The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1930
Page 2
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^&'''-£*&*- i :i'* v -'-•''•'' '•''" •'•''• ($v£r/3-t^~;f:r.:<;•--•-•. . .•;,-- ili. Fowjer celebrated litf' flfty- =r?avrtth' ; bttiSa*iy"lWv.' 12, "and Mrs. --t^cCJyre .--efl«br«t«l her fifty- feve»tb birthday Nov..IS. Each was i gtiifet.of' the' other "as"is their Mr. '(nd Mrs. Amos Hatley, 'Edd oJdie^inoV daughter,. Edna, mo\or•&)•; B'lylhey!J!e; Wednesday, via umfer Nlne":!arid ' Anriorel, -"Ark. " pnle "Allred celebrated! her ... ST.birthday, Nov. lli .'.. .'Dri;-L."E. Cooper Is bacX froiii.a hunting trip,of 'Eevera'i"days.drfa- lonT-:,-.;..-• -. -.. • •.-.',- •;*•.. Dr.-'Johh Cooper jvrlll .return to -, his *'lnter\ ysort. z\ Forte."'"' "'" " Elorlia, right av.'ay. .A^Mr-'j rjwns*'property lnj;Ftoji$».'-° b-,.. Cooler .he tpendsjtjSf •,'j?)nteV?it|>ere' and the lymtui&'jhye.-CV» " j' • Vs ~ Both the;;Meth<'dl»j'.ar^;.'Biiptiit .Sunday schqp£ ar* drawing'•{('r'ktji;' lying' a'tt9p.d»uc'j'-five'ry'<SundajY~ s; -'Martin'Hatjejr" of ; Niimbci: /Nine, fa Ark.^sr^ht^Frtday.her.e en -business. d\ Mr. and Mri'Yester Woods spent, F,the .night with 1 Mrs. WwdU par-' *" tntc,) Mr. 'and Mrs. Homer Corbin on the Lake.Farm recently, i..., Tlte'fete?!-? Enterprise was In er- ,ror Jvh&i, It^recently slated thafj, -jCooler ha'd only two'Gins; Cooler ^ lias jh'ad three gins for the last two y«rs; ; -'-T : '| •"-,'; - : ;"". i" '; Horace Hayiies and family form- .erly of-Cooler- but now of Number iKlnf, Ark,, me going to "come back Tr.iiere'-'anc'ther .year, to" make their. -•home;- ••••••'• .-.-.--.. :v" ,John • Colemaiv'and 'fnmily. who f-'havj ; llved'here for two ycari'-'are -"selling 'their property 'in order to •^return to'thelr 'old home .in Tenn- '^'"'•AlVlij''Ray lias/fpspt ^ayerhl days •'-'at^Tyler *with' relatives.'' DarisYselph; 'ahd'^fatmly, Royail Coiiple Pose for First j^cture First Class tt>r ^ .Sunday Schorr, i : -Teachers . l .-6unday. school .te jcher* -o Ihevllle will b? givoi o> brief In.. lh; .teaching; prcieislori ?«let of three Je'ctufja to be/giijen by .ttlji. Willli! A. Ljiws'on, 'comity 5iiperlm«noV;'nl, al. the Plr^t ^ifs • and .Mrs, John . Corbin. and r,' residents q! this bection for ''several'years, arc going to move b" Bri'gg Cltv, Mo •Albert•'•A!rr?d ! -and"-Mrs.'' Sallle bclh ,'Typhoid patients,' uro : 'irtiproyihg. . ^'iflariies (Buddie)-Biirger,- who lias -n very lll'.-'ylth' : Rat' £ilte -fevsr, "owly imprtiylng.'.TJiis .-is tlie c'n;e of the bUense.efcr know.n flfjthls 1 section','pf 'the" Coi'inl'rsVac* IjCigdlng'tp Dr. L", E Coop.;r. '.^%i. O. .White' made a business ^t'rjp tp.sleeje, Friday.. '.. ,•_(• ; j . ^,. ^Ilss'Rcterta white, '-U'ho. 1 'ha^s .",tiftn out'of school,for severs} dni 1 ;. •j.fiw. to" illness, ii/'abls top^taqk j_-ipouglas Muliens'iias returned 'to "j'tlje- Methodist; iiiospital to receive t [twatmeht 'of" a !,3g that'wns brni.'£d fcl^rte jplaylng .Volley ball'R^ycar .?&. The'youtlv:underwent a treat- jriiifiiit ef several 'months' duration -.JaiA y'e-ar -for th,e -sama 'injury, "---'teev.'P. L., Pritchard, pastor of o-tUe local 'Methodist 1 phurc'h, ^say_s • ,tl>at' the -cin : ly's; : of the '"hard " J :s" - problem ' <36d- ': '. / / "' . "3ilr. and Mrs. C. C / ."' : Cravvford Donald Herrin, Melvin Good- i and : Wllj'te' Whttson motored lemphi?; Sunday.- ' • ; , 'Ndyeiliber;ll,'-to- Mr., an^ iifs.' Arthur. 'Stetfart.Hwo sons...- j !MTS. A."Tl. =: rap'pln- and daugli- v fer Mary -Lois, visited In Senath , . byt^rlan cliurcli Monday, Tuetojay •nd WedntMlay evenlngt ,The'-l*c- liurts, to begin at 7:30 o'clock, ^-111 'nftnue (or <5 minutes. '•. ••• ,-"vbwlng the Teach'lhg Profession Fr in Ihe Inside" will be her theme this • evening (cr-a-tjeneral outline which will shosy the plan for carry-1 Jng c»il the principles which gov- i cj:;i tte day schqoi fcaclwrs. Tfils Is to I* taken up fr'pm a "purely pro[!:,ilcnnl angle. t •" ' ']. On tunorrcw evening she'will tpcak on "'Ihe Philosophy of the Teacher," and ter concluding- subject will lie "Every. Day Methods Applied to the Sunday . School Teacher's Job." ..•Although. HIE lectures are spon- v md by tl'.e Sunday school of the First' Presbyterian church ftjemliers of Sunday ichools .thru- cut the city arc urged to attend. Thli course Is considered very esi sential l;y religious leaders- who tire skilled In teaching methods Now.- on. Biilsnrlan .coil, ..wl^cro. Utcj; -were'' fcptTrlcd' Ihe' : bb5ects"6'f 8Jf attack by.-nfisajjiijs, •ai l o"-klnj : Bo'rL'i.ol 'Buljnrtn'and hls.'.'reoinl bridii;; tril. (l;ui'c lu "clftbijr^jc' coVonation ceremonies. ; - '•• Mrs. Otto/Tale was sevcrfcly ibifi'iieil ! ber« 'by the Antloch .Junior quar- wheii ; a'-paii of hot wat'er".».'as ii'c£l- i tette.-Mvs. %: D. Love:and the An- dcnlally upset'onlioriMonday... :"jtfoch quartette; nn address by Rev. Mrs. W.\S..'lj.'sloy''has'returned *?'•'M. 1 Williams,:'.and'a 'lecture by om'a'vlslt'hr£eofa:'Ark:- •^ ltv r" P.'.FelBnl. The bnnquct followed the Lockafd,' .nccdinpaulciii'by Mrs. Hu- 'acrt Pace 6t LeMtivll!p',"'sli6ppcd in Memphis Wednesday. '. ', -"''"'; ., -^V;. H, Perdi|c ; bf Little Hook, jep- rerciHIns the ponilnloii Tcxille Co. ot nnnnrta. \vas In Cartlw'cli on business Thursday. . '., .. '• .-W.. D. Ttitoni • iind 'business^in " " ' .. Pnraoould Wepilfcsday. The d.,A. '^'i'' Jcnioon at the. da . t T'u=sclay af> '" Mis'? V/an 1 ' Miss Dcna Qrabe.r- visited rela : lives In Kenuett Wednesday. i - Mrs. C. E. WUklns, daughte'r-Jew- e)le. and json 'Bobby left \Vednesdny for St. Louis to visit relatives' .:J.v\V. While had business in 'Par'ngonld •Wednesday. '',f-. • r ;;Mr.:anrt .Mra..-C. J. SI ajiflll \inil _MesErj. J. A. -Ocoi-ge 'and "yetnpu Brp\™, all of Bucoda, vlslteb : lu 'Ga'rdvirell Wednesday. • „ >.,-; •-!-.€'. C. Williams had business In Thursday.. ',•',- '. 'CardNjeU I. 6. OJJtJ'.iViodgc iii'ogiiiii and bnndMtlijucs- enliig'Vjl' tlie Ioflg?-'hall'.:fo'r (he Meihteis^'aiiU" fhclr" [ainlllss nntl number .of Invited guests... liio- program consisted ,bl musical 'hum- Ijantjnct program. "Mr.'and MrsVT. M:' ; .Solomoirof fcennett visited In Cardwell Tluirs- (< Mf;_'. find Mrs. .i. -P.'.ljyde _have mo'veS- back 'to CafdweU-Hfler -having-.lived . nt Hebbr Springs, ArX., for. some tfme.; .-'lifts. ',J. '.T:' Fields;, visited' .'I'll Oiarktoii last;'i'eek;---,';' ' ' _ML=ses Lo«|se. Walker and Rulh Brewer anil, ^tissrs.''itoy Ffie^Bncl CJrovcr "Fleenian' motorid' to":s«HatH Wednesdfly. .., :| ""^..Misses Edith Ladd -and Mildred: '•- , Grant mbtpred. to . Paragould Fri-. '" : ' ' "- -.Mrs/'Jilaiid, Perrel-'returned- Fjr\- j'.fljy 'to -her'hom'e i(fldttle.Rbck;'''iif,-. jrtej a visit, here'with Mrs. Florence' -"Speed. 1 : Mrs. J. M. Anderson ant! Mrs. M Jdhn Anderson, wre Paragoutd vis'-. itgrs Thurstiay. .. ... ;jpr. M. . TuUer attended a mcet- Tjng of -the Southeast Missouri ~. Kpjrtheast. 'Arkansas dentnl study : '' cliib at-Kennett last Wednesday. • .(. 'Hoy .Clark, James P. Anderson • ,'.atid Max Graber visited friends . > P&* Blytheville last Sunday eve• " h'ing. . . 'Lucian Laster • had business in .P&j-agould Friday morning. ^ "Henry Darden left last Tiiesdaj '.'for Flint, Mtch. • . ' ;. ^' XJharles Yancey of Fe'rriday, T-a. " is*!,visiting his parents and othe: '; relatives here. ' ' '*& box supper, was A held Fridaj '•'cvfning at-CXjchriim 'scHool ^ofise The Antloch quartette-'lflnllshet * : music. Prizes were furnished b --'Kijogtr, ladd'fc Brewer," and Gross '• man's. .'.'-' . , '•" -"J. H. Sa'nderS'-of Kennelt ha ! ' s b*Js!ness in Cardwell Wednesday 2 ' «RichaTd .Lockard and Rqy Stan fril visited friends at Leachvil - TSfsday evening'. '••"•Mi. and Mrs. J. D. Tatom an ."-sojis moved Thiirsday. toi.'a"fari r '"nfer BrooklanJ,' ^rk. ^ir. and Mrs. C. F. Woods • '-'Gjssville,' Ark.,- are visiting rcla ^'tffcs heTe. : - f; j -i • .-•' -• . c!: Ttrtie-KuaJl.-dkughlcr-of Mr. and 6,762 Bales of Cotton , Handled by Cooler Gins COpTER, .Mo'.—The three 1 -'gins b'f cooler have ginned 6.762-"bales; •uf cotton up , until Nov, 14. The I Ccoter'gln company .having ginne-J bate'u" the -Planters glri !'coi*- pany, 2,251 bales, and the B'uston gin' company, i,972 bales. . ,•'••]. This Is 'tnvcral h'undred balei less than -were ;glnned at this da't« last year and nlthoiigh a..good' deal of cotton is yet to be "rcmovea^froili' thd fields the. ginfl lack more than a .thousand bal/^s of handling the amount ginned issfyear. ''.., :j '. The Stee'le iEnterprlsc'was.'ln er- -ror in its Friday's issue .ii> slating, (.hat Cooler Ijad ginned,' only"• 4,2-18: bales''and the' sttvtbinent '.that 'Coot ; '! or;.had only .twc gtai was also cr 1 ' - -'-'---'--. jhe're .'have been three, here fbr-'tftfe last two years.! .1,According to unofficial figures of the'' 1630 censiLs,' tlibreiaro "1B7 cit-- les'ofi.Tn'ore, tliai>.80,000 population in .the Unltea"sta : te5. Port. Arthur; texas; with 50J •'•O ':'.5-^-^ Ls the 187th. r.News.Want Ads. './-^ • :• .t !,...• .. . . ••«•» •. •». ^.-na--.,fww- ' 1 •* • • Science Brings Health Many ailments "have 'thely start nt one common point. When 'aiid svre, Our .successful treatment^ (njlude:. Sciatic Rheuma. tlDm,,Lumba5o|' Kidney diseases',' Stomach diseases. DR. 10th :iiid Ilqlly '•ChlroprSctlc'-' 'Phone- 2M •AM r ri ; . -. - i \\ te \.A/ ^V* : ^v\ ^-» Mi's. Dougan Fnmous Lecturer Selected Fostorla Glass Diinicrwnm and four- piit- terns of tilvcr at our store for the setting of her model table during this week's Cooking School nt the City Hnll Auditorium. tlASSlFDED" i. if-: •;: "How did You guess it?" i It wasn't : -'guesswork! It WAS /the sure : knowledge that Guard's, jewelry or silverware always proves eminently appropriate . .. |in povnt<)f;.ch;ic-i>.in point "of I's'efulne'ss . . . in point Holmus & J''dw;»rds 1'Iatcd Ware Complete tnblc service set consisting of 8 pieces of everything Dollia Robin Slcrlinj; 05 piece Table Service !,atly Helen Plated Ware 26 piece set $36,75 . Minuet Slcr'inK 64 piece set in beautiful chest Glass Dinner ware Mr • 6 v -f t-'i' I •"''"'"• '^''T'" ••' • ''S •"- p ' : ^ ffislDougan Satjs: ; ii : l-\, "'• ""Even :i an expert must havb good grdceries and rniia*ts \ to obtain good results, that's why I selected Clarence '"launders Stores to furnish these items, for. our copk-- 'mg school" p.'.., PRICtS GOOD BLL WEEK ENDING NOV. 21 Bananas, 2c Grapefruit, ^ 3-lb. bucket 65c li-lb.bucket 33C Salmon, Chum can 10 j Mackerel, Tail can lOc ZScllleany No. 2 can, IQc Tomatoes, No. 2 cans, 3 cans ^z^^ii^ffBmm^mmmfm^ntw^atmm^ama^m^^m^mi^fiBaHfBmmsmaaKmx^aBBB&zf. Roonc No. 2 19r» IC-a»Df tfr'iiii Lar § e 11^ D6dllS. can llC I odUei Aldlll can 11C' •• ' *' ill'' •' ' liiMiiini'^j^^^i ••^^•^••TTTM^rn^rTr^rrnM^twTiiraiBr rr •!••• Size, 3 cans 17c -SS Pinto Beans, pound 6c Raanc NewCrop oeans poum Tall Cans 2 cans25c Colonial Jar 21c|Peas T Cloverland No. 2 can lOc Catsup, Naco 14 oz Jar 2 Jars 25c RiceFlakcis c jg lOc Libbys 2, can Coffee, Sunny Brook, pound 35c Steaks ••*»•££« Ib. 27c | Sausage lb.J5c Compound Lard, Lamb Chops a 29c | Chuck Roast L' Ib. 15c Salt Meat, For Boiling, pound Pig liver ^ 12jc [ Pig Feet ^ each 5c Black Hawk, Bacon, SM Pound 29c s A

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