The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOU& BLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.)' COUKIKH NEWS ' H < .THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS , i THE COURIER NEWS CO, FUBUSHKH8 ' OR. DADCOCK, Editor ^ H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Bole National Advertising Representative*: Ariancas Dalllts, Inc., New York, Chicago, _ t l Detroit, St Louis, Dallas, Kansas city, Memphis published Every Allcrnoon Except Sunday , Entered ss second class matter «t the post office at Blyllievllle, Arknnsas, under »ct bt CoiUfrcss, October 9. 1017. Served by inc Unucri Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner In the City of Blyllievllle, 15o per week, or IC.50 per year, In advance. By mall, within » radius ol SO mlle», $3.00 per f- year, $1.50 for six months, 75o for three monUia; f' by inali In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, ^ $060 pel jear, In zones 6e\en and eight, $10.00 ! iper yenr, payable In advance. Cdlijonila Voles Tuesday's Californiii iir.imn.ric8 were perhaps the ino-il intcicstiiiB mill sig- nilk'ant of tlie year, Gov. Alf ~ -Uiruloii, . who lias been coasting meiiily along lownnl the Uc- pubhcan picsuleiilial no in i n a lion, dodging opposition but picking-up (tele- Bates wherever they : were 'available without a light, met defeat in one of the few ie<il contests he has risked. ]l wav a aKc foi William; Kan- ' doliih Hcnidl, \\lio publishes news-, impels in the hi.lie's three largest tilieb, and for Ooveinor Morriam, and a victory foi Ileibctl Hoover. More, however, was Ihe' supporl the primaries gave to tlie growing conviction that it is a mat- 'tei ot no (jieal consequence- who wins v the Republican nomination. Ciiiiforniii used lo be legaiclcd as pretty dclinite- ly a Republican state but on Tnes- daj the Demoualic vote far excccdetl the Kcpnbhc.ui and (he Koos'evell slale of Doiuotiatit; delegates received n;orc votes lhaii_.wcro .-cnsl for all opposing candidates, Dcinperalic anil Heiwblkaii. Sijjnilieant ,dso \\eic tbe small voles polled ,by,. Upton Sinclair's ,• 101MC tie- •• . licl and by Kcp John S. • McGroarty's.. Tovuibtnd pciibion plan -ticket. The McGioiiity slate in the' Democratic-.! primary icceiral little more thiiu live per cent of the Demoiratic vote, and J Hhal in <i htalc -supposed to be the: stionghoUl 'of the To\\nsoinl plan, *• ""\\liili SiifclaiL.^sho two'yeais HJTO won •'^"tiie jD'e irio"ti at ic '^n ti m fn'iil i ofi fol'Trovet- 1 ?^noi t '\\as able to hold only about 10 'r. per'cent of Ihe Dcmocihlic voteis in line for his hikel • t . The voters, it appears, aie not tiun- * jnjf invav^ fiom Roosevelt But they t- _aic definitely tuiiiing away fiom uauk- J "pale clue-alls foi the nation's ttoubles. s Dog-lu-M<inger It is bct-omniff Increasingly clear lhat l\\o members of con-- gicss, Kopb John K .Miller of Scarcy and D. 0 Teuy of' Little Hock, are detci niined to play rtog-iii-Uio-inangcr \Mtb ie.spect lo pending flood control legislation. They have seivod 1 notice that tbe Overtoil bill for tbe pioteclion of tbe lovvei Mis-issippi valley \vill not pass, if the> can help it, unless they can load onto it moie than a hundred million • dollars for tile" construction of reservoirs cm, llic White and Arkansas rivers. Said Miller yesterday: "If tlie Overtoil bill lidvocatcs think \vc arc goiiiff to fit idly by and KCC the lower Mississippi basin taken care of willioul ji tiling beiiiK done for tributarystreams and for slri'mns in oilier sections of Uic country, limy are goinif to be fooled badly." Tba't is equivalent to saying Hint instcail of a sound and tionslniiiivc Hood control program, baswl en needs, we must have n pork barrel program to .serve the political raiiiii'fincnts of the congressional int'inljcrsbip. I''or obviomly the' whole Hood problem is loo bijf lo be.met will; any one appropriation. Ami the stand taken by Miller and Terry is an open invitation to every congressman lo insist on gelling ripmclliiiig at once for his district, Tlie lower 'Mississippi and the St. Francis and Yaxoo basins, provided for in the Overtoil bill, are conspicuous sore spots in Hie notional Hood picture. The Overtoil bill is necessary .to complete ami; make fully effective -the great control program inangiiralcii: al'tor the 1027 disaster. Kaslorn Arkansas wtould l.m. a principal beneficiary of iU eiiactnicnt. It is not pleasant to consider tlial if it fails Hie blame will rest upon two Arkansas congressmen. THURSDAY, MAY 7, i93<5 : Education An Inquisitive visitor nsks the high school jirlnclpnl .nhoul two boys In the KnulimUiis rtisi. "Tlmt boy," siiys llic principal, Is the vnledlclorlnn. Ho mndo the best grnclu Hint Jinvc been made In the school In ninny years. Ho hns nil excellent- record In deportment, for regularity' nmf Is one of the finest clmrnclcrs In' (lie-ecliDoi. .He would like [o iso on with college work. He Is nmhltloiis nnd nnxlons to miikc something or himself, nut ,hls parents n re poor.' They hnve done well to ace , him through high school. '"Hint buy." said the principal Indicating the other one,; "Is our best football plnyer. Ho Is oiilslniidlng. In Imkctbiill and. trnck. He Is interested in nil forms "of 'athletics. 'lie'lias not decided where he will «o "to college. .Three or four colleges nrc utter him." This might liuppen In nny high ^school where there Is nn outstanding pupil mid .nu outstnndiije jilhlcte Some aic bcelinitiin lo lellc\c llmt, (hc'boy nllccV foi"co]leerj"iiitel- ^lectlrtlly .should hnvc equal nppdililnlly wit!) the boy piep.iud toi college alhlodeully. , —Gcoiae Moirts in Commciqlal Appeal You caiv defend* n ^ntc but yon "can't dc- :fcncl a word sjipkeii • in passion.'. !i .can do far more good-talking personally to .my .friends oil the licpuullcim 'side Ihan in I got up and made'a; speech.':—U. S. Representative J. :w. Boehue,: jr. (Ucm., 1ml.). * * * The world will he taken by default. It nations pincttcc hlrlh conlrol and one docs' iiot. -If \vc. ; ever flglit the yellow race, the trailer will be the one who has said, "Let's kill ourselves." —Rev. James M. Oillls," Catholic writer. * * » Something has 16 be done to stem this ris- IIIR lldc ol hi'man stupidity. It cannot be accomplished by : social Pnssnmaquoddy •-projects Impulsively initiated by little politician King Canutes, who succeeded only in gettlns themselves and us all wet. — Dri E. A. Hooton, professor of anthropology, Harvard University. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark FAREWELl! IIHCIX IlKKK TODAY .ji JIOUKM:, 20 rrur, lireltx, I 1 * Ir'I nlniu^t iir-uRllrit Iht HUtlilrn deulk u( Jirr futbt-r. j-i:ji:n OAIUIIM;U. nt»ai>iii>*r ^ou ni\Li tike UK my place until one of -your old college fi lends ionics to town, and (hen you try"'to give UIL imptcssion ueic consfanfly mi the' go." . |iurtrr, }LI-)IIM her Kt t a |oh writ- IIIK noHi-ly >,«•««. I, hid, i J« |. i ove nllh Dl.V CAIIICU, ),.[ k t H0r . nljroiKl lo Mludy «lo^liiic, \\'kt* Ti'lrr nHkN hfr lu marry blni «he nuri^r*, but liOHipujit M Ike vrcii- j'!o.\HV 5TARMOV, dim .l.r, cr>nir» lo ArMluirn, umklBK » "|H-rM»Jinl /i|>|iejnrNHre" julir. She )iii)ji n HtTtHii-Jo'vrrUlPn b) LicUa. . fac JtlrjiH IkaC' art Nke acqulreMH rrli- nE able lo dlicovrr by I'ttff'm, ,) fur ijcl THIS 4 CURIOUS Ferguson THE ELECTRIC EEL, A FISH NOTED FOR.-ITS 'ABILITY' TO DELIVER. ELECTRJCAU SHOCKS/ THE FORE PXVRT OF ITS BODY REPRESEJ-JTS THE POSITIVE POLE:, WHILE ITS TAIL ACTS AS THE , ABOUT TWO AND ONE-HALF AMERJCAfslS ARE" PEVER. SUFFERERS. ECUPSES* OP,THE: S£//V - f[ OCCUR. AT ANV 'ONE SPOT ON THE EACCTT-I ON AN AVERAGE OP ONCE IN THISE:S: HUNDRED AA/O Ilil-rr, lllulU ui-iv «lnr«. Al n ixrijr • B lliirrimn, Linda Tllim.Vi;, ,llri-Hiir. 8ke fur* out hilt) Ihi: nJKbt nlonp. Huddrnly Jii'r In blM ntulM uud .ktnaeM fctr, NOW CO O\ WITH THE STOUT CHAPTEP. XIV T1NIU refused to accept the •^ tlirent In Honey's volco. There wns no reason lor It; therefore It couldn't exist. Smiling and friendly, Htm Bald good night to Honey nnd lo Basfl Thorno separately, nnd went to her room. Sunday she pleaded work, breakfasted privately, ami spent Ihe morning read- ins. 'In Ibo afternoon sho gathered up a foursome for bridge and at G sho left without saying more than the most casual banalities to Haul! Thome. . Hut, relnrncd to hor apartment in Uevorly illlls, her ga«> wandered toward Ilia telephone and r-nch time it rang. - exhilaration Htteil her swiftly and left her as Bwlftly an B|IO heard a voice that was not Thome's/ '. ; •>-••• For five days Thorno-'dldn't telephone her.' That didn't surprise Uiida. She expected that ho would play his samo that'way. Ho knew he hail made an Impression; now ho would let her wonder a hit. Ho reckoned without Linda's purposefulness. Knowing the situation between Honey and Thorne, cldcil she would not eea him. * ' * *r JJIIT for once LlnuVdld not abide by her own decision. Basil -Tliorno telephoned 'her. the sixth da.v of that .week and nsked her to illno nt' To her own Rurnrlsc. sho accepted, and spent tho nest;hour In n;fever of dress- Her hair .. wouldn't hohave. The red frock looked loo bold, the Willie ono too;virginal, the black one too dressed-np.. : Sho wore a frosty gray, pinned violets at the waist, anil Hung a mink capo over her shoulders. Speeding over the smooth ronds nrcnlwooil 'ii'nd, -Tliornc's .palatial "fil](ick,' > 'as she, called the IS P .i'poniB, fiho reminded' herself that was a grown woman, capable of handling nny situation, and that n man only took advantage of a woman ; wben tho ;womnn 'wanted .him lo. .While :nHinjv;mefi'-lud mailo lovo to .her In Hollywood, nono had presumed to treat her as n woman oilier than she was.-And while sho was telling herself these ing by the baby after it lias been I dtccrmined Hint' there is ho apparent cause for it. Nobody loves, to -bns.' much : H baby does. If it learns that 11 can boss by crying, it ; will do io as long as the' trick works. : Remcmber, then', that when ai! :Klnj8, her ' «xclt«ment mounted; and made her flushed and lovely when nhe stepped Into tbe great mil o^Tlioru«'8'hoo§*; • , Hs was not. there to jreet her. Ljnda was accustomed to bad manners. . She bad met them frtijuent- y In the last year, but ah« was astonished 'that Thorn* bad been guilty ot Buch bad taste.' A ( Chl- noso butler took :ijer wrap.' She touched a lipstick'to her mouth, latled her hair and lit * elgaret. Then she strolled luto the living- room. . . .: There was an eight-foot lounge before the hearth and, reposing In unlovely slumber, dressed.for dim nei with a dressing gown In place of bis dinner Jacket, was her host! lie was. anorlne gently. Not' that tbe "gently" ; part'oelp«<I. He- might have trumpeted pnd the ef- 'ect would lia'va been "no worse. Fasltdions, J,lno°a .ahudde'red, and was' lost to him. ".i ' •. i • ., Ho was aware o'f,.her, then'and opened hta.oyes, shook, his head.- roso unsteadily to his feet, and spoke thickly. "Sorry, Little Linda. Dropped off to a nap. Do all right In a minute." His words slurred slightly and ho roared, "Cock- lalls!" Ine of her -way, Sue had much. work to do, and worked hard. She md discovered an elderly actress a the ranks of extras and was s'Htlng her first big role for her. She was very careful these days o pick her way surely through tho irecip.Ices -of judgment. - She was a success, but, one slip, and she knew aha. would find her work undone. i • "ft T INDA took one from tho tray •*-* and sipped it. Sho was stricken to silence. Tho .evening had BOIIO completely, fiat. She watched Thorno gulp two of the cocktails in ijulck succession, saw his 'hand iteaily and his eyes cloud. She. didn't quite know what to do, but when he pulled her down on tho lounge beside him she slipped from 'his grasp, smiling, and, Btlll Binillng. left him. Ha didn't realize until sh» ^as well down the road In search of a telephone that she had gone. •That finished Basil Thome with Linda, but It did not remove him from her life. And that week had awakened In her a loneliness, a need for affection to have and to bestow. .: The next day he telephoned. He called her at the studio, and he called her at home. He''sent h«r a charming note of' apology and enough (lowers -to lend u funereal effect to her four-room-apartment. But sho refused, to talk to him see him. .••'-..,• j... : ' After that ahe accepted no invitations until sho was certain that llio guest list did not Include hi: name. She saw him iit lunch at tho nrown Derby. "She : met him at the Los 'Angeles Athletic Club. He sat two tables away from her at (ha Clover Club, and each time she nodded and smiled, but'was careful to avoid hay!ng"'td 'speak 16 him'. : '-'Linda' bad ; 'lcnVned that ono does hot make enemies In Hoi lywood." ' ' For many weeks nothing happened to disturb Uio smooth roil HAR'MQN called to toil her Hint Pete Gardiner's -play, 'Remembrance," was being ilono by the Theater Guild on Droaclway. ilnda thanked her, had a moment of being happy that Pele. had -arrived, ma'de a note to senil him a elegram, asked her secretary to remind her to send It, aud forgot all about It. That was at the time that "Tako Letter" was finally being filmed and Linda found herself acting an co-producer. all , .day, In vatching the rushes by night, and j- sleep in when slio could. " She was on the sot the projection room That picture was all hers. Young, slim, executive, she was is attractive to the extra girls as |! he star herself. They'called out fihy greetings to her, 'found ways :o wait en her. Sbo was practical-' :>• a producer. If 'sho liked a clrl, she nilglil help lier. "Miss nourno, there's an extra, a boy, who lives at iny. boarding house who says ho n?ed to know you," one bt them said to her ono morning. . "His name la Dlxou f Carter." Miss Bourne didn't flutter a sin- (, gle dark eyelash. Tleally? Dlx Carter? - Of course he 'knew me! Wo were friends when ho'was 1n college. I didn't know he was In Hollywood. I'd like to see him some time." Linda waited for the next lino as though it were not terribly Important to. her. "I'll tell him It you don't mind. I know he'd like to see you." Llncla smiled and walked away. he wanted to tell the girl her i telephone'number and address, but she didn't dare. Dlx would know where to reach her it bo wanted to. The girl had said Dix was an extra. That;perplexed her. and sho tried j. to forget It. She tried want ij to see him. But the very next i! morning, when ho came,, she told ij her secretary to show him in nnd taie^a message to someone four |f floors away and wait for an an- '] swer. "Hello, Diic," she said. "Hello, Linda, 1 ' bo answered. "I always thought you were beautiful, but then I thought 1 had only Imagined It . . .'hut, you're Just the way I've been thinking of you every day since . . ." ' Linda didn't say anything. She couldn't say, "t still love you, too." .(To Bo Continued). 'Hie United Slates will sec only six more total eclipses of the sun (luring the 20th century. Tlie next one being due on July 9, 1041. Persons Huns in Idaho, Montana - and North Dakota' will have ringside seals for the event. From North Dakota, the path of llic eclipse veers off into Canada. '<* OUT OUR WAY NKXT: WliRl is tllr VAluc of the world's annual fish catch? By Williams 'NO. SlRr THAT'S FINAL? 1 I'LL HAVE NOBODY SPARKIN' A &IRL IN AN' AUTOMOBILE OP MlNE.'fJOBODy CAN DRIVE WITH ONE. HAND- •" I KNOW ,.'THIS SPOONIN' ••*• BUSINESS. VEARS'TOO'SOON. Baby's Cries Warn Of Many Troubles, Bui They Also'Exerciso Iis Lungs tion is disturbed and it has cramps. And tiie youngster can't | he comfortable if it has nn infection In llic car. A great deiiI of the control of crying in babies depends on tlie I1V Dli. MOKIilS Ktlitor, Journal nt the Anicrioan i\lcdical Assorialion, niul nf Uy- Sii.i, the Health >l.i;.winp Ciyius is as natural (t> a baby as complaining Ls to a Emvi many adults. Even weak, premature ba CHURCH EXCUSES : By G. W. Barham = Mother says when they get the radios fixed so you can sec what is on the other end of the air ^ , • > ., - ; . . i '•' "** ini; UL*JUL [;IIM vi inu .in iui baby cne* lt may be tromUmnscr, well ns near it> onc can havc Mlclr .right .In hod. Slic says there are so many things you can extremes, of tenipcratuVe, from frcm colic or'-other ' pahii. and quite'often,'from fear.' In a series of 'experiments it' wns found that fear is aroused :ih loud noises! such «s the of n rtislipan' or slamming 61 a door, by a loss of support, or by careless handling. : Anger, which babies .express by stiffening the body and crylrig alcuiul. Is caused by anything that linmncrs their movements a::d'sets up resistance to their activiticj. Altogether, crying is not'on extremely unfavorable or untnrUi- iiatc performance, provided it understood. ' I do i not in bed thought .-.. t il " lp lllUUgllt, i babies by | Hke talking lie [banging • who nre lni i miii of a i,.. „..- i now, of that years ago. She. says, things so of late years; to one's friends: les and miles away. arc changin that when she Wii£ a girl the people did not} think of dying anywhere except! nt home in bed, but now thcy seldom die in bed, or at least, not: nt home. She says it used io be- quite common for people to-go t bed to rest, but now they get up! and go out in a car or -some pEacej so she has about come to the con-; elusion that, iiic church is going'. to find it necessary to modernized Commercial Aviation Progresses in Italy for the extension of lines. New; routes recently opened 'between! Italy and the East African colon-:' ies will augment- commercial nvia-f tion. ' . ii Courier News classiried Ads Pay. ROME (UP)—Italian conuncr- ^cial aviation lines, which six years play 85. official statistics reveal. Growth in passenger and postal < students ! can study botany »coloJ[ chiefly has been responsible gy. and volcanic -phenomena! | I on the rirn of m course schools volcano, so OUR BOARDING HOUSE ith Major Hooplc hies will cry. with a low, Iccble I calU ™' of tne "'other. Mothers whine that sounds like llic mew- sln: P' y must lcnrn to endure cry- Ing of a cat, !' : Sometimes crying is the result of a display of anger: sometimes ' - ! of fear. It is an motional rcao- i T 110 Courier News Has been au- iion. I thortzcd to make forma an- Fcw people rcai;i'c that crvin"' nouncemcnt OI 'be lollowln? can- Is one way in which tho b;.bv ectl dlda . tll!S for P llblic office, subjccl exercise, but by cryins it also icts W c Dcmocra t!c primary nexl attention. Hn!iips nro i.Ki .., „.:„„, August 11: c;igcr grown- attention. Babies arc j for attention as arc mo; nps. Physiologists recognise that crying helps lo ventilate the baby's lungs, forcing out residual air and replacing It with fresh air. drawn In ty the deep brcathinc u la t follows the crying attack. Moreover, crying usually is assodatrrt with- active momcmeiiUs ol uinib and I legs. * * & There are jo many different, reasons why babies may ny thsl It Is impossible lo Iry io rttecnbre each one separately."in m; iny In- suinccs the baby rrlr.; because it Is not cotntorlnb'le. Certainly it isi not comfortable it a sharp end of a safety pin is'penetrntiiif: u.s skirt at iome concealed lender fpot. Tne baby is uol comiovtablc in >nnter if i t becomes wet snd cold. IH Isn't comfortable if it.; For Proscciiltni; Allorncj O. T. WARD BRUCE IVY For County .Tud£e. tJ. Ji. 8KOKAVE3 VIRGIL GREENE For Shcrili and Collector HALE JACKSON JOE S. DILLAHUNTY E. A. <EO) RICE For County Trcasnrcr ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG For He-Elcctlon tor 2nd Term For County Court Clerk MISS CAREY WOODBURN IMr re-election for second term For State Sciulor LUCIEN E. COLEMAN tor County Rcprrjenlatirc ; IVY W. CRAWFORD For Counly Assessor B. L. (BILLY) GAINES Fcr Re-election lo a 2nd Term W THE MAJOR SAID ^ WME * ISAAC IT WAS A "RUSH -30B, ) WALTOM MOQ-p, -AS Ht" VVAK1TE-DTO \CbLLECT5-THE I5ISPATCH TH'PICTURE ) "BOLT-OF TO THE MUSEUKl OF _/ LIQMTMIUS'I NATURAL H1STOKV, /&ENJP HIS WAV ' ALOWQ WITH HIS ) HE'LLTHINJK STUFFED KIPPERS//HIS SO r THOU6HT lt>"RUSTLGJ IT/ WITH A OVER AN4' V^^STORNA / Vo6 CAKJ COLLECT W ±1 AM< S T HIS PHOTO/ *%S MVFEE". -m.^W'My IM YOUR y^ K> <3ALLERybF ^^ J ^^ HOAXES/ PUTTlM(3 OW A EXPAWSIOM OVER TWO . THAT S °MCM AS IF PAW CATCH OF TH' SEASOM /

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