The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLVTBEVILLB, (AffltJ! COURDEX NEWS T*° ! COURIER, NEWS < l ^ ;vl " Mp Nfrtftn*!. AflrertMng; HeprwenU.Uves; .-.- • S*« Dtfp! Inp, r^YowTchlcigo, De, ft lyoub, Dallas, K^a*.' <?ity, yemphfe PubUshwi Bvery^ Atttrnpon Except! 8jin(jay . . red, as weond class ijiater »t, U»; port ' , , tre 1 ' at Iftvtneville Ariansaf, undfr act of Congress, October 9| 10$ '"\^' Served by the ^ : RATES :' By carrier in 1 th? Clt)r of, Bj?*^ 11 )*. 15 ?. P? r : »etk, or u 85c p?r l 'mbntt),- • ••</••;•• V, By mail; *l(M)i » radliis oj 69; rnlles, $3.00 per ytar, $!&> for six months,' 7Jp : for, three monUu; by mstl In' postal Stones"? tftq. "to six/ Inclusive, $650 per year, In zonespBeyen. and cl^ht ,^0,00. per year, payable In a'dyaiice. ••*'•' H isn't unusual for leduiprs ai«l prii to . dfsag'iTft. on iiraclkally; any Riven subj.eol/buL when, two, •:»f|- thorilies like Dp, A)l;erl Eclwiu-d. Wiggam and Kuljeit Mayminl nnt(;|iji||8 take opposite stands^ oj) llic Huljj of Yocaliuna! tniinjny;, IK il, any \v (lei- th.H average sludeijj, may >;et a President HtiUliij),-. of ChiwiKo, U)!J; \crsily, addrc^ing the inluiiil. Did I jr. J'rcNi eonveii(ioi) in Chicago, declared : "The first responsibility of the .college ih to he!|) (,!ie student iii|<lfir.<(ii.i!(l the tiadjtiona! vvibdom of U(c race. It should, not attempt to prcwarc |>co|||p. for specific. jobs." lie added Uift.i any cym'sp to be Inuglil in college sliou)?! be ftimlameiifal am! a subject thai cai), be taught. On the other hand, Dr. Wiggaitij Ipt- lurer ajnl .uitlior of ,sevc);«)J inoderii "behavior" bookx, including "12.^i;lor- ing Your i\Iii)d,'' was lavish, in a re-. (jcnl locliiire, will; prjiibc uf vpcaUpiml, £uulni)ce not ^njy in .eojlegc but in liigh school. He declare'd. loo l( many, htiidentt, foiiijd their abilities by accident, or ne\;er f.ouiul Ujem at al). ije even favored courses 'lcnc|^ng the technique of applying for a, jo)). It may Ije possible that both of ll)p. learned gentleijien are laying down liijrd and (ast rule.^ '\vhere no suqli rules can be appjied, Y 0 ^' 1 *' 10111 !!' .gnid ;i)ice could, fit one student and be lost on another, jyljprqas '« 'ggneral .e.duca';-' tion nugjit develop' onc^foungstei- trc : mendously and leave. his 'classmate un- (ouchedi Either rule is like^ saying all college bo.vs Khqtjld run (l|c (i'nartei;-milc :l)e- caupe they all have two Jegs apj'sce. Unmans don't lit in arbitrary patterns. Chyir.muii Ittnd- 11 nuy hccin odd to wine UiiiL thu j'ichidcnt has nunicd ;\ man \\lio ha.jls from dustily and Wyo., to be ehjiinjuii of tlic United States Mar- JUnic Commission. . The friends vvho kiiow' uiiKxsmpkiiisj, cle(t-chjii))qtl, grfiy.-cyqd Emory S. L»m| aren't particularly .sii];i'n;i,sed_ and. they duu'l think .it's su odd, cither. reason/-Jerry Land. i,s a man very much uf llm lypc oj hi K prodn- tessor, l)oi,-tem]ierwl T .siraigbl-tliinkin.ij- Joseph I>: Kennedy, \vlio resigned llic Maritime Commission cli;urnians)iii) L'U become the lirsl Irisli ambassador' lu .WEDNESDAY, i<'E&KUAUY 23, 1938 (,;r ( e«,t Britaijj, Ivand, ca,inc up thrpugh t)>e' iiayy s^),ooj and' he. H')°)V» •1 l ')U>j|K. and ships from the. I'orecaplje. 1,0 thp l^jnd.'a rise, ill, ni\val ; admjnisitrdtive )i))cii* bcgiin i|i. 19^22 iylfou he was made <j!)J!u'f, o,^ tli.e. niutc'rjids diyision of. tbo Kurcau 'of 'AcroiiuuticK. Just 10 years later he Ijad l^ei), elevated to the rank of rear adniiral aiid was niade chief oC the nayy's bnreau of ( construction and, repajr. Admiral l/and's appointment to tliu Miiritime Commission last April was bitterly oj>|;o.s<;d, by lii^or Iciiders, who :t!:cgsed, bin) of, beii]g, i|i)jijim|)jvtl}|5ti};. to (!)c Ijibyr. ca,usQ r '. 'ftie. Sgiijite i "oyt;>;: rode (hej)i;otes(s and now hand heads Uiij , conj|ijiss.ion, rl^ctj,' it, is 'said, ')n. Keiiijcdy's. rt;cmn))j.(i!)dntip||, " ancj, Ije- ei|i!,se,' lilio KeiJiiedy, l)c. eaij "crack down" wliet) necejisary. l/ijic. (lie yiwjpi, the i\I,exie;(i|s l|avc a word, lor it— "Icy de I'tiga,' 1 . or law of • ,,.'.> -.soldier, .stationed at Tijuana, cyj),d. that he attacked and. murdered an H- yijar-uld jjir), i^_.a L:ri;))q as. atrocipn.i as ij.ijy. .on 'recprd/ ' ' '"..''. . A mob oj' l,owi)speo])le l/i)i:|iud. the Tijmina eitv ja,i). and,- city ha)l in an attetnijt to sei/e Moraje.s .and ( lynch' hjni. Pedera) ti;oops_' tire,d. j,i)(..o the inoli \yhen . it •'Hto| l m^d' l ''the' nj'il'itijry prison, Idjli)]}; 'ihree ij}' the' townspeople. Tlie ipob wijs . i[U oiled for a. \yhile, tjjsjjevHfiil; ii). .nifjl'pil 'JirOUijH. ifiiriiiei;' t.nnibln IpoKeil, iiievitiilple', ' •"•;''l!he mijita'ry cpinnVanfler. ordered, the, , kijjpi;. Ipinjeiij iiilo'a.'ya'ii; am'ji.'^i'ken, to U|e. edg,p ; of, the.ieejnetery^— Ijj^' o';'^ a hilt o\:er,lo()kinfr ''rijiiftnii. 1 , He. .'vya'.-}! draij- tred, ou,t and: i|i, t,lie ; scu[rje, l|rokfi. a^vay giKJi ran, Tlte! nitf^y eficot^'ai'id'';!!!- o^cr— %;pa«l,v, 'sf^ip'ficd' iji,' 'readiiiess -r-l.ii:e.(l. iloi-ales \\rnt do'^ij, iufd'.an, of- f $% y'm$ ;'°X^: ^fl'i.^ P'Sji*?!; itlicl' ad- inijiistei-cd tlie-^'niprcy"^!^"' it" : Wd: the tradit'ional,, ','lqj; (Ip, fug.'!." • f^ol so civilized; but simple ... • . ,•• - • .- i ,',"' , Give, \vo\iicn a cliuncc to run, the : worlcl and l)(cy would manage it In the of their children nnd, peace. Give, incii • llio, inaiiagc- incut and ii is nin in llic. .Interest of warfare, —Dr. W. A^ Shinier, general secretary of » "nn- tionnl lionor frnlcrnily. ; ' '.'« '» • '. i. • > i\lan Is no longer, a personality but n civil war. There is ahyays a cpiihict vvithln him, lx:- Iwcci) .his .animal /Ijciitiigo tiijci, his tpiritiinl licritngc.— ijr, WfMjanV-A/Bddy. presiilcnt of Ho : terl and William. S'm'itl)' Coiicgc. '" ...... " '' RuBBcd, individualism, Sndat|sm, Coinnumisni, niitl Fa.5cisni all: vlloalc the basic rifjlits of mail aiid cannot f lie looked, jo iis thc!'.spl)iliqi) to ceo- noniic (lisqrdcr.s.- Rcv\ JoEC)ih F. Kiefqr of St. Louis. Mp. men tlicniselvrs; arc rctpoiititjlc (or llic.fBct, l)(c country, rlors not. implicitly, ini.itj o rcvn; like, business.—Alcsiuidcr Thomjx.o'i, 81;.. of Ihc Federal Reserve Baiik of Cincinnati. " . : ' SfflE fi By George Clark •i^MJW>JTS ;' ;/ .'JS'.tti mtf%Mm '?&•& m m tpwrxg^ *«#/ .-:.*•:£>.,„<•>»' ' L "1/retty Hqf't for thai, guy, t .h, Judj aixty t)ays bill sj<, .{» ;( HJ C ? Nothing t«, d,, lor ,,,|j cl - ^ c |i ; " Cu/?/ous WD/?LD sir; MOVEES IN ITS ORBIT FROM TO THEREFORE, THE DO t-K^r DIVIDE THE VEAR EE THE IMTERVAU- • F«OM MARCH TC) SEPTEMBER. IS A FEW CAYS LONGER. OUB WAY Bty, Williams E KI_IES"OF THE'' PAMILV; "^EVVI/^/CV^JS:" THE FEAAAL.ES GL.ISTENItMG .pi>iNiTAtNiisicr £REX' . OR , IIM SOME ifNlSTArJOES. BITS OP Ttlp. closer. to the .sun Uic cHi-t'li. Is, the faster it travels along: its orbit, ami, since, it is at its nearest point during Die winter iiiou'.hi it makes the cllslancc from the . autumnal equinox lo the vernal equinox in leas lh«c. NUXT: iliiw cric^cls cau^ be used as thermometers. Tries, o.l] Macliiu.c Age Blamed l'o.i: (>£ Slomaeli LUcei '•A CAST 01'' CH.lllAdTillS I'OI.I.Y <; It li I.K i; V, lirrolu,.; lrikiidi.J I,, l.ollJitJi ivlii'll \vilr irratix uu|. .IHIIHV WIIITni;i,l). 1,,-ru; tin- niikFr Mln, sirs hrr Iliroii::!!. ' ' tt'xlrriliix: .Icrry mid Kulifcs tie*[V'! lit l.'llll^'.s i-iivc ;nnl *lr;n.t;.'ly 'ncy ,)l,sirv, Clllt,. lottilLt hi* l'ul>lu door nflrr lllnl! CHAPTER XIX POLLY CHELSEY, locked away in Ihc dreary cabin of the smuggler's boat, was finding (he choppy voyage almost unbearable. She was frightened and on the verge of being seasick. Moreover she was angry with 'fate for winning for her (lie unwelcome and dangerous attention of the simiy- Klcr. H was had enough for him lo discover her youth. Hut for him lo suspeel her of being a French iirislocral stealing home was worse. Polly, like everyone cisc, had heard those stories (unforlu- nalely true) of "Bourbons" who had tried to slip back into France (o recover money ami jewels they had buried there before Iheir escape. H was yoort spoil for Use rabble lo calch these unfortunates in their rath and desperate cfl'orls and seize the property themselves. This smuggler who was obviously lit low French blood (mixed, with evil Scotch) evidently thought he had caught just such a bird in his cage. Bud luck indeed for Polly. "Jerry!" she murmured. "Jerry \Vhillicld! We're both in such ;i plight! 1 doubt we'll live to mecl." She was accustomed now to llic relief and joy ot knowing lie had not descried her, since all ecstacy has a way of becoming accepted happiness, no longer lo be wondered at. Jerry loved her, she luicw, but this was no longer enough. She wanted to be physically near him, touching him, feeling his lips on hers, laughing and quarreling with him, planning for tomorrow. She wanted to experience again the blessed prelection of his big slron^bpdy at her side. In danger she had met him. In danger (hey Itad come logethcr and discovered their love. How could she endure without him? danger now CUE arose and lugged frantically ' at. the''unyielding cabin door. • then' walked lo a porthole that K;IVC, iiuilc high, onto a portion of the- deck. By climbing onto Uic smuggler's sea chcsl she wus able lo look out. Dawn was breaking,' and she could .see the sailors like gray ghosts on u phantom ship. 'i'hcn she was gripped in a wonder so intense that it weakened her. Khc clulchccl at Uic frame of the porthole to keep from falling white her eyes stared and slrained Uirough tlic dawn. . . . Two men leaned against the lugger's jiinsl. One of them was short and slight and unknown. One of them was Jerry Whitficld. She called out lo him, wildly, but her voice was lost in the rush of Ihe.wind and Ihc slap of the canvas, licfore she could form hib iiiiine again lie moved away, out of range of her vision. Trie slender man wiili him turned toward tlic porthole, stared for a moment and moved away after Jerry, lie had not heard her voice, nor could ho have seen anything at Ihu dim porthole but a woman's face framed in disheveled hair, yd Polly sensed in llic'very lurn ot his wirey body that lie was momentarily surprised. 'J'hoy were gone now, as if they had never been, and Polly clung (hero while iho dawn lifted, i ing Jerry lo return, fearful she was delirious and had dreamed this thing. Cabell Banks followed Jerry lo leeward and they leaned against a bulkhead while they smoked a pipe of tobacco. Jerry said, "I've a feeling France is close. Just over there." Cabell nodded. "We'll see land when the mist lifts." After a long silence lie said, "There's a woman on board this tub." Jerry turned quickly to look al him. "How do you know?" "Saw her through a porthole. Hhc's in the cabin. Seemed to belong there. Chile's woman, 1 presume." They smoked for a few minutes and then Jerry said shortly: "Take me to where you saw her." T'HE face was still framed there, : rather wildly, when they approached. Banks heard Jerry say, "Goil in Heaven! It's Polly!" He saw the tense face al the cabin window turn into a thing of beauty and incredulous delight, and ho knew he was present at a sort of miracle—the miracle of restoration and answered prayer. He walked a lilllc apart and turned, his back while he looked at the gray sea catching the rising sun. lie fell happy for hfs friend, and suddenly a.little'lo'nely.;•;••' Jerry was saying to.Polly, "Lift me in!" And Polly was answering, "f can't, my darling, the diior's locked. McGean has Ihe key." "Why arc you locked in, PoUy?", "I came aboard as un old, woman. I had on a gray wjg, Jerry, and \yalkcd with a stick. . And look ul these clothes! Aren't Ihey loo awfulV Aren't (hey hideous?" "Yes! Yes, Polly love! Hut why arc you locked He spoko frantically, for he saw she was not Ihinking of danger, only of their amazing reunion. "Tell me everything, Polly! Quick!" "Oh, yes. Welt, Nuisance harked and 1 slapped him and lost my' wig. And 1 looked up and tlici'^ was that smuggler standing in UK:door, staring at me. He said, 'So you're a .young one, nfter all!' . . . Then lie tied on a striped silk head scarf and said his name was Jean Clitic and that he was French, but not my kind." Jerry said slornly, "fio away out of sight, Polly and stay till we come back to you. 1 must make a plan. . . . That man over there is my friend. Cabell Banks from Boston. We escaped together from a British ship al Jtams- galc—" lie stopped, contused. "You know 1 was taken by a press ;;«IIR, Polly? . . . Yon got thai girl's Idler 1 ;" "Yes," said Polly, "or I'd not be beaming at you now. I'd be hating you. I'm no angel of forgiveness. Remember, Jerry? You told me once I was nobody's angel." "There must have been day. 1 ! when you did hale me?" Jerry .speculated. "Before yon gut Ihc letter 1 ; 1 ' "There were. I can't bear lo Iliink of (hem, 1 suffered so. 1 . musl say you were an awful fool,' darling, to go out in the dark \<{ help a pretty woman you didn't.' know. . . . Could you reach up and kiss me now?" lie could and did. Until Cabell Banks cleared his Ihroal and sang out, "Land, ho!" and brought them to their senses. Cabell came up to them (hen and Jerry introduced them to cue another with ridiculous ceremony, circumstances. 'It seems to me; considering the" Cabell remarked, . I've heard ot you somewhere, Miss Chelsej'," in his dryly comic- way. "Whal you hear?" Polly asked. "That f'm nighty and jealous? That 1, once spoke to a strange young man on the street?" • Jerry said, "Get away out oC sight now, Polly. There's no'tlmu' io ibc bantering. We'll come back lo you." He saw that she • coir-' uiciered' all her Irdubles.ovEi'i now lhat he had come. He must justify her faith. (To Be C'onlinucil) * food passes from the .stomach to llic intestine, and if it. coiner; on from tv.c to four' 1 hours after cal- ii'K, it may be in tlic interlines. of the family and- brother-in-law to tv.o of Ihein. He is at the same il bears, or slightly later. The Egyptian king, she said, reigned Baby Can Call Father Uncle and Be Right lime unctc on both .side., of UiDjfrotiV 1501 lo 1447 B. C. family to the four children of Mr.I .__ '. and Mrs. William Robb. Alex's lather is, of course, Tlle leaning Tower of Pisa has. father, law lo famil.v, 1'alhcr. stepfather and falher-m- v Hi-tons in cm hers ol lac besides being n LONDON i UP)—William Rulib, ol Kelly. Fife, is his own cousin, His father is also hi-, micic and Scarab Ring Believed To Be 3,400 Years 0)d Ills mother is hi.'; aim!. William <Jr,cs'not );now all Ibis, i because hi- is only a feu' days old.j bill he hiiii a strange family p;i» alc he will have to solve Inter. H started when a Kelly man, Alc:< Fothcringh'iim. a widower vvilli a family.'married Mrs. Iloltti. added nearly a foot to its inclination in the past century, and M now more (ban M feet out ol W.-IVN !LVN VAN ^ IAN. scarab v \. ring, A nnoiincements The Courier News has been authorized to make formal imnouiKC- mcnt of lhc toll °w |n S caijdidiitcs , fcr publlc ofn „ subject ' to ! the be more lliati 3,^00 year;; old, ha: been pronounced "probably genuine" by Nora E.' Scott of tlic Egyp- family linn art department, of the Melro- WitHain' nnlllaii Museum of Art in New married, York City. AEIIC:;' Tlic ring.- taken in trade by :> Andi-i'M-,' Psan Van jeweler, originally vva:;! Ilanglit;v, purchased from an antique dealer' ! in Cairo. Egypt. Jr., was ''''•'•' Scott wrote of (he jewelry the hail- lhal lhc slonr dales from the believed to Democratic primary 9. BORN com. iMi'ivicVstVvieriin, INOi'151) 1!V 1JU, tyORllIS; HSHJBlil.N l-;diloV, journal:', of' Ihfc XnibiTi'aii ]>TYtj!r;il AKjbcialion. and nt iVgtia. llic"'' llcallji Mapaiiuc Upctpir, 'art pioiic 16' riscrihr. many of the : most scy.iotis conditions Hint allecl humiiii beings today (o the licw type 'of, strain ani stress "tliat, has cemc^upon mini- kind will! U'.c machine ago. Kor i Instance 1 , lhc steady and persist- c'iif'ri'se'in 'diabetes, the mcrcaMii-j number of cases of nervous breakdown,, ulcers of. the .stomach ;<ncl the intestines, and the blockiim nl the blood vessels of the lieail urc conditions which arc In lariou:; v.ays related to Ihe new type <j| rcr.s and strain. Men. particularly seem to tic. subject lo ulcers of me .stomach and the Intestines, and itn-re ij lls been a steady and definite rise in the. number of deaths from tld, cause in the last '20 years. a widow, ak'O having ;i Then ,\rr?. Rnhh's sou i baby William's lathen FothcriiiBhain'.s dmighlct and FothcrinjhaniY. son married Mrs. licit)!;':; Alex tfjlhcringhaiii. burn to nnd himself brother lo :ill the other member.-, rciun ol "Iliulnio^ ill. whose For County R. L. (BILLY) GAINES i''or Sheriff anil Collector HALE JACKSON' 1 County Court Clerk T. W. POTTER Her Count}- Tax Assessor W. \V. (BUDDYI WATSON BRYANT STEWART For Counly and Probate Judge DOYLE HENDERSON I''or Circuit ('ourl Clerk HARVEY MORRIS 'M »'l(|a increase in llic ainwiiil i.-f ulcers of Ihe htomarli seen in C!er- inanj- and Rus-'ia i.incc the World Wai- and if is the InvllixiVliNi :•> credit Ihii tn u,e widespread t'a- lircsstnn. fatii;ur. wony inil low-1 crcd ' rr^islaiu-r ralhrr Ilian lo !hn fact IhiH the diet includes hugely •coaite. rallu'i- imlige&lfblo anil ir- rital.ins locals. In iulditicn l;o\vcvrr. In Ihc trti'- (ors that arc in tne conslitnlinn and character of living of USE pcr- concemcii, there seems to OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople the |)cs?.tWlit.v of lo linins of ire stomach cither by a secretion tiiiii is loo highly acid. a disturbance r>r the, blood supply or an int?cunar, agent. Possibly all ct these lactnt;; are ncccssaiy f jr )>:rhapj a group of them working tCRCtlir.r before an ulcer ot the stomnch nr int^itine.s will <lcvcljp. I rcoplc -A'lio (ii-velop ulcers oi U e ! slcmaeli or inJcMines are usually Slrongrly, U;e number of dr,it!isl (l Wc to rcnirinbn- that they liavc in women from Ihi.s cause wmsl ha:l some trouble with lliclr digcs- to be steadily decreasing. The Dumber of dcath.s among white men is almost live tlme.s as great as the number among white women, .Even though colored people do not cutter as much with this rilEcaijc sis' do U:e while, the number of dentils among colored men Is twice a;; many as amoni; colored, women. Incidentally ul-' ccl.s appear nioit often in men Ho-i l\vecn the ages ol ;10mul fto. although cccteionally Uicy can be loiijid, Ii) people of all ages, 'There are, of course, other cou- o'illons associated with (he min,,)- .tlon. of .ulcers besides Hie nervous o.'ntrlbutlon. Tiicre has been a tion for .several year.-;. Then when the ulcer develops there Is a l«'in '• that comes on regularly alter mtaU j and wr.lch Rratliially before the nest meal or cisc a pain that, continues until the next meal cr until .some fcod ts taken. Nevertheless even (his is not absolute. The character of live pJiuj and the lime wi en lhc pain crew:; vary acvoniln;; to the Irtavc f,t which (he viitcv is located. For inslonce, when pain ' develops shortly after a meal, the ulcicr may be In the upper side of lhc slorn- nch. If il comes on about one or iwo hours after catins, It may ta- in Ihe valve through which the IT'S TH WAV -<f- ECHOES ARE BOOTBO AROUMD 7HESE MILLS "THAT'S GOT OUR cSUARD SOMETMIWQ ROTTEM IM DENMARK VVHEKI A PORK CMOP STARTS A COWVEKSATIOM WITH YOU I'M WOWDERIM 1 WHETHER THiy 0 PROPES5OR PPATTLE (S DEALlW OPP TH' TOP OFTM' DECK HE'S A KIEV/ SQUEAK OLD Z'D LIKE TO KMOW WHICH WAY H£ WELL, WHATf RE YOU STARIMo AT 2 C3OIM& TO BlTE VOU/ YOU" LOOK LIKE THREE LITTLE BOYS THAT WER& ' SCARED BY THE 8OO6EY MAM f

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