The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1942
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1942 BLYT11EVILLE, (AUK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE EDSON IN WASHINGTON By PETER EDSON ^ Courier News Washington W Correspondent Mrs. Roosevelt came back from the hairdresser's and was surprised to see some bags in the hall...son Elliott had corne s home unexpectedly from Africa. A wasn't she surprised ... not even the President had known lie was coming. That's the gist of what Eleanor wrote in hsr column, anyway, and the news she gave out surprised A lot of other people, too. It was known that Elliott was in Africa, where he had been on duty as a major in the Army Air . Corps. What Mrs. R. didn't tell was how the major got back in such a hurry, which is a story in itself, and it might as well be told since — (a), the flight of one major hardly constitutes a troop movement; (b), the news of his arrival was given out by a recognized White House spokesman and authority; (c), the information can'l possibly be of any aid or comforl to the enemy. Major Roosevelt came" back from Africa in a flying boat that wa traveling exceedingly light—just i few other passengers. The route was—well, maybe the route is mil- regular port of call for this type of ship. Mrs. Roosevelt's column ended with a statement to the effect she was afraid Elliott would have to spend some time in a hospital, for ie had picked up some kind of a ;enn. If you will put together the pieces of this story, you can make out of it whatever you can make out of it. Maj. Elliott Roosevelt was taken sick in Africa—but not too sick to fly GOOD miles, or so. He was rushed home by special flight flown under emergency orders necessary because of the variation from the courses usually followed by the Ferrying Command. SAVE AND SALVAGE Next thing on the program will be national campaigns on saving and salvaging rubber and saving gasoline. » » • In spite of all the extra authority granted to the President undei the emergency war powers acts there is one type of law he cannot set aside—any law passed b> one of the 48 states. There is, at present, only one way in which state laws inlerfer usl war $15 billion higher than it vould have been without inflation, but thus far in this war it is inpossible to tell what the extra inflationary cost has been or will be, says Budget Director Harold D. Smith. One reason is that costs of war production have to be constantly recalculated. As manufacturers perfect their processes for doing things they never did before, their contracts are being renegotiated downward, thus reducing the cost of the war. James H. R. Cromwell, ex-husband of Doris Duke. ex-U. S. minister to Canada, who has been hanging around Washington all Winter apparently looking for just the right job, has taken on a sparetime activity in sponsoring Korean independence. He is president of the Korean-American Council now, and Dixie Welder Bicycles North For A War Job McKEKSPORT, Pa. I UP)—John McCollani, 58-year-old Tumpn, Fla., welder, was .so anxious to "fight the Axis" that ho pedaled his bike nil the way from Dixie to the western (Pennsylvania industrial area in hopes of landing a war job. Tiie workman rolled wearily into McKcesport, announced it had taken him iwo months to cycle north, and explained that if he had no luck ai local plants, he'd move on to Detroit. McCollam said he stopped at Baltimore, but couldn't get work at the Bethlehem shipyard because the ri-jid given welders there was too much for him. However, he claims a leg injury suffered in an accident .several writes letters to the State Depart- years ago won't handicap him in ment about it. The versatile and amazing Ivy Litvinoff, wife of the Soviet ambassador to Washington, has taken up .sketching and is going to art school. In the evening, for practice, she sits and sketches the ambassador as the ambassador sits and reads. Melting; Tot Training: Center PHOENIX, Ariz. (UP)—The Salt River Valley has become the world's his trade, and h? expects to find a job as an acetylene welder. Our word "Eskimo" is derived from the Algonquin Indian word "cskumauget," meaning "raw oat- Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache AVlicn disorder of kulnt>y function nortnils all is through the Army which, in an Allied pilots. At five great air train- | j"^'™" 80 !^''^ DC- emergency, can declare an area ing centers there, each with several n^iiis""wdt?«t% *i^ thousand men and oficers, there i hcudiirhcs imd diziinm. Frequenter Beauty itary information. But it was a ing with the war production ef greatest international and cosmo- , . , • * i JM 1 * i r 4. i • jj /-f* L n nv, ii vj.irii.Ji u ui vji ixivnn-v luuvjviuu inn IIIIICP route not ordinarily flown and it fort can be circumvented. That politan center for the training of records for speed in passage between Africa and the United States, as a zone of military operations. |A flying boat of the type used Military regulations then take on this trans-oceanic service was over and whatever the command- observed in Washington waters on ing general of the area says, goes, the day before and the day Mrs. * • • Roosevelt announced the major's HOW MUCH? return, though Washington is not Inflation made the cost of the are in training contingents from Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, China, Korea, Manchuria and the . H with Biiuirliiig iiiul burning ahowa there ia something wroug with your kidneys or fohulder. Don't wait! 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