Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina on August 1, 1929 · Page 2
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Statesville Record And Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina · Page 2

Statesville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1929
Page 2
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^VT ?*; , i , . " l ' ' ' ' PAGE TWO, by City Physician^ jfc Ryan thw if the "strikers wn'^hte 'would Shave trouble, he said.*^ Jfe Ryan! calSetl to the stand, said'-that he had gone to see Atkins about tJ^-wateV supply at the camp. He denieS having fold 'Atkins he 5 " would get into trouble but said that they had discussted communism. ,, , . , , . H. G. Gulley, a private detective Judge Barnhill Issues Ruling Moving-i employed by the defense, told of hay- Gastonia Murder Case to Mecklen-!i n g ^sliced lo many people tfirougn- Jmr* After Hearing Witnesses Tell out th'e county." He said that many ffsthe-Inflamed Public Sentiment in had stated to him that all of the d- *Efial"In August. pendants, particularly Fred Trwin Bsal -r,~- -T.' - , , « . . ·· - should 'be electrocuted without deiav. #aieigh, July Sl.^J.aeJsixteen men -g^H^eBt A*amst Taif Trtti » d J* 0 *? 6 ? charged'witii murdering R M Barnhil i a ^b^ said that he Cmef xf :Pohce O, JF. Aderholt 01 ·· · --' Gastonia and the seven others charged with, assaults will be tried "in Meek- Ineb'urg 'Superior court at a special session beginning August 26. a Tbis was "announced from Gover- noirO. Max Gardner's office here to$ r '*' The. special term of court will be had talked 7 to many injl that lie 3* lieved the sentiment was th'at a fair Sr'al could not be had in 2 ilus county. He**aid many persons feared to express themselyes favorably to the defendants. Viola Hampton, a witness for the dtfense, alleged that ,-she- had "been followed Jo the honjte "of her parents ordered by executive counsel, Nat J. | a t Old Fort and threatened by a group TownsWd, 'it was -said. Judge M- V. i of Gastonia "men. Barnhill will preside.^ J*The case "was adjourned in Gaston ^Superior court "yesterday when Judge BarnMll, .who -also presided there granted,,^ change of venue. Gastonia,, July SI.--Solicitor John G. ^Carpenter last night said the teal "of,2?lnembers of the^Jational^Textife 'Workers' -union, for the slaying' of 0. E. A3eiholt,~'Gastonia chief of police,- would prabably be at the nr.-juiar iernx, of itfedlenburg- Superior, court August 26^ The cases'were adjourned from -Gaston ±o Mecklenburg Super- iorTeourr.. , At_the close of the reading of affidavits an^d articles in the Gastonia P T\ , atto ^" s j ed attorneys intp h'is private office a ,ad "therb acquainted them with his, decision to move .the case to Mecklenburg county. There was no demonstration of any kind in the court Jackson and O'Brine Exceed Angeleno ·Record by "Seven jFull'Days--Land- ed in Order to Attend Funeral of Their Friend; Killed tin Accident. St. Louis, UTo., July"-31.---The monoplane "St. Louis Robin," piloted by T)ale f Reel") 'Jackson and Forest O'Brine, glided to a safe landing at Lambert-SCXouis field at 7:38 p. m., (C. Sf£T,) last" iught, ending a record- breaking endurance flight of 420 hours, 21 minutes and SCTsecpnds. The'fliers tad been in,the'air almost 18 ^da'ys _and'ha x d exceeded the old-endurance ;record»of'the Angeleno of 173 hours, 37 minutes and 58 seconds when with Jaekson at the controls, ' the 'plane^ swooped gracefully over the field, made muddy by a drenching rain an hour earlier, and settled "to earth. The landing was made in the glare 4 ****"" '*"·;* n r ''"'I THURSDAY, AUGUST-1, 1929. Over perior Court Magistrate'Finds Probable Cause In Connection With Fatal Auto Ace.- 2 NORTH CAROLINA' DROWN IN SURF r ·~^*'3TM j. *· Clarence JTate, Salisbury,, and CHas. "T. Wagoner, liSpencer, Lose^. Lives \ 3n Florida--Were Taking Jacksonville,' Fla~., July 31.--Clarence E. Tate, of' Salisbury, N. C., and Charles Wagoner, of Spencer, N. C., were_drowned "late yesterday while swimming at Jthe ocean beach" here... Apparently they were far out in the i-surf and, were .seized by a strong -un- Jdertow" Both ^bodies were recovered. Concord; July ' 31.-- Finding proba- rf ^a«iB*A ^*.AVS» 4.1- _ - ___ ; " ^ '-^ . . room. of July 31.--A -special term court in ^Mecklenburg county to try 23 strikers aridlstrike sympathizers,' granted a change' of venue in ^Gaston county^ vesterday. will be call- affiliated organization, accused of tnejlast night Hold "his secretary Tvre: murder of Chief O. D/ASerhdlt, were i Taylor, over the long -distance tele-" granted a*»chasge of venue to ~Me3c-j phone. ' · leiiburg; ' Tie' case Jhearing on wMcii started c special ^tezm o'f Gaston. Superior MonSay, "will 'be t in,Ciarlofte *at'a.-da1»* t to be -set -by' * ' Governor**). Max' Gardner. *M. V. -Barn- The special term 'for ^lecMenburg county will probably'be called to^convene^ August "19. 'Under the statute 'two %eeks must -elapse 'after a special term is ordered before it can convene, and as the term would start on Monday-that dat| would be fte" i!e?:e, v eani£ 4 at-ihe *end of i. daV^-of reading -of ^affidavits and .hearing ofT-a numbe* -of witnesses. The% defense ^ alleged intimidation of .witnesses anol^ttoirneys whOfe ^the. t prosecution;so"ught;t6 prevent the case being taken out of -fee county. " , ? "·-*- * PatsfThree 'Under Bondr " oSiered* International '"Belief" r___,_,,_ iiOEemor ^ theJYoung Pio'neers of America, and'] ¥era Buncli, prtage Amounts to $75,000 ul ' , i - 3 1 . -- A,dis-' -eis-^Tion 'organizer -released 'onnfj-^eparicy io. the 3ooks of-the-late W." ·*""*' a " Sl . each.;- SoJicifor^Caacpenter^hiicljH.-Ho'lcomb, commissioner of F .- ' ' ·UVLL. ^·*^-U4ULg,C AgA4.U*3Lr v iaaAJO. JK W LU.U. JLTW -^" ,V " ^ v v W j ,J.U Id OUUJWil Ali- LtllC ilUtJlLOi ^ anreiMed ta second negre-murder. 1 report, Mayor-George W. Coan, Jr., ' -""cSTX »V1.'?'M*'^3 1?T^lJ *1pT.-rrt-« -D^l7 ^ C.AIIT'l^ ^1 C03^ ^«^.rv 4-n^n4r ^ ^ 1 ErefiUErvin I'l gr_, ^3 ^ --*r --^| --. .- said Tifa-e today. M Thp'aii/m-""»;.- T, JK. '0- £ye*s, W- M. MeGin-jplete'd and placed in the hands of the, n a Hefner, ·" ' " ' " ' ^ *~ * "ns-mayor. , N. F- Gibson/K. Y- Henpt-! ^'thorough, study of lie recort had l- {not" been jnade up;to tiiis time, iTavor of',ih"e hearings. learmgs. /- . ^. ^ sion, -it *was- saia and "^are · the trial is xesnnj'ed in Gbar-ito be a Jaft of the shortage, questions holdine- -off^ s^lec- ! " "'" L_ _ re thought Jotfe all cpiestions ^holding -pff^ selec ' v^r^----.---· -r-- a hiring-of/eji-'X!hdbergh T s Plane Damaged In Land- ^denee wall, have - been completed. IheJ j ng P rlsoi3%B^ were arraigned here- Mon- Columbus.'Ohior-July 51.-X3otonel ^t?^ preliminary-motions dis^U^d Mrs.-Charles-Ar-Lindbergh, ,posfed_£ : . ^ »- J-j crasied - '- - - - field lighte as ^a crowd estimated ^at more than 25 000 persons; many r of whom nad -stood in the 'rain ''during file afternoon, burst forth with the greatest" ovation witnessed at the field since the return 'home of Colonel Charles A." Lindbergh from his New York-to Paris flight. TMie r fliers said ttiey had landed solely because of the'tragic death yesterday of "their friend, George Lea 'Eambeft who was killed with a stu- oTent "flier in'a crash near "the field- They-said they had decided after reading an account "of nis " death in a newspaper J to' la*nd -last night in order that "they "might -attend the funeral -this afternoon. This and not a remade i to 1;hem~by Major "William "B. Robertson, sponsor of the fifgh't, was the sole reason for the landing,"they^declared. No sooner had 4ive -plane come down in the middle of the'fleld than "the'-crowl swept aside police lines and forces "of airport em- -ployes and made a*^mad~rush toward the fliers. Several .perspns were Ti'anfpled:but"so far as was learned na one was -seriously injured. - The crowd jammed "around the 'pane but~did "not Damage it. They gave the airmen a thunderous ovation -as ihey^vere assisted from the cabin; of the plane a by .flight officials andi members of'the ground crew. ·Uackson and 'O'Brine helped elbow .their own way through the crowd,! Jaughing and t shaTcmg hands as they went- Their wives, were among the and member of the Brotherhood of _ _ _ 1 . J ^ ( " was heard -a few J.ocomoUve'-Engineers. Mr. "Wagoner c ?TM e f E.° m the vlBitor disappeSred iW^S^'*^ «*iand 4*» ** * Conn- Gives Blinding Light .bound Mumford"Ritchie, Jr., over to July 'm^Accompanied Cabarrus Superior court on a .harije flflsH* nfMlofM-'**»«*·. Ho**- of manslaughter fnllnwi«». «,,, u«_L wwiwx were recoyereu , erf spendin^ a v^cal by a blinaing^flasTrbf light/that,light-'?f manslaughter following the hear- were spending «t vat.i , ,, __r«,,.^ _,.,,.;,,,, _ ^ j f~\\~,--A i,,, me vesterriav nf Vh*. « n «;j.T_4.; *... ·,. The two man -worn 5Tipndino- a vaca- "' a """""*K "*»" ui "S""-» LUBIMISUU- . ---·--"*""-* *«"uivui|p vne near- tioni^^rBo t ni e maxrSl ^ the^nWsectio^ ^^7^^ ^^iff}f^ ^^ land thon- ti£C«u, *T TM 0 v 0 vritfc them a deep-rumbhng-explosiohhat 3arreat?i^: 1 " vlJ * mia ~" art * e «i-Johnston-was 'ana ineiir wives, who were witn tnem . , f *. * . * ' « · . -fatonTM- -;^,,,,·,,,] ^_ «_- , - TM***_ , lapse last "night. Tellins ' · · windows^ a .meteor was--seen'.to jfall ·y 1 ^ ul J' injured on t Jsunday morning, '.by several people here Saturday night r*TM^ *t = - ~ . , - ~^ ' \ aTxbiit ,Sfe30 o'clock.' ^Wifnessfes* "to the \^^^^ S ' motlon ^nat *« «tate ence E. Tate'and Charles T. " Clar- from . ^heavens hove i r, of Spencer; jvvere di-owned cording -to mssages recehed here from a .physician, double, drowning !nd Mrs- Tate and ilr. snd Mrs. Wag- v afternoon for Particulars of the not given v Mr. traversed ta« J ^treteh . ^-fte northern part Untz testffied 'Ihat the -sky Misappearing-just :bsfore B j 6w£d aoVm reached the horizon. Fdn about half mites j.1, the 1 as shfe" was .-ibout TO ^a few days at a summer cottage near Jacksonville- - · . - . . . accompanying it oft er the highway. The'acri. '-tliagiant ^ rred at th ^ intersection o' ' ' housetops^ number 74' and the Pot-nr Tent-' Mooresvile' rotd. I *o£h men were about 55 years old ^^^S^J^^^^^^'^^^J^ *** were brolhers-in-law v.'cst'br. dence for Premier to Go to Hague Reception Conference. Paris, July 3L -- A'"three months" :e" in internal --"'='-- was aske'd Premier Briand!s cabinet in thV ·traditional ministerial declaration to parliament today asking a vote " of confidence for the premier td go "to the JSague' reparation conference"./^ T "The hour in anyiease. is sufficiently grave to justify the sacrifice 'if all other considerations to 'the needs of^ oui^ foreign policies," the declar-, ation seated. · ' ' ' c i -*-. ''-^ - The'jHague conference, -which 5s put into effect the Young plan was described aS^An "essential link in ther ; chain *of-peace." ' ' - ' » · * · "The defense of the-rights-and" iu- terests'of Wance~in this great lir.tor- Ha'tiorial* debate is our-Teal -fealson for existence." -"It is our-program for' 1 the moment and our only .was a 'prominent Mason Vt/ Jf C«i^ VAW. -i . , r* -n 1 1 " )1_ "1 I *" -.--- -- ^..·k. ^MJ. 4 ru.^i ^viA*ti * * * . . . l . r. Mr. Tate a s HS ht erackhng was'heard-as the rhip.hway number 74, \vliiie the John- 1 ' Parliament ^vas informed that "We" ., IVIethodist sp J?TM t emanated., The-deep expTosfcii "sion machine wa s gohur rortii on the n'«d your -confidence" ' · ' · ' :, . iir-nn*n Ttr-n* 1 ne^JT-n -i TA-WT ^cf^/khWrto 1ri*n-i. "-. «^3 -*-·% IJT 1^--rn. »»· f * . member of-Junior Order and worked ·tjic^Livcx uA^tJuiiiur W1UC4. itiiu vvumcu , T-. -, TM , r * :,,,,_., ._ t . . , - . . v ,,* at the Spencer shops. Their bodies | s ** Da " bury ^ Moortes^nd'PieHmont ^stained minor hurts. -n , , v ,,, , n - .^imno-s tViniiofVit tVio fife-rir-h/wlTr' fiiTI«?T - --"*^ : will be brought here. ,, t.the firy'body 1 --._ the -neighborhood of'DaribBtfyhbut roJ LINER BREMEN 'IS Lightning : Strikes Street Car. New -¥ofk,Julv 30-- Fourteen per~ striking ,tW *arta.^near MAKING RECORDS sons suffered ~euts and bruises in attempting to escape through "the windows of'a ^Brooklyn street car struc'v, by lightning, Jast night at Liberty and 'Sheffield" avenues. Premier Briand's government .,,,..,, sidered.tha't ".We feel ourselves -witti the beaviesf responsibilities that nis weighed- on any*«overnment since the* war'ended. With'your eo-operation' we" are ready to assume them. -Recount on ,you, inspired solely bv "the interests of France, "to take up'vwut T» *!-»·**_ JJ The hospitals and were allowed to home. ' 'Motorman John believed ^ha.'fr the earth, =but, burifed ,6ut be- it reached t"he t ^ground. "' ^ An amateui 1 "astronomer' in" Win- was calico? Mminedialely' was not'sejen'from "Wing 0 ston-Salem. The^-belief is strength*-! ened here that-th5 "Kody fell within a i Adelow was stun- few miles of Daribury, due to the briH Atlantic, 3,100 Miles, , to Fdur-";Days, 13 Hours. Beating AirRecords. '" New York July,31--^The 'speed- liner, Bremen, -today was two * at ^ average rate of the car ablaze. Between so 40 and 50 passengers were aboard at the time. : REYNOLDS- GETS ^5-^ MONCHS^JN PRISON Break OcCUrS in , ,.,, ['Rich Young American 'Fmnid Guilty iii li; '^4.'% r » » . ««r * 'of'ilanslanghter 1 tn 5-Daty Heat Wave^ message to tte New York of- j Captain 2iegenben reported the-liner 5 I would, arrive 'at Plymouth,' England, -at 9 p.-^n. today. Be said Plymouth had -been added as -a port of call be- ·cause of the speed of-the trip and as " J * to passengers wishing to Bismarck. i Xionaon, July ·», - ^ , ,,, , , -. na ~^~ rich young American" of kota, tDrops from Highest, 102 k to - --R. J: ReynoldsJ - · - em N C., ^toda-y ' ^Uk had tomble.1 precipitously ovenmr^ today brought guilty «of ·From coast to coat. .Bd torn Ca- first -to greet them. After posingjior pnotogr^hlrSj the fliers were 'examined by" -physicians 'jiadian border to the gulf, cities re.- %nd interviewed by 'newspapernien. fJ orted appreciable H especially irnt._--, ^.i,__ rf--i-^-j -,,_ i...*^ '_i.ii_--_r.j . at. T?is5TYiaxfik- -N- D_. where the tero- . 3ury less than an hour after the-defense concluded Tts' final address : and They i 'an ^automobile ahda a ^ went to a downtown hotel to spend the Anight.' /· ! ' ''Both men were pronounced in excellent 'physical condition. O'Brine "had gained two pounds since he and U~ackson -went up July 13, .scaling '140 pounds against JUJ8 pounds when the ·flight began. Jackson's weight was Ihe same as it was when, he went aloft,^lo4-pounds. " The^heart action of both men was] pronounced normal and 'physicians said their hearing was -normal. They conversed- easily with reporters and friends in the hangar. Jackson told ^ newspapermen he perature fell 48 D, degrees y and land passengers at 7 a. m. The'Bremen's schedule threatens to r New York to York to Cherbourg runs, both held by the Cunard- «r-Mauretania. If the''Bremen arrives at 9 p. m. she will have made the journey of 3,100 miles in four -days, 13 hours- eight hours 51 -min- -share. New Glider Record Is 4 Set At 8 Hours and? 26 -Minutes. - ;,. ·" Gersfeld, Germany; July 31 New" endurance records for ^gliders ·were 1 claimed yesterday bVPilot'Meininger' of Darmstad and Pilot'Meyer of Air- la-Chappelle. -The first' remained aloft for eight hours and 26 minutes and the other two "minutes less. v ___,,_ !_ ^ r J* 1 Columbia 'professor is -asking people what they would do if they had-''a' million. It might be more - timely, following the recent market fltfctua- tibns, to ask some- who -had 1 millions' what they are doing without 'eni.-- Cincinnati Enquirer. ~~" ' ,,, esyecia.u.y ., , *. , , .- , _- -- --.~ ~,~-- ""ya, J.- uuui^ eignu murs Ol-min',, where the tern- the case haE been gi X en4o;it. Arthur ut e s less than the Mauretania record" agrees to 54 de-,^TM 1 ? 1 TM.^ ta " ed on th6;BatVToad to Plymouth of four davs 21 hours [ , -... i . - - i - i _ ^ , ' f l t TlIP-llT. W)lfn ^RpimrvMc* wac--'HwirJrkcr r-, ,, - _ . . . ! . . * * **wii^a, i OCiCit-LtiC J-C-Li ~**J VI c; jji A. w\-..a **\J w * ·-»·- f , , 1 l t t i * . i * j * J * w w c , grees Bismarck yesterday had a tern- ^ TMSi when -Reynolds was'driving 51 minutes, perature of 102, one of the highest in ^ack to Lond.on from an outing at' the country, and today the «ty-TOS , Hurh^ · . · I the coolest. -The highest reading at 8 o'clock, E. S. T., this morning 88 l at Boise, Idaho. , - . , , - - - . - - The break in the heat, however, pionths in prison. -Tne young Amer- said the forecaster, was only tempo- i^n als'o 'was 'drdere'd to'pay 'the prosecuticn, alleged'the defen-, ["Settlement Between China 'and Rus- J f ' i i t l " sia Now Seems Remote London, July 30 --Prospects for a peaceful settlement of the difficulties between .China and Soviet , Eussia was di'unk at^the time. Reynolds' was sentenced to five .,._, ·-- ----- ---- -- ... -- .,, jr-j ,,,,,, . , rarv and it failed to alleviate sen- v/hole ,'costs of 'the prosecution which I seemed more remote today. All re- ous" conditions in the United Sta'^s will Tie 'heayy. /" -, - , ' i ports of negotiations under\vay seem- ^ and Canada- .Rains .continued .local His lawyer, "Norman. 'Birkett, pfepH- ed to have been proven false. ed for mitigation of the sentence!' China was reported very anxious to i say ing^ that- Heyn olds, ha'd provided [negotiate a settlement of the ques-. for Graham's widow, for life. . jtipn in regard to the Chinese eastern" - railway and is confidenet of an agree- - . . . and light, while crops went on wilting anb i forest fires'" ii Canada assumed LYON Does Our Kodak Finishing We Jvcep Fresh Kodak Films ·i, in stock. All the Time H. B. JEWELER forest .menacing proportions. ·wi1 Departure of Graf Zeppelin Set for 3 morrpw 'Germany, July 31. . the; from wiuueiiitSi ami -anc^neys zor Tne oe-j ,,,--,, t ]a n Aintr gia^ iafeooucea by the defense |^ r£ SfSa ana"'efforts ·'werg' made by the stktej makers-of the af-' counter-affa- ^ . the. charge^ that. a "fair^xi^l could notT)e" given 5n Gas-^ - i , , , ic» jjonniy -even witif ja jury from ,^ irpla ? e *° xock Dangerously.'A wing anotn^ county. 'Attoravsr~Tom P .S 1 * 26 " ^e ground and the tail' sHd JImison; of Charlotte^ and John Ran-' ^ s feent ^ but Colonel Lindbergh could have flown the St. , tnse caused ' dolpj "N'eal, of Knoxville, Tenn., ap- jiearnig- for the defendants "made af- fadavits that they'had been threatened last Saturday night in a local restaurant. ' State -Denies Charge. This was denied by the state. * ·afternoon Solicitor Carpenter rented an affidavit made "by L. "5. Ham- ciillj of Gastonia. stating that lie Tiad ^cursed Junison, but -that ne 'had not threatened Jimison or NeaL righted the craft and brotfght it to a stop -without "further "damage. Barnhill Is Instructed That He Will Try Case. Haleigh, July 31.--From ^Raleigh Judge 'M. "V. Barnhill was instructed i yesterday that '"he will try -ihe Gas-" " i county 'conspiracy cases_, and en'ds the prospect "for a big legal battle had the special 'term of court to be held for these cases,-been held ^ Both~men agreed"thit their biggest, ithrill of r the entire flight was "Tuesday-afternoon "when they flew ' low' 'Vver the field antf saw a crowd "of 8,000 watchers ''standing in the rain ·waiting to 1 see them land. 336th said th'e first 100 'notnrs of flying was -the hardest and after that it wasn't bad at all. "Motor 1 vehicles registered in Berlin' mont if Jlussia would realize her mis- nuniBere3,'93,482 June 1. , 'jtake in propagandizing China. . Th movement -to v abolish" poverty 1 T'.ere was no indication, however, the dirigible, get under full headway last week that Russia would recognize such a , _... ,, - ^ her trans-Atlantic when/the price of helium gas' was]condition. Everything points to Rus| air voyage was set today for 3 a. m. reduced from .f65 -to $12.--Nashville sia's disinclination to open discus. -- tr\ *, -*** TZ* o nn ~i o --,ii T i ^ r i . - I . . .. r tomorrow_(9 p. m. i E._S. T.) Southern Lumberman., I sions at all. The J. G Penney - R H Y M E The Cut -Rate Drug ' 'Store' StatesvUle, N. C. 20--Phone~21 ivid Story of Progress 13fe said that he and "W. 0. Anderson I D X on e Of the emergency judges, and Henry W.' Hankin ha'd gone intol The commissioning; of Jad^e Barn^ restaurant near midnight Thevf^ill 'affer Judge" 'Boyle' Sink had started "for the Tiitcfeenl Hammiiifirawn the case was made to swing -feaid -he did not like Jimison and when on the illness of Judge Sink's moth- ·te -saw him at a table ao the rear of i er, out had 'that trouble not arisen. , -m ^. --- ---·*- -- bbVA. JtTJ. J 7 -- -- ----»-. .r.^KAU VJU Vblik/J.C UWi, *J, AOCi** the restaurant returned' to the front! Judge Sink hardly would have held and ordered a lunch. After he ate i that court. The objection was not his ; remained in «ie restaurant while! learning or his ability, but his right ' l l t - 0 l l 1 a a e t o I u n d e r ** ^titution'tosit ^t "Sh « , their automobile. JimSon asked for 9 came a court. Had the defense lost ,,,, H u rfe ,", figllt oefore ^ne of the special judges to "get", the attorneys would undoubtedly have Fliers Will Get Sam'of $31,255 For NewReeord. 'St. Louis, Mo., 'July 31.--Dale "feed" Jaefoon and Forest O'Brine earned fgl,255 jointly or $15,(672.50 for each man "in the record-breaking flight of j he St.' Louis Robin which ended here last night. | This did not include S2,-756 in cash j sums 'given 'them nor checks and 1 eash which has been sent'to £he chain- j ber of commerce. Eighteen days pay ( as commercial pilots must also be j figured into the total. j The mileage of the Robin was esti- · L mated at 25,000 miles on-a eonsump-j ; fion 'iif "approximately 3,590 "gallons' of a high test 'fuel, the same as used 1 'by a. number of ccnnmercial com-1 :p"anies. Oil used totaled 158 gallons j ·arid 48' contacts were made for re- j raised the has beenf fuelin ^ out °f . a ****** ° f 7 ?- *lty dburt has in all eases. :Gatlin ]ast wag active in behalf of ton mill strikers and thft meeting at the ten tained for the strikers bv the Wbrk- *»r's Internation Relief and the union, alleged in an affidavit" that ha « not Unfavorable Weather May Delay Start of Zeppelin. j Tuiua Friedrichbhafen, July 31.--Unfav- ' county or ?^ e weather reports-received here j · r l v 0 f jthis aftarnoon made it-likely, that the j ;.^ gsue ;Start "of the Graf Zeppelin scheduled! would have,been brought"down"to the |^°^ ^^ Thursday . would be post- \ high court in Raleigh. -Judge'C-!F-' P 9 -- d -' McEae tried this ease and lwo r big questions were before- him ahead of the larger one as to the--right'of'a s : 'repoft ; .inaicated that' a heavy' st;orm' r was approaching- Frredriehsna- fen tonight which ·would m^lcefit impossible to to take 'the : hiige'''ttans- S-irasir.^?^ 3 ^ «**· to try * "^ '"·s^fiars^iBphSs: ^H^^yMs^'^! ^ihcisrs^ Whil , i *M ' w^ri?Si tt i ?i^3sSSSS. «^I sil^r ^l^^^'SSl-.?!? for thfe defense. Several officers" he named, were called and denied jnacfe? any threats. Several others could .not be reached i n the short time allowed. Jimison Introduces Affidavits Jtmison introduced an affidavit ·vr , » T* ** ** vwo on, - wii£ . , .. , - - - -- _._,,., % USQ - "jer.brides, was reported to- made -by hiraseJf to the effect that on y as ^ O1 "^ »'«ly. · , - . ^ ; , t , the day after the shooting of Ader- , MTS - , Ja *son, who' -was returning holt and three other policemen at the " otne w 'th other wnmon *TK^ Ma.'^+L tent colony, Solicitor Carpenter had warned him not to appear on theii 1 " 1 ' nc streets there*. Mr. -Carpenter answer] *, tl)e Goldsboro Jttlv'zi "2T"-TuT P,A r*' unabl . e to i"ake the trip. Mrs. PtfTce vn "ThiriTfn " " + ' rs '''wPertivvho is now 'in "RtiSisia/w^th'her .hus- ' ^TTM co "f\y woman who hja ndf · is ^ m and will'Consequently be w t f i e Goldsboro hospital un a b i-e to make Friedrichshafen in I having, suffered a ^brokt-n'time ' arm while; riding in · bus -·"· '·«...{. .' .,. · = . - i 'Operation 6ri=Poincare Postponed. 'Paris, 'July 31.--The preliminary op- eratixm..5oh "Raymond Poincare, who ihas just,retired as France's Premier, | '·**-?j?n» was postponed today until the end of j f ,..;.,*tw¥»e (thfe^Jweekwbsn Kis doctors, hope his i . . . , "--^.««-^A «twj*»ti-, i . . . ** v-i, A-**e ^orioge^as'^vnej-coT^ditibn will be exactly rio'lif -frtrl ^1 this with an affadavit tat througn ! ^' er . « ave *o°TM for ,% Goldsboro- their purpose. ! ir»endsh4J for Jimison he had sought! ^TM m .^^^.VWf--.^:pu.tro^t:'i-^'y«rV»'-r';The operation had been «iet for to- 1 only to ayoid any untoward^.happen-I.?*«* .^Jnedfately struct:the side .f day.^ ! uier^to trxto Vyp down .rBplwt: by ^,*"**·. :** -arm : viwaB^fra3etured--M. Poincare still was in his %ome jvoioing;any action afc that: titoe and '^. tn ^'TM»^es, : ^;thA-ahn:,^v8rely but .will be removfed to a hospital *d sent Jimison to Charlotte^in his 5^l? ed - " A P^ssin^car took her 4'shortly remov?1 Tf) a ..nospitai own car. . .·; s th e .Goldsboro hospital. ! i?\9% Atk5ns ' owne r of the land'on-j ^ v ' ~ . ' : ; ' " ' · ' " '.'."IV:. '". .. , ] Yale begsfc its $7,000,000 i: which the tent colony was located, - "- .adavit that'he had^ch'in- He was called to itfe w^tJ Stand and on qwestlbirnj? -was" Wther vague as to what threatened: aim. He said ' - - ' - - · · » ,, . . . . . . . e congressraeH whoi have to stay ^ I0n « f human behaviors by exanim- Washington duriii^the)noCweath-1 in ^ the 'brai .. .. , satisfaction.out of reflection that they might'be in tir*tA«* *i -I. _ · · * . . ' - wat er brains of minnows, the big :.--Detroit New«: if yo'u can't tell a* hfother ard T been warned i j !* ews ' at- home.--Indianapoli= daughter apart now, there is v;ry little that you can't tell them togeth-- er.--Kay Features. 1--Tlw J. C. P«a B «r Co. Ex»e«t«o and.BuyiB» H.a^qu.rterf, N«w Y;«rk City. No, .2--Mr. J. C of the Company. No. 3--Mr. PMIMT^ -firai «tor* fn Kemmsrer, Wyominf. N». 4~*A trpical (tor*. No. 6--Mr. E. C. Saint, Preiid««t of tb« Company. No. 6--The n«w kuf;* central ' , ·· «r«k«w*« of tit* Comp«tiy in St. Louu.

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