who is accompanying her on a trip to Nikki's aunt and uncle on a Wyoming dude ranch. Nikki's father, Peter Jerome, is a wealthy New York jewel merchant. Yesterday: The first night at the dude ranch becomes strangely sinister when Nikki overhears Sarto and Bancroft plotting against her. Steve started to take a step out into the light and reveal their presence, but a warning pressure on his arm from Nikki stopped him. This was no time for ethics. Bancroft was answering in the same low, smooth voice, but the undertone of metallic hardness was rising. "I know what I'm doing. The girl saw the money, I tell you. I don't know how much she knows Suppose she wires old Jerome. We've got to keep an eye on her." "Is that the only reason you want to keep an eye on her?" asked Sarto sarcastically. "Wouldn't you like, maybe " "You won't say any more," said Bancroft and Nikki shuddered at the way he said it "You're not smart, Sarto, but you're too smart to say any more. And don't think, either, Sarto. Don't even try. I've always done the thinking. I'll keep on doing the thinking in the Jerome affair." He walked away. Sarto followed after a moment The magic of the night had changed and become strangely sinister. CHAPTER IV Nikki and Steve stood silently in the shadow of the shed after the two men had vanished toward the ranch house. Steve was waiting for Nikki to speak, but she was lost in startled thoughts. What was the "Jerome affair" and why was Bancroft so afra.d of her getting in touch with her father? What did S?rto mean by that half- finished sentence? Nikki was accustomed to having men interested m her. Several had been, with varied thoughts behind thpir interest, but there was an implied menacp m the Sarto blend of innuendo, Steve finally spoke. "Nikki, this business has gone far enough," he said. "I want to know who Bancroft and his unpleasant friend are and what you are doing mixed up in their business, or they in yours or whatever the devil is going on," he wound up, bewildered by his own words. "They seem to know father, all right, don't they?" said Nikki, mostly to herself. "Nikki!" Steve was almost exploding. "You said that Bancroft was an old friend. I don't believe it. I don't believe you ever saw him before you got on the train. Anyway, if he is an old friend, I can't say much for your taste." Nikki turned to him. "Steve, believe me, I don't know anything more about all this than you do at least not much more. And I can't tell you anything right now. Please trust me, just for a little while longer, won't you? It's something I can't . . . well, I just can't talk about now." "You mean it's something you can't tell me?" Steve's tone was half incredulous, half accusing. ··Darl'.ng, it's something I can't tell anyone just now. Please trust me." "I'm to trust you. but you don't trust rr.e. I'm to stand by and see what happens when the girl I'm to DR. C. W. KING -- nrc. -- TO. c*. DENTIST UT WCRHMACK IT. LOWELL* MASS. yg · ·»· »^^ MM T»«* A flat. M W*d. P. SI. marry tangles up with a couple of strange thugs she won't even tell me about. And they're^ thugs if I ever saw any.. What am I supposed to do? Pretend I don't know what's going on, or don't you care?" "Of course I care." "Well, you don't act like it." Steve was thoroughly angry, but Nikki could not tell him of the strange meeting on the tram or of the dressing case full of money, so they parted for the night unhappily. The next day about noon Uncle Jim came driving up to the ranch in his prized station wagon with a gray-suited stranger whom he introduced as Donald Fisk. "Mr. Fiske has been visiting the Gerley's every summer," Uncle Jim explained "and when he arrived this morning he found the whole kit and caboodle of 'em down with the mumps. So he decided to come over and visit with us." Fiske xvas a smallish man, thin- lipped and narrow-eyed, who nodded pleasantly at the introductions and gave his home as Chicago on the Lazy R's register. An odd type. Nikki thought, to be vacationing on a dude ranch, but recalled that there were other odd types there beside Fiske. Uncle Jim put him in one of the small cabins. The day was rather dispiriting. Nikki xvished desperately she would hear from her father and watched unhappily Steve's obvious avoidance. In the afternoon he took a rod and went a quarter of a mile back of the ranch house to the pool that had been formed w h e n Uncle Jim dammed the creek, but returned soon and said, moodily, they weren't biting. That night she lay in bed hearing every sound of the ranch as it drifted off to sleep by quietening degrees, but slumber would not come to her, and finally she stepped out on the balcony which opened on to her room. A pale, yellow moon rode high in the sky with one guardian star poised brightly watchful. A t.nn cloua dnfte-i rnsUJv, lazily by, Lke a v,:sp of veil discarded by a languid lady. Far out in the night a coyote sang a m o u r n f u l hymn to the moon-hl darkness and its lonesome notes rose with the faint breeze. A dog barked shrilly from the corral and then the night was broken by the sharp report of a rifle shot. Nikki started, and then her eyes went to the scattered cabins below her in an effort ;to trace the sound. There were no lights, but in the interwoven shadows traced by the cabms and the trees, Nikki suddenly saw a dark figure dart across a path of light. It was a man and she saw- him hesitate, look quickly about him and then run s w i f t l y to the cabin that Bancroft and Sarto occupied.- Just before the cabin's shadows swallowed him, some gesture or movement caught her e; e with a surge of recognition. It's Sarto, she thought, it couldn't be anyone else. But why? Before she could even hazard u guess at her own cuc-t on, she caught the clamor of vo.ces h^lo'.v and her uncle's: "What in t?mat.on is goin" on around h f .re?" Nikki tnrev." a dre? robe over her pajamas and h^rr^-d d o w n the steps just as h r Ur.c.e Jim came out on the verar.da. "What are j o j co.r.' here, Nikki?" he asked. "You r -ar that shot, too?" *·! was awake ar.d n-"ard it," she answered, not rner.t.-jr:ng the figure she had seer, dart.r.g among the shadows. There was a light arr.or.g the cabins now. "That's Fiske's cab.n " said Uncle Jim. "I'll go cut and see--Nikki, you better stay here," he broke in as she prepared to follow, but just then Fiske stepped out of his door. He was holding a rifle m one hand and in the other was a little wad of cleaning rags. He walked up to the pair on the porch and said apologetically: "I'm awfully sorry. I was cleaning by gun and I guess it's another case ot just not knowing the thing was loaded. Bullet went through the floor. That's what comes of not handling firearms enough to keep on familiar terms with them." Some of the men from the bunkhouse were out by this time, but most of the guests had slept on undisturbed, or else a shot at a ranch in the heart of Wyoming didn't appear startling to them. Fiske apologized again for his carelessness and said that he guesed he would finish the task m the morning Nikki wanted to inquire if he usually cleaned his gun in total darkness, for she could have sworn there wasn't a light m the cabin before the shot sounded. But she remained silent and watched while her uncle accompanied Fiske back to his cabin and the men returned to the bunkhouse. Then she glanced at the cabin occupied by Bancroft and Sarto. It was dark and quiet and all too peaceful looking. (To Be Continued) Fatal Accidents Cut Last Week BOSTON, July 25 (INS)--Compelled by the heavy rains and hazardous road conditions over the past week to exercise extra care in driving, automobile drivers again reducei the number of fatal accidents under the preceding week, Registrar of Motor Vehicles Frank A. Goodwin announced today. The total loss of life for the wee!' was se\en, including two pedestrians against eight the week before an: ten a year aeo. For the year to date f a t a l i t i e s t o t a l l e d 2^1 against 385 for the same period a jear apo. Fares Boosted by Railroads WASHINGTON. July 25 (AP) -Eastern raJroads began charging a bit more for passenger tickets today. With interstate commerce commission approval, they increased the far» from 2 to 2 5 cents a mile for an experimental period of 18 months. Tne carriers estimatr-d the increase v/ould net them $45,000.000. Tjhe area m v/hich the lines operate is bounded roughly oy Lake Michigan, St. Louis, the Oh.o river, Huntington, W. Va., and Norfolk, Va. Stock Market Many Hurry to Beat Filing Dead Line With tomorrow at 5 o'clock the dead-line for filing nomination papers, candidates for state and county'officos are pouring into the election commission office for certification of signatures William J. Carroll of 46 Agawam, street, Democratic candidate for representative in the 15th district, was the only newcomer to the ranks of local candidates today. Mayor Dewey G Archambault, who is seeking the Republican nomination for lieutenant-go\ ernor, said today that he has many speaking engage"- ments scheduled in different parts of the state. Last week he spent some time in Worcester, Springfield, Qumcy and Plymouth. REPORT OF BIRTHS July-4--To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. St. Amand, 7 East Pine street, a son. 5--To Mr. and Mrs. George Herve Page, 917 Lawrence street, a daughter. 6--To Mr. and Mrs. Erie N. Priet, 151 Branch street, a son. 7--To Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Casparo, 13 Spring street, a son. 8--To Mr. and Mrs. Omer Beland, 29 Manahan street, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Raoul Desrochers, 24 Tucker street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Frietus, Trull road, North Tewksbury, a son. 2--To Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Chascin, 93 Railroad street, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Harr: Gagne, 68 Chestnut street a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Kilron, Emerson road, North Reading, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Normandin, 168 Warren street, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Petullo, 25 Union street, a son. 10--To Mr. and Mrs. Russell Beauchemin, 4 Varnum place, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. William F. Busby, 26 Cedar street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Frederic R. Hanahan, 28 Mt. Vernon street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. John Rodrigue Falante, 3 Irving street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Peter McEnaney, 24 Burlington street, a daughter. 11--To Mr. and Mrs. Emile Hamel, 313 West Sixth street, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Levesque, Locust street, Tyngsboro, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. William Durkin, 57 Liberty street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Valaire Noel, North road, Chelmsford, a son. 12--To Mr. and Mrs. William Paul McCarthy, 177 Mt. Vernon street, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Lee, 8?S Middlesex stieet, a son. 13--To Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reid, Kemp street, West Groton, a daughter To Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r Duha- mol, 139 Coburn street, a daughter. To Mr. THREE DIE IN CRASH Here is the shattered wreckage of a bombing plane in which three U. S. navy airmen Saturday when it crashed to earth with terrific speed in a rain squall, at Woodbridge, Conn.--AP WIREPHOTO. BOSTON, July 25 (INS)--While f'ineral arrangements were being completed today for three navy airmen killed in an airplane crash at Woodbridge, Conn.. Saturday, a naval imestigating board sought to determine cause of the crash. Flag-draped bodies of the victims arrived by train and were claimed by relatives. Killed were Lieut. James F. McDonough, 34, pilot of the plane and son of Col. John F. McDonough, state W. P. A. head; Lieut. William J. Drumtra, 27, , Gloucester, and Aviation Cadet John { R. Patch, 23, of Ipswich, i The trio was enroute from Nor| folk, Va., to the Squantum navy air ! base to spend a week-end with relatives when the plane ran into · a I squall and high wind. Ste. Jeanne d'Arc Festival To Open Wednesday Night With clearing skies to encourage them, parishioners of Ste. Jeanne d'Arc church are looking forward to the opening of their festival on Wednesday afternoon on the school grounds on upper Moody street, with a bridge and whist party sponsored by a large committee headed by Mrs. Albinn Skalkeas. Elaborate plans have been made for the affair. Booths are to be erected for the distribution of ice cream, tonic, candies and other sweets Ubiially found at such affairs. Various games, approved by parish authorities, w i l l also be available in addition to an entertainment each night. Saturday is to be known as children's day and that day's program will comprise a doll carriage parade, a bicycle parade, a baby contest and many other features. Meeting Tomorrow Night Members of the Holy Family so- r'cty who have been named on the outing committee will hold a meeting tomorrow night at St. Joseph's parish hall. The inclement weather of last week kept the attendance down at the meeting, but with good weather in prospect, the presence of the entire membership is expected. Triduum Opens In St. Jeanne d'Arc parish, a trl- duum opened yesterday and will continue to tomorrow when final services will take place. Members of St. Anne's sodality are asked to attend tonight's services. Special Mass Tomorrow At 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, the inmates of the French-American orphanage will attend mass in the orphanage chapel in honor of the feast of Ste. Anne. This mass is celebrated for the intention of members of the bread fund or TOeuvre de Pain" of the orphanage? Study Circle Meetings All meetings of the Franco-American Study circle have been cancelled for the summer, according to a notice issued by President Lionel J. Barry. Members will bp notified regarding the September meeting. Lawrence Meeting Membets of the sports committees, street, attended these missions last week Miss Vvette Mmeault of Fitchburg, is spending two weeks with her uncle, Hector Mineault, of 542 Moody street. ..Luella Ricard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Ricard, of Concord, N. H., and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ricard of Fletcher street, is spending the summer months with her maternal grandfather, Mr. Moore of Fremont street.. Mr and Mrs. Antonio Dubois and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dccare of Montreal, P. Q., arc spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lamqureux of 65 Endicott street and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gagnon of 109 Dracut street... Mr. and Mrs. George Lamarre and family of Clinton avenue, are enjoying a vacation at Cobbett's pond... Ernest Levesque with Raymond Des- chesneaux and his family are at the same pond for the summer months... The Misses Lorraine Descheneaux of 125 Riverside street and Jeannette Bergeron of Gardner avenue, spent last week at Old Orchard beach... Herve Parthenais and his family of Mt. Washington street, are at Cobbett's pond for the summer months... F'ernand Blanchette of Woodcock avenue, agent for the John Hancock company, is on his annual vacation.. Lionel Ouimette of Providence, R. L, is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Lionel Sawyer of 20 Mt. Grove street Miss Claire Sawyer of Mt. Grove street is spending several days with her aunt, Mrs. Marie Ouimet, of Providence, R. I...Mrs. Leandre Houle and her brother, Herve Geoffroy, of Montreal, have returned after an enjoyable visit with Mr. and Mrs. Omer Geoffroy of Endicott street. grounds will be laid out In regular midway fashion with games of chance, amusement booths and rldei for both young and old and the affair is being promoted by William Normandy. The committee comprises: Pres, William A. Walsh, John M. Hogan, Martin J. Crowe, John B. O'Loughlin, Patrick J. Fitzgerald and James A« Young. Eagles Carnival on This Week Lowell aerie of Eagler will hold Its annual rarnival on the North com* mon this week beginning tonight. Plans have been in the making for some time and member* have exerted rica, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. John Whitney, 16 Wilson street, North Biile- nca, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sherman, 93 Gates street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lemieux, 58 Alma street, a son. To Mr. and Mr? Hal ford Wheeler, 465 Westford street, a son. To Mr. and Mr?. Elzear Cognac, 114 Ford street, a daughter. 14--To Mr and Mrs. Edward Jame; Ciark, 45 Barclay street, a 4«t (· t i t t r n i / Irritation Qeanie clogged pores -- aid healing of the »or* spoil the «i$y Resinol wiy. StrapU of Ointment tad Soip free. Writ* «BB1^ RtwaoJ. D^pt. 39 Bi.'to..Md. ·· Resmol Bv VICTOR EUBANK NEW YORK, July 25 (.?-- H*avy ing- in tod-r.'s c-T-'y eto'-k k«t proe^dirurs n u t the t.^V-r t?^f behind as mn-h a- ir.r'-p m - n u t ^ for a w h i l e , but \?f"r.% ;="·;"; v/f-re unable to get ah'-ad more thin srra;l fraction? Activity dv. jn-!d 2-')r r '":ab:y n*ar th» second hour ar.d a ^ v a n ^ s *',-=-r ft wiped out in rnny i n - f a r c e s under the* apparent f,'. nf -r of -rof. r T a k j n p . Stf.fris. coppers "rr.^jrs f ^ r m implements and s p f f i a ' l 's wv- anyone th n rr.ost favor'-cl * t o r s Ra.!- zrA utilities, though, r^ t'-r--d m'.A im- provpment at t r ~ =fir*. Rising tend -r, --·= '' f-r" dt«"j!ave'l by U. S. Steel. E:'h!''-h'--rr. Anaconda, Kennecott, General :io'.ors, Cr.ryslr-r, J. I. Case, Inf.'-rnfH.onai KnrvesU-r, Allied Chemical, Nat.cnai Ca=n Regiv- t r r Jobnc-Manv : P r ' ' - MorrK Western Union, U. S Rui.vr, Santa F^, Baltimore v Oh.o a n d Montgomery Ward. Bonds and rr.fnr ^ornrnoditif-s po.nfed SrhPr ?v-.-.;rn *t"unties markets *.tif-'i j.!.gnt!y upward. To Mr. and Mrs Walter Ernest Mountain, Carlisle road, Westford, a daughter. 15---To Mr. and Mrs Leo Savard, 316 Aiken street, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Manual Souza Comarra, 82 Congress street, a «on. 16_To Mr. and Mrs. Om T Noel, 5 Varl f -y avenue, a daughter. To Mr. and Mr~. Waiter Markham, 3 Bassr-U street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs Omer Loranger, 227 Pawtucket street, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs Harold Prescott, 190 Pawtuck'-t Ftreet, a son. IB--To Mr. am Mr?. Urbsm Trudel, 136 Hal! j f r e o t , a son. To Mr and Mrs. Rosaire Cour- to;j. 7 Ward street, a son. 20--To Mr. and Mrs Armand Durx!^, 33 Tucker street, a son. Brothers A l u m n i associations, will m f p t t o n i g h t in Lawrence to plan for the a f f a i r All arc- urgfd to attend Committee-men from Manchester and Lawrence also will attend. Dracut Outing Committee Ail members of the outing committee of the Franco-American Naturali- i Cation club of Dracut are asked to attend t o n i g h t ' s meeting at Ste. Thc- i rede's tent on Lakeview avenue. At ' recent meetings many suggestions ' w-f-re made regarding plans for this a f f a i r and t h f e will be acted on to- i night. W i t h everything running .smoothly, General Chairman Omer i j A l l n r d hopes for the presence of a l l ' rnc-moers. i OFF TO BEACHES and MOUNTAINS B. M. BUSES Safe, Comfortable Travel Under Railroad Responsibility LOWEST FARES Everywhere Telephone for complete bus Ining by B. M. bus! Expert, friendly drivers. Roomy seats. Plenty of baggage space. Lowest fares--here are some examples: From Lowell to: Hampton Beach.. Bethlehem, White Mountains .... Worcester Manchester, N, H. New York City.. Albany, N. Y. ... Old Orchard Bch One Way . .90 .3.50 . .95 .65 3.00 .3.60 1.90 Trip $1,65 6.30 1.75 1.20 5.40 6.50 3.45 Telephone for cornplet bux Information! Ask about NEW lerv- ice to Hampton Beach with connections to Maine points; to Worcester, Springfield, New York; ask about frequent service to N«w Hampshire points--for complete bus information telephone the terminal--Barrows Travel Service, 62 Central St. Telephone 620. Boston Maine Transportation Company 1 Troop 25, B. S. A. I Members of Troop 25, B. S. A , con- [ durfc'd t h » i r w f f k l y mating l a s t ' ' Friday n i g h t undf-r the s-upervision , of Lf'O H. B r a u l i e u . A f t e r the trans- R M i n n of r o u t i n e business, members ati^nov-d t h » Exposition of Progress aTompani^d by Mr. Beleauli^u, RPV. Krriilf* O. H'-mond and Gerard Masse. ' i Briefs j 1 Mrs Xavif-r D u \ a l and Mrs. Joseph, ' D u f o u r arfe in Canada visiting r f a - j tivf-s. in Montreal, m H u d m g Moise j 1 Df-srosiers, brother-m-law of Mrs. Duj v a l . . .Albim Desrochf-rs of Memmnck 1 street is at South Natick, a t t e n d i n g 1 tne closed missions of the Oblate fathers,...George Milot of Mt. Hope WILLIAM WALSH Monster Townsend Parade and Mass Meeting Rex Auditorium, Tuesday, July 26th, 8 P. M. BAXD MUSIC--National Speaker*--Cm. Welfare Act. H. R. No. 4199 All Townsend if es with cars Invited to parade. ATTEND--Ot a real vl»-w of what the Town»*nd Plan is and what it do to bring "al and permanent prosperity. every effort to make the carnival a sufcess. President William A Walsh, who has handled details of several similar affairs, has "open apoointed in charge of entertainment A feature aerial act has b«en secured and will be presented each exenmg. The carnival WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Withwil UWel--And Tni'U Jump Out «f W b tbc Morninf Ririo' U G« The li»er »hould pour out two poundi of liquid biie into your boweli daily. If thisbu* i» not flowing freely, your food doesn't dxgeit It juit !tm» m tht boweli. G*« b!o«t» u» your itcwmch. You *! con»tip»t«d. lour whole iy«t«m U poi«med »nd you f*el wur. §unk nr.d the world looki punk. A mere bow*) movement dotre't g«t »t the cause. It Ukef tho«« food, old C«rter'i Little Liver Pilla to 0et the«« two poundi of bile flowing freely and m»ke you f«*J "up »nd up." Harmless, gentle, jrtt »m»i- ln« i.i mtkinir bil* fl'w r**ly. Atk for C»rt*r'i Little Liver Pills by n«m«. 2* e«t». r riluMi Sweet and Lovely... all summer long with a refreshingly different permanent styled just for you .. only VITA-OIL WAVE $2-50 BEVERLY Beauty Salon S6 Central St TeL MIS

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