The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, .NOVEMBER 17, 1980, NEWS Items of Personal Interest . . Activities and News of Women Society Calendar i i. . Tuesday . Mrs. George Muir entertaining Tuesday Luncheon 'club: Eastern star 'meeting at 1:30 o'clock. ' . • The Senior High Sch'.ol Parent- Teaeli-M -association, meeting at cchcal at 3:30 o'clock. Mrs. pay Wcrthington entertaining Tuesday Book club. The Tuesday Rook c l"b is meet- Ing. Vith Mrs.- H. M. Adklnson. The Lsnge school Parent-Teacher association" Is : meeting ai the school >t 3 o'clock. • Wednesday green and yellow shades were used Hainner motored to Memphis yes- from Dcwltt where ho was a mein- in refreshments, the green sand- .terday (or a football game. 'her ol a hunting party (or several niches' tied with yellow rlbcons, I Mrs. Lucy McAdams, who was days. the cheese salad, caramel Praullnes seriously 111 ten days with tonsllltls, i Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pulton 'have nnd coffee. : | s able to be up. as their jjuesl (or several days Mrs. Mrs. W. J. 1'ollard won & Rose- 1 Carrol Thompson, of Memphis. vllle potldry vase lev high score, j spent-Yesterday In (lie city. the cut. jirl/i', a minor base. went. /Mr} and Mrs. J. E. Whitworth to Mrs. C. T. Mciris and the guest* had as their guest Sunday of honor's remembrance , vyfls hos- ,' j^f ..Fletcher, ol Osceola. - Icry. i 'Miss Itma Laura Barnes anil her Included in -the 3G gu«ts was' brother, O. C. Barnes jr.. are ill at , . . .. Mrs. Earl Kobntz of- Springfield, • their home on Walnut street from "•* ' '- '•• Fattou's stater,' Mrs. Paul Nease, oC Memphis. She accompanied them home when they stopped there en- Mrs. T°ute from Nashville, Ttmi., where "«y attended the Vanderbtlt-Teu- nessee game. ! Mi- .and Mrs. B. i. Allen and Mo. throat infection. Miss Ruth Whitworth is 111 at her two sons visited In Memphis yesterday. C. C. Langston was called to Has Birthday party. ' '• K " (home on Walnut street from ton-:' Rulevtlte. Miss., today by the serl- Twenty five-little. lw>^. and girls sllitis and complications. ' oils illness of his mother, Mrs. M. 'were guests of Nancy Arm Saturday afternoon at tlie home-of chapter meeting at the | her parents,. Mr. and. Mrs. ROJS D. ' ' i Hughes, because it was 'her fifth Hotel Noble. , . Thursday birthday. T}je newly orga.niMd Ladies.EOC-i The.' various, gatncf • enteitaine I ley., of the Lutheran church will , the youngsters with the serving ;f meet at H:30 o'clcok at Ilia home ; t he ice cream and birthday cake as of Vrs.fH. J. Klicndlst, 1130 West j the -feature attraction. They gath- A£h<streel; •'. ' ered around the large table which ..,., , _.., __,_ Mrs. C.:W. AfTltck having Thurs-- had the while cake topped with five stay with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mln- improving, day. Luncheon club. • ! pink tapers for the centerpiece. It i yard. Young.-Matrons'club-party \vitli | was also, adorned wllh mlnlalu: 1 ? Mrs.. Matt Monaghau jr. >turkeys which made Jewish Ladies Aid srclety meet- ' •ing'with Mrs. .Milton Sternberg ai MUs' Halllc Wilcoxson spent the : E. Langston, who ha» frequently .week-end in Paragoutd. visited here. Her daughter, Mrs. E. Walter Green and Miles Holly , K. Lalimer, *IU go later. >iere visitors in Memphis Sunday.I C. B. Wood of Luxora, who was 7:30 o'clock. . : . .'. Friday " Music ; department of men's Club meeting at home. •'."' the Wothe club Sfc; Mahih M. Callaway TV Address P. T. >I«t!nr •Mrs--Marsh M ; Callasvay will bs the-principal-speaker at the meeting of the Senior High scho"! Parent-Teacher/ association Tvcsdny afternoon,'3:30 o'clock, v:heii she •••111- give' an address on "Heading For •' Leisure.".' A If rmer teaclier turkeys souvenirs. The hostess received a tevy o! remembrancer. i Sol' Steinberg, of Canlwcll. Mo., ^ injured in a football game Friday, ^lotorfd.. here Saturday night for is now able to be out. He was a vls- a brief stay. "or 'n the city yesterday. 'Mrs. Mildred Hancock Acree re-1 IJlUe Joan Latimer, daughter of tu'rrjed to her home In Hopkinsvlllc, the Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Latimer, Ky., yesterday after several days' 1 "<.cn ill several days \s now with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mln- tmprovlnj mi's, t-lchard Dlekenson Is returning to her home In Dohomy, Miss., tomorrow after three weeks ith iier parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. •..'lV;<firi /THM Bits of News Mostly Personal C. C. Adams jr., who has been ill at the Blytheville hospital for a month, 1 is better now: Whit Goodman attended the and .:i:tclally. familiar with this | fo-Ojall. game in Memphis -yesta*- : her' talk is to be one of the da l'- R- A. Mcore is attending to business in Jays. Fulton, Mo., for 1 , several George H. Crockett has returned events of this year's programs. . ' • • • Others to lake part on the prb- frnm, arranged by Mrs. C. M.'Gray, are- Mrs. Leslie Ho-per who will " om • KBIKUS City where lie trnns- give an account of the recent state acted business for a.week.. . . ccmmltte; Mrs - L. H. Moore who i:. Tfi:n A - Little motcred to Mem- Iciead the 1 round table discussion i Phis Sunday for the football game, •on.', ."B-oks • of 1930 for P. T. A. I Mifs Virginia. ' Terry and.-her members and Miss' Selma .Leutz guests, Miss Fannie Mo.» Bmford • who '.wUl conduct a current ques- i of Brownsville, Tenn., • and Mr. tlon box. 1 -Mrs. Tliodore. Logan, president, hai asked all room .sPP.nscfs to. liralttr ft special effort' to have mothers attend tliis ' meeting in hopes'6f obtaining a renewed interest .in the group. '- ^- - - ' • . • • ! Clab Formed. , |parius'Thornberg,'ol Thayer, Mo.. ' R. J . Dodson. J. Mell Brooks and J. Graham Sudbury Attended the football game in Memphis yesterday. Mrs. J. A. Bass has returned fiom Memphis wtwrc she spent several days, with her daughter. Miss Mary Lynn, who recently underwent an operation at the Baptist liospital. • < George Hubbard and NevllI Blake more were among those from here who attended the football game in Memphis Sunday. Dr. 'arid Mrs. J. W. Robblns and ihildren of St«ele were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Crockett Sunday. H. N. Ware Jr., who has been to Helena on a business trip and to Macon. Tenn.. where he attended the- funeral of on uncle, returned yesterday. Dr. Susan Pairfield Laird, late of Chicago, arrived • Saturday to make her home with her brother. A. B Pairfield. Among those who attended the football game in Memphis '. yesterday were Horace Walpole and G G. Caudlll. . . . Miss Belle Whit'sllt has as 1 hei yesterday in Jonesboro. [>. and Mrs- Joe Bryan and--son 1 of "Flat River," Mo:, were guests ol Dr. Bryan's mother,' Mts.- E. M. 'Brvqn.' Sunday. ' •'. '" H. Highflll. has'returned from .a business,trip to points of Texas. Mrs. C.' W. Beale. of Little Rock Trie iWrth grade of] the Lange arrived Saturday afternoon for a eWmeritary school tins organized a visit with her parents; Mr: nnd Mrs. ^- •••--• ilali/and. .other relatives. turned 1 to Memphis. She will .come club which will have week- .. . . . ly-nte'eUng's when the members will- She was ..accompanied by her discuss books read at home. Books daughter, Mrs. • Jack Shatter, of will also 'be -donated lo'th» hnm-' Memphis and Little'Rock, who-re- 'libTRTy v ' ' '• - repBrftr!'.--!. •••''.<'.' >..:•.••• -1 Mrs. Allan Walton 'returned Sat'- -,'r^ * -i'-' .'i *:• '*. T '' : : :•: • r. j urday .'from a two i\veeks- stay. In Ettrrtalns'for-.Goest ..'••;:; .' Memphis'" as : the:'guest---of •. her i Mrs.'iE.-'M.'.Terrj'.was .hostes; io daughter, Mrs. Berry 03,-.Sroaks jr.. ri&fe tables. of.-«uests .for;a-bridge^-and Mr. Brooks.'. :: ; :: } .-•••-! party i Saturday : alterhcqn,- ^t theu :Hbbart':Fu!toh, : of New: Orleans Wqman|3v,cju.b.:.especially >oniyi|:>3nd. Atlanta, .went -Jo: Ljtlle Rock nieijUri^^ ter 'niece, Miss.Sfae,B.iri- yesterday- after spending, two days ford j/pf.Brbwiyrvill?, .T^rin.; wlip is-here • on: business. : • • . h<>rd fcr.a.tliree' weeeks. stay."' 1 Sh'e Mr. and Mrs. Berry B. Breaks jr.. is-.'"fis)slstec}. l ln > .'. receiyirig'by. "her of'.Memphis,- :spent- the- week-end ! "^'T,,'ivliss\Virginta.Terry, na4 with 1 Mrs. Allan' Walton'. Hammock. ,NO! —— IP rf£Hit < Stot OLO out ut Lovt 16 KM?/ L * " Hun-is roiitrncl Is for East to I would bs led and a diamond ills-' If the Bun's light completely fall- country from India- It Is about. 30" .«ump his partner's ace of hearts carded—then the queen o( clubs, de, Die earth would be In darkness miles long. BV WM. E. HcKENNEY Secretary American Bridge Tiunplng of partner's ace has wrecked many a happy home, and vhile the writer is not offering Empathy to those who have committed his almost unpardonable er- Ihcre are hands, ot course; wliere even tills play must be made. Hie trumping ol partner's ace MTOVOS u winner In the (ollowing :iaud: ' . . NORTH S-A-K-J-9-tJ K— 9-7-6 IA»T il-flt he can lend through llu When West covered'with the king. In about eight minutes, as that Is About one-quarter of Ireland's- emu* or diamonds, which In either declarer would trump and would the time It lakes the sun'U light to male population consists of bach?-'"' will slop the . declarer from | discard his last losing diamond on reach tbe earth. lors. More than . 80 per cent of ll\3 Rood )uck of clubs. I — llic men between the ages of 2S" : This liand well emphasize* the! The largest whale ever caught and 30 are unmarried. tusi- will slop ihe . declarer from >h!i; Kunie. II he were to reliise to trump, » - Wwl would be forced to make a! fact that iliere "is"no" JJuch .thing In WBM ' 12S teet lo »l> r . yielded 115 bar- tact lend. If he led a heart, declarer would trump high t.ud discard the nine of diamonds, tn dummy. If he led a small diamond, riednm's ten spot would hold the trick and the third diamond could ,be rulfied. bridge, as the word "never." Hospital Notes r«ls of oil valued at 6350 and was killed off Discovery Inlet, near the Day of Whales, In the Antarctic. It Is estimated that the prop,;!- ler to be lilted on to the new Brit Ish Cunard liner will cost about PAtlents admitted to the Blythe- If he returned a small vlllo hospital'arc: E. J. McKay, —. -.. ,club. the dummy would win the Luxora; Mrs. Ella Burton, Slfele, I2S.OOO. ^ilne or jack depending upor. Mo., Mrs. J. N Douglas. Kennelt.i .whether East played a small one or Mrs: Hiivcll Qasklna, city was dls- ] Tlie Khybcr 1'ass in AfBhanls- .tl.K ten spot. The ace of cluta missed . , tan, Is the principal puss Into that COUGHING ^* Ifou git almost truUnt retie Kef with on« nvalloW of «* THQXINI Kir by-Bell Drag Drug Co., and drug Gtorefi. Co., and Klrbv , all other good guests today her sister, Mrp.^J. F Gerald, of Paragoutd, Mrs.", Law rerice and Miss 'Carr, of Cleveland Ohio. ..... .. Muts. Oolda Rinks spent th week-end in Luxqra .with relatives Miss Bell* Whltsltt and E.. B Lyman were Paragould visitor Sunday. E. B. Noble of Jonesboro is at tending to business here today. Clarence Vollmer Is a buslrie.* visitor in C»p« Glrardeau today. TBmmy Fletcher, of Wilson, was the guest of Miss Keturah Nee'ly Sunday. • Mrs. C. D. Wills, of Pori home service agent -'of sas-Missouri Power torhpflny; Is fir the city for 'thin week. • ' - .; .v. • Miss • -Alberta -Ross spent 'the week-end at Yarbro 1 with her par-. ents. . • • - • ' • - J • W. P. Veazey jr.. was' a visitor llrt Memphis during the week-end. " ' WEST S-llont H-A-Q. . - • 8-3-2 P-K-T-3- . 2 C— K-Bt- • SOUTH— DIALER 2 S-a-lO-B-7 • S-S4-2 Eoacoe Crafton 0— 8-854 C— IO-T$-3 .;... The Bidding The liand was played at contract and.'South/ the dealer, opened tl'.j ^'dGing.with one club. West overcalled with cue heart,-North, holding two and one-half high-card trickil and a strong biddable suit;' forced with,two spadea- East pa«s- ed-'and South' carried the'declarar tlon, * Jo four spades which j^< th»jcohtractlng. '. :. -'.-'.i .-> Tlie 'ria> '•' '. : '' "East opens the king of hearts, tr/e top of suit bid by' partner, arut. it holds tlie trick .He-conUhues with .thf'/flye.. W,est • Winning • vrith' the qijeen. West returns the aie of hearrs 1 declarer plays-the nine. The The Year's Greatest Opportunity BIG-MONEY-RAISING - . lias returned; only,-play that will defeat the de : . her..niecV Miss Ch.arllhe Robinson; t Mrs: -W, A. pobyns underwent .-Large .boughs'.of sweet giim.ih'nn operation fon appendicitis Sat- potUry. .vasts^ and ; reed 1 -baskets ..urday, at the Memphis Baptist hos- t.rtnfd.a back'nro^ncl for the yellow pittal. Mr. Dobyns accompanied chrj-santherHumi similiarly- arrartB- her there.- -Her! Is ed * and tlie red and-yellow, leaves very good. ' . : co : vereff 'tKo 'tables, 1 mantel of the j onri Burnett, Herman Peck Sam fireplace.and the grand piano. TheLandn-m, Carl Ganske and Bill ' 400 Dixie Textile Workers Strike Mrs. DoueariSdus: ' *-* ' • ' ' ,*-J« cant give Arch Preserver Comfort T HE Arch Preserver. Shoe is infinitely more than an "arch" shoe. It has several exclusive features which . . . scicn- i.ificp.lly combined . . . make possible the amazing comfort and foot satisfaction that it gives. These features arc patented ... can't be duplicated. That's why you can ' get Arch Preserver comfort ONLY in the genuine Arch Preserver Shoe. Come in'. . . ict us fit you in one of the exquisite new models ... by our exclusive "heel-to- ball" method. Beginniig Tuesday, Nov. 18th With Be utiful At Sacrifice Prices You Can^t Afford To Miss READ THESE RED-HOT PRICES Dresses Hats Two scenes from the Dan River Cotton Mills near Dnnville, Va., where 4000 textile workers arc on strike, arc shown here. Above, food being dispensed at. a commissary maintained by union leaders; below, pickets on duty outside the mill, ready to accost new worfeers and ask them not '" .-to take their- jobs. PRESERVER / swce iu\m»»*'««"» ten "Good Shoes and Hosiery" S'J9.50 Drt-sses re duced to 139.50 Dresses reduced .to $29.50 ' Dresses reduced to $19.50 Dresses reduced to $10.00 Drcpsos reduced to $5.95 Dresses reduced to r $29.75 $22.75 $16.75 $10.75 $4.95 $3.95 Values up to $6.50, now Values up (o $3.95, (M A A now H>1.UU Values up (o $10.50, now $1.95 Kcrets and Tarns Coats $4.95 50c Evening Dresses §29.50 Drctsws tlQ 7C $12*.75 §19.50 Dresses S19.50 Coals reduced to $39.50 Coals reduced to $29.50 Coats reduced to S19.50 Coats reduced to ; $12.50 Coats reduced to $29.75 $22.75 $16.75 $10.75 $6.75 There Will be No Charge For Alteration During This Sale All Kid Gloves Reduced. Vanity Fair Hosiery $1 to $2 Vanity Fair Underwear Gossard Corsets Miss Whitsitt's Shop

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