The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1939
Page 7
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<*' (A/<K.) COUWKtt NEWS USES THE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate jjcr J.liic for wnsecu- /;.ve insertions; .One llrne per line J0c Tu-p .times per iine j>er day (Wo Vhrce times per line per'.day...U6c '-i? Unies per ;jnc per day....05i Month r.ate per line....-;....., .600 Cards of Thajiks..,., . i.spc & 15o Ads .ordered".fo'r" ill r be or six dines and stopjMd before expiration will be charged for the iHUii- ber of times'tij,e acid appeared mid adjustment .of bill .mad.e. • All Classified Advertising copy submitted by pcraojis residing out- 6i<ie 9! the c')ty .must, be" accompanied by cash.'.Rates may be easily computed from ahove .table. ' Adyprtlsine ordered for irregular f insertions taKes the one time raw. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Cotton sf frees in Hie braijd I Leader building a <\ joining iiic Board of Trad.e. Thomas Land C-i _ ^ J4-ck-19 6 modern house. 913 Jlolly SI Call 936 or 182. Dairy S».tM«nctory quality ami service In Dairy products. Cattle free of "S's pJseaso, In best of physical condition, call Mrs. Grace Lwery ^ n -, J . (ot HaUell* Grade A Raw Milk, Cream, Countj-y p u (ter, But- t?rflilljc. extra or holiday orders. iMsiwlon encouraged anytime. Raise!]'*' Hairy' ' " Promised Land. Rome 2 Wanted CAbH PAI13 for good 1935, 1935 and J931 model Fords, Plymoylhs !Vr,d Chcvrolets. rh 0 , lc Howu.-d Burton at 810. Phillips Motor Co. Mimiqws For Sale Minnows and flshiivg~caneI"3ClFE. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. Goldfish Minnows' 8. ,F. Brogdon, 310 |) 0 ,, gan immqn Cor. nallraid '.A tCy. Ice 3 room furnished apartment 80" Jlearn, Mrs. C. H.' Wheeler. : ' 13-ck-2i Nicely fiirn. Apt. Private front en trance. Kcasbnable. 213 w Ken lucky. Phone S«-W. 13-ck-t UnfurnLshcd npartment. 811 Walnut, j. w. Shonse, phone 313-ck-l or 480. :3 room apartment and bath. New ly decorated. Call 527. Mrs Hw hert A. Tnimblc. 13-ck-l' f220 E. Davis. Stucco Uimgalow will hardwood tloors. Newly decorat. ed. .113 W. Kentucky. Pretty cottajs beautiful interior. Servants Houa etc. .4 room apartment, now and pretty interior. Thomas Land Co. 13-ck-16 Cooi, south b'edrooni. Garage. Hea- sonable. jrrs. Simmons, 818 Wal"«'• " 5-ck-if ? or 3 room furnished" .apartment. Newly decorated. OH Hearn. 3-l>k-7- Modern 3 room unfurnished aparl- rnentj Main and Second. F. Simon ^hoiie-•164.-;- ; 7_- t ^>,. . . •'. 3-cVy Two^.JafgeTbedrooms' for "rent, Mrs Nolen, 310 W. Walnut, 24ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. fi25 W. Main Phone 277-J. 15-ck-6-15 rooms, siidbury Building. See Graham Sudbury. 27lf For Sale Country home and 14 acres on grave! highway right at Blythei-ille. Has two residences, plenty' outbuildings, shade, 'frtill and shrubbery, if buyer does not want possession ,at will (jay $32.50 per Jiionth renl. Price $3.000. $1250 cash .balance easy terms at 6%. Thomas LJind Co. H-ck-10 ,160 A. land near Blylheville, all in cuUlyatioii, 'well drained and improved. SCO.TO acre. 320 .acres land near Blyl.lieviUc, ?4li .acres in ciiH.ivalion. 40 acres hi alfalfa. Well drained and improved. Thcss inices unly for immediate y salc. TJionias Iind Co. 13 ck-lli ".Cans for Jug Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't, leak. 716 cents each. Raymond Brooks. Stccle, Mo. '9rpk7-9 7Ve have a number.' of attractive and desirable cottages in Blythe- yllle, well located, which we can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. piionc 611 . Lost Setter dog, white and oran, weight 40 Ibs. REWARD. Vf. S. Johnston, iihonc 823: 14-ck-t7 For Sale or Trade J^Cias station by owner. Highway f>3, ' 1 mile soiith Ravcnden, Ark. Fine •\vcll water, healthy country. Also farm, 8 miles from station. Free range 120 acres. Fiill details, O. P. Tole.s, Havcnden. Ark. Hpkl7 No lice Fishing License FOR y.OJJR CpNyKNTENCE, AVE ARK PREPARED TO 'iSSUK VOUR FISHING LICENSE AT OUR STOKE SHOUSE-HENRy HARDWARE CO. i, Phone 35 Personal Arouse Sluggish - Uvcr, work ,off ,!hc hllc, (<) rid yourself of constipation, gas pams auci that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIRBY'S " ' ' " ACTIVE LIVEH PILLS 250 at aU Klrby Stores. ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ' Wanted to House or apartment with 2 bert- rooins, in western section of city J. M. Williams, phone 513. 13-ck-l(i Democrats Won't Lick Republican's Stickers CLEVELAND, O. (UP)-When n Democrat refuse.? to lick a stamp .bearing the name of a Republican II. may be Dial, he just doesn't like the tiisle of glue—but it might be polities. Conservation Commissioner Don Waters, a Republican, issued orders to all clerks lo paste stickers bear- Ing his name over thai' of his Pcinocratic predecessor on all hunting nijd fishing licenses. "We have work lo do," v to\e Verne T. licnder, Summit• county cjcrk a.nd H Democrat. "I do not twramfcii* PAGE S£Vf| nmsUdon, prehistoric ekylmnt Unit' reamed tin- Aiin'rlenn continent dining the gliu'liil ago, htu'c been foimil.b)- Wl'A workers excavating near a busy (lioroughfurc here. The bones, « sliouhtcr or n hip '"' u.nd u thi-eo-pouiHl to;lh UK.' Jaw cl (he beast, were Clerk Bender forget, politics UBC i' Mastodon Bones Found Under St, Louis Street Dr. Wiishbmn 1). .shlntoii of the Washington University clcpur.l- ST. LOtHS (UP) — Bones of FOR SALE 2 New Dixie "Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. .312 Soufh 2nd I'hone 802 The .ne\v I : iresionc Cbampion Tire is the safety scnsalion of 193'J. Never before in our experience 1ms n lire met with such instant approval. Our customers haycstatlcd a wnrcl-by- moiitii campaign that is tnakitij; (his the biggest selling tire we have ever had. Look at these advantages: Sironger Cord Body Thg new Safety-Lock Cords arc locked together by ihc new and improved Firestone process of Gum-Dipping. This means amazingly greater strength and greater strength mcaus greater jsalcty; More Non-Si:itt Mileage 'I be sensational new Gc-ir- .Grip tread with more than 3,000 sharp edged angles, grips the road with a sure-footed hold to project against skidding, No\v is the time to buy — get lliu jalcty protection on your car! - '-'... .....' Uitea io 'Ibe \ } g!ce aj I'ireiiinf,. iMottft,fy errvifrgj ei-er Nalmmritic iV. B. C. Rat Kttinrt Twit la 77w Firtame I'otce of tie Farm fwfio rivswit wetkly e/urftig Ibt twtt four PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th &• IValnul LOST Jiost i'rani niv car ;U (lit- Post Ol'licc last Salnv- moi-iiinu n s ma! 1 whilt! wiih lilnc'k .s|iafs ft'in.Klt! (log. Hxtru stiort Ijob (ail. Will pay Ten (§10.00) ilollin-s rcwiinl J'or her i-cliirn. L. R, Matthews 'M. u-i-'-a. scoloijj', Biilrt (he bones :inc of Uoyd Qrcalhousc, Indian Demands Tepee During Elks Convention , SJ '' LOUis <U1')-A knolly prob- — PRESCRIPTIONS^ Sufc - - Accurntc your I'rescilpUon Druggist Fowler Drug Co. BRITISH STATESMAN Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Tor Prompt l,;nm<lry »rul Clciiriinr Scr.vice Clinton I,, Cnldwell luera.HI ISlllfi. Jtljllii'villf, <M'KA,\',s,\S ;uitl MISSOURI TITJ.K OI'JNIONS. 'i'}Tl.K LVKUKANCK. l.'Oil!l'I.I.T(; (.'OVEKAOK. For Sale DJCTKICII •H72 or 701) leni JHCOS wuis WnWmnn,' Hotels ?, M 10l vr'f W "">'«1« • clmlrman II>1 )llf> 7.1J l» 1,^)1...! S-, . . . for (he 75(1, Clraiid I/aclBO muioiinl conveiiiion i-cunloii fiiidlng R ccnimi locauou fol . Iiitlinn nl , - . .. lnu. sccrctwy of the Cnspcr, wyo., Ictlgc, He Hint Chief Silver Cloud cf (he Shoshonc rcs- " [0 e(Mtt|J , gl Ion liiil hisisl* en living In n leiioc of n liolcl room." Or. F. J. Weitz (inuIuiUe Vi'lerinarjiin i 71« W. Ash Phono }l«J2 pf Hie conyciitlo!!, nmt Mr Wald- 1 • / j * Ihe chief a camping ercvifid even If he ha? ,lo tear down 11. hotel." , . , Wert Optometrist "JIK MAKBS 'KM SKK" Over Joe H»arV ,Stor ? 'J'honc 540 LAWN MOWERS Shnrpcisril. factory method ndjtisl- t'U ollnl—I'lukcd up & delivered 51 Used I-JUvii Mowers l-'or Snlo ATKINS Miidiliic Shop &.GJIJ-JIKC HI) S. iiiul i., 1[mc 28I PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock _< Ilerjt Pricw Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only ftrndu.nlc Ojilpnic- Ivisl in ijlyllicyllic. Classes 1'iltrrt C'nrrcollj- SKIN CANCER Tlirco MiouvAHt! iiersoiis die of iklii rudivi' «»ini.>l]y, whicu we torm ;L crtmiiial m«slLKO»cn, Tjijici v,iry t tlio caunps eojnj>!cx, bill fVht cnnoor may Itc jirflvouleil nml JovoloiJfii) rjncs cured If Ircxtcd early wlille llic IrcAiiiicul In A »)]U])]o affair, Plguuti'ioil uiolfs and iui ]iofalNl«nl |.)fiinr.tilcil w,t(t5 w'lth'li il(» (Hit rilHijiiip^r like .orjiiiflry warl» bill plovly li^crcdKo should J»c trrntcrt boforo they dovolop |n|o iiAlruiln) r.iucori, Hkl» i-.iitt-cra aro not wholly jircvpfilcil 1ml, » treated In UJHO, o«[icoUJIy by ono .kVIUcil wltti jOjj'ftlolhciai)/ trcalniciii, A cwo way bo aasarcd. With years of sliiJy, «x^wrl4nt:e anil irtfAlmeni of lutmlrcili of cases wo ilo ;ioi Jifdilrtln lo tiuitti llilyt uUIofucui. JJxAiutuntloti r.rca aiid wj Uiont pl'Jlaalipii. Clinic 6.11 Main DRS. N1ES&N1ES Wjlhcvhlo, Atk. Now l.ocattil lit 101 Ninth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I)ON EDWAKWS, IVoprlctor All Mnkia ,nf Rrbulll T,v|M',wrlli'r,H, AiUllnj; Miii'lilucs and Oilcululors—il«|tiilrlti|;—I'lirt Km RYDER HQW LONG SINC'K \OUJl C4K HAD A\ i*ppro\fd lord lubrication?' , y p>l Theic is a dlllercnce It lubiicalions Every place doci not, lime the same Uandardsi • nor can tln,y give you thi Bpoclal j'oid huuilcanls mado especially foi roid cars act, the following ' SPECIAL CHASSIS I-UWICATJON AND \\HKKL PACKING (I Of 30 D^s Otily) CTK CHASSIS UJMKIGATION I'rossiiic CJiin Giedio In nil pics- sure Ouj) nitlngA. Spilngs, Hood Lucius, KOQI Slilker niales waxed, Pool Hinges Lubricated, tpccinl Oirnie.s In Unlmsal Joints, spi'cld) luljilcanl In ttec:- ln« gcnr nnd dlililbuloi cam. ]'ACK FKONT W1IKEJ.S iKil out hub nnd bearings, puck with special roid Short 1'IUcr Sodium Soaji Adjust wheel lx;a>Ings. Alj Aliovc Scr\icc Nought jn ComljiniiUon. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Slli £ Wulniit Fhone KID HORIZONTAL J,6 Pictured British .statesman, David .r^— 11 Superficial extent. 12 Plant part. 13 Causes to droop, ; 14 To sfitch temporarily. 16 Before.' 17 To suffice. 18 Tam-o'- shanter. 19 Whirlwind. 20 Biblical priest 22 Highlander's purse. 27 Periodical. 3.0 Cavity. 31 Suffragist. 33 To make dejected. M Middle. 35Perlaining fo a union of slates. 37 Not {prefix). 38 While. 39 Mate. Answer to .Previous Tuzzlc 15 He gained 17 To disparage 19 Native metal 21 Distinctive theory. 23 One that poison?. 24 Ancient. '25 Oat grass. 26 To bend llic hcni. 27 Eve, 40 Kind ol lettuces « South Carolina. 43 Existing in name only. 46 Lav/. •ISBascb.-iU team. 49 Epoch. 51 New s!ar. 52 Half. 53 Yellow finch. _ 55 Long-delayed. 10 Shark. 57 He was 13 This'.—formerly —-. served in 58 Degrades. VERTICAL 2 Lion's home. _ 3 Shield wreath 36-To'lcmi. 4S!ill. 39 Smallest. 5 Part of a churn. G To depnrf. 7 Digression. 8 English coin, 0 Remainder. particle. 29 .Renegade. 32 To sc.iltcr. 35 Banner. . 41 Long outer garnienf. of .Great Britain. politics 50 , years. , 45 Sinister gaze 4fl Staled. 47 Pulpy fruits. 50 Railroad. 52 .Spain. has 53 Southeast. 54 Nortlioast. • 56 Eiccirical term. HY PREJ) HAKJJAN 'VJHEM -TMA.T LOOK iri E^'e. )4lM GOOD GOILV, FELLA> V'UKE TO 5CAR6D/ MAW MET'DEATH! .WMOOEV! I HOPE I OON^T VOLI LOOK, I DIDN'T f\ WHERE YOU'RE HURTCHM/ Vv . ^&& ^-^^ WELL, I WU1 LOOKIN' AT THIS HERE PICTURE OF M6.... SEE? IT'S A SOOD' LIKENESS, DONfTCHA TM1NK.'? rjoprs AND IIRR l 1!Y EJ>dAIl MAR'i'lIS OWE -5UVii6 K, i'riOOW vooMv VASH TIJKBS 15Y ROY CUANK - ..... eay. ISEEW'A UO-SOOD, OEMEBV'.BUW LOMS'EHOUSH. I'M' A SOW Tl^RU WITH THI5 TH1UG ' EVEV) IF 1TKH.LS ME.'T—:/ SURE SETTLE JUST P(?)FT1W, LOOK? LIKE E«EgV60W HAS LOVEB 0>JES, OR •SOWE PLACE TO •— GO. BUT Mr s KECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS KY BIERR1M, BI.OSSLK fx^Yes YOU COULD ear SPEED OIXON our OF TtwM Bf J our / HfM A THREATeNINQ S^l SOMETHING SUBTLE Q f COURSE .' BUT WITH I DO, V 4'T ANY PART OF A THAT BUT CK> A THING UKE THAT! DANSER J V WE COULD ^5. K . ,5y H'M • ASSUMING -^ T il«,.ooMersS^SRa £^u "WA^ HE SltoULDNT "to 00 IT, I'LL LENO RXlMTAIfJ PEN i

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